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Open day three as it happened

Latest news updates from day three of the Open championship at Royal St George's.


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By Ben Dirs leaderboard (official site)

1925: Righto, that's all done - Moving Day finished with Darren Clarke on top, but it's going to be a right old bunfight on Sunday. Six men under par - one Brit, one Irishman, three Europeans, three Americans, who knows...

BBC Radio 5 Live
Andrew Murray on Radio 5 live: "We're seeing a slightly different Darren Clarke this year, his body language is different, I think Rory McIlroy and some of the stuff he's gone through has helped him, and it wouldn't surprise me if he played just as well again tomorrow and pulled away from the field."

Open leader Darren Clarke: "I was fortunate to have full control of my ball flight and you need that playing links golf, but I didn't have the speed on my putting at all and let a few shots go. I'm delighted, if you had offered me a 68 at the start of the day, I would have taken it. The reception was fantastic - most of the crowd go with a normal guy who likes a pint. [Moving back to Portrush] has been great for everything - to be back with the family and playing Portrush, everything couldn't be better from a personal point of view. I've done almost everything in the world of golf but a major has eluded me - but I've got a pretty decent chance, strong winds would suit me."

1914:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Fowler, Bjorn -1 Jimenez, Glover
Glover in with a four, a round of 73, for one under overall, four off the lead. Bit of a tester this for Clarke... in it goes for a 69, he's only the third man to break par today and he leads the 140th Open by one.

1912:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Fowler, Bjorn -1 Jimenez, Glover
It's all hail the conquering hero stuff as Clarke strolls to the 18th green, but there is much graft to be done yet. Clarke gives his birdie putt every chance but it shaves the hole just left - three-footer coming back. Glover should make par, he's left himself a three-footer...

1908:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Fowler, Bjorn -1 Jimenez, Glover
Campbell with a par putt at 18 from 15 feet... looked in all the way but ducks right at the death. Round of 74, one over for the tournament. Kaymer in for par - round of 73, level for the tournament, five off the lead of Darren Clarke. Speak of the devil, Clarke's just hammered his approach into the heart of the green at 18. Glover all over the stick, he'll have a stab at a birdie, too.

1901: Kaymer with his second at 18 - hasn't quite panned out for him today, although he's still in with a shout on level par. Glover crashes his drive down 18, as does Clarke, moving day is almost over...

1859: Clarke with a fine putt from the front of 17, he'll have a four-footer for par. Glover in for par, and Clarke follows him in to stay one clear at the top. Bjorn very nearly holes a monster at 18 but it wipes its feet before deciding against it - the Dane has held it together well today, a round of 71 for -2 overall. Jimenez makes it 12 pars in a row for a 72 - he's bang in the hunt heading into the final day, just four off the lead.

1852: Chad Campbell makes a saver at 17 to remain even par - only six men in the red now, down from 14 at the start of play. Jimenez with three iron, off an up-slope, into the breeze, could be tricky... got there, indeed it skipped right through... Clarke with his second at 17 - tries to chase it but it comes up short. Glover does, too... Bjorn with his second at 18 and that's OK, just meandering down the hollow to the left of the green.

1847: Not many left out there now, but here's Kaymer of Germany pitching into 17 - comes up short into the hollow. Clarke on tee at 17 and he rams one down the middle... the bare-fisted Glover - don't see that often nowadays - follows him down there. Jimenez and Bjorn a hole ahead and they're both safely away as well.

1842: Lehman blows a shot at the last and drops back to +1 for the championship. Clarke cosies his birdie putt up to the hole at 16 and remains five under. What a story this could be... Love at 18 and he's in for par and is even overall.

1837:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Fowler, Bjorn, Glover
Love at 18 and he's safely on in two. Clarke with his tee shot at 16 and his iron play has been peerless today, that's right in the middle again. Bjorn with a snakey one downhill at 17 and he's leaked it right to drop back into the group at two under. Jimenez pops in his tiddler to remain one under.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Eileen Gordon, Elgin, via text 81111: "If Lucas Glover was to win would he be the first bearded winner since old Tom Morris?"

1833: Jimenez thinks he's done enough for birdie at 16 but his ball would appear to be afraid of the dark - the Spaniard stays -1. Clarke bang on target with his second at 15, another birdie chance. Dustin in with a 68 courtesy of a par at the last and that leaves him one of the lead. Clarkey had a chance to open up a two-hole lead back on 15 - but missed, and he's let quite a few potentially 'regrettable' short ones slide by today. Glover stays two under...

1825:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Glover
Bjorn on the 168-yard 16th - sprayed that short and right, horrible shot. Jimenez safely on, 'The Mechanic' not out of this yet. Hansen putting for bogey on 18 and he's missed it left - he'd done a good recovery job, as well, but that drops him back to even par. Former champion Tom Lehman has turned his round around, bending in a long one for birdie on 17 to get back into the top 10. Love misses his shortun to drop back to level.

1821: Bjorn with a fine up-and-down on 15 to stay two off the lead - the Dane has manned it out today when some thought he might fade. Did I say Kaymer was back at -2? Sorry, he's not, he's only -1... here he is on 15, with 180 to the flag, and he's mangled that, tugging it over the gallery to the left of the green. Clarke with driver on 15 - imperious, he's absolutely splattered that dead centre. Glover has some luck, his ball resting on the lip of a bunker, but he'll have a normal stance.

1816:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Hansen, Glover
Lewis for par on 18, but it's from 20 feet - shot gone and he's in with a 75. Silver Medal rival Peter Uihlein also cared a 75 today and is two behind Lewis on +7 overall. Shot gone for Dustin on 17, which leaves Clarke out ahead of the bunch. Shadows now at Royal St George's as Clarke curls his birdie attempt towards the cup at 14... to much borrow but he stays one ahead. Mickelson's not out of it yet - 71 today, level overall, five off the lead. Don't write him off yet. Glover misses his lollipop for birdie, he stays two under.

1811:-5 Clarke, D Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Hansen, Glover, Kaymer
Here's Davis Love on 16, straight into the guts of the green. Dustin finds sand at 17, that could take some escaping from. Mickelson and Tom Lewis stride towards the 18th green, both much-loved by the Kent galleries. Love for birdie at 16 - wanted it to break, stayed dead sraight. Kaymer on the charge! He's been playing rope-a-dope for most of the day and he's just started throwing haymakers - birdies at 13, 14 and 15, the reigning USPGA champion back to -2.

