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Augusta - 10-13 April, 2008

South African Trevor Immelman wins the 72nd Masters at Augusta National after carding a three-over round of 75.

Immelman ends on eight under par for the tournament, three ahead of world number one Tiger Woods, who is left to rue a number of missed putts.

Brandt Snedeker and Stewart Cink share third on four under, while twice Masters champ Phil Mickelson (72) and Padraig Harrington (72) end two under.

Paul Casey endures a nightmare round and plummets to level par.



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By Mark Orlovac

0036: Right, that's it - what a day. Thanks very much for all your comments, posts and texts. I've really enjoyed your company, hope you've enjoyed it too. I'm going to sit in a darkened room for a while. Take care and I'll see you soon.

0033: "And so now ends the Masters,
The best test of them all,
Millions followed around the world,
The fate of a little white ball.

The first round came and went,
With Justin in the lead,
It's a matter of time said the pundits,
Until Tiger leads the field.

But try as he might, the Tiger,
Just couldn't find that roar,
And after round two, Trevor came through,
Poor Justin hit the floor.

Moving day came, and the English moved back,
As Immelman shot out in front,
Woods lurked, Brant smirked, most others jerked,
Surely Casey was worth a small punt?

The final day, the skies were grey,
Could poor Trevor show a great nerve?
All challengers fell back, Tiger tried to attack,
But second was all he deserved.

And so Immelman takes all the glory,
He truly did show he could hack it,
68, 68, 69, 75,
He joins the greats with his Green Jacket.

Well done Trev!"
RebelArmyRedDevil on 606

Superb, that's why it is up here in full.

0027: Immelman's 75 leaves him on eight under, three clear of Woods with Cink and Snedeker tied for third a shot further back. It is an incredible story for Immelman who only returned to competition in January just six weeks after surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumour from his diaphragm. He is the first start-to-finish winner since Raymond Floyd in 1976.

0026: Immelman has done it. He rolls his birdie putt to within a foot and then taps in for victory. And what a popular win it is.

0024: Snedeker holes out, claims a par and ties with Stewart Cink on four under for third.

0021: The divot does not both Immelman as he drills the approach to a foot inside Snedeker's ball That's it folks, he has won it. He will be the first South African to win the Masters since Gary Player in 1978. He receives a wonderful reception from the gallery as he approaches the green.

0019: Snedeker has an errant drive at 18 but gets out from the pine needles and has a 15-footer for birdie. Immelman's ball is sitting right in the middle of a divot, which player didn't replace that piece of grass? Dreadful form old boy.

0017: "That's it and congrats to a superb champion. The only people who think this has been a boring and uninteresting Masters are the usual Woods disciples. I think it has been a superb tournament."
nigeweir on 606

0014: "Mark! I was ready for bed!"
Anon, via text on 81111

I know what you mean! You can probably rest now, however, as Immelman rips his drive on 18 down the fairway.

0010: Immelman gets out of the bunker with a deft shot that leaves him five feet away. He sinks the putt for par and he can breathe again. Snedeker also cards a four. Just one hole to go.

0008: Flesch and Casey end with pars. Flesch cards a 78 to sit on two under while Casey, who had carried English hopes going into the final day, has a 79 to sit on level par.

0006: Stand by your beds. Immelman puts his tee shot at 17 into the first cut and then fires his approach into the bunker. There is an anguished look on his face. He has to hold his nerve.

0000: At last Casey gets a birdie at 17. That's only his second of the day.

2357: Immelman double bogeys the 16th and he is on eight under, three shots ahead of Tiger Woods going into the final two holes. Hmmm. Don't switch off just yet. Snedeker also has a bogey and is one behind Woods on four under. Flesch is in freefall. His fourth straight bogey, at the 17th, places him on two under.

2354: Immelman drops the ball but gets his next shot onto the green. Why couldn't he have just done that before? Woods lands a lengthy birdie putt at the last despite finding the rough with his tee shot. He shakes his head while looking at his caddy, if a few more of them had gone in today things might have been a bit different. As it is, he is tied for second on five under.

