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Open day two as it happened

Latest news updates from day two of the Open championship at Royal St George's.


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By Ben Dirs leaderboard (official site)

2046: Matthew Millar of Australia has parred the last, is in with a 72 for three over overall - I believe that is the nail in the coffin for all those on +4 and below, which includes the vaunted British collective of Donald, Westwood, McDowell and Poulter and Ireland's two-time winner Harrington. And on that bombshell, it's time to leave it...

2027: Richard McEvoy of England birdies 16 and 17 to climb to one over, Sean O'Hair of the United States double-bogeys the last to drop back to +4 - what a nightmare, he's on his way home, we believe that cut mark has been set...

2017: Paul Lawrie, the last British champion, is in with a 70 for three over overall. Aussie Rick Kulacz has just picked up a shot on 15 to join him on +3, which is a blow for all those on +4...

2002: I'm basically flying without radar now, the pictures have gone, but I can tell you Alexander Noren of Sweden has bogeyed 17 to drop back to +4 - I think if one more player drops back, the cut will move. Two players currently on +3 still out on the course - Paul Lawrie currently playing 18, Matthew Millar of Australia with three to play...

1951: Here's Fisher taking aim on 18 - big putt, this, and not just for him. If he makes it, he jumps to +3, where the cut would likely stay.... missed it left. The Englishman in with a round of 73. Richard McEvoy of England makes his tester at 15 to stay +3...

1943: Seung-Yul Noh of Korea is out and about still, and right in the hunt - level overall with three to play. There are six players on three over still out on the course, so that cut mark could quite easily shift to four over, which would mean reprieves for two-time champion Padraig Harrington and world number two Lee Westwood...

1935: Shot gone for Fisher, he drops back to four over, and Mahan's bogeyed the last to drop to four over - as I understand it, it would only take two more men to drop back and the whole cut would shift. The way scoring has been going, that's not too unlikely...

1933: Lawrie for par at 15 and he bends it by - back in the bun fight on three over he goes. Mahan races his third miles by at 18 and he's got a bona fide knee-knocker for par. Far better from Hansen, he's got a tap-in for par, to stay two under.

1923: Ross Fisher of England is still chugging away - he's three over and just inside the cut on three over. Paul Lawrie, champion at Car-Nasty in 1999, is hanging around - the Scot is two over after 14. Hunter Mahan of the States with his second into 18... tugged it, night need an up-and-down to make the cut.

1917: Donald's round coming apart like a clown's car down the stretch - his chip on at 18 fails to make the dancefloor and he follows up with a rather disinterested stab past the hole. Hansen of Denmark on 18 and he's sprayed his tee shot right. Garcia putting for three on 18... come on... come one... nope! Taps in for par and a second round of 70 on the spin. He's right in the mixer for the weekend. Donald finishes with four consecutive bogey - +6, he's a goner... Ryo Ishikawa's gone, too, the Japanese youngster lips out on 18 for a round of 80.

1913: -4 Clarke, Glover -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Bjorn, Jimenez
Shot gone for Garcia at 17, he's back level. Harrington, Westwood, McDowell and Poulter all going home... make it a five-seater, Donald's coming with you. Garcia safely on in two at 18, good to see a flash of the old Hamsteads as he lollops towards the green... Anders Hansen lets one go at 17, he's back to two under, or so I believe...

1906: Ernie Els' biography might be called They Used To Disappear - nothing has today, and he's on his way home. McIlroy - IN IT GOES! That's what championship wins are made of, 15-footers for par. Round of 69, level overall, four off the lead. Fowler in with a very solid round of 70, his second on the spin.

1903: It's goodnight Charlie for Luke Donald - his ball was plugged in the face of a bunker at 17, he had to play backwards - and left it in... McIlroy's not in great shape either, but at least he can advance his ball forwards. Donald made a very good 15-footer at 17 - but that's still a shot gone and he's back to +5, needing eagle at the last to make the weekend. Here's McIlroy - wide open face and out it pops to within 15 feet. Good luck coming back, though...

1857: -4 Clarke, Glover -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Bjorn, Jimenez, Hansen
Miguel Angel chatting to the BBC, dirty great Havana in his left hand, waxing about his fitness regime. Looks like a man settling in for a weekend's jolly in Margate, rather than about to embark on a major challenge. Jimi's fellow Spaniard Garcia makes a song and dance about his approach at 17, but it's not that bad, just short of the green. Good to see, that, shows he knows he's in the mix. McIlroy takes aim at 18... "good hit," says Peter Alliss, before watching the ball disappear in a bunker. Garcia with a very cute third at 17, but stil plenty of work to do...

1852: McIlroy stands on the 18th tee, wind off the left... bit of beef with the cameramen, they kiss and make up, and then he gives it some clatter... Anders Hansen on the 163-yard par-three 16th - the Danes are holding firm. Casey rolls in a clutch par putt for a round of 69 and three over - he's in for the weekend.

1847: Very cute from Fowler, sweeping his approach in at 17. Rory into the teeth and he's safely onto the dancefloor. Johnson in for his par at 18 and he's in with a very respectable 68 for two under overall. Not bad for a man with swollen glands... Garcia flops out from greenside beach at 16, as McIlroy's birdie effort at 17 flirts with the hole but decides against it. Another one gone for Ernie on 17, but Garcia's spurs are jangling - magnificent clutch putt at 16 and we're treated to a cheeky fist-pump. Donald, on the other hand, is in freefall - another one gone at 16, he's just been nudged over the edge of the cliff. Question is, how strong are those fingers?

Rob Hodgetts on Twitter: "Tom Lewis pops out from behind a truck on the range & nearly has his head taken off by a stinger from Padraig Harrington's driver. "

1837: Donald charges his putt from off the green past the cup at 15 - he's got to be a little bit careful, he's right on the precipice. McIlroy doesn't muck about - out comes the big fella and it's chocs away down the 17th fairway. Poulter, Poulter, Poulter... maybe that should be the name of his autobiography. Another big disappointment this week, he's going to miss out by miles. Shot gone for Garcia at 15 - the Spaniard with this reverse claw grip of his, as if someone's just chucked him the putter and he hasn't gathered it properly, and he grazes the cup just left. Shot gone for Donald at 15, one nudge and he could be toast...

1831: -4 Clarke, Glover -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Bjorn, Jimenez, Hansen
Anders Hansen on 14, to get within one of the lead, has a look round the back and nips in the side entrance. News of Paul Casey of England - he's been flying under the radar so far but he's fired four birdies today and is three over overall. Nothing dropping for Els today, another birdie putt stays out and he stays seven over. McIlroy safely in for par, he's level still...

1826: Ikeda back to even after three bogeys on the spin... Els on tee at 16 and he skips his tee shot over the front bunker. Wee Mac and Fowler safely on...