1805: Clarke for the lead, it's a double-breaker, but it shaves the cup right. Glover can't take advantage, he shins his birdie effort over the bar from six feet and stays two under. Jimenez still with no birdies today, he stays -1 through 14, Bjorn stays two off the lead. Glover sails his drive down the middle at 16, as does Clarke. Hansen pops in for four at 17, he stays three behind.

1758: Bjorn and Jimenez safely on in two at 14 as we cut to Tom Lewis drilling home a birdie at 17, his first of the day. Clarke all over the flag at 13, another chance there, albeit a tricky one. Glover trumps him... Kim in with a level-par 70 for level overall. Dustin for the outright lead but his lengthy birdie putt stays just left at 16 - he makes it disappear coming back...

BBC Radio 5 Live
Andrew Murray on Radio 5 live: "What a different day it is now, I wouldn't say it is balmy but it is very peaceful down by the 17th green."

The sun is out
1754: Clarke on 15 and he's laced his drive down the fairway. Blue sky in Kent, as Glover drills one down there. Only nine men under par now - one Brit, four Eurpeans, five Americans, so much for that power-shift...

Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "Go on Clarkey, get a big Cuban out."

1749:-5 Clarke, D Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Glover, Hansen
Glover with work to do to save par, decent bunker shot though. Clarke with a 12-footer for the outright lead... GET IN THERE DARREN! The Northern Irishman moves to five under par, and he's got the smile to prove it. Glover leaves his par putt right and drops back to -2. Coetzee's let two go at 16... Dustin Johnson curls one in at 15 to rejoin Clarkey...

1745: Bjorn to within eight feet at 13, he'll have that for birdie. Hansen with Fairy Liquid hands on 16, I believe that's a par to stay -2. Clarke safely on at 12, another birdie chance, but Glover thins his approach through the green. Bjorn misses that birdie chance and stays one off the lead... here's the unheralded South African George Coetzee on 15, leaking his approach right - beware unheralded South Africans...

1740: Glover makes par at 11 to stay one off the lead as news reaches me English amateur Tom Lewis is finding it tough out there, he's six over with three to play. Campbell belted his drive down the 12th to leave himself wedge in, but he's rather duffed that and now he'll struggle to make par. Glover on 12 and he's given that a shellacking, straight down the middle. Clarke hammer-dammer-ding-dongs his drive down there, his ball coming to rest on a down-slope. Jimenez into the 13th and he skips on the front edge.

1735:-4 D Johnson, Clarke -3 Bjorn, Glover -2 Fowler, Hansen, Campbell, Coetzee
Bjorn to join the lead at 12 - short, but he's hanging in there. Johnson's nicked a hole back at 14 to join Clarke again atop the board, and playing partner Coetzee is in amongst it again with a birdie all of his own. Clarke for birdie on 11... never gave it a chance, but nothing wrong with a par...

1730: Glover parring the place apart at the moment, nine pars between two and 10, he's three under. Clarke for a two-shot lead on 10... from long-range, and it stays just left. Hansen on 14, for birdie, but his monster stays short and he remains two under. Anthony Kim on 16, putt to move into the red - lips out... Campbell shy with his birdie attempt at 11, everything coming up short today...

1722: Bjorn with a sand save at 11! He stays one off the lead. Jimenez lets one go, he's down to one under. Campbel from six feet for par at 10... missed it, he slides down to -1. Clarke is our soul leader again as Dustin Johnson blows a shot at 13...

1717: Glover with a chance to join the leaders on nine... his birdie putt from 15 feets stays left, before Clarke lollipops in for his par. Davis Love with a heat-seeker at 12, right at the pin, and he's got a chance to move to within one of the lead. Campbell with 150 left at 10 and he's under-clubbed it. Bjorn on 11 and he tugs it short and left, before playing partner Jimenez drills his tee shot right at the pin. Here's Kaymer with his second into the 10th and he's safely on.

BBC Sport
Rickie Fowler: "It was tough, but I managed to make a few birdies and move forward. The conditions started to ease up a bit. It wasn't raining so hard and the wind eased up. I've played a lot of golf in the wind but not combined with the rain. I just needed to go out and make the best of it, my game feels good right now. Wherever it is tomorrow, how many shots back I am, I'm in a great position to give me a chance."

1714: Glover with a chance to join the leaders on nine... his birdie putt from 15 feets stays left, before Clarke lollipops in for his par. Davis Love with a heat-seeker at 12, right at the pin, and he's got a chance to move to within one of the lead. Campbell with 150 left at 10 and he's under-clubbed it. Bjorn on 11 and he tugs it short and left, before playing partner Jimenez drills his tee shot right at the pin. Here's Kaymer with his second into the 10th and he's safely on.

1708: Love, by the way, curled in a 20-footer on 11 - lots of Americans storming the top of the leaderboard. Simon Dyson has put together a battling round today - the Englishman bogeys the last but it's a round of 72 for +2 overall. Few technical problems, apparently, sorry about that, think we've fixed it now. Jimenez for birdie on 10 - couple of inches left, he stays -1. Bjorn from 20 feet on 10... ducks left at the final second, he stays -3...

1704:-4 D Johnson, Clarke -3 Bjorn, Glover -2 Fowler, Hansen, Love III, Campbell
Dustin pours in his fourth birdie of the day, making one disappear from distance on 12 to join Clarke in a share of the lead. We have a punch-up atop the leaderboard... Campbell makes his par at nine and Davis Love has joined the pack at two under...

1700: Adam Scott leaves his birdie attempt left of the cup at 12, the Aussie stays +2. Jimenez saves par at nine for an outward nine of 37, Bjorn is out in 35. Glover makes a safe par at eight to stay three under. Here's Chad Campbell with his second at nine and he's skipped it over the back. Clarke putting from just off the green for par and he slides it by to drop back to -4. Garcia makes a great saver at 18 and is in with a very punchy 74 - the Spaniard is bang in the mix, which is heartening to see.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Radio 5 live: "We have heard Rory say he is not going to change his game for one week in the year. We know Rory has the game to win all over the world but you have to adapt a bit if you are going to win the Open, it's not too often you get four perfect days."

