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Ryder Cup day one as it happened

Latest match score: United States 5-2 Europe

Friday fourballs results:

Mickelson/Kim beat Harrington/McDowell 1 up
Stricker/Curtis lost to Poulter/Rose 4&2
Leonard/Mahan beat Garcia/Jimenez 4&3
Holmes/Weekley halved Westwood/Hansen

Friday Foursomes results:

Mickelson/Kim halved Harrington/Karlsson
Leonard/Mahan beat Stenson/Casey 4&2
Cink/Campbell beat Rose/Poulter 1 up
Perry/Furyk halved Westwood/Garcia


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By Ben Dirs

0035: More of the same tomorrow folks, or this morning, or whatever. Actually, I hope not, that wasn't all that good. Anyway, get involved...

"We couldn't have had more excitement on the last if George W Bush himself had emerged from the water with a mermaid over one shoulder and Elvis over the other."
manufan87 on 606

European Up
0023: Holmes/Weekley halved with Westwood/Hansen
Holmes takes so long over his shots, if he played with my mates, he'd have had his clubs thrown in the woods by now. Very aggravating. He takes about five minutes over his putt before pushing it wide of the hole. Westwood gets his eagle putt close, as does Hansen and Weekley and Holmes extend their hands. Great, scrapping half from the European pair, but it's been the USA's day and Europe need early points tomorrow.

0018: Who's that with Phil? Mrs Mickelson? She's handsome, I like her. Holmes is at the front of the green in three, while Weekley splashes out to within six feet.

0016: Boo's having a nightmare - he knifes his third into a green-side bunker before Westwood hammers home the advantage with an approach to the heart of the green. Hansen follows him on and there will be two eagle chances for Europe.

0013: Faldo gets a neck massage from Michael Jordan, which is something to tell the grandkids. Boo and JB fish their balls out, and they'll have to do something very special indeed with their third shots to prevent Europe from nicking a half.

0007: Get the wellies out Boo, you're in the drink son. What will JB do now? HE ONLY GOES AND FOLLOWS HIS PARTNER IN! I haven't heard such a stunned silence since Richard Madeley presented his Ali G impression to the nation. BOOM! Westwood down the middle. BOOM! Hansen down the middle. You lovely boys.

0002: Apologies, that was Hansen's third shot and he picks up. Holmes rolls in for his birdie and the pressure is on Worksop's Westwood... "No pressure, baby," shouts a ruddy idiot as Westwood stands over his putt, and indeed there isn't - Westwood rams home from six feet.

2359: Weekley plays another splendid approach to within 10 feet before Westwood gets inside him. Pressure? What pressure? JB Holmes saves the best til last, parachuting in to within four feet. Great shot. U-S-A! U-S-A! Awww, I love it when they all do that...

2355: Triumphant stuff from the Americans, with Anthony Kim waving the American flag on the back of a buggy as it drives down the 17th. I was beginning to like him as well. Faldo has a conflab with Hansen in the trees, although I'm not sure what he can say. That said, the Dane could still make the green here... WHAT A SHOT! Six feet from the flag.

"Watching I do feel there is no natural leader/elder statesman in the group and that worries me. Faldo needs to get the best out of these guys or we're toast!"
TomJonesDad on 606

2350: Weekley absolutely ram-a-dam-a-ding-dongs his drive down the middle at 17 and the natives go goo-gah. JB Holmes climbs into his drive and the crowd absolutely love it, despite the fact it's in the rough. Westwood pumps his drive down the middle, but Hansen bottles and yanks his tee shot into the trees to the left of the fairway. All on you Lee Boy...

European Up
2347: MAGNIFICENT FROM HANSEN! The Dane chips in to wipe the smiles momentarily from American faces. Lovely stuff, Europe halve the hole and stay one down with two to play. I'm going to give Europe an arrow for that...

2339: Hammer blow from Weekley at 16, ensuring a certain three with a peach of an approach to within a couple of feet. The crowd loving this, it's all gone U-S-A! U-S-A! Smashing. Holmes yanks his approach well left.

"The Gidea Park Massive - Gambardella, Ginivan and the Nash Bros are reminded of Ireland two years back. Not the events at the K Club, more the sight of Boo Dirs choking on the final three holes of the Ballybooka Cup."
Gidea Park Massive via text

2334: Sweet drive from Boo at 16, the ball bounding down the right side of the fairway. JB Holmes takes 20 or 30 practice swings - God that would get on your nerves - before booming his drive 20 yards past. Westwood leaves his a touch short - only 300 yards from the Englishman - while Hansen finds the middle of the fairway.

2328: Westwoodleaves his par putt out right... and Hansen leaves his out left... a lifeline for the Americans, and Boo grabs it with both hands, rattling in his par putt. It stays USA one up, and Boo is loving this, he's wearing the maniacal grin of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Are Westwood and Hansen going to get an axing?

2324: All the players descending on the 15th in golf buggies to support this final match, and what a significant one it is. Westwood and Hansen have two makeable birdie putts, Holmes and Weekley are in some horrible stuff over the back. Holmes fluffs his chip, but Weekley gets his to within a few feet to put some pressure on.

2320: Weekley and Holmes miss a couple of putts at 14 which would have out them two up. Westwood and Hansen really need to pull something out of the bag here. In case anyone's wondering why I'm not using any of your texts and 606s, our internet connection has crashed. Sorry...

2317: In his post-match interview, Mickelson looks like a man reborn standing next to young Kim. He looks like a divorcee who has been out of the dating game for a couple of years but has just turned up down the pub with his perky new girlfriend.

US up
2310: Mickelson/Kim beat Harrington/McDowell 1 up
McDowelland Harrington are unable to sink lengthy birdie putts at 18 and that's another victory for the United States. Great match that, the Irish pair very unlucky to be on the losing side. Nick Faldo stares across the course looking like a man who has just been shown the workings of his own soul.

US up
2308: Leonard/Mahan beat Garcia/Jimenez 4&3
Jimenez pushes his birdie putt wide at 15 and that's another win for the USA. Leonard and Mahan played like wizards, the Spanish pair just never got going.

2305: McDowell splashes out at 18, but the ball fizzes 15 feet past the hole. And that could be curtains for Jimenez and Garcia, Leonard chipping in from off the green. Leonard, without a win in Ryder Cups before today, should pick up his second point. Only one point of course for Rose and Poulter, they were beaten this morning.

European Up
2300: Poulter-Rose beat Stricker/Curtis 4&2
Holmes makes four at 13, but Europe are still in that match. But Europe pick up their first win of this year's Ryder Cup, Poulter and Rose closing out their match with a win on the 16th. One and half points each for the English pair, they'll no doubt be back out together tomorrow.

