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WGC World Match Play Final as it happened

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By Pranav Soneji

Final at Ritz Carlton club, Tucson, Arizona: Ian Poulter (Eng) beats Paul Casey 4&2

2302: "I was in great form coming into today, nerves didn't weigh into anything," says Poulter after securing his victory. However, it's a second successive defeat for Paul Casey in the final of this event after losing to Geoff Ogilvy last year. Time to say goodbye - thanks for your company.

Hole 34: Time for Casey to start taking risks - the par-three, 247-yard 16th is the ideal hole to do it. However, he opts for the shortest - and most dangerous - line to the pin, but doesn't quiet get enough welly on his tee shot and lands in a bunker just short of the green. Poulter is safely positioned, but a good 40 feet or more from the pin. However, he overhits his birdie putt by a good 10 feet. But Casey cannot capitalise as his awkward open-faced wedge from the coarse sand is too strong as it skips merrily past the hole to settle a good 12 feet away. Huge putt - this to stay in the event - and he's just undercooked it! He moves to the back of the green to allow Poulter to take centre stage - and he's done it! Poulter nails his par putt to win his first ever tournament on US soil. Well played that man. Ian Poulter beats Paul Casey 4&2

Hole 33: "What a shot!" bellows Poulter - unfortunately it's a bit of a howler as it sails wide right on the 343-yard, par-four 15tth, ahhh, irony. However, despite having to contend with a mud-ridden ball with the green up above him, Poulter nearly lands an outrageous eagle with an incredible shot which just evades the hole. Nevertheless he's within sniffing distance of the pin, heaping the pressure right back on Casey. His second shot is short, finishing a good 15 feet from the hole. Huge putt now - and he gives it plenty of welly, but once again the direction is slightly off as it lips out as Poulter moves closer to the $1.4m prize fund. Poulter 3up

Hole 32: Text-book cactuses flank the picturesque 449-yard, par-four 14th, the kind you see in old Warner Brother cartoons as Yosemite Sam goes hootin'-and-a-tootin' around the desert. Poulter sets himself up for a tricky birdie putt right from the edge of the green, but he can't quite find the necessary accuracy to sink the putt as it rolls two feet wide of the hole, handing Casey the opportunity to cut the deficit to one with an eight-footer. But, although he hits the perfect weight on the shot, his direction is just off - and Casey is not happy. That could cost him dearly - about $650,000 worth. Poulter 2up

Hole 31: It's curtains for Sergio Garcia as Camilo Villegas secures third place following a 5&4 drubbing. But on to more important matters as Casey undercooks a chip from the right of the green on 583-yard, par-four 13 and holds up about three feet short of the hole. Poulter doesn't make the same mistake with his shot from a similar position, but he misses his first putt from within 10 feet today, cutting the lip of the hole before spilling a good four yards beyond. The tension is mounting as Casey rolls in his putt to halve the hole. Poulter 2up

Hole 30: Glorious chip from Poults on the 219, par-three 12th. After overrunning his tee shot to rough to the back of the pin, he floats the most delightful chip to within a foot of the hole. No need to sink that. Casey, on the other hand, has a monster 35-foot putt uphill - and his effort is not one of his best, sending the ball over and to the right of the hole, setting up a tense three-footer for par - which he holes. Hole halved. Poulter 2up

Hole 29: Not the best from either finalist on the monster 659-yard, par-five 11th with Casey nuzzled in one of the multitude of bunkers which surround this mammoth hole. Unsurprisingly, neither man can find the advantage, although Poulter has a darn good effort to increase his lead when his chip-and-run curls just short of the hole from 25 yards or so. Result? Hole halved. Poulter 2up

Ezio on 606: "It's not over yet, two holes, Casey seems to have a new spring in his step."

Hole 28: Nice tee shot from Poults on the 493 par-four 10th, urging the ball to find the wind which has picked up noticeably. Casey hits a belter of a second, leaving him with a 15-foot birdie for what could potentially be a game-changing hole - and he sinks it! Top putting from the Weybridge-based golfer, his second successive birdie. Hold on to your hats folks, we could be in for a cliffhanger of a finish. Over in the Villegas v Garcia battle, the Colombian looks to have the $600,000 sewn up. He's 5up and cruising. Poulter 2up

From Anon, text 81111: "C'mon Poults. He deserves this in my eyes. Also, isn't it great for British & European golf to see these two Brits in a final on American soil? WELL DONE BOYS."

Hole 27: The 476-yard ninth hole causes all sorts of havoc for Poulter, who sees his slightly overhit putt on the green frolic down a steep slope to the back of the pin before settling some 50 yards from the flag. His recovery chip third is good, but still a good five feet from the hole. Unsurprisingly, Casey opts for a conservative approach, tapping to within four feet but good enough to cut the lead down by one. Poulter 3up

From AP, text 81111: "I'm a big Ian Poulter fan, on his day he's a top performer. His putting has been his only weak link over the last few years and has probably been the major reason why he hasn't been a regular competitor in major competitions. I just hope he can hang on. COME ON FELLA!!"

