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US Open day three as it happened


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By Jonathan Stevenson

0022: That, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap for this evening. You have been terrific, and I cannot wait to share your company tomorrow for what will be a very, very special day of golf. Sleep well, and don't forget to bring your A-game. Night.

0019: Here's a Stevo Predo for you: I reckon they'll get this bad boy tournament finished tomorrow - barring a play-off, of course. And I'm still going for Mike Weir, though I will cry tears of joy if Lee Westwood gets his Nottingham hands on a major.

0015: Big shame for the players and the fans, though if I'm honest, the pathetic cheering after every shot was starting to make my ears bleed. But the forecast is good for tomorrow, so I'm cracking open the sun graphic. That fooled you, eh?

0012: I haven't gone crazy, but play has officially been abandoned for the day. Hence the (over)use of the rain graphic. Pesky pluie, we'll get the better of you tomorrow.

0008: The leaders aren't gonna get out there tonight, that's pretty much certain. Anyone want a reminder of who they are? Why, fill your boots, golf fans - and remember, Nottingham's Lee Westwood is but a stroke adrift...
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

0005: Er, the players are still waiting on the course. I really think they should get them off, it's still lashing down and it's a damn sight gloomier than it was 20 minutes ago too. Call it off, come back early tomorrow. We can still have a Sunday finish, no drama.

From Tom, Shropshire, via email: "What are they trying to prove at Bethpage?! It's still not as good as Wimbledon no matter how much it rains."

2358: That's such a massive disappointment, but a quick glance at the 17th green and it's completely submerged in water, more swimming pool than putting surface. The players seem quite happy to stand and wait, maybe it's just a passing storm. But my word it's a heavy one.


2355: We're talking heavy, heavy, heavy rain right now. The pictures from the 18th green are reminiscent of those we saw on Thursday. There ain't much longer left tonight, I'd happily wager.

From Stevie, Scotland, via text on 81111: "If Tiger can make it into the red numbers before the end of play tonight, I think he could cause a lot of less than comfortable sleeps for the players tonight."

2353: And pull one back Adam Scott indeed does, but it has started totally blitzing it down with the wet stuff at Bethpage Black and the leaders, due off in half an hour, must be wondering if they will even get out there.

2350: Boo. Graeme McDowell double bogeys the 15th and he's way back on one over now. Those early birdies have soon been wiped out, hey?

2347: Phil Mickelson knocks in a sweet 20-footer to save par at the first but it's a disaster for Adam Scott so far, starting with double bogey, bogey. However, his tee shot at three gives him an immediate chance to pull one back.

From Andrew, Italy, via text on 81111: "Is it too late to rescue Kyle in Birmingham from the worst two films of the decade? For the sake of your sanity man, and the children, GET OUT OF THERE! They are terrible! Eat some gravel, stare at a wall, they'll be far more worthwhile uses of your time."

2343: Australian Michael Sim rolls home a birdie to move to level par and Tiger Woods gets his third round under way with a drive straight into the right-hand side bunker at 10. "I'm going home, Tiger," yells one jovial punter.

It's bad news for a Briton
It's bad news for a Briton
2340: So that's what a broken heart feels like. Oliver Wilson, you just crushed me. After a start that fair beggared belief, he finds trouble-a-plenty on the third, gets involved in a big, bad bunker and takes the hit with a double bogey. Hammer blow.

From Stu G, via email: "Bobbin up and down in the north Atlantic on an oil-producing boat on the nightshift, darting between the TV when I can and the net when I'm supposed to be looking busy!"

2334: Make no mistake, moves are being made left, right, centre, up and down - it's open season at Bethpage Black. Hunter Mahan birdies the second to move to one under, before Steve Stricker and Phil Mickelson kick their twosome off.

2330: Too good. After an approach that sent the fans delirious, Graeme McDowell rams home his put to move to one under for the tournament and already two under for his round.

2329: The monumentally popular Phil Mickelson arrives at the first tee and the usually boisterous New York crowd turn the volume up even more. Hair-raising stuff.

2327: Top, top, top stuff from Rory McIlroy, who shows maturity beyond his years to save a very special par at the 13th, his fourth. He was in such thick stuff and had such a bad lie from the tee he had to play backwards, but a magical up-and-down from miles out keeps him at plus two.

It's good news for a Briton
It's good news for a Briton
2325: Mansfield's Oliver Wilson rattles in his second successive birdie and he's ablaze the young Englishman, moving to two under. His start is echoing that of Worksop's Lee Westwood earlier today. Special times.

From Kyle in Birmingham cinema, via text on 81111: "I'm sat in the cinema watching back-to-back movies, T4 and Transformers 2, but all I'm thinking is US Open! Come on Westwood!"

2321: Sergio Garcia drives straight down the middle of the first tee, and I know a fair few punters who have been tempted by the devil and backed the personable Spaniard this week.

It's good news for a Briton
2318: I hope this night never ends - how much more brilliant is top-class sport when you've had to wait a little longer for it? Oliver Wilson birdies the first and he's one under. Rocco Mediate bogeys the third and he's had a shocking start to this round.

From Westyoureds, via email: "JS, you have got me so involved in the golf I have pulled the putting machine out in my living room at a record late of 2309."
You love it you nutbag. Legend.