"I saw my first beer drinker at about 0815 and having just back in from the course I can report that the combination of a day's boozing and hot sun is having its effect on a fair proportion of the crowd. In some extreme cases, sleep has already taken them into its clutches. The guys dressed as Spanish matadors are definitely feeling the pace and the Irish leprechauns look a touch bedraggled. It's not had an adverse effect on behaviour levels, though, apart from the strange ones who just stand there making loud but totally unintelligible noises. I think they're called Americans."
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts at Valhalla

2256: Harrington found sand with his tee shot and will have to lay up. Kim was a long way back and also punched his second short of the green. It's all on McDowell now... he's got 206 yards to the flag from the middle of the fairway. "Don't hit it hard, hit it good," says his caddie, but the Northern Irishman leaks it right into the bunker guarding the front.

2253: Mickelson has 241 to the flag at the last - he came up well short off the tee. His approach is short and left. Magnificent iron shot from Poulter at 16, he's really ramming those weasel words down his critics' throats.

2251: Jimenez rolls in to halve the 14th, but the Spanish pair are three down with four to play. Weekley is a little bit shy with his approach at 13, while Holmes overcooks his.

2246: Curtis must feel like the snotty kid at the party in Valhalla today - he misses a short birdie putt and Poulter and Rose remain three up in that match.

US up
US up
2243: McDowell sends his 15-footer on its way... I like it... I LIKE IT... but it just curls across the face of the hole. Hansen misses his birdie putt at 12 meaning Weekley and Holmes go one up in match four. Harrington misses his birdie putt low and that's a two quick jabs to the solar plexus in quick succession. Europe have got to get to their feet as quick as possible here, they're getting beasted...

2241: Roars of "BOOOOOOOOO!" rip across the course, and it's because Weekley has putted in from the fringe. Westwood and Hansen can still half however. Mickelson has rolled in from the front of the green for birdie at 17. Kim's going to rip Lefty's shoulder from its hinges with those high fives...

2238: Silence greets McDowell's approach at 17, which means it was a goodun, just outside Harrington's. Kim outdoes them both, however, hitting to within 10 feet. This could be Curtis' first birdie of the day, a great second into the 15th.

2232: Leonard can only make par... but Mahan makes no mistake - USA three up in match three with five to play. Harrington hits his approach to within about 20 feet at 17, and Mickelson smashes over the trees to the front edge.

2231: Big pressure on Jimenez now at 13. Garcia has picked up, not wanting to help the American with their lines. Jimenez a bit too firm and Leonard and Mahan both have putts to go three up...

2228: Harrington and McDowell find the fairway at 17. Garcia stiffs his escape into the creek running in front of the 13th green. BOOM! Kim absolutely marmalises his tee shot at 17, but Mickelson is wayward again and misses the fairway.

European Up
2225: Jimenez is all over the pin at 13, but the ball finishes quite a way past. Mahan to within 15 feet. WELL DONE POULTS! The Englishman bends in a birdie two at 14 to take him and Rose three up after 14. Where's my quiver?!

2222: Still chicken on the bone for Harrington, but he pops in his three-footer, and Kim follows him in. JB Holmes yanks his putt at the 11th and match four stays all square.

2220: Kim leaves his birdie putt high at 16, a butterfly chasing it past the hole. Poulter finds the middle of the green with his tee shot at 14. Harrington's putt wants to turn right, really it does, but is scared of the hole and stays arrow straight and slides past.

"It's probably been said of me before, but wherever I go, the excitement goes elsewhere. Just spent two hours following Boo and JB with crowds surprisingly subdued by the brilliant Westwood. As soon as I step away to write this JB sets the 9th alight with a birdie. I'm off back out then to quieten this crowd..."
BBC Sport's Alex Trickett at Valhalla

US up
2215: Mickelson and McDowell play poor bunker shots at 16 and it's a shoot-out between Harrington and Kim. Mickelson and McDowell both give their putts a chance but both roll past. Garcia makes par at 12, but Leonard still has a chance of a birdie three... and he makes it. Five birdies this afternoon, he's got the eye of the tiger. USA two up in that match.

2212: McDowell finds the same bunker as Mickelson, but Kim's shows how big his cohones are with a super shot to that dribbles to the back of the dancefloor. Poulter and Rose remain two up over Stricker and Curtis after 12. Still no birdies for 2003 Open champion Curtis.

US up
2208: Harrington has 237 yards into the 16th and he's going to take his rescue club. WHAT A SHOT FROM THE IRISHMAN! He just clears the bunker that gobbled up Mickelson's ball and ends up at the back of the green. Boo Weekley, however, wins the 10th and he and Holmes are all square with Westwood and Hansen.

2206: Hansen shows a gentle side on 10, his chip just missing the hole. He and Westwood have a chance of regaining their two hole lead, but Westwood's putt from the apron just dies at the last second. Mickelson finds the front bunker with his second at 16.

2203: Stricker makes a good up and down at 12 for a half, but Europe remain two up in that match. McDowell just misses the fairway on 16, but he'll have a shot in. Kim, who grips well down the club like a club junior, finds the fairway, as does Harrington. Mickelson starts his tee shot well left and it continues left. He should have a shot in though.

European Up
European Up
2155: Leonard sends his birdie putt miles past the hole at 11, the Spanish pair having given Mahan a questionable gimme. Great putt from McDowell at 15, the Ulsterman draining a 20-footer to make Mickelson sweat. Mickelson completely misreads his birdie putt and it's all square again in match one. AND JIMENEZ JOINS THE PARTY! Thirty-footer at 11 to bring his match back to USA one up. And, boy, do you want Miguel at your party with his $200 lah-di-dahs and crates of premium Rioja. Mmmmmm... Two European arrows straight to the heart.

2152: Both Americans miss the green with their approaches at 12, but Rose finds the heart of the green. Harrington and McDowell answer Mickelson with aplomb, they'll both have birdie putts as well.

2149: Garcia on tee at the par-three 11th. The cicadas kicking up a storm now as evening draws in, but Garcia can't blame them, that was just a poor strike and the Spaniards are really struggling. Mickelson looking like God with an iron in his hands at the moment, that's another sweet approach at 15. Kim shanks his effort into the drink.

2147: "One thing generally agreed is that the USA now CARE. Personally, I think the experience card is overplayed. It's not as if Paul Casey and Ian Poulter are kids. Looking at today, the youngsters seem to be stepping up pretty well on both sides."
philwray on 606

US up
2142: JB Holmes wins the 9th in match four with a long birdie putt and he and Weekley turn one down against Westwood and Hansen. United States on the charge, Europe desperately need to weather this storm.