2352: Defending champ Zach ends his reign with a par at the last for a closing 77. He had six bogeys today and finishes on three over.

2349: Hello. Could there yet be some drama? Immelman makes a mess of his tee shot at the short 16, putting his ball right in the drink. The pressure is really on now, can he handle it?

2348: "When a player can shoot a 73 and still win by six shots, you know it's been an anticlimax. Thrilling charges, the crowds going wild and the leader choking, we have seen none of these and it's a shame because it was set up beautifully for Woods, a few holes ahead of Immelman, to do a Nicklaus, hole some amazing puts, get the crowd going and put some doubts in Immelman's mind. Clever Trevor is a worthy winner (barring a Van Der Velde moment or two), but it could have been much more interesting."
mickybobmanutd on 606

2341: Flesch makes it three bogeys in row with another dropped shot at the 16th. Woods pars 17 while Casey has another bogey at the 16th. He is eight over for the day. Immelman pars the 15th while Snedeker moves into second on his own with a birdie at the same hole. That is his third birdie there this week and he is now on five under.

2340: "Unfortunately no-one has really taken this Masters by the scruff of the neck. It is a tournament that will be remembered for players dropping out and losing it rather than Immelman winning it. It is the first Masters I've seen where I'm looking forward to the end."
shearwonderland on 606

2337: "Will be happy for Immelman if he wins, but it has to be said that this was a pretty low quality Masters. There hasn't been much atmosphere on the final day, because no-one has gone on any real runs for the lead."
enjoyicecoldcesc on 606

2336: "Perhaps the one highlight for Europeans this week is that Flesch and Snedeker might pick up enough points to make the U.S. Ryder Cup team."
VeniceBeach on 606

2334: Woods' second to the pin at 17 is slightly long and the ball rolls away from the hole. Not really a birdie chance then.

2326: Hooray! Casey claims a par at the 15th. Is that a bit harsh? Sorry. Flesch bogeys the par-five 15th and slips back to four under, together with Snedeker who misses a short putt. Woods pars the 16th and is now joint second. Cink joins the gaggle on minus four with a long birdie putt at the same hole. Blimey, this is a very odd final round isn't? Immelman leads by six with four to play.

2319: Harrington ends with three pars for a final-round 72 that leaves him on two under. Woods pars the par-five 15th.

"I've just realised who Immelman reminds me of. It's Captain Scarlet!"
Simon Hancock in Somerset, via text on 81111

2314: Immelman birdies the 13th and the lead is five after Snedeker cards a six. They will be measuring up the Green Jacket for the South African back in the clubhouse now surely? It is his to lose.

2309: In contrast to his playing partner, Immelman pings his approach into the green and the ball spins back to just five feet. Very, very nice. Flesch three putts on the 14th, before that he was the only man in the field not to have done so, and falls back to five under. Casey's misery continues with a dropped shot at the 14th. He is seven over for the day and level for the week.

2305: What an error from Snedeker. His drive at the 13th is absolutely perfect but he manages to put his approach in the brook that runs in front of the green, just like he did yesterday. The field are handing this to Immelman at the moment.

2259: Woods gives himself no chance of a birdie with a poor approach to the 14th. He first putt is short and then he overcompensates with the next, firing his par attempt past the hole. He is now on four under and the holes are now starting to run out. Poulter ends bogey, birdie, par for a 78 that leaves him on four over. Westwood ends with a birdie for a final-round 73, level par for the tournament.

2257: "This has to be one of the dullest final days in masters history. Let's have something happen, Immelman please start dropping shots."
TheCleaver on 606

2255: Immelman has to settle for a bogey and his lead is now three.

2250: After parring the 12th, Casey misjudges his approach to the 13th and almost hits the flowers at the back of the green. Immelman has an awful spongy lie and his chip leaves him with a nasty downhill putt which is seven foot short. Snedeker sinks an absolute monster at the same hole for birdie and is on six under.

2249: "That sounds a lot more enticing than my curry-in-a-bag.
bunkerhopper on 606

2246: Immelman is way left at the short 12th while Snedeker finds the dancefloor. Over on the 13th, Woods misses a relatively straightforward birdie putt and has to settle for par. That was a great chance.