2312: This might just be the US Open's liveliest crowd - they could only be more involved if they were playing, such is the extraordinary noise after every shot. "Let's do it again," screams one clown after an Anthony Kim tee shot. For Rory McIlroy's it sounded like someone was dying. Unbelievable.

It's good news for a Briton
2308: Graeme McDowell is on the move (man I love that phrase) - he's birdied the 12th (his third) to go one under. Awesome.

From Chris, England, via email: "Mr Stevenson, this is the second year in a row that I'm committing to the US Open long haul. Last year it nearly cost my relationship! C'mon Westy!"
Great decision, Chrissy. No relationship is this important - fact.

2304: Birdie alert: Some dude called Dustin Johnson has bagged a three at the first to move on to one under. A couple more and I'll have to get the italicised leaderboard out. Ah stuff it, why not do it now...
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

2300: So, regular 606ers will know that the messageboards are now closed - but fear not, there remain two ways you can drop us a line: either text to 81111, or smash over an email using the postform you will find top right of this page, though only if you give it a cheeky little manual refresh. Thanks for caring.

US up
US down
2257: Rubbish start for Rocco Mediate, who bogeys the first to drop back to one over. Drew Weaver, meanwhile, has produced two stunning recoveries to par his first two holes.

2253: They've got some cool wet-weather gear, these dudes, that's for sure. I can't help but think when I put on my enormous mackintosh when it starts to chuck it down, I look like a total buffoon. Check out Tiger's little black number, complete with three-quarter length sleeves. I'm all over that.

From bighangers on 606: "Anyone who shouts 'in the hole' or similar idiocies should be immediately set upon by the crowd, thrown out and never let near a golf course again."
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2247: Cracking little pairing this one, as Anthony Kim and Rory McIlroy - who will surely do battle at many a Ryder Cup - get started on the 10th. A preposterous "get in the hole" greets Kim's tee shot, while the Northern Irishman gets a raucous "Rory, Rory, Rory" from the Noo Yorkers. Are there any sober fans left at Bethpage?

US up
It's good news for a Briton
2242: I'm going graphic crazy in an attempt to liven up proceedings. Jim Furyk judges his putt from the edge of the 10th almost perfectly and taps in for par, while Graeme McDowell's chip from the bunker gets him close enough to save par. Up, up and away.

2240: Australian Michael Sim and American Rocco Mediate get their pairing under way at the first tee - remember, we're going off in two separate batches in a bid to get round three moving.

2238: Jim Furyk finds the fringe of the 10th green and, with the rain lashing across his capped face, Graeme McDowell clubs his iron way right and into one of the greenside bunkers.

2232: I can even forgive the ludicrously out-of-place "get in the hole" right now - because the third round has got under way, with Graeme McDowell kicking us off on the 10th.

From ARSHENAL on 606: "Stevo, how long is your coverage going to continue? Surely you won't be here all night?"
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Surely I will. The licence fee-payers would have my guts for garters if I chipped pre-wrap up o'clock. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

2225: Third round minus five minutes. You pumped? You primed? You ready to rock and roll? Then let's go.

2218: They're showing highlights of Lee Westwood's stunning round of 66, and his t-shirt has got this office talking. It's a lovely blue, no-one is disputing that, but the haphazard white streaks - one on the back of his left shoulder and the other front right - are not being admired at this particular venue.

Oliver Wilson: "I had a little bit of physio, a little bit of food, and a two-hour nap. We're used to rain delays so it's not the end of the world, but it's really nice to get out here again tonight. It's just starting to rain, though, so I'm expecting to get soaked pretty soon!"

From Mike, Edinburgh, via text on 81111: "What about the Brits? Westwood is good enough, Wilson and Fisher are going about their business too! Don't think the guys at the top of the leaderboard have the minerals to win. Don't rate Woods or Mickleson this time."

2206: Um, I'd rather not have to tell you this, but Ross Fisher reckons there's a storm predicted to hit Bethpage at 2300 BST. Whoops. Rory McIlroy says he went back to bed after finishing his second round. Lazy.

Ross Fisher: "I chilled here for a little while and then went back to the house we're renting for the week, watched a little bit of golf. The side of the draw that I was on, we got lucky big time this week. There's a long way to go but I feel like I've played really well, just need some putts to drop now."

2200: Now then, we've got tee times for the third round - oh happy, happy days. They are in pairs, not threes as some predicted, and they will be heading off from the first and the 10th holes. John Mallinger and Drew Weaver (first) and Graeme McDowell and Jim Furyk (10th) get us under way at exactly 2230 BST, with leaders Lucas Glover and Ricky Barnes due to kick off their third rounds at 0022 BST!

2152: Incidentally, there will not be coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra tonight, because it isn't the business end of the third round. Iain Carter and the boys will be live from Bethpage Black tomorrow, however, for - fingers crossed - the final round.

2145: Feel free to fill in the remaining time by whacking over your thoughts by text on 81111 and getting stuck into the 606 messageboards too. I mean, I'd love to hear from you, I really would.
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2140: Yeah, we still don't know for sure (how obvious was that?), but it can't be long, can it? I mean, surely sorting out tee times and groupings for 60 players isn't that big a deal, is it?

2112: Right, I'm off to stretch my legs and get some canteen fodder inside me. Get the kettle on, and hopefully when I get back we'll have a definite start time for round three o'clock. Vamos!