1653: Johnson from 20 feet, for birdie at 11, but it stays just left and he stays -3. Jimenez with a nasty second at nine - pretty good effort from there but it flies on through. Coetzee doesn't hit his par putt on 11 and drops out of the tie for fifth. Clarke, 204 left on eight, but he hasn't taken enough club. Campbell demonsrating a gossamer touch, flipping on to within a few feet at the eighth. Glover drills his second onto the back ridge at eight.

1648: Campbell screams one into the wind at eight but he leaks it right. Dustin on the long par-three 11th and that's a pretty decent fist. Here's Clarkey on eight and he skims a three wood down the middle, under the wind - Portrush teaches you such things.

1645:-5 Clarke -3 D Johnson, Bjorn, Glover -2 Fowler, Hansen, Coetzee, Campbell
McIlroy in with a 74 - shame about that seven - and Fowler has posted a 68, which in the conditions he had to play in must go down as one of the great Open rounds. Clarke hammers his second onto the dancefloor at seven as Dustin pours in a birdie at 10 to move to hree under. Coetzee misses his very makeable birdie attempt to stay two under. Bjorn stays three under with par at eight and Clarke moves two clear with birdie at seven...

1640: Bjorn poking his ball forward at the eighth and he's in some thick stuff. Jimenez in A-1 position on the eighth, full vista of the green, and he curls it in off the hump right into the heart of the green. Kaymer in trouble on seven - his putt up the ridge comes back down again and he races his fourth shot by. McIlroy all over the flag at 18 but he's been eclipsed by fellow young gun Rickie Fowler today. Tom Watson in with a corking round of 72 today for +4 overall, and the BBC have been talking to him...

1635:-4 Clarke -3 Bjorn, Glover -2 Fowler, Hansen, Coetzee, D Johnson, Campbell
Jimenez gives it some humpty down the eighth as we cut to Clarke on seven - marmalised it, a chance to make hay. 'Leftie' gets them jumping with birdie at 11, he's back up to +1 and very much still in it. Anders Hansen with a sweet saver at 10, he stays two under.

1630: Jimenez for birdie at seven, from nine feet - in all the way, until the final moment, the moment that counts. Fowler's missing nothing, he curls in a left-to-righter to save par at seven and McIlroy drains his tester to stay four over. Dustin Johnson with a brute of a par putt on nine and he leaves it short to drop back to -2. Coetzee of South Africa moves to two under courtesy of a 10-foot birdie, they're bunching up up there and it's getting dangerous. Blue sky appearing up above...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Bjorn Fowler via text 81111: "Could you please state how wonderful Bjorn and Fowler are at playing golf, but leave out the word 'and'. Kind regards."

1624: Bjorn at seven - this hole has had its teeth on the bedside cabinet all day, it's there for the taking - and he's safely on in two. Clarke's lengthy birdie effort at six curls left but he's got a tap-in for par. Glover makes his three-footer to stay three under as we cut to Rickie Fowler on 17 - 140-odd yards into the wind, can't get it over the ridge guarding the front of the green. McIlroy with seven iron, the twirl of the club says he likes it, and it's pretty good.

1619:-4 Clarke -3 Bjorn, Glover -2 Fowler, Hansen, Coetzee, D Johnson, Campbell
Manually refresh, by the way, to make my name appear, if you like my name that is. FOWLER BENDS ONE IN! Birdie at 16, he's two under for the championship. Hansen on nine, parachutes a wedge in for eagle! He's two under, too. Some sharp elbows atop the leaderboard now and what a shot that is from Clarke at six, he'll have another birdie putt... Very international leaderboard... help us Darren Clarke, it looks like your're our only hope...

1615: Many thanks Dawksy, Ben Dirs back in the seat as Davis Love III gets back to one under with birdie at seven. Here's Rickie Fowler on tee at 167-yard 16th - nailed it into the heart. McIlroy needs something here... off right and his ball sidles into the green-side bunker. Glover for birdie on five but it curls left of the hole and he stays -3. Campbell with a birdie at the par-three sixth, he's -2. Clarke for par at five - the old flat sitck is killing him, miss from four feet, he drops to four under. All change at the top as Kaymer three putts from 20 feet on six to fall to one under...

By Phil Dawkes

1609: Thomas Bjorn misses a strightforward putt on the sixth to leave him -2 and three behind leader Clarke. Fowler goes -1 after a birdie at the par four 15th. McIlroy makes a par on the same hole to leave him +4. That'll be my last contribution for now as I hand back to Mr Ben Dirs.

1606: Dustin Johnson has an eagle effort at the seventh. It's a valiant try as well as he leaves the ball a couple of feet wide right. A birdie takes him to -3. George Coetzee - Johnson's playing partner - sinks his putt for a birdie to go -1. Martin kaymer fails to make a birdie at the fifth, instead settling for a nonetheless solid par, which keeps him in the hunt at -2. The German is a rare creature on the course at present: one of only nine players under par.

1600: Fowler pars the 14th to continue his impressive round. He's going round in par at present. Despite his wayward second shot on the fourth, Glover's chipped third briefly threatens the hole but ultimately skips by. It's a cracking little effort and he looks like he's salvaged a par. For the second time today, Clarke spurns the chance for birdie from close range. He misses a four footer at the fourth and has to settle for par to remain -5.

1557: Awesome from Clarke at the fourth. It's a swine of a hole but he makes it look simple with an approach shot that beats the ridge and skips on to give him a sniff of a birdie. Glover is having a bit more trouble with it though. He hits a six iron for his second way past the green and flirts with out of bounds. It stays in, but he's got a tough third strike from the rough. McIlroy salvages some respect by chipping to within a few feet. Dropped shots await though. As they do for Jiminez, who bogeys the fourth to go -2.

1552: McIlory plays his fourth on the par-five 14th and finds the fairway, but short of the green. Jiminez's second at the fifth is in business and lands in the middle of the green. Still some work to do, but he has given himself a chance from 15+ yards. Back to Rory and he again flirts with the right as his approach shot touches the dancefloor but then shimmies off after thinking better of a boogie. Kaymer consolidates his dropped shot on the third at the fourth with a par.