1819: Rory splashes out a long way short of the short stuff at the 15th, but at least he's safe. Garcia putting from just off the green at the par-five 14th and that's a doozy, he'll have a three-footer for birdie. Very cute from McIlroy, parachuting into the 15th, but he'll still have a longun to save par. Ikeda of Japan has rallied very well after that triple on four... that said, he's just bogeyed 15 and 16 to drop back to one under. Donald fighting to make the cut - he's two over after 14. Garcia has birdied 13 and 14 and is now two under - what a popular winner he would be... Fowler with a monster! Birdie from the apron at 15, almost dead weight, and he's back to even. McIlroy leaves his left, back to level he goes, too.

1812: -4 Clarke, Glover -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Bjorn, Jimenez
Jimenez putting through Duncan's Hollow, the scourge of many a round, but that's a pearling effort and he taps in for a 71 and -3 overall. US amateur champion Peter Uihlein makes his par for an allsorts 71 and +2 - he'll be here for the weekend, going blow for blow for the Silver Medal with England's Tom Lewis. One former major champion who won't be here is Australia's Geoff Ogilvy - he bails out on seven over...

1809: Many thanks Orlo - we'll ruddy miss you. Manually refresh and the stupidly-named Ben Dirs will appear at the top of the screen. Here's Jimi strolling down the 18th, to enormous acclaim - his approach looked better than it turned out. McIlroy on 15 and he's ravishes it into a fairway bunker right. Fowler, wind off the right, threads his down the middle. Poulter is six over on 16 and he misses his birdie effort and might as well say night-night...

By Mark Orlovac

1803: I've had the call... and Ben Dirs is back to take you through the rest of the day. Take it easy.

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James, Northampton via text: "Re: Michael in Hounslow... I can't help feeling Tiger would have missed the cut by six shots minimum."

1755: Well played Jimi, he drains that 15 footer to save par. He looks pretty relieved with that. Ikeda doesn't make that putt at 15, he cards a bogey five and slips back to two under. Well this is pretty impressive from Els, his third shot from the fairway is absolutely superb and he's got a tap in for birdie. "When you hit a provisional off the tee, you don't expect to be putting for birdie," says BBC commentator Andrew Cotter.

1751: Jimenez gets out of the sand at the first attempt. He could save par at the 17th. Els is having a complete stinker, already on eight over, the South African has to reload at 14 after his tee shot is way left. A real shame. Ikeda is in the sand at 15, he gets out but his approach leaves him with a long putt for par.

1747: The cut at present is three over, which means as it stands, the likes of Westwood, Harrington, Leonard and McDowell are all set to pack their bags. Poulter is also in big trouble after going out to five over with a bogey at 13.

1743: McIlroy has a six-footer for birdie at 13... and that's tidy. It rolls in for a three and puts him on level par. Jimenez on 17, it's getting all a bit scrappy for the Spaniard. He's in some long stuff with his tee shot, his approach fires off the club and looks to have found sand.

1739: You know that bit when I said four players were on three under? Well that's now five. Japan's Yuta Ikeda birdies the 14th, his fifth for the day, to reach that total. He also managed a seven at the par-four fourth today.

elgan22 on Twitter: "Sad to see Ernie Els playing so poorly - is he finished as a major force?"

1733: McIlroy now on the 13th tee. Some plank shouts 'in the hole', I despair. It's a good strike, straight down the middle. Handsome. Jimenez dropped a shot at the 15th. Four players on three under now. Clarke and Glover share the lead.

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Michael in Hounslow via text: "Can't help but feel had Tiger been fit to play, he would have ripped apart this competition."

1729: So my earlier prediction of a leading score of seven under at the end of the second day looks pretty fanciful. And as for the guesses of minus nine and 10 from my colleagues well, frankly, they were ridiculous. I'll tell them off later, promise. McIlroy now with a birdie putt at 12... ooh that's just wide of the cup. He remains on one over. "It's just not happening for him," says BBC commentator Peter Alliss. "His main task is to be here for the final 36 holes."

1723: That's stunning from McIlroy. He pops the ball up from the rough stuff on the left, it rolls up the slope on the green, bends round and curves back to within 10 feet of the pin. Simon Dyson, by the way, finished with a par for a 72, he's on level par.

ianrowbo on Twitter: "Somebody needs to make a charge here - its all a bit too par for the course."

1716: McIlroy now at the 12th tee, the telly coverage loses track of the ball. Not a clue where that has gone. There is no applause so I presume it's not good. Bjorn at the last. He's off the green but that chip is a beauty and he collects a par for a second-round 72. He's on three under at the halfway point.

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Anon via text: "A guy texted in earlier saying 'I have feeling today will be Ian Poulter's day' umm, not to be sorry. I don't think Poults will ever win a major, too inconsistent. Excellent match player though!"

1711: Jimenez at the 15th tee, I mentioned the 15th earlier -sorry about that. It's not the best drive and it just misses a fairway bunker. Lucky. Poulter is in the sand at the 13th. Very dodgy lie, he's got one leg in, one leg out. Still manages to dig the ball out, though.

1706: Important birdie putt for Poulter at the 12th. He makes it and now he's on four over, one more than the projected cut. He's got six holes to go to get another birdie if he wants to be here at the weekend.

1701: Hello all. Just taken the hot seat in time for Jimenez's long birdie putt at the par-five 14th. It's close... but no cigar. He stays at four under.

By Ben Dirs

1657: ... righto, I'm stepping out for an hour, here's Mark Orlovac to describe what's what...

1657: Poulter makes it birdie number six at 11, the Englishman now +5 and two outside the projected cut. There might be an English winner, but, yet again, it won't be one of the so-called big guns, although world number one Donald did grab a birdie at seven to get back to +3...

1654: Sixteen men separated by only two shots atop the leaderboard - and you worry that if no-one has managed to smash the place up when the weather has been relatively benign, there could be some serious carnage at the weekend when the weather is set to turn nasty. Bjorn for birdie from long range at 16... fine effort, just short... McIlroy found a hill down the back of the 10th and didn't do a great job of getting back up again. Jimenez shin deep in jungle on 14 and he's playing it as what it's meant to be, a par five. Another one bites the dust for McIlroy on 10, he's back to one over.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Rory McIlroy on Radio 5 live: "It looks like he's playing the total yardage where normally on a links let's say you have 190 yards to go you'd play it 175 and allow for a hop and release forward. That said it was a great up and down he just made so his mind is in the right place even if the shot selection is a bit iffy."

1644: -4 Clarke, Glover, Jimenez -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Bjorn
Dyson for bogey at 15 - in it goes from six feet, but the Englishman is back to two under... McIlroy burns one down the left-hand side at 10 and Fowler follows him down there - there's still some wind out there, but McIlroy and Co should have chances coming back... cracking effort from Jimenez at 13, gripping his putter no harder than you might if you were cupping a small bird, and his ball sliding inches by - he'll have a three-footer for par.