Hole 26: Both men open up with excellent tee shots on the 576-yard eighth hole, both landing slap-bang down the middle of the fairway. However, Casey's second is a bit of a shocker, bounding a fair distance from the pin - unlike Poulter, who nails a superb shot to within eagle distance. Five-up and it could be curtains for Casey. However, Poulter just underhits his putt, but it's a birdie, heaping the pressure back on to Casey. He floats a useful chip to within five foot of the hole and sinks the putt to ensure Poulter cannot stretch his lead further. Poulter 4up

From Anon, text 81111: "Poulter is a great front runner but match play is a different game. Four-up is good - but is it enough?"

Hole 25: Poulter grits his teeth, urging his ball to "come down" as it comes to rest about 35 yards to the back of the green from his second shot on the 486-yard seventh hole. Casey's effort isn't quite as impressive, sailing to the left of the hole, but a fortunate bounce slows his ball down to within a manageable distance of the green. A tough uphill putt for Poulter comes to a standstill about five yards from the hole, while Casey summons up a superb chip from an awkward position from the rough to finish about seven yards from hole, but he fluffs his par putt, pushing it to the right of the hole and the frustrated look on Casey's face explains everything. Poulter takes a good minute to assess his six-foot putt downhill and downwind, takes a moment to compose himself and knocks the ball straight into the hole. Poulter 4up

Hole 24: Awesome, awesome second shot from Casey, caressing a beautiful five iron to within two foot of the green. A cast-iron two - it's all down to Poulter now - and he's all over the place with his second, landing a far distance away from the green. The lead is cut to two. Meanwhile, in the all Castellano-speaking third-place match, Camilo Villegas is 2up against Sergio Garcia after seven. Poulter 3up

Hole 23: Idyllic, fluffy white clouds obscure the arid horizon as Poulter lands his second shot on the 536-yard par-four fourth into a cosy bunker situated to the right of the flag, handing Casey the ideal opportunity to set up his second birdie in three holes. However, disaster strikes as he plays an identical shot to his Ryder Cup-winning opponent, landing in the exact same bunker. Casey overhits his third shot to the edge of the green, while his 25-yard chip-and-run shot flirts outrageously with the lip of the hole but refuses to bunk down in the hole, much to the chagrin of the 32-year-old. However, Poulter's red-hot putting skills momentarily desert him as his eight-yard tap rolls past the hole, only the second time he has been over par in the entire final. Hole halved. Poulter 4up

Hole 22: Poulter finds the rough with his tee shot on the 393-yard fourth, but rectifies his mistake with a thunderous approach to the green, landing about eight feet to the back of the pin. A quite brilliant shot. Meanwhile, Casey has a 21-footer for birdie - but misjudges the uphill trajectory as the ball rolls limply a good four foot from the hole. No such problems for Poulter, who confidently taps in for his third birdie in four holes. Poulter 4up

Hole 21: Casey opts for a five-iron on the par-three third, landing his tee shot some 25 yards from the hole. Poulter's approach is a teensy bit further out, so is first to putt on the baize-green, blasted by golden Arizona sun. His well-weighted putt lands about two feet short, guaranteeing par but Casey goes one better and sinks a superb long putt, riding the undulations and into the hole. The ideal riposte following his awful start to the final 18. Poulter 3up

Hole 20: Casey makes the ideal start on the par-five second following his aberration in the previous hole, sending his tee shot right down the middle of the fairway while the rose-tinged Poulter, clad in an expansive pink outfit, finds a shallow bunker. His third shot is breath-taking, however, spinning an iron to within five feet for his second successive birdie attempt. Casey's earlier momentum is stunted by an indifferent third shot and his birdie putt from about 20 feet rolls harmlessly wide. Poulter has no such issues - nailing his putt for an impressive lead. Casey will be feeling the heat. Poulter 4up

Hole 19: No change in intensity from Poulter after the break as he holes a 20-footer for a birdie, heaping the pressure back on to Casey, who probably thought he was on course to cut the lead to one with a superb approach shot from the fairway. However, he cannot hole his putt - from a similar distance to his playing partner - as it rolls to the left of the hole. Poulter 3up

By Jamie Lilywhite

Hole 18: Both find the fairway but Casey, with just an eight-iron, leaves himself a mammoth putt of almost 50 feet across several levels. He judges it superbly and putts so closely that Poulter is happy to concede. Poulter, from more than 45 feet, races his putt seven feet past and misses the one back, giving Casey some optimism as the players enjoy a brief respite and a light lunch before the contest continues in just under 30 minutes. Poulter 2up

