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Final round as it happened

Tiger Woods claimed a stunning birdie at the last to force a US Open play-off with Rocco Mediate.

Mediate was already in the clubhouse on one under after a 71 when Woods and England's Lee Westwood came to the last needing a birdie to tie for the lead.

Westwood could only par it for a 73 that leaves him in third while Woods and Mediate will battle out an 18-hole play-off on Monday.

Sweden's Robert Karlsson and DJ Trahan were tied for fourth on two over.



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By Mark Orlovac

0206: Right all. Time for me to say goodbye. It has been an incredible four days and it does not end there. The crew here at Corporation Towers will be back tomorrow to take you through the play-off. Unfortunately said play-off will not involve Lee Westwood but he has done himself proud. Thanks for your company and all your messages, unfortunately there were so many tonight that there was absolutely no way I could use them all. Appreciated nonetheless though. I'll see you all soon, take care.

"This man is a complete legend, How can you play with the injury he has do what he's done??"
Chris, UK via email

"I'm absolutely gutted, that putt cost me nearly five grand. I had 10 on Mediate at 450-1 to win outright."
Matt, UK via email

"Markets are already open here in Tokyo and for a few seconds, hardly any trading was being done. What a fighter!"
Tiger Woes, Japan via email

0200: Well, well. Nerve-wracking stuff. Woods and Mediate will now come back tomorrow for an 18-hole play-off. Yeah I know, ridiculous isn't it? Mediate takes it well. He watches Woods' putt at the last on a television monitor and says: "unbelievable, I knew he would make it".

"There's nothing you can say to describe the man. People talk about backing three-legged horses, but he's got one and a half legs and could still win it! Amazing stuff, but he's got to be hurting after four days."
Darren, UK via email

"Oh my God!!!! What a putt."
Jenn, Ireland via email

0151: BIRDIE Woods (-1 after 18)
Absolutely incredible. You just run out of words to describe him. Woods fires the ball across the green and somehow it grabs the right hand side of the cup and rolls in. He goes wild, as does the crowd. How has he done it?

0150: Westwood does not hit it enough and a par ends his challenge. Woods now to go, this goes in and we have a play-off tomorrow.

"I've got a big day tomorrow, but I can't drag myself away, absolutely gripping. Hope Lee birdies the last."
Steve F, UK via email

"I've thoroughly enjoyed this final day. The birdies, the bogeys, the excitement, the nerves... but mostly the epic theme music."
Mike Willis, England via email

0146: Woods and Westwood are on the green in three. They are around 20ft away, maybe Woods is a little closer. Neither of these two can now win it today.

"You have to admire Rocco for holding his nerve, his performance defied his ranking."
Paul P, Singapore via email

"Come on Lee, I've got an expensive bottle of wine riding on you - bring it home Westy!!!"
Matt, Hong Kong via email

0141: Woods is angry. His foot slips in the sand as he plays from the bunker and he is now in the right rough. He throws his club down in frustration. Westwood is out of his hazard and on the fairway in front of the water. Perfect. How can these boys lift a club? I'm so nervous I can hardly type.

"I have to say if Lee doesn't win he only has himself to blame. He seems to have missed countless fairways on the back nine! Come on Lee!!!"
Colin via email

"I've got grade three English to teach in 25 minutes so I really hope this is concluded sharpish."
Hackney, South Korea via email

"I've got to be up at 5am!!! This is gripping stuff!!!"
Simon Ashley, England via email

0137: I have to admit, I'm shaking. The next two shots will decide what has been an incredible US Open. It's unbearable.

0135: Darn it. Westwood goes right with his drive and is in a fairway bunker. Woods is left and is also in the sand. His knee is hurting again. Mediate must be favourite now.

0134: Right, this is the US Open right here. Westwood and Woods are on the 18th tee box and they know that a birdie is a must to stay in it. Pars are not enough.

0133: Well done Westy. He rattles that par putt in. Brave.

0132: Woods is close but he has to settle for a par. He now needs a birdie at the last to match Mediate.

"I'm at work at 9am but this really has to be the priority for the next 30 mins. Sensational stuff, if only I had taken a day off today!"
Miles, Japan via email

0130: Mediate sinks that one for a 71. He now has to sit and wait.

0128: Good attempt from Mediate at the 18th. Downhill birdie putt leaves him 2ft away. Westwood gets out of the bunker at 17 and has around 5ft to go.

"I'm not really a golf fan, can't believe I'm "watching" via text. Fantastic stuff though."
Jack O'Regan, Ireland via email

"Awesome course set up, kudos to the USGA."
Pedro, USA via email

0125: Woods is on the dancefloor at 17, around 20ft from the hole. Disaster for Westwood. He takes a nine iron and finds a greenside bunker. Sigh.

0124: Mediate sends his third shot beyond the pin at the last. On the green though.