US up
2141: Kim makes his birdie putt disappear at 14 and he and Mickelson have grabbed the lead after being three down at one stage. Kim having a ball out there now after his tribulations this morning, the Irish duo have some work to do.

2136: Poulter rams his birdie putt at 11 miles past the hole, but he's had a good run. Stricker slides his birdie putt by the hole and Europe remain two up in match two.

2133: Crackerjack tee shot at 14 from young Kim, he'll have a makeable birdie putt. Harrington stiffs his effort leaving McDowell under some pressure. The Northern Irishman can't stand up to it, sticking his iron into the bunker guarding the front. Balls peppering the pin on 9, with Weekley drawing big 'Boooos!' with his approach.

US up
2128: Kim runs his putt by the cup at 13, but Mickelson nails his birdie putt and they're all square in match one. Mickelson and Kim are proving to be a gnarly little pairing, and you sense that Lefty is relishing being the USA's main man in Tiger's absence.

2124: All on in two at the 13th, but Mickelson's ball can smell the bottom of the cup. Harrington and McDowell run their lengthy putts by the hole, and the 10th is halved in match two, meaning Poulter and Rose stay two up.

2121: Superb 15-footer from Hansen to cancel out JB Holmes' birdie on the 8th. That quietens the crowd a little, and there's no better sound than a silent American Ryder Cup gallery.

US up
2117: Weekley, putting up the ridge, doesn't give it enough, the ball shying away from the hole at the last. Jimenez leaves his putt just high on the 9th, he still hasn't joined the party. Mahan birdies the 9th and he and Leonard turn two up against Garcia and Jimenez.

2112: Weekley on the 8th tee, and he doesn't quite make the top level. "I hit it a little too easy," Boo drawls. WHAT A PUTT FROM HARRINGTON! A 25-foot birdie putt from the world number four and he halves the hole. Mickelson misses the 13th fairway, but Kim gives it some serious clatter off the tee. Harrington is safely on the fairway, as is McDowell.

2108: Westwood on the tee at the par-three 8th. 180 yards, and Westwood sticks his iron to within 10 feet of the hole. Denmark's Soren Hansen is up next. If you don't know much about him, he has the lithe sophistication and nimbleness of a ballerina and the hard-nosed, ruthless thuggery of a lovely shot that, his ball gripping and spinning back inside his playing partner's.

2106: Harrington plays a seven iron 180 yards into the 12th green - pin high. McDowell has found the right-hand bunker, Mickelson very nearly sticks his in. He'll have a three-footer for birdie. Hansen makes his clutch putt at 7 to keep him and Westwood two up.

2105: Stricker makes his six-footer at 9 to halve the hole. Stricker/Curtis and Poulter/Rose turn with the Europeans two up.

2100: Hello again. It's me to take you to the conclusion of the day's play, and Poulter is pumped - magnificent iron shot into the 9th, six inches from the cup. Not sure about you, but I want Poulter to absolutely ruin Stricker and Curtis, just to ram all the nonsense that's been sent his way down his critics' throats.

By Andrew McKenzie

2059: It's time for me to hit the road and leave you in the hands of Dirsy for the rest of the evening. It's been a manic day and I suspect we will be seeing more of the same over the weekend. I'll see you then. Can't wait.

2057: Holmes's drive at the 7th - which is proving a fine Ryder Cup hole - has gone too far and just stops short of the water. With a horrendous stance he can only pull one left of the green into what looks like marshland.

2055: Westwood produces a very decent second shot at the 7th but gets only bad luck as the ball turns away from the green and stops just short of the bunker.

European Up
2051: The Spaniards are coming. Leonard can do no better than a par and Garcia and Jimenez have pulled one back at the 7th.

2046: Mickelson and McDowell have birdie chances at the short 11th. The American's from the back of the hole just misses right of the hole, while McDowell's 25ft effort looks good but just as he raises his putter to will it in, it turns away. The hole is halved.

2043: Rose sees his putt agonisingly stay above ground but Curtis still has a knee trembler for a half. The former Open champion makes no mistake as he plops it in.

2041: Poulter has a putt to win the 8th but it shaves the hole and carries on going.

2038: Mahan goes for the green at the 7th but comes up short and that means Leonard is forced to lay up. Garcia goes in with nothing more than a mid-iron and finds the green and the Spaniards will have a chance to go three up.

2035: After being a bit strong with his first putt Harrington makes amends by finding the cup from 15ft. It's enough for a birdie but not the hole as Kim taps in for a half. Eight holes left in that heavyweight battle.

2034: Faldo is watching on like a hawk and he will be happy with McDowell's performance so far on his debut. The Northern Irishman can't bury his birdie chance at the 10th though.

2032: An amazing shot from Mickelson as he gives it full welly from the edge of the green. It looks good but there's plenty of life left in it. This is no time for trick shots.

European Up
2028: Poulter has a chance to double their lead at the 7th with a putt of no more than 6ft. He pops it in and he punches the air as if he is digging one in his opponent's pancreas. Poults is pumped, that's for sure.

European Up
2023: Westwood is finding his range and he knocks in a third birdie in five holes with a 12-footer at the 5th to see them go two up.

2020: Steve Stricker produces a fine drive on the long 7th to leave him just a 5-iron to the flag. A 4-iron might have been better as he plops in the water. We could really do with a graphic to illustrate a splash but the closest I can find is one for rain.

US up
2017: Mickelson gets one to fall at the 9th to win the hole with a birdie. Europe's lead is back to one as they reach the turn despite them being a collective five-under. This one looks like it could go down to the wire.

2015: "I don't know what anyone else feels, but I feel there is a little flatness about the European team this time. I don't believe that it is complacency, maybe more just a case of been there, done it, worn the t-shirt."
Smash on 606
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Not sure about that Smash. They look pretty up for it so far. They've just been outplayed for much of the day.

A celeb has been spotted at Birkdale
2012: The cameras show some shots of basketball legend Michael Jordan - at 6ft 6in a huge golf fan in every sense - and ex-US president George Bush, who looks to be getting pally with a rather pretty young blonde. He's probably discussing the merits of matchplay versus strokeplay.

European Up
2010: Curtis and Stricker both get into problems on the 6th hole and the Poulter-Rose combo only need a par to get their noses back in front. Europe are up in three of the four matches.

2008: Mickelson bombs one right down the 9th fairway, well over 300 yards uphill and from 70-odd yards out he's pretty deadly. He knocks his second a couple of feet past the hole and spins it back to within gimme distance.

2006: Leonard's putter has been so hot he could brand horses at the moment but the Europeans still make him knock in a tiddler at the 5th hole for a half. He duly does.

2004: The scoreboard is looking a lot more useful for the European team all of a sudden, but we've been here before.

