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Valhalla GC, Kentucky
19-21 September

Match score: United States 9-7 Europe

Saturday's fourballs results:

Weekley/Holmes beat Westwood/Hansen2&1
Curtis/Stricker halved Garcia/Casey
Perry/Furyk lose to Poulter/McDowell 1 up
Mickelson/Mahan halved Stenson/Karlsson

Saturday's foursomes results:

Cink/Campbell lost to Poulter/Rose 4&3
Leonard/Mahan halved Jimenez/McDowell
Mickelson/Kim lost to Stenson/Wilson 2&1
Furyk/Perry beat Harrington/Karlsson 3&1


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By Ben Dirs

European Up
European Up
European Up
European Up
European Up
European Up
0022: What an extraordinary day's golf, it simply doesn't get any better than that. Time to head home and get my head down before tomorrow's singles, it's going to be monumental. One last question: anyone still think Faldo's an idiot? Nope, didn't think so... Oh, sorry, forgot to put the arrows in... happy now?

"Hopefully Poulter, McDowell and Karlsson play like they did this evening in the singles. That would be three points in the bag. And hopefully someone teaches Casey to putt overnight. Gonna be a great day tomorrow." kirkthemag on 606Join the debate on 606

"It's been a great day for Europe. By cutting USA's lead by one point, we've given ourselves a hell of a chance of retaining that trophy now."
Liverpool FC on 606Join the debate on 606

0014: Mickelson/Mahan halved with Stenson/Karlsson
Karlsson feathers his putt towards the hole, but it slides past left-side and dribbles a few feet by. However, he holds it together back up the hill and that's a half. That's the fourballs done and Europe are right back in the mix going into Sunday's singles.

0011: Mahan'sbirdie attempt breaks too soon and he'll have to settle for a four. Karlsson has an eight-footer for the match, two putts for a half...

0009: Mickelson duffs his chip - his third shot - at 18. Stenson gets his escape inside the dustbin lid, but Mickelson is out of the game after another average chip.

"Ian Poulter... Sports Personality of the Year!"
Digger on 606Join the debate on 606

0005: Mahan is on the apron of the green with his second blow at 18. But Karlsson betters him, his ball hitting the bank at the back and sliding back towards the hole. Cracking. Stenson, alas, finds the bunker at the front. Poults just gets better - he just called McDowell "G-Mac"! Tremendous.

European Up
0000: Poulter/McDowell beat Perry/Furyk 1 up
McDowell barely touches his putt, but it slides by the hole. All on Poulter. AND POULTER'S DONE IT! It wasn't a long putt, but it was a tester and Poulter - in some people's eyes the idiot who should never have been there - is equal to it. Good on you son, you played magnificently today. Expect to see that Poulter roar all over your papers tomorrow morning.

2359: Furyk now has a 20-footer fromthe front of the green at 18 to bring it back to all square... but he leaves it high and Poulter should knock his putt in to keep him and McDowell one ahead... I say should. McDowell has the chance to take the pressure off from 15 feet...

2355: That's a magnificent shot from Poulter, the ball gripping and spinning back to within a few feet. That's tough luck for Stenson though, his monster at 17 stops centimetres short of the hole. Mickelson, however, prods his by and match four is all square up the last. Can you take this? Not sure I can...

2352: McDowell's third flies over the hole but doesn't spin back and he's got a long one for birdie. Poulter has a choice - bobble it up to the flag or parachute his ball in?

2351: Karlsson very nearly holes his pitch at 17, but it bobbles by. Mickelson played a superb shot in, and he and Stenson both have putts for birdie.

2349: Poulter's left hand immediately comes off the club after his approach into 18, but it's not as bad as it looks, he's with McDowell short and right. Furyk is on the front and Perry is just off the putting surface. Advantage USA.

2346: Curtis/Stricker halved with Garcia/Casey
Well done Casey. The Englishman makes his putt and the match is halved. Cracking match that, albeit one you might have expected Europe to win. Sixteen halves in that encounter, it was tense all the way.

2344: The roof comes off Valhalla as Steve Stricker makes his clutch putt from the front of the green... all of a sudden Casey and Garcia have putts to halve the match.

2342: Garcia starts his putt way left, and for a moment it looks like it might drop down the ledge. But it does, and his ball snakes right and that's one doozy of an effort. He'll have a six-footer for birdie.

2337: Roars billow across the course, but at this time of night, the locals are so pumped up they'd cheer a discarded bag of crisps skipping across a green. Stricker has a shocking lie, and he's very twitchy, asking someone to turn their radio down. Not a bad effort, but his ball rolls about 15 feet from the cup. Garcia has a very long putt for eagle...

2335: "Come on, dial in," says Casey's caddie as his man prepares to pitch on. The Englishman complies, although he might have expected his ball to skip on a little further. Ben Curtis is in some horrible stuff: his ball is shin high on the side of a ridge, and he's only able to hack it a few yards forward.

2334: Apologies, Furyk was also still in play, and his putt drags its feet and rolls around the rim before dropping in. Poulter and McDowell stay one up with one to play. It's one mistake and you're dead time...

2332: Tremendous three from Poulter at 17, a slinky eight-footer for birdie. Perry has a putt to halve the hole...

2331: Garcia is on, but he's on the upper level and has got a devil of a putt back down to the hole. Mickelson and Mahan halve with Stenson and Karlsson at 16, they stay all square.

2329: Curtis gives it a rip, and the ball finds cabbage front right. Casey's second at the 18th balloons way right, it's Garcia versus Stricker... Back at 16, Mickelson rolls his lengthy putt a few feet by, leaving Stenson with a chance to win the hole.

2328: Poulter matches Perry's effort at 17, his ball just carrying the bunker guarding the front. Azinger has some words of wisdom for Curtis on the 18th, and he seems to be telling him to lay-up. With Stricker in position A, that's sound advice.

2325: Perry is safely on in two at 17, he'll have a very makeable putt for birdie. Mahan has already played four at 16, so Mickelson is on his own. Both Swedes have chances. Great chip shot from Karlsson, he should get down in three.

2321: We're entering possibly the most important passage of the whole match here - the hosts could conceivably be six up going into the singles. Garcia hammers his tee shot down the middle at 18, but Casey hooks his into a sea of sand to the left of the fairway. Curtis, however, yanks his into some horrible scrub, before Stricker threads his drive straight down the middle.

2317: Casey misses from around 18 feet, and Stricker rolls in for a half. Curtis has his putt to win the hole. Casey looks spooked, he really is out of sorts this weekend. But Curtis chokes, dribbling his attempt to the left of the hole. Curtis, remarkably, has had one birdie so far in 35 holes. All square down the last.