"This is unbearable, but awesome at the same time!!"
Tom Dadds, United Kingdom via email

"Jimenez birdies the last for a top-six finish. 90-1 I got. You beauty!!"
Chris Banister, England via email

0120: Westwood is a tiny bit right with his tee shot at 17. First cut of rough though. Woods rips his drive and is right down the middle. Can I just say that the crowd have been much better today? Very few 'in the hole' screams. Which is nice. Maybe the tension is getting to them too.

"Mediate's to lose now. I've needed the loo since yesterday. Too scared to leave the sofa in case I miss something."
Timbo, Derby, UK via email

"Fantastic stuff. Thank goodness my mobile works here in Jakarta's morning traffic snarl."
Alun Evans, Indonesia via email

0117: Wow. Woods shows nerves of steel to land that tricky one. Stubborn, very stubborn. Westwood also pars. Not long now folks so there is really no point going to bed is there?

0115: Mediate fails to sink that birdie putt. He has a tense one for par but manages to land it. Westwood has the perfect line with his birdie attempt at 16 but it is just short. Woods chips for birdie at the same hole but the ball rolls 5ft past.

"Hi Mark, how can anyone say that golf is boring because this is gripping stuff? Come on Lee."
Chris Luff, England

Too right Chris, too right.

"Mediate isn't playing outstanding golf, but it's certainly better than Tiger's at the moment. Definitely deserves to win."
Jamie M, Scotland via email

0111: Jimenez birdies the last for a 72. He ends up on three over.

0109: Five iron for Westwood at the 225-yard par-three 16th. He gets it on the green but quite a way from the pin. Mediate has a fine approach at the 17th and has a real birdie chance. If he sinks that I reckon he has won it. Woods is a little short at 16 and is on the rough just below the pin. That's OK for him.

"I'm supposed to be doing work for college but this is too intense to miss. Come on Tiger!"
Pierce McGeough, Ireland via email

"This is unbelievable golf! Not one of these players seen capable of holding a lead! I've got an exam in the morning, but can't drag myself of f to bed just yet!"
Sam, Herts via text on 81111

0107: BIRDIE Karlsson (+2 after 18)

0104: BOGEY Woods (level par after 15) The world number one has around 17ft for par and although the putt has the right weight, it does not break. Mediate pars the 16th and leads on his own again. Westwood pars the 15th.

"This is great nailbiting stuff, I have just eaten all my chocolates for next week - my wife will go mad in the morning!"
Richard Smith, Cornwall, England via email

0102: BOGEY Ogilvy (+3 after 16)

0101: Woods lobs the ball up onto the green but he needs a special one for par.

0100: Mediate gets out of the rough and is four foot from the pin.

0057: Mediate is long with his tee shot at the par-three 16th. Trouble. Woods digs it out of the rough at 15 but can only find the thick stuff to the right of the green. Westwood is on the green with his second, 30ft from the pin.

"Mark, if its a play-off, is it an 18-hole event tomorrow or sudden death tonight??"
Mikey, Tillicoultry, Scotland via email

Hi Mikey, there is an 18-hole play-off tomorrow. Fingers crossed that does not happen.

0054: BOGEY DJ Trahan (+2 after 16)

0054: Woods is way right with his drive at the 15th. Westwood is right down the middle.

0052: BOGEY Mediate (-1 after 15)
Does anyone actually want to win this? Mediate misses from 9ft and Woods has a share of the lead.

0047: BIRDIE Westwood (level par after 14)
Westwood keeps calm and rattles it in. We are definitely in squeaky bum territory now, as Sir Alex Ferguson would say.

0045: Woods is short with his birdie putt, it was a long way away mind so we can't be too harsh. Par for him then.

"This is the point in a major, with only a handful of holes left, that the constant jostling for position and posturing is over - somebody is actually about to win this thing. Exciting stuff!
Bighangers, Devon, UK via email

0044: Sorry, Westwood's drive actually reached the green. No matter, his putt is poor in truth - he didn't really attack it - and he has a five footer for birdie. Nervy times.

0041: Woods did not go for the green with his tee shot at 14 and his chip leaves him with a lengthy birdie putt. Mediate goes left at the 15th and is in the rough.

"Come on Lee, great last shot. Eagle that one!"
Craig, England via email

0038: Wonderful drive from Westwood at the short par-four 14th. His ball rolls to the front apron of the green and a birdie should be a minimum requirement here. Don't go to bed yet people, this thing ain't over.

0035:BIRDIE DJ Trahan (+1 after 13)

"Has Tiger ever started the final round of a major in the lead and gone on to lose?"
Tom, Northants via text on 81111

Hi Tom. No he hasn't. All his 13 majors have come from a leading position on the final day.

0033: Westwood and Woods both card sixes and Mediate leads on his own by one. Westwood is leaking shots badly, that's three gone in four holes. Why did they go for that in two? Strange choice. Mediate is still looking pretty relaxed by the way - could the title be his?

