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Valhalla GC, Kentucky
19-21 September

Final match score: United States 16˝-11˝ Europe


Anthony Kim beat Sergio Garcia 5&4
Hunter Mahan halved with Paul Casey
Justin Leonard lost to Robert Karlsson 5&3
Phil Mickelson lost to Justin Rose 3&2
Kenny Perry beat Henrik Stenson 3&2
Boo Weekley beat Oliver Wilson 4&2
JB Holmes beat Soren Hansen 2&1
Jim Furyk beat Miguel Angel Jimenez 2&1
Stewart Cink lost to Graeme McDowell 2&1
Steve Stricker lost to Ian Poulter 3&2
Ben Curtis beat Lee Westwood 2&1
Chad Campbell beat Padraig Harrington 2&1


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By Ben Dirs

2309: On that bombshell, it's time for me to say goodnight. Congratulations to the American players, they played superbly and deserved their win. Another great Ryder Cup and I don't care what anyone says: win or lose, there's no better event on the sporting calendar. Thanks for reading, thanks for getting involved and I'll see you all in Wales in 2010.

2307: Westy doesn't hold back in his post-match interview: "I have been abused from start to finish and I just don't think that's golf. Some of the stuff that's been said has been shameful." He even said Brookline had nothing on this week. Expect repercussions.

US up
2303: Campbell beats Harrington 2&1
Harrington is unable to drain his 10-footer at 17 and he concedes the match to Campbell. And that, as they say, is that.

2258: "We can't win 'em all," says Tony Jacklin, and I'll second that. You just want to make sure you're either on a beach in Thailand or dead when American win their next one. Only Campbell and Harrington still on the course now, and here's a good stat for you: if Harrington goes down in that one, it will be Europe's heaviest defeat since 1981.

US up
2252: Curtis beats Westwood 2&1
Curtis plays a sterling approach into the 17th, he'll have a two-footer for birdie and possibly for the match. Westwood misses his longun for birdie, and Curtis rattles in for another American point.

"There were 24 guys giving their all and we came up short. The shot-making and putting were unbelievable we are talking fractions. In this particular week they have done us and congratulations to them. The difference between a win, a loss or a half... you are talking maybe a chip or a putt. You can't point fingers. I've no regrets. One of my goals was to leave knowing I did my best and I'm more than happy. I've got to be proud of everyone."
Europe skipper Nick Faldo

2245: Europe have got to be favourites for the next match - surely it will be a bit unsettling for the Americans playing in a country they didn't previously know existed? Curtis is one up on Westwood going down the 17th, and Harrington's dismal Ryder Cup record looks set to continue. He hasn't won a match since his singles in 2004, and he's two down to Chad Campbell with three to play.

European Up
2241: McDowell beats Cink 2&1
McDowell of Northern Ireland closes out Cink on the 17th to nick another point for Europe. McDowell has been a revelation, as is the fact that JB Holmes was playing on the Hooters Tour the last time the US won the Ryder Cup.

"We had a plan and stuck to it. The crowd was really fantastic and beautifully behaved. It was amazing, the golf was spectacular on both sides and our guys came out on top. I couldn't be happier, they really grinded it out and it could have gone either way on both days and it tilted our way.

"The European team are still a phenomenal team. It seemed like every game was a toss up and I had no idea which way it would go. I took the players in and came in with a plan. These guys came together as a group and stuck to a message. In the end it comes down to putting and heart and our guys had a lot of heart."
US skipper Paul Azinger

"It feels great. I've been on the other side when Paul McGinley won it for Europe. I feel bad about Miguel because he's a class act and I think the world about him and his game. It's not his fault and I feel bad for him, but I feel great for my team-mates. Paul (Azinger) shook things up, we had a lot of young talent and that made the difference. He provided a great atmosphere." America's Jim Furyk

European Up
2233: Poulter beats Stricker 3&2
Faldo is a picture of relief in his post-match interview, he just seems pleased the whole thing's over to be honest. Curtis has won the 15th against Westwood to go one up. Poulter has won his match against Stricker, holing from eight feet on the 16th. What a weekend he's had, four points out of five. Anyone still think Faldo should have picked Darren Clarke?

2228: Spare a thought for the players still out on the course. Four matches still going on, Europe up in two, the United States up in one, the other all square. Jimenez is already a couple of inches into a Stogie. He strikes me as the type of man who'd spark up a cigar and open a bottle of Rioja on learning that a World War II bomb had just been found in his back garden.

"Just watched the winning putt go down 3ft away from the Mayor of Louisville who is beaming like a Cheshire cat. The whole place is going bananas." BBC Sport's Alex Trickett on the 17th green at Valhalla

2226: "Fair play to the US and utmost respect to Azinger who has led his side superbly. We'll get it back next time though."
Grieving Gerard via text on 81111

2223: Furyk's a classy guy, maybe the classiest in the American line-up, and if anyone had to win the Cup back for the United States, I would have chosen him. He's been through some dark times in the Ryder Cup, he deserves some cheer.

US up
2219: Furyk beat Jimenez 2&1
...Jimenez's birdie putt misses by not much, the Spaniard concedes and the Ryder Cup is back in American hands for the first time since 1999. It seems to take a while for it to sink in, but the American celebrations quickly fire up. Thankfully, there are no repeats of Brookline, Azinger and Co keep their dignity, and European skipper Faldo is very gracious in defeat.

2217: Furyk's birdie putt breaks too soon, and now Jimenez has to hole to keep the Cup in European hands...

2216: "It sounds like the fat lady is starting to gargle but it's definitely not looking good for Europe. About an hour ago it looked like Faldo's plan was working but through the fantastic play of the American players in the middle they've not been able to get that far."
Former Ryder Cup player Andrew Coltart on BBC Radio 5 Live

2213: Good strike from Jimenez at 17 - he's comfortably on it two. Guess what? Furyk follows him on... More "U-S-A! U-S-A!" as Furyk marches down the fairway. Go on Jimmy, spark up a Stogie and blow some smoke across Furyk's lie...