2314: Garcia takes an age over his birdie putt at 17. He's not sure what way it's breaking... and in the end, he forgets to hit it. McDowell is in sensational form - I'm definitely calling him the Bullfighter now - the Ulsterman rolls in from 15 feet to halve the 16th, he and Poulter remain one up. As I suspected, match three is proving to be a classic.

2312: Kentucky boy Kenny Perry has a 25-footer for birdie at 16, but his ball snakes just left of the hole. Stricker is out of the game up ahead at 17, it's a straight shoot-out between Casey, Garcia and Curtis.

2308: Karlsson makes birdie at 15, but Mickelson and Mahan are yet to play. Mahan rolls in from six feet, they're all square with three to play in the bottom match. Garcia gets his ball to within 25 feet at 17, while Casey gets even closer. It's getting very edgy in match two, but I still fancy Casey or Garcia to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

2305: Mahan also finds the 15th green in two hits, and we've got ourselves some "U-S-A! U-S-A!" Smashing. Stricker's in some strife, 137 yards from the flag and in sand at 17. He gets good contact, but still comes up short. Curtis has about 140 yards to the pin, and he kills his ball stone dead about 15 feet away.

2303: Curtis rips one down the fairway at 17, but he's well short of Casey and Garcia. Perry plays a pearling iron shot into the 16th, he'll have a 25-footer for birdie. Stenson finds the heart of the green at 15 - he and Karlsson have had five birdies in seven holes, but they can't shake off Mickelson and Mahan.

2300: Not sure if Boo's ever read a book, but it reminds me of that old Bill Hicks riff, when the waitress says to him: "Looks like we've got ourselves a reader..." "Yeh, so I don't have to be a @*@% waffle waitress..." Thankfully for the family Weekley, he's pretty tasty with a rod of iron in his hands.

"Boo Weekley has just replaced Craig Bellamy as my most hated sportsman. Do you think he's ever read a book?"
Neil, London, via text

2256: Stricker's putt at 16 looks in all the way, but his ball suddenly pulls on the breaks at the last second. Garcia and Casey still have to putt, and the Spaniard rolls in for a half from 10 feet. Faldo, watching green-side, looks like a man who has just completed a 13-month tour in Nam. Haunted.

2254: Tremendous half from McDowell at 15, the Ulsterman has been a revelation this weekend. Karlsson and Mickelson sink lengthy putts for birdies and a half at the 14th. The bottom match stays all square.

2251: Match two is looking extremely important now and you'd hope Garcia and Casey have enough class and experience to pull that out of the fire. It could all come down to one shot. Weekley and Holmes interviewed on the telly, you half expected a burst of Duelling Banjos to be piped in over the background.

2248: That's Westwood's first Ryder Cup defeat since 2002. Stenson and Karlsson both find the heart of the green at 14, but so do Mickelson and Mahan. Unbelievable scenes at 15 - Furyk plays a sensational second for a gimme, but McDowell gets very close with his and could well halve the hole from there, he's no more than six feet away.

US up
2242: Weekley/Holmes beat Westwood/Hansen 2&1 ...Hansen shaves the hole with his birdie attempt, and Westwood now has a right-to-lefter from 10 feet to keep the match alive... but Westwood doesn't hit it firmly enough, it lips out and Weekley and Holmes put points on the board. I was just about to criticise Weekley, but the chap next to me just told me his family are very nice - he's met them - and they're "lovely people".

European Up
2238: Mahan misses a tiddler at 13 to hand the hole to Karlsson and Stenson. His ball staggered round the rim like a drunk but decided against dropping in. Weekley leaves his match-winning birdie putt high at 17 and Hansen has a putt to win the hole...

2234: Stenson plays a doozy of an approach into 13 and gives himself a chance of a birdie. Europe need a rash of birdies, and they need them fast. Weekley comes up short with his approach at 17, Hansen is already close with his second. Karlsson makes birdie at 13, America still to play. I'm having real problems telling Karlsson and Stenson apart. Is it racist to say Swedes all look the same? Obviously not because I just wrote it.

US up
2232: Garcia's birdie putt lips out at 15, and Stricker has a 15-footer to win the hole... it breaks too soon, it's all square three to play. Perry and Furyk peg Poulter and McDowell back to one hole at 14.

2230: McDowell with a dreamy tee shot into the 14th. But what a shot that is from Perry - he kills it stone dead and he's a few feet from the cup. There's Kim high fiving as they leave the green, and Poulter looks like he had a bit of a word. Kim seems like a nice chap, but I think his parents didn't give him enough attention when he was little.

2229: "One thing I've noticed today is how poor the Europeans' catching of the ball after they've putted has been."
The Legend that was Digger on 606Join the debate on 606

European Up
2225: Garcia, gripping down the club, plays a very nice approach into the 15th. Stricker's isn't much further away. Back at the 12th, Karlsson nails a 10-footer to win the hole, meaning Mickelson and Mahan lead by just one. We're crackling ladies and gents, we're crackling.

2223: Stenson can only manage a par five at 16, leaving Westwood with a 15-footer to win the hole... but he tugs it left, and the Americans won't be conceding that. McDowell taps in to halve the 13th. Westwood drills his par putt in at 16 to keep match one alive.

2220: Holmes feathers his putt towards the hole, but it just snakes left and stays up. Mickelson goes close with his chip at 12, Karlsson still has a chance to win that hole.

2218: Weekley was plugged, and he only just manages to hack it onto the putting surface. Holmes has got a slippery left-to-righter for birdie. Weekley with two birdies on the last two holes, time for Holmes to join the party?

2215: Weekley could be plugged at 16, so Holmes plays safe and plonks his approach in the heart of the green. It's starting to crackle now as the matches draw to a close. Frankly, if you offered me two points now I'd bite your arm off. Hansen's pitch at 16 scampers through the green, he'll have a very tricky par putt.

2213: Crackerjack second from Westwood at 16, the ball clearing a bunker at the front of the green and stopping dead on the dancefloor. Garcia chips close, the 14th is halved.

2209: Jimenez sucks on a dirty great Stogie next to the 14th green as his compatriot Garcia prepares to putt out. Apparently they cost about $200 a pop, which is more than my car's worth. Big cheers rip across the course from the 14th as Curtis sends his birdie putt on its way, but the balls is scared of the hole and ducks sideways at the last second. Casey splashes out to within six feet.

2205: Stricker and Curtis both fail to make it up the ridge on the 14th green, not sure where Garcia went I'm afraid. Stenson makes his par at 11 and the hosts stay two up in match four. Good up and down from Poulter at 12 to keep Europe two up in match three. Some possible bad news - someone's stuck a weather warning sticker on the scoreboard, we could be in for some squally stuff. Still some blue skies up ahead though, we could be OK.

