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US Open - final round as it happened



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By Rob Hodgetts

1845: "It was a test of patience today," said Glover as he accepted the trophy. "It was tough, we got the full value of the course. But the golf course played fantastic and it was just hard."
So there we have it folks, that was the 109th US Open at Bethpage. All five days of it. Thanks for being with us. See you back here for the Open Championship from Turnberry from 16-19th June.

1827: From Nigeweir on 606: "Extraordinary champion but well done to him. This must make Colin Montgomery feel sick. Surely Monty was better than Lucas Glover, generally speaking. Glover's life will now change and well done to him. Duval is also a winner and Mickelson and Fisher also made the tournament fascinating. Great Golf in terrible weather all week."

1822: So the final leaderboard looks like this: -4 Glover -2 Mickelson, Duval , Barnes 1 Fisher Level Woods, Hansen, Mahan.
There were plenty of stories out there - an emotional Mickelson win, Woods's 15th major win, Duval's comeback win, Fisher's first Englishman for 39 years win, Barnes's leading from halfway win...but ultimately Glover held his nerve at the crucial times and his birdie on 16 and the way he played the last three holes set up the victory.

1820: And that's it! After five days, Lucas Glover is the 2009 US Open champion.

1819: Ricky Barnes's birdie chance misses by a fraction of an inch and Lucas Glover has two to win the US Open.

1817: Lucas Glover hits his putt to about five feet. Ricky Barnes has got one last chance and needs to hole his from about 15 feet and then hope Glover misses to force a play-off.

1815: Ricky Barnes, like Fisher and Duval and Mickelson, fires long into the green and will have a tough one coming back to make a birdie. Lucas Glover also finds the back of the green.

1812: From GazUtd on 606: "I don't mind an unknown not winning, it's just an unknown without a personality that annoys me."
To be fair, I doubt many of us know Mr Glover, though he's not Phil, for sure.

1807: David Duval's birdie putt slides away at the end and he will finish with a par for a round of 71 and two under. Ross Fisher's birdie chance stops agonisingly short and he'll sign for a 72 and one under overall. Lucas Glover opts to take an iron off the 18th tee and finds the fairway. Ricky Barnes takes the driver and also finds the short stuff.

1805: David Duval chips up from the first cut on the left but it goes long and he'll have about 18 feet coming back. Back on 17, a gust of wind forces Lucas Glover to step away but when he goes back he holes his putt for par and has a two-shot lead going up the last. Ross Fisher also finds the green in two on 18.

1804: Lucas Glover takes a long time eyeing up his birdie putt on 17. Finally he steps up and gives it a nudge and leaves it agonisingly short - about three feet. Ricky Barnes has exactly the same putt and hits it to about one foot.

1758: Lucas Glover finds the green on 17. Ricky Barnes's ball almost hits Glover's. Phil Mickelson's long birdie putt on 18 looks good from three feet out but slides away at the end and he settles for par and a round of 70 to end two under.

1755: Disaster. Ross Fisher misses the one coming back on 17 and drops a shot to go back to one under. Up ahead, Phil Mickelson's chip from about 30 yards is a touch long. David Duval lips out on 17 and Lucas Glover is two shots clear with two to play.
Leaders: -4 Glover -2 Mickelson, Duval, Barnes -1 Fisher Level Mahan, Woods, Hansen

1753: David Duval chips up to five feet for par on 17. Ross Fisher has a run at his from down on the other level and leaves himself with about three feet for par.

1748: David Duval finds the front fringe on the short 17th. Ross Fisher hits the middle of the green, down in Hunter Mahan territory, but the crowd are strangely quiet. Phil Mickelson nails one straight down the middle on 18. Ricky Barnes just misses his birdie chance on 16. Lucas Glover coolly makes his birdie putt on 16 and leads on his own again.
Leaders: -4 Glover -3 Duval -2 Mickelson, Fisher, Barnes Level Mahan, Woods, Hansen

1745: Hunter Mahan has a rattle at his long one on 17 and leaves himself five feet for par, which he misses. Phil Mickelson pulls his par putt left on 17 and slip sback to two under. Lucas Glover hits a good one into 16 and leaves himself six feet for birdie.
Leaders: -3 Duval, Glover -2 Mickelson, Fisher, Barnes Level Mahan, Woods, Hansen

1742: "Let's go Phil, let's go Phil," the crowd are chanting, football style. Lefty grins and waves as he walks up 17. On 16 Ross Fisher putts too much read on his birdie putt and taps in for par. Playing partner David Duval holes his birdie putt to grab a share of the lead with two to play. Phil Mickelson chips from the rough and leaves it six feet short.