2212: Who's going to hole the winning putt? Furyk slams his drive straight down the middle at 17. Jimenez is already on. I feel like crying. An update on the bottom matches: Harrington still one down, Westwood one up, Poulter three up, McDowell two up. Some will say we could have done with them being a bit higher up...

2209: "Celtic Manor 2010 can't come soon enough."
matti76 on 606
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US up
2207: Holmes beats Hansen 2&1
Hansen makes his par putt, but Holmes has a shortish putt to take the US tally to 13˝... in it goes, and the USA can smell victory. Tremendous from Holmes, three birdies in the last four holes. That's spunky in anyone's language.

2204: Furyk slides his putt by at the 15th and Jimenez makes his to keep that match alive. OOOOOOOH! Hansen very nearly holes his chip at 17, but the ball lips out. That pretty much sums up Europe's day...

2202: Holmes parachutes his wedge from 78 yards to within a few feet of the hole. Hansen's approach disappears into the hollow over the back. If Holmes wins the 17th, the trophy is pretty much America's...

European Up
2200: The only thing that's been red hot today about Jimenez is the back of his neck. The Spaniard's been pretty limp. Furyk escapes from a bunker at 16 after Jimenez' average approach. Harrington holes one at 12 to peg Campbell back to one up.

"It's pretty awesome, it's a dream come true. I don't really pay much attention to golfing history but this is really unreal. I honestly didn't know what the Ryder Cup was like but the feeling you get when they shout your name...It ain't nothing like shooting a deer, it's a whole lot more."
America's Boo Weekley

2155: Holmes clubs his tee shot down the 17th - almost like a Barry Bonds homer. Hansen blocks out the hullaballoo and finds the fairway with his tee shot. Azinger getting a bit previous for my liking... this could be a veeeeeery long hour...

European Up
2151: "It ain't nuthin' like shootin' deer," says Weekley after his win over Wilson. Odd. Holmes rams his birdie putt in at 16 - he's one up now against Hansen. Tremendous approach into the 13th by Westwood, he'll have a 10-footer for birdie. Azinger hugging everyone in his path, there is already a sense in the American camp that the little gold cup is coming home...

US up
2148: Unbelievable putt by Jimenez at 15, the Spaniard draining a 30-footer. Furyk, however, makes his 10-footer disappear and he stays three up with three to play. Furyk is pumped, and that's not good news for Europe. Another Poulter birdie at 12 and he stays four up on Stricker with five to play. Westwood has bogeyed 11 and 12 and pars were good enough for Curtis to get back to all square. Every "U-S-A" I hear is like a little jab to the solar plexus.

US up
2145: Weekley beats Wilson 4&2
Weekley can't miss - he rams home his birdie putt at 16 to wrap up a 4&2 victory over rookie Wilson. Not sure anyone in the European team could have lived with that, Boo was eight under through 16. Europe clinging on by their fingernails, it will just take one gust of wind to relieve them of the Ryder Cup...

2144: "I think we're out of it now. Sorry chaps. Good effort though. Surprisingly, the Spaniards haven't come up with the beans this tournament. At least if we blame the Spaniards, we Brits can take the higher ground. Along with Robert Karlsson who can be given a UK passport whenever he asks."
cristianodueahatrick on 606
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2141: Wilson is being beasted by Weekley - the American clubs his approach into 16 to 15 feet, while the Englishman slices his into the hollow back right of the green.

European Up
2139: One of the shots of the week from Furyk - he stabs on from some scrub and the ball comes to a virtual halt before sliding back towards the hole. He taps in for par, Jimenez misses his birdie putt and the American stays three up with four to play. McDowell goes two up against Cink after 13.

European Up
2138: An iffy putting stroke from Holmes, and his birdie putt slides just by. Hansen with a chance to get back to all square... great three from Hansen, Europe needed that.

2136: The Ryder Cup is in the habit of creating unlikely heroes, and Soren Hansen's match against JB Holmes is now looking incredibly important: if Wilson, Hansen and Jimenez lose, Europe are toast. The Dane plays a fine approach at 15, but Holmes' isn't bad either.

2134: "This is terrific! I'm as excited as a small horse! Which makes a change after being hung over like a badger this morning after Oliver Wilson's amazing game yesterday incited me to drink a lot of beer."
Nick, Windsor, via text on 81111

"I'm very emotional. My dad, my wife and three kids came to the green to give me hugs and I couldn't hold back the tears. It's the greatest day of my life. I had the putting touch of Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus today. Henrik is a great guy and I said just go out and have a great time. This is the swansong of my career." US's Kenny Perry

"I thought I had a good chance to win it and he threw a bomb on me at the 17th. It was going way past and he knew it was but he putted better than me today. I think I was better tee to green. But Hunter is a very, very good player. He left the door open on the last and I took advantage. When I saw him go in on the 18th and I just stuck to my target and just mashed it. I only needed a six-iron into the green."
Europe's Paul Casey

European Up
2130: Wilson makes birdie at 15 to peg Weekley back to three up. Weekley completely misread his birdie putt, the Englishman still in the hunt. Jimenez locates the ridge on the left of the 14th green and his ball curls back towards the flag.

US up
2127: The nuggety Jim Furyk rolls in a birdie putt at 13 to go three up against Jimenez. Hansen's in a spot of trouble on 14, he looks like going one down against JB Holmes. I've got to be honest, I'm starting to lose belief.

US up
2125: Perry beats Stenson 3&2
Kentuckynative Kenny Perry makes a six-footer at 16 to defeat Sweden's Henrik Stenson.