2201: Westwood drains his birdie putt at 15. Casey really is very flat today, and he yanks his tee shot at 14 into a green-side bunker. Westwood and Hansen, perhaps irked by some of the shenanigans from the galleries following their match, make Weekley putt out from a foot, and the American makes it.

2158: Garcia makes sure Casey doesn't have to putt out, curling in his birdie putt at 13 from 15 feet to halve the hole. A little fist rattle from the Spaniard, I just have a feeling, and it's a good one...

2156: Curtis' birdie putt at 13 looks in all the way, but lips out. Stricker's putt looks in all the way... and is. Casey has a three-footer to halve the match. Hansen plays in immaculate approach at 15... but Weekley gets inside it...

2153: Mickelson matches Karlsson's birdie at 10 and he and Mahan stay two up. The US pair seven under for their round. Stricker pings his approach at 13 through the back, advantage Europe in match two. Poulter gets a flyer at the 12th, his ball overshooting the green by quite some distance.

2150: PECHE DE LA PECHE FROM CASEY! He's a wizard with a wedge, and he gets his approach to within three feet of the cup at 13. Garcia is also safely on, but he'll be a little disappointed with that. Still, big pressure on Curtis and Stricker.

US up
2146: Weekley putts in from off the green at 14 and the galleries go wild. McDowell and Poulter do enough at 11 to stay two up. It's all on a knife edge... Karlsson absolutely drills his birdie putt home back at the 10th, if that had missed it would have ended up in Tennessee.

"Re:Poulter. I have to admit, the guy has been great and proved me wrong. If all of the players had his grit (up until now) Europe would be a lot better off. Credit where credit's due - he was under huge pressure."
tuskenraider on 606

2139: Curtis misreads his birdie putt at 12, these greens are getting very slippery as evening draws in. In match two, Casey misses another very makeable putt to win the 12th, and you can't carry on missing those. Curtis makes his par putt to halve the hole. Missed opportunity for Europe.

2137: Westwood and Hansen both pull their tee shots at the par-three 14th - bucket and spade time for the pair of them. Weekley clatters safely on, as does Holmes, but they've both got tricky birdie putts.

2136: Not often you hear that, Poulter telling his own ball to "get in the trap" after his tee shot at 11. His ball complies. Playing partner McDowell gets a shooter through the green.

European Up
2134: Casey clatters a nine iron 173 yards into the 12th green - smashing shot, that will be a boost for the Englishman. STENSON NAILS HIS 12-FOOTER AT 13! Hansen and Westwood slash the lead to one hole.

2130: Big cohones from Poulter, rolling in from eight feet to halve the 10th and keep him and partner McDowell two up. Holmes misses his birdie putt up ahead at 13, as does Weekley. A chance for Hansen to bring the match back to USA one up...

2127: Furyk taps in for his birdie four at 10, but McDowell slides his past, which piles the pressure on Poulter. Westwood makes par at 13, but Hansen can still win that hole for Europe.

2125: Some people suggesting on 606 that Poulter is being carried by playing partner McDowell. Strange, seeing as the Englishman has won three holes to McDowell's none. Hansen pitches close to the hole at 13, he's got a birdie chance.

2124: Mahan rolls in a splendid 15-footer for birdie at 10 - he and Mickelson are out in 30. Stenson rams his birdie putt in from 10 feet to halve the hole.

2120: Peach of a pitch by Karlsson at 9, the ball gripping and scuttling back towards the cup. Better from Europe, they're starting to heat up a bit. Casey yet to win a hole today, he looks very out of sorts. Still, most people would have had him in their sides... wouldn't they?

2117: Casey's birdie putt just doesn't break enough at 11, but Stricker's doesn't either and match two stays all square.

2115: Hansen's putt looks to be in all the way, but it darts right at the last second and slides by the hole. Weekley has a putt to win the hole... "Boo-ya!" some clown shouts as Weekley's ball dribbles towards the hole, but it doesn't drop. Hole halved, USA still two up in match one.

2113: Stricker finds the heart of the green at 11. Hansen playing against Weekley on the 12th, Westwood and Holmes have both blobbed. Average pitch from the Dane, advantage Boo. But Weekley's hit that extremely weakly, his putt from off the green bobbling before finishing 15 feet short. No-one wants to win this one...

European Up
2111: Casey very nearly goes straight in at the par-three 11th, but his ball hops 20 feet past. Perry misses a tiddler at 9 and Poulter and Karlsson move into a two hole lead. Time to dust off those European arrows, they're on the charge... for now...

2110: "Boo is so annoying but hey he is only doing the same as Garcia has done the past few Ryder Cups."
Gerry Bhoy via text on 81111

2108: Holmes blows his approach shot at the par-three 12th, but Weekley just stays on. Mickleson/Mahan remain two up against Stenson and Karlsson after 8. Poulter makes birdie at 9, pressure on Perry and Furyk.

European Up
2104: Good news greets my arrival, from a European perspective at least - Stricker misses his birdie putt at 10 and Garcia and Casey go one up. Great chip from Stenson at 9, to within a couple of feet and maybe the shot of the day.

By Andrew McKenzie

2100: Stricker is next to go from the same spot and he is not far away from knocking it in. A great effort from the American. Garcia is at the other side of the green and he bumps one up towards the flag. It's in, it's in, it's going in. Ahhhhhhh it just stops short. A lovely touch that but he's not happy and slams his club down. The crowd aren't happy and Sergio's not happy. I'm going to hand you over to expert finisher Dirsy to hopefully bring some much-needed happiness into your lives. See you for Super Sunday.

2058: There are some tough pins out there and it means we are seeing some tough old chips. Curtis cannot get one to stay down on the 10th and it goes flying off the right side of the green. Casey looks to have played it perfectly from a similar position, but even that whistles past.

European Up
2054: A window of opportunity for Europe on the 11th as Hansen looks to make amends for that miss at the last hole. HE'S DONE IT. A fine effort and a much-needed one that. Back to two down. If they can reel that one in that would be a huge booster.

US up
2051: Some loud cheers from the 7th green and that means only one thing: disaster for Europe. Mickelson curls his eagle putt in from around 30ft and his pairing with Mahan is proving a profitable one for the home team.

2047: A chance for Westwood and Hansen at the short 11th after Weekley and Holmes can't make the green. Westwood can only find the front ledge of the green but Hansen learns from that one as he flies it all the way to the back and in good position.

US up
2042: Hansen's birdie slides by and Holmes does not even have to putt his eagle as the Europeans concede. That's three down now and they are in serious problems. Westwood's unbeaten run is looking in serious danger. But that's the least of their problems.