1547:-5 Clarke -3 Glover, Bjorn -2 Johnson, Jiminez, Kaymer, Campbell
Jiminez drops a shot at the fourth as his par putt from 7 yards passes inches past the hole. Clarke gives it his best at the third for birdie from 12 yards but has to settle a par to remain -5. Glover equals Clarke's third hole score by rolling in a nervy little effort. More woe for McIlroy though over on the 14th. The Northern Irishman is out of bounds from his tee shot.

Anon via text 81111: "On a Stag do in wet and windy Brighton. Playing the Open drinking game. Stag drinks when Clarke is on . Please show him as much as possible!"

1541: Sergio taps in at the 12th and picks up a birdie, his first of the day. He celebrates with a air-punching salute to the crowd, which has the dual purpose of getting some blood into his hands. On the third, Clarke finds the green with his tee shot - about 12 yards short of the pin. Glover doesn't and is in the rough on the left of the green. Clarke strolls down the fairway like he hasn't a care in the world. And the rain has stopped. It's all happening.

1537: Fowler at the 12th: his putt shimmies and shakes before finally falling home to give him a much-needed par. The young American is +1. Martin Kaymer puts himself in trouble on the third as his tee shot drifts left and finds some nasty terrain. On the fifth, big-hitter Dustin Johnson shows his delicate side as he nails a birdie putt to go -2. Kaymer struggles to salvage his tee shot and can only plant it further up the bank in the rough. However, Chad Campbell, having also found the rough left is able to learn from his playing partner's mistake and chips to within 15 foot. The heavily wrapped Garcia has put an iron shot right next to the pin with his second at the 12th. Kaymer drops a shot at the third to go -2. Campbell also drops a shot to go -2 himself. Not a birdie all day the third.

1528: Bjorn goes very close to a birdie at the third, but his 12 foot effort is just short and left. He taps inf or a par though to remain -4. Glover has to settle for what should be a certain par at the second after leaving his first putt from 15 yards just short. Clarke has the chance to take a three shot lead but his short putt sneaks wide and he must settle for a par. Says it all about his start that he's disappointed with that. The brollies are back out and the final pair move on to the par-three third.

1525: Trevor Immelman pars the last to match Tom Watson's 72 for the day and his overall score of -4. The pair share the clubhouse lead. Louis Oosthuizen is also back in and dry. The South African is +6. Back out in the rain, Thomas Bjorn hits a lovely looking tee shot to find the green on the third. Jiminez can't match him though, finding the rough on the left. But back on the second Clarke has set off like a train. He fires to within a few feet of the hole with a superb iron approach shot to the second. Lovely stuff.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Radio 5 live: "I can confirm now I am down here that everything you thought about the conditions it is much much, much, worse!"

1518: Tom Lewis at the fifth and his 12 foot putt goes agonisingly right. That's three bogeys in a row for the amateur. But over on the first Darren Clarke sinks a lovely 12 footer straight in to register the first birdie of the day on the opening hole. Lucas Glover can only par it. So Clarke goes to -5, with Glover staying -4. McIlory saves par on 11 with a neat three-foot finish to leave him +2 while his playing partner Fowler takes a four to slip to +1.

1513: Tom Watson on BBC One: "My putting was superb today. My touch was very good. Main thing is not to get in too much trouble in bunkers or the rough. The one thing is you dont try to force it and hit it too hard. And I can't hit hard, I'm 61 years old!" Seeing the rest of the field struggling only makes Watson's 72 all the more impressive. It's only right to mention Bo van Pelt though, who carded a 73 to go a shot behind clubhouse leader Watson. Clarke hits a superb second onto the first green. And Thomas Bjorn sinks a putt on the second for a birdie to go -1 for the day and +4 overall.

1508: The last pairing are on the tee. The bearded (albeit sculpted) Lucas Glover belts his successfully away to the fairway. Seconds later darren Clarke finds the middle to raptuous applause from the spectators. A popular man, the Northern Irishman continues to receive words of support all the way down the fairway. Chad Campbell puts his first putt to within a foot or two of the hole and then sinks it for a par on the first.

1504: Cheers Ben. If you lovely folks would like to manually refresh you'll get my name at the top of your screens. Well, the sun is just about winning the war here in Salford, but it has clearly given up the ghost in Kent. It is a wet old day out there. Martin Kaymer has just started his round though and seems unperturbed by the weather. he's on the green in two. His playing partner Chad Campbell though outs a bit too much on his appraoch shot and goes off the back. Webb Simpson birdies the seventh with a simple two-foot finish to go to par.

By Ben Dirs

1459: I'm signing off for a bit, here's some more Phil Dawkes...

1458:-4 Glover, Clarke -3 Jimenez, Bjorn, Kaymer, Campbell
Here's 'The Mechanic' with his second into the first and it's good enough. Tom Lewis with an eight-footer for par at four and he slides it by, he and Mickelson letting another shot go. Darren Clarke is the last man on the range - what I'd give to be the last man on the range... Fowler with a splendid chip at 10 but it's scared of the hole and refuses to drop in. McIlroy makes par... Martin Kaymer blasts one down the middle at one, Chad Campbell follows him down there... defending champion Oosthuizen in for a 74 for six over par. Someone tweets to say: "Has the winning score ever been higher than the cut?" I have no idea, but let us know if you do. Jimenez in for par at the first, he stays three under...

1451: Watson going with the short stick from off the green at 18 - and he very nearly sticks it in. Great effort, although he's got a stinker of a six-footer coming back for par... missed it, but that's an extraordinary round of 72, it could be the round of the day. If many of England's most illustrious players have disappointed this week, Robert Rock and Simon Dyson are at least grinding away - both +1 through seven and eight respectively.

1446: Here's Masters champion Schwartzel at the first and he scuttles one through the green. Mickelson's chopped it out of the thick stuff into some thinner stuff, but he's still in the stuff. Third shot come up short of the green... on the tee from Spain, the double-sheathed Miguel Angel Jimenez... whip-crack away, straight down the middle. Thomas Bjorn of Denmark completes a veteran pairing, and he's well away, too..