1740: David Duval gives himself another birdie chance on 16 as he sticks it to within about 10 feet. Phil Mickelson pushes his tee shot on the short 17 and finds the thick fringe. Not now, Phil, not now. Hunter Mahan finds the green but it's down the slope and miles away.

1733: Phil Mickelson putts up on 16 but leaves it eight feet short. Lucas Glover bends his knee in exasperation as he three putts 15 to rejoin Mickelson in the lead at three under. Ricky Barnes makes his four and closes to within one... and then Mickelson rams his par putt home to maintain his share of the lead.
Leaders: -3 Mickelson, Glover -2 Duval, Fisher, Barnes -1 Mahan Level Woods, Hansen

1725: Ricky Barnes hits a good one into 15. It just scampers into the rough behind and the crowd don't cheer much so he looks disgruntled. Lucas Glover finds the front left corner in two, leaving a putt of about 35 feet. On 16, Hunter Mahan's ball hits the pin and bounces off the green. Phil Mickelson punches in with an eight iron but leaves it a bit short.

1722: Mike Weir loses his ball in the thick rough on 15 and has to hit a provisional. Ross Fisher's putt hits his partner's ball marker and hops in the air, slowing it down. He misses the par putt but holds his nerve to save just a bogey. David Duval holes his birdie chance to inch back to two under.

1720: Ross Fisher's approach lands 10 feet away on 15.

1715: Ross Fisher's poor drive into thick stuff on the left on 15 means he has to knock it out and hope to pitch up and make the putt for par. Playing partner David Duval finds the green and the ball feeds down the slope to the right towards the pin. Back on 14 Ricky Barnes goes close with a birdie putt but takes his par, while Lucas Glover holds his nerve with a little one to stay clear.

1709: Phil Mickelson's birdie putt leaves him a testy three footer for par on 15...and he misses to groans from the gallery.
Leaders: -4 Glover -3 Mickelson, Fisher -2 Mahan, Barnes -1 Duval Level Woods, Hansen, Weir

1708: Phi Mickelson hits a hybrid from the left rough and it flies high and lands softly to about 18 feet on the 15th green. Hunter Mahan's approach is a touch outside Mickelson's.

1702: Ross Fisher has a good try at a birdie putt on 14 but it's got a big break in it and he misses by inches. Lucas Glover misses a chance to take the lead again on 13 after a poor tee shot. Credit to Ricky Barnes - he has an eagle chance on 13 after all his troubles but comes away with a birdie. David Duval holes a little one to get back to one under as Mike Weir goes the other way.

1700: David Duval pulls off a beauty on 14 and fires to about four feet with a putt to get to one under.

1658: If you refresh you'll get a more accurate leaderboard in that last post. Sorry.

1656: Sensational. Ross Fisher makes his eagle on 13 and his now three under, one off the lead. The Wentworth man has an outstanding chance of pulling this off.
Leaders: -4 Mickelson, Glover -3 R Fisher -2 Mahan -1 Weir, Barnes Level Woods, Duval

1655: Phil Mickelson plays safe on 14 and makes his par to stay in a share of the lead on four under. Hunter Mahan makes his par from the fringe and is two under.

1647: Ross Fisher fires to eight feet on 13. Mike Weir misses his birdie chance on 15. Phil Mickelson screws one back to about 12 feet on 14. Hunter Mahan's drifts a touch right and finds the fluffy fringe.
Leaders: -4 Mickelson, Glover -2 Barnes, Mahan -1 Weir, Fisher Level Woods, Duval, Watson

US up
Remarkable. Phil Mickelson holes his 5ft eagle putt on 13 to join Lucas Glover in a share of the lead. Fairytale stuff. Hunter Mahan hits an awful shortish birdie putt and only makes par to stay two under. Fisher's bogey was on the 12th , by the way (just refresh to see it rectified.)

It's bad news for a Briton
Tiger Woods hits his approach to about 12 feet on 18. Phil Mickelson's approach is to about five feet on 13 and he has that for eagle and a share of the lead. Hunter Mahan scampers through with his second to 13. But Ross Fisher lips out for par from only a couple of feet on 12 to slip to one under. Woods just misses his birdie chance and ends with a 69 for level par.