European Up
1958: We've not seen much of Soren Hansen yet but he plays the 4th the traditional way as he bumps a little wedge to within a couple of feet. The US have a couple of stabs at matching the Dane's birdie and Weekley thinks he's done enough only for his putt to stay up. Holmes misses from 8ft and Europe are ahead in this one.

1956: Some fourball fun for the boys on the 4th tee as Westwood throws everything behind his drive as he goes for the green. He lands in the bunker at the front of the green, in a decent position. Holmes fancies it as well and he lands roughly pin high - fully 350 yards - but his direction is a bit off as he is well left off the green. That's what matchplay is all about.

European Up
1952: McDowell judges his putt to absolute perfection from off the back ledge of the green. It looks in all the way and drops in the hole. Kim's also looks in all the way but just turns at the last second. Mickelson needs to chip in from the fringes for a half but even he can't manage it and Europe are two up.

1947: Mickelson and Kim give their opponents an opening at the short 8th but Harrington is way short and McDowell fairs little better when he finds the back of the green.

1944: Garcia gets some love with the putter as he nails a difficult one from 25ft to halve the par-3 3rd hole. A crucial one that for the Spaniards as they looked like falling three down.

1937: McDowell cannot get his eagle putt to drop but that's a good birdie and the rookie is looking very solid. It's not enough to win the hole though as Kim gets up and down from just short of the green to halve the hole. The young American is looking much more suited to the fourballs.

European Up
1940: A birdie for Lee Westwood at the 2nd brings that match back to all square. That might quieten the crowd down a touch, but probably not.

1937: An opening for Poulter and Rose at the 5th as both of their opponents miss the green on the 5th with their second shots. Stricker is on in three but a long way from the flag, while Curtis is beached.

1934: McDowell finds the green with his second to the 7th hole and he'll have a putt of 20ft or so for an eagle. That takes the pressure off Harrington but he finds nothing but a watery grave with his approach. The Open champ looks like he has turned round and seen someone run off with the rest of his clubs.

US up
1930: Jimenez almost makes a long birdie putt but can't will it into the hole and Garcia sees a wonderful effort go agonisingly across the front of the hole from at least 30ft. Two good attempts but not enough to halve the hole after Leonard stiffed his tee shot to inches. Plenty of red on the scoreboard at the moment.

1927: "Faldo will put out Poulter until he gets a point just to try to justify selection. USA are nailed on for the Cup - the European team is crammed with overrated English bottlers - Casey, Poulter and Rose. They remind me of the England football team. Not picking Clarke is a disgrace."
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US up
1924: Harrington almost chips in for birdie at the 6th but it just won't fall and then McDowell sees his short one lip out, so Kim wins the hole and the US are back to only one behind.

1923: "You would think that Faldo is some mass murderer given the level of hatred directed towards him. We win and it is down to the players and players alone, we lose and Faldo is 100% to blame because of his picks. Pretty unbelievable he can divide opinion so much."
ajm on 606
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1920: "In the immortal words of Kevin Keegan, I would absolutely 'luv it' if we beat the Euros this year. You have to admit, you have been a bit smug the last six years!"
Joel, 'luving it' so far, via text on 81111

US up
US up
1919: A good few minutes for the Yanks as Holmes taps in for a win at the 1st hole to fire the crowd up another level. Meanwhile on the 6th hole Kim produces an absolute dream of a long second shot that rolls on to the back of the green and then gets sucked back to within inches of the hole. McDowell looks up to the task as he hits a similar shot that just finishes 10ft from the pin.

1914: Boo Weekley chips to within inches of the hole and the fans are loving the last US pairing already. The US have been trying to fire the crowd up in the build-up to the event, as our correspondent Rob Hodgetts describes in the latest edition of the Louisville Lip.
Louisville Lip

US up
1911: There's nothing wrong with Steve Stricker's putter at the moment and he rolls one in on the 3rd to get them back to level par.

1908: Lefty knocks a putt in on the 5th hole for a birdie. Harrington can do no better than par and that's a hole back for the US pairing. Some great scoring by the opening fourball.

1905: The fourth and final match of the day has just teed-off at the 1st. JB Holmes looks as pumped up as Roy Keane chasing a referee. He crashes a driver down the opening fairway. It's gone for miles and on a 448-yard hole he will have a bump of a wedge on to the green. Crazy golf.

US up
1902: Over on the 1st hole Jimenez and Leonard do well to get out of the front trap and to the back of the green. Garcia plays an gorgeous chip up to the hole, but Stricker rolls in his 15ft putt for a birdie and an early edge.

European Up
1857: Justin Rose looks to have put his foursomes experience behind him as he rolls in a birdie at the 2nd. Stricker misses a six-footer and the Euros are ahead in that one.

1854: Groans around the 1st green as Leonard looks to have plopped his second into the front bunker. Garcia plays a lovely iron to about 12ft behind the flag, which looks to stop but then carries on down the hill and off the back. It's a cruel game sometimes. Jimenez also looks like he's bunker-bound and Mahan just finds the front of the putting surface.

European Up
1852: Mickelson and Kim are off with their birdie putts, leaving McDowell to pop his in and Europe are three up in that game after four holes. A very encouraging start.

1850: The third fourballs match have arrived on the 1st tee. Justin Leonard finds the rough wide right but the other three look in good shape.

1847: Harrington and McDowell have both hit fine approach shots to the 4th. Kim is a further back, but Mickelson hits a juicy pitch that spins back to well within birdie territory. They will have a mini putting competition for the hole.

1846: Nick Faldo has just been on BBC Radio 5 Live and here's what he had to say: "America has come out hard, we knew that. The golf was great. You have to accept your result at times. We got off to a good start and they rallied around a lot. They have no intentions of rolling over but there is a long way to go. I'm loving it. There is plenty going on in my ear."

Faldo also revealed that Oliver Wilson - the only man from either team not selected on day one - will definitely play on Saturday.

European Up
1840: OK so we still have no live pictures or commentary on the events, but I can tell you that Harrington has just won the 3rd hole with a birdie after hitting his tee shot right by the hole to put them 2 up. McDowell won the 2nd with a par. The Irish boys are flying early on.

1835: After managing to get all four predictions horribly wrong this morning I'm tempted to quit while I'm behind. But the Lord hates a coward so here's my random thoughts:

Mickelson/Kim v Harrington/McDowell USA WIN
Stricker/Curtis v Poulter/Rose HALVED
Leonard/Mahan v Garcia/Jimenez EUROPE WIN
Holmes/Weekley v Westwood/Hansen HALVED

My colleague behind me took one look and just said "rubbish". He's probably seen my betting account. Why not have a punt over on 606? There's no money at stake, just the loss of pride in front of a world audience.