1441: Magnificent putt from Lehman at the first but it stays left and he'll tap in for par. McIlroy's ball ended up under a tower, enabling him to play from a drop-zone and flip his third to within five feet. Great save from McIlroy and he's out in 37, which ain't bad. Fowler, straight left off the face, misses from six feet and is out in level-par 35.

1437: Ryder Cupper Jeff Overton has birdied three to get back to -1 overall, and what a shot that is from Fowler at nine, off the hump and he's got a very makeable putt for birdie. McIlroy struggling to hold it together at the moment, his approach goes thudding through the green. Davis Love III with a monster for birdie at the first and he's left himself with 'one of those' for par. Love is playing with 1996 champion Tom Lehman, who fired a joint-low 67 today. Try doing the same in this - no chance...

1432:-4 Glover, Clarke -3 Jimenez, Bjorn, Kaymer, Campbell. Selected others: Par Lewis, Mickelson, Fowler +2 McIlroy, Garcia +3 Watson
The rain is easing up, apparently, although the wind is still sweeping in. Tom Watson on 17, and that's a lovely long-range peach and he'll tap in for par. Watson is like a man clinging onto a cliff edge for dear life, watching others fall all around him. Shots gone for Lewis and Mickelson at three...

1427: McIlroy found deep rough short of the green with his second - out of the frying pan and into the fire - Fowler finds the dancefloor. Not a bad effort out of the nonsense from Rory, but he's got a rollercoaster from long range for par. Great effort, but another bogey at eight and he slips back to two over. Garcia grimacing like Captain Oates about to walk to his death in a blizzard, not really his kind of weather. US amateur Peter Uihlein finishes with a double for a round of 75. Shame, 73 would have been a minor miracle.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Radio 5 live: "Tom Watson has to be the greatest 60-year-old golfer, probably of all time."

BBC Radio 5 Live
Darren Clarke on Radio 5 live: "I was here as I have been this week an hour-and-a-half before my tee time, but I probably won't hit as many balls as I usually do! Anything around par would be a really good score today. You can afford the odd bogey it's the doubles you have to avoid."

1417:-4 Glover, Clarke -3 Jimenez, Bjorn, Kaymer, Campbell
KJ Choi, strongly tipped this week, is in with a respectable 75, Ryan Moore of the States in with a 76. Bubba Watson out in 38, four over overall. McIlroy's just made a very difficult hole more difficult - 229 into the wind, out of the rough, although he's tempted to have a go. Adam Scott for birdie at the first - comes up short. Dustin Johnson lets rip down the first, he's paired with George Coetzee, the squat South African, who slaps one down the middle - simple swing, mighty effective. Watson for birdie on 15... have some of that! In from 15 feet, he's back to +3.

1409: That looks grim as hell - a shot of the gallery, hunkering up against a hillock, umbrellas shielding them from the rain. McIlroy back to one over for the day and the tournament, birdie at seven... Mrs Watson has just been on the wireless revealing why Mr Watson is such a whizz in the rain - big duck hunter, apparently. Shot gone for Tom at 15, he's now +4 - Watson leaking, but he's leaking slowly while others are leaking fast...

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Radio 5 live: "I'm going to say there will be only one player at one under leading at the end of the day."

1404: Garcia rams in a hell of a saver at six to stay +2. Mickelson got that one caught in his pinny, that putt's come up well short on the first. Tom Lewis with a fine saver at the first from 12 feet, he stays in the red. Phil putting in two gloves as well, and he's safely in from eight feet. Rickie Fowler has duffed his eagle putt at seven - this is the only 'gimme' hole on the course at the moment, only one dropped shot all day. McIlroy bumps his third onto the seventh, he should make birdie from there.

1358: Crackerjack putt from off the green from Tom Watson at the par-five 14th - that's been chewing people up today. Lewis' caddie striding down the fairway in sandals - and no socks! YE Yang for birdie at two and he makes it disappear from 15 feet. Here's Mickelson from 194 at one and he's into the heart. McIlroy now at seven and he's tugged his approach left.

1352: No-one has birdied the first yet, but Jeff Overton of the States gives himself a chance with an approach all over the flag. Here's Tom Lewis on the first and he's given that some serious tap. Lewis playing with Mickelson today - it's like Christmas every day for young Lewis this week. 'Leftie' playing in two gloves! No need for that...

1348: English duo Rock and Dyson are out in three straight pars, which in these conditions is a minor miracle. English amateur Tom Lewis on tee - he knows what links golf is all about, he plays quite a lot of it. Here's Tom Watson at the horrible par five and he just manages to scuttle it over the Suez Canal in two. Garcia's second to the fifth is right into the heart, Dyson lets one go at four, he drops back to one over.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Jay Townsend on Radio 5 live: "Mark Roe and I have been talking about this all week, as soon as he is within range of the green McIlroy takes out his lofted club, Tom Watson has shown a putter is often the better club to take."

1343: Another one gone for Garcia at four, he's back to +1. SUN! OUTSIDE! Sorry, I forgot, I don't live in the south-east any more. Fowler and McIlroy give themselves birdie opportunities at five, both from inside 15 feet. Smashing effort from Fowler, through the hammering rain, he's back to +1. Rory's effort dies on him, but he's still right in it on +2. Jimenez going through his warm-up routine on the range, with cigar stuffed in his gob, lovely stuff...

1331: England's Simon Dyson with a great save at three to stay level. McIlroy and Garcia pass each other on parallel fairways and break into laughter - 'difficult' laughter... McIlroy's birdie effort comes up short at four, both he and Fowler make pars. Robert 'Redford' Rock with a very makeable birdie chance at two but it hops over the old cellophane bridge - he's level for the day.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Jay Townsend on Radio 5 live: "These conditions are going to help you beat a lot of people today if you embrace them."