2121: Mahan halves with Casey
Mahan splashes out, but he needed to hole that and doesn't. Casey with two putts to win the hole... Casey cosies it up towards the cup, Mahan concedes and that match is halved. God this is getting tense, and I don't like the look of those middle matches...

2118: Casey pulls out a plum on 18, clattering a mid iron over the bunker guarding the green and to within 10 feet. Mahan's been in the drink, the Cheltenham lad should have done enough for a half. "Hello mum," says Casey as he hands his club back to his caddie, and that just about sums up his relief.

European Up
2115: Rose beats Mickelson 3&2
Rose drains a monster at 16 to slay America's dragon, that was a clinical display from the Englishman, he was razor sharp out there.

US up
US up
US up
2114: Campbell goes two up against Harrington, Stricker holes a six-footer 10 to nick a hole back against Poulter, Perry rolls one in at 15 to win the hole and go make it dormie three against Stenson.

US up
2109: What a choker. After running about like a lunatic on 17, Mahan slices his drive into the creek at 18. Casey hammer-dammer-din-dongs his drive straight down the middle. Cink wins the 11th after McDowell misses the green with his tee shot - that match is all square.

US up
2103: MAHAN HAS DRAINED A MASSIVE ONE FROM THE FRONT OF THE GREEN! Casey, from looking in very good nick, now has a very tricky birdie putt for a half. Hmmm... Casey walks straight after his putt, that was off line all the way. That has 'turning point' written all over it, it's certainly gone flat in this office. "U-S-A! U-S-A!" Don't you just love it?

US up
2102: Rose's birdie putt at 15 refuses to bend, and Mickelson knocks his in to nick a shot back. Rose dormie three.

2101: "Ever since Ben Dirs has taken over, Europe have been alot better. Good work.."
ManUnited2008 on 606
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US up
2059: Furyk makes a six-footer disappear at 11 to go two up against Jimenez. Poulter is giving Stricker a pasting - he's now four up against Stricker after nine. Mahan's second on 17 is pretty average... door ajar for Casey, can he smash his way through? Not quite, but he's on safely, and a lot closer than his American foe.

2056: Casey absolutely marmalises his drive down the 17th fairway. Mahan, to, finds the short stuff, but he's 40 yards short of the Englishman. McDowell has a six-footer for eagle at 10, but his ball breaks too early and slides by. He taps in for a half to stay one up against Cink.

European Up
2053: Karlsson beats Leonard 5&3
Leonard concedes the 15th to Karlsson and the tall Swede wins the first European point on singles day. No bogeys for Karlsson, that was a steely display, Leonard absolutely steamrollered.

European Up
2052: BIRDIE FOR CASEY AT 16! He rolls in his short one and he's all square with Mahan going down 17. Mickelson does make his par putt at the 14th to keep the match with Rose alive.

2051: Mahan's birdie putt at 16 slides well past the hole and Casey has a very good chance of winning that. Rose's birdie putt at 14 doesn't break left, but that's a par - Mickelson might not make one of those.

US up
European Up
2047: Cometh the hour... magnificent from Casey, he'll have an eight-footer for birdie at 16. Mickelson can only make the top level with his tee shot at 14. Holmes v Hansen is a right old ding-dong - Hansen misses his par putt at 11 to bring it back to all square. Campbell has a shocker on the 7th and Harrington makes hay, winning the hole to peg the American back to one up.

2045: Casey pulls out the big stick at 16 and rips one straight down the middle of the fairway. Mahan is also on, and his iron into the green lands in the heart and skips off the back. Nice shot. Super tee shot from Rose at 14, he's nailing Mickelson to a cross.

2042: Casey is actually one down against Mahan after 16. Leonard misses a 10-footer at 14 to win the hole, and it's looking like Karlsson has got that one sewn up for Europe. Perry's second at 13 is a doozy, he'll have a 15-footer for birdie.

2039: "My mate is stuck at his girlfriend's being forced to watch a popular reality talent show while I keep him up to date, what a disgrace. I still think he'd putt better than Garcia is though..."
Chris, Preston via text on 81111

European Up
European Up
2037: Holmes takes seven at the 10th and Hansen of Denmark goes one up. All of a sudden, there are Americans missing all over the course - here's another, Cink missing his putt to the right to allow McDowell to go one up. Two European arrows to the heart...

2035: Mahan has a snaking 15-footer to win the hole at 15, and Casey, from being all over this hole, now has a four-footer for a half. Weekley comes up short with his birdie putt at 12, leaving Wilson with a chance of winning the hole. Casey makes his putt to stay all square with Mahan, but it was a hole he should have won.

European Up
2033: The pressure weighing down on Casey likes sacks of coal - first he plays his approach into a green-side bunker at 15 and then makes a rickety old swing, the ball just dribbling onto the green apron. Stenson pegs Perry back to two up with a solid birdie putt at 12.

2030: Perry has just had a bit of medical treatment on the 12th fairway and gobbled down some pills. His approach skips through the green. Cracking approach from Wilson at 11, but Weekley's isn't bad either. Leonard really needs to hole his birdie putt at 13, but he pushes it and Karlsson remains four up going down 14.

European Up
US up
2026: McDowellgets back to all square against Cink after the American misses his par putt at the par-three 8th. But Wilson is getting a shoeing from Weekley, Boo is now four up after 10 against the young English rookie. Expect the American to be riding out of town on his golf club hobby horse some time soon, the daft apeth.

European Up
European Up
2023: Karlsson is giving Leonard a damn good thrashing - he's four up after 12 and cruising towards victory in quite imperious fashion. Westwood goes two up against Curtis in match 11, Rose makes his four-footer at 12 to go four up against Mickelson. The world number two is playing like a cheap piano.

