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US Open round three at Congressional as it happened


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By Peter Scrivener

US Open scoring (official site)

0107: What does Rory do tomorrow? More of the same surely? I'll leave you to ponder that while you feed your respective babies/celebrate the wonderful golf we've just witnessed. Come back early afternoon on Sunday and let Mr Mark Ashenden know your thoughts as he takes you through the early stages. Thanks for all the texts and tweets this evening - I'll be back for more tomorow. Be sure to join me.

0100: Wow. Still trying to get my head round that. Tremendous charge from Lee Westwood and Jason Day earlier with joint low rounds of the week (65) to get to -5 but, even though they were finished a good couple of hours ahead of McIlroy, the Northern Irishman kept to his own plan. I kept expecting a mistake but even when one came, with bogey on 10, he wiped that out on 11. Exceptional golf and he takes an eight-shot lead into the final day - that's double the lead he had at Augusta.

-14 McIlroy
-6 Yang
-5 Westwood, Day, Garrigus
-4 Garcia, Jacobson, Kuchar

It's good news for a Northern Irishman
0058: Infostrada tell me that he McIlroy is the first player in US Open history to stay below 200 stokes through three rounds. The previous record was Jim Furyk's 200 in 2003.

0055: The putt is on the way. And he's pulled it slightly but that's a one-foot putt for par. He's in with a 68 and when you add that to his 65 and 66, he has gone through 54 holes in just 199 shots. At the US Open. I'm officially gobsmacked.

0054: And Yang is in for two. Nice first putt leaves him a couple left and he nudges that in for a one-under-par 70 to allow Rory the stage.

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Chris, via text 81111: "3hours 52minutes, 4 ciders, 8 crackers, 1 tube of crisps, 4 tweets and 4 texts rejecting chances to go out later and we, like yesterday, think mcilroy is a god and very little has changed. But all been worth it.

0050: Yang up first and he looks pretty upset with that effort. Not sure why as he finds the heart of the green - no mean feat on the 18th which was water back and left and bunkers to the right. McIlroy hits a towering wedge and that thuds into the green and spins to 15 feet. "Let's go Rory" rings out as the Northern Irishman strolls down to the green.

0047: Garrigus leaves himself with a testing six-footer for par and he's in for a 68 and a tie for third alongside Lee Westwood and Jason Day. Garcia also keeps his nerve to roll in a four-footer for his par and he's one shot further back after a 69. Just Yang and McIlroy to come then.

0044: Rory stays well clear of the rough down the left today and finds safety on the right-hand side of the fairway. Yang also well placed so can't see Rory breaking, or equaling Tiger's record 10 shot lead going in to the final round of the 2000 US Open. Pretty sure he won't be too bothered by that though. Three from where he is and that will be a tremendous 68. First up, the climax of the Garica and Garrigus show.

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Dr Lloyd in Chertsey, via text 81111: Currently working nights on a maternity ward in St peters hospital, checking mcilroys progress in between babies popping out, surely a few nippers deserve the name Rory after this effort!"

0041: Coming into the final 20 minutes or so. Hang on in there people. Garcia nice and safe with his approach to 18, pin-high, 30 feet right. Garrigus digs up a carpet as he flicks his wedge to the front of the green. Both have outside birdie chances.

0039: Brilliant from Rory. That was nails. A tough downhiller, through spike marks and he rolled it into the centre of the cup for par. No three putts for the 22-year-old this week.

0035: Would appear lots of fathers are out there, feeding or soothing babies of varying ages. Bet that wouldn't have happened on a non golf major late night? Garcia in the middle of 18th fairway. Nice graphic of McIlroy's putt on 17 - he's got a three-foot hill to climb and he's given that a fair rattle. Whoa ball, I said whoa ball and that's whizzed a good six feet past. Yang cozies up to the hole and he's stuck on -6.

0032: Garcia first out the sand and he's out to three feet. Garrigus knocks his a bit further past but both in for pars. Rory, from 185 yards away, fires a seven iron which comes up a little short and it spins back down towards the front edge of the green. Yang gets his up on the back ledge where the flag is.

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Jon, a very happy new father (no, not that one in Cambridge), via text 81111: "Currently trying to soothe my 7 month old daughter to sleep, as she's now entered the genuinely dreaded 'over-tired' stage. The flip-side being that my wife is taking it in turns and it's enabling me to keep following Rory's magnificent performance here with you. Desperate for him to hold it together this time!"

0028: Garcia and Garrigus getting cosy in a greenside bunker on 17. Their balls are no more than a dozen inches apart. Could be interesting. Back up on the tee and McIlroy hits another drive down the middle. He flashes a couple of smiles to those still shouting his name as he bounces off after his ball.

0025: A big oooh from McIlroy as that birdie attempt shaves the hole. A big oooh from the crowd as Yang's eagle putt flicks round the hole. He's in for birdie though and he's into second on his own at -6.

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John in London, via text 81111: "Out having a few beers in london town, must have refreshed 100 times tonight, each coming with a hint of relief that Rory is doing the job. This is more stressful than watching."

0024: Adrenaline flowing for McIlroy who cracks his shot out of the sand a good 12 feet past. No drama though, two putts, par will be good enough.

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Anna in Herts, via text 81111: "I've found a perk to the boyfriend working nights...I can listen to the golf coverage in bed!!"

0019: Scratch all the first in last out chat about who's playing with Rory, Yang's just belted a lovely second pin-high and five feet right - that's for eagle and outright second. McIlroy's looking anxiously after his iron and with good reason as it plummets into a greenside bunker. Lie will be crucial but plenty of green to work with.

0017: Garcia stiffs his chip on 16. Lovely touch round the greens that boy and that's a certain birdie. Even for Sergio. Garrigus' toy putter finally lets him down and he can only make par after missing a four-footer.

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Big Dave, via text 81111: "Typical - I attended same school as Rory and on the weekend he'll (surely) win his first major, I'm in Portrush, the hometown of last year's winner, without a tv in sight and stuck with a rubbish 3G signal and your updates (no offence). C\'mon Rory, make it 2 in a row for NI!"

0010: A grunt and a groan from Garcia on the par-five 16th after he miscues with his second and it comes up short of the green. But he's on the fairway and he'll havea chip and a putt for birdie. Back on the tee, Rory draws one round the corner and is in perfect position. Yang also in a good spot after a similar shot, nowhere near as far though.

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David in Glasgow, via text 81111: "Still here! Been here for 7 hrs with broken ankle & foot. Wonders if John from Cambridge is a dad now on Father's Day? " A boy and he's got to be called Rory?

-14 McIlroy
-5 Westwood, Day, Garrigus, Yang
-4 Jacobson, Kuchar

0006: Not this time for Rory and Yang also leaves his effort short. Matt Kuchar birdies the par-five 16th for the third consecutive day and he joins Jacobson on -4. Leaderboard anyone?