1637: Ross Fisher fans - the Fish is holding station nervelessly at two under. He chips to inches to give himself a tap-in par at 11 and pars 12. Looks assured.

1635: Ricky Barnes is quaking and misses another short one on 11 to slip back to join the group on two under. Sergio Garcia finishes off with a 70 for two over.
Leaders: -4 Glover -2 Barnes, Mickelson, Fisher, Mahan -1 Weir Level Woods, Duval, Ames, Watson

1630: Tiger Woods just pushes his birdie putt past on 17. If he putted like he normally does this week he would be out if sight, even playing fairly poorly. Phil Mickelson tiptoes a long one in on 12 to get to two under, just two shots off.
Leaders: -4 Glover -3 Barnes -2 Mickelson, Fisher, Mahan -1 Weir Level Woods, Duval, Ames, Watson

1622: On the short 17th, Tiger Woods arrows it in straight down the wire to four feet. One more skip and it was in the hole. On 11, David Duval shaves the cup and taps in for par to stay level.
Henrik Stenson is the leader in the clubhouse at one over: "It's been a battle. A long week and a wet week. I'm happy to be done. I fought well over the weekend. I didn't bring my A game, probably not even my B game, but I'm happy to post those scores."

Rory McIlory: "I thought if I could get under par for the tournament I'd have a shot. The leaders were dropping shots and the wind is making it difficult. It could have been a little better but overall I'm very pleased with how I finished. It's another good performance in a major this year and gives me a lot of confidence going into the rest of the season."

1618: Lucas Glover has a long birdie putt at 10 to extend the lead but he taps in for par and stays one ahead. Ricky Barnes gets up and down for par to stop the bleeding and stay three under. Tiger Woods charges a birdie chance four feet past on 16. He makes the one coming back. But you'd think it was curtains now.

1610: Hunter Mahan birdies 11 from about 12 feet to get back to two under. He looks good, the American.
From caz9999 on 606: "I know a New York crowd is always going to be less than impartial, but the deafening silence that greeted fisher's last shot to the green was a little shameful. still, beats the shrieks and whoops I guess."
Leaders: -4 Glover -3 Barnes -2 Fisher, Mahan -1 Weir, Mickelson, Level Woods, Duval

1605: Tiger Woods drags his par putt left on the 15th to slide back to level par. Rory McIlroy fans will be disappointed to learn he bogeyed the 7th, his 16th, and ended with a 68 for two over.

1600: Tiger Woods leaves his chip short on the 15th. Could that be the end of his charge? Hunter Mahan misses his par putt on 10 to slip back to one under. Phil Mickelson makes his par putt after trouble on 10. Lucas Glover escapes with a bogey on nine.
Leaders: -4 Glover -3 Barnes -2 Fisher -1 Woods, Weir, Mickelson, Mahan

1559: Phil Mickelson has a problem. He's in trampled grass where the galleries have been walking on 10. He's inches away from some really thick stuff, though, so musn't grumble. Tiger Woods drills his approach to 15 and it is dead on line. Woods thinks he has nailed it, but it bounds through the back. Mickelson chips out from the thick grass to about six feet and has a chance to save par.

1553: Tiger launches his drive on 15 and stands back to savour it. He's got his war face on. The Woods nostrils have perked up and are definitely sensing the possibility of victory in the air again.

1550: Just a thought - anyone else loving this?

1548: Tiger Woods is definitely not done and punches his fist at the hole as he drains a six-foot birdie putt on 14 to get to one under. Ross Fisher birdies nine and is two under, while David Duval misses his birdie chance and stays level.
Leaders: -5 Glover -3 Barnes -2 Mahan, Fisher -1 Hanson, Weir, Mickelson, Woods

1544: Mike Weir punches in his rescue club to about 12 feet on the 10th. The former Masters champion is still plugging away. On eight, Ricky Barnes, with that cross-handed putting style, drags another par putt and drops to three under. Lucas Glover saves par from six feet and is now the man in control. He looks comfortable.
Leaders: -5 Glover -3 Barnes -2 Mahan -1 Hanson, Weir, Fisher, Mickelson

1541: Tiger Woods fires to four feet or so on the short 14th. He still very much believes he can win this. Ross Fisher also gives himself a great birdie chance at nine, from about three feet. Playing partner David Duval sticks his to 10 feet or so.

