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Page last updated at 02:18 GMT, Saturday, 14 June 2008 03:18 UK

Second round as it happened

Australia's Stuart Appleby (70) birdies the last to lead on his own at three under par on a thrilling second day of the US Open at Torrey Pines.

A surging Tiger Woods (68) gets to two under alongside American Rocco Mediate (71) and Swede Robert Karlsson (70).

Miguel Angel Jimenez (66), Davis Love (69), DJ Trahan (69) and Lee Westwood (71) are one under.

Luke Donald (71), Geoff Ogilvy (73) and Ernie Els (72) are in a group at level, while Phil Mickelson is on four over.



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By Mark Orlovac

0314: Right all. This now seems like a good time to turn in. Thanks very much for your company and all your messages. They have kept me going. Let's do all of this again tomorrow. Take care, have a good sleep.

0305: We are winding down now. Jimenez birdies his last hole for a stunning five-under 66. The Spaniard now joins the group on one under. Swede Carl Pettersson grabs a birdie four on his closing hole for a second straight 71. He is on level par for the tournament.

0251: Woods is interviewed after his round and is not giving too much away about that knee injury. Apparently it is "sore" but will be "good to go" on Saturday. So there we are then.

"Cheers for some good entertainment Mark, I'm absolutely shattered and off for some sleep now Woods and co are finishing. Any idea on their tee off time for tomorrow?"
Paddy, Norfolk

Hi Paddy, we have nothing through as yet. You have a good rest now. See you tomorrow.

"What happened to the overnight leaders today?"
Tony, England

Hi Tony. Justin Hicks had nine bogeys and a double bogey for a second-round 80 that leaves him on six over. Kevin Streelman had three doubles in a 77 and is on three over.

0233: Woods sinks a tiddler at the 9th (his last) for another birdie on his homeward nine. Brilliant. He came home in 30. A second-round 68 puts him on two under, one behind Appleby. Mickelson cards a bogey six for a 75 and is on four over while Scott is on the same total. They both have it all to do tomorrow.

0228: Appleby sinks an absolute monster for birdie at the last. He takes the outright lead on three under and a host of players on eight over will now not be here at the weekend. The cut is now plus seven. Westwood birdies the last and he will go into 'moving day' on one under.

"Blast! Simon from USA - I now have the Shake 'n' Vac song in my head. Where on earth did you hear that!!!??
Simon Stewart, Scotland via email

Hi Simon. I had a special ode, to that particular tune, written for me when I was waffling on during the Masters. And my wife says what I do isn't worthwhile. The cheek!

0222: Jimenez drops his first shot of the day after a seven foot par putt drifts wide at the 6th. He goes back to level par with three holes left to play.

0217: Mickelson has peaked. He finds the rough at the 9th (his 18th) and then has to lash at the ball just to get it on to the fairway. Wilson pars the same hole to card a 71, which leaves him on one over. Karlsson joins Appleby on two under with a birdie at the 18th which came after a stunning bunker shot.

"So what are we looking at projected cut-wise? And now I have that Shake 'n' Vac song in my head. It pushed out "Itsy Bitsy Spider" which my daughter has been playing non-stop for about two weeks."
Simon, USA

Hi Simon. The cut is still plus eight, unless Appleby does something at the last. I've had the Mama Mirabelle theme tune in my head for ages. Very annoying but the kids love it. What can I do?

0210: Mediate finishes off with a par for a second-round 71. Woods and Mickelson both par their penultimate holes. Scott grabs a two and is on four over.

"Who do you fancy to win Mark? In a completely non biased way please!"
Paddy, Norfolk

Hi Paddy. Completely hopeless at predictions. Honestly, I'm really bad. Woods looks good, in a mean mood. Westwood and Donald have great chances though. All three will now not win you realise!

"Good man Paddy, keeping the Irish flag flying high again today. Don't think his 67 will be bettered all week, let's just hope it means something come Sunday. Appleby, Mediate, Karlsson, Love and Goosen all backed at big prices. Should be an interesting weekend!"
Ciarán, Ireland via email

0202: One player that has certainly flown in under the radar is a certain Miguel Angel Jimenez. The Spaniard, winner of the recent PGA Championship at Wentworth, is five under for the day after 14 and is one under overall.