1324:-4 Glover, Clarke -3 Jimenez, Bjorn, Kaymer, Campbell
South Africa's former Masters champion Trevor Immelman is out in level par and is right in it at +2. Another one gone for Tom at 12, he's back to +3, although only one over for the day. He's handing playing partner Ricky Barnes his backside on a plate - he's five over today and +7 overall. McIlroy bends one in on the wind from 220 yards at par-four fourth., that's a doozy. Fowler's got some shots, and you'll need the all in these conditions - a low scooter and he brings it in on the wind to the front apron.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Jay Townsend on Radio 5 live: "Rickie Fowler, even though he has been in a couple of bunkers, looks good out there, don't discount his chances"

1314: McIlroy parachutes in from the rough and leaves himself another knee-knocker for par. Gregory Havret has just made quintuple bogey at 14 - Royal St George's has got its teeth in and it's making a lot of people look silly. Another Frenchman, Gregory Bourdy, is the first man in under 80 today, he carded a 77. Another one gone for McIlroy on three, he's now +2. Big Phil on the range - hits it high, where the wind blows most...

1308: That's a pearler from McIlroy, bending in a 20-footer for par at two, but it's a shot gone for playing partner Fowler. Garcia right down the pipe from six feet at three, he stays +1. News in that the weather is supposed to clear at 1600 BST, which could be very good news for those teeing off later. Paul Lawrie, champion in 1999, has just gone double-bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey and is +13 now through 17. Dreadful tee shot from McIlroy at three, short and left... Tom Watson blinks - short one missed at 11, we now have no-one under par...

1300: "It was very wet, very cool and very windy," says Aussie Matthew Millar on the telly, while looking very wet, very cool and very windy. "It was a real beast today..." Young American amateur Uihlein is putting a very commendable round together - +1 through 12, +3 overall. Garcia on three - 216 yards today - and he's safely on. McIlroy's third on the second grips and comes up well short, he's in danger of dropping twon on the spin...

Andy via text 81111: "Following the Open in Kas, Turkey. It's 32 degrees, no waterproofs required. My wife just dived into the pool - more John Daly than Tom Daley."

1255: Crackerjack bunker escape from Watson at 10, could make par from there - he mops up to stay one under for the day. McIlroy has yanked his tee shot into the cabbage on two, Fowler is in the bunker back down the fairway.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Jay Townsend on Radio 5 live: "Rickie Fowler was actually playing links golf there, not just golf through the air and that could stand him in good stead."

1250: McIlroy with a 15-footer for par at the first and that's a shot gone, he's back to one over. Fowler raps his par putt home, he stays level. Matthew Millar is first in the clubhouse, he posted an 80 for +13 overall. Double-bogey, bogey at 14 and 15 for Paul Casey, he's +10. Fowler cocks the hammer and hooks his tee shot at two. Triple-bogey for Woodland at 14, that's five shots gone in three holes.

1244: Solid par for Tom Watson on nine, he's out in one-under 34. Two shots gone for Woodland at 12 and 13, the American back to +3. Poults doing his best to ingratiate himself with the fans (see below) - I wonder if his Jag is key-proof? McIlroy finds the front bunker at the first, Fowler safely on the dancefloor. Tom Watson is the only player currently out on the course under par, which tells you everything you need to know about the conditions. Gary Woodland hacking down the 14th, a promising round unravelling...

Ian Poulter on Twitter: "I've got 128 miles before I reach my house, 94 miles Of fuel. I wonder if I drive this Jaguar efficiently will it make it without stopping."

Ian Poulter on Twitter: "Ha ha ha reading some of your tweets makes me laugh. Armchair golfers telling me why it didn't work. I'm sure they are all perfect. Ha ha"

1236: Watson did indeed leak that tee shot right but he's got a decent lie from the rough. That is peche de la peche from the old fella, right into the heart of the green at nine. England's Justin Rose kicked off with four straight bogeys today, he's back at +6. Rory on tee, he's playing with Rickie Fowler again today - the American looks like he's just been having a drink in Stockholm's Ice Bar. Peter Uihlein! Splashing in at 10 from a green-side bunker, that's two birdies on the spin, he's back to three over. Fowler flushes one down the fairway, McIlroy tugs his into some wispy stuff left of the fairway...

1229: Watson pings one down the ninth and we think he's leaked it right. Oosthuizen at eight, going with rescue, and he bunts onto the front of the green. Sergio about to get chocs away, but first it's Spencer Levin of the United States who sweeps his drive away. Garcia in some scrub and he slips on the over gloves as he strides down the fairway... Woodland with bogey at 12, back to +2 he goes...

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Radio 5 live: "There is an opportunity with this compacted field for someone to come from the cut line and win the Championship."

1223: Jim Furyk bends one in from 20 feet at seven and is back at +4. US amateur champion Peter Uihlein has nicked a shot back at nine for an outward stretch of 37 and +4 overall. The free-swinging Bubba Watson has parred the first and here he is for birdie at two... comes up just short. Tom Watson for par at eight, from long range... made it! Could it be his year? Surely not. Stenson on 10, 25-footer for par - cosied up, but shot gone, the Swede back to +4. The broad smile tells its own story...

1215: Winds of 30mph+ forecast today and 2cm of rain expected before 4pm. But let's not get too carried away, they're hardly coal miners. I think we can safely say Paul Casey's challenge is over - the Englishman is four over for the day through 13 and seven over overall. Defending champion Oosthuizen (pronounced 'west-hay-zen' - come on chaps, I kow we're British, but it's not that hard...) is two over for his round through six and four over for the tournament.

1211: If you think it's bad in Sandwich, you should be in Salford - it's been sunny all week, tickling the tummies of the BBC newcomers, and then it's gone and kneed us in the jaffers. Horrible. This weather is right up Tom Watson's alley - birdie at seven, he's back to +1 overall and right in the mixer. Australia's Jason Day has parred the first to stay one over.

1204: Many thanks Phil, Ben Dirs in the chair for a few hours now - manually refresh if you would like to see my name at the top of the page. We have a 10 minute hiatus now on the telly while someone on the news talks about Rupert Murdoch. Gary Woodland of the States - who I am reliably informed is the longest hitter in the field - is smashing the place up, he's two under through 11. He's 27, won his first PGA title in March and hails from Kansas - they get a bit of wind there... I've seen the Wizard of Oz...

By Phil Dawkes

Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "Clarke loves the wind and rain so should revel in conditions today at Sandwich... Dyson also good in the wind"

1158: Bubba Watson is underway at the first and finds the first cut of rough to the left of the fairway. Jason Day is playing alongside him and he strikes a decent first shot down the fairway. Both players are one over for the tournament. Fowler's attire makes him look somewhat similar to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. They both wore daft hats as well. If Rory's going to stay ahead in the battle of the young guns he could always resort to crossing the streams.