From Simon, Edinburgh, via text on 81111: "They say that the cream always rises: interesting, therefore, to see five major winners in the top 20 at the cut stage."

2107: Trevor Murphy finishes with a par to end with a round of 69 and he is on level par. He was part of the last group, so we are officially halfway through the US Open. We're still expecting round three to start at about 2230 BST.

2100: Golden, golden chat from Japan's Azuma Yano, who is right in the mixer on three under: "Well, I have a big chance to win. I feel like that. Even though I'm Asian, I can do it. The feeling is very good. And my luck is coming out. I believe in it." Legend.

US up
From kwiniaskagolfer on 606: "Trevor Murphy's success is no surprise to 606 readers Stevo, but thanks for mentioning him. Twice. Hopefully three times when he birdies 18?"
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2054: There are nine players left out on the course. Which means we're getting perilously close to the business end, in the shape of the third round beginning. It's still chucking it down, but the weather's not a danger right now.

2050: Trevor Murphy sends the galleries into ecstasy by birdieing the 17th to move to one over - and by Jove there's some life left in this second round yet.

Lee Westwood: "You can only play according to the conditions you're playing in and I played OK, made a few putts whereas yesterday I didn't. I wanted to get off to a good start and did, it was a real bonus. That was a pretty good round of golf because it's not easy out there and I'm in a pretty confident mood."

From Fitz at a wedding in Greece, via text on 81111: "Ryan Moore should win an award for best dressed golfer. But his swing isn't pretty. Where's he from?"
Fitzy my man, who doth give with one hand and taketh away with the other, our Ryan is from Tacoma, Washington

2040: Remember, the projected cut is still four over and it doesn't look like it's going to move from that now.

2037: It's still raining at Bethpage Black, but rain we can deal with - so far the mooted thunder and lightning and torrential rain has not manifested and while it stays away, we're on course to kick off round three.

Tiger Woods: "I'm going to have to shoot some better rounds, there's no doubt about it. But if you get the ball in play here, you've got a chance. I'm having a hard time getting a feel for my chipping, I really need to start hitting the ball better."

2029: Without trying to sound too demeaning, we don't have too many big hitters left out there. Italy's Francesco Molinari is playing his last and he's one over, Bubba Watson is two over, Kevin Sutherland and Trevor Murphy are both three over and Johan Edfors is four over.

From vinyl1 on 606: "A PGA official has hinted to NBC to expect 5.30 [2230 BST] start with threesomes off both tees for the third round. That might put the leaders in play today, unless it pours or there is lightning."
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2020: Zach Johnson and his terrifyingly bright red trousers (or pants, depending on which side of the pond you're on) have gone after his 72 left him seven over. There's an hour-ish left of this round, we think.

It's good news for a Briton
2017: Awesome effort from about 20 yards from Lee Westwood for a closing birdie and he takes a stunning 66 to end round two on two under, a truly exceptional effort under the circumstances.

European Up
European Down
2014: With the rain still falling, Miguel Angel Jimenez seals a round of 68, but at five over, he knows he is struggling badly to make the cut now. Up and a down arrow I reckon, for that mixed bag of news.

It's good news for a Briton
It's good news for a Briton
Mac, Charlton, via text on 81111: "Stevo, Westwood has been on the 'wrong' side of the draw. Worth a double arrow up I reckon."
Hey Mac, you can have two yourself for that pro-Westwood chat. Our Lee is in pole position to par the last.

2009: The latest from Bethpage is that officials are expecting play to get under way in the third round at approximately 2230 BST. Might get a good two, two-and-a-half hours of play, you know.

2006: The bearded Ryan Moore (you don't see many of them on a golf course, do you?) lips a 30-footer on 18 and has to settle for a 69, leaving him beautifully placed on one under. Good beard, too.

2005: Luke Donald finishes on five over and it's squeaky bum time for the Englishman because the projected cut is now back to being four over. Harsh, harsh times.

Steve Stricker: "We're all gonna be on the same page now, there's no more split draws where people get a harder part of the deal. But I've got some catching up to do still."

It's good news for a Briton
2000: On a scale of 1-10, how much better are Brit up graphics than Brit down? Maybe the scale doesn't do it justice. Anyway, Lee Westwood has birdied the eighth, his 17th, with a cracking 25-footer and he's moved on to two under. I am all over this in a massive way. Come on Lee.

From Dave, Ncl, via text on 81111: "The day before a Major I tell everyone what great betting value there is, then sit back and watch Cabrera, Jimenez, Casey and McIlroy fade slowly away."

It's bad news for a Briton
1956: Paul Casey is finished too - he wraps up another 75 to end on +10, a shocking return for a much-fancied player.

US down
European Down
1955: The box office boys' group is done for round two, but Angel Cabrera bogeys to fall back to three over, Tiger Woods bogeys to fall back to three over and Padraig Harrington finishes with a second successive 76 - the three-time Major winner is on his way home.

1950: Jim Furyk finishes his round of 69 and he's handily-placed on one over for the tournament. Tiger, meanwhile, is struggling at nine (his 18th) and has a tricky one to save par.

1947: There are 45 golfers still out on the course at Bethpage State Park, and the last to tee off in round two are playing their 14th of the day.