0159: More nonsense from the gallery as Woods misses a birdie putt at the 7th (his 16th). He settles for a par. Mediate finds the 18th green with a fine fairway iron. He could get a shot back here.

"I would say Poulter is more like Spain. Constantly under achieving!!
Jaemie, England via email

"Great work with the live text M, but any chance you can write quicker, I'm pressing F5 without anything coming through at times and I swear I'm developing RSI in one of my fingers!!"
Rodders, England via text

I'm doing my best Rodders. Promise.

0154: Appleby is now on his own out in front after Mediate drops a shot at the 17th. Westwood gets up and down from the sand at 16 to remain on level par. Wilson is back out to one over with a five at the 7th (his 16th). That's three shots dropped in two expensive holes.

0146: It has gone a bit quiet birdie-wise. Karlsson slips back to one under with a bogey at the 16th. Westwood could not get up and down from the rough at 15 and drops back to level par.

"The standard of golf is keeping me awake, especially Tiger. It's a great spectacle. I won't get to sleep if this keeps up, adrenalin will be pumping. Just glad Tiger's not playing in my Club Champ Qualifying tomorrow!!
Mikey, Stirling, Scotland via email

"Tiger is more than special, four bogeys in the first eight holes would send most to the cleaners. His response - four birdies in five holes!"
Pete, UK via email

"If US Open golfers resembled football teams then: Tiger Woods would be Brazil - constantly the best, full of class and with a touch of flair to dazzle. Phil Mickelson would be Germany - never the most interesting but full of grit and determination. Poulter would be England (ironically) as he can't even finish the tournament. Mediate would be Romania as he can cause the upset, is unknown and has a cool name!"
Paddy, England via email

"Mark, can Lee Westwood hang on and be the first Brit in yonks to lift the trophy??"
greatsharkwhyte, Canada via email

Not sure greatsharkwhyte. He is playing well, no doubt about that, and he does have a good record at the US Open but it will take a brave man to look past Tiger at the moment.

0133: Wilson takes a double-bogey six at the 6th (his 15th) and slips back to level par. He'll take that total now I reckon. Westwood manages to get his shot around the trees from the dirt and rolls ball out of the back of the green.

"I am up early this morning, but the golf I'm watching is too good to turn off. Great play from Tiger over the last 90 minutes or so!!"
Simon Stewart, Scotland via email

"No chance of getting much sleep tonight - great shot followed by great shot!!! Top golf!!"
J, England via email

"Hi Mark. Just wondering about the Uni chums Chris and Rob. I noticed yesterday that they are on a sports journalism course. Would it be at Brighton Uni? I've just finished my first year there. Lovely little course it is."
Matt, Warwickshire via email

0131: Westwood pulls his drive at the 15th and he is forced to take a free drop. His lie will not be perfect though.

0124: This boy is special. Woods rattles in yet another three and suddenly his is on one under, one stroke off the lead. That's four birdies in five holes. Say what you like, but he is pretty awe inspiring when in this kind of mood. Mickelson follows Woods' example, to the delight of the gallery, and is on two over.

0120: Don't know if it is the time of day but the constant wittering from the lively crowd at Torrey Pines is really starting to get on my wick. Sorry to be grumpy, I just had to get that off my chest. Mickelson pings one in to the 5th green and the ball suggestively spins back towards the pin. Beautiful.

"Tiger Woods had got to be the best golfer EVER, he is right in the mix and he only has one leg."
Mark D, Scotland via email

"It appears Rob's night of caffeine, f5 and eye strain has ended prematurely as that nagging 9am start tomorrow got to him. Poor effort."
Chris, Somerset, England via email

Hi Chris, you can pass on to Rob that we are all very, very disappointed with his work tonight. We expect better over the weekend.

0111: Well, well. It's all go in California. Wilson holes from distance at the 5th to join the leaders on two under. That was a good effort considering he was in the sand. Woods sinks a long one at the 4th (his 13th) and claims another shot. He is stalking the leaders ominously now and is level par. Playing partner Mickelson is going the other way however, and drops a shot at the same hole to move to three over.

0107: Just started a chat in the office about what defines a 'great' golfer but then I looked at the time and my head started to hurt. That's a kind of debate that needs to be conducted in a boozer, not at work. Karlsson is two under thanks to another birdie, this time at the 14th while Appleby joins him with a four at the 13th. Cut is now at plus eight.