2022: Sorry again! I'm taking my cues from a big scoreboard and they haven't got a clue what's going on between Furyk and Jimenez: to clarify - again - Furyk is one up after 8.

2020: Mahan carries the bunker at par-three 14th and the ball slings back to within three feet of the hole. Remarkable stuff, and Casey will have to go some to get inside that... AND HE DOES! Great shot from the Englishman. Another peachy iron shot by Rose into the 12th, he really is all over Mickelson like a Burtons suit.

2017: "The way this is going i think the key match to keep an eye on could be G-Mac's. I think we'll need 4 points from the last 4 matches to sneak a draw." Neil via text on 81111

2015: The pendulum swinging back the hosts' way, and Furyk has actually gone two up on Jimenez after 8. Sorry about the confusion, but it's getting a little bit hectic out there.

US up
US up
European Up
2012: Poulter drains one at 6 to go three up against Stricker, Furyk drains one at 7 to bring Jimenez back to all square. Casey misses a very makeable putt at 13, but Mahan doesn't and he goes one up. Europe really need Casey to hit back there.

US up
2008: Kim beat Garcia 5&4
Not since I witnessed Eric Bristow succumb to dartitis on stage at the 1987 Swedish Open have I seen a sportsman unravel so spectacularly - Garcia misses yet another makeable putt at the 14th and Kim rams home from six feet for the win. Kim goes storming off to the 15th tee, before realising it's all over. Garcia, who has been mothered all the way round by Jose Maria Olazabal, shrugs and shakes Kim's hand, as if to say, "not a lot I could do about that". Indeed, Kim was eight under through 14.

2005: Perry has gone out of bounds at the 10th, Rose and Mickelson both safely on the green at 11. Kim is indeed dormie five, but Garcia has a putt to keep the match alive at the 14th.

2004: "If there is one thing to come out of maybe a losing effort it has to be Poulter and Rose they have been superb so far for Europe."
pompeyblue1980 on 606
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European Up
2003: Hansen wins the 8th against Holmes to get back to all square - looking a lot better for Europe all of a sudden. The US up in only four, Europe up in three, plenty teetering on a knife edge...

European Up
European Up
European Up
1958: Impeccable lob shot at 10 by Mickelson - would you expect any different? - but Rose still in the driver's seat. THE FIGHTBACK STARTS HERE! Casey, who the man opposite me has a pathological hatred for - rolls in from 20 feet at 12 to bring his match with Mahan back to all square. Rose misses his eagle putt at 10, but Mickelson misses for a half - Rose goes three up. Westwood, I believe, has also nicked the 5th to go one up against Curtis.

US up
1954: Another cheer ripples across the fairways, and I now know what the sound of enemy fire felt like for Marines in the jungles of Nam - truly sickening. Splendid approach by Rose at 10. Mickelson is short right with his second at the par five. Campbell curls in a lengthy birdie at 4 to peg Harrington back to all square.

European Up
1950: Karlssonis on fire - he makes his six-footer at 10 and now leads Leonard by four holes. The hosts now up in six, Europe up in four. Kim, as our American friends would say, is owning Garcia today - heat-seeking approach into the 13, while Garcia balloons his about 20 feet long of the putting surface. If I were you, I'd get some gaffer tape and place it over that top match. IGNORE HIM!

US up
1947: WELL DONE JIMMY! Miguel splashes out at 6, and his ball is gobbled up by the hole. He's back to all square with Furyk, and that would be some scalp for the Spaniard. Lovely touch by Wilson at 8, but Weekley rolls in his shortish one to go three up. Here come the "BOOOOOOS!" Like nails being scratched down a blackboard...

1945: Weekley has a six-footer for birdie at 9, Wilson will do pretty well to get his birdie putt inside him, he's just about in Idaho. Casey rolls in for a half at 11. Death by a thousand putts for Europe at the moment.

US up
1943: Garcia is unable to make his long putt at 12 disappear, it looks like he'll be going four down, and that's pretty much game over. Weekley on fire, finding the heart of the green with his tee shot at 8. Garcia is in rancid form: he pushes his par putt at 12 and make that a point for the hosts...

European Up
1941: Tremendous approach by Kim into 12 - he'll have a three-footer for birdie. Weekley splashes out at 7... and straight into the cup. The Americans not letting up. Better news for Harrington at the 3rd, he pops in from six feet to go one up against Campbell.

European Up
1939: Right, here's hoping I can bring about a change of luck... Poulter rolls in at four to go two up over Stricker...

By Andrew McKenzie

US up
1932: Campbell takes the 2nd hole and that's back to all square against Harrington for him. there's a long, long way to go and plenty of matches can still turn but at the moment it is all America. They are up in seven and all square in two others. The only option is to hand over to Mr Dirs in the hope of sparking a Euro surge.

European Down
1926: Garcia might as well start putting with his driver. A birdie effort is again weak and wayward on the 11th, giving Kim a chance to go back to three ahead. It looks headed for the cup stays above ground. They are not giving each other anything either. Kim knocks in his tiddler and wanders off to leave Garcia to finish off his. Oh my God Garcia, that's a horrific miss. The way he is playing you can write this game off. That's a Euro down arrow I'm afraid.

US up
1925: Give it up Stenson son. I hope he's brought plenty of balls because that's number three in the water at the 7th hole and he's heading to the 7th in danger of being overran by Perry.

1924: Stenson can get nothing going against Perry. He finds the water off the tee and his third shot also goes scuba diving and he looks like going three down again.

European Up
1919: Kim falls apart at the 10th to hand Garcia a rare hole. The American fluffs his chip and then can't do much better with his second effort and that's a rare bit of joy for El Nino.