0004: Barely time for the Spaniard and American to shuffle off the geren before Yang finds the short stuff with a trusty rescue club. McIlroy with nine iron just creeps over a bunker. Outside chance of another birdie.

0002: Right then, here's Garcia for birdie and he barely touches that but it finds the bottom of the cup and he's back up to -3 and in a tie for eighth. And Garrigus makes it a quartet at -5 with a birdie of his own.

0000: It's midnight at TVC. You still with me? Surely nobody's off to bed yet? If you're a dad, there's no excuse. An early Happy Father's Day from one to another and don't worry, you're sure to get a lie-in in the morning.

2358: Garcia's ball in an awful spot, behind a tree and he has to thread this under the branches but high enough to avoid a bank in front of the green and it's away and through and running up to the green and smack, it hits the pin and rebounds a few feet away. Seve would have been proud of that one.

2355: Garcia tugs his tee shot on 15 and a couple of bemused looking officials scamper after it. Leading amateur Patrick Cantlay finishing up on 18 with a par - he is -1 after three rounds which is great effort.

2353: Get in. First birdie of the day for Yang and he's back into a share of second on -5. And McIlroy follows him in. Exceptional golf from the 22-year-old. Are you dancing in the streets of Holywood yet?

It's good news for a European
It's good news for a Northern Irishman
2350: Sergio escapes with a par on 14 after a lovely bunker shot to 18 inches. And I'm running out of things to say to describe how good McIlroy is playing. A seven iron pitches two feet right of the pin and stops four feet past. That's to get to -14 and a nine-shot lead.

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Duncan in Northampton, via text 81111: "Unbelievably Mcllroy has birdied 11 of the 18 holes so far! Not bad for a par course as a good score!" And he's eagled the eighth as well this week.

2343: Lots of people pointing out that last in first out and first in last out are one and the same. My brain is slightly fried at this time of night. Key thing is, Jason Day will play with Rors tomorrow, unless something catastrophic happens in the next five holes.

2340: Rory obviously not reading. Probably got other things on his mind. But he makes the par putt back. Yang continues with his par-fest, 11 on the trot now.

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Duncan in Northampton, via text 81111: "I know we shouldn't mention your TV competitors but Howard Clark is no "Ken on the course"!! C'mon beeb, bump up the licence fee and broadcast all the majors! I couldn't possibly comment!

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Helen, in early for the golf, via text 81111: "Rory fan but aren't you breaking out the champers a tad early! Masters meltdown not quite forgotten but I'll join you in a glass tomorrow night"
The champers was out (see 2316) because that was a champagne moment

2336: McIlroy on target again at 13. Garcia scurries off the green and our leader lands it in almost exactly the same spot as the Spaniard just birdied from. If you're reading these updates on the way to the hole Rors, it's reasonably straight and very quick.

2330: Up ahead, Garrigus bent double over his putter and he gives that a fair whack down the slope and that's not taking any break as it wanders off four, five, six, seven feet past. Sergio with an identical putt coming up - he had a perfect view of his playing partner's and he's made it. Garrigus in for par.

2325: On the 12th and Yang electing to putt from the hollow back left of the green and that's a tremendous effort, the ball climbing a five-foot slope before meandering down to within three feet. And McIlroy's nailed another...oh it just ties up in the last foot. Yang completes his par and we're off to the par-three 13th.

2320: Some disagreement on the texts as to who will play with Rory tomorrow. Matt in Leicester suggesting last in first out, while an anonymous message reckons it's first one in, last one out. Golf ed Hodgo says it's first in, so that would be Jason Day.

2318: Lee Westwood, on shooting his lowest round in a major: "It was a round I needed to shoot. I put myself right behind the eight-ball on day one - I played poorly. But I played well yesterday to make the cut, that was my main goal, and I played lovely today once I got going. It was a slow start but I caught fire around the back nine, kept patient and hit it close a couple of times and made a couple of nice putts." On his form, he added: "It's never far away, sometimes it's a timing issue. I'm still not fully happy with the way I'm hitting my irons but I'm driving great." And on his position in the tournament: "Better than it was on Thursday lunchtime after I shot 75. I was looking for flight times on Friday night. This is a strange championship and you can play yourself back into it very quickly like I did today."

Champagne moment
Birdie for McIlroy and there's a big fist pump to accompany that one. It was a slippery downhill affair that he judged to perfection as the ball curled in from the left. Perfect riposte to the drop at 10 and he's back at -13. That was a big putt.

2315: Yang still struggling to get anything going. He bogeyed the second and has been going round in regulation since then. A 35-foot birdie putt snakes its way towards the hole on 11 but again stays up.

2312: McIlroy playing target golf again on 11 and that leaves a huge pitch mark three feet beyond the pin. Doesn't quite get enough action on the ball but he's still got a 10-footer to restore his eight-shot advantage.

2310: Garcia makes an unlikely par on 11 after draining a long putt. Still keep chuckling every time I see Garrigus with his flat stick - he missed his birdie putt but it seems to be working for him as he's two under for the day and -4 for the tournament.

It's bad news for an American
Shocking finish for Mickelson. You may recall he double bogeyed 16, well he matched that on 17 and although he parred the last, it will be no comfort to Lefty who carded a six-over 77 to slump to +7.

2302: Sergio signing a glove on the 11th after whacking a spectator with his tee shot. The ball ricochets off into the creek for good measure. The Spaniard doesn't need that after a bogey on 10.

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John in Newry, via text 81111: "If nobody from the pack can better -5, will Jason Day play in the final group for reaching that mark first? McIlroy played his best golf at Augusta in his company!"
Not sure, is the quick answer, we'll try to find out.

2300: Aussie Jason Day showing his major mettle today. The 23-year-old, who finished tied for second at the Masters earlier this year, right in the mix in Maryland after a six-under-par 65. "I knew I had to come out and do something," he said. "I drove it well and hit a lot of solid shots. I fell asleep in the middle part of my round but putted well and that saved me. It's more about survival and taking birdies when you can at the US Open but there are great birdie opportunities out there because of the rain."

2256: A shot gone for Rory - he can't convert the par putt. Not too much to worry about though. He's still seven clear on -12.

2252: First mistake of the day for Rory and he's short-sided himself on the par-three 10th. Luckily for him he's in the bunker. And that's magical McIlroy. A big downslope to the pin and he's managed to stop that five feet past - amateur Henley sent one twice as far past from closer in a little earlier. Tough to relate just how good a bunker shot that was.