"Here watching your coverage in LA airport waiting for flight back to Dublin. Great comeback from Pad. Hopefully there won't be too many names in front of him at rounds completion."
Peter Slevin, Ireland

"It's amazing that Tiger can be maybe, what, 70% fit and still contend? Is there any other athlete in the world that you could say can do that? I don't think so!"
Simon, England via email

"Hi Mark, do you think Tiger will hang in there as far as the knee is concerned? What would make him quit? Five off the pace come Sunday? He's gotta think long term surely?
Chris from Wycombe via text

Hi Chris. There is no doubt that Tiger is feeling his knee and there is a bit of a limp as well. But I reckon Tiger will carry on until he is unable to walk.

0055: Wilson goes long at the 4th (his 13th). It could be tricky to get back from there.

0048: Swede Robert Karlsson birdies the 13th for the second day in row to join the six-strong group on one under. Mickelson goes through the green at the 3rd (his 12th) and after chipping back, he sinks a 25ft putt to save par. You really can't take your eyes off this. It may not be the most electric golf you'll ever see but I'd rather watch players battling for their lives than strolling around and winning an event on 25 under. So there we are then.

"I had the same knee op as Tiger Woods in the same week, not sure whether it was the same surgeon."
Nigel, England via email

"I just fell asleep for about an hour and I dreamt that Donald won the US Open. So now I'm proceeding to put a rather substantial amount of money on it!"
Tom, Newcastle via text on 81111

0041: Wilson's birdie run comes to an end after his tee shot leaves him with a lot to do at the par three 3rd (his 12th). He cannot save par and he slips back to one under.

0035: Tiger is on a roll. The knee pain seems like a distant memory as he fires a long uphill putt straight into the hole. Brilliant. He is on one over now, just three off the lead. Mickelson misses his birdie attempt. Appleby is back to one under after missing a five-footer at the 12th.

"I'm sorry to say Mark, but I'll be leaving you in a few minutes after I find out whether Woods has made a bogey on the 16th. However, on Sunday I shall be with you all the way! Do you remember the Shake 'n' Vac song that was made up during the Masters? Classic.
Mark (Bighangers), Devon, UK via email

Thanks Mark. And yes, I do remember the song. How could I forget?!

0030: Wilson takes a share of the lead after a birdie at the 2nd (his 11th). That's three in a row for him.

0029: Mediate fires a wonderful approach into the 13th green. Appleby is in the sand at 12 while Westwood is short at the same hole and is just above a bunker. Scott finds the bunker at the 2nd but Woods and Mickelson are on the dancefloor.

"I'm totally confused. Why are they playing the holes in the wrong order?! Please explain."
Ledrok via text on 81111

Hi Ledrok. Groups start their rounds from the 1st and the 10th tees on the opening two days. They all start from the 1st on Saturday and Sunday when the field is cut.

"Waiting for the parents to go to bed so I can watch the coverage. Woods wouldn't have to put up with this, my knee is sore too you know."
Nick, Wales via email

0020: Don't know how he does it. Woods sinks the long putt and claims a birdie. He is not happy about that knee though. Westwood finds sand at 11 and cannot get up and down - one under for him then. Appleby is now on two under after dropping a shot at the same hole while fellow leader Mediate bogeys the 12th. What a funny five minutes. Two under leads the US Open.

"With all this talk of "birdies" and "dancefloors", "Jordan" in the hot tub, thought I should check in and admit to following your text service while overseeing my gentleman's club in Dublin."
Paul, Ireland via email

0014: Mickelson and Woods are both wayward with their drives at the 1st. Mickelson can only punch his ball down the fairway while Woods, standing on a cart path, smacks his ball right onto the green. Simply superb. However, there was a real wince then - he must have really felt that knee as his foot moved during the swing.

"Picking a winner from here is impossible? Another challenge I would like to take up: Ogilvy will win it. Don't ask me why.
Chris, Somerset, England via text

0007: English golf has had a good few minutes. Oliver Wilson, who finished second at the PGA Championship at Wentworth recently, birdies the 2nd (his 11th) to move to one under. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy from Scott at the 18th green. He four putts after missing a simple tap in and he is seven off the lead now. Mickelson gets a deserved birdie after that chip and is back to two over.

0003: Mickelson is in the nasty stuff at the back of the green but yet again produces a delicious chip that agonisingly brushes past the hole. Meanwhile, on the 10th, Westwood holes a monster birdie putt to move to two under.