2040: Another weak effort from Casey as his birdie never looks like getting anywhere near the hole. It gives Stricker the chance to win the hole but he also misses on the left. Is this the start of the charge?

European Up
2037: Oh my giddy aunt I can finally justify the use of a Euro up arrow as Poults pops in a 6ft putt at the 7th to win the hole. Europe have won a hole and there is some of that lovely blue on the board. I feel like celebrating in the streets.

2034: Holmes has nothing more than a 6-iron in his hands for his second at the long par-5 and he flies it all the way to the green and about 15ft from the hole. That's just ridiculous it's so good.

2032: Poults is on the front of the green and he does a good job of rolling it up to the hole. That should be a birdie for him.

2030: Oh that's a shocker from Perry as he fluffs his pitch on the 7th into the bunker right in front of him. I'd be embarrassed at that one. His partner Furky will have been horrified at that one as he is mired in the rubbish on the right. He makes a better fist of it as he chips past the flag. A chance for the Euros. Can we please take one of these?

2027: "I don't think you can criticise the pairings, but our boys just seem to have ice-cold putters. Hopefully this will turn around on the back nine as there is no way we can afford to lose this session."
ajm on 606
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2024: An opening for Europe at the 9th as Holmes and Weekley miss their birdie putts to leave Hansen with a short one for the hole. And that's a bad, bad miss from the Dane. A bad, bad few moments for Faldo's boys, who need a spark from somewhere. Anyone know a good mechanic?

European Up
European Down
2021: Thank you oh Lord. Europe has sunk a putt. Garcia nails one from downtown on the 8th and our office nearly erupts. Garcia nearly explodes. It's not over though as Stricker follows Garcia in for a half. That's a twisted dagger in the back that is and I'm going for some up-and-down dagger action.

2016: On the 9th Weekley is safely on to the putting surface but Hansen gets inside his ball. Westwood lands even closer but he gets more spin than Jimmy white in his heyday and it finishes off the green. Holmes is not that far from reaching the green off the tee - that's 416 yards for goodness sake - and he just needs a little bump to about 10ft short of the flag.

2015: Mickelson leathers into one like Sir Garfield Sobers in his prime at the 5th and he's dead on. It lands just short of the hole and carries on to finish maybe 20ft past the post.

2012: "Sorry, but Boo, or whatever his name is, is fast losing respect, and it's got nothing to do with golf. He's not going to enjoy playing in the UK that's for sure."
sparkle on 606
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He might hear a different kind of booooos! Not that he would be bothered, I suspect.

2009: Casey's eagle putt is a bit weak and he misses on the low side. Over on the 6th there is nothing weak about Mighty Mouse McDowell as he holes a long one to keep their match all level. Back on the 7th Stricker ensures a half for them and Team Casey-Garcia is still waiting to fire.

2007: Hansen produces a right duffer on the short 8th hole but he's bailed out by his partner Westwood, who rolls his up and over the hill and down to the hole for a very tidy up and down. Holmes has a chance for a birdie and the win. It's a long putt and if he sinks it then this place will erupt. He gives it a chance but doesn't quite have the line and the Euros take a half.

2006: "It does look like the experienced European players are missing something. They're the leaders this time , no Monty or Faldo or Clarke. They need to step up."
tuskenraider on 606
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2003: "Good to see lots of action from the non-playing Europeans on the practice green ahead of Sunday's singles. Rose drains 10 of 11 sliding six-footers and then Jimenez wanders on for a quick putt and a smoke, statutory cigar hanging from mouth. But it is new Euro hero Oliver Wilson, who steals the limelight. French TV Canal+ are so excited to see him they try to start filming without a tape."
BBC Sport's Alex Trickett at Valhalla
The latest edition of the Louisville Lip

2000: Casey's been quiet so far but that's an absolute stunner at the 7th as he flies the water and finishes right by the hole. A cracker that my son. Garcia also finds the green. It seems like a long time since Europe took a hole.

1958: "Can't help but feel that A-Mac's return has coincided with Europe's dip in form. Coincidence? I think not…"
ruthere on 606
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Looks like I've taken over from Faldo as the scapegoat!

1956: Westwood's birdie putt hangs out to the right and the crowds go wild as the super heavyweight combo of Weekley and Holmes go two up. You get the feeling that this match could be worth than just a point in the overall scheme of things.

1953: Hansen makes a decent job of his long putt but nothing is going down at the moment. Meanwhile Azinger is having a good old chat with the match referee and then has a stern word with Weekley's caddy. Whatever it was, it has little effect on Holmes as he strokes in his birdie putt.

1951: Weekley shows them the way with a much better touch to about 10ft. If the Booooo chants don't stop soon I might be tempted to turn the sound on my monitor off.

1949: The crowds following the Holmes-Weekley (sounds like an estate agent newsletter doesn't it?) game are absolutely packed behind the 7th green. Holmes's ball is a bit buried and he throws one right up in the air, but it hits the downslope and goes sauntering on. Hansen also has a testing chip and fluffs it well past the flag.

1946: Curtis has a putt from 10ft to half the 6th and he duly does. A fine putter, the former Open winner rolls one in to maintain their slender lead.

1944: Westwood and Hansen have two chances to make the green but the Dane's effort is closer to the crowd than the pin. Westy has about 230 yards and he produces a low iron shot that slaps the green and shoots on into the back rough.

1940: Over on the 7th and Holmes is wild once again. He seems to alternate between brilliance and incompetence. Weekley looks sick as he gets stuck into his second shot. It's safe of the water but it's left and finishes in the thickish rough.

1937: "Am I the only one who is getting tired of Boo Weekly's cheerleading antics anytime he hits a shot or a putt? Spends so much time with his hands in the air he looks more like a helicopter.
Matt, Essex, via text on 81111

Judging by in the increased anger from my colleague to my right, I don't think you're the only one.

1935: All of a sudden there is a significant chunk of red on the scoreboard as we approach a crucial stage of this Ryder Cup.

US up
1932: Westwood is first to have a stab, but it's a lot to ask and he does well to get it to 5ft or so. Holmes goes through his rather annoying preparation but then misses his par putt. Hansen is next, but his putt moves both ways but doesn't touch the hole. It allows Weekley to try and win the hole from 3ft and he sinks it. Inevitably it is followed by the raised arms to get the crowd going. That's a bad loss for the Euros from where he was. They could do with quietening this crowd.

1928: Holmes has a monster putt to win the 6th hole and he doesn't have a good go at it. It's nowhere near and flies way past, but at least he gave it a go. Westwood and Hansen will both have tough ones for pars.

1926: Boo chips up to within a couple of feet of the hole and the crowds are into it. Hansen flies his bunker shot all the way to the hole but it skips on and the Euros are in danger of losing this one.