Matt Littlechild on Twitter: "Quite a big fan of Jason Day. Like his play and he's getting more and more consistent. Major winner of the future? Think so"

It's good news for a Northern Irishman
Anybody who had any doubts about McIlroy's temperament as a front runner has been firmly put in their place by that front nine. He misses the eagle putt by a fraction, but that's a tap-in birdie and he is back at -13 with an eight-shot lead. Nine to go. Just how big can this lead get tonight? Remember, Tiger Woods holds the record at 10 from when he won the 2000 US Open at Pebble Beach.

2245: Patrick Cantlay (-1) leading the battle for the low amateur as Russell Henley drops a couple more on 14 and 15 to drop back to level par.

2241: Westwood can't drop in his birdie but that's a simple par and a superb round of 65. Just the one blemish on the fourth, but five birdies and an eagle have put him right in contention. At the start of the round, he said he had his sights set on catching YE Yang. Job done then. Jacobson also in for par and his 66 leaves him at -4.

2238: McIlroy and Yang waiting for Garcia and Garrigus to finish the par-five ninth before going for the green. Garcia misses the birdie and settles for par. Rors cracks a four iron back left and that feeds towards the hole - 25-footer for eagle.

2235: Aussie Jason Day birdies the last and he joins Westwood in second place on -5. No bogeys and six birdies and that's the lowest score of the day, so far. Here's Westwood into 18. He sent that out right, got a little spin and he'll have a 20-foot putt for a 64 and the low round of the week.

It's bad news for an American
Not looking so good for Phil Mickelson. The American finding trouble all over the back nine. Bogeys on 10, 13 and 15 followed by a double on the par-five 16th. He's at +5.

2230: Defending champion Graeme McDowell just in the clubhouse with a two-under 69. A couple of birdies cancelling out a couple of bogeys on the back nine. He's level par for the tournament.

2225: A run of three birdies and an eagle comes to a halt on 17, but Westwood safely in for par and I reckon he'd take par on the last. Jacobson also in for four - the Swede pounded the front nine and had four successive birdies round the turn and has parred his last four. Solid effort. McIlroy's birdie putt on eight again shaves the lip and that's seven pars in his first eight holes, with one birdie thrown in.

2221: Receptive greens certainly helping the players. Westwood finding the middle of the 17th - a lengthy birdie putt but the way he's been knocking them in today...McIlroy from the rough and that's 10 feet away, again. Robotic golf. Kuchar creeps up to -4 with birdie on nine.

2218: Rory missing a few fairways today - he's tugged one on the short par-four eighth with an iron off the tee. But his angle of approach should be fine with the pin tucked back right.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
James in Lymington, via text 81111: "Did Garrigus' caddy make a shocker when preparing his clubs today? I though that was a joke"

2215: Fist pump from Westwood on 16 and that's another two shots to the good for the Englishman. He's an astonishing seven under for his last 10 holes. McIlroy a tad too tentative with his putt on seven, but that's another par and he stays at -12, seven clear of Westwood.

2212: Rors and Yang both find the centre of the green. Up on 16 Westwood hits an inch perfect iron into the par-five 16th. His shot creeps over the bunker and releases up to the flag. That will be a 20-footer for eagle and outright second.

2210: McIlroy has a good go at his birdie putt on six, but it slides by and he has to settle for a par. Yang also in for par and they move to the par-three seventh tee. Sergio has just cleared the green after a scrambling par - he found sand and then nailed his 10-footer.

2208: Australia's Jason Day rolls in a length birdie putt on 16 to join Jacobson, Garrigus and Yang in second on -4. He's five under for the day, with no dropped shots. Tidy.

-12 McIlroy
-4 Jacobson, Yang, Garrigusm, Day
-3 Westwood, Love III, Kuchar, Kim

2203:McIlroy on six and that is sublime. He laid up with his second on the par five and then flicked a wedge 25 feet past the hole. Spin ball, spin. It obliges and he's got a 10-footer to go to -13.

2200: Sergio's birdie putt stays up and that's a three-putt par. Garrigus hunched over his miniscule putter shows him how to do it and he goes to -4. They say Saturday is moving day at the majors and Westwood is certainly doing just that. Another shot picked up on the 15th and he's at -3, in a tie for fifth.

2157: Strange approach from Jacobson on 15 - he flicks the club away as the ball falls short of the green and into a bunker. Westwood playing great golf though and that approach sets up another birdie chance. Back on the sixth, Sergio has an eagle putt, but that's caught the fringe and taken all the pace out and it ends a good 20-foot short.

2154: Good start for Rory then. One under through the first five will do nicely, particularly with his closest challenger at he start YE Yang dropping an early shot and the improving Jacobson nearing the end of his round.

2151: World number one Luke Donald will not be lifting the US Open trophy tomorrow after a three-over 74 today left him at +7. Here's his thoughts on his week: "All facets of my game haven't been sharp enough. For what reason I'm not really sure. It's disappointing. I probably peaked too early [he claimed his third PGA Tour victory at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in February]. I just haven't been getting up and down this week when I've missed the fairway or making that six-footer. It's just not gone my way this week."

It's good news for an Englishman
It's good news for a Northern Irishman
And there's Westwood in for birdie on 14 - he's suddenly up to -2 after his fourth birdie of the day. Not to be outdone, McIlroy knocks in his birdie putt on five and he's got an eight shot lead.

It's good news for an American
Quick shout out to a couple of amateurs - Russell Henley has slipped back to -2 under for the tournament after bogeys on 10 and 11. Patrick Cantlay also at -2 but moving forward after three birdies in his last five holes.

2143: Back to McIlroy on the fifth, coming out the first cut of rough and he's hit another corker in there. Twelve feet left, pin-high. Yang shows the first signs of emotion but the Korean is not smiling after that wedge into four. He's caught that heavy and it comes up a bit shorter than he would have liked. On the green though. Jacobson looking to make amends on 14, finds the heart of the green.

2140: Garcia and Garrigus both find the green on five. Garrigus coming off the back of a birdie on four. He nudged that in with a putter he must have nicked off the Oompa Loompas.

2135: Nice time to come back into the chair as McIlroy completes a fourth par of the round on four. He leaked his approach to the green into a bunker, but splashed out to within inches. No need to mark that one Rors nd the lead is back up to seven as Freddie Jacobson bogeys 13 after finding sand off the tee.

By Mark Ashenden

2130: This golf is making me sweaty and there's a man who's going to step in and help me out. Nope - Pete Scrivener is not going to hose me down but he's going to snatch my keyboard away and continue telling this beautiful story. It's building isn't it? I'll be in my car on a motorway and hopefully get back for the last nine. Slow down Rory - you owe me. Thanks for all your chat. See you tomorrow. Night.