"Mark, isn't anyone within five-eight strokes after today still in contention? I think there leaderboard will be very volatile until the last hole on Sunday!"
Chris, Canada via email

Hi Chris, definitely. The course plays so differently during the day that anything can happen. Predicting a winner now I would say is almost impossible.

2356: Woods is in the sand at the last after a wayward drive and has to lay up rather than going for the green. Mickelson misjudges his approach and could be in trouble. Mediate has a fine up and down to save par.

2353: Appleby moves to three under and into a share of the lead with another birdie, this time at the 9th. Mediate is in the sand at the 11th but delivers a splendid bunker shot. I can't believe I've used the word splendid in public. Shambles.

2348: It's got to that time of the night people, my colleague Rob Hodgetts has just mentioned 'Top Gun' after television slips show fighter jets flying over the course. Cue screaming air guitar solos all round. Mickelson drops yet another shot at the 17th, that's three bogeys in four holes now, and his US Open challenge is fading fast. Woods does the same and he joins Mickelson on three over.

"Mark, I'm hanging in there with you all night too despite the fact I've an 8.50 tee off tomorrow morning for my club championship qualifier!! Hoping to get some tips off the pros!!
Mikey, Scotland

2343: Mickelson goes from one bunker to the next at the 17th (his eighth) and despite having a hoard of wedges in his bag, he takes a nine iron to get out of the second one. Go figure. Mediate ends up bogeying the 10th but remains in the lead at three under.

"Evening/afternoon Mark - an odd thing but on the PGA live scorecard, Poulter doesn't seem to register anymore. What happened to him? How are the pies this evening by the way? Mmmmmmmmm."
Grinnic, Mexico via email

Hi Grinnic, no pies this evening. I just couldn't do it to myself. Meal for one from M&S tonight. That's posh you know. Can you tell I live in Surrey? Poulter was on 14 over when he walked off the course. Apparently he was bothered by his wrist.

2333: Scott is 'leaking oil' as Butch Harmon calls it. He cards his second bogey in three holes to move out to three over. Woods also drops a shot while Mediate is making a complete horlicks of the 10th. He has just gone from the rough to the sand. Bit like my golf really. Lee Westwood has a birdie two at the 8th and is now on one under.

"Hi Mark, Rob here (Chris' mate from Uni). I'm in until the end too, even if I have to work in boring retail at 9am tomorrow. Ah well, after a day of watching football and cricket and an hour on the driving range this afternoon, I'm caffeined up for a night of f5 and eye strain. Magic!"
Rob, via text

2329: Woods is in the sand at the 16th (his 7th). He gets out but the ball drifts away from the pin. It is going to be very tricky to claim a three from there. Australian Stuart Appleby is now on his own on two under thanks to a birdie three at the 7th.

"C'mon Mark... I've a fiver on Tiger to birdie (or better) the 6th. Has he?!"
Toddy, Manchester via email

Sorry Toddy, it was a par.

2325: Despite the sublime chip, Mickelson drops at shot and is now on two over.

"Have you managed to persuade your wife yet that your job is worthwhile?! It's definitely keeping me entertained for the evening."
Jamie, Manchester

Thank you very much Jamie. Glad you are enjoying it. If you knew my wife you wouldn't be asking that question by the way. It's a definite no.

2317: From the bunker, Scott probably delivers the shot of the tournament so far. He lobs it up perfectly and the ball rolls to within three feet. Mickelson then matches it with a stunning chip from the back of the green which lands the ball within six inches. Brilliant.

"Really disappointed with Scotty tonight, he surely needed to shoot in the 60s to have any chance. My money's now on Westwood."
GJ, Australia via email

Hey, if the Andy from earlier is my son - keep packing - we will pick you up at 10am; get back for 18 holes and then out for an Indian!"

2311: Somehow Woods gets on the green from the rough. Wonderful stuff. Scott has a terrible lie but knocks it up onto the fairway and then into the bunker. Mickelson finds the fairway from the rough but then fires a wedge through the green and the ball now sits right next to the grandstand. Bad misjudgement.

"May I ask how Goosen and Kaymer are faring?"
Fabian, Germany via email

Of course you can Fabian. Goosen carded a fine 69 and is three over while Kaymer had a 70 to end up on the same total.