Hole 17: There was a time when 482 yards would be a par-five but these days it is an average-range par-four and Casey even opts for a three-wood, he goes past Poulter's driver, Poulter's approach misses the target to the right but Casey, from around 180 yards, is also off to the right and finds sand pin high. Poulter chips delicately from light rough over the trap to three feet, Casey splashes out and holes a tricky one from five feet, asks the question of Poulter but he knocks in confidently to maintain his lead going to the final hole of the morning. Poulter 3up

Hole 16: A 177-yard par-three across the desert and Casey finds the putting surface around 20 feet from the flag, but Poulter's tee shot is all over the flag and inside his opponent's ball. Casey's putt has a chance but stays up and Poulter's effort drifts to the right and the hole is halved. Poulter 3up

Hole 15: An extremely fortunate bounce out of the desert area sends Poulter's errant tee shot back into play at the 307-yard risk and reward par-four. Casey's bold tee shot runs through the green into a tricky swale but Poulter's pitch fails to clear a greenside mound, Casey chips five feet past, Poulter's second chip is within inches, but Casey holes for a much needed birdie. Poulter 3up

Hole 14: Poulter bisects the fairway with his driver at the 449-yard par-four. Casey opts for the three-wood but is off target with his second, Poulter, studying his ordnance survey-style map of the undulations on the greens putts up stone dead from 20 feet and Casey misses a par putt from eight feet. Poulter 4up

Hole 13: Another enormous par-five across the desert, a mere 583 yards this time, Poulter drives 300 of them but is still first to play as Casey launches one 318 yards. Poulter puts his second pin high but well off to the left, Casey, with just an iron, finds a bunker short of the green, escapes superbly to seven feet, Poulter chips from an awkward spot to six feet, Casey's putt drifts left and Poulter holes confidently, continuing a record of a birdie at the hole every time this week, to earn a significant lead. Poulter 3up

Hole 12: A dramatic, elevated tee amongst the various form of desert cacti at the 219-yard par-three and Poulter finds the green, albeit on the lower tier. Casey plays a wild shot way to the right but chips up superbly stone dead and Poulter taps in from just under a yard to retain his advantage. Poulter 2up

Hole 11: The monstrous 659-yard par-five, further than some people go on holiday, yet Casey opts for a three-wood and finds a horrible buried lie in a bunker well short of the green after Poulter, from 273 yards, finishes just short of the dance floor with his second. Casey plays his fourth before Poulter's third but chips delicately to two feet, Poulter's little pitch is a fraction further away but he holes for his four and regains a two-hole cushion. Poulter 2up

Hole 10: Poulter has 156 yards to the flag and plays a neat shot to 12 feet, while Casey, down the left-hand side from only 130 yards, puts his second a couple of feet closer. Poulter's putt touches the right edge of the hole and goes past, and Casey learns from it to sink a double breaking putt and reduce the deficit. Poulter 1up

Hole 9: Casey gets his approach in first and pitches to around 15 feet, Poulter two-putts from five feet further away, but Casey's curling left to right effort to claw a hole back finishes a few inches short.Poulter 2up

Hole 8: Poulter again has to play first at the 576-yard par-five as Casey drives over 300 yards, he finishes pin high to the left of the green, with Casey short behind a steep bunker protecting the flag on the other side. Poulter puts up to 10 feet and holes, so Casey is left with eight feet for the halve, and it drifts left without even touching the hole. Poulter 2up

Hole 7: Casey, averaging 310 yards with his driver this week, sends his tee shot 20 yards past Poulter, who is off the green with his approach. Casey drags an eight-iron from 180 yards wide and long, his chip sticks on the fringe and he does not lose his turn, Poulter lips out with a sublime chip and though Casey holes from six feet for a bogey, Poulter makes no mistake from four feet to take the lead for the first time in the match. Poulter 1up

Hole 6: The 190-yard par-three, ranked the second most difficult this week. Poulter is first to play and finishes 13 feet closer, Casey putts up stone dead from the edge of the green, Poulter's birdie effort slides by the left edge and they remain all square. Level

Hole 5: Poulter attacks the challenging pin position on the right-hand edge of the green but finds sand with his approach. Casey plays safely to the heart of the green 30 feet from the flag and puts up to within two feet, Poulter responds with a stunning escape from the deep trap, hits the pin and the ball bounces inches away, and with genial banter between the players the putts are conceded and they move to the next tee. Level

Hole 4: Both players drive into fairway bunkers, Casey finds more sand but chips in from off the green for a par-four, matched by Poulter who holes from three feet. Level

Hole 3: Poulter, resplendent in all light pink, plays a magnificent tee shot over the water at the dangerous par-three, the third most difficult hole this week, and holes from four feet to level the match. Level

Hole 2: Casey sends a 216-yard approach to eight feet at the par-five and sinks the putt for an eagle. Casey 1up

Hole 1: In glorious early morning sunshine, both players card par fours at the opening hole. Level

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