2126: This boy can drive. McIlroy whacks a boomer straight down the fairway. Beautiful. Yang just lets his go a little bit but shouldn't be too bad. McIlroy's rivals coming from elsewhere right now though. The chasing pack is building.

2122: "What a four that is" says Colin Montgomerie. McIlroy saves his par. Henley drops to -3 with a missed putt.

AaronWood1986 on Twitter: "Rory looks a little tense currently missing the fairways. Get it together quickly and start to roar. Does he believe?"

2120: McIlroy lofts one (his third shot on the par four) from 100 yards to within six feet on the third. Brilliant. And this could be an invaluable saved par.

2118: Brandt Jobe has jumped up to -3 with a second birdie. A lively start by Zach Johnson with two birdies and a bogey - he's on -3. A surprise move through the backdoor by Aussie Marc Leishman who's on -2. Where's he popped up from?

2115: Rock has had a scratchy start to his third round. But after a bogey on the fourth, he bangs in a cracking long putt for birdie and gets back to -1.

2113: Quick little stat for you from Infostrada. Here is the list of biggest gaps held by the leader at the end of Day 3 (54 holes) in the history of the US Open.
10 - Tiger Woods (205), Pebble Beach, Pebble Beach, California, 2000
7 - James Barnes (217), Columbia C.C., Chevy Chase, Md., 1921
6 - Fred Herd (244), Myopia Hunt Club, S. Hamilton, Mass., 1898
6 - Willie Anderson (225), Baltusrol G.C., Springfield, N.J., 1903
6 - Johnny Goodman (211), North Shore G.C., Glenview, Ill., 1933

2110: This is getting very lively. Six birdies for Fredrik Jacobson and he's -5 with Russell Henley on -4. Getting hot out there.

2108: McIlroy has an uphill putt for birdie on the par-three second but he'll just stand there for now with his putter watching Yang struggle to save par. Yang plonks one out of the bunker way short, and then scoops the ball out 10 feet beyond the pin. Tricky. A six-incher for Rory and he saves par. Very steady start - no scares yet. -11. Yang though has to settle with a bogey - the lead though remains six - but it's not Yang in second place now......

2104: A reminder that BBC Radio 5 live is up and running with full commentary on the golf. Radio and live text a perfect combo surely? Up there with condensed milk and mars bars. Or is that just me?

2102: McIlroy birdie putt doesn't have a chance. He went for it but he's left himself a tricky one-footer. Easy. And Yang safely down in two so that's pars for the leading pair. Lead remains at six. Early thoughts on Rory's body language? And how you think he and Yang will match up?

walke259 on Twitter: "Managed to get out of second half of concert saying "kids are getting tired"....brilliant. Home with both eyes on golf."
Outrageous tactics.

2058: It's a twitcher's paradise at Congressional with the number of birdies flying about. Russell Henley nails his third birdie to get to -3. Kuchar also starting well with a birdie on the third to climb to -3. There's a whole pack sniffing Rory's tails.

2057: McIlroy fires in a sweet iron approach shot to within 20 feet safely on the flat stuff. Yang lands just on the edge of the green. Both with chances of birdies but it's the leader who will stride towards the green in confident manner.

2053: Yang in peacock blue shirt wellies the ball with his driver. Safe and nice. McIlroy with a three metal (his club not his shirt) and he bangs it up through the clouds and it lands safely short of the bunker - not on the fairway but it's sitting up nicely. Steady. That'll slow down his pounding chest.

2049: McIlroy and Yang pacing around the first tee like a couple of caged leopards. Here we go folks. Pressure......silence please. Rory looks ahead down the fairway, takes a sip of water and the boys are set. Yang first.

2049: Fredrik Jacobson moves to -4 with his fifth birdie of the day. And guess who's broken the right side of even? Defending champ that's who. McDowell gets a birdie to get to -1.

2047: McIlroy and Yang three minutes away from swinging their clubs.

ciaran0512 on Twitter: "I went on a family holiday with the McIlroys 10 years ago and consistently beat Rory at crazy golf!! US Open next year? I wonder."

2042: Time for battle of the Gs. Garcia and Garrigus. The commentators almost choke on their mics when they find out Sergio didn't hit one practice shot before his third round. A sense of smugness as they watch the Spaniard wildly hook his tee shot to land in the medium long stuff. Which Sergio do you think we'll see today? Mr Stroppy, club-kicking error-ridden? Or Mr Smooth smiling birdie-grabber?

-11 McIlroy
-5 Yang
-3 Day, Jacobson, Stenson, Z Johnson
-2 Henley, Oosthuizen, Palmer, Kuchar, Snedeker, Garcia, Garrigus

2035: I did of course mean Day and Jacobson move to -4 for the day. -3 overall. Still interesting.

2035: It seems I only have to mention a player's name and BANG - they rack up another birdie. It's Day and Jacobson who both move up to -4 with another birdie. Interesting.

2034: By the way - has anybody ever used the word 'moxie' in a conversation? (see entry 2020)

2031: Want to get involved in all of this? Feel free to tweet me with anything you like at @bbcsport_mark or just get involved by using the hashtag at #bbcgolf ) OR if you prefer your phone then text 81111 (UK) with GOLF before your message.

2028: Congressional is el scorchio. There are a lot of boys doing enough for McIlroy to be looking over his shoulder. Day and Jacobson all on -3 for the day but check out Sweden's Henrik Stenson who's just made his third birdie in six holes as he climbs to -3 overall and makes third spot his own - just eight shots behind McIlroy.

2026: Back to the fairways.

2025: Sorry for blocking up your laptops or mobile screens there, but I just couldn't find the urge to edit out too much of what Jack Nicklaus was saying there. Stunning. Wisdom. A lesson for us all in anything we do in life - "Just believe in yourself, play within yourself, understand yourself, understand what you can do, and do what you can do." Sweetness.

2023: More words from Jack Nicklaus. "When I saw him at Muirfield Village (two weeks ago) I hadn't seen him since The Masters. I just said 'I'm sure that you learned from your mistakes and what happened. Don't worry about that. We all make mistakes'. All good players have to make mistakes before they can have successes. Sometimes it's better to have mistakes because if you only have success all of a sudden if you make mistakes you can't figure out why you made them. Pressure is what you live for - you want to have pressure on you. You don't want to come down to the last hole needing to make par to finish 20th. You want to come down to the last hole with pressure on you to win. Everyone is going to put pressure on you. If you are going to be successful you're going to have pressure, so you just have to learn to live with that, deal with that, and to handle it yourself. And we all handle it differently. I would hope he learned from his mistakes." And on mistakes he made in 1963 at the British Open when he lost by a shot after going in a bunker on the last: "I have kicked myself for almost 50 years for blowing that tournament, but I knew why I did it. That was my question to him. You made some mistakes and I hope you figured out why you made those mistakes, why you did something that didn't follow what you normally do."