Graeme McDowell: "It's a bit frustrating. I hit the ball better off the tee, but couldn't make putts. I'm a fair way back, but in not a bad position. You don't want to get down in the dumps about your side of the draw, but we are three or four shots worse off."

US down
1941: Horrible tee shot from Tiger at his last hole of the round and he's dismayed, swinging his driver wildly in frustration. Bogey here, and he's 11 shots behind the leader. A bridge too far?

1939: Australian Geoff Ogilvy has come charging back in this championship with a round of 67 to leave him on level par. Only a fool would write the 2006 winner off.

1937: Tiger misses his birdie putt by an inch on the right and the boys on the summit breathe a collective sigh of relief.

1935: Lee Westwood misses his birdie putt at six, but he's still in a very good position on one under. I can't wait for the third round to start, I really can't.

From Steven Shepherd, Dunfermline, via text on 81111: "I think chucking it down is an exaggeration. The golfers all seem pretty happy in their t-shirts and there are about four brolleys up! My each-way bet on Weir at 66-1 is looking OK."
Well it was, until I jinxed him for you. That's what you get for slaughtering my weather chat, though Suzanne Charlton I ain't, admittedly.

US up
1929: Tiger hits a screamer of a tee shot at eight, it's pin high about 10 feet away - and if he nails a birdie before he finishes this round, you can bet they won't be discounting him just yet. Magical stuff.

1927: No sooner do you mention someone... Steve Stricker bogeys the 16th and slips back to one under. No danger to the merry band of leaders from anyone out on the course still.
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

European Down
1924: Tiger leaves a birdie putt a bit short at the seventh but he makes par and stays on two over. Two holes left for this group, but Padraig Harrington is already gone - he's eight over. Boo. Angel Cabrera nails his birdie putt to move to two over.

1921: Haha, I've been asked for a Stevo's Predo. For those of you who don't follow our football live texts, basically I do some of the worst predictions you've ever seen - I'm like the anti-Nostradamus. It's Mike Weir for me (sorry Mikey) - us lefties have to stick together.

It's good news for a Briton
1919: Oh, it's totally whacking it down again in New York. I might have to do a rain dance at this rate. Lee Westwood must feel like dancing - he makes no mistake with his birdie putt and he's got a brand, spanking new minus symbol by his name.

1916: There's movement on the cut - it's dropped back a shot, so as things stand, those players on five over will be staying for the next two rounds. Golden news for Scotland's Mark Laird, England Simon Khan and Spain Miguel Angel Jimenez. Watch this space.

1914: Hey - your chat's gone quiet, what gives?? I can't plough this furrow alone, I need your virtual support. Get those texts in to 81111, and get involved on 606. You can't seriously think there's anything better to do...
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It's good news for a Briton
1911: Lee Westwood's approach at the fifth stops dead pin high about four feet from the hole. He's got that to go one under. That is very much mixer territory in my book.

1907: Tiger Woods just misses a monster for birdie at the sixth, but he looks a lot happier with how things are going. Amateur Drew Weaver has finished with a 72 to add to his first round 69 - that is top drawer golf.

It's good news for a Briton
US up
1904: Finally this evening, someone has caught fire - Steve Stricker, don't no-one put him out! The American has just birdied the 13th and 15th and is five-under for the day, a flawless round so far. He's two under. Meanwhile, Lee Westwood has rolled in another birdie to move to level par. Get in.

From anon via text on 81111: "All quiet on the Westwood front- how's Worksop's finest doing?"
Holding it together nicely, but I don't think he'll be parading this trophy around the City Ground. Four pars in a row, still one over.

1857: Here's some non-US Open golf chat for you to munch on at dinner time: Italian 16-year-old Matteo Manassero has made history by becoming the youngest winner of the British amateur title, beating England's Sam Hutsby 4&3 in the 36-hole final. Blimey, 16. Don't it make you feel old?

1854: Luke Donald made that birdie, by the way, to move to four over. Hang in there, son.

US down
1853: Easily the most annoying shout at any sporting event anywhere on earth. Tiger's attempted birdie putt at the fifth slides past after a sickeningly loud and obscene "get in the hole" no sooner had it left his club. Throw the clowns out, for goodness sake.

1851: The last players out on the course have played nine holes of their second round, so we're probably around two hours away from wrapping up. Will let you know what the blazes is happening re: round three just as soon as we know. Don't go anywhere.

It's good news for a Briton
1848: Luke Donald hits a fabulous tee shot at 14 and he's got a great chance of a birdie, which, at five over, might be absolutely crucial.

1847: American Jeff Brehaut, who led after the curtailed first round on Thursday, has just finished with a 72 to add to his first round 70.

1842: It's still raining at Bethpage Black, and according the the official website, there are "heavy showers and more wind anticipated". I'll bet the leaders will be praying we get the third round under way - because it's unlikely they would be out today.

US up
1837: Woods caresses home a 10-footer for birdie and on his rollercoaster ride today he's back to two over. My gaffer Rob reckons that's "ominous". Cabrera knocks in a birdie too and he's now three over.

1835: Ricky Barnes, Lucas Glover and Mike Weir must be watching this lot right now with enormous smiles plastered all over their leaderboard-dominating faces. Almost seems unfair, doesn't it, the way the conditions have played out?
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

1832: Vijay Singh has just birdied his 13th hole of the day to move to three over and he's set to keep up his phenomenal record at this tournament by making a 15th consecutive cut.