European Up
European Up
European Up
1917: Great start for Padraig as he puts his second close and Campbell can do no better than a five so the Irishman is off and running. Westwood is back to level after winning the second and Casey finds some form to take the 9th and pull it back to just a one-hole deficit as Mahan's putt runs by the hole.

European Up
1915: Leonard lines up his bunker shot, knowing he needs to hole it for a half. He only nearly does you know? But it squirms just past the hole and that's Karlsson three up.

1913: Blooming marvellous young man. Rose clips one close to the hole at the 7th and Mickelson finds trouble on the left side. He attempts to lob one on to the green with his third and makes a right fluff of it. Looking good for Rosie.

1911: Karlsson is proving to be Europe's main man and he produces a lovely tee shot at the 8th. He admires it in the air and has every right to as it lands on the putting surface and works its way to the pin, stopping about a foot away. Leonard can't match it as he hits the sand.

US up
US up
US up
1906: Disaster time for Europe as Cink goes up against McDowell, Casey slips back against Mahan and Curtis wins the 1st hole against Westwood. All of a sudden Europe are down in eight of the 11 matches out on the course. Meanwhile Faldo is seen handing out presents to the crowd.

1904: Garcia cannot buy a putt for all of the paella in Spain. He makes a better stab of it only to see it turn away at the last second. Kim has a very makeable one to go four up at the turn. He misses one and about time too but he's still looking cocky as they come. And he has every right to as he has gone out in 31.

1903: "Not sure what I am enjoying more, watching the US team play great or reading those on the other side of the pond get their undies in a bunch about the crowd. Want to shut the crowd up? Make some shots."
littaguyon 606
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US up
US up
1902: Weekley seems to be making everything as he pops one on from mid-range to go ahead at the 5th, while Jimenez is off from about 12ft to fall two down after three holes.

1900: "Hottest day of the week, I reckon. Glad I remembered my waterproofs. Although they might come in handy for all the European champagne spraying later."
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts at Valhalla

European Up
1856: Casey, after a shocker of a drive, pulls a rabbit out of the bottom of the hat as he takes the 7th. He's helped in a big way by a horror show from Mahan as he chips way short and then can't hole. A boost in the arm for Europe's openers.
European Up
1854: Rose is way off line with his birdie putt at the 6th but the length is good and Mickelson gives it to him. Lefty has one from 5ft for the half and it's in. And then it's out as it curls round the cup and stays above ground. Rose is ahead.

US up
1852: Perry's putter is on fire and he lands another big fish at the 5th to go three up on Stenson.

1850: Oh for goodness sake Garcia. Has Kim been bending the face of your putter or something? Kim splashes out and sinks his putt back and the Spaniard, from slightly closer to the hole, misses to the left.

1848: "Those who think Faldo was the right man must be very few now. Leaving all our big guns till the end was foolhardy, the Cup may well be as good as over by then. Paul Casey has proven that he should never have been picked ahead of European talisman Darren Clarke. Faldo has a lot to answer for. Terrible as a leader and disastrous as a tactician."
mwill96 on 606
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1844: More signs of spikiness at the 7th. What is it about this hole? Is it all the water. Mahan clears the drink but it's off to the left of the green and not pretty. It's even uglier for Casey as his drive has landed in the shrubbery. He plays an iron out to a safe distance. All to play for on that one.

European Up
1846: Wilson is safely in for a half at the 4th after Weekley holes for a birdie and then Karlsson rolls one in from around 18ft for a win at the 6th to go two up.

1844: Kim on the tee at the short 8th and you get the feeling that he's in the sort of mood for a hole-in-one. Instead he's in the bunker and Garcia pulls one out the bag as he lands it to inside 5ft. Come on my son.

1842: No such worries for European rookies Wilson and McDowell as the former plonks one by the pin at the 4th and the Northern Irishman sinks a tricky 5ft putt for a half against Cink at the 1st.

1841: Kim is up on the 8th tee and giving the crowd the high-fives. He's winning this one by a landslide and Garcia needs to find his A-game from somewhere. He's being taken to school by a Ryder rookie.

1839: "Casey seems to have blamed everything apart from himself for his bad shots so far, of which there have been a lot. That match is all over already."
Neil, London, via text

1837: Garcia plays his fourth shot from the same spot and he goes in the water again. That's three down now and Kim seems to have got to him. This is not the lead-out performance Europe needed. Meanwhile Casey keeps it together to hole a short one for a half at the 6th.

1834: Kim clears the drink at the 7th but can't find the dancefloor. Garcia's drive has come up just against the edge of the fairway. He's using a mid-iron and he pulls away from the shot several times. It looks a long, long way to make it over that water. It seems to hang in the air for a long time and when it comes down it ends with a splosh. He's looking like going three down.

1833: "The Europeans mustn't go three down today, if you go three down in singles matchplay, it's almost irretrievable…"
Bernard Gallagher on Radio 5 Live

1829: Shots being fired in from all over the place and back at the 1st Jimenez has gone through the green and Furyk turns the early screw when he peppers the flag. Wilson sees one lip out at the 3rd, giving Weekley the chance to get it back to all square. It's straight into the centre of the hole and the chants of Boo-S-A are never far away.

1829: "Now the chickens are coming home to roost for Faldo and his ego. Sticking out of form Casey in at number two? Leaving in-form Poulter and McDowell at the rear when it will probably be all over by the time they even tee off? Can't understand the thinking in this line-up by Faldo at all. It's starting to look worse and worse by the minute."
clydebear on 606
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US up
US up
1823: Not such good news as Garcia misses his 8-footer to try and escape with a half. He misreads it horribly and never threatens the hole and Kim has a small one for the win, which he knocks in with relish. Looks like this could be a feisty match-up. Meanwhile the crowd level goes up a notch or two as Perry sinks one from way downtown at the 3rd for another American win.