2303: Westwood is in the sand at the 6th but gets out quickly to land the ball on the dancefloor. A fifth straight par for him then. Scott is way, way left at the 15th and the ball seems to be rolling away down the cart path. There are plenty of people on the course cheering this fact which doesn't seem right to me. Woods and Mickelson go right and find the rough.

"When he gets going Tiger is hotter than eating a vindaloo in a hot tub! With Jordan on one arm and Lucy Pinder on the other!"
Giorgio, England via email

"Hey, good coverage, keep it up, am sat here trying to pack up my uni room for the end of the year and you are providing a delightful distraction."
Andy, UK via email

"About time too. I lost my 606 login years ago and I cannot be bothered to do anything constructive at work this afternoon (well, apart from this now). Anyhoo. Will the name Kevin Streelman disappear back into that group of Tour pros who nobody has really heard of apart from close friends and family? I am guessing so."
Simon, USA via email

2255: Mediate has already claimed two birdies today but it should have been a lot more. Another chance slips by, this time at the 7th, how costly could that be? Woods is up and down from the sand but Mickelson and Scott both drop shots to go out to one over and two over respectively.

2253: Mickelson and Woods get out of the trap at the first time of asking but it will be tough for them to get par from where they are on the green. Scott produces a deft chip to get within three feet.

2251: Mickelson joins Woods in the sand while Scott is in the thick rough after just missing the bunker.

2248: Woods does not get a good connection from the rough with his approach and he is in the bunker. Quick note: Tiger double bogeyed this hole yesterday. Just a reminder, 606 shuts down in a bit so we will be reverting to good old email communication through to the wee small hours. The form for this is on the right hand side. Let me know what you are up to and I will get up as many messages as I can. Nice.

2242: The sparkling bright sunshine that we saw earlier on has definitely disappeared behind the clouds. The greens probably will not dry out in the afternoon like they did yesterday. Woods launches his tee shot at the 14th, obviously accompanied by the lemons shouting 'get in the hole', but he is not happy as the ball finds the second cut of rough.

2240: Bang. Woods sinks the putt and he scrubs out his two dropped shots with a superb eagle at 13. That's an ominous sign for the rest of the field. Mickelson has a very makeable birdie putt but the ball drifts wide.

2236: So Poulter did walk off the course then. All very strange.

"Mark, Chris here (who bailed last night). I had to prepare a cricket pitch this morning, hence my early exit. But fear not, 0345 again? I will be with you to the end tonight, even if I have to play cricket tomorrow!"
Chris, Somerset, England via text

Your country salutes you sire. Good to have you with us.

2231: Woods, Mickelson and Scott all find the fairway at the 13th (their fourth). Scott takes a long time to decide on the club to use and then plomps the ball straight into the greenside bunker. Woods fires a monster to the dancefloor and lands it to within nine feet of the pin. What a shot.

"As for the Rocky argument the latest one has to be the best.....haha only messing it's IV all the way. Drago was made of two parts iron and one part steroids, now that really is hard!"
sublimesuperspur on 606

"Rocky IV what a great film. I can see it now, Tiger as Ivan Drago pumping iron on lots of hi-tec machines with Mickelson charging around an arctic landscape with some cheesy 80's music in the background. Classic.
Chris, Lymington via text

2219: Tiger Woods drops a second shot in his first three holes to slide back to three over. Partners Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott make their pars to stay level and one over respectively.

2215: Rocco Mediate birdies the 4th to stretch the lead to two shots at four under.

2153: Tiger bogeys his first after his approach rolls back down the slope of the green. Mickelson pars. Playing partner Adam Scott pings a fine iron shot to within four feet and moves up to one over. Coach Butch Harmon is on telly saying that he saw Tiger limping this morning on the range.

"Tiger is going to suffer today! His knee will cause him problems and I can see him slipping to four over by the end. Phil will make easy work of this and become the new leader."
ilikegherkins on 606

"Like Luke Donald's chances. The guy is a class act."
peteholly on 606

"What a film indeed Mark. I'd still have Rocky III as my personal favourite. Mr T was a mean fool!"
shear_uk on 606

Wise words, but I can't look past Rocky IV. Saw it at my local cinema in Kingston and a mini riot broke out. Police vans were parked up outside afterwards and everything. All very dramatic. Bought the film soundtrack the next week. Happy days.