1638: Rory with gossamer touch at nine, birdie chance. Fowler has got a nasty little eight-footer for par at nine... over the old cellophane bridge, another one gone, the young American back to +1. McIlroy squeezes his eight-footer in for an outward nine of 34 blows - he's only four behind. Great putt from Bjorn to save par at 15, big breaker from left-to-right and he stays three under and only one off the leaders.

1632: Jimenez flops onto the 12th in two for another birdie chance. Dyson whip-cracks his drive into a fairway bunker on 15... and Bjorn follows him in, ending up right up against the lip. Fowler stabs his second at nine across the green as Jimenez dead-weights his birdie effort into the cup at 13 - back in the lead... Bjorn, gripping down the shaft, hacks out of that bunker on 15, but he didn't get much on it...

1624: -4 Clarke, Glover -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Dyson, Jimenez, Bjorn
McIlroy has escaped with a nice lie at eight, but he's stiffed his third shot well short of the cup. George Coetzee is in with a 69 for two under overall. News in that Darren Clarke is now 20-1 to win Sports Personality of the Year, in from 200-1 before the tournament began. Shot gone for McIlroy, the US Open champion falls back to level. Fowler, his Farrah Fawcett feathercut billowing in the breeze beneath his cap, stays four under after a solid four. Gallacher of Scotland gets to two under with birdie at 12, but Bjorn drops out of the lead with bogey at 13th...

1615: Dustin for birdie at nine... bends it in from 20 feet, the American jumps to two under. Fowler with his second into eight, and that's into the heart. Els' is even better and here's Rory, going with five iron... sprayed that right, into the gallery... Bjorn with his third at the par-five 13 - scuffs it left. Jimenez putting back downhill at 12, not enough borrow, but safely in for three.

1609: -4 Clarke, Glover, Bjorn -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Dyson, Jimenez
Shot gone for Dyson of England at 13, he drops out of the tie at four under. Birdie for McIlroy at the par-five seventh, he's up to one under. Fowler is in for his second birdie of the day, the American back to level. McIlroy launches one into the wind at eight, that's a peach. Here's Bjorn at the par-five 13th and he's hoicked it left into some rubbish. Dyson better off, in the light stuff. Shot gone for Jimenez at 10 but bounces off the ropes with a fine tee shot at the par-three 11th. Jimenez chatting with the cameraman on his way to the 12th green, as if he's playing pitch and putt down the road in Margate...

1558: Bjorn misses his par saver at 12 from all of three feet, he's been sucked up by the peloton on four under. Tom Lewis back in pole position for the Silver Medal, American rival Peter Uihlein made bogey at eight and a double at nine to drop back to +1. Here's McIlroy with his second at the par-five seventh... he likes it, the twirl of his club tells you that, and he's safely on the front. Dyson is strife at 13, he's left himself a brute for par and to stay tied for the lead. Ryan Palmer of the United States in with a 71 for -1 overall. Former champion Tom Lehman has fired the joint-best round the day, a 67, and is -2 for the tournament.

1545: Bjorn from a bunker at 12... flyer, and he very nearly ducks into another... Jimenez stalking his birdie putt at nine but he doesn't give it enough gas, he stays four under. Dustin Johnson bends in a birdie at seven to get to -2. Nice recovery from Bjorn, he'll have that for par... it's like Ernie's putting on ice out there - triple bogey six at six... he's dead, baby, he's dead... Fowler lets his birdie putt slip by but McIlroy makes no mistake with his 12-footer, Rory back level, and the crowd loved that...

1536:-5 Bjorn -4 Clarke, Glover, Dyson, Jimenez -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Gallacher
Rory cannot make anything disappear, birdie-wise - he's level par today, but it could, perhaps should, have been one or two under. Bjorn finds beach off the tee at 12, as does Els at the par-three sixth. Only playing 166 yards, but it's wind in the face, and Tom Watson took four iron for his ace earlier on. McIlroy bang in the middle, another birdie chance...

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Radio 5 live: "Some people look comfortable with a belly putter and Ernie (Els) doesn't. There are some technicalities with a belly putter, where it should be anchored, and Ernie looks like he's trying to putt normally - but with a belly putter."

1531: Another shot gone for world number one Donald at four - three shots gone already today, he's four over and out of the tournament as things stand. McIlroy cosies his ball close at the fifth, he has to make this one. Els gets a shot back and he needs it, he's four over. Dyson very nearly holes his chip at 11, he stays one off the lead on -4. Fowler now on five - shaves the hole to the right, the young American remains level. Bjorn on 11 and his birdie effort stays left...

1524: Poulter at six... doesn't give it a chance, he stays two over. Ikeda puts his nightmare at four behind him with birdie at six, the Japanese player back to level. Luke Donald needs to take the bull by the horns and get something going - leaves himself another lengthy one for par at four, things just not happening. Jimenez cosies one up to the hole at eight, he should make par from there. McIlroy with the big dog at the par-four fifth - in some green-side, but it's not a bad lie. Fowler short and right before old man Els shows them what he's all about with a zinger that outdoes them both. Garcia with his third at four... great pace, another par for the Spaniard, he stays level par.

1514: Simon Dyson's long-range birdie effort stays left at 10. Bjorn breaks free of the chasing pack with birdie at 10 - he's back where he started, five under. Looks like a crackerjack of a day down in Kent - but the wind is up and it's going to get horrendous at the weekend. England's Robert 'Redford' Rock, possibly the most dashing man in English golf, is one under overall through 17.

1509:-4 Clarke, Glover, Bjorn, Dyson, Jimenez -3 Campbell, Kaymer, Coetzee, Gallacher
US amateur Peter Uihlein just misses his eagle effort at seven, but he's now moved ahead of Tom Lewis to two under. Jimenez makes birdie, too, the Spaniard back to a share of the lead on four under. South Africa's George Coetzee is tearing the place up - six birdies through 14, he's -3. Nicky Watney rattles the flag with his tee shot at six, but he's out of things at +3. Poulter now at five - he misses a snakey one to drop back to two over, the Englishman in reverse.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Tom Lewis on Radio 5 live: "My phone was buzzing and buzzing and I had to switch it off last night, I had over 80 texts and I was worried I wouldn't get up after last night! I was more nervous yesterday than I was today but I lost a bit of my swing thoughts and the way I played it felt like an 80. I didn't feel very comfortable on the greens but I've got through to the weekend and hopefully I can have two good performances."

BBC Sport
Tom Watson: "The wind started to stiffen a little bit, I took a four iron from 160 yards, hit it right on the nose and it slam-dunked. You never lose count - that was ace number 15. [Tom Lewis] played a wonderful round yesterday, but that's the game of golf - he played a few wayward shots today and you will get penalised. I said to him afterwards, 'the game averages out, but the main thing is, where are you in four rounds?' He's still n the golf tournament."