TheJez01 on Twitter: "Ricky Fowler's attire today somewhat akin to that of an asbestos removal operative meets Disneyworld ice cream seller"

1153: Speaking of bad fashion choices, Woodland, sporting a backward turned cap putts to within a few feet to give hinm a simple putt to par the tenth. He's out on his own at the moment with a superb round in such conditions as the only man under par for his round. At the other end is Paul Lawrie, who has bogeyed the 12th and is now nine over overall, six shots worse than his overnight total.

1144: Tom Watson at the par-three sixth. His tee shot gets a nice result, avoiding the trouble and landing 20 feet short on the green. His playing partner Ricky Barnes follows but smashes a low iron shot into the right-hand bunker. Nasty. Just had a little shot of Ricky Fowler's white rain gear. I'm not impressed. Not at all. You can make your own minds up when he takes to the course shortly with Rory McIlroy, who I expect will sport a far more acceptable sartorial style.

1139: Justin Rose has a four-footer to par the third but strikes it too hard and it stays out despite being on target. Henrik Stenson chips to within a foot of the seventh and ends up taking a birdie away with him. The Swede is level today, three over for the tournament. So far today Jung-Gon Hwang has bogeyed all five of the first five holes to go seven over overall. Some comfort for him though is that this is likely to be the norm rather than a mediocre exception.

1130: Immelman is in trouble off to the left of the par-three third via his tee shot. But his next shot is a superb chip to within a few feet and a three now seems a certainty for the South African. Woodland keeps going strong at the ninth, striking his second shot onto the green, but ultimately settles for a par. The American is making this look a lot easier than it is. There are children eating ice cream in the crowd. Ice cream! It's madness I tell ya! Soup is the way forward today people. Or possibly broth. Whatever that is.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Tim HJ, Marlow via text: "re BibiMcBibi at 1037. I am not sure that spider monkeys would be the solution. Having helped my eight-year-old daughter with a recent school project on rain forests, I can confirm that spider monkeys have reduced thumbs and therefore may lack the dexterity necessary to wield a chamois. On the other hand, they could perhaps use their prehensile tails to wipe the camera lenses."

1123: Ricky Barnes approach to the fourth catches the front of the green and rolls back off - a clear insight into the accuracy needed on this course. Tom Watson's third shot to the same hole leaves him a good 15 yards short of the hole. Not a problem for Watson though, who sinks it to stay two over. Millar birdies the 12th to go seven over, but he's got nobody else around to appreciate it. Not a nice day to be playing a round on your own, especially an Aussie used to a far more agreeable climate.

1117: There are plenty of golf umbrellas about, but also a lot of folk without. Correction, a lot of very damp folk without. As it stands American Gary Woodland is the only player in negative figures today, having birdied the fifth and seventh to take him to one over overall. Gregory Havret has a chance from 12 yards to eagle the eighth, but his putt is agonisingly inches short. Oosthuizen and Furyk both his superb approach shots to the third, the former an excellent chip from the rough on the left to within five yards. Furyk sinks his putt to stay three over, as does Oosthuizen, who is a shot better off.

1109: Oosthuizen and Furyk both struggling at the second. They're both wayward of the green after their second shots. Edoardo Molinari three-putts the fifth to drop his first shot of the round. The Italian is now four over. Rose has a tricky eight-footer on the first and taps it right of the hole. The Englishman drops back to three over. Oosthuizen sinks a simple putt from five yards to par the first and stay two over. American Ricky barnes saves par with a wobbly eight-foot putt on the third. As does the evergreen Watson.

1059:An aerial shot of the Kent coastline, shrouded in low-hanging cloud makes it look like the whole event is taking place in a big sweaty tupperware box. Justin Rose's second shot to the first is a poorly hit effort and he skips to the left of the green into the rough. Watson's 15-foot putt for birdie at the second stays a foot or two short. Immelman in even worse shape than Rose at the first, over-shooting his iron past the green and left. Tough up and down from there. Nice Paul Casey approach at the eighth - half a birdie chance there.

1054:Justin Rose, who starts two over, tells BBC One: "In these conditions, I'd take under par. Someone always defies the elements, it's about survival. I'll see how it goes." The Englishman belts the first drive of his round straight down the fairway. Good way to start trying to achieve his aim. Rose is playing alongside Trevor Immelman, who also hits a good first shot to start his round. Oosthuizen sinks a simple four-foot putt for par at the first, while Choi sinks a birdie putt at the seventh to go back to five over. Super bunker escape from Tom Watson at the second, landing it 15 foot from the pin.

1049: Watson follows up his opening par by dipping into a bunker on the second fairway. Bad place to be for the veteran. Meanwhile, at the fifth, Havret sinks an absolute belter putt from range at the fifth for a birdie. The Frenchman is one over for the day, four over for the tournament. Over at the fourth Edoardo Molinari sinks a putt for par and remains three over. Just to let you know, while the TV coverage continues the prep, you can watch live coverage on this website by clicking the video at the top of this page. Don't worry about adjusting your viewer settings, that's just the Kent weather.

BBC Sport
Peter Alliss on BBC One: "I'm glad I'll be sitting in the commentary box rather than strolling out there on the course today, such is the weather. Today is going to be one for patience and I can't see very many breaking par. I still think four under will win this Championship."

1043: Tom Watson is underway and hits a lovely little chip from a tricky position on the edge of the green to put the ball within decent putting distance. The American is two over and stays there after making his putt. Ricky Barnes was in the green in regulation but misses his par putt. Meanwhile Louis Oosthuizen and Jim Furyk are beginning their round. Both hit good opening drives and head off into the madness that awaits.

BibiMcBibi on Twitter: "Solution to the wet camera problem: Small spider monkeys holding chamois leathers should be strapped to the top of the camera"

1037: It gets worse for Casey. He has a six-foot par putt on the sixth but never looks like making it and he drops a further shot back. Lawries strikes a minor blow back by sinking a slightly curling 15-yard effort into the hole for a birdie three at the seventh. He's now six over. There are some serious golf fans braving the elements in the stands, clutching umbrellas that may well be sailing over Kent shortly. The wind is vicious.