2145: Westwood makes a horlicks of the 1st and he slips back to level par. Monty has finished, ending up on 14 over.

2137: Swede Robert Karlsson drops a shot at the first and he is now on level par. Mickelson fires his shot at the 10th (his first) down the middle while Woods goes down the left of the fairway. We are now up and running thank goodness. Rocco Mediate, the best name in golf surely, now takes the outright lead thanks to a birdie at the 2nd. Phew.

2132: Lots and lots of dramatic music on the telly now as we gear up for the Tiger n' Phil show. I almost thought a re-run of Rocky IV had started. What a film.

2126: Change at the top. Hicks drops his first shot of the day at the 3rd and he joins the pack on two under. Still no word on what happened to Poulter by the way. Bit of confusion here as he has now disappeared off the official leaderboard. Hmmm.

2114: Woods and Mickelson will take some heart from the comments made by Luke Donald after his round. "There is a 67 or 68 out there if you play well," he says. "The greens were putting a lot nicer than yesterday." A Woods charge maybe?

2110: Good stuff from Harrington. He cards a very impressive 67 and is three over going into the weekend. Davis Love is on one under after rolling back the years with a 69. Els birdies his last for a 72 which puts him back in the mixer on level par. Cabrera's nightmare comes to an end, the defending champion finishes on 13 over.

2100: Hicks manages a par at the first. That will settle some nerves. Lots of noise in the office as the Netherlands go 2-0 up against France. Isn't there any consideration? I'm trying to do some work here. This country.

"How is Michael Campbell doing?"
From kev_mfc on 606

Hi kev_mfc, Campbell tees off at 2158 BST and is on seven over after the opening day.

"Harrington, four under for today's round, come on Padraig. A par and a birdie to finish would be sweet!!!!"
hogie on 606
Join the debate on 606

2053: Davis Love is on the move. He birdies the 6th, 7th and 8th and is one under for the tournament with just one to play. Two-time US Open winner Els is one over thanks to a birdie three at the 17th.

2049: Leader Justin Hicks is on the course. He pings his approach into the first and the ball rolls up into the fringe. Not bad. Casey and Donald finish with pars for rounds of 70 and 71 respectively. Casey is on seven over, which could be enough for the weekend, while Donald is in the mix on level par.

2047: Quick Monty update. And it's not very good. The Scot is 12 over par after bogeys at 12 and 14. That's three in four holes then.

2044: Woods and Mickelson have around 45 minutes to go before they enter the arena. They are on the practice range now and, unsurprisingly, are at completely opposite ends of it.

"C'mon Luke. Playing great at the moment, just a little inaccurate off the tee. After a solid 71 yesterday, I was very worried that he'd shoot 73 or worse today, but he's proved me wrong! If he can finish level par (or maybe even one under) then he'll only be one or two shots off the lead. Hicks will go the way of Streelman today. I can't see anyone getting lower than three under, especially with the afternoon conditions."
bighangers on 606

2035: Well it seems that Poulter has decided enough is enough. He has not completed 16 or 17 with his playing partners now on the last. Not sure why. Could be his wrist. We'll find out soon enough, I'll keep you posted.

2029: Wonderful putt from Donald from the fringe at 17th which just rolls past the hole. He'll settle for par then. Casey drops back to seven over after failing to get up and down from the rough. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are on the putting green preparing for their second rounds. Can they make their move today? Will Tiger's knee hold out? Stay tuned, should be a good evening.

2025: Streelman finishes with a par at the last for a six-over 77. That's taken him from three under to three over. Donald rolls off the back of the green with his approach while Casey, who was also in the rough with his tee shot, gets an awful connection and is short and left. And is also in the rough again.

2022: Donald is not playing well off the tee at the moment. He goes right at the 17th and is in plenty of thick stuff. That's tricky.

"Has Poulter just waved bye bye to his Ryder Cup aspirations? Great comeback by Sergio."
kwiniaskagolfer on 606

2015: Harrington holes from distance to save par at the 5th. He is four over after 14. Donald can't recover after finding rough at 16 to drop his third shot on the back nine - he is back to level par. Casey sinks a tricky one to save par on the same hole.

2007: Donald does indeed save par, as does Casey, but Poulter looks as if he just wants to be somewhere else. He three putts from five feet, one attempt lipping out as he tries a simple tap in. Not great that. That's two doubles in a row and he is 14 over. Garcia sinks a long one at the 9th (his last) for a birdie which gives him a second-round 70. He is four over for the tournament and should be here this weekend.