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European Up
1832: Anthony Kim missed a short putt for a half at the second, but other than that I'm lacking in information on what happened. Time to unfurl that recently underused Euro flag though.

1831: We're not getting many pictures of the fourballs action at the moment - maybe the cameramen have nipped off for a sarnie - but it looks like Europe have won the 2nd hole.

1828: Both Garcia and Westwood are also going out for the fourballs, but with different partners. Garcia maintained his unbeaten record in Ryder Cup foursomes, while Westy has not lost a match since 2002. The Englishman had this to say after halving with Furyk and Perry at the last: "It was a battle but we came good in the end. We'd have been pleased with a half on the 17th tee."

1825: It is a quick turnaround for Poulter and Rose and it will be a huge test of their mental and physical strengths after their narrow defeat. They both get their drives away and into a nice position on the 1st. They are facing Steve Stricker and Ben Curtis, both making their Ryder Cup debuts and both fresh after having the morning off.

1823: "The guys have played hard as they always do. It was tough on Poulter and Rose but that's the Ryder Cup, you have to forget about it quickly and get out there. We start again."
European skipper Nick Faldo

1820: After all that I think I'm ready for a lie down. What do you mean we have got another 18 holes? Cheers to Dirsy for a magnificent stint. He'll be back later for some more Ryder Cup madness later on this evening.

By Ben Dirs

European Up
1812: Perry/Furyk halved with Garcia/Westwood
Perry sends his escape towards the back of the green while Garcia plays safe with his chip. USA have played five shots, Europe only three... Furyk's putt rolls miles past and that's some escape from Garcia and Westwood. However, that's still the first time since 1991 that the United States have led after the first morning. Handing back to Andy Macca...

1810: Not sure how Mickelson birdied that, I was told he hacked out of the trees. Anyway, it was a fine 15-footer from Harrington to halve the hole. Cracking second from McDowell by the way to within a few feet.

1805: Furyk tries a Hollywood shot but can only bumble a rescue club into a long bunker front left of the green. Westwood parachutes his approach into the back of the green and it's looking like Garcia will keep his unbeaten foursomes record going. Mickelson and Harrington both make birdie at the 1st to remain all square.

1800: Harrington and McDowell find the fairway on the 1st - Harrington hit his 360 yards, McDowell's first shot in the Ryder Cup isn't too shabby either. Kim finds the first cut, Mickelson is forced to hack out of the trees. Not sure what's going on back on 18, some confusion... I assume Furyk is playing his pair's third shot, but I've no idea why it's taking so long.

1758: Garcia finds the left side of the fairway at 18 and Perry must be feeling sick - he missed a match-winning putt at 17 and now he's found drink off the tee at 18. This would be a massive half for Garcia and Westwood.

1756: "The most worrying thing is the way the Americans are really supporting each other. When one's not playing well the other's on fire which is something they've not done over the last few cups."sublimesuperspur on 606
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1755: Kenny Perry finds drink with his tee shot at 18... straight down the middle Sergio, straight down the middle... the fourballs are already under way - Harrington and debutant McDowell versus Mickelson and Kim...

US up
1750: Cink/Campbell bt Rose/Poulter 1 up
Campbell pushes his putt by at 18, but Rose shows the touch of a hod-carrier, yanking his putt six feet past. Poulter's return dips too early and USA win the match.

European Up
1746: Spooky silence as Poulter waits to play out of the green-side beach at 18... the Englishman plays it pretty well, but Rose will have a nasty 15-footer for birdie. Perry slides another match-winning putt past at 17 and Garcia sinks his to win the hole - USA one up with one to play... HAND ME THAT EUROPE 'UP' ARROW!

1744: Campbell puts his iron shot into 18 about 10 feet from the pin - unless Poulter can pull a rabbit out of his bag, that looks like USA's match. Furyk gives Perry a good chance of par with a solid iron into the 17th green. Garcia's approach finished just right of the dance floor.

1740: We think Poulter has just found the middle of the fairway on 18. Perry has chopped out of the rough at 17, and Garcia and Westwood are in the driving seat on that hole. Rose has made a hash of his approach at 18 - middle of the fairway, but he's found the white stuff.

1735: Furyk turns his hands over too quickly and finds rough to the left of the fairway. Westwood, alas, sprays his tee shot right. Were Garcia to lose this match, it would be his first defeat in foursomes in nine attempts.

1733: Unerring from Cink, ramming home his six-footer to keep the match all square going down the last.

1730: Perry makes the return putt and he and Furyk are two up with two to play. Better news from Rose and Poulter's match - Rose hits a very special putt from off the green, and Cink has a six-footer for a half...

1727: Poulterovercooks his approach, and Rose may opt to putt from up the bank running away from the green. That's a bit fingers and thumbs from Perry, who leaves his chip shot well short at 16, but Westwood is unable to ram home the advantage, pushing his putt just past the hole... Furyk has a 20-footer to win the match...

1725: "I just cannae wait for the fourballs, this whole match is awesome, great shots, mistakes, everything. Europe can only get better after poor second nine in almost every match."
Mario268 on 606
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1723: Garcia comes up short with his iron into the 16th green, while Perry just scrambles over the bunker front left. Furyk will have a chip out of some scrubby rough. Campbell, who's had a bit of a nightmare today, pushes hit tee shot way right at 17. Poulter can see the pin after Rose's tee shot, which is in some trampled rough. Great up and down from Rose and Poulter at the 16th by the way to keep it all square.

1722: Here's this afternoon's fourball pairings:
1745: Phil Mickelson and Anthony Kim v Padraig Harrington and Graeme McDowell
1800: Steve Stricker and Ben Curtis v Ian Poulter and Justin Rose
1815: Justin Leonard and Hunter Mahan v Sergio Garcia and Migual Angel Jimenez
1830: JB Holmes and Boo Weekley v Lee Westwood and Soren Hansen

1720: Garcia and Westwood lose the 15th hole to go two down. Furyk and Westwood both make their tee shots sing down the 16th.

1716: Mickelson/Kim halved with Harrington/Karlsson
Harrington leaves his par putt left at 18, Kim has a putt for a probable half... and he's made it disappear. The match is halved, and that was some escape from the American pair. Harrington and Karlsson will be disappointed, but at least it's Europe's first points on the board.

1714: Mickelson chips out to within six feet, and there's plenty of chicken on that bone. Rose's approach at 16 is short and right. Campbell finds the green with his iron shot in.

1712: Karlsson plays a sweet pitch into the 18th - Harrington will have a 15-footer for par. But if Kim can get his escape to within a few feet... HE'S ONLY GONE AND LEFT IT IN THE BUNKER! REMARKABLE! THAT'S PRESSURE, BABY!

