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USPGA day four as it happened



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By Rob Hodgetts

0024: That's it folks, what a remarkable final day. Here's the final leaderboard: -8 YE Yang -5 T Woods -3 L Westwood, R McIlroy -2 L Glover -1 E Els, H Stenson, M Kaymer, S Kjeldsen

Let's salute YE Yang and the other major winners this year - Angel Cabrera (Masters), Lucas Glover (US Open) and Stewart Cink (Open). Thanks for your company. See you at the Masters in April 2010 for our next dose of major golf action.

0004: Woods eyes his chip from every angle and has a few practice stabs. But it pops out to the left and runs six feet past. Yang strokes his putt and it drops first time. He becomes the first Asian player to win a major. Woods misses again and takes his hat off to shake Yang's hand. What a day. Yang lifts his golf bag above his head and shakes it.

2358: Yang plays first from down the 18th fairway and fires to about six feet. It actually bounces about six inches away but rolls on. Woods composes himself and hits just into the fringe at the back left, about 12ft away.

2353: Harrington ends with a 78 for level par overall, his round blown apart by the eight on the 8th. Stenson ends with a 75 for one under.
2353: Yang goes with driver up the 18th and finds a decent lie about three inches into the left rough. Woods also takes driver and finds the short grass on the other side of the fairway.

2348: Woods shields his eyes as he crouches over the line. Stepping up, he strokes the putt but another one leaks left. He shouts out in frustration as he walks off. But Yang also misses his par putt and Woods is one back going up the last.

2344: Woods to go first. The ball is buried and he can only hack out to about eight feet. Yang is further away than the 12ft I said originally. More like 20. He putts up but leaves it five feet short.

2341: The Yangster fires one dead on line at the par-three 17th, about 12ft short. Woods backs off as the wind swirls. He goes again but lamps it through the green into the thick fringe at the back.

2336: Ernie Els finishes with a 74 for one under. Good to see him getting back up there. By the way, if we are tied we'll have a four-hole play-off, followed by sudden death.

2334: Apologies. In all the excitement I forgot to give you the email form when the 606 boards shut. If you refresh you'll find it. Having said that, I can't guarantee I'll use many as the golf is reaching boiling point. Still, up to you.

2333: Woods walks after his putt while it's still rolling. A bit of golf left there. Yang's is just in the first cut, but it's less than 20ft, about 15.3ft. He hits a cracker but it trickles six inches past. He finishes off before Woods and makes it. Woods holes and he's still one behind, two to play.

2327: Stenson bogeys 16, so does Harrington. They're now two under and level respectively. Woods finds the heart of the green with his second shot on 16 but it's about 25ft away. Yang hits to the other side of the green, about 20ft away.

2322: Yang finds the fairway on the tough 16th with the water running down the right. Woods also hits a peach.

2319: Yang putts up tentatively and leaves a tap-in for par. Woods again can't make a putt and has to settle for par. Have you ever seen him missing so many clutch putts? So we're as we were.

2315: Woods pitches up to the 15th and could have done with an extra bounce, leaving it about 10ft short. Yang's is even shorter, the other side of the ridge that runs through the green.

2310: Harrington and Stenson both par the 15th to stay one under and three under respectively while Woods and Yang wait in the fairway behind. Yang plays up and is a good 30 yards short of the green. Woods virtually duffs his fairway wood and takes a lot of turf with the downhill lie, ending way short of the green.

2304: Els bogey the par-five 15th and is back to two under. Could be it for the Big Easy. Yang and Woods split the fairway on 15. McIlroy conjures a quality par save from 12ft on 18 to end with a 70 for three under.

2258: Woods splashes out to six feet. Yang chips out from the short fringe to......HE'S HOLED IT! Yang eagles the 14th and climbs to eight under. Woods holds his nerve brilliantly to make his birdie to stay in touch, one behind.
Leaderboard: -8 YE Yang -7 Woods -3 L Westwood, R McIlroy, H Stenson

2253: Yang finds the rough near the green on the driveable par-four 14th (352 yards). Woods carries straight into the greenside bunker. Stenson has another short birdie chance on 14 but again he misses. They are all misreading. Lee Westwood: "95% of me says I'm a few shots short but there's 5% of me that says it's not over. I've seen stranger things happen."