0033: BOGEY Woods (-1 after 13)

0032: BOGEY Westwood (+1 after 13)

0030: BIRDIE Mediate (-2 after 14) Mediate will soon be leading the US Open. He finds the sand with his tee shot but gets out superbly and sinks the birdie putt.

0029: Hi Mystic Mong. Apparently, automatic refresh on live text commentaries is in the pipeline. Exciting eh?

0027: Both Woods and Westwood have to drop but they play from the rough. Woods plays his fourth shot first and is 30ft from the pin. Westwood goes through the green but it stops quickly and the ball nestles in the fringe. Not too bad.

"Who could have thought that staring at a computer screen & hitting F5 every 30 seconds could be so exciting?"
Stu Watson, Blackwood, Scotland via email

"Currently working the night shift and having to rely on your text. Come on Lee, don't fade away."
Jerry Sowerby, England via email

0022: Absolutely incredible. Woods, seeing what Westwood has just done, then proceeds to do exactly the same - and he is fuming. What is going on? The pair have gone over a red line and are in a lateral water hazard.

0021: Oh dear oh dear. Westwood's chances are disappearing before our eyes. He leathers a fairway wood but it goes way left, deep, deep into the undergrowth. Don't know if he can play from there.

"Would anyone like to see Rocco finally win a major, or is it just me?"
Adam, US via email

"Call me lazy but it would be nice if this page would automatically refresh. C'mon Lee."
Mystic Mong, Scotland via email

0016: Westwood and Woods play some sociable golf at the 13th with a pair of fine drives. Woods' knee is not bothering him as much now. Mediate has a tiddler for birdie at the 13th but he lifts his head too early and the ball drifts past. Massive chance.

"It's gone three o'clock and I have only got your coverage Mark - I will not go to bed while Westwood still has a chance - come on."
Greg Scott, Dubai via email

0010: BOGEY Westwood (level par after 12)
Two dropped shots in three holes for Westwood after he misses from 10ft. He is two off Tiger now with Mediate on one under. Mediate also has a birdie chance after a fine iron to the par-five 13th with his third shot.

"Real danger here of Lee coming apart from the pressure. Tiger knows it, too."
Mark Grabowsky, Geneva via email

0008: BIRDIE DJ Trahan (+1 after 13)
Massive putt on the 13th green produces a massive roar from the gallery.

0007: Nice approach from Westwood that spins back towards the hole. It leaves him with a tricky downhiller though.

0005: Woods plays his second from the fairway. It is pin high but a little right and although it is on the green, Woods is not happy. Don't know why.

0000: TRIPLE BOGEY Els (+5 after 15)

"There's going to be a lot of tired office workers tomorrow, me included, but this is certainly worth it."
Fergal Hunter, England via email

0002: Westwood is in trouble at the 12th after finding the bunker down the left with his drive. He gets out at the first time of asking but cannot go for the green and has to lob it up onto the fairway.

"I'm up for work at 6am, still there's no way I'm missing the chance of a British player winning a major on American soil. Would be better if it was Monty but Big Lee will do just as well."
Rab from Motherwell, Scotland via 81111

"Woods is awesome. Keep the info coming, I can't get Sky because of next door's tree."
Allen, Shropshire via email

"I am tired, sleepy and despite how much I like Lee, I want the injured Tiger to win."
Ali Faramawy, Turkey via email

"What did they say about an injured Tiger? Enough said!!"
Walt, England via email

2356: BIRDIE Woods (-2 after 11)
Woods leads again after holing from 4ft. He whips the ball out of the hole and marches on to the next tee. He knows how important that was. That's two birdies in three holes for him.

2356: Westwood is in the sand but he produces a superb bunker shot that inches towards the hole. That will be par for him.

"Work at 6am tomorrow or do I stay up for the golf? Work at 6am tomorrow or do I stay up for the golf? Arggghhh, looks like I'll have to sleep on work. Now where's my Red Bull, .come on Lee!!"
Rodders, England via email

"Dominated us? They absolutely skunked us, thank small mercies for the ABs!"
Aaron, New Zealand via email

"He's gonna blow it. Woods is unstoppable. The Terminator, if you will."
Ross Leslie, Fifeland via email

2350: Woods sticks it to within four feet with a superb tee shot at the par-three 11th. Westwood misses the green and it looks as if he is in the bunker on the right hand side. Not sure about that mind.

"After waking up to the news England dominated us in the cricket overnight, there's nothing like some good golf coverage on at work on a Monday morning to cheer you up. Go Tiger!"
Downo, New Zealand via email

2348: BOGEY Westwood (-1 after 10)
Three-way tie for the lead now as Westwood can only two putt from distance. Woods just misses his 7ft birdie putt.