1536: Tiger Woods just drags his eagle putt left on 13 but makes his birdie to go level. Phil Mickelson makes his birdie chance on eight and inches back to one under, just four away. Hunter Mahan splashes out of the trap and taps in for par.
Leaders: -5 Glover -4 Barnes -2 Mahan -1 Hanson, Weir, Fisher, Mickelson

1535: Lucas Glover just misses with his birdie chance on seven. Ricky Barnes splashes out of the sand but can't make his par putt. David Duval just will not go away and he holes from about 30 feet on the short eighth to get back to level.

Phil Mickelson and caddie Bones have a long discussion about the wind on nine. "I love this one," Lefty says and pulls a club out. "We have to wait it out. This wind is nuts right now" says Bones. Mickelson eventually pulls the trigger and almost pitches in. Is that the spark that this tournament needs? The New York crowd certainly think so.
Leaders: -5 Glover -4 Barnes -2 Mahan -1 Hanson, Weir, Fisher

1528: Another cracking approach from Lucas Glover on seven. He looks far more composed than Ricky Barnes, but then he has won a PGA Tour event, albeit in 2005. Barnes finds the bunker. David Duval escapes with only a bogey on the 8th. Tiger Woods set himself up with a long eagle putt on 13. Rory McIlory is now in a share of ninth.

1521: David Duval can only have a whack at his ball in the trees after the mudball and it flies through the 6th green. Shame he's on the 8th. No, not really. He's on the 6th, but in trouble.

Phil Mickelson leaves another long putt perilously short on eight but rescues his par. Playing partner Hunter Mahan misses a makeable par putt and he's back to two under. Ross Fisher is too gentle with his putt on seven and drops back to one under.
Leaders: -5 Barnes, Glover -2 Mahan -1 Hanson, Weir, Fisher

1520: Ricky Barnes hacks his third out and onto the green but leaves himself about 18ft for par, which he misses. Lucas Glover, though, misses his birdie chance and the pair lead at five under.
At 12, Tiger Woods shaves the hole for a birdie from 15ft. Last year, when he holed form everywhere, he would have made it. David Duval gets a mudball and drags his approach miles left into the trees on seven. Mie Weir also drops back with a bogey on eight.
Leaders: -5 R Barnes, L Glover -3 H Mahan -2 R Fisher

1515: Quality second shot from Glover on the 6th, firing to about eight feet. Good birdie chance. Phil Mickelson leaves his chip short from the fringe on the 7th and makes two bogeys in a row. No, Lefty, not now. Back to Barnes, and he chops at his second but leaves it in the rough. By all accounts he was a little hot-headed in his younger days, so could this spark meltdown? Rory McIlroy makes a key 10ft par putt on 14. Still only one over.

1510: On the 6th tee (refresh to see my hole error below go through) Barnes hoicks his drive into Phil Mickelson territory in the left rough.

1505: Ricky Barnes chips to a foot from the fluffy fringe on the 5th but it's a bogey and he's back to six under. Playing partner Lucas Glover holes from six feet for a good bogey to slide to five under. This is getting wide open. Who wants it?
Leaders: -6 Barnes -5 L Glover -3 H Mahan -2 R Fisher, M Weir

1500: Rory McIlroy birdies the 4th, his 13th, to climb to one over. He couldn't. Could he? Graeme McDowell rams his par putt flying past on the 8th to slide to one over. On the 5th, Lucas Glover has taken an unplayable lie in the bunker and plays his fourth from the sand. It's a good one to six feet. Update on Mike Weir - he holed from the sand on the 7th to get to two under.

1457: After his pushed drive, Phil Mickelson cannot make his 15ft par putt on the 6th and drops a shot. Hunter Mahan holes from five foot for birdie on the 6th to edge back to three under. Mike Weir gets to two under.
Leaders: -7 Barnes -6 L Glover -3 H Mahan -2 R Fisher, M Weir

1455: Ricky Barnes looks distinctly wobbly. He takes an age over his second on the 5th and drags his iron shot into long rough left of the green.
From Albatronic on 606: "Don't think I've ever been so excited watching a golf tournament over BBC live text, however I am offshore doing pipeline survey, so it's all I've got."