1827: Hell of a shot - Simon Dyson's iron shot at the first - his 10th - only drops, doesn't it? After nine consecutive pars in his second round, he moves to six over and back in with a shout of making the cut.

1824: Luke Donald plays a stunning bunker shot at the 12th - he's still five over, so he probably needs to find a stroke from somewhere. Poults, meanwhile, misses a birdie putt at the fourth - his 13th, and stays on two over.

From nixon01 on 606: "C'mon Martin Laird!! You're the only Scot in the field - do us proud!"
Join the debate on 606
Update: He finished on five over, so as things stand, Lairdy will miss the cut by one

US down
1817: Tiger misses right and races after the ball, visibly annoyed by his mistake. That bogey drops him back to three over and he's not out of the, er, woods yet.

1815: Ian Poulter has mounted a recovery after the shocker of three bogeys in four holes - he's made par on the last three and at two over, he's looking comfortable for the cut.

1813: Graeme McDowell nails that putt and he's back to level par. Harrington hits a screamer of a shot from the rough at three to within about two inches but Tiger's gone a few feet past - nasty one for Woods to save par now.

1810: Tiger's tee shot at three (his 12th) flies way right and he's back in the thick, followed closely behind by Harrington, who just cannot stay out of the stuff. Angel Cabrera showed them how it's done, pinging one right into the middle of the green.

1807: Graeme McDowell, currently one over, plays a sumptuous iron shot to the green at 13 and he'll fancy his chances of getting back to even there.

US up
1805: Did Ash tell you that Tiger birdied the first, his 10th? Did he? Well if he didn't, I'm telling you now. The Great One is now two over, 10 behind good old Ricky Barnes.

1802: The projected cut is four over as of this moment, but things can still change clearly. Those in danger include Luke Donald and Miguel Angel Jimenez on five over and the aforementioned Harrington on six over.

1758: I don't want to have to tell you this, but the rain has got a teeny, tiny bit heavier in recent minutes. I wish it would just go away and come again another day.

1756: The best-placed players out on the course right now are Australian Michael Sim and Italian Francesco Molinari (great to see an Italian up there, surely?), both on one under, seven shots off the lead. Poor old Padraig Harrington, meanwhile, overshoots his bunker shot at the second and is back in the thick stuff on the edge of the green.

1752: I want your texts to 81111, I want your 606 messages, I want your heart and soul and I want it all night long. We're going the distance tonight, and your participation is hugely desired.
Join the debate on 606

1748: For those of you like me joining the action right now, here's some key info: We're currently right in the thick of round two, and we've still got round three - or as much of it as the weather/fading light will allow - to come. Just don't expect the top of the leaderboard to change much in the next couple of hours...

1745: Mediocre golfer? That's just about the greatest sporting compliment I ever have been and am likely ever to be paid. G'day folks, it's a real pleasure to be with you. Do me a favour first up though - a cheeky little manual refresh and you'll not only see my name replace the departed Ash's, but far more crucially, you'll also get a leaderboard magically appearing at the top of the page.

By Mark Ashenden

1737: Right then. My golf servicing is never-ending. I've whacked in a link to the leaderboard over to the right. Look right. There's a link lower down to the offical site's leaderboard. Look below. There's a mini-leaderboard just below this message. And that's me lot folks. I am quite literally handing over my set of live text clubs into the hands of Steevo. (Top top bloke, mediocre golfer - and he'd settle for that). Thanks for all your chat, your comments, your rubbish jokes. Love it. Night.
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

1733: Them water drops are a falling. Do drops ever go up? It's raining alright. Give me a break. Tiger pings one down the middle of the fairway on the first tee (his tenth). Am I alone in feeling a little internal rage burning in my tummy when everybody yelps like a demented dog whenever Tiger plays a shot? "Get in the hole", "I love this man", "You're the best"...etc etc etc Unbelievable.

US up
1728: Forget the bogeys, it's back to the tweet tweets. Tiger picks up a shot on the 18th (his ninth) to score 34 on the opening nine. He's on +3. It could be just enough to make the cut.

It's bad news for a Briton
1725: My mum would so pull me up if she was reading these words. It's the word BOGEY. And mum - I'm using it again. And it's that man Poults. It's three bogeys in four holes. Maybe he should be slipping into a plus four to improve his fortunes.

From Mark in Gillingham via text on 81111: "Err to the best of my knowledge there's no sand on Brighton beach. Perhaps it's all on US golf courses"
Yep, Brighton is a pebbly one for sure, but I assure you, there are particles of sand under those stones. I'll show you in between my toes if I have to. If that wasn't sand on my feet then I'm in trouble.

1714: Fashion update. And it's not good news. Two words - Zach Johnson. And there was me thinking I had seen the reddest red of the day. Up pops Zach's strides and they are red. Enough said. Any tales of crazy golf wear you'd like to share with the world? Tell me someone out there is into their plus fours.....c'mon. (Where's my fashion graphic when I need one?)

European Up
1711: Fair play to Harrington. After two bogeys he's standing in the sand trap and just before he plays the shot he bends over and picks up.....only a bright yellow range ball. He chucks it gently to the gallery and he's grinning like the Joker. He then chips it to within three feet. Then Cabrera chips to within a few inches from the sand. Magical all round.