2248: Woods fires to about eight feet on the 248-yard 13th. He stalks the putt but misses left and does a lot of grimacing. A lot. Yang has a similar line and 10ft to go but he was bunkered off the tee so it's a sand save for par. A good one, too.

2238: Westwood ends with a par for a round of 70 and the clubhouse lead at three under. McIlroy has another birdie chance on 17 but again can't make it. No putts dropping for anyone. Harrington bogeys 12 to go back to one under. Definitely can't pull off a miracle now.

2237: Luck is with Woods again as he gets another decent lie in the fringe rough. He chips on but slightly overcooks it and it flies about 15 feet past. Woods misses his putt to drop back to six under. Yang does well with his monster and leaves it stiff to rescue his par. A two-way tie again.
Leaderboard: -6 Woods, YE Yang -3 L Westwood, R McIlroy, H Stenson, E Els

2231: Woods gets a decent lie where the gallery have trampled down the rough. He smacks a mid-iron but it shoots over the green. Yang doesn't like his either and ends his swing one-handed. It finds the green but it's a long, long way away. Els leaves his eagle putt agonisingly short on 14 but taps in for birdie to get to three under. Kjeldsen drops another one and is level. Vijay Singh cards 73 and ends one over. Putting was his downfall.

2227: Stenson is the latest to waste a chance to close the gap as he strokes a six-foot birdie putt past on 12. Woods drives way left into the gallery and possibly trees on 12. Yang finds the short stuff. Harrington edges back to two under after a birdie on the 11th. He couldn't, could he?

2222: Woods comes up short with his eagle putt on 11 but taps in for his first birdie of the day to get to seven under. Yang can only make par to stay six under. Els birdies 13 to get back to two under. McIlroy squanders a golden chance to get to four under after a gem of a chip on 15. Glover sets up a good birdie chance on the short 13th. Westwood pars 17 but is now four behind.
Leaderboard: -7 Woods -6 YE Yang -3 L Westwood, R McIlroy, H Stenson

2215: Yang has an absolute lash at his second shot on 11 but hits a good one into the neck between the fairway and green. Woods strokes a five-wood onto the front edge for an eagle chance. Stenson birdies 11 to get back to three under. Kjeldsen drops one on 12 and is two under.

2209: Woods unleashes a bomb on the 11th tee. On 16, Westwood has a long one for a birdie but it dribbles right. Time running out.

2207: Woods borrows too much on the 10th green and his putt drifts by on the left. He can only make par. Yang strokes a great putt but it is literally a centimetre short of a birdie.

2200: Turns out Woods isn't in the trees on the 10th. His ball somehow came right back out. He fires a peach into the green down the hill by the lake, leaving himself about eight feet for his first birdie. Yang hits to about 15ft. Glover has a great chance to get back to four under on 11 but borrows way too much. McIlroy has an eagle opportunity on 15 which he doesn't take but taps in for the birdie to get back to three under.

2157: Yang bounces in and then out of a fairway bunker on 10, well his ball does anyway. Woods takes a five-wood and crunches one into the trees on the right. Westwood tidies up for a par on 15 but it's a chance gone. Stenson drops a shot at the 10th.
Leaderboard: -6 Woods, YE Yang -3 L Westwood, L Glover, S Kjeldsen R McIlroy, E Els

2150: Woods backs off his putt on nine after the crowd cheer on 18. He eventually strokes it and it's a good one from 15ft to inches for par. Yang misses his birdie chance too, so we've got a two-way tie at six under with nine holes left. This is the famous back nine of a major that they all go on about. Shame Paddy shot himself out of it just before.