2244: What a save by Immelman. From the nonsense he made with his approach to 11, the South African chips to the fringe of the green before sinking the 15-foot par putt. "That's the Masters right there," says a colleague. I've long stopped listening to him though.

2240: Snedeker bogeys the 11th. That's six bogeys so far. With everyone falling away, Woods now only has two players in front of him. He gets out of the pine needles and then delivers a delightful approach to the 13th that spins back and almost goes into the hole. Brilliant. This is not over by a long chalk.

2237: Steve Flesch makes a horlicks of the 12th and drops back to six under with a double bogey five after finding the water. Who wants to win this? Mickelson pars the last for a 72 and is two under for the tournament.

2232: Immelman completely misses the 11th green with his approach. It trickles down into a hollow and it will take something extraordinary to get out of there unscathed. 'Larry Mize country' as my colleague calls it.

2230: Woods tees off at the 13th but he is not happy. "Oh Tiger!", he shouts at himself as he puts the drive wide into the trees. Meanwhile, the television commentators are not happy with the pace of play so far. Two and half hours to get through nine holes at the moment, apparently.

2227: Woods gets it, as does Flesch. Robert Karlsson suddenly leaps up the leaderboard thanks to an eagle three at the 15th, he is on two under with Mickelson and Harrington. Casey three putts at the 11th and drops another - this is a round he will want to forget. He has bogeyed that hole three times this week and is six over for the day, one under overall.

2225: Woods comes back but leaves a nasty little six footer for par.

2224: "C'mon Mark, tell us what was on this evening's menu?"
bunkerhopper on 606

Alright then, seeing as you ask. Ham and mushroom tagliatelle, and very nice it was too. The pies will have to wait until my next late shift I'm afraid.

2220: Cink bogeys 11 and he falls back to two under. At the short 12th, Woods is long but gets a fortunate kick which stops the ball travelling even further into trouble. Immelman and Snedeker hit their drives at the 11th straight down the middle.

2216: A huge roar reverberates around the course after Tiger sinks an absolute monster par putt at the 11th. He is back to five under. Could this be the start of something or is it just a flash in the pan?

2215: "The lack of a mention of his supper surely indicates his 'healthy' eating went out the window on day two. Nice pie, Mark?"
ruthere909aloid on 606

Hey ruthere909aloid, hope you are enjoying the evening. I have to admit that I couldn't face another pie tonight. A very posh ready meal from M&S was the order.

2212: Snedeker slots in a simple one for par at the 10th. Immelman does the same, even though his first putt was hampered by a stray piece of greenery on the dancefloor.

2208: Mickelson bogeys the 16th and slips back to two under while playing partner Vijay Singh four putts from around 15 feet. He cards a double-bogey five and is on one over. Cink falls out of contention with bogeys at nine and 10. Poulter birdies the 15th and is on four over.

2205: "Looks like a two-way battle now between Immelman and Flesch."
Robs_All_Stars on 606

2203: Back in the hot seat for the final push. Pop open that bottle of Black Tower, get comfortable, and I'll take you home.

By Rob Hodgetts

"Rob, if Mark was to ask you the question about Immelman being happy with a 72, do you think he would be happy with it now?"
From Carra_XI on 606

Aha, wondered how long it would take! Just for a laugh, I'll stick to my original guns and say that at the start he might have rued taking a 72. But I was kind of hoping the rest of 'em might put up a bit of a fight.

I've got to say, anyone would think Woods was leading the way they are capitulating in front of him.

2157: Away from the leaders, Lee Westwood finds the water on the short 16th but holes out from about 20 feet with his fourth.

2153: Padraig Harrington slides back to two under after 11. Brandt Snedeker drops another one at the 9th to slip to six under. Trevor Immelman reaches the turn in 37.

2150 Tiger Woods's last-day charge is not happening and he drops a shot on the 10th to slide to four under. He's out of there.

2148: Trevor Immelman is now bunkered on nine and having a mini wobble. This will really test his mettle.

2138: Here we go then. Trevor Immelman drops a shot at the par-five 8th to slip to 10 under. Is this the start of the fightback from someone - anyone - else?