2020: With McIlroy and Yang half an hour from teeing off, I'd like to offer you some sweet words from 18-major winner Jack Nicklaus talking about meeting Northern Ireland's star in the making. "I like his moxie - I suppose that is the right word. I like the way he carries himself. We talked about the things I did when I was playing. He was worried about that he couldn't finish and couldn't win. I said not to worry about it. Instead of shooting 36 or 37 the last nine holes one day you'll shoot 32 or 33 and win. Keep playing; keep your nose to the grindstone. You don't have to try to push something to happen. One day it will just happen, if you keep working at it and trying. Just believe in yourself, play within yourself, understand yourself, understand what you can do, and do what you can do. That was the basic message."A basic message? Brilliant. I'm sure those words are resonating right through his rumbling tummy right now.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Gaz in rainy Carlisle, via text 81111: "Sat in my local golf club after a rain soaked round.. Do I brave the rain on the walk home for a hot home cooked meal or do I buy another pint and stay in the golf club watching the action unfold ?"
Toss a coin. I'm calling heads.

2011: Jacobson up to -2 after a third birdie today. Somebody else ripping up the course is American Steve Stricker . His fourth birdie on the ninth and he's back up to -1. Useful.

2009: Martin Kaymer will be hoping he's back in the clubhouse soon. The German started so well with a birdie on the opener but five bogeys have followed. He's on +6 now.

2001: Aussie Jason Day has rattled off three straight birdies to move to -2. Two birdies from Sweden's Henrik Stenson gets him to -2. A fourth birdie of the day gets Harrison Frazar to even. Others moving in the right direction are McDowell, Harrington and Stricker - all now on even and -2 for the day. Impressive stuff. And a birdie by Westwood on the par-three seventh gets him to +1. It's all getting very lively. McIlroy and Yang only 45 minutes away from teeing off.

1959: A reminder on tee-off times. In two minutes, Love III and Slocum go off. Then in 10 minute intervals, it will be Rock and Quiros, Kim and Kuchar at 2020, Snedeker and Zach Johnson - 2030. Garcia and Garrigus - 2040. Then it's the final pairing at 2050 it's Yang and McIlroy.

1956: Seems like there's plenty going on. And I don't just mean a hatful of birdies at Congressional. Punters waiting for babies, hangovers kicking in as you sit on the sofa, wives wanting to watch the golf so having to send their husbands upstairs, punters taking food delivery orders, there's even somebody having a drink with a mayor. Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, sit back, take a breath, six hours of fairway drama awaits. I just hope you've got the stomach for it. Golf. You've got to love it.

1952: I've missed you.

By Peter Scrivener

1950: Just time for a quick word from Webb Simpson after his 66 today before I nip off for a break: "My ball striking was a lot better today. I've had a slow start to a lot of tournaments and figured stuff out as I've been going along. It's a really good set up. It's still soft but the greens are one or two feet quicker. Few three putts are out there and easy to short-side yourself. If wind doesn't come and dry out the greens you'll see guys flying at the pins all day." Here's Ash.

1945:Harrington also to -2 for the day after a birdie on eight. And here's McDowell on the 10th tee. It's a wonderful looking hole - all over water with galleries all round. Not one I'd fancy playing mind. And he finds the middle of the green. Kaymer is +2 for the round at the turn, +4 overall, and he's in the sand at the back of the green.

It's good news for a Northern Irishman
GMAc responds to that drop on seven in the best possible fashion with a birdie on eight. And then he goes one better on nine with an eagle three and suddenly the 2010 champion is at two-under for his round and level par for the tournament.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Jane in Taunton, via text 81111: "Husband was meant to be having a 'boys poker night' tonight. As soon as I found out rory was teeing off at 8:50 that was cancelled."

It's bad news for an Englishman
The Congressional bathed in sunshine, although it's been like that at this time of the day all week - any rain usually comes a bit later. And there's world number one Donald coming to the end of his round on 18 and he's over-cooked his approach and that's bounding between the bunkers and only stops when it hits water. His fourth is a deft chip to six feet or so - that for a bogey and he's missed it. A double to finish after a solid start of 13 straight pars. That three-over 74 puts him at +7.

1930: Masters champion Charl Schwartzel just teeing it up on the first. He starts at level par. Elsewhere, McDowell back to where he started at +2 with a birdie on eight.

Lord mushroom on Twitter: "Re: John on labour ward - Once she gets the epidural you can feel free to do what you want! (57hour labor 4 my son any1 beat that?)"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Ian in Sheffield, via text 81111: "Wife at Meadowhell shopping. 3 Kids rather surprised to find themselves bathed and in bed for 6.30pm just as rain stops and sun comes out!! Come on Rory make us proud!" Experience suggests that I suspect you may pay in the morning for those early bedtimes.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Ellie in north London, via text 81111: "Have been forced upstairs by my male housemate to follow golf (and cricket) online. Apparently, if big men aren't running into each other, its not a sport!"

It's good news for an American
Webb Simpson coming to the end of a sparkling round of golf. He's just lagged a 50-foot birdie putt on the 18th to a couple of feet. And that's a simple tap-in for a five-under-par 66 and the clubhouse lead on -1 - that's 10 shots behind McIlroy, who goes out at 2050 BST.

1919:Harrington and Ishikawa playing identical rounds, according to their scorecards at any rate. Five pars each and birdie at six and they are both to +1. But Westwood is going backwards. A bogey on the par-four fourth and he's at +2. Kaymer also struggling. He's at +2 for the day after bogeys on two, four and seven. McDowell also drops at the par-three seventh and he's +3.

1915: Rory McIlroy looking as relaxed as is probably possible for a 22-year-old who leads the US Open by a record six shots at halfway. He said: "Records are nice. The one that hit home last night was the first ever to get to 13 under. It's pretty special but I've got two more days left to go. I need to play really solid to get myself in positon for tomorrow. It's a real challenge, the US Open is supposed to be the most difficult test we face all year. It hasn't seemed that for me yet."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
George, via text 81111: "Flight to Cape Town tonight cancelled. + Get to watch the Rory show. + Got one of few seats available to fly tomorrow. - Don't get to see the final round tomorrow. Do I hope for cancellation tomorrow as well?"

carol in the corner on Twitter: "I will be keeping up to date via @bbc5live and the internet. Hubby won't be expecting too much in the way of dinner tonight."

It's good news for an American
It's bad news for an American
Harrison Frazer of the US also putting together a useful round - he's three-under-par after 10 holes with no bogeys. He's at level par. His compatriot Phil Mickelson is back to +2 though after dropping a shot on the par-three second.

BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts on Twitter: "What are your predictions for McIlroy's score & lead (or deficit if you prefer) after R3? I'll plump for 69 & 5 shot-lead."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
John, sitting in Rosie hospital in Cambridge, wife in labour, via text 81111: "The odd lower back massage with left hand and sheer dexterity of internet control with right hand, to side of bed, means up to date with golf but in very dangerous territory! " If my wife's three labours were anything to go by, you are a brave, brave man.

It's good news for an American
None of the big names really making a move yet. Mickelson (+1) parred the first. Westwood (+1) is through two in regulation, McDowell (+2), Harrington (+2) and Ishikawa (+2) all level through five. But Simpson is continuing on his merry way - a seventh birdie on 16 and he's at -5 for the day and -1 for the tournament.

Walke259 on Twitter: "wife's recorder orchestra concert tonight (already been to venue to check for wi-fi coverage..there and free!!) - 1 eye on golf!" Any woman ditching their fella to follow the golf tonight? Feeling it's a little one-sided at the moment.

It's good news for a European
Germany's Marcel Siem, who shot the joint low round of the day with Rory on Friday (66) is one-under in round three after a couple of birdies on seven and nine. Siem was +9 for the tournamentafter the first hole of his second round yesterday, but made the cut thanks to a staggering run of six birdies in eight holes through the middle of his round.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Russ in Surrey, via text 81111: "Wife taken the kids camping for the night in the knowledge that I will be glued to the golf. I have a bowl of chilli ready, cricket to one side and golf to the other. Can't wait for the boy to tee it up. Could the day be any better I ask?" A Father's Day lie-in tomorrow as well then? Joyous

1843: Westwood upstaged by playing partner Freddie Jacobson on the first. A birdie for the Swede, while Westwood is in for par. Safe from Westwood, but at 12 shots back safe will not win this major.

1840: Lefty, Phil Mickelson, up next. The American has won four majors in his career - three Masters and one PGA - he would dearly love to win his national championship. He's been runner-up five times. He's 12 back though - needs a belter of a start you feel.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
David in Glasgow, via text 81111: "Sitting with feet up (literally). Medial ligaments gone, chipped ankle bone, broken metatarsal, bruised shin & achilles so watching live text updates as Mrs D watches Glee (refuses to watch golf as apparently football injury is my fault and she has to look after me now!). C'mon Rory!"

1832: On the tee from England...Lee Westwood. Alright, I know I'm no Ivor Robson, and he's probably not at the Congressional either, but the world number two is getting started. Here's what he had to say on the challenge facing him over the weekend: "I'm more looking at YE Yang, who's in second spot, trying to catch him. Because if I'm going to win the tournament, I'll need Rory to play poorly over the weekend."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
James in London, via text 81111: "Haven't seen my girlfriend in 2 months so we are getting a hotel room tonight. Made clear that the room must have internet so i can keep tabs on rory. Priorities." Most of you have very understanding other halves. I had to volunteer to come to work so I could keep an eye on the golf

It's good news for an American
Still nobody out on the course under par for the tournament. Webb Simpson briefly dropped back to +1 with a bogey on 13, but he responded in fine fashion with his sixth birdie of the day on 14. Steve Stricker is out of the blocks with a birdie on the the first and he's +1, although playing partner Edoardo Molinari of Italy bogeyed.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Nic in Canvey Island, via text 81111: "Sorry just been told to ask u to wish my mother in law Alison Frankland a happy 51st. (need to keep in the wifes good books) do the business" All the best Alison, now leave the man in peace - there's more urgent matters to attend to

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
GMac and Kaymer have raced through the first three holes in level par and are at +2 - that's 13 shots behind Rory McIlroy remember - he's due out in about two-and-a-half hours. Don't worry, the time will fly be if we work together. Tweet me using the hashtag at #bbcgolf ) OR if you prefer using your phone, then text 81111 (UK) with GOLF before your message.

1812: Dustin Johnson, the man who led this tournament by three shots going into the final round last year only to collapse to an 82 as Graeme McDowell triumphed, has completed his front nine with his third birdie of the day. He's climbed to +2 from a +4 start.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Marcus in Geneva, via text 81111: "Am I the only one who doesn't want Rory to run away with it. Is there anything better than a tight finish to a major??"

1805: Three-time major winner Padraig Harrington is also off and running. A par for the Irishman, who is playing with one of the rising stars of the game, 19-year-old Ryo Ishikawa. The Japanese ace, earlier this year, pledged to donate all his 2011 winnings to the victims of the earthquke and tsunami that hit his country. He's also donating £750 for every birdie he makes. Going on last year's totals, the fund could benefit to the tune of around $1.3m. Top man.

1803: Everyone's new favourite Simpson has carded his first bogey of the day on the 11th. But his four-under-par front nine will interest some of the later starters.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Frank from Carlisle (codename/codeplace) , via text 81111: "I've had to 'call in sick' for a mates 21st, it's not poor form..just plain selfish. But it is the mcilroy show after all!"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Iain in Aberdeen, via text 81111: "The relentless hyping of McIlroy on this website, and among the press and fans alike, is getting tedious and increasingly ridiculous! GIVE IT A REST! Virtually every post builds him up further! Do the rest of Planet Golf really have such short memories? The sense of de ja vu is overwhelming! The press went wild in anticipation last time. And he cracked. This will be the third Major in a row; if he doesn't start to fold today, he most certainly will tomorrow! Rest assured! So please, everyone, calm down! Jee-zo!! That said, I hope, forlornly, that he keeps it together and does the job!!"

1755: Evening all. Hope your sleep was a little better than mine - being awoken by five kids (not all mine, I hasten to add) at 0520 BST, claiming that because it was light it was time to get up, irked me somewhat. Anyway, back to the action, defending champion Graeme McDowell starts his third round with a steady par at the first. He's playing alongside USPGA champ Martin Kaymer and the German is in for a birdie and up to -1.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Nic in Canvey Island, via text 81111: "Just about to go to the in laws for a birthday dinner. Amazingly the wife is letting me keep tabs through my phone. Can't wait for 8.50" What other lengths are you good people going to, to keep in touch with the action this evening?

By Mark Ashenden

1746: Ladies, gentlemen, poodles, small meercats. I announce to you four things. Luke Donald has just carded his 10th par. Bubba Watson has just made a double bogey (+6). GMac has just teed off with Kaymer. And lastly, I'm teeing off to allow Pete Scrivener to swing his live text clubs. I'll be back for some of the build-up to Rory's round and perhaps announce that WEBB Simpson has just made his 18th birdie. Perhaps. See you later....I'll still be on Twitter for more banter as I chomp on my pasta. Gracias.