2148: Kjeldsen slides a short par putt past on 10 to slip back to three under. Harrington composes himself with a par on the 9th after his quintuple bogey eight on the par-three 8th.

2142: Lee Westwood birdies 14 to get to three under. Rory McIlroy drops a shot at 12 to slip two under. From Wayne Fountain on 606: "You can call Paddy a bottler but an awful lot of players would kill for 3 majors."
Leaderboard: -6 Woods, YE Yang -4 S Kjeldsen -3 L Westwood, L Glover, H Stenson

2135: Woods splashes out from the bunker to the left of the 8th but it hits the downslope and scuttles about 12ft past. It's still Woods's turn to go, and he putts up from the opposite fringe, leaving it inches short to slip to six under. Yang's birdie putt from four feet dribbles to the right and Woods escapes with just a one-shot swing.
Leaderboard: -6 Woods, YE Yang -4 S Kjeldsen -3 R McIlroy, L Glover, H Stenson

2131: Woods finds the left trap on the 8th, Yang fires to five feet.

2128: Harrington has another chip from where he was but it's a bit lame. He finally gets it down for a five-over-par eight. He plummets to one under for the tournament and barring something amazing happening, that's his challenge over.
Leaderboard: -7 Woods -6 YE Yang -4 S Kjeldsen, L Glover, H Stenson -3 R McIlroy, B Jones

2125: Woods's putt is on line but half a yard short and he taps in for par on the 7th. Harrington chips from thick rough to the left of the 8th but fires straight back into the water. Yang chips onto the 7th but can't stop it any closer than 20ft. He saves par, though.

2121: Harrington sticks his tee shot to the short 8th in the drink right of the green. He plays his third from the drop zone but drags it into the thick left rough. Woods pitches onto seven but leaves it 18ft short.

2118: Woods lays up short of the long 7th with his second. Yang goes for the green with a three wood but carves it right into the gallery. Ross Fisher went out in 40 and is two over.

2115: Harrington's long birdie putt on seven is dead on line but comes up a yard short. Glover bogeys the 8th after finding trouble on the left of the green. He's back to four under. Woods and Yang hit good ones down the 7th.

2108: Woods and Yang par the 6th. Kjeldsen is up to four under with a birdie on the 7th. Westwood birdies 11 to reach three under.

2058: Harrington fires over the water and ends up about six feet away for a birdie chance on the 6th. He misses. Woods splashes out from sand to five feet and makes the putt for par on the 5th. Yang, from the rough to the right of the green, chips to about five feet but can't make the par. Ernie Els rolls in a 15ft putt for birdie on the 7th to get to three under.
Leaderboard: -7 Woods -6 P Harrington, YE Yang -5 L Glover -3 E Els, R McIlroy, B Jones, S Kjeldsen, H Stenson

2050: Rory McIlroy picks up his fourth birdie in the first nine holes to get to three under. Shame about the double on the 1st. Woods finds the left greenside bunker on the 5th.
Leaderboard: -7 Woods, YE Yang -6 P Harrington -5 L Glover -3 R McIlroy, B Jones, S Kjeldsen, H Stenson

2047: Stenson drops a shot at five, Glover's par putt lips out on six. USAIN BOLT breaks the 100m world record with 9.58secs. Not that I'm not concentrating on the golf, you understand.
Leaderboard: -7 Woods, YE Yang -6 P Harrington -5 L Glover -3 B Jones, S Kjeldsen, H Stenson

2042: Ernie Els drops a shot at the 6th to slide to two under. Harrington's second to five clings onto the front edge, about 12ft away. His birdie putt just misses. Woods's birdie putt on four is about four feet short. Yang's is short, too, but a touch closer. Glover finds sand on six. Woods strokes his past the right lip and drops a shot. Yang pars.
Leaderboard: -7 Woods, YE Yang -6 L Glover, P Harrington -4 H Stenson -3 B Jones, S Kjeldsen

2035: Sorry, getting a bit confused with who is on what hole there. If you refresh it'll be right. Anyway, Woods and Yang both hit to about 20ft on the short 4th.