1459: Turns out Tom Lewis isn't the only amateur in town - Peter Uihlein, the US amateur champion, has birdied three, five and six to join Lewis on one under. The Silver Medal still very much up for grabs. Garcia on tee at three - too many revs, rear of the green. Gallacher makes one disappear at seven, the Scot now three under. Bjorn on tee at 10 - out comes the big stick and he clatters one down the middle.

1453: Bjorn finds the guts of the ninth green, where the flag is being tugged hither and tither - it's getting up. McIlroy for par at the third... sweet, slight left-to-righter, right in the middle of the cup. Garcia feathers his birdie putt down the hill at two... turns out it needed more than a feather... American Matt Kuchar, who was being tipped as an outside bet by some, has added a 77 to his first round 74. He'll be halfway to Heathrow by now. Seven for Ikeda at four, like dropping a grenade onto his scorecard...

1447:-4 Clarke, Glover, Bjorn, Dyson -3 Campbell, Kaymer
Jimenez rattles in a long-ranger at six to get back to -3 - he really put his foot through that one. Davis Love III rolls in a birdie at the last for a 68 and -2 overall. McIlroy's tee shot at the par-three third sticks in the turf and he overcooks his second - real tester coming back. Ikeda is in a world of grassy pain on the fourth - he has one hack and his ball stays in, before getting a flyer over the short stuff. He's two under, but not for too much longer. Donald at the second - wedge into the heart...

1439: McIlroy, for the second green running, leaves his birdie putt just right - but he's giving himself chances. Luke Donald, the world number one, tugs his par effort at the first, he drops to +2. Apologies, I meant Stenson in the entry at 1434, not Kaymer...

"Walked 1st with Rory, Elvis & Ernie. McIlroy focused walking onto tee, not much eye contact or smiles. Agonises over missed birdie putt."

1434: Watson leaves his birdie putt well shy, before Lewis leaves his par putt right - he's in with a round of 74 for -1 overall, still very much in the hunt. Watson misses his tester to drop back to +2 - but don't go checking out, yet, that should still be good enough for the weekend. Stenson's clutch putt horseshoes out and that might - I say might - be costly, he's +3.

1429: By the way, you might want to manually refresh the page if you would like to see my name at the top. If you want to pretend this is still Mark Ashenden, then don't bother. Lewis on his haunches removing pebbles around his ball, but he'll have to play it out of the hard stuff... "this is one you don't practice," says Wayne Grady on the telly... maybe not you, Wayne, but these kids have changed, what a shot that is, although he's got work to do for his par.

1426: Lewis has got a horror lie at 18 and he's scuttled his approach through the green and his ball has settled on the shingle path to the rear - a few feet further and that would have been out of bounds. Huge ovation, as ever, for Tom Watson as he makes his way to the 18th green - this won't be the last we'll see of him, though, +1 should see him make the weekend. Stephen Gallacher of Scotland drains a longun at seven, he climbs to -2.

1421: Ernie's left himself plenty of work for par at the first, but Kaymer is in with a 69 for -3 overall. I'm told he's now the bookie's favourite - although the person who told me might be wrong. Defending champion Oosthuizen is round in 70 after a bogey at the last, Mickelson round in 69 for -1 overall. McIlroy misses his birdie putt at the first, he stays one over.

1419: Bjorn for eagle at seven - just left, but he taps in for birdie to get back to four under after that stuttering start. Simon Dyson makes par at seven to remain tied for the lead... another shot leaked by Tom 'Kid' Lewis, he's back to -2. Fowler stiffs his second at the first to within 15 feet, birdie chance. McIlroy now from the wispy stuff - crackerjack, very makeable birdie chance from there. Mickelson putting through the valley of death at 18... his ball makes it through unscathed, tap-in for par.

1413: Many thanks Ash - you will be missed, Sir. Ben Dirs joins you as Rory McIlroy stands on tee ready for lift-off - but first it's Ernie... the 2002 champion tugs his tee shot into the light rough, before McIlroy launches one down there. Decent drive from Rickie Fowler... here's Old Tom, putting for birdie at the tough 17th... BOOM! He's back to +1, -1 for the day. Jimenez lets one go at four, he's back to two under...

Frank Nobilo on Twitter: "My best memory of Miguel Angel Jimenez was in Memphis - he joined my wife and I for dinner followed by Karaoke with the owner. He sang 'My Way'."

By Mark Ashenden

1406: The time has come to pass the baton on to Mr Dirs. Thanks for the memories. I put out a plea for suggestions for my last ever word for the BBC. Thank you for all your thoughts. My favourite was "Antidisestablishmentarianism". Spread the love. Night.

JensonButton on Twitter: "Chilling at home today watching the TDF & the Open.. Awesome job by England's Dyson!"

1358: A cracker from the putter of Ian Poulter to save par on the first. How crucial could that be in 48 hours? Three players share the lead on -4 with Clarke, Glover and Dyson looking sweet. Big hungry pack of eight players on -3.

1354: Three bogeys and a birdie in the first six holes and things weren't looking very rosy for South African George Coetzee. He starts his back nine after carding three straight birdies to storm back up the board on -2. Brilliant.

1351: The agony is over for Graeme McDowell as he finishes up with a 77 and it's a card of five bogeys, one double bogey and not a birdie in sight. He's on +5 and unlikely to be back for weekend action.

1343: I think i can safely use the phrase "he's stopped the rot". Denmark's Thomas Bjorn birdies the fifth after a run of three stinky bogeys. Lewis belts his putt on the 16th and just misses out on a another birdie - it's a safe par again though and he remains on -3. And a first sight of John Daly's trousers.... Details coming right up because it deserves its very own entry.

1338: The trousers of Tom Lewis flapping wildly as his second shot on the 15th gets within 15 feet of the pin. Another birdie chance. After his three bogeys on 4, 6 and 12, the 20-year-old amateur is putting on a great show of steady nerves.

BBC Sport
Darren Clarke on BBC Two after another round of 68: "It had a bit of everything. Good shots, good putts, poor shots and poor decisions. We had the good side of the draw, there was no breeze this morning. To have all the support is great. It is nice to play well again and hopefully contend over the weekend at the biggest tournament in the world."

Phil Mickelson
1332: There's a big man with a strong left hand knocking the door and slowly creeping up the board. Clue - first name rhymes with pill. Surname rhymes with Nickelson. Nickname Lefty. Yep - the American Phil Mickelson birdies the 14th - his second of the day - and he climbs above par to -1. He's got four holes left and sniffing the tails of an Englishman, a Northern Irish star, an American and Spaniard. Those are the four boys on -4 at the top of the board anyway.