1738: Thank you for pointing out my glaring error that I have re-named Mr Simpson to Wallis.....he is of course called Webb. Sorry to all the Simpsons. But he doesn't care, he's just bagged his fifth birdie and is now on one under after 10 holes. Only 10 shots away from Rory. Stunning stuff.

IrishmanInMN on Twitter: "sitting in Minneapolis, US, watching my daughter in an Irish Dance Feis and following live text. RORY KEEP IT LIT!"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Stephen in Holywood , via text 81111: "The whole town of Holywood is buzzing - last year Portrush put up road signs to mark GMac's victory - here's hoping their counterparts in County Down have reason and resources to do the same this year for Rory"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Alex, via text 81111: "Worried about McIlroy. Either he cruises it and develops an invincibility complex by continuing to aim at every pin (he has had a lot of shots land just over bunkers or water already!) - or he starts to try and protect his lead and squanders shots. But to blow a great lead in a succession of majors must eventually create scars. He needs this one (just as I need a no 4 bus to arrive and whisk me out of the rain)."
Good luck with the bus-catching. I think it's time for everybody to chill. Just another 18 holes for Rory right? Easy-peasy.

1732: Part ii of my earlier entry at 1713. Snedeker was talking about McIlroy. Quite a claim by a professional golfer.

1726: Webb Simpson's day is going from good to gooder (Please don't email in and say you expect better English from a BBC journo). A fourth birdie lifts him to even. Brilliant. Three birdies and a bogey and Bill Haas is on +2. The Hoff - AKA Charley Hoffman - makes two pars and is on +3. Bubba Watson continues to dazzle and entertain. remember - he started the day with three stinky bogeys. Three beautiful bouncy birdies followed. Four pars next. He's on +4. What a round. Luke Donald's outward nine is over - yep, nine pars. He's stuck on +4. Worst show of the day so far is down to Kevin Streelman. A double bogey and two single bogeys and he's on +8. Kaymer and McDowell tee off at 1740. Harrington and Ishikawa on at 1750.

1720: A bit of a BBC promo for Radio 5 live and its golf coverage. Full commentary from 2100 BST. Enough said.

1717: So aside from the high-fliers, which player are you fancying to make a shock rise up the leaderboard? Tweet or text me.

1713: One of my favourite quotes of the tournament so far belongs to the boy Snedeker. I'll give you the words and you tell me who he's talking about....."He's got more talent in his little pinky than I've probably got in my whole body." Any guesses?

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Simon in Ayr, via text 81111: "Today is pivotal. If Rory plays his usual aggressive game and shoots under par he should be out of sight. If he tries to defend the lead and watches the field try to catch him it could be Meltdown 2 and an even more painful sequel to watch! Get stuck in son!"

1703: A reminder for the later pairings. McDowell and Kaymer off at 1740. Harrington and Ishikawa at 1750. Westwood and Jacobson at 1830. Mickelson and Chappell at 1840. Rock and Quiros - 2010. Last four pairings are Kim/Kuchar, Snedker/Z Johnson, Garcia/Garrigus (try saying that quickly), Yang/McIlroy starting at 2050.

It's good news for an American
1651: An early high-flier with American Webb Simpson. Four pars and three birdies is a mighty fine way of starting your third round. The 25-year-old from Charlotte is up to +1. Only 10 more shots needed to catch up the leader.

1643: Quite happy to put my hand up and apologise for lack of Rock chat. Jet lag, hangover from winning the Italian Open and a chase around the US with lengthy visa applications and a battle to even turn up at Congressional. All in a hard day's work for Robert Rock. A brilliant effort this week to starting round three later on one under having not even had a practice round. He said: "Just the interest and adrenaline got me through. It shows if you are not scared of it and play the course for the course's sake rather than thinking, 'This is the US Open. It's meant to be difficult,' then you can do well." Rock tees off at 2010 with Quiros. I salute you Robert.

robbieat on Twitter: "6 shots is not unassailable! I'm no pro golfer but I shot a 14 on a par 3 once, lost my umbrella, 4 balls and my dignity...."
Wisdom and a clear golfing star in the making.

1630: Mr Consistency - AKA Luke Donald - bags his fifth straight par. Canadian Wes Heffernan is not having the best of days. His card reads par, double bogey, bogey. He's on +7.

1628: One pair inspiring each other one is Dustin Johnson (+3) and Italian Matteo Manassero (+3). A birdie from both on the opener. Sweet.

ronsirak on Twitter: "By the time Rory McIlroy gets to his 3:50 tee time today at the U.S. Open, "Hangover 3" will have been made."

1620: I know most of you know the deal with communicating and engaging with our golf family but a reminder on how to get involved. Feel free to tweet me with anything you like at @bbcsport_mark or use the hashtag at #bbcgolf ) OR if you prefer using your phone, then text 81111 (UK) with GOLF before your message. Feel the fairway love. Do it.

1616: American Webb Simpson jumps up to +3 after a birdie at the fourth. Donald bangs in his third consecutive par to remain on +4. And Bubba Watson is flying. Three bogeys and now two back-to-back birdies. The man decked in army gear (in honour of his father) is back to +5. There's hope. Believe Bubba. I hope your child is wearing the same shirt as yesterday - not because I'm unhygienic but I just loved the words on it - "Go Bubba Go". Brilliant.

1611: Please spare a thought for the boys that missed out on the final two rounds and probably currently buzzing around looking for those weekend BBQs to go to. Former winners Ernie Els (1994 and 1997), Jim Furyk (2003), Michael Campbell (2005), Geoff Ogilvy (2006) and Angel Cabrera (2007) all missing today. A despondent Els said on Friday: "Fourteen years ago, I was in a different position. Missing the cut now, I'm a little bit older, I'm turning 42 this year, and obviously things aren't going my way right now. It's been a long time. I've had a lot of success the last 14 years from '97 to now. Right now, I'm just as low as I've ever been, and that's the fact."

Brad_Pinhorn on Twitter: "Have to agree that golf needs Rory to win, it needs a new character, a new talisman, a new Tiger."

1606: My colleague Pete Scrivener will pile you with plenty of McIlroy chat later I'm sure but I thought I'd chuck you some of the lines Saturday's papers have thrown up today. The Guardian says: "It was one of the greatest rounds of his young life and he almost did it again, turning in a US Open encore that did not need a scorer but a historian." The Independent says: "McIlroy is gone, he's out of sight, in a different country, on another dimension, doing his finest impression of Tiger Woods in his heyday." Daily Express says: "Runaway leader Rory McIlroy ripped up the record books at the US Open as he continued his spectacular pursuit of his first Major championship." And my favourite from the Daily Telegraph - "The authorities at Congressional ought to consider a warrant for the arrest of Rory McIlroy for crimes against the United States Golf Association."