It's bad news for a Briton
1705: Poults update, and it's not good for the man in his rather low-key light blue shirt. A pair of bogeys in the last three holes and he slips to +1. Stinky times.

1702: Just watching Westwood fly one in too short on the 15th and I get a birds-eye view of the course. How white is that sand? Got two questions. A) Do they paint the sand? B) If they don't, where do they get that sand? That's no sand from Brighton beach I can tell thee.

1654: Westwood pars another. He's on -1 and tied in 11th spot. David Duval (who's sporting a shocking goatee beard that looks like one of those shaving brushes) speaks about his 70 after starting with four bogeys to get in the house on -3. "I wasn't flustered. I'm very comfortable now and I know I'll be reasonably close at the end."

European Down
US down
1643: Harrington misses a five-footer and leaves Tiger to step in with a four foot putt for bogey. He rams it home. That was the sort of shot my arms would have been wobbling to leave it short but he crashes it into the centre of the cup.

From Golfbug on 606: "I think it's touch & go for Tiger making the cut, he's in the wrong side of the draw. It's the most open US Open for along time."
Join the debate on 606
I'm keeping quiet - don't want to be called a fool again.

European Down
US down
1643: Harrington misses a five-footer and leaves Tiger to step in with a four foot putt for bogey. He rams it home. That was the sort of shot my arms would have been wobbling to leave it short but he crashes it into the centre of the cup.

1636: The wheels come crashing off the Westwood wagon. Well, it was a par. You get three birdies on the bounce and anything less is a shock I suppose. Where's that sideways arrow graphic when you want it? And Tiger blows one. Chips from behind the 15th green and leaves it in the rough. And leaves the second short as well. Tricky little putt for bogey.........

1633: When your ball's sitting in a whole load of muddy grass, what wouldn't you want? Plenty of things I know, but what about raindrops? It's started falling on Harrington. He gets a flier and it goes beyond the bunker (phew) and the green (oh pooop). The smile disappears again.

1631: Phil Mickelson on his second round of 70 to leave him on -1. "I'd like to be better but I had a few chances and I turned it around. Ball striking has been my main positive."

1626: Cabrera grabs a birdie with a sweet medium-length on the 14th - makes up for the bogey a few minutes ago. And Harrington had started so well. Two birdies and three pars and BOOM. And when I say boom I mean his ball turns right at the crossroads on the 15th (his sixth of the day) and leaves the American crowd running for cover. His face is the same colour of his shirt. And rightly so. A stinker.

US up
It's good news for a Briton
1612: Tiger roars. He grabs a tweet tweet on his fourth of the day on the 13th to move to +3. And hold on. Forget Tiger - he's just an over-rated has-been isn't he? It's all about Lee Westwood at the moment. Gobble gobble gobble. Three birdies in a row with a sensational little tickler from at least 35 feet on the 12th. He moves to -1. Sensational.

1610: And you thought the BBC only had fashion chat at Ascot. I can officially reveal that Harrington is wearing a classic large sized golfing shirt with minimal features but a red that is brighter than any red I have ever seen. Scarlet almost. He's grabbed a birdie though on the second hole of the day but he's still on +5.

1606: Three pars in a row for Poults. What happened to those birdies Mr P?

1604: Sergio Garcia gets chatting after a second round of 70. "It was a mixed bag. I'd love to be three shots better but I am where I am. If I manage to get the putter going, we could be close."

It's good news for a Briton
1601: Lee Westwood is steaming. In a good way. He's opened his second round account with two tweet tweets on the 10th and 11th. He's got up to even par. Anyone notice I've found the graphics?

1559: What don't we want? What do we want? Take your pick. It's weather lottery time.

1556: Quick weather update from vinyl1 on 606. "It has started to rain here in New York City. It should hit Bethpage in about 30 minutes."
Thanks for that. Get that brolly out. Just a bit of water isn't it?

1553: Special mention for Nick Taylor. Apart from Glover's 64, the Canadian is in the house with the best second round score so far with a 65. Not bad for a 21-year-old ranked as the fifth best amateur in the world. Quick facts - he was Canadian Amateur champion in 2007 and qualified for last year's US Open but missed the cut by three strokes.

1547: Don't worry. I'm not going to turn this into a Tiger fest. But minor updates for now. Tiger and Cabrera grab another pair of pars (nice phrase that).

1543: Luke Donald's had a choppy start. More like my golf card this one. Bogey, birdie. He's on +4.

US up
1539: Steve Stricker's come racing out of the blocks today. Two birdies in the first three holes. The American's on +1. Three Weetabix perhaps? That's what gets me going. Although I can rarely finish three. Sometimes opt for a standard bowl of corn flakes.

1535: Graeme McDowell begins his second round with three solid pars. He's on -1. Par for Poulter on the next. C'mon Poults. We need a couple of eagles off you buddy. We've got one of our text users all set to 'eat' their words. (see above 1520)
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

It's bad news for a Briton
From A crazy American in Cornwall via text on 81111: "Great to see all those great english and irishs players at the top of leaderboard, wait a minute there is none that's ashame"
Fighting talk. Like it.

1529: Tiger and Cabrera have both parred the opening hole at the 10th. Plenty of work needed by these two.