1708: Harrington looks like he's in Tatooine, and his bunker shot skews right. Mickelson gets plenty of length on his escape... but his ball dribbles into a bunker guarding the front of the green. Perry finds the back of the green with his approach at 15. But that's a shocking shot from Garcia - a wedge in his mitts and he plops it into the creek. Deary, deary me...

European Up
1706: Blimey Leigh, I pity your sons and daughters. What are you going to do if they fluff their primary school exams, send them down the mines? Rose and Poulter win the 15th, Rose rolling in a par putt after Cink finds water.

1705: "Faldo has make a mistake. The USA will end up with 4 points after the 1st session. Game over, think I have done my money."
Leigh in Bromley via text on 81111

1704: Kim has driven into the bunker at 18... and Karlsson has followed him in... Perry rams one home at 14 and he and Furyk stay one up against Westwood and Garcia.

1700: Perry finds sand with his tee shot at 14. Karlsson's ball drags its feet before disappearing at 17 - he and Harrington are all square with Mickelson and Kim with one to play. Stenson reveals that he and Casey will not play this afternoon, but Leonard and Mahan will pair up again in the fourballs.

US up
1655: Leonard/Mahan bt Stenson/Casey 3&2
Leonard has a four-footer at 16 for the match and the first points of the Ryder Cup... and he sinks it! That's his first win in nine Ryder Cup matches. Casey and Stenson look sick, they were two up after two but really didn't perform on the back nine.

European Up
1651: All American 'up' arrows on the moment, we desperately need a blue one. Westwood gives Europe hope with a birdie putt at the par-four 13th. Furyk pulls his effort left and USA are now just one up in the bottom match.

US up
1647: Garciafinds the middle of the green with his approach at 13. Perry, however, matches him. Casey is unable to find the green with his approach into the 16th, after Leonard also slaps his iron shot through the back. Rose and Poulter are also getting the quivers - they were three up after 7, they've just gone one down, Cink knifing them with a fine putt at 14.

1645: Harrington has a 20-footer to half the 16th... AND HE'S ONLY GONE AND RUDDY SUNK IT! Well done Padraig, that goes some way to stopping the bleeding... for now...

US up
1644: Leonard and Mahan are now three up after 15 - dormie three against Stenson and Casey, and it's looking a bit grim for Europe at the moment.

US up
1638: Mickelson's approach at 16 dribbles to just in front of a fairway bunker - Kim will have a nasty shot in. Garcia doesn't hit his birdie putt at 12 and Perry and Furyk go two up.

1635: Casey slices his tee shot at 15 and finds drink... and Poulter shanks his approach at 13 into the creak front right. Roars all over the course at the moment, and their volume levels tell you they're mostly for the hosts.

US up
1631: Doozy of a putt from Harrington at 15, a double-breaker that finishes a couple of feet from the hole. But Mickelson has a very makeable putt to bring it back to all square. Heat-seeking approach from Westwood at 12, the ball finishes a couple of feet from the pin. Mickelson makes it all square in his match - clutch putt, and Lefty almost explodes. Harrington and Karlsson looking very rickety down the home stretch, this could be a massive win for the hosts.

US up
1627: In match two, Leonard and Mahan go two up after that cracking tee shot from Hunter. Rose makes par at 12, but Campbell also makes his and Europe stay one up in match three.

1625: Cink sends his birdie putt about 30 feet past the hole at 12. Think he must have taken a three wood there. Poulter slaps his about 10 feet past. Great tee shot at the par-three 14th from Mahan - the pendulum swinging the way of the hosts at the moment. Average approach from Karlsson at 15, but Kim's finding his form - he finds the heart of the green.

1622: Garcia rolls his birdie putt to within a few feet at 11. Mickelson pulls out the big stick and finds the middle of the fairway at 15. Perry's putt breaks too soon at 11, and he and Furyk leave the 11th green still one up.

US up
1618: Furyk hits his tee shot at the par-three 11th to within 15 feet. Harrington makes his bogey putt, but Kim rolls in his par putt to cut Europe's lead to one. Westwood very nearly gets his tee shot at 11 inside Furyk, but it dribbles just past.

1615: Shot of the day so far from Mickelson - the world number two slings his pitch vertical, the ball just lands on the green and is sucked to about three feet from the hole. USA skipper Azinger punches the air, the crowd are in raptures.

1612: Harrington has got a wicked shot out of the trampled rough. Grass against him, and Harrington flies his chip past the hole and the ball disappears over the ridge and far away. Cink and Campbell have pulled it back to one down against Rose and Poulter after 11 - they were three down at one stage.

1609: Kim hits another scruffy tee shot at the par-three 14th. However, Karlsson doesn't pounce, pushing his tee shot long and right of the green. Big work for Harrington and Mickelson, who have two of the best short games in the world.

1607: Campbell makes his putt at the 10th to keep him and Cink two down against Rose and Poulter.

US up
1601: Mahan pushes his eight-footer at 12 about six feet past. Rose rattles in from eight feet for birdie at 11, although Cink will have the chance of a half. Not a great hole from Karlsson - he misses from four feet and Kim wins the hole with a three-footer. Big boost for Kim, who's been playing like a drain. Harrington and Karlsson now two up. Leonard and Mahan half the 12th to stay one up against Stenson and Casey. I have just been told I will be with you until the end of the foursomes... unless my fingers spontaneously combust...

1555: Furyk misses a short one at the 9th, but Perry makes the return putt for a half. Karlsson fluffs his approach at 13, the ball very nearly trickling into the creek to the right of the green. Kim finds the heart of the green with his approach, although the ball very nearly rolls off the back and into the drink. Harrington plays a sweet recovery, before Mickelson rolls his putt six feet past.

1552: Harrington and Stenson have Mickelson and Kim by the throat here and they should really close this out over the final holes. Some people complaining that I'm not typing fast enough. I have two things to say about that: who do you think I am, Dr Octopus? And if you know what the score is already, why are you writing in to complain?

European Up
1547: Special chip from Mahan at 11. Leonard had put him in trouble with a scrappy tee shot into the green-side rough. Sensational stuff from Mickelson - he makes his 30-footer at 12 disappear, before putting his arm round playing partner Kim in an attempt to ease some of those nerves. No mercy from Karlsson, however, who sinks his putt to go three up. Leonard pops in for par at 11 to stay one up against Stenson and Casey.

1545: I don't think we'll be seeing Kim this afternoon, his swing is hanging above him like a tattered old wind sock and his pitch into the 12th green is well long. Cink makes his clutch putt at 9 to keep him and Campbell two down against Rose and Poulter.