US up
1923: As Stricker misses a putt on the 5th the roars can be heard from elsewhere on the course. It comes from the 3rd hole where Mickelson sinks for a second straight birdie.

1921: Holmes's approach finds the green but is a long way short of the hole. Chance for the Euros but Hansen can only bunker it. Meanwhile on the 3rd Mahan plays a sensational chip shot from a woeful lie and it slowly makes its way down to the hole. Great shot that.

1918: Weekley's drive on the 6th is left and he needs some movement to get it round the trees in front of him. He has the power but not the movement as it ends way right. It's not too bad but Boo aint happy.

1916: Both Casey and Garcia drove well beyond their opponents. With a 9-iron Casey is short of the green. Garcia, also with a 9-iron, takes a divot the size of Catalonia but he is also short of the green. Not good that lads.

1913: Over on hole 3 the boy Poulter reads his long putt well but it just runs out of legs and turns away from the hole. Meanwhile Curtis has pushed his tee shot into the right-hand bunker and he cannot get enough on it to fly it up to the green. Stricker is dead centre in the middle of the fairway and he flies it to pin-high, just left of the pin.

US up
1910: Karlsson misses from 5ft for a half so that match goes back back to all square. Mickelson earlier holed a tough one from a lengthy distance.

1907: Holmes misses a close one to leave Weekley with the hard work to do. Booooo has a put for the hole but he misses down the right and grabs his putter and for a minute looks like he is about to snap it over his knee. Was it Tom Kite that once had to putt in the Ryder Cup with his sandwedge after breaking his putter? Anyway, Europe half the hole and it remains all square.

1904: Curtis narrowly misses his birdie putt on the 4th. Stricker will probably have to sink his to maintain their advantage with both Euros close in. And he does with no trouble. Casey is first for the light blues and he finds the middle of the cup for a half.

1901: An absolute peach from Garcia as he somehow contrives to stick one close from a very tricky angle. Stricker matches him though as he also sticks his close to the flag.

US up
1859: Perry immediately hits back for the US as he sinks one from about 12ft on the 2nd to get back to level pegging. Meanwhile Hansen finds problems out of the sand at the 5th, where Holmes goes long to the back of the green.

1858: Straight back into the action as Boo powers one to the front of the green on the 5th and gives it the full scowl as the crowd show him respect.

By Ben Dirs

1855: "I think the media should be ashamed of themselves. Faldo has done a good job and it just comes down to how the players play. As with stupid football journalists, they like to personalise it by concentrating on managers." holey moley on 606 Join the debate on 606

European Up
1852: More putting problems back on the 1st, Mickelson and Karlsson both missing makeable birdie putts. But Stenson drops his in from a few feet to put the Swedish pair one up.

1850: Garcia pulls his birdie effort at 3, meaning the USA remain one up in match two. Weekley prods his birdie effort left at the 4th, and match one remains all square.

1845: Casey splashes out at 3 to within a few feet, before Curtis bends his birdie effort six feet by. Stricker's attempt comes up short, meaning Garcia will have a long putt to win the hole. At the 4th, Hansen's birdie effort just misses the left edge.

European Up
1841: Poulter holes a slinky 15-footer at the 1st to put him and McDowell one up in match three. Poulter is fully revved. Garcia muscles a six iron onto the green at 3, and he's got the best chance of a birdie there.

"Re JMB (see below) - Erm, by my count we have won the singles in the last three Ryder Cups. I'd say that was pretty good. Besides, we only need to draw to retain the Cup." fulham on 606 Join the debate on 606

US up
1837: Curtis finds some form, curling in his birdie putt from 10 feet and that's first blood to the Americans this afternoon. Don't worry, they'll be a lot more blood, it will be gushing all over the place this evening.

1835: Garcia yanks his birdie putt left at 2. Bit of an iffy stroke that, but Casey still has a chance for birdie. The Englishman slides his attempt by, leaving Curtis with a chance to win the hole.

1833: Weekley just misses with his long birdie attempt at 3, leaving Hansen for a putt to win the hole. Alas, Hansen misjudges the line and the match remains all square.

1830: Garcia pulls out a plum at the 2nd, parachuting his approach to within 10 feet. The 41-year-old Stricker, playing in his first Ryder Cup, finds sand.

1827: Here's Poults - I'm allowed to call him that because I didn't start laying into him when Faldo picked him - on the first tee and he's met with a rousing chorus of "Walking in a Poulter Wonderland". Poulter sings along, but he's not very convincing, he looks like he's being choppered into Hamburger Hill.

1823: Westwood takes aim at the first par three, the 206 yard 3rd. No fireworks, but he's safely on. Hansen plays more aggressively, just carrying the bunker guarding the front and his ball rolling to 20 feet of the cup. Weekley is safely over. Seven iron for the ham-armed Holmes, and he too is safely on. But it's Hansen with the advantage.

1820: Weekley doesn't give his birdie putt a chance at the 2nd and that hole is halved. Crackerjack drive from Garcia at 2, his ball just carrying the rough and scampering onto the fairway. Curtis is also over, plenty of bully beef on that.

1813: I like the look of the Perry/Furyk v Poulter/McDowell match, it could be one hell of a dog-fight. Casey aims first with his putt at the 1st, but comes up short. Garcia, playing out of turn, hits a magnificent putt from the back, but the ball misses the cup by inches. Curtis, who had such a hellish time of it yesterday, rolls in his par putt, and Stricker is unable to nail his birdie putt from distance. All square.

1810: Stricker finds the heart of the green with his approach at 1. Garcia gets a bit of a leap out of the rough, but he's safely on. Casey absolutely marmalised his drive and he'll have no more than a sand wedge - and that's a peach, inside of Stricker's effort.

"Even if Europe win 3-1 this afternoon, that only levels the scores with the singles to come. And how often have Europe had the better of the singles? Europe need a lead, i.e. they need to sweep the afternoon matches. That's a tough, tough ask." JMB on 606 Join the debate on 606

1805: Curtis and Stricker - who've played like some pretty mediocre golf so far this weekend - are off second against Garcia and Casey - three on the fairway, Garcia in light rough to the right. Have you seen these player intros on Sky? You half expect Weekley to make his hands into claws and start growling after he makes his walk forward. Odd.

1800: The Loaf (see below), if you had hair like Furyk, you'd stick your hat on with Bostick before you hit the course. "BOOOOOOS!" all around the first green as Weekley curls in a lengthy birdie putt, but Westwood matches him to halve the hole.