"Mmmmm...cider, 8 for one here! My Norwegian girl is wanting me to go bed!!! Come on Lee, give us English something to cheer while the Euros are on!!!"
Richard Hill, Norway via email

"So IF Westwood can win. Does that make him a better golfer than Monty??"
Andrew Dale, Ireland via email

2344: Westwood goes up and over and the ball rests a full 30 foot away from the pin. "Take your medicine", exclaims my esteemed colleague Rob Hodgetts.

2342: Great par save from Mediate at the 11th as he holes a 10 footer. Nasty, nasty for Westwood. He is still lining it up.

2340: Great approach from Woods to the 10th and he can afford a little smile. Is he gearing up for a back-nine charge? Westwood thins that difficult second shot and he goes right out the back of the green and near the stands. Par is going to be very difficult now.

"I quake on the first tee, let alone leading a major - don't know how they do it."
Paul Hibbert, England via email

"I'd advise Spittin Feathers to better prepare in the future. I've got plenty of cider stocked up and I intend to use it. What's your estimated finishing time Mark?
Simon, Bristol via email

Hi Simon, I reckon play will come to an end around 0140 BST. We'll be here much later than that though as the work starts then. Enjoy the cider, could you save me some?

2334: It all happened there didn't it. Westwood still leads by one with Mediate and Woods chasing. However, the Englishman finds the sand with his drive at the 10th, it is right under the lip and could be difficult. Woods is down the middle again.

2333: BIRDIE Mediate (-1 after 10 )

2332: BIRDIE Westwood (-2 after 9)

2332: BOGEY Ogilvy (+2 after 10)

2331: BIRDIE Woods (-1 after 9)

2329: Lovely approach to the 10th pin from Mediate. Westwood gets out of the bunker and has a gettable birdie putt. Woods misses with his eagle putt but now has a two footer for birdie.

"There is no way my last two cans of lager and a dodgy bottle of pear cider are gonna last, what shall I do? I can't go to bed."
Spittin Feathers, Solihull via email

"Lee's looking good, last couple of holes he really seems to have found a nice groove. Complete contrast to Tiger who is all over the place, but the first two holes aside he just keeps getting it down to keep himself in there."
Andy Morton, England via email

"My dad always told me to beware the injured golfer. Woods hasn't played well and is still only one back. When the pressure comes, I'd back him every time."
Tom, United Kingdom via email

2324: Els sinks a long one to save par at the 13th after finding a greenside bunker. Westwood is also in the sand on the right of the green at the par-five 9th. Woods batters his fairway wood into the heart of the dancefloor. Eagle chance.

2322: Right, 606 has now closed so it is email time again folks. Use the form on the right and I'll put up as many comments as I can. Remember you can still text on 81111.

2319: BOGEY Ogilvy (+1 after 9)
Ogilvy cannot save par from distance while Mediate has to dig deep again to save par at the same hole.

2318: BIRDIE Karlsson (+2 after 11)
A lovely tee shot rolls suggestively back towards the hole and the Swede gets back into the mixer after his bogey at the 9th.

2315: Ouch. Westwood just misses the birdie putt as the ball fails to break enough. That tee shot deserved better. Woods also has a par. He is not playing well today but is still only one shot off the lead. Mad isn't it?

2312: Jimenez is now four over after a bogey at the 9th. Ogilvy is in trouble at the same hole. His tee shot finds the sand and then he has to play from the edge of another bunker. Woods gets to within three feet with his chip at eight.

2310: Birdie chance coming up for Westwood as he fires in a fine tee shot to the par-three 8th. He is around five foot away. Woods is a club short and we think the ball is on the fringe of the bunker. Can't see it though. The wind must have affected that.

2308: Two-putt pars for both Woods and Westwood. Els just misses another birdie putt, how many shots has he left out there now? Wilson birdies the 13th and is now on six over. Robert Dinwiddie birdies the last for a round of 74 and is nine over for the tournament.

"How can we go to bed? This is going to the wire, my money is on Lee."
Gordo via text

"Feel sorry for anyone who has to work tomorrow because this looks like being a thriller."
Steve, Yorkshire via text

"This is more like it, proper golf, a course that puts the players' skills to the test. Not like the 'target' golf we have been getting recently. Come on Lee."
Frustrated night nurse, Liverpool via text

2301: Woods makes the 7th green from where he is but it is not near enough for an obvious birdie chance. Westwood is about the same distance from the pin with his approach. The pair will be happy enough with that on a green like this.

2258: Long and straight from Westwood at the 7th. Lovely shot. He really is playing well this week. Woods is slightly right and in the first cut of rough. He winces again - how much damage is he doing to that knee?

2255: Woods and Westwood walk off the 6th with pars while Mediate has a four at the 7th.