1542: Kim squirts his approach right of the green at 12, but Karlsson, Europe's form man, finds the back of the dance floor. Kim has put Mickelson in some serious strife, Lefty is guts deep in forest. Mickelson can only hack out onto the fairway, Europe should go three up.

European Up
1539: Casey has rolled in a 20-footer at the 10th to take him and Stenson back to one down. Perry pops in his short putt at 8, but Garcia makes his tiddler to keep it USA one up.

US up
US up
1528: Campbell/Cink win 8th hole, Perry/Furyk win 7th hole
Campbell is asked to putt out at 8 after Poulter misses his lengthy effort and the American makes the three-footer to bring Rose and Poulter back to two up. Furyk leaves a long putt left at the par-five 7th. But this is a very ragged hole from Europe. Westwood does manage to roll in a six-footer for a combined six, but Perry makes his putt to put him and Furyk one up.

European Up
1523: Harrington/Karlsson win 10th hole
Magnificent tee shot by Cink at the 180 yard 8th, his ball finishing a few feet from the cup. Mickelson's chip at the 10th rolls 10 feet past and the world number two isn't a happy bunny: "Come on man, that is so uncool," says Phil, and I think some naughty so and so made a noise in the gallery. In comes security: Bye bye son, I think your Ryder Cup might be over. Kim makes his putt, but Harrington makes a clutch three-footer and Europe go one up in match one.

1520: Kenny Perry unveils a peach of an approach at 7, the ball scampering over the drink and finishing up back right. Garcia has a 235 yard carry, but the Spaniard shows formidable strength to clear the green back left. Mahan rolls in a six footer at 9 to keep him and Leonard two up at the turn.

European Up
1516: Hello! Macca is off for a spot of lunch so I'm stepping in for an hour or so. Cink and Campbell and have just conceded the 7th after Cink found the drink out of the rough - Poulter and Rose now three up.

By Andrew McKenzie

"The American girl working in our office couldn't care less about the golf, but after hearing me shout 'where's your Tiger gone?' for the last hour she's beginning to like me less."
sublime on 606

1514: The Poulter-Rose partnership is looking Europe's strongest at present and they are aided when Cink finds the drink at the 7th.

US up
1511: Leonard/Mahan win 8th hole
The overall situation is now all square as Stenson and Casey lose a second consecutive hole.

US up
1506: Perry/Furyk win 6th hole
Not a good few moments for Europe as Europe's banker are back to level when Furyk makes no mistake with a par at the 6th hole.

1502: Harrington received some treatment for a stiff neck - worrying signs for one of Europe's key men. More worrying at the moment as he sends a 2ft putt past the hole for a win at the 9th.

1500: Europe get a big break as Poulter and Rose three-putt but Campbell misses a little one for the win at the 6th hole and they remain a couple behind.

US up
1454: Leonard/Mahan win 7th hole
Troubles at the 7th hole as Casey finds water with their third shot. Playing a fifth shot Stenson also cannot stay on dry land and the Americans will not even need to get their putters out.

US up
1451: Mickelson/Kim win 8th hole
Karlsson misses his short putt and the Americans are level again.

1448: Mickelson is left with a tough putt off the green when Kim comes up short at the 8th hole - the shortest on the course at 180 yards. But the American is a wizard with the short club and he sends it up the hill and absolutely stone dead. What a touch. With the pressure back on Europe Harrington sends a low one out the sand that hits the pin and bounces out to three feet.

1445: Westwood and Furyk both find the front trap on the 5th to leave their playing partners with tough ones out. Perry is first to go and sends it to the back of the green, while Garcia makes a better stab as he finds the front of the dancefloor.

1443: Harrington scrambles another half with a short putt that has a think about it before dropping in the hole. They are hanging in there, but you can't help but feel that the American pair will consider that another missed opportunity.

European Up
1440: Westwood/Garcia win 4th hole
Sergio finally gets the putter working and Europe get their noses back in front.

European Up
1439: Rose/Poulter win 5th hole
The English duo are looking like a good pairing as Rose rolls in a third consecutive birdie.

1435: Keep up with your arrows Andrew!
Anonymous via text on 81111

I'm struggling to make sure I've got the scores right, never mind the arrows!

1434: At the 7th - which is an enormous 601 yards - Kim is a little stray with his second shot. Mickelson has a tough stance but he pulls out a very nice pitch to about 15ft.

1431: Harrington is off line off the tee on the 7th and Karlsson can only push it forward. The Irishman still has over 200 yards for this 3rd shot and his 4-iron can only find the rough at the back.

1427: Poulter has a tricky one for a half at the 4th hole and he nails it. The emotions are running high and he responds with a determined fist-pump.

US up
1424: Perry/Furyk win 3rd hole
The crowds are well and truly into this as local lad Perry pops in a birdie putt at the 3rd. Garcia is even closer but he cannot follow him in and we are all level.

US up
1422: Leonard/Mahan win 5th hole
Leonard and Mahan are right in the groove and pull out a third birdie in a row to edge ahead.

European Up
1418: Harrington/Karlsson win 6th hole
Some terrific scrambling from the European pair as Harrington nails a 12ft putt and Mickleson's response rolls round the hole.

European Up
1414: Rose/Poulter win 3rd hole
The English pair get some more blue on the board as they take the short 3rd hole.

1414: Kenny Perry misses his birdie putt on the 2nd hole to give Garcia a very makeable one. But the Spaniard's effort breaks agonisingly just before the hole.

1412: "I'm concerned by Iain Carter's comments that Nick's son Mathew is set to become a rock in the next few days; there are more important things in life than golf you know, and this poor lad obviously needs immediate medical attention."
Mind Games on 606
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US up
1408: Leonard/Mahan win 4th hole
The American pairing make a good recovery after two poor opening holes. Stenson makes a hash of a bunker shot but Casey holes his putt from the fringes of the green. However, Mahan takes the hole with a birdie from about 6ft.

1407: Rose makes a good par at the 2nd hole with a early tester after Poulter slid his putt just past. Campbell follows him in with a four-footer and they remain all square.

1404: Mickelson is just short with his attempt and Europe can consider that a very useful half after two visits to the sand.

1403: Trouble for Europe at the 5th hole as Harrington finds the bunker off the tee. It's a tricky one for Karlsson, with a downhill lie and he can only shoot one into the greenside trap. Harrington splashes out stone dead but the Americans will have a putt for the hole.

European Up
1359: Westwood/Garcia win 1st hole
Garcia finds the green on the 1st hole and when Furyk cannot make his birdie putt it gives Westwood a chance for an early lead. He makes no mistake as he rolls it in from about 12ft.