"Re: 1738. Furyk also did not take his hat off when shaking hands post match yesterday. Perry, Westwood, and Garcia all did. What gives? Thought that was a bit out of line."
The Loaf in Lower Largo via text

1756: Harrington, some might be surprised to learn, has not won any of his last eight Ryder Cup matches. Poulter, Mahan and Mickelson will be the only men to play five matches this year. We're off again already, and it's the folksy pairing of Weekley and Holmes up against the nuggety Westwood and Hansen, a rematch of yesterday's fourball encounter, which was halved.

"America had their day yesterday and we are here in good spirits. The guys are good and we put some fresh legs out. The boys are determined. We have a crazy situation where I do a press conference and then the team is announced. Sergio was ill last week and I wanted to keep Lee strong.

"Poults is going to do five matches but it's a physical and mental battle. It's is a long road and we have got to give some guys a rest so they are strong and keen. Stenson and Ollie turning it round - I love Henrik, he has such a good attitude and he really looked after Ollie. We have come off the road a bit and now we're back on it."
Europe skipper Nick Faldo

US up
1743: Furyk/Perry beat Harrington/Karlsson
Harrington sends his pitch on its way... it looks in... but it's travelling too fast and hops over the cup. A win for the United States, but it's Europe's session... has the tide turned for good? Faldo looks like he's been vindicated in his picks - he was pilloried after leaving out Westwood and Garcia this morning, but you can't argue with 2½ points. Can you? Go on, have a go...

"It's tough to win a point. We played unbelievable yesterday and got nothing and I thought, 'here we go again'. So it was really, really good to get something out of the match. It's great to play with Miguel - the guy just doesn't miss fairways. The pendulum looks to have swung a little bit and we're going to be going out all guns blazing this afternoon."
Europe's Graeme McDowell

1740: Karlsson finds himself on a wicked upslope and parachutes his ball over the back of the green. Perry, however, has a perfect lie and sticks his wedge shot to within 15 feet. Harrington pretty much has to chip in to keep the game alive.

1738: "Anyone else noticed how Jim Furyk bears an uncanny similarity to the actor Tobin Bell, ashen-faced hire-a-psycho famous for The Saw films! No matter how many times you beat him down he keeps coming back!Lee in Byfleet

1736: Harrington tugs his tee shot at 17 into a hollow to the left of the fairway. Furyk likes his, flashing a mean look and walking straight after it, the ball landing in the middle of the short stuff.

"It was amazing. It was not quite as loud as I thought it would be but when I got over the ball it got tingly and all sorts and I hit a great shot. It was one of the best feelings. I've been wanting to get out there all week and get involved."
Europe's Oliver Wilson

1732: Furyk and Perry are two up with two to play against Harrington and Karlsson, Harrington keeping the match alive with a six-footer on 16. What of these fourball pairings? Some real surprises in there, no Leonard for the USA, no Kim, no Rose or Harrington for Europe. And no Christy O'Connor either. What are we going to do without his heat-seeking two irons?

1730: "Leonard not playing in the fourballs? Find that a bit surprising given how he's played this week."
kirkthemag on 606
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European Up
1728: Leonard/Mahan halved with Jimenez/McDowell
MCDOWELL SINKS IT! SO MUCH IN THE NORTHERN IRISHMAN! Great half for Europe, McDowell and Jimenez never stopped gnawing away at Leonard and Mahan. Who's ripping into Faldo now?

1725: Leonard, who has been wielding a red hot putter the last two days, has a putt to win match two... but his ball doesn't break. McDowell has a six-footer to halve the match. Back on 16, Furyk and Harrington both scuff approaches, it's chip-off time for Perry and Karlsson...

1723: "Graham McDowell deserves something for heaven's sake. Will be an injustice if he gets nowt. Jimenez has been disappointing overall and I agree Paddy should be rested."
kinglofthouse on 606
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European Up
1720: Wilson/Stenson beat Mickelson/Kim 2&1
Wilson has a left-to-righter up the hill at 17... AND HE'S GONE AND SUNK IT! Good on the Mansfield Lad, he's been to the manner born so far today. Mickelson has a 20-footer to stay alive... AND HE LEAVES IT HIGH! That's a massive win for Europe, Stenson and Wilson have slain the American dragon. Sort of...

1717: Superb approach from Kim at 17, he and Mickelson are safely on in two. McDowell finds the bunker guarding the front of the 18th green, while Leonard, who did indeed have an uphill lie, pings a hybrid club over the back of the green. The European pair not out of it yet.

European Up
1716: Harrington makes an eight foot birdie putt at 15 to pull Furyk and Perry back to two up. By Harrington's standards, that was almost a gimme.

1714: Here's the fourball pairings: Weekley/Holmes v Westwood/Hansen, Curtis/Stricker v Garcia/Casey, Perry/Furyk v Poulter/McDowell, Mickelson/Mahan v Stenson/Karlsson.

1711: Mahan drives onto a bunker island at 18, while Jimenez flirts with the creek running down the right of the fairway, but his ball finishes in the second cut. Strewth... Either Mahan is plugged, or Leonard will have a nice uphill lie to aid with his elevation.

1709: Mickelson makes his par putt at 16, and match three remains Europe one up with three to play. The fourballs pairings are in, I'll furnish you with them in just a second...

US up
1707: Leonard wants this player-of-the-tournament prize - is there one? He curls in his 10-footer at 17 and him and Mahan are one up going down the 18th.

1705: McDowell - the bull fighter I like to call him - has a glint in his eye as he stands over his putt at 17. But he overcooks it slightly and the ball slides about six feet by. Kim's putt at 16 isn't too clever, Mickelson will still have plenty of work to do to make par.

US up
1702: Wilson goes closer with his approach at 16, it will be a straight chip-off between Kim and Stenson. Jimenez doesn't look too enamoured with his approach into 17, but his ball just stays on the putting surface. Mahan gets inside him - just. Furyk and Perry go three up against Harrington and Karlsson with four to play, Furyk sinking his birdie putt from five feet.

1659: Mickelson goes just long with his approach at 16, but Kim will have a fairly straightforward chip. A shot of Westwood on the practice range, he'll definitely be out again this afternoon.

1657: Leonard looks to have slapped away a peach from the 17th tee, but it dribbles off the fairway and may be in a bunker. Straight down the middle from McDowell. Perry gets his tee shot close at the par-three 14th.

1655: Leonard and McDowell both make par putts at 16 and match two is all square going down the 17th.

European Up
1652: Not a great escape from Mahan at 16. Mickelson can't conjure any magic at 16 and that's Europe's hole - Wilson and Stenson go one up. Mickelson and Kim are five over for the last eight holes, which is nothing short of extraordinary after their performances yesterday. MAGNIFICENT FROM HARRINGTON! The Irishman drains a long one at 13th to stay two down.