1959: Els is going backwards. Quickly. He bogeys 12 and 14 to slip back to two over. Defending champion Angel Cabrera is not going to be for much longer. He doubles the 4th (his 13th) and is 13 over par. Donald has to play sideways to get back onto the fairway but then produces a stunning approach that leaves him just five foot from the pin. From a precarious position he should now be able to save par.

1957: The English triumvirate tee off at 15. Donald goes right into the trees and we cannot see where his ball has gone. Casey finds the fairway while television coverage goes to the adverts before Poulter plays his shot.

1951: Now you know the drill, I'm going to need as many of you as possible to get in touch if I am not going to go completely bananas between now and three in the morning. Get involved on 606 or via text on 81111 and I will use as many of your contributions as I can. To keep the chat going after 606 closes at 2300 BST, I'll be putting up a form so that you can get in touch via email. No excuses now ok? Cool.
Join the debate on 606

1947: Right then, straight to the action. Streelman cards a double bogey at the 15th and is now on two over. He'll just want today to be over I'm sure. He is now five over for the day. Casey drops a shot at 14 and is back to six over.

1942: Hello you. Ready for another thrilling night of major championship golf? Thought so.

By Andrew McKenzie

1935: Sadly I don't think Monty will be appearing on our weekend screens as he drops another shot and is now 10 over. The big man looks hacked off, to say the least.

1925: It's nearly that time for me to hand over to your overnight leader Mark Orlovac for what promises to be an intriguing evening of golfing action. Here's hoping when I wake up tomorrow that the British boys are still hanging around at the top of the leaderboard.

1917: Paul Casey and Luke Donald both collect very differing birdies at the 13th. Casey is going nicely along now on five over. With the scoring as it has been that should be good enough to keep him in the mixer for the weekend. Donald is back to one under.

1914: Some smart golf from Luke Donald as he lays up with his second at the 13th and then sticks his approach shot close. He should grab a shot back here.

1908: Paul Casey wasn't far from nailing his second at the 614-yard 13th, but his thumping fairway wood whistles past the flag and unfortunately ends up in the greenside bunker. He can get up and down for a birdie still.

1905: The 12th proves even worse for Donald's playing partner Ian Poulter, who cards a triple-bogey seven and he looks like he'll be packing up his crazy pants and heading home for the weekend.

1857: The 12th hole is statistically the hardest on the course and it has just done for Luke Donald, who bogeys a second hole in a row to drop back to level par.

1849: Justin Rose also needs to get his putter going. He remains at eight over in the early stages of the back nine. He is wayward off the tee on the short 11th and responds by swiping the air with frustration.

1844: "I've just got a sneaky feeling it may be Luke to pick up his first major. How's Monty doing btw?"
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The good news is he's just birdied the 7th. The bad news is that followed two bogeys. He's on nine over and massively needs to get moving if he is to make the weekend.

1840: Luke Donald has got himself in a spot of bother at the 11th and actually does quite well just to drop one shot.

1834: Vijay Singh is slowly undoing his good work in the opening round. The former world number one has dropped five shots after 10 holes and is now five over.

1827: The Big Easy - Ernie Els - is making it look anything but with a fluffed chip from one bit of rough to another at the par-five 9th. He shows his class with a beautiful recovery to save par and he remains at level par after 27 holes.

1825: The Casey-Donald-Poulter trio are starting to have some real fun out there. Poults has notched consecutive birdies at the turn to move back to six over, while The Don saves par with a tricky five-footer.

1821: Paul Casey's hopes of making the weekend action has just significantly improved. The Englishman has just picked up three birdies in six holes and he's now at five over.

1812: "Does anyone know how well Sergio Garcia is doing?"
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Up and down SPRstfc. He's just reached the turn in 37, six over par after three bogeys and two birdies.

1805: "Can you tell us more about Richard Dinwiddie? The US Open website has him down as being both Scottish and English!"
Rossmc78 on 606
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Dinwiddie was a Walker Cup player in 2005. He was born in Scotland but I believe he plays under the flag of England Rossmc.

1801: Stewart Cink has had a mixed bag of a round so far. The American, who tied for third at the Masters earlier this year, has had four bogeys and three birdies in his opening nine holes.