European Up
European Up
1825: A couple of much-needed up arrows as Hansen takes the opening hole from Holmes and Wilson taps in after his lovely approach at the 2nd.

1823: Garcia has had to take a drop at the 6th after finding some thick stuff. Kim gets involved with the referee and there is a bit of a hold up before the Spaniard finds the putting surface.

1822: Karlsson is looking to be striking the ball sweetly and he finds the back of the green on the 5th. The Swede could be a hard one to beat today in this form.

1820: Oliver Wilson is showing few signs of early nerves and he sends a lovely approach into the 2nd hole. Meanwhile Mickaelson knocks in a birdie at the 4th but it's only enough for a half as Rose's has already been conceded.

1819: "For all the talk of the Poulter selection, I find it very ironic that Casey is the one having a shocker. That's an awful bogey from 97 yards out."
nireland1-0 on 606
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US up
1816: Stenson finds trouble on the 2nd and Perry has a short one for the hole. All of a sudden there is some early red on the board and that's not part of the Faldo masterplan.

US up
1815: After a fine drive Casey makes a horrible has of the 5th hole. He misses his 7ft for a par and Mahan taps in from a couple of feet to go two ahead.

European Up
1813: Some joy for Karlsson as his short putt is conceded and Leonard cannot hole his birdie opportunity from about 20ft. Get that beautiful blue arrow out.

1812: Garcia has found trouble at the 6th and sees Kim plonk one on the green in two. It's far from the flag but Kim is looking on top of his game already.

1809: Karlsson sensibly lays up short off the tee at the 4th and then hits a storming second that lands right by the hole. Leonard is much further back and the Swede will have a very good chance of going ahead here.

1807: Wilson has a long birdie putt at the opener to silence Weekley early doors and he makes a lovely stroke but it comes up just to the right of the hole. Meanwhile Garcia is wayward off the tee at the 6th. Weekley chips up to tapping-in distance at the 1st and that's tied.

1805: Azinger is obviously hoping to get the crowd going in these middle games with Perry, Weekley and Holmes going out in succession. Weekley is seen pretending to ride one of his clubs like a horse. I wasn't expecting to see that today and I can't possibly tell you my colleagues' reaction to his antics.

1802: Leonard has a wonderful chance to go ahead against Karlsson but he sees a putt of just a few putt lip out.

US up
1800: Mahan makes birdie at the 4th and Casey can't respond. A topsy survy start for the Englishman.

1758: Perry rolls in a putt of around 20ft for a birdie at the 1st. That's got the crowds going, but Stenson follows him in from about 8ft. Great response and some stunning golf already.

1755: Perry has hit a cracker on to the green at the 1st. Great start from the Kentucky native. It turns out that Hansen's caddie has slipped a disc and has had to pull out. He's got a replacement lined up in Billy Foster but not a great start.

1753: Stenson is safely on at the 1st hole as he plops it in the middle of the green.

1751: Karlsson has a birdie putt at the 2nd for a win and it's a nice stroke but won't drop. Leonard still has a 6ft putt for a half after running one a bit past. He doesn't miss many from that range and that remains all square.

"Eagerly awaiting the start now and wetting myself in a combination of laughter and anger at the utter drivel and unadulterated self hype that American TV is offering prior to the start. Come on the boys, don't let them win or my life in georgia gets a lot harder!"
piers on 606
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1749: Local boy Perry hears the cheers at the 1st and both he and Stenson are off safely down the fairway.

1747: Mahan chips up on to the green about 5ft from the hole and Casey has a chance to nail one. It's decent but short and his opponent concedes. Mahan has a tester for the half and he makes it. That'll help him.

1744: Rose checks out his line and strikes it well. It heads for the hole and looks right on line but just comes up short. Chance for Lefty but he too comes up just a few ball rolls shy of the hole. All square.

1742: Rose's approach lands just past the pin on the 1st and just runs on a touch. It's not bad though and he'll have an outside chance for birdie. Mickelson hits a low one in and it's a good un but it also skips on a little. On the 3rd tee Mahan is wayward and Casey pulls out a nice one just right and past the flag.

US up
1740: Casey sees his long par putt on the 2nd hole turn away from the hole and Mahan has two for the win. He takes them both and that game's back to level.

1739: Kim splashes out on the 3rd and Garcia can't hole his. The 23-year-old American then finishes his off and stays one ahead.

1737: Karlsson plays a fine bunker shot and Leonard misses his birdie putt so they share the opener. Good escape from the big fella. Rose gets a good one away at the 1st and Mickelson responds with a boomer that rolls past Rosie's and just into the first cut of rough.

1735: Next up to get their match under way is Mickelson and Rose. Lefty has had a decent Ryder Cup by his standards but his singles record is shocking. He's lost five out of six and the only person he has beaten was Jarmo Sandelin in 1999.

1732: Kim finds sand at the 3rd and Garcia responds with a very tidy tee shot which plops on the green and about 15ft short. Good response after falling behind.

1730: Leonard sends his second shot to the 1st green out to the right but it comes in nicely and settles on the putting surface, gradually making its way towards the hole. not a good response from Karlsson as he finds the bunker.

1729: I did Mahan a slight disservice with his missed putt on the 1st. It was probably about 4ft. Either way it missed and he's one down.

US up
1729: Garcia did find the green on the 2nd but it's a long way from the hole and he can't sink it and Kim will have a short one for an early strike. It's maybe 4ft and he's taking a long look at it from every angle. Never in doubt as he rolls into the centre of the cup.

1726: Karlsson and Leonard are both away on the 1st tee and both find the fairway without trouble.

European Up
1724: Ooooooh. Casey can't sink his birdie but Mahan misses his 2ft putt for a par and a half. Not the confidence-destroyer you need on the opener. Great to get that Euro flag out early on.