1025: Paul Casey now five over after dropped shots at the fourth and fifth. The 495-yard par-four fourth hole in particular is claiming some victims this morning. The current average is six shots a golfer on the hole, with four players making double bogeys.

Britain's world number four tennis player Andy Murray on Twitter: "Matthew Millar from australia is playing the last round of the open on his tod!?!? Am I seeing that right? I find that strange! Talk about having to create your own atmosphere...."

BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Pougatch on Twitter: "My umbrella lasted about 3 minutes before it folded in the Sandwich storm like England's middle order against the Aussies in the mid 90s..."

BBC Sport
BBC golf commentator Ken Brown:"Without a doubt, driving accuracy is going to be key, it's critical today. The players will be lucky to drive 250 yards. The weather is grim, extreme, nasty, but if you can get a couple of 70s, you might be thinking 'this trophy could be mine'."

1016: Pity the fool who has the temerity to take a shot from this course. KJ Choi is dragged back the wrong side of par courtesy of a double bogey on the fourth. The beast is stirring to life and showing its claws.

1011: Sandwich has taken a big bite out of Paul Lawrie. He has had an absolute stinker on the fourth, triple bogeying the blighter. He's also dropped a further shot on the fifth to go eight over. It's looking like it's going to be a long day for a few of the fellas out there. However, Dutchman Floris De Vries has made a positive start, picking up a shot on the second to take him to two over. Edorado Molinari and Henrik Stenson are both underway.

1008: Just to let you all know, we now have coverage on BBC One. Repeat, we now have coverage on BBC One. Not that I want you to leave me. Double up with the lap top and TV. You know, multi-task.

1005: If TheJez01's forecast is correct, poor Charles Howell III and Rory Sabbatini can expect to be hit by the worst Kent has to offer when they take to the first tee. It's gonna be like Clooney and Wahlberg in Perfect Storm.

Ominous news from TheJez01 on Twitter: "Here in Bexhill-on-sea it's lashing it down and blowing a hooley. Sandwich will get it in 2 hours or less. Then the fun begins..."

1000: Steady start from England's Paul Casey. The world number 14 has pared the first three holes to maintain his overnight score of three over.

0955: Few more tee-offs to keep you abreast of. American duo Ryan Moore and Gary Woodland are away, followed by Englishman Simon Khan and Gregory Havret of France. Weather's holding up for the time being. A bit of drizzle and some healthy wind. Could be the calm before the storm.

sportmad19 on Twitter: "7 of the last 11 winners of #theopen have been leading after 54 holes and only Cink in 09 (T6) was outside the top5."

0948: KJ Choi birdies the second to go to two over. But it's a disaster for Matthew Millar on the fourth, who cards a double bogey. The Aussie now five over.

BBC Sport
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgettsbrings you plenty of 140th Open-based facts from his base at Sandwich: "Biggest hitter in the field? Gary Woodland with 334.5yd ave. Made cut on the number. Shortest? Pablo Larrazabal - 257yds. He's tied 7th."

"Most accurate? YE Yang with 75% of fairways hit. He's level par. Least accurate? Rickie Fowler at 25%. He's also level par."

"Best at reaching green in regulation ie in 1 on par 3, 2 on par 4, 3 on par 5: Rory Sabbatini (+1) at 78%. Worst? Steve Stricker (E) at 47%."

0939: Sorry Paul, I shouldn't have been so blase about Royal St George's. The course bites back as Lawrie drops a shot at the par-three third to drop back to four over.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Chris B in Nantwich, Cheshire via text: "If Garcia can get his putting going he has a great chance but all those 10-15ft misses yesterday could be so costly. I have a feeling somebody will shoot a 65 today so you have been warned!"

0934: Lawrie and Bourdy have followed Millar with pars of their own at the first. Not a dropped shot yet. Easy this links golf thing. Paul Casey and KJ Choi up next.

0931: There's a fair few hours yet before the leaders takes to the course, but for all you Clarke fans out there, here's a chance to re-live one of the highlights of his second round - a monster putt on the seventh green for eagle. My brother holed a few huge putts yesterday during a round with me and my dad. He played to 12. He called it the "round of his life". I call it a serious reason to question his handicap.

0923: Solid start to the day for Matthew Millar, who notches up a par on the opening par-four first. As the Aussie makes his way to the second, Scot Paul Lawrie and Frenchman Gregory Bourdy limber up at the start of their round, ready to take on this cunning Kent course.

Colin Young on Twitter: "Right bring it on, let the fun begin. Scary number of US players near the top of the leaderboard."

0913: There's one particular highlight from yesterday worthy of picking out on its own. Have yourselves a watch of American Tom Watson's superb hole-in-one at the par-three sixth. And admire the classy restrained celebration of a man who knows he's just done something special.

0908: Just in case you missed any of the main action from yesterday, or if you need a quick recap of what went on, check out our day two highlights.

0903: The leaders - Clarke and Glover - don't get underway until 1505 BST, but here's a selection of other tee times to keep you informed of: Paul Casey starts at 0915 along with KJ Choi, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler tee off at 1235 and Tom Lewis is with Phil Mickelson at 1350. For the full list, see here.

0855: We're about to get underway with Australian Matthew Millar playing the part of lone pioneer for the third round. He'll play on his own, starting from a score of three over.

0854: There are plenty of very big names who won't be coming to the fore though, with the cut having claimed some high profile victims. The world's number one, two, nine and 16 are all gone as Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowell and Ian Poulter are all forced to watch enviously from the sidelines. Also absent from the last two days are the man who broke Bjorn's heart in 2003, American Ben Curtis, two-time Open champion Padraig Harrington and 2001 winner David Duval.

0852: Day one was all about young Tom's amateur dramatics and elder Thomas partially laying some 2003 Sandwich ghosts to rest. Day two saw Lucas Glover share the lead with a Northern Irishman. No, not that Northern Irishman. Or that one. Yes, Darren Clarke, who shot a 68 to go four under with the 2009 US Open champion. But we're heading into the business end of matters now and with a congested leaderboard, a challenging course and even more challenging weather forecast there's plenty of scope for other names to come to the fore.

0850: Now then. So who fancies a lazy Saturday watching some Open Championship golf?

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