2135: A small pause in the mayhem as the leaders sort themselves out but English debutant Nick Dougherty ends with a four-over 76 for five over.

2125: Steve Flesch finally eats into the lead and birdies the 8th for eight under.

2118: Brandt Snedeker drops another one at the 7th while playing partner Trevor Immelman slides a tiddler past and has to settle for par. My colleague said before he putted, "This is for the Masters". Well, it could have been, but for whom? How will Immelman respond to that lapse?

2111: Tiger Woods spurns another chance to cut the gap after missing his birdie opportunity on eight. At the moment they are handing it to Trevor Immelman, though in his defence he is still playing great golf.

2105: Brandt Snedeker bogeys the 6th, while the collapsing Paul Casey makes a third straight bogey to plummet to three under. Steve Flesch also drops back to seven under.

2102: Padraig Harrington's mini-charge comes to an abrupt end as he watches his chip on nine roll back to his feet. He'll drop at least one here.

By Mark Orlovac

2058: I'm quickly off for dinner before my head boils. Hodgo will take the con, see you soon.

2057: "Casey's out of it now, as is Tiger I reckon, so it's between the top three. As a fellow leftie, come on Steve (seeing as Phil and Mike are way back)!!"
JezzaSCFC on 606

2054: Woods tonks his drive at the 8th, a shot which is accompanied by the usual doughnuts shouting "get in the hole!". Why do they do that? It's highly irritating. Rant over.

2052: Woods settles for a par at the 7th. Flesch maintains his run of pars, that's six now, he remains on eight under.

2048: It seems as if Casey had addressed the ball when it moved. He picks up a penalty shot and sinks the putt for a bogey. Casey is fading fast and is seven off the lead after Immelman birdies the 5th. The South African is now two clear on 11 under.

2047: Casey has to call in the officials after his ball moves on the 6th green. We do not know as yet whether he grounded his putter, if he did he would incur a penalty.

2044: Woods' second shot into the 7th green looks good but it pitches a little short, and has a lot of spin, and the ball rolls off the green. Snedeker and Immelman find the green at the 5th while Casey scoops the ball out of the bunker which should give him a par.

2042: Casey finds sand at the par-three 6th. Are his title chances fading?

2035: Woods makes birdie and he is back to five under. Casey joins him after missing a five-foot par putt at the 5th. This little blip could prove costly. Snedeker saves par at the 4th, as does Immelman.

2031: Immelman goes way long at the 4th but shows a nice touch with his wedge back to the green. Woods' tee shot at the 6th goes very close and he has a five-foot putt for birdie.

2028: Justin Rose's misery is over. The first-round leader bogeys the last for a 76 and finishes the tournament on seven over. Harrington misses a seven-foot birdie putt at the 7th.

2027: "Does anybody think it is safe to rip up my Poulter bet yet?"
Zlatan6 on 606

2022: Snedeker drops a shot at the third after his par putt lips out. He is on nine under and Immelman is on his own again. Woods looks to be sending a monster birdie putt home on the 5th green but it is a fraction, and I mean a fraction, short. The luck just doesn't seem to be with him at the moment. Cink misses a monster par putt on the same hole and is now on five under. Steve Flesch, by the way, is still on eight under after opening with four pars.

2022: "Dear Paul Casey, you have plenty of cash, I do not. So please, for my sanity's sake, finish in the top five so I can win some money."
Mistah_Lee on 606

2019: Casey takes two to come out of the sand and he sends a lengthy bogey putt past the hole, that is a blow. Double it is then. Immelman pars the 3rd.

2016: Casey finds the bunker at the 4th, as does Snedeker with his tee shot at the 3rd. The ball is plugged in the fairway bunker and he has to contend himself with just getting out. Woods goes left with his three-wood drive at the 5th and is well short with his second.

2013: Woods does get that bogey putt and he slips to four under. He needs to get things moving pretty quickly. Poulter's round is falling apart. He double bogeys the 6th and 7th, that's three doubles in a row now, and is on three over.