1723: Mahan rolls his long putt towards the 1st hole and it's a cracker but just brushes a few inches past the hole. Casey will have one for the win. Meanwhile Sergio misses the green on the 2nd and Kim takes advantage as he plonks one by the stick.

1721: Karlsson and Leonard are on the 1st and preparing to have their photo taken. Leonard jumps in the air in mockery of the height difference between the pair, which is considerable. Karlsson is a big old unit and he'll have some considerable distance advantage off the tee. The putting could be the key to that one though.

1718: Garcia tees off on the 2nd and he just drifts it off to the rough on the left, while Kim is safely on to the fairway. Back on the 1st and Mahan is short and just finds the front of the green. A chance for Casey to get an early dig in and it's a good one to the back about 15ft past the flag. Good start PC.

1715: "The atmosphere on the 1st tee on the K Club was emotional - this is just great knockabout fun."
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts at Valhalla

1713: Next up on the 1st is Casey and Mahan. The Englishman needs to bring out his big guns today and hopefully that putt on the 18th will have helped. He spanks one away down the left to around where Kim's drive finished. Mahan, a rookie and a captain's pick, also finds the fairway but it runs into the semi-rough.

1712: Apparently Garcia suggested they should just pick up but Kim said no, no, no. The Spaniard knocks his in and picks up Kim's marker. The mind games begin! Smart move from Serge, try and keep the crowd quiet.

1711: There's going to be no time for reflection today as the games are going to be coming thick and fast. the next boys are due on the 1st tee as Kim and Garcia reach the green. They should probably just concede each other's putts and get on with it but they're going to have to see them out.

1709: Garcia has a wedge in his hand. He's 120 yards from the pin. A fly gets in his way and he has to pull away. He takes a wiggle and fires one in. Right back at you Kimmy baby. He plonks it right by the pin, about the same distance as Kim's but on the other side. What a start, what a match we have, what a day this is going to be.

1708: Kim to go first and it's an absolute belter. It's better than that as it lands right by the flag. It's no more than two feet away. Follow that Sergio.

1708: Faldo heads off down the 1st with Garcia. How the Englishman would love to have a club in his hand and be playing in this.

1706: "The European fans to the left of the first tee just made Paul Casey, Sergio Garcia, Nick Faldo and Jose Maria Olazabal crease up as they stood on the practice range. Fans spotted a cameraman in an Hawaiian shirt and serenaded him with firm favourite "Who got dressed up in the dark?"
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts at Valhalla

1704: Rookie Anthony Kim shows no sign of pressure as he belts one off the tee to great roars. It joins Garcia on the fairway.

1703: The Spaniard gives the crowd a little nod of appreciation. This boy is a showman for sure and he unleashes one into the blue sky. It lands in the rough on the left but bounces nicely on to the semi stuff and then on to the fairway. It's position A.

1703: Sergio Garcia is on the tee and preparing to get the opening singles game under way. Hold on to your hats.

1658: Five minutes to the opening tee off and just enough time to bring you latest from our boys out in Valhalla:

"If the Ryder Cup was decided by a song contest, Europe would already be 10&8 winners as the massed ranks of travelling supporters outsing their US counterparts in the stands beside the 1st tee. Meanwhile, a caddie is passing out European flags to fans in the crowd. This joint is jumping."
BBC Sport's Alex Trickett at Valhalla
The latest from the Louisville Lip

1656: Talking of Poulter, did anyone catch his little jostle with Anthony Kim yesterday? If you didn't, the two seemed to clash with Kim watching Poulter's match against Furyk and Perry. Poulter accused him of getting in the way at the 14th. "He kind of walked into me, and it was not the best thing to do when you are trying to play golf," said Poulter. "I don't think it was very professional." It's a shame they are not playing against each other today!

1654: "Poulter to make the winning put today for Europe. It's going to be an emotional moment. Come on Europe!"
Kyle, Leamington, via text on 81111

What a story that would be. Did anyone else think that his celebration on the 18th yesterday was a bit Stuart Pearce-esque? I didn't think I'd ever compare fancy pants Poults with Psycho.

1647: We've just had some pictures of Faldo arriving at the course earlier on. Explaining his thinking about the line-up, he suggested that they would be looking to "hold them off early on and then have the big guys at the end". He also is looking for Sergio Garcia's experience to get one over on the talented Kim.

1643: "What a WEEKend we've had...If Ian can get one point in the POULT then we will be HOLMES and dry! Take that Mr. McKenzie!
The Legend that was Digger on 606
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WestWOOD you please stop this please? I need to get in the zone.

1639: Until recently the Americans were traditionally the better in the singles. I think the feeling was that they generally had the better players, which seems to count for more in singles. But the last few times we have turned it around. Since 1999, when they did us on the last day 8.5-3.5, we have won the final day. In 2002 and 2004 it was 7.5-4.5 to the Euros and at the K club last time out America took a 8.5-3.5 spanking.

1635: "How common is it for all 24 players to have already contributed to the scoring before the singles are played? By my reckoning every member of both sides has been involved in at least a halved match. Is this some sort of record?"
dingletaffy on 606
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Great question dingletaffy and one to which I have no answer. Anyone got time to have a rifle through the record books?

1633: Just to clear it up for any Ryder Cup newcomers, if the match does finish as a tie then there will be no play-offs or anything like that. It will go down as a tie in the record books but Europe will keep the trophy as defending champions. Maybe just for once Faldo and Azinger should play 18 holes for the trophy. Or maybe do 15 rounds in the ring. Apparently they played poker in the build-up to this tournament, Azinger led but Faldo did him at the end...Half an hour to go folks.

1629: Ex-Ryder Cupper Andrew Coltart has gone for a 14-14 tie, while 5 Live's golf correspondent Iain Carter said he also initially went for a tie and thinks Ollie Wilson will take a half off Boo Weekley. The general consensus is that it's going to be closer than close.