1327: Four players now at the top of the board. With three birdies in your first three holes something had to give and Simon Dyson mis-reads the fourth green and it fails to straighten as a bogey blights his card.

1323: More heat being provided by reigning PGA champion Martin Kaymer of Germany. A second birdie of the day and he's within two of the leader on -3 and looking dangerous. Schwartzel drops down to -2 with a bogey on the 15th. Jimenez is all smiles after the first hole as his par putt looks to be going short before the breeze and a big wave in the air of his Spanish arm sees it drop in. He stays on -4.

BBC Sport
Lucas Glover tells BBC Sport after finishing on four under par after a round of 70: "They were tough conditions coming in, I had to grind it out from 15 through 18. I didn't make as many birdies as yesterday, but I'm happy where I sit (on the leaderboard)."

1313: Three more boys out on the course as Geoff Ogilvy (+4), Peter Uihlein (+1) and Miguel Angel Jimenez (-4) get going.
Latest R2 leaderboard: -5 Dyson -4 Clarke, Glover, Jimenez
-3 Campbell, Schwartzel, T Lewis, Overton, Hwang, Bjorn

1307: Schwartzel on -3 with five birdies on his card. But hold on - we have a new leader folks. Simon Dyson - the 33-year-old from Yorkshire - makes it three birdies in his first three holes and he's on -5. Has anybody ever made 18 birdies? But what a start. 3, 3, 2. A handsome card so far make no mistake. It's all about contrasts this crazy beautiful game as Bjorn (overnight leader) makes another bogey and slips to -4.

Tom Lewis
1304: Wooof. That's the noise of someone sat back in his chair enjoying the two opening birdies by Simon Dyson to get to -4. And at last - a clenched fist for Tom Lewis as he grabs his first birdie of the day to climb back up to -3. He's hanging in there.

1258: The leaderboard now makes happy very reading for Clarke. As he puts his slippers on in the clubhouse he now sits at the top of the board alongside four others after Bjorn bogeys the second. Getting interesting.

1253: So round two comes to an end for Darren Clarke and what a glorious way to complete it. It's a fifth birdie (on top of his eagle) as he cards a 68 (another 68) to be on a very handy -4. Bang in contention for the man who was second in 1997 and third in 2001.

Ian Poulter on Twitter: "It's range time round 2 starting in an hour, sun is shining and buzzing for the day."

1244: Webb Simpson slides a little further down the table with a bogey on the ninth to be on -1. Justin Rose gets another birdie on the 14th to get back on to level par.

1241: A right old battle that first hole for the great Dane but Thomas Bjorn starts his second round with a par and keeps ahead of the rest of the field by one shot on -5.

BBC Sport
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts at Sandwich: "Much as I love the man, especially after seeing his ace, if Tom Watson's smile gets any wider it will join up behind his head."
An incredible prospect.

1238: The pars keep coming for Tom Lewis and it's his ninth in 11 holes. Still no birdies but he's fighting hard and stays on -3.

1232: Thank you Mark. Afternoon. Slightly bloated full of chicken, rice and potatoes but fired up for a few more holes.

By Mark Orlovac

1226: Here we go then, leader Bjorn is on the first tee. He pushes the ball a little right, into the first cut, but it should be OK. Playing partner Simon Dyson is straight down the middle, while we don't even see Gary Woodland's drive. Right, time for me to hand back, for the very last time, to Mark Ashenden. *Tries to hold back the tears*. See you again.

Luke in Southampton via text: "Luke Donald to pull a magical 63 out of the bag including two aces well I can but dream with five whole quid on him to win it!"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon, via text: "I have a strange feeling that today is going to belong to Ian Poulter... although I did put 20 quid on Haye to knock Klitschko out in seven and I'd felt unusual before that too."

thedanthomas on Twitter: "Love Jimenez! With those stretches, he looked like he was rehearsing some kind of dance routine for a musical."

1215: Don't write off Masters champ Charl Schwartzel. He's storming up the leaderboard, he birdies 10 and 11 to move to three under. This is getting tasty folks. By the way, here's the latest Met Office weather update for Sandwich: "Wind will remain south to southwesterly, 10 to 15mph with gusts to 20mph, perhaps even the odd gust to 25mph by the evening."
Latest R2 leaderboard: -5 Bjorn-4 Glover, R Barnes, Jimenez
-3 Campbell, Clarke, Schwartzel, Lewis, Overton

1211: Another dropped one for Clarke. Don't undo all your good work today fella. He finds the notorious Bjorn bunker at 16 and can't get up and down. Pretty hard from there, though, in truth. He's back to three under.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
"I am with you Mark, I said seven under at start of the day and am sticking with it. Great image there with Jimenez smoking a fat one... "

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Craig, Nottingham via text: "With the wind picking up I don't think we'll move past -5. Rory to lead Clarke and others by one after a faultless 64!"

1201: Great telly coverage of cigar-smoking Spaniard Miguel Angel Jimenez warming up on the practice range. There's some extraordinary stretches going on. And even some hula hooping. All carried out with the cigar still in mouth. Impressive. Elsewhere, McDowell is leaking oil. He bogeys eight and 11 and double bogeys nine. He's six over for the day through 12, four over overall.

1158: Sandy Lyle rolling back the years - man I hate that phrase - wonderful chip in from off the green at the last. It won't trouble the leaders, though, he's nine over overall. Clarke on the 15th, and that's a tricky putt to save par... and he's rolled it in. Important par that one after the six at the 14th.

1152: Bubba Watson is all over the show at the 12th. Fairway averse. Lots of rough stuff. He'll be lucky to stay on three under. Ricky Barnes, resplendent in red and white, sinks a nasty five footer for birdie at the seventh, he's on four under. Earlier on I asked my Open colleagues what they thought the leading total would be at the end of the day. The two replies I got were 10 under and nine under. Crazy talk. My seven under prediction is looking quite good I think. Views?

1145: Clarke fails to sink that par putt back but he does get the next one. Only one stroke gone. Bjorn leads on his own again.
Latest R2 leaderboard: -5 Bjorn-4 Clarke, Glover, R Barnes, Jimenez
-3 Campbell, B Watson, Lewis

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon via text: "Just flown over Royal St George's on an Easyjet flight from Zurich and I reckon I could see the smile on Tom Watson's face after his ace from 20,000ft... "
An ace from 20,000ft, now that's some drive. Bubba Watson would struggle to match that! By the way, other flights from Zurich are available.

1139: Clarke a little loose on the par-five 14th. He's off line with his approach to the green and his chip from the rough lands on the dancefloor but it's got too much on it and runs off and down the slope. Oops. The putt back isn't fab either, it's too right, doesn't break left, and runs way past the hole. He'll be fortunate not to drop shots here. Messy.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Paul from Epsom via text: "Great to see big Darren Clarke in amongst the leaders. Another NI major winner this weekend? Lee Westwood looks like he needs a hug!"