2032: Woods rolls a good putt down the hill on three and taps in for a par. Up ahead, Harrington saves his par. Yang birdies the 3rd and is one behind. Stenson birdies four to reach four under.
Leaderboard: -8 Woods -7 YE Yang -6 L Glover, P Harrington -4 H Stenson -3 E Els, S Kjeldsen

2029: Yang conjures a peach of a sand iron to about six feet on four. From the bunker on four, Harrington splashes to three feet. Glover birdies the 5th and is now six under.

2025: Ross Fisher drops one on the 6th after finding the fringe in three and chipping back to a few feet. Harrington into the right, greenside bunker on four. Woods's approach is a touch long on three but holds the green. "Bite, bite, bite, bite, bite...." he shouts at it.

2020: Woods into the bunker off the tee on the 633-yard 3rd. Harrington has a long one for birdie on the 3rd but pulls it a bit left. Par safe, though.

2015: Yang's birdie putt comes up a few inches short on the 2nd. Woods's looks like dropping until the last foot or so. He sinks onto his haunches in despair. A testy few feet coming back but he makes it for par. Lucas Glover birdies the 3rd to get to five under.
Leaderboard: -8 Woods -6 P Harrington, YE Yang -5 L Glover -3 E Els, H Stenson

2008: Woods flies one over the bunker to about eight feet on the 2nd. Westwood birdies the 7th to edge to two under. McIlroy has another long birdie putt on 7th, but this time he has to settle for par.

2005: Harrington has a long 20ft, uphiller for birdie on the 2nd. He doesn't make it but it's another par. Stenson, though, drops one and is back to three under.

2005: Another birdie from McIlroy. That's three in a row from the 3rd. He's now two under. From Chris, Edinburgh, via text on 81111: "How many birdies has McIlroy made this weekend? He has hit so many bogies! Bit more consistency and he'll be unstoppable!"

1957: Yang shaves the cup with his opening putt and makes a safe par. Woods, closer than the eight feet I originally said, gives it a tap but he misreads it and misses the birdie. Ross Fisher birdies the 4th to get back to two under.

1952: Lee Westwood drops a shot at the 6th to slip to one under. Yang, with a nice, compact swing, hits his second to the 1st to about 15ft. Woods crafts one to about eight feet, pin high. A hugely ominous opening iron shot.

1947: Strap yourself in then, gang. Here he comes. Tiger Woods, back in his red T-shirt, strides onto the 1st tee where he meets YE Yang. Woods is introduced, the crowd go mad and he bangs a three wood down into the right fringe to a cacophony of "Get in the holes". Yang, also with a three wood, finds the fairway. Up ahead, Padraig Harrington finds the meat of the 1st green and makes an easy par, as does Henrik Stenson. Rory McIlory holes a long one on four to get back to one under.

1934: Tiger Woods heads back over the bridge to the practice green for a few more putts before his 1945 tee time. It's quite dark and he has to put on his jacket again as the rain starts. Rory McIlroy fires to six feet on three and makes the putt for birdie to get back to level. Padraig Harrington and Henrik Stenson crack off down the 1st.

1930: Ross Fisher misses from eight feet on the 2nd to slip back to one under. He leads the greens in regulation stats this week, you know.

1927: South African Tim Clark edges to two under with a birdie on the 3rd. American John Merrick is three under for the day through 11, one under overall. Vijay Singh holes another long one on six to get back to two under. Now then, how far back at the start of the round do we think has a chance? Two under, one under? Or are there only three in it - Woods, Harrington, Yang? Whaddya reckon?

1920: Ian Poulter's mini-revival is checked with a bogey on the 11th to slip back to one over. Harrington finishes practice and munches on a banana as he crosses the bridge back to the 1st tee.

1914: Lee Westwood birdies the 3rd to climb to two under.