"Like everyone else, it seems, I don't like the 'get in the hole' idiots much. I was amused by the guy who yelled yabbadabbadoo following Woods' drive on the 2nd though."
BunyeeYumper on 606

"Hi Mark - I'm with you all the way tonight. It's going to be great! C'mon Lee - if you can par all the remaining holes I reckon that'd be enough."
bighangers on 606

2252: A lovely chip from Woods leaves him just a couple of feet from the pin. Westwood goes close with his attempt but has a tricky one coming back.

2251: Mediate saves par while Els misses another birdie chance, this time at the 11th.

2249: BIRDIE Ogilvy (level par after 7)
Ogilvy launches a long birdie putt and after sitting on the lip for a second or so, the ball decides to drop in. Very much in the hunt now.

2247: Mediate goes from bunker to bunker at the 7th but produces a find wedge from the sand and should save par. Westwood is a little left with his approach to the 6th but it is on the green. Woods is short and the ball rolls back down the slope.

2245: BIRDIE Els (+2 after 10)
Els sinks a well-judged chip from the rough on the edge of the 10th green. Three off the lead now.

2243: Leader Westwood lands in the first cut of rough with his drive at six. Should be OK. Woods rips another one right down the fairway and has 173 yards to go. However, he winces in pain yet again. He will not be playing for quite a while after this I reckon.

"On a night shift in an East London hospital. What with sleep, I've missed far too much sport today. And now missing a potentially thrilling final round. Come on Lee."
Poor junior doctor via text on 81111

2240: Mediate is in the sand with his drive at the 461-yard par four 7th. The ball looks to have settled in as well. Tough.

"Ooh this is too exciting! Had a fiver on Ogilvy each way at the start and just put a score on Woods outright. Would love to lose the money if it means Westwood wins though!"
Stevie B, Southampton via text on 81111.

2238: Woods' birdie putt is good but not good enough. The ball stops by Westwood's marker and he has a par. Westwood cards the same.

2236: Lovely chip from Westwood at the 5th. The ball dinks up and rolls nicely towards the flag. He now has a two footer for par.

2235: BOGEY Mediate (level par after 6)
Mediate lets a simple one roll by and Westwood leads the US Open. Say it again. Westwood leads the US Open. Sounds good doesn't it?

2233: A seven iron from Woods finds the green but it does not give him a birdie chance really. Westwood is forced to play from the rough with the ball below his feet and he cannot stop it on the green. He is in the rough to the back and has a nasty-looking lie.

2231: Mediate is short with his approach to the 6th. It is also right but lands safely on the fairway. Els misses another birdie putt, this time at the 9th.

"This is torture following the golf by text. I'm in the worlds largest bunker, the Sahara in Algeria. Come on Els or Ogilvie, make it all worthwhile."
beachendcentre on 606

2227: Westwood holds his nerve to claim a four - as does Woods. At the 5th, Westwood places his ball in the right rough from the tee. There really were some odd noises from the crowd as that ball flew into the air. Anyway, Woods goes straight down the middle but he is obviously in pain.

2226: BOGEY Karlsson (+2 after 7)

2223: Westwood launches his lengthy putt towards the pin but it does not really threaten the hole. He has around four foot to go. Woods is closer with his attempt and has an easier par putt.

2222: BOGEY Garcia (+6 after 8)

"Rocco should name his son 'Inter'."
horsetipster on 606

2220: BOGEY Mediate (-1 after 5)

2218: BIRDIE Ogilvy (+1 after 5)

2217: Oliver Wilson birdies the 9th and is now six over. Woods finds the 4th green but is well away from the pin. He feels that left knee again after that shot. Westwood is in the sand with his tee shot at the same hole and his ball ends up close to Woods'.

"If you were Rocco Mediate, wouldn't you be tempted to call your son Ian Michael, making him (excuse the lack of capitals) immediate?"
BunyeeYumper on 606

2212: Luke Donald's final round ends prematurely. He has treatment on his wrist by the side of the 15th fairway but it is obviously giving him problems and he walks off. Just in case you wanted to know, he was level par for the day and six over for the championship when he departed.

2210: Woods is short with his birdie putt at the 3rd and has his first par of the day. He doesn't seem right to me but what do I know? Westwood also cards a three.

2207: BOGEY Ogilvy (+2 after 4)
Ogilvy drops right by the edge of the cliff. Looks pretty dangerous to me. Anyway, the Australian fires it into the sand and eventually cards a five.

"Aarrrgh!! I don't own a TV, all the sports bars in Richards Bay, South Africa are shut, I don't have much credit left on my pay-as-you-go internet connection and I have this nervous finger that keeps hitting the refresh icon. If everyone reading this sends me a fiver, perhaps I'll be able to afford to fly across for next year's Open. So Mark, is there going to be an improvement on last night's menu of an M&S pie?"
bunkerhopper on 606

Hi bunkerhopper. A family barbeque, superbly cooked by me I might add, has done me very well for tonight. The profits of M&S will have taken a hit.

2204: Nice save by Mediate at the 4th.