1558: Bill Haas has birdied the third and moves up to +3. Simpson (+4), Donald (+4), Havret (+4) and Streelman (+4) all with pars on their card so far. Get in there Bubba! That is one colourful card you have sir Watson. Three bogeys and now a birdie. Back to +6. Two bogeys by Sweden's Robert Karlsson and he slips to +6.

1554: And if you Yang fans are still doubting your boy to claw back those six shots, here's something else. The Korean will be also drawing on memories of his two-shot win at last year's Korea Open where he trailed compatriot Noh Seung-yul by 10 strokes after 54 holes. "Anything can happen in golf," said Yang on Friday. "I know this is a different kind of level of golf tournament, but still, there are many amazing things that can happen." Does something amazing await for us at Congressional this weekend? Tweet or text me or just use the hashtag #bbcgolf.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Hogg, via text 81111: "What? Golf doesn't need Rory to win. Rory needs Rory to win. And that's it. Personally I'd like to see some competition, but not necessarily through McIlroy choking"

1550: Kim and Donald both par the par-three second. Steady start from Donald but he'll be needing some fireworks. Or is it just a case of chipping away and hoping those above you produce some bogeys?

1547: South Korean YE Yang may trail by six he'll be buoyed with memories of his first major victory two years ago. He trailed Tiger Woods by the same margin at the halfway point of the 2009 PGA Championship at Hazeltine National. Yang stormed to victory by three strokes in the final round. Last night 39-year-old Yang said: "That would be a good experience to draw on if I come into that situation again. I'll probably remind myself Saturday morning again about that. It's definitely a pleasant memory, and it can only do me more help than harm if I remember that going into the round." Any Yang believers out there?

1545: A six-shot lead. Unassailable? Will Rory stay cool over the next 36 holes? All the chat has been about McIlroy and rightly so but let me chuck you some thoughts on Yang. He's got history for overcoming deficits and creating some shocks....

1543: It's not the world's top player who gets the birdie on the first - it's his partner Anthony Kim. Donald has to settle for a par and stay at even.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Anon, via text 81111: "Sorry Greg from Romsey but golf needs Rory to walk away with this tournament. If Rory can get this Major in the bag with style, the final day of the Masters will never have happened and we can then see the true potential of Rory."
Oh Greg - I had a feeling that was a can of worms you opened there.

1537: Donald and Kim (both +4) are off. The world number one will be desperate to impress in the second half of this event. Plenty to do.

1535: Bubba Watson has had a nightmare start - bogey on each of his first two holes. He's slipped back to +6.

1525: One last apology for a slight hiccup in the internal calculator - that is my head. Just to avoid confusion - McIlroy tees off 2050 BST.

1520: First birdie of the day goes to Adam Hadwin - a 23-year-old from Canada. Nice little start on the opener. Next pairing is Karlsson and Watson - oh yes. The mighty Bubba. But the mighty Bubbs bogeys on his first hole to send him to 5+.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Greg in Romsey, via text 81111: "As much as all us Brits want McIlroy to win, we need him to come back to pack a little for the sake of a good tournament. I mean - look at that thrilling Masters we had when he slipped back. I'm sorry everyone but I want a competitive tournament where 15 players are in with a chance come back Sunday rather than a runaway leader"

1508: First up is Hadwin and Greyling. Donald and Kim tee off at 1530 BST. Kaymer and McDowell play from 1740. Harrington and Ishikawa at 1750. Westwood and Jacobson at 1830. Mickelson and Chappell at 1840. LoveIII and Slocum at 2000. Kim and Kuchar at 2020. Finishing up with Snedeker and Zach Johnson - 2030. Garcia and Garrigus - 2040. And the last couple to go out......McIlroy and Yang at 2050. What do you make of that little lot then?

danpwright on Twitter: "Let's hope that Rory's massive lead doesn't mean an even bigger choke in the final round."
The potential choke is obviously on the minds of everybody. Rory as well and he stated last night he needed to stay "mentally strong". How do you think he'll cope over the next 36 holes?

1458: There are stats and records coming out of every inch of this keyboard and I'm sure you'll have your own. But here's another from Infostrada Sports: McIlroy is +1 for his first eight US Open rounds as a professional golfer (includes two rounds at Congressional). Tiger Woods was +16 for first eight US Open rounds as a pro (including four rounds at Congressional).

1442: Rory McIlroy will tee off in the last group with YE Yang at 2050 BST. With first group teeing off at 1500 BST.

1432: Confirmed...84 players miss the cut on a score of 5+ and worse. Tee times to follow hopefully.

1425: Tee-times still to be confirmed but round three due to begin at about 1450 BST.

Ian Poulter on Twitter: "So good to wake up with the kids bouncing on the bed. What US Open? I'm over it already. I hope Rory finishes it off in fine fashion"

1410: Just had some nice audio passed my way. So why not check out Graeme McDowell's words about Rory McIlroy's chances of winning the US Open. The defending champ says a change in McIlroy's putting action has been the key to his incredible form and believes no-one will catch his Northern Irish counterpart if he continues his rich vein of form.

1400: No sooner had I said that, along comes a pair of bogeys for Ellis and Hutchins to slip them under the projected cut line. 5+ over and it's not looking at all good for them.

1351: I wouldn't bet my house or furry slippers on this but it looks like there are currently two groups out on Congressional playing finishing off their second round. Tobiason Jr +7, Hutchins +4 (no more missed shots or he's home), Smith +10, Whitehead +10, Wilcox +12, Ellis +4 (another player in danger of missing out).

1340: Here's the report for round two on Friday summarising the highs, lows and more highs of the overnight leader. Here's photos from the second round. And here's some video of of Rory McIlroy reflecting on his incredible round of 66.

1337: A bit of an overview for anybody who wants to refresh themselves of yesterday (where the heck were you?) or for anybody who was visiting another planet on Friday....

1327: A quick shout-out for the wireless coverage. BBC Radio 5 live sports extra will be going on air earlier and 5 live doing commentary from 2100 BST. 1945-2100 for sports extra. 2100-0030 for 5 live.

1318: American Brandt Jobe was the highest-placed golfer needing to finish his round today and he pars the last (his only hole to play) to end up with a a tidy 70 to add to his 71 and he's on a handy score of -1, tied for eighth spot.

1309: Quite a day in prospect then. The second round gets going again at 1315 BST with the third round kicking off at about 1450 BST. Rory McIlroy will be swinging his clubs at about 2000 BST. Plenty of time for others to play catch-up. More on that shortly.

1305: Afternoon. We're almost at the halfway stage. There are 21 players still to complete their second round. But it won't be long before round three gets going. Times, predictions, chat, analysis and a whole lot more coming your way. In about 12 hours we should have a better idea on who will be getting their hands on the US Open trophy. Enjoy the ride.

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