1132: Westwood with that monster putt at the ninth... and that's a good effort. He's very close but the ball drifts four foot past. Disappointing end for Chad Campbell, he bogeys the last and is in the clubhouse on three under overall.

TeamBevan on Twitter: "All Home and Away fans loving seeing Donald and Fisher next to each other on the leaderboard."
I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. However, Neighbours between 1987-1996 and I'm your man.

1125: Westwood is struggling out there. He bogeys the sixth, birdies the seventh before double bogeying the eighth. He's also in the rough stuff at the ninth after a stray tee shot. He pops that ball up nicely, though, and it lands on the dancefloor, albeit a fair way from the pin. I've just been asked via text about how Robert Rock is getting on, well he's one over through five and level par overall.

1118: Bubba Watson is also taking advantage of the fine conditions, he collects strokes at five, seven and nine and is in amongst it on three under. Must be that fine breakfast. Hold on, here's Clarke on the 13th green - he's got a long putt for birdie... and it's in! CLARKE CO-LEADS THE OPEN. Sorry for shouting. Got a little excited there, see.

MattGillespie84 on Twitter: "Tom Watson talking to young Tom Lewis about the golf course. Proper gentleman. I was truly gutted when he lost in playoff in 09."
I was there, it was truly heartbreaking. Not for Stewart Cink though!

Tom Watson celebrates his hole-in-one at the Open

Hole-in-one for Watson at sixth

1109: By the way, here's the video of Watson's ace at the sixth. Fantastic moment. It warms the soul. Mickelson misses the eagle putt and has to settle for a birdie, he's back to level par. Chad Campbell is in the hunt after a sparkling run on the back nine. He's birdied 13, 16 and 17 and is on four under.

1105: Hello again. I'll do my best Ash. Well this isn't bad for starters - you join me as Phil Mickelson fires an absolute peach into the seventh green. He's now got an eagle chance. Hello, Darren Clarke has another birdie at the 12th and he's back to four under.

By Mark Ashenden

1100: It's another ding dong o'clock and after that ace by the magical Tom Watson there is no better time to hand over the live text reins to BBC Sport's ace in the pack Mark Orlovac. Orlo - I gave the audience a hole in one by the master. Don't let the audience down now. I'll be back later. In the mean time, all suggestions for my very last word in my very last text commentary on my very last shift at the BBC would be most welcome. Tweet or text me. I'm after just one word. I thank you.

1056: Tom Watson should retire right NOW. The 61-year-old thwacks the ball on the par-three sixth, it flies through the crisp warm air, hits the green, bounces once and pops into the hole. His smile is wider than the fairway. He's back to level par and bows to the very noisy audience. Fabulous. Up steps amateur Tom Lewis - he can't surely do the same can he? Ummmmm his ball hooks wildly to the left and is well short and in the jungle. Dangerous times for the young 20-year-old. It's Watson's moment right now though and he's soaking it up as he strolls to the green to a great reception. How good must that feel? He walks on to the green and his only task is to wave and pick the ball out of the cup. A sweet moment.

1052: Lucas Glover drops a shot on the 10th and Thomas Bjorn is now the outright leader on -5 without playing a shot today. The Dane goes off at 1226 BST.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Malcolm, via text 81111: "Keep the updates coming - essential reading to pass the time in French Disney queues. The locals not showing too much interest in my rantings at my Blackberry. Any great French golfers anyone?"
Raphael Jacquelin on +1 but he's having a cracking day so far with five birdies on his card after 14 holes. Tres bien.

InfostradaLive on Twitter: "For the first time since there were four Majors on the yearly schedule (1934), the US are without a win in five consecutive Majors. This can still become the first season since 1994 and the second since there were four majors on the yearly schedule without any of the four majors being won by an American."
It's looking pretty good for the Americans though. Glover at the top. Simpson tied for third. Overton in sixth. Campbell on -2 in ninth.

1038: Charl Schwartzel takes over from Clarke as the current player to rip up the fairways. A third birdie in five holes and he's on -2 and is just three off the pace.

1036: I'm really sorry folks. I don't mean to do this. Darren Clarke has a tricky one to save par on the 10th and......he bogeys. I'll say no more.

1034: Clarke finishes his opening nine holes on a rather splendid four under with a par at the ninth. Five pars, two birdies, a double bogey and a sizzling eagle. A bogey for Tom Lewis and he drops down to -4 but it was still a nerveless eight-footer. Steady stuff.

1032: Want to get involved in all of this? Feel free to tweet me with anything you like at @bbcsport_mark or just get involved by using the hashtag at #bbcgolf ) OR if you prefer some phone operations, then text us on 81111 (UK) with GOLF before your message. I want predictions, chat on who's playing golf today, lookalikes and any old nonsense really.

1028: Other big players teeing off later - Bjorn (-5) at 1226 BST, Jimenez (-4) - 1310. Ian Poulter (-1) - 1343. Rickie Fowler (par) - 1410. Sergio Garcia (par) - 1421. Rory McIlroy (+1) - 1410. Luke Donald (+1) - 1421.

1025: With Dan Walker in full flow in peacock blue trousers on BBC Two, why not check out the Red Button and online video (UK only) if you fancy checking out holes 14-16.

1022: South African Rory Sabbatini bangs in his third birdie of the day to get on to -1. Jim Furyk has got back to level par after his third birdie in four holes. Now that is a move.

Tom Lewis
1018: OOOffff Time to get the bucket and spade out for Tom Lewis as he finds a stinky bunker from the fourth tee. Blue skies but the wind's picking up. Andrew Cotter on 5 live says this fourth hole "will be a beast" if the wind continues to pick up.

1015: McDowell's face is getting longer in the Sandwich sun as he putts three times on the sixth to drop down to level par.

1012: Tom Lewis grasps his putter, eyes his seven-footer for a third time, strikes the ball.....and it comes up short and to the right. Disappointing. But it's another par and he stays on -5.

1009: Ouch. Watch out for a red-hot Northern Irishman who's ripping up the Sandwich turf. An eagle at the seventh and Darren Clarke follows that up with a mere birdie on the next. Four under and one off the pace. Brilliant.

1006: Two opening pars for Tom Lewis and now he's got a reasonable birdie chance on the par-three third.

1000: Ding ding it's 10 o'clock (BST anyway). Time for Lucas Glover to share the lead again after a birdie at the seventh. A magical and very lively 14 holes for American Spencer Levin. Seven pars, two bogeys, three birdies and he's just eagled the 14th. One under. Handy.

InfostradaLive on Twitter: "The youngest ever winner of the Open was Scotland's Tom Morris Jr. in 1868 at 17 years and 156 days. The oldest Open winner was Scotland's Tom Morris Sr. in 1876 at 46 years and 99 days."