1450: Tiger Woods misses his 18ft par putt on the 10th and slips back to one over. All over for the big man? No-one seems to be able to get a rhythm going - the man who can keep grinding the hardest will win, surely. Ross Fisher, meanwhile, makes bogey after finding the trees on the 5th and is back to two under.
From Tano on 606: "I'd love to see Ross Fisher win this. He's such a talented player and I've heard nothing but good things about the guy from those who've met him."
Leaders: -7 Barnes -6 L Glover -2 R Fisher, H Mahan, P Mickelson

1445: Ross Fisher drives into the trees on the 5th. Phil Mickelson sticks one into thick rough on the left off the 6th tee. Tiger Woods is in thickish stuff short of the 10th green but leaves his chip a bit short by his standards and hacks at the floor in frustration. Ricky Barnes escapes with his par at the 5th after firing through the back of the green to stay in the lead at seven under.

1440: Hunter Mahan drops a shot at the 5th to slip back to two under leaving England's Ross Fisher third on his own.
From TigerWoodswannabe on 606: "I think Glover has his name of the cup, didnt anyone see Quail Hollow, he was right in the mix there, and never had a barrage of bogeys. Then again it is the US Open!"
Leaders: -7 Barnes -6 L Glover -3 R Fisher -2 H Mahan, P Mickelson

1435: David Duval is nothing if not a fighter and bounces back from a triple bogey with a birdie four at the 4th to get back to level. Tiger Woods finishes nine holes in one-under to stay level overall. Ross Fisher birdies the 4th to join Mahan at three under. On the 4th, Ricky Barnes cries "Oh, jeez, fly" as he fires to the green. The ball listens, but scampers through and down the back.
Leaders: -7 Barnes -6 L Glover -3 H Mahan, R Fisher -2 Mickelson

1433: Tiger Woods has a chance to get under par but slides his 12 footer for birdie past on the 9th. On the 4th, Ricky Barnes slips as he is driving but gets away with it, just finding sand instead of what could have been much worse.

1430: Ricky Barnes is back in the lead of the US Open as Lucas Glover drops a shot at the 3rd.
Leaders: -7 Barnes -6 L Glover -3 H Mahan -2 Fisher, Mickelson

1424: Phil Mickelson finds sand on the 4th, but a drive, three bunker shots and a 10ft putt gives him a par five to stay two under. Easy eh? Hunter Mahan birdies the same hole and edges into sole occupation of third on three under.
Leaders: -7 Barnes, Glover -3 H Mahan -2 Fisher, Mickelson

1419: Duval drops three shots at the 3rd to plummet to one over. Playing partner Ross Fisher makes his three at the third to stay two under.
Leaders: -7 Barnes, Glover -2 Fisher, Mahan, Mickelson

1415: David Duval finds a bunker on the 3rd but he has an awkward stance and can only hack it back in. He finds the fringe with his next but the chip rolls back to him. Duval could be gone here. On the 8th, Tiger Woods makes par to stay level.

Greatleighbembo on 606: "I reckon Tiger will win with a score of -3. I reckon Barnes and Glover will get serious squeeky bum syndrome very shortly."
Leaders: -7 Barnes, Glover -2 Duval, Fisher, Mahan, Mickelson

1405: Ricky Barnes hacks out of the left rough after leaving his drive there overnight and conjures up good one to save his par. Phil Mickelson pars the third to stay two under.

1350: Ah, ha! Thought you might be back. Couldn't keep yourself away, eh? Well, you'd be a fool to miss this and you're most welcome. So, finally, we might have a winner of the 109th US Open.

Play resumes at 1400 BST and an 18-hole play-off will follow straight after should it be needed. The forecast? Breezy, but rainless. Let's get it on.

But where's the title going? Ricky Barnes and Lucas Glover are locked at seven under with Phil Mickelson, David Duval, Hunter Mahan and Ross Fisher on two under.

Mike Weir is one under and Tiger Woods's late birdie in the gloom of Sunday evening got him to level par.

Can Barnes arrest the slide that saw him lose his lead last night? Can Phil win an emotional victory, roared on by the New York fans who love him and want him to win for wife Amy, who has breast cancer.

Can former world number one Duval come back from the flames? Can Ross Fisher become the first Englishman to win since Tony Jacklin in 1970? Let's find out.

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