US up
1356: Leonard/Mahan win 3rd hole
After a fine tee-shot from Leonard the Americans pull a hole back when Mahan holes a 15-footer.

1354: At the short par-4 4th both Harrington and Mickelson send in wonderful approaches. The American is inside Harrington's ball and theirs is conceded, but Karlsson is up to the challenge and holes his short putt for a birdie and a half.

1351: The fourth and final foursomes match is off and running. And it promises to be a belter. Westwood is not holding back as he crashes into his drive and it's a good one. Furyk gets a good roll down the right and finishes on the fairway.

European Up
1349:Stenson/Casey win 2nd hole
Leonard cannot hole a long par putt and that's a poor start for the American pairing, who have lost the opening two holes to par.

1347: Rose sends his birdie putt just past at the 1st but it should be conceded to leave the USA needing to finish off for the half. Cink duly does so and that's a good result for the Americans.

1345: Poulter finds the left side of the green on the 1st. Campbell's chip is decent but still leaves his partner a tricky one for par.

US up
1343:Mickelson/Kim win 3rd hole
Europe's ball finishes in the shrubbery and they cannot get it on the green after a couple of stabs, so they concede Kim's putt and we're back to level.

1341: USA get a decent lie on the first hole with a decent lie but Cink cannot make the most of it as he finds rough at the back of the green.

1337: The first bad shot from the Harrington-Karlsson combo as the Irishman is way off target at the par-3 3rd hole. It looks headed for the stream but Europe get a break as it stays dry. Mickelson finds the green for the USA.

1335: The third match is announced on the first tee and it is Justin Rose who will get the game under way. The young Englishman takes a few deep breaths and then sends a booming drive down the right which finishes very nicely. Campbell looks a bucket of nerves and consequently sends a horrible one into the thick stuff out on the right.

1332: Harrington's long, long birdie putt slides agonisingly past the hole but that's a decent two-putt from the Irishman. Kim has a decent birdie chance but it turns away before the hole and goes a couple of feet past. Europe are not giving that one up and make Mickelson hole a tiddler for the half, which he duly makes.

European Up
1331: Stenson/Casey win 1st hole
Casey misses his birdie putt but the US concede the second and Europe are up in both matches out on the course.

1330: Mahan cannot make the USA's par putt on the first and Europe will have two for the hole.

1329: On the second Mickelson flirts with the bunker but his approach shot rests just on the fringe of the green but with the flag tucked in on the left it gives Kim a decent birdie chance. Harrington is short with his second and just makes the front of the green, probably 30 feet short.

1326: Mahan cannot find the green at the first but Stenson can as he sends it to a similar position to where Harrington holed for birdie. Leonard is left with a difficult pitch and sends it 20 feet past the hole.

1324: "The European fans are in good voice on the 1st tee, singing such classics as 'Walking in a Faldo wonderland' and 'Where's your Tiger gone?'. The US can only reply with 'USA, USA'."
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts in Valhalla

1322: Karlsson sends a booming drive down the second fairway. The big-hitting Kim does likewise but is about 15 yards behind. It will be Mickelson to hit his second first.

1321: Justin Leonard also sends his down the left and it flirts with the trees and the semi rough before finishing on the left side of the fairway. It's greeted with the USA-USA chants.

1320: Casey will go first for Europe. He gives Stenson's caddy Fanny Sunesson a quick hug before he is announced by the starter. He sends it down the left but picks up the tee and he's happy with that. A fine drive.

1318: Back on the first tee and Stenson and Casey will have heard the cheers from Harrington's putt. That should settle the nerves a little.

European Up
1317: Harrington/Karlsson win 1st hole
Harrington pops it in with little fuss and Europe have the early breakthrough.

1314: Both Kim and Mickelson take their time over their birdie putt but they do not read the line and it doesn't threaten the hole but finishes stone dead. Europe have a putt for the hole.

1311: Karlsson piles the pressure on Kim with a beautiful iron approach to about six feet away. Kim responds by just making the front of the green. Advantage Europe, but both have decent birdie chances.

1310: "Is anyone else sick of Boo Weekley harping on about deer huntin!"Anthony, who's now stopped work to concentrate on the Ryder Cup, via 81111

1307: Phil Mickelson does likewise and sends his ball straight down the middles and rolling past Harrington's ball. It will be Karlsson to fire at the flag first.

1306: Harrington takes out the big stick and sends one straight down the middle. Easy.

1305: Sorry folks, some duff information. Harrington to go first for Europe. Good luck big fella. Rather you than me!

1304: "I'm ill already with nerves. Two grand on the US. Have I made a hideous mistake?"
Oval Yellow in London on 81111

I hope you have Oval, but I also hope you can afford it in the current credit crunch climate!

1302: The players are heading to the first tee and the noise is deafening. Phil Mickelson will be teeing off first. Fasten those seat belts folks. It's time to get on the Ryder Cup rollercoaster.

1300: "All the talk of Monty being out of form and not worthy of a place is fair enough but who wouldn't want him striding out to the 1st with purpose right now ready to crack one down the middle? Sir Alex calls this 'squeaky bum time'!"
David from Wishaw on 81111

Five minutes to go folks. If you're nervous, imagine having to get the driver out and trying to send one down the middle of the fairway.

1256: "It's time for a new era. We're the underdogs and that's all on paper. But it's like when you go dear hunting when you're growing up - you don't know what kind of dogs you got until you go runnin'."
The one and only Boo Weekley

Iain Carter
1254: "I can see Nick standing just right of the first tee. He's standing with his son Matthew, who will be a rock over the next few days. Faldo is in position to greet his players and offer his last few words of encouragement."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Iain Carter

1250: "I predict Europe 15.5 USA 12.5; using complex maths model with players' ages, past records, major wins, form, weather, personality type all factored in!
Moody blue, Glasgow, via text on 81111

1245: Twenty minutes to go until the first shot is driven away. Iain Carter on 5 Live says the atmosphere is being cranked up over in Kentucky. It's going to get very lively by all accounts.

1238: A bit of stat chat: If you think previous Ryder Cup experience is anything to go by then it looks very good for Europe this morning. Of the eight USA players in action in the foursomes not one of them has even a 50% record in the event. Europe have five: Garcia, Westwood, Casey, Poulter and Stenson. There are three players who will be making their debuts: Rose, Kim and Mahan.

1232: "I'm more confident about the team than ever before, but less confident about the captain than ever before!! Go figure....."
PetchachelliRed on 606

I can't remember a captain from either side ever getting so much bad press. There has been some suggestions on 606 that Faldo has played a clever game of deflecting attention away from the players. Any thoughts?

1229: Good news on the weather front below from one of our oncourse reporters at Valha

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