1647: McDowell leaves his approach right of the huge green at 16, before Leonard tugs his short and into the bunker short and left. The Americans might even be in a better position. Not too bright from Kim - he has a go from behind a tree and shanks his ball into the creek running in front of the 15th green. Unerring from Wilson, plonking his ball about 15 feet from the hole - Mickelson and Kim may choose to pick up.

1645: Mickelson pulls the three wood out of his quiver and slices his tee shot into the trees to the left of the 16th fairway. "Spit it out," urges Mickelson, and the ball does indeed snake through the legs of some scurrying American fans and into some spindly stuff.

1641: Mickelson rams home his three-foot par putt at 14 to halve with Stenson and Wilson. Some tasty golf out on the course at the moment, mixed in with some very nervy stuff.

1639: A succession of mediocre shots around the green from European players - Wilson, hunched low, knifes a wedge low and into a bunker on the other side of the green before Harrington sends his bunker escape skipping 20 feet across the green at 12. Leonard makes his birdie putt at 16. Karlsson curls in his 20-footer at 12 to halve the hole in five. Great escape that. And McDowell pops in his birdie putt to halve the 16th.

1636: Mickelson has a nasty long putt down the ridge on 14, and he completely misjudges it, the ball curling away from the hole and finishing about 20 feet from the hole. Karlsson makes a hash of his bunker escape at 12, Europe could soon be down by three in that match.

1633: A pumped-up Kim fires his tee shot at the 215-yard par-three 14th onto the upper ledge. Mickelson makes out he's happy, but that was pretty average. Jimenez, playing better today, has somehow got his approach at 15 inside the American ball - McDowell will have a three-footer for birdie.

1630: Poulter/Rose beat Cink/Campbell 4&3
How's that for the Midas touch? No sooner do I slide into my chair than Cink and Campbell are conceding the 15th. First point on the board for Europe today, Poulter buzzing. Good on him, he's already answered plenty of the flak that's been sent his way.

By Andrew McKenzie

1627: My nerves - and bladder - can take no more so I'm handing you over to Mr Dirs to see this one out.

US up
1626: We're back to all square in the second match. McDowell holes his 8ft putt to make Mahan hole out, which he duly does.

1625: Looks like Rose and Poulter are heading for a massive. massive point. Cink is in the drink again - and I'm not getting tired of that one. Poulter plonks one nice and safely on the green and it will need something special from the Yanks to save this match.

1622: Jimenez and McDowell are having no joy on the 14th after the Spaniard finds sand from the tee. McDowell can't get it out, giving his partner the chance to clear up his own mess. He really needs to hole it but can't get anywhere near. The Americans will have at least two from just short to win it.

1620: The 13th is proving a big hole today. Mickelson misses a putt for a birdie to give Ollie Wilson a major opening, but his putt turns at the last second and they halve the hole with pars.

1618: Rose gets a big one away at the 15th and hears it from his partner Poults. They can finish this match on this hole.

European Up
1616: A great, great approach from Jimenez at the 13th. Not the hardest of shots but under pressure he sticks it right by the hole. The Americans can't match it and McDowell knocks it in for a win. Pump those fists you little beauty. What a finish we have in store here.
European Up
1613: Rose can only put it to about 10ft from the pin. Crucial, crucial moment for this game. Poulter me old fella you have steel in your trousers. He nails his putt and the pressure is back on Cink. He has a putt from 7ft for the half. AND HE'S MISSED IT. It looks good but hits the left side of the hole and curls around it.

1610: Mickelson can only find the edge of the green and he picks his ball up. He's looking shot and if he was a marathon runner you'd be writing them off by now. But twists and turns are never far away from the Ryder Cup.

1607: Mickelson and Kim are all over the shop on the 12th hole. Kim is in the trees with their third shot and it's a wild one as he sprays it way wide of the green. We could be looking at all-square in that one. Poulter misses the green and fortunately also misses the bunker on the 14th.

1606: I've just been given some quotes from Faldo where he seems to suggest that the days of players making all five games are over. Whether that means Padraig will be rested this afternoon we will wait and see.

1605: Some reaction from Lee Westwood about his omission today:

"It's the Ryder Cup and I would play with my arm hanging off. I never asked to sit it out. I never asked to rest. A couple of blisters are not going to stop me.

"But Nick is the captain and he wanted some fresh legs out there. At the end of the day it's a team and we have to play as a team. It's very difficult to sit it out because you can't do anything about it."

1601: Poulter has a putt for a half at the 13th to force the Americans to make their birdie. He can't finish it as the putt misses on the right. They pick up and Cink and Campbell are just two down. Not again surely. Come on boys.

US up
1559: Major trouble for the Euros at the 12th as Jimenez can only whack out the bunker and into the rough at the back. McDowell's task is just as tough and whistles back towards the bunker. They pick up and that game's all square now.

1556: Now we're going to see what Poults and Rosie are made of as Cink sends his second to the 13th on to the green and piles the pressure on to their opponents. Poulter doesn't look happy about his approach as it sits in rough with a tricky stance. He makes it over the water but his shouts of "sit down" come to nothing as it comes to rest in the rough.

1552: Leonard pulls out a cracker with his approach to the 12th green. It looks plum but just lacks some bite and rolls on, but it's a very nice shot indeed. McDowell is further forward but has trees in his way and plonks it in the bunker. Jimenez will have a stinker of a bunker shot from there.

US up
1550: You stick one Euro arrow up and then a US one is never far behind. Rose misreads his putt from about 10ft and another one slips away for them. They just need to watch their backs now.

European Up
1547: Kim cannot get close on the 10th and leaves Mickelson with a long one for a half. He can't pull that rabbit out of the hat and their lead is down to one. It's very much shoes on the other foot for them after being the comeback kings yesterday.

1545: McDowell also didn't give it enough at the 11th but Jimenez plays a nice putt up to the hole. The two teams concede each others and there's no need for any more putting action there as they head for the next tee. Maybe they should just head for the 18th and get it all over with. It's as tight as they get.

1544: Leonard comes up short at the par-3 11th and Mahan can't threaten the pin with his putt from the fringes. At the 10th Kim bumps one in to the green but the brakes are off and it slips past the hole.

1540: We're coming up to about halfway through these foursomes matches and you can't help but feel there are some major turns just around the corner. Europe will be hoping that their lead-out pair can get an early point on the board.

1539: Wilson slides his second on the par-five 10th to the rough on the left side of the green. It's in good shape, while Mickelson clears the crowd with his effort. It is a bit wild from Lefty but doesn't end up too bad for him.

1538: Mahan clears up Leonard's mess on the 10th green and they go to the 11th tee down by one with eight crucial holes to play.

1536: Poulter is looking right in the zone as he stands on the 12th tee. He tries to bite off a bit of the corner and hangs it down the right side and not in a good position for Rosie.