BBC Radio 5 Live
On Radio 5 live, Bernard Gallacher on Westwood:"Lee's game plan should be to try not to force the issue too much. The chances will come eventually - be patient, in other words."
Westwood misses a birdie chance on the third and his card is birdie, bogey, par.

0952: Netherlands player Joost Luiten is having a blinder and cards two successive birdies to get on to +1.

0949: BREAKING NEWS: Retief Goosen pulls out of the Open - he shot a 76 yesterday but is suffering from a bad back.

0944: Check this out. After bogeying the seventh yesterday Darren Clarke does a little better on day two - it's only a bloomin EAGLE from 90 feet on the fringe as Northern Ireland's Dazzler gets on to -3 and firing. And it's a hard-earned par for Tom Lewis on the opener. Great safe start for the amateur.

Lee Westwood
0941: A big shake of the head by Westwood whose card today reads: birdie, bogey. Mixed bag.

0935: Pink seems to be the order of the day. McDowell has opted for a bright pink as he fights to recover from his bogey. While Westwood (who I thought earlier was wearing brown) is actually sporting a very light salmon pink shirt. Not a fan but what do I know. And here's Tom Watson also in light pink pitches the ball to within 10 feet of the first flag. Not bad for a 61-year-old. Now if 40-year-old Bjorn is called a veteran, what does that make Watson?

0933: Cool as a blinking cucumber. Tom Lewis strolls up to the tee and simply lashes the ball about 10 miles down the fairway on the first hole. Smooth.

0928: Early birdie for Westwood who's now on level par, but a bogey for Graeme McDowell who drops down to -1. If I was wearing a hat or a beret, I'd be doffing it (is that just a standard tip?) towards Charles Howell III who has carded three birdies in his opening seven holes - he's sitting sweetly on -2.

0925: Big cheers for Lewis as he strolls to the opening tee. He's all smiles but I bet his heart his jumping out of his slender frame. His mum tells 5 live she's more nervous than her son.

0922: BBC Two is a go-go. Live video in this story (UK only - sorry you foreign types!). Get on a plane over here and you can get full access. Phil Mickelson rips into the first tee as TV pictures show Tom Lewis prowling the ring ahead of his second round. he tees off at 0931 and I have to say, Tom Lewis is wearing the finest golfing shirt I've ever seen - dark blue and a diagonal stripe (think Man City occasional away kit or Crystal Palace circa 1980s). Stunning. What advice would you give an amateur 20-year-old about to set off the second leg of his incredible journey at Sandwich at the top of the leaderboard?

0917: Stanley follows his eagle up with a bogey. My keyboard kiss of bogeys strikes again. And as for the top of the leaderboard, it's as we were last night. Glover bogeys the fourth and he slips back to -4.

0912: A man called Bernhard Langer (heard of him?) is under way and will be desperate to improve on his score of 75 yesterday. The sweet sweet tight-fitting outfit of Lee Westwood (+1) has just cruised across the first tee and he's off alongside Steve Stricker (-1) and Charl Schwartzel (+1). How are you Westwood fans feeling about today?

0904: Some more early movers. Kyle Stanley eagles the seventh to move on to -4. Big big move. Sandy Lyle is moving in the wrong direction after dropping two shots in the opening six holes. Justin Rose is back to +1 after a birdie on the second. A birdie for Jason Day as well on the opener and the highly-fancied Aussie is on level par. Graeme McDowell pars the opener.

BBC Sport
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts at Sandwich: "Tom L's caddie in travellers' sandals or '2 minute noodle shoes' as I call them. Tom has music phones in left ear. Same tastes as Sticker?"

0853: Six new boys out on the course swinging their weapons. Zach Johnson (+2), Adam Scott (-1), Justin Rose (+2), Graeme McDowell (-2), Jason Day (+1), Bubba Watson (-1).

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon, via text 81111: "Was just on a packed train between Sheffield and Rotherham and asked 20 people the clubhouse leader at sandwich today. 12 people gave me confused looks and then awkwardly looked away, assuming im crazy. One said i would be able to get a chicken club at Sheffield station. 2 went for -8, one for -9 under , one for -3 under, 3 stuck to -5 under and one lass either game me her number or thought the clubhouse lead would be somewhere in the 70 billion over pars. I'm sticking to the later or my girlfriend wont be pleased."
Double ding dong.

0843: The two boys Lewis and Bjorn at the top of the board has been joined by Lucas Glover after a birdie on the second and is now on -6. New glories await for the 2009 US Open champion?

0840: Another player soaking up the sunrays at Sandwich is Darren Clarke who birdies the par-three third to move up to -3 and is now in joint-sixth place. Dazzler marches on after his five birdies on Thursday.

InfostradaLive on Twitter: "Tom Lewis is the first amateur to have a share of the lead at the Open since Michael Bonallack in 1968."

0835: Three more players head down the first fairway - Aussie Bryden Macpherson (+1), American Matt Kuchar (+5) and Ireland's Padraig Harrington (+3).

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Joel, American en route to Open, via text 81111: "Woosie is right. There is a lot of "European" talent, but I think you should hold off on the Yank baiting until an Englishman wins a major." (see entry 0808)

0829: A second birdie for Meesawat who now jumps to level par. American Lucas Glover (tied for third on -4) has just set off and has parred the opener. Trevor Immelman birdies the second (in between two pars) and is now on -1.

0825: Got my knuckles wrapped earlier for not mentioning Luke Donald. Mmmmm. Oh go on then....The world number one is currently tied for 52nd place on +1 and tees off at 1421.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Gareth Robinson, via text 81111: "Just got into the office early as my brother forgot his wallet with his building pass in it (he has to do the early shift), as I was pulling into London Bridge the announcement came over the speakers "will all passengers for Sandwich please used the front 4 coaches of the Ramsgate train" I suddenly found myself wandering towards these coaches before reminding myself of my poor brother, thank god for BBC text commentary!! Otherwise I'd have been on that train and my brother would have been unemployed... More time for golf I guess though"
Ding dong.

0821: Former Open champion Sandy Lyle, who withdrew during his first round at Birkdale three years ago and winner of the Claret Jug at Royal St George's in 1985, is also well under way in his second round and has started with three pars and is on +3. Anybody dreaming of new glories for Mr Lyle?

BBC Radio 5 Live
Speaking to Radio 5 live, Tom Lewis says: "There's along way to go and if I keep going like that for the next three days then I'll be right up there. To shoot a great score is brilliant but there's a long way to go." He tees off at 0931.

0813: Best start of the day so far is all down to Charles Howell III who birdies the opener. He's now on level par.

0808: Some nice words falling out of Ian Woosnam's mouth on his optimism for British golfers. Here's a snapshot: "In depth, there's no doubt about it. There are so many good players these days. They come up through the ranks, they go to these colleges and have all these lessons. It's a different game. It's not all about talent anymore. It's all about how you prepare to become a professional golfer." And for any Americans out there who want to shout up and give me the names of players you may think rise up through the ranks and keep us euphoric Europeans quiet over the next few years then let us know.