1625: Bernard Gallacher, who knows a thing or two about close Ryder Cup matches, has just been on BBC Radio 5 Live and he picked out the Soren Hansen-JB Holmes match as one to watch:

"That's an interesting one. Soren is a beautiful ball striker, he's straight but not the biggest hitter. He doesn't miss fairways while JB Holmes is very exciting and hits it all over Kentucky. But Holmes could have a good day. We're talking serious distance. In one of the games Soren was hitting a hybrid to the green off a good tee shot and JB hit a pitching wedge. We're talking serious distance.

"Hopefully this is where Nick's experience will prove the difference. He will be saying just get it on the fairway."

1619: Howell's about that? OK I'll stop now, it's just nervous energy. On 606 admiralandrea has suggested that the Davis Cup packs as much excitement into three days as the Ryder Cup. Not sure about that, but if you want to catch the very latter stages of that then follow the link below:
Live text - Bogdanovic v Peya

1610: Do you think the Price is right? Sorry. He doesn't sound too positive to me. How about David Howell, a singles winner in 2006. Here's his chat:

"I think there will be a huge sense of anticipation among the European team that they could pull off a stunning victory. Everybody played well yesterday and heroes came put of the shadows again. Oliver Wilson (and Henrik Stenson) coming back from four down against Phil Mickelson (and Anthony Kim) in his debut Ryder Cup match was an incredible result. The confidence that will give him going into today could prove invaluable.

"I think it is going to be close and going to come down to how the lesser lights play again. Our team looked very confident yesterday, and the likes of Graeme McDowell played fantastically well. Ian Poulter has stood up well to the test of being a wildcard pick tremendously well.

"Our star names - Harrington, Garcia and Westwood - haven't pulled in as many points as you might have expected, but I think that bodes well for today. Those three have had the burden of responsibility on their shoulders and will be really determined to bring home the points today."

"It is a case of going out there, being focused and determined and not making any stupid errors, and being prepared that you might end up with the most nerve-wracking putt of your life. You have got to be prepared to want to be in that situation. Someone today will have to make a pressure-packed putt to win the match for their team. Let's hope it is one of our team."

1607: So enough about the stats and nonsense from me. Let's hear from some former Ryder Cup heroes about what's going to happen today. First, Wales' Philip Price - one of Europe's 2002 heroes when he knocked off Phil Mickelson:

"I think the Americans have the upper hand right now. They have played the better golf but it is in the balance. Europe need to start well. They are two points behind and they need to get out of the blocks quickly. All Faldo's players are rested because only Poulter has played in all the matches, but the problem could be that he hasn't got enough points on the board, the guys are still fresh but the match is lost.

"It would be a great line-up if the match was closer but the concern is the US have put their strength at the top end. It is so important that Europe get off to a good start otherwise the crowd will get on the US side and the match will be gone. If it stays close I do favour Europe but I think the match could be already gone by the time it gets to them."

1603: Exactly one hour until tee off time. I'm both incredibly excited and nervous about how today is going to go. Not only about Europe's chances, but, once the final game gets started at 1904, the chances of being able to stay across all 12 games when the putts start flying in all over the place. This is going to be matchplay madness at its best (and worst!).

1559: "Good morning from Valhalla. For what it's worth (and that's not much) 14-14 and the cup comes home. But I do tend to be optimistic when it comes to sporting predictions. Whatever the result, can't wait. The crowds are already bagging the best seats at the ninth green. Only about four hours until they see some golf!"
BBC Sport's Alex Trickett at Valhalla

1557: "Might as well make it interesting, I'm going to put a fiver on this and hope that more people keep taking pictures during Mickelson's swing to put him off."
bansheebeat on 606
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But who is your money on bansheebeat?

1555: If previous experience counts for anything then, for the record, the US team has a combined total in Ryder Cup singles of played 19, won 6, lost 10, drawn 3 (points percentage of 39%). Europe's is played 20, won 9, lost 11, drawn 0 (points percentage of 45%).

1550: Despite this Ryder Cup seemingly being determined to make a mockery of any expectations, experience, form - not to mention my rather pathetic predictions - surely things will go a little bit more to plan in the singles. Will they?

1543: Of course, Ollie's suggestion implies that we are not going to have any halved singles games. Seems unlikely, but not as Curtis Strange as you'd imagine. Europe's team have played 20 singles games in the Ryder Cup without one game finishing all square. Crazy but true.

1535: It's been noticeable - and very much welcome - that even on a day when Chelsea play Manchester United in the Premier League, the hot topic of debate in the office is about the Ryder Cup. My colleague Ollie Brett, who I'm pretty sure is down to cover cricket today, has even been doing some Ryder Cup research of his own. Based on golf's world rankings, the singles matches are scheduled to finish all tied 6-6. On that basis the deciding match could be Mahan (36th in the world) against Casey (38th).
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1531: "Just as in 1995, Europe have to get blue on the board early. Big load on the shoulders of Garcia, Casey (get on top early Paul, Mahan will bottle it - there's a reason he's only won once and almost self-destructed even then) and Karlsson, but if they can play anywhere close to their best, Europe could be three up early."
kwiniaskagolfer on 606
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1515: Is there any other sporting event that packs so much intense drama into three days? After two days of ups and downs and twists and turns we head into the final day's singles with it all to play for. Paul Azinger's US team hold a lead of two points, but considering the last two days that could all change very quickly.

If I had one hope for today (aside from a European win of course) it would be that this Ryder Cup is remembered for some of the most amazing golf by some of the greatest players under the most remarkable pressure there is in sport.

As ever all of your contributions are gratefully received, even if we cannot use every one. You know the drill by now: text us on 81111 or get involved on 606.
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