From anon. via text on 81111: "Noah would clearly take tiger and craig stadler a.k.a. The walrus- 2 golfers and 2 animals for the price of..err 2. "
Ummm yeh. I actually like that. One of those bad good ones.

From Rob in Woking via text on 81111: "If Poulter wins this i'll eat my Pro V1"
I'll hold you to that Rob. I'll let you have it with mayonnaise just to help you out. I'm feeling generous. C'mon Poults.

1520: Yep - Moon1971 is on the ball (606 chat). Ian Poulter has indeed got off to a cracker. He's started on the 10th par four and he's got it in three shots. A sweet start. If only I had pictures to see what crazy outfit those American supporters are being charmed with.
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

From Coca Cola-ccini on 606: "What would happen if it just kept constantly raining, and raining, and raining.....?"
Join the debate on 606
Tiz a fine fine question. One of the best. I think a semi-pro golfer called Noah might stroll onto the first tee and demand that a pair of golfers must climb onboard his creeking wooden boat and head for the waters. Which two golfers do you think he'd opt for?

From Leo via text on 81111: "Lets have some cheers for sergio though, great play after that silly double yesterday"
Thanks for the kind words Leo. Nice to see someone's out there reading this nonsense. Sergio's in the house after a 70 - same as his first round. Even par for the Spanish wonder.

1506: Second round over for Ricky Barnes. "RICKEEEEEEEE". Just makes me think of Bianca from Eastenders. Anyway - Walford is somewhere where he is NOT. It's Bethpage and he's in the clubhouse leading the US Open. He pars the 18th to card a rather lovely 65. Five birdies. No bogeys. Special golf that.
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

From Warren in Manchester via text on 81111: "You never read my kj choi texts out. How is my favourite future major winner doing- its choi time"
Warren - you've grabbed me with your little dig. But - you know this is the internet and not the wireless? I have used my initiative and assumed you meant type your message out. By the way, your man's just started on the 10th and guess what? Bogey time.

1455: Mike Weir's second round is over. He won't be happy with the bogey on the 16th but he finished with two pars to leave him on -6 and two off Barnes. Ricky's strolling down the 18th to finish his round and he's going to be loving it. Although now I've said that, his ball will probably end up taking a nap in the sand.
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

From Tim, Southend via text on 81111: "Don't get me wrong i am a tiger fan but he is now 12 shots off the lead....maybe the focus should be on Garcia or O'Hair, players that are within a dozen shots?? Or am i writing him off too soon?"

From Tiny, via text on 81111: "Is there no justice in the world. I have just finished playing the bagpipes at a wedding and have gotten finished early. Now my missus wants to drag me round the shops. I fear as one marriage has completed another will end. A few had cool beers for me!"

From ARSHENAL on 606: "Mark, I can't believe you doubt Woods' ability to get himself back into contention. The only possible reason for Woods not being in contention come the final round is if the weather deteriorates again."
Join the debate on 606
I'm sure if anybody can, Tiger can. I'm just trying to spark you crazy guys into a bit of debate. 606 bait if you like. It's a bit quiet at the moment and we need some life from those fairways. And if a hundred people jump onboard now and say 'hey, you're an idiot, Tiger's going to win', then happy 606 days.

1442: Get in there. I was getting bored of the name Glover. It's now Barnes. Oh yeh. Ricky Barnes birdies the eighth - he's got one to go - and he takes the lead by one.
Leaders: -8 Barnes -7 Glover -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

1440: Tiger alert. Those flashy stripy head covers will be plonking themselves on the first (10th) tee in about 25 minutes. He'll be joined by Padraig Harrington and Angel Cabrera.

1435: How big a name is Ross Fisher? The Englishman cards a 68 and is -2 in joint seventh spot. Four birdies, two bogeys. Steady stuff. Magic effort.

From Coca Cola-ccini on 606: "Surely one big name MUST climb up the leaderboard....."
Join the debate on 606
Surely. Surely? Really? I guess so. Matt Bettencourt is the biggest name I can see on the board - 15 letters. Big points in scrabble.

1427: What are these Canadians eating? Stephen Ames gets a bogey on the 15th but his second round is featuring five birdies so far. He's on +1.

From Thanks A lot BBC7 on 606: "I like it. The big names are out of it currently - makes an impressive come back of a big gun (Woods anyone) likelier."
Join the debate on 606
You reckon Tiger can get 10 shots back? I'm massively liking your chat though. With you all the way.

1420: No sooner am I larging it up for the Canadian Weir and he lets me down with a stinky bogey on the 16th. He's got two holes to go and is now one off the pace. Ricky Barnes has got three to go.
Leaders: -7 Glover, Barnes, -6 Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

1416: Rory McIlroy finishes with a rather messy 70. Three birdies, three bogeys. Not that messy really. Not when you think of that mop on his head anyway. Justin Rose has had a poor second round. He's got one hole left and is on +8. Five bogeys, one double bogey and two birdies. Whack whack. Ernie Els is having a shocker. Six bogeys. One double bogey. And one lonely birdie. Get your slippers on Ernie.

1407: Mickleson's steadied the ship and is on even par with two holes left. Dustin Johnson's carded a 69 to get in the house on +1. Great name Dustin. Hoffman and Gee. Two more great Dustins. Think of any more? I've just thought of Dusty the bin from the old TV show 3-2-1. But that's not really golf related. Sorry.