1908: Former Masters champion Zach Johnson is now the main mover at two under for the day through five, up to one under overall. Dustin Johnson drops back to level after a bogey on the 8th. But, oh dear... Rory McIlory begins with a double bogey to slide back to one over. Graeme McDowell bogeyed the 1st and is one over.

1858: American Dustin Johnson is the best-placed player on the course at three under for the day through seven, one under overall. Lee Westwood remains one under after two opening pars.

1850: Vijay Singh is back to his old self (well, Saturday's self anyway) and misses from just a few feet to make bogey on the 3rd. Back to one under. Woods leaves the practice putting green and crosses the footbridge to the range. He'll spend 50 minutes there, go back for a final putt and then tee off at 1945 BST.

1845: A few umbrellas up at Hazeltine. Tiger Woods is on the practice putting green in a black, short-sleeved rain top over his traditional final-day red T-shirt.

1835: Padraig Harrington just interviewed. Says he didn't realise he'd won all three of his majors when coming from behind. Reckons if he is two behind with nine to play he'll keep doing his own thing. If he's still two behind with four to play he'll go for it and push hard.
From Where's Robinho? etc on 606: "I'm going to go for a long-shot and say Lucas Glover will win......His game all week has been good and just needs a fast start!"

1831: Now hear this. Young master Poulter, resplendent in strawberry milkshake coloured pants (ok, trousers) birdies the 7th, too, to climb to level par. And then, as if to rub in Saturday's woes, Vijay Singh holes from a bunker on the 2nd to begin with two birdies and get back to two under.

1823: Ian Poulter makes his first birdie of the day at the 6th to inch to one over. Oliver Wilson is also one over after four.

1819: Sod's Law says Vijay Singh can't buy a putt despite playing pretty nicely on Saturday and then holes from 20ft for birdie on the 1st on Sunday. Now the best-placed player on course at one under.

1800: The wind is getting up at Hazeltine and the sky is darkening. We could be in for some weather this afternoon. From Kwiniaskagolfer on 606: "Tiger is -5 on the par fives, Padraig is - 2. Play on the par fives was the crucial difference last week and is likely to be the same today."

1750: Phil Mickelson is having a right old rollercoaster of a round. Eagle at the 1st, double at the 6th, birdie at the 9th, bogey at 11, birdie at 14, bogey at 15, triple bogey at 16. He's three over for the day, 11 over for the tournament.

1745: Padraig Harrington arrives at Hazeltine sporting a red shirt not too dissimilar to the type that Tiger Woods traditionally wears for the final round. Is Paddy trying to rile him? Luke Donald tried it in the last group with Woods in the 2006 USPGA at Medinah and it didn't work. But then he's not Hazza, he? Not that Paddy's in the final group.

1740: Let's round up some early starters then, shall we? Alastair Forsyth is last at 14 over for the tournament after 13 holes. Chris Wood is 12 over, four over for the day, after 15. Phil Mickelson is seven over after 14. On 15 he hit a chip and someone from the gallery said, "Oh my God, did you hear the spin?" Luke Donald is level for the day and five over overall after eight. Jim Furyk (four over) chips from the edge of the 9th with one shoe on, one bare foot. Does it for his putt, too. Ian Poulter pars his first three holes for two over.

1730: Afternoon all, and welcome to the final round of the 91st USPGA at Hazeltine National. It's all set up for a classic, with Tiger Woods aiming to win a 15th major title and maintain his 100% record of winning of every major he has led after 54 holes. Woods leads by two from YE Yang and Padraig Harrington and will partner the Korean in the final group at 1945 BST. Harrington has won all three of his majors when coming from behind and will partner Henrik Stenson in the penultimate group at 1936. US Open champion Lucas Glover is four behind with Stenson, while another three-time major champion Ernie Els is one further back on three under with Soren Kjeldsen.

Now, team. Here's how we'll roll. We'll do chat early on - using 606 and 81111 and then when the action hots up we'll stick more or less to the golf, barring the odd gem. Everyone happy with that? OK, let's rock?

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