1758: America's DJ Trahan has arrived at the turn in 33 after consecutive birdies. He's joined a group of six on one under par.

1751: I might have to start preparing my crocodile headcover sandwich (see 1511) as Kevin Streelman has just popped in a couple of birdies to move back to level par.

1741: Luke 'the force' Donald is up to two under after a birdie at the 7th. He's now just a shot behind leader Justin Hicks, who does not tee off for another three hours. Keep it going young fella.

1733: I'm afraid the news is not so good on another great British hope Nick Dougherty. He started off with a double bogey at the 10th (his first hole) and then bogeyed the 11th. He's now 10 over. It's been a tough time for him recently as his mother passed away.
Nick Dougherty feature

1730: "Of the Europeans, Donald is the best bet, with his solid long irons, accuracy off the tee and familiarity with US-style target golf courses."
JezzaSCFC on 606
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He's looking super solid at the moment Jezza. The Don has just rattled off three straight pars after his early birdie.

1721: Padraig Harrington reckoned he could get off to a good start on day two and he has backed up his chat with action. The Irishman has carded a birdie four at the stupidly long 13th. That's taken him to six over.

1711: Kevin Streelman's unlikely challenge may be over after a double bogey at 6th. He followed that with a birdie but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he'll not be winning here. If he does I'll eat one of my crocodile headcovers. Probably.

1706: "Tiger's going to roar this evening, but I just feel that this course is set up better for Mickelson"
mogsyherrflick on 606
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1701: According to Wolstenholme's caddie for the weekend - Five Live's Andrew Cotter - his problem is that he is not long enough off the tee for this monster of a course. Having seen Cotter hit a ball he could do worse than get him to take his tee-shots for him. That boy is a danger with a driver in his hands.
Radio 5 Live man caddies in US Open

1659: I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Gary Wolstenholme has followed up his triple-bogey at the 3rd with two bogeys. He's now 12 over.

1656: The defending champion Angel Cabrera has got his round under way with a couple of pars. The big Argentine had a 79 yesterday so will need to get his meaty drives going if he is not to spend the weekend watching on TV.

1654: How do you think Tiger will get on today? Who is your tip for the tournament? Tell me your views - it's your special day.
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1651: No surprise that Tiger Woods is still the bookmakers' fave for this event, despite his dodgy knee and the fact that he's only won one of the last five majors. He's also failed to win this tournament since 2002 you know? What a slump. He tees off at 2136 BST if you want to keep your eye on the Tiger. Sorry.

1646: Donald is playing with his pals Paul Casey and Ian Poulter. What a trio that is. They have both picked up a birdie and a bogey in their first three holes. Making the cut will be their aim for today.

1641: Luke Donald is also on the move with a birdie at the 3rd to move to one-under. Is he the man to end Britain's run without a major winner? We have had 34 major tournaments since Paul Lawrie's victory in 1999. It's just not funny any more.

1631: England's Robert Dinwiddie is off to a roaring start after a decent opening round 73. He's popped in three birdies in the first five holes and moved up to level par. Go Rob.

1624: A mixed start for English amateur Gary Wolstenholme, who got a last-minute invite. He birdied the second hold but has just got a six at the par-three 3rd. I blame his caddie!
Radio 5 Live man caddies in US Open

1621: After that shocker of a start Kevin Streelman has parred the long par-four 4th. That should steady the nerves.

1612: I love a round of golf as much as the next man, but the golf course is no place to be on Friday 13th. If there's ever a day when you are likely to take a Titleist to the bonce or be attacked by a gaggle of geese it is today. If you've had a horror of a day let me know and I'll do my best to cheer you up.

1606: Plenty to chat about after an interesting opening day of action at the 108th US Open at Torrey Pines. You know the drill, let us know your thoughts via the wonders of 606 or the magic of text via 81111. Clearly I can't use them all, but I'll have a jolly good look at them.
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1600: Poor start already for the unknown Streelman. He's dropped three shots at the par-three 3rd and is now level par. Shocker. Hicks leads on his own. Anyone reckon Hicks can stay in the lead? Anyone think that's it for Streelman?

1550: Welcome to day two. It promises to be another interesting day. Can't say I know much about the first day's leaders. Hicks and Streelman - something tells me they won't be there come the end of today, let alone Sunday.

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