2202: BOGEY Woods (level par after 2)
A frustrated Woods throws his putter at the bag after carding a five. He needs to get back in the zone and quickly. Is the knee holding up?

2200: Westwood is an inch short with his birdie putt at the 2nd and consolidates after that bad start with a par. Els misses a short birdie putt at the 7th. The flat stick is letting him down today.

2158: Woods has a long putt on the 2nd green but he is left with a tough six footer. Mediate is short with his approach to the 4th.

2157: Ogilvy is way left at the 4th and he will not get that ball back. It is down the cliffs and in the sea I reckon. He takes a drop.

2152: Woods goes left at the 2nd and for the first time today we have a knee clutch. He limps off the tee box and to be honest, I have not seen him that bad this week. It looks painful and it is pretty early to be limping like that. Mediate misses his birdie putt at the 3rd - that was a great chance. Should have taken that really.

2151: BOGEY Els (+3 after 6)

2147: Well, well. We have a new leader. Woods and Westwood both fall back after disasters at the 1st. Woods has now double bogeyed this hole three out of the four days this week. Mediate is beeming as he reaches the 3rd green after that fine tee shot.

2147: DOUBLE BOGEY Woods (-1 after 1)

2146: BOGEY Westwood (-1 after 1)

2146: Mediate almost pitches straight into the hole at the 3rd.

2144: A nice chip from Westwood places him on the green in three. Woods is on the dancefloor in five.

2143: BIRDIE Mediate (-2 after 2)
Rocco sinks a tiddler at the 2nd and could be leading this in a minute.

2141: Woods gets right underneath the ball and it rattles in a tree before landing 20 yards from where he played it. Another shot from the rough eventually finds the fairway.

2138: Snap hook for Woods from the rough. The club is grabbed by the grass just before he connects with the ball and he fires it left to remain in trouble. Westwood finds the gallery with his second shot. Very nervy start from these two.

2136: BIRDIE Els (+2 after 5)
The South African claims a three at the 5th.

"Noooooo.. double bogey for Garcia. That's it over for him now, he couldn't afford any mistakes. Tiger or Westwood, take a pick. I didn't actually mind the whole "get in the hole" business, and have never really thought much about it before, but now that everyone's started discussing it, it's really beginning to get on my nerves."
Monty_Fan on 606

2131: We are up and running. Westwood tonks his drive into the right rough while Woods, who backs off his initial address after hearing some commotion elsewhere, blasts his opener around 90 yards left of the fairway. That's not a good start. He has not found this fairway all week by the way.

2130: BIRDIE Karlsson (+1 after 3)
The Swede fires a two at the 3rd with a 20 footer. 2128: Woods and Westwood get a wonderful reception as they reach the 1st tee box. Deep breath everyone.

2126: Despite his nice lie, Mediate is in a greenside bunker at the 1st. Ogilvy goes from one stretch of rough to another and is left with a difficult chip. It's almost Woods and Westwood time folks.

2124: Geoff Ogilvy, winner of the US Open in 2006, finds the rough with his drive at the first. Mediate smacks his opening shot right down the middle.

2123: DOUBLE BOGEY Garcia (+5 after 3)
Well after all that nonsense at the 3rd, the Spaniard cards a five. Is that his campaign over?

2120: Two-time US Open winner Ernie Els finds the sand at the 4th with his drive but gives himself a birdie chance with a fine approach. However, his birdie putt is poor and he settles for a fourth-straight par. Garcia has to chip back to the 3rd green but the ball finds the fringe. It's a bit of a horror show to be honest.

2118: Garcia is wayward at the superb par-three 3rd. He misses the green and the ball rolls into rattlesnake country. From a horrible lie he thins it to the small piece of fairway on the other side of the green.

2116: Nice way for Mickelson to finish. He birdies the last for the fourth day running for a final-round 68. Although he ends up on six over for the tournament, some pride has been restored.

2114: There is absolutely no control on the ball for these guys if they play from the rough. Karlsson is in the thick stuff at the 2nd and although he pings his approach into the green, there is no bite and he will have to play from the fringe.

2110: Garcia opens par-par, as does Weir. Robert Dinwiddie is level par for the day through 10. By the way, I had a little read of my warbling last night and I do admit that I was a little grumpy with the normans shouting 'get in the hole' yesterday. I am going to try my best to stay calm for the final round. Promise.

"I had a dream on Monday or Tuesday night that Mediate would win the title! Quite a coincidence that he was leading yesterday, not a player I have really thought about much before."
mr_aleman on 606

"Anyone know what the course record is?"
Irelandinho on 606

Hi Irelandinho. Done a bit of digging around and apparently Woods set the South Course record of 62 in 1999. If anyone knows any different please let me know.

2104: Jimenez bogeys the first and is back to three over.