1402: And it's super-tight at the top. Ricky Barnes has got another birdie and he's now level at the top with Weir and Glover. Duval finishes his second round with a birdie to be on -3 after a more than adequate 70. Don't like the word adequate. My dad uses it a lot. Leaders: -7 Glover, Barnes, Weir -3 Yano, Duval, Hanson

1358: Right, the Glover boy is back in the house. He'll be a happy boy because there's the numbers 64 sitting next to his name. He's on -7. Fabulous. Six birdies, no bogeys. Ridiculous. Who plays a round of golf and doesn't get any bogeys? That's why I'm sitting where I am right now and not strolling about in my plus fours in New York.

From bighangers on 606: "Are they going to try and start the 3rd round today, or just get the 2nd round finished and start them off tomorrow for number 3?"
Join the debate on 606
A more than fair question. I have asked the illustrious Rob Hodgetts - BBC Sport golfing guru - and he assures me they will try to get some third rounds on the go if the weather holds up. Official. And you don't ever question the Hodgetts

1352: Some tee-off times for you. Graeme McDowell (-1) goes off at 1433 BST, Ian Poulter at 1455 BST, Luke Donald 1506 BST, along with Tiger Woods and Angel Cabrera. Paul Casey, who's going to be gagging for some early birdies (he's on +5), starts at 1455 BST.

1344: Canadian Nick Taylor has carded a 65 to be on -2. Second round that is. A fabulous effort. Seven birdies. two bogeys. Settle for that wouldn't you? He can put his feet up now and watch the rain come in.

1341: Quick nutritional update. Lamb kofta is 68% completed. Chips, halfway and starting to tire of them. Coriander is a gift from God. Love it. Back to the fairways.

1337: Todd Hamilton probably wishes he was still in bed. Three bogeys and he's slipped back to two under. Five birdies in seven holes pushes JB Holmes to -1, Soren Hansen's had three bogeys today, Phil Mickelson's on even after his pair of bogeys, England's Oliver Wilson has got three birdies in the bag and he's even par. I'll be back.

1334: Hands up. A massive error of the highest order. Massive apologies. I declared I was chomping on - no not birdies - but a lamb kebab. It's a lamb kofta. Man, I feel build. I lied to you. Anybody fancy a chip to make it up to you?

1332: It couldn't last could it. David Duval had got three birdies in four holes. The fun's over. He bogeys the 16th (he's got two holes to go) and is back to -2.

1329: Right. I'm bored of the top of the leaderboard. I'm going to flip across that cloudy course and see who else is munching on the birdies or choking on their bogeys.

1325: And Weir is officially on the rampage. He's eating those birdies for breakfast (he says tucking into a lamb kebab). That's two in a row for the Canadian and he's now level with Glover.

1321: OK - still getting my head round all these incomplete rounds. Glover started on the 10th tee but he's got three holes left in his second round. Weir is on the 13th with six holes to go. That'll do for now. Forecast - and it aint good. Was hoping for that big bright yellow thing to be jumping out but it's those raindrops I'm afraid. It's supposed to be chucking it down later. Who's up for a little sundance?

From SoberOba on 606: "What has happened To Villegas? I thought I was in the money when he was -3 and in 2nd place but he has bogeyed like 8 in 14 holes last night. I he out on the course now, he must be I guess."
Join the debate on 606
I have good news my friend. After four bogeys, he gets a birdie. The comeback has begun. Believe.

1309: It's birdie-tastic at the moment with all those at the top of the leaderboard bagging them for fun. I'd be happy with one on my scorecard. Ricky Barnes grabs another and is level with Weir. Sergio my boy. The Spaniard has hopefully forgotten that double bogey on the 18th hole with a birdie on the 4th hole. He's on even.

1304: Wallop. That's two birdies in three holes for Weir. He's one shot behind Glover now. I'll chuck you over some tee-times in a sec and maybe dazzle you with a weather forecast. Nice.

1258: Mike Weir's picked up a shot and sits nicely tied in second place with Ricky Barnes. Adam Scott birdies the 4th hole to be on -3. Hold your horses. The boy Glover's at it again. After four steady pars, the American grabs another birdie. He's on -7 and leads by two.

1248: Lucas Glover is out on the course and picked up where he left off last night. He's out on the 14th. David Duvall has had a useful start to his Saturday. He's gone to -3 to be three off the pace. Erne Els has dropped a shot on the 12th.

From notts sport til i die on 606: "My golf ball smashed into pieces on tuesday, didnt hit a tree either. Found the shell and inner core all over the place ! How weird !"
Join the debate on 606
Nice start. That's a sad demise of your spherical friend. Cheap ball me thinks, or the finest drive by you known to man.

1232: First up is a public announcement. I need your patience, I need your understanding. I do not have a TV feed for the action so if my commentary seems to be off-track, slow or worse still, wrong, then please bear with me. Enough. Above everything though, I offer you nothing but 110% of pure BBC sweat and even a few tears.

1228: Howdy. The drama continues at Bethpage. After a soggy Thursday and scorching Friday, what's in store for Saturday? Loads of second rounds to be completed and we're going to see this beautiful day through together. So welcome. Can Lucas Glover carry on his good work? Are the umbrellas going to dominate? So many questions. Anybody got any answers? Action begins in a few minutes. Let's do it.

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