1535: Leonard makes an absolute hash of a putt from the edge of the green as he sends it flying by the hole. Can't imagine Mahan will be happy with having to knock that one back in.

1532: "Just popped into the Valhalla golf shop and almost got lost inside - it's enormous! Merchandise starts at about three bucks for a golf ball and goes up to $250,000 for an original oil painting. Thought long and hard about the artwork but plumped for an orange t-shirt ($20). Now back to the golf..."
BBC Sport's Alex Trickett at Valhalla

1530: Mickelson has a mid-range putt for a win on the 9th but it slips past the cup and just rides on a touch. The Euros make Kim finish it off and he really doesn't look like he's going to miss from inside two feet. He doesn't.

US up
1527: After failing to win a hole on the front nine, Cink and Campbell reduce the deficit on the 10th green. Rose missed his birdie putt after a decent scramble from Poults and Campbell makes no mistake with a tiddler.

European Up
1524: Perry takes a good, long look over his putt for a par and he only goes and rolls it in from 25ft. Karlsson still has a short one for the win, and it's never in doubt as the Swede slots it in. Very much game on in this one now.

1521: It's looking good for Harrington and Karlsson on the 7th. The Americans found the water while the Euros are on and looking in ship shape after a nice pitch from Pods.

1519: Poulter's in the zone in a big way as he plays a tricky little chip on to the green at the 10th. He does a nice job of it as it comes to rest about 8ft past the flag. Meanwhile the second match reaches the turn after they share the spoils on the 9th hole. Europe hold the slenderest of leads.

European Up
1516: Kim can't hole from about 15ft for a half at the 8th and that's another one back for Stenson and Wilson. I was only joking about the wheels coming off, but who knows?

1515: More water for the Americans as Perry goes plop plop at the 7th. I can't work out whether he found that funny or not. I know I did.

1512: At the short 8th Kim finds sand off the tee. not sure about you, but every time I see Mickelson in a bunker I' half-expecting him to hole it. He nearly does but it's a few inches wide and ends a few feet past. A very decent effort for any normal golfer.

European Up
1508: Some daylight for Harrington and Karlsson as well as the Irishman bangs one in from 8ft and Furyk unusually misses a tiny tiddler for a half. Very unlike Furyk that, but very welcome. hopefully that can get Pods going.

European Up
1506: Kim and Mickelson are not giving up this one easily as Kim tries to hack one out of the shrubbery. He can't do anything with it and they finally concede the hole.

US up
1505: Leonard strokes one in as smooth as silk at the 8th and that's back to just one down for them. It's worrying how many putts are going down for the Americans - and staying up for the Euros.

1503: The wheels are off the Mickelson and Kim combo as Lefty plops it in the drink at the 7th. That's their third shot and Stenson and Wilson should pull one back here.

1501: Mahan's tee-shot at the short 8th is a beauty and all over the flag. Meanwhile at the 9th Campbell produces an absolute peach of a bunker shot that threatens to spin back into the cup only to just run out of juice.

European Up
1456: Jimenez gets no luck with a short one that fails to fall but they win the hole anyway when Leonard's putter is off. Boy does Europe need Leonard's putter to be off today.

1455: "There is something about the nature and mannerisms of the American players that makes me want to see then get beaten so, so badly."
swarvsta on 606
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US up
US up
1452: Another one bites the dust for Stenson and Wilson as the latter sees another putt go astray, this time to halve the hole. And another goes for Harrington and Karlsson as they had a longish putt for a half but again it stays above ground and they concede another hole. If Faldo had the power to bring on a substitute it would probably be Harrington who would be coming off.

1448: On the 6th Mickelson's second found sand but Kim is cool as a frozen cucumber as he splashes it out to no more than 18in away.

1446: Another bad drive from Padraig and he's not doing Karlsson any favours at all. The Swede has a horrible lie in the bunker and he can only stab it out and down the fairway. It's no better over on the 6th where Ollie Wilson looks to have a stinker of a shot. He somehow manages to bang a wood at it but I've no idea where it went.

European Up
1444: It feels like it has been too long since the Euro arrow came out to play. After failing to find the green with their fourth shot the Americans conceded the hole and the Poulter-Rose combo are in firm control of that one.

1441: The last 20 minutes have been so manic that I forgot to give you the Paul Azinger quotes that my colleague kindly sent my way. Apologies to you both. Here they are:

"I slept a little bit, not great. It was an exciting day yesterday and I went to bed late, but the players were able to wind down and relax and get to bed early. I believe they are in a pretty good spot but the Europeans are a still a good team.

"I felt it was the right thing to do to send these guys back out again. If you have success you stick with it and if you are struggling, you make changes, that is the way I goes. I just want my players to stay in the present. I don't want anyone to get ahead of themselves. It is about what is important right now.

"I am more nervous than I was yesterday. It is a really big day today. We are not even halfway through yet."

US up
US up
1439: A couple of daggers to the European heart as Perry sees his putt wobble round the hole and then drop to win the 4th hole and then Leonard makes no mistake from close range with his putt on the 6th. It hurts putting up that double US arrow, I can tell ya.

1437: McDowell cannot hole a tricky par putt at the 6th and that's a bogey for them after that wayward drive. The Americans will have a putt for a win.

1435: Harrington is short with his approach on the 4th and Karlsson has a long uphill one from just off the green. He makes a decent stab at it without threatening the hole.

1433: Wilson and Stenson finally get a break when Mickelson misses his birdie putt. Wilson can't take advantage from a similar distance. He could have done with that one dropping.

1431: Not for the first time today Cink finds water as his second shot on 7th is way short of dry land. After Rose's drive Poulter has a much shorter carry and he takes no chances in sending a fairway wood on to the green and to the rough at the back.

1428: Jimenez has driven into trouble on the 6th to leave McDowell with no way to the green. He gets what looks like his fairway wood out and powers one down. A decent stab at it under the circumstances.

1425: On the 3rd green Harrington's tee-shot has just stayed on the short stuff at the back but Karlsson cannot read the line and he's well off. At least his putt was so bad that it didn't show Perry the line. He misses his and Europe remain "only" two down.

1424: Poulter and Rose get a break on the 7th as their tee-shot gets a nice kick and somehow finds its way back onto the fairway.

US up
1422: Kim is well on his game and he never looks like missing his birdie putt. Stenson and Wilson are already looking like they need snookers.

1421: On the 6th hole Cink has a very makeable putt to reel one back for the Americans. He can't buy a putt and it runs out of steam and finishes on the right.

1420: Poulter is playing out of his socks and he dinks a nice chip to well within a dustbin lid. On the 5th McDowell does likewise as he bumps one right by the hole.

1418: Stenson has a birdie putt on the 4th and how they need

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