"I would say Jimenez is more of a King Edward man myself."
Smudger Smith via text on 81111

2100: Goosen eagles the last for a final-round 67. I'm definitely revising my winning score. I reckon six under will win it. If I'm right you can all buy me a beer!

2054: Woods on the range, Westwood working on his chipping. Garcia snakes one in to the 1st hole and the ball almost comes back on itself. He'll settle for a par, as does left handed Canadian playing partner Mike Weir.

2051: Just to let you know, I'm going to try something a bit different tonight to see how it works. If there is a major birdie/eagle/bogey etc from the leaders I'll flash it up like we do on football and rugby union. It might be a load of old rubbish but it might at least get the latest incidents up as quickly as possible. When I start doing it let me know what you think.

2049: Luke Donald birdies the 9th and is now seven over. Bogeys at five, six and seven have harmed his day. Sergio Garcia is off and running and his second shot to the 1st green lands on the dancefloor.

"Loving the commentary, keep up the good work. Is Jimenez a hamlet or a cohiba man?"
Anon via text on 81111

Good question. To be honest I haven't got a clue. Any ideas?

"How about Tiger shooting a 65 to win his 65th tour event?"
keizo-Yamata on 606

2046: Heath Slocum of Are You Being Served? fame is in the clubhouse after a stunning six under 65. England's Oliver Wilson starts bogey-par.

"If you cut Tiger open you will see a big heart and a lot of wires. Boy is he strong."
Rocco Mediate, who comes across a right nice geezer by the way

2040: Bit of joy for Mickelson. He birdies the 14th and 15th and is now seven over. Furyk birdies the 3rd and is three over. Brandt Jobe is another player starting birdie-birdie. What would Westwood give for that kind of start?

"I'm gonna do best to stick with this until 2am. So come on Tiger. Come on."
sunbabe08 on 606

2030: Apparently there is some Euro 2008 nonsense tonight. The very talented Jonathan Stevenson is over on the football channel to take you through tonight's action. You go over and tell him I sent you.

2028: American Eric Axley, you know him right?, has birdied three of his opening five holes. The sun is out at Torrey Pines and it seems that the early starters are enjoying the conditions.

"Beware Mark, this might not be the last day. There could be the prospect of the 18 hole play off? Do you think the 18 hole play off is an anti-climax?"
sirbenson23 on 606

Someone had to bring this up didn't they?! You are right sirbenson23, this could carry on until Monday and yes it is an anti-climax. Saw an interview with Colin Montgomerie regarding his US Open play-off at Oakmont in 1994 and he said it was a very strange day. While the players were competing for a major title, ground staff were dismantling all the stands and hospitality tents around them. It's not right is it?

2021: Scott Verplank starts birdie-birdie and goes to three over. Jim Furyk birdies the 1st while Adam Scott fires a two at the par-three 11th to go to five over. It seems there are plenty of birdies out there people. Maybe my thought that par will be enough for Woods today is going to be completely wrong.

2016: Woods gets out of his car and stomps straight to the practice green. No mucking about. He is in his traditional last-day red with black slacks. It is probably the reddest top I've ever seen. Smokin'.

"I've got a friend who is the spitting image of Lee Westwood. He's not very good at golf but always seems to do well with the ladies. That's gotta be some sort of good omen for our Worksop thwacker!!"
bigprawn on 606

2007: Plenty of chat in the office about what is going to happen tonight. We are still buzzing about the extraordinary day we had yesterday. Big question is what will be the winning score and would Tiger be happy with a 71? Tricky one isn't it? I reckon he would take that now.

2004: We now have some pictures and the coverage is showing the main protagonists arriving at Torrey Pines. Westwood is very smart in a light blue top with dark blue strides. He also has reflective shades which him look like an off-duty tennis coach on an evening stroll at a Spanish resort.

"Mark, you were right about yesterday, how do you think today is going to go? A Tiger win?"
saintrichie007 on 606

Can I just point out saintrichie007 that yesterday's prediction was the first I have got right in about 35 years. Fluke, total fluke. Can't look past Tiger today although I would love a Westwood win.

1955: Hope you've had a wonderful fathers' day. I've definitely got a mid-evening paunch after cooking too much on the barbeque this afternoon. So how have you spent your day, how and where will you be watching the final round, and what do you think will happen tonight? Will Woods continue his record of always winning a major when leading going into the final day? Can Westwood hold his nerve and become the first European to win this thing since 1970? How will being in the final pairing with Woods affect him? Will another player emerge from the pack? Questions, questions. Get involved on 606 or via text on 81111 and I'll use as many contributions as I can. Go on, you know you want to.

1952: To the action straight away. Pettersson is definitely the early mover early doors. He birdies the 5th and is now three over. Donald bogeys the same hole to move out to six over. Mickelson drops a shot at the par-four 12th and is nine over.