0803: Birdies like golf dust this morning. One man who has grabbed one is Thailand's Prom Messawat who's parred the first four holes and has just birdied the par-four fifth to move up to +1. Aussie Richard Green has tucked his head under par to -1 after a birdie at the third. Darren Clarke (-2) has just teed off. Scotland's Scott Jamieson is having a bit of a stinker. Two pars and a pair of bogeys on his first four holes and he's slipped back to +7.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon, via text 81111: "Phone already set to silent, I have my best smuggling underwear on too. Trains from Kings X packed, standing all the way, lots of very excited golf fans on board. Legs ache already!"
I challenge you to ask 20 people on that train RIGHT NOW and get me the prediction for the leading score in the clubhouse at the end of today please. 20 people...DO IT...I thank you.

0753: Let's throw you some Tom Lewis quotes after a his fab 65 yesterday: Hopefully I can get a few invites and try and get my card. I'll just keep my head down and practise what I know, and hopefully it'll work." And on Rory McIlroy: "Hopefully I can get to the same standard and have a few battles with him. That would be a dream. He's an excellent player, and I look up to him. I'm sure he won't be too far away coming into Sunday." And Tom Watson on Lewis: "How about that? He could be my grandson. He's quite a refined player at age 20. We certainly have a new young breed out here, don't we? We've got the McIlroys and the (Ryo) Ishikawas and the Lewises. We have a lot of young players playing very good golf. I just had to smile inside to watch him. I certainly was impressed by the way he played." And obviously after saying all of this, Lewis will now shoot 85. Go prove me wrong Tom my boy. He's off at 0931 BST.

0745: The official Open website describes course conditions as "benign". Weather forecast for the weekend is a blooming shocker. Rain, wind, dogs, cats, all sorts of things set to fall out of the Kent clouds over the next 48 hours. Makes today even more crucial perhaps? Out of all the top leaders the two in action at the moment are Pablo Larrazabal (started today with two pars and is on -2) and Kyle Stanley who's on -2 after three pars at the start of his second round.

bubbawatson on Twitter: "Sunny morning & little wind, should be a great day for golf! Meow time for breakfast."
If you're ever in any doubt as to what a top professional golfer has for breakfast during a major championship then please check out this top pic supplied by the mighty Bubb-meister. "Meow time?" Can anybody explain?

Graeme McDowell on Twitter: "Beautiful morning here in the south east. Should be a lot of fun out there. Early tee times much more pleasant when the sun shines."

0737: Want to get involved in all of these shenanigans? Feel free to tweet me with anything you like at @bbcsport_mark or just get involved in by using the hashtag at #bbcgolf ) OR if you prefer using your phone (in the loos or wherever you are-see below), then text 81111 (UK) with GOLF before your message.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon in south east England somewhere, via text 81111: "20 mins into my journey to Sandwich from North London, should get to the course by 9am. No phones allowed-but will try to smuggle in, I'll text from the loos if I manage it! Very excited about the golf today, Gmac to go low."
Fabulous attitude. Although I can't possibly condone any misdemeanours with your phone. If I hear about a phone going off at the 18th and I find out it's you, me and you are over. Look forward to reading your news from the porta-loos.

0728: The kiss of bogeys has happened again. Sorry Chad. yep, Mr Campbell has suffered the wrath of me mentioning his name and he bogeys the second and he slips back to a score of level par.

0718: Let's cast my eyes back to the course. South African Thomas Aiken has made a minor move this morning with a birdie and two pars to take him to +3. Can Chad Campbell break the bad run of Americans in the majors? He's out at the moment and is sitting pretty on -1 after a par at the first.

0712: In the words of the Daily Mirror this morning: Tom Who? Has anybody played golf with this boy before? Gone to school with him, sat on a bus with him, done anything with him? I'd love to know...he's 20, very much an amateur, he's dyslexic, took up golf at the age of four, left school at 16, won British Boys Championship at Royal St George's in 2009 and made the Open field by shooting 63, 65 to win local qualifying at Rye. He plans to turn pro after the Walker Cup in September. PLUS he's named after Tom Watson. Lewis tees off at 0931. Will be fascinating to see how he copes. He's certainly grabbed all the headlines. Before you do anything, read this fine blog by Rob Hodgetts on this rising star.

0659: A few tee off times to keep an eye on. Although obviously they are all important. The two leaders first - Tom Lewis goes off at 0931 BST. Thomas Bjorn off at 1226. Lucas Glover - 0809. Webb Simpson - 1004. Miguel Angel Jimenez - 1310. Kyle Stanley (-2) is the highest-placed early starter at 0703. Graeme McDowell (-2) off at 0842. Ian Poulter (-1) - 1343. Sergio Garcia (par) - 1421. Lee Westwood (+1) - 0909. Rory McIlroy (+1) - 1410. That'll do for now. Anybody else you want me to keep any eye out for?

0653: Need a quick round-up of yesterday? Tough, you're getting it. Here's video highlights of day 1. Here's the fine written report by Rob Hodgetts . And here's a video interview with the amateur Tom Lewis after his stunning round of 65. Need anything else?

0646: So before I dive into all the golf chat - coz that's what I'm paid for right? But this is also about you. Tell me what you're all doing, tell me how you're feeling, tell me if you're playing golf, give me your predictions, just give me everything you've got. Tweet, text, telegram. DO IT.

The sun is out
0641: Just to let you know, BBC Two coverage will get going at 0900 BST, along with video coverage on this very website. And for you wireless lovers, Radio 5 live are also across everything. What more could you possibly want? Seriously, the sun's out, it's Friday, the golf's just started, is there anything else that you could possibly want out of today? Throw me all your Friday aspirations and let's achieve great things together.

BBC Sport
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts at Sandwich: "Glorious morning for golf at St George's - cloudless, still, the sun a welcome presence back in the sky. Early starters, fill your boots."

0636: A big big day for golf. And quite a large day for me as I'm burning up a BBC keyboard for the very last time. But fear not, a cunning display of tissues on the space bar should mop up most of the tears to reduce any clogging and potential slowing down of supplying you with all the latest golfing news from Sandwich. Have a great day.

0631: Before we get into all the madness from round one, I have to tell you the first threesome of players are already buffing up their irons on the first tee in preparation for the second round. First up is Scotland's Peter Whiteford, American Spencer Levin and South African Thomas Aiken.

0626: It was all sizzling Danish bacon in Sandwich references when I left the office at 1600 yesterday. The great Dane is still up there on five under but he's nestling alongside a mere pup of a player called Tom Lewis. More on him in a bit. How are we all doing today?

0617: Anybody fancy some more golf today?

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