1947: Nice one Chris, good work. Jeepers, that's an introduction. Wonder what Peter would think if he read that? Evening troops, how we doing? It has to be said that I am really, really looking forward to tonight. Sport at its very best and it's an honour to share it with you.

By Chris Whyatt

1944: Carl Pettersson is now two under through four and four over for the championship. But that's still a daunting seven shots behind red-hot Woods on three under.

Talking of Tiger. Big Orlo, very early on yesterday I must point out, tipped the world number one to be top of the leaderboard coming into the final day's action. And he was right. Ladies and gentleman, please be upstanding for the Peter Alliss of BBC Sport Online...

1940: Adam Scott is on the charge. But is it too late? He's just birdied seven and eight to move two under for the round. Still six over for the championship though, as is Boo "Boo" Weekly.

"Garcia to ride the crest of the Spanish sporting wave and shoot a 66. You never know." El Higglesworth on 606

1934: Luke Donald has just birdied the par three third. One under for the round, five over for the champ. Not impossible that he could make a charge and we know he feels at home in the States.

"Woods was laughing because it was a complete miss-hit."
Mike in Eltham (re: 1845:) on the 81111 texts

Just chatted to my colleagues who watched virtually every ball of the action last night and they heartily disagree Mike. Genius beyond the realm of even his own comprehension, is the verdict here.

1921: "It pains my dislocated knee to say that Ogilvy has the best chance to win. But I think Woods will prove why he is the best sportsman alive at this moment - even only with one knee." sirbenson23 on 606

Lots of you out there tipping Australia's Geoff Ogilvy to make a serious charge today. It's not all about Woods or Westwood. Is it? Remind yourself, pop-pickers, of the potential movers and shakers by checking out the Top 40 chart hits of today.

1914: "Given the TV shots of Woods' audacious chip at 16 didn't show the great man from head to toe, is it not possible that the 'thing' tickling him was, in fact, bag man Steve 'Mr Tickle' Williams?" Keebs in Leicester (re: 1845:) on the 81111 texts

Stewart Cink moves to three under for the round through 11 - five over for the championship.

1908: Retief Goosen is having a good round: three under after ten, six over for the championship. But Swede Carl Pettersson is highest up the leaderboard of players who are already out. One under after one hole, five over for the champ.

US president George W. Bush is just, literally within minutes, about to arrive at Downing Street for his state visit to the UK. Bet Gordon Brown wouldn't mind the chance to give him a little ribbing if Lee Westwood could tame Tiger tonight and win?

1904: Many of you enquired about the hole location on the 14th yesterday and I can give you that information early doors today.

The pin is standing just shy of half way up the green and is tucked four yards in from the right hand side. So it's more accessible than if it were located in the back-left or back-right tiers. But... but... it's right next to a big magnetic sand-pit of a bunker.

1854: Nitty-gritty from the Torrey Pines leaderboard: playing together today, Paul Casey and Vijay Singh are both on three over for the round after 15 holes, 15 over for the championship. The Englishman hit a triple bogey seven on six. Bet he can't wait to finish.

1847: "Wow. Mickelson is 1000/1 to win, and at eight under that must be worth a bet...." Preeceman on 606

Cheers Preeceman. Mickelson, of course, is on eight OVER.

1845: When Tiger holed that outrageous chip from the light rough for a birdie on 16 yesterday he could not stop laughing. Ruling out the sheer audacity of his own genius tickling him, any suggestions as to what he was giggling so hard at?

Perhaps someone shouted that a European might finally clinch a major on American soil. You can stray further beyond into fiction with your guesses...

1840: "I'm pretty confident Garcia will put up a good fight.. but being six shots behind the likes of Tiger Woods is just to much I'm afraid.. painful or not painful leg. Tiger's got to win it.. surely?"
MontyFan on 606

Bit of housekeeping. I called the California climes of Torrey Pines "utopian" yesterday. But Brit-exPat-in-USA set me straight: "That's a bit over-the-top. It is a beautiful part of the world, but the marine-layer fog hangs around too much."

Anyone else out there care to set the geographical scene of as we embark upon the next nine hours of coverage? Go on, paint a picture.

1832: Around half the players are already out on course. Notables?

World number two and local boy done bad (I think it's fair to say for this tournament given it's his most familiar course in front of adoring home fans) Phil Mickelson has birdied the third and is now one under for the round after five holes, eight over for the championship.

Adam Scott is even par for the round after two, eight over all-round. Padraig Harrington is also even par after six, but nine over for the championship. Each one of those proud souls will be disappointed not to be further up the leaderboard.

1818: This US Open has already witnessed some stunning golf - and more twist-and-turn sub-plots than a puzzle-breaking Dan Brown novel set in the shadowy alleyways of Florence.

So the main hope today folks, surely, is that we get an epic final round to elevate Torrey Pines 2008 into the canon of golfing folklore.

Will it happen? Woods, Westwood, or, erm, one of the others to win?

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