2009: Woods produces a stunning bunker shot at the 4th to plonk the ball near the hole although he lips out with the par putt and has a tricky one for bogey. Casey is in the rough on the left of the 3rd hole but launches a superb iron shot that leads to a birdie. He is now two off the leaders.

2007: We've got a tournament here folks. Snedeker is about 35-40 feet from the pin but even though he has to send the eagle putt off the green, it comes back on and creeps into the hole. The crowd go bananas and he is now tied for the lead on 10 under.

2003 Immelman gets out of the bunker at the first attempt and probably has 15 feet for birdie. Cink fires his tee shot at the 4th hole 10 foot from the pin. Brilliant. Woods pauses at the tee box on the same hole as he waits for the gusts to die down. When he does play, he puts the ball in the bunker at the front of the green.

2002: "Just had a roast dinner in which I ate 10, count em, 10 roast potatoes. Now I can happily digest whilst watching the Masters. Bliss."
yatesman123 on 606

1957: Casey does well to tickle the ball close to the hole and he taps in for par. Steady start. Snedeker avoids the mistakes that Woods and Casey made at the 2nd and pings his second shot onto the green. He now faces a lengthy eagle putt. Immelman does, however, plonk his ball in the bunker at the same hole. Woods and Cink par the 3rd.

1956: "Is that really Brandt Snedeker or is it Scottish braveheart Colin Hendry?"
David Dishon, Glasgow via text on 81111

1953: Casey does exactly what Tiger did earlier. He gets out of the bunker but faces a difficult one for birdie.

1951: "Cheeky tip of the day? Stewart Cink."
ruthere909aloid on 606

I did say that at the start of the day to the boys in the office but, as usual, no-one listened to me.

1948: Poulter double bogeys the 5th and is on one under while Casey finds a bunker at the 2nd. Meanwhile, a very bad man has just brought a kebab into the office. Boy am I hungry.

1943: Woods gets out of the bunker but the ball is not near the pin. He fires the birdie putt back but it misses and has to settle for a par. Great start for Cink however, he has another birdie and is now just four off Immelman.

1940: Immelman sends his putt down the slope but it lips out and he has to sink a five footer for bogey. Snedeker also drops a shot and the leaders drop back. Interesting. Fiji's Vijay Singh cards a birdie at the 6th and moves to three under.

1938: Snedeker is way off target with his second shot to the first green. It's a nervy start for the two leaders. Woods is on the second but his approach finds the sand. Lots of mistakes early on. Harrington sinks a seven-foot birdie putt at the 3rd to move to four under.

1937: "Just trying to convince the rest of the guys and girls at work that we do really need to switch the television to BBC2! Reckon Immelman will need at least a 70 but a 68 could be enough for Casey though."
brightzaraerin on 606

1935: Immelman is in trouble at the first. His third shot ends up on the upper tier of the green and it will need something special to get par from there.

1933: "I have a fiver each way on Casey to win at 105-1. Never looked forward so much to a final round of the Masters."
Steve, Nottingham via text on 81111

1930: Mickelson bogeys the 4th and is now on one under. Dougherty double bogeys the 7th and is two over at the turn. Rose adds another bogey at the 12th and is way out on six over after 14 holes. Lyle ended his round with three pars for a closing 77 and is bottom of the pile on 14 over.

1928: "After this week's events I hope Casey can give me something to shout about."
Theottthhheeeoooo on 606

"For me, this evening has one result, and one result only, a victory for Tiger!"
adrianben on 606

1925: The leaders are up and running. Immelman goes right and catches the first cut of the rough while Brandt Snedeker batters his drive down the middle. Casey dabbles his birdie putt down the hill and it just misses. Unlucky.

1921: A very smartly-dressed Paul Casey gets his round under way. The drive is good and the approach to the opening green gives him a 10-foot putt for birdie. Padraig Harrington obviously loves the par-five 2nd. He has birdied it every day this week and is now on three under.

1917: Stewart Cink's second shot to the first is a beauty and he sinks the putt for birdie. He is on five under now. Woods' attempt from the edge leaves him a difficult four-footer but it goes in and he walks away with an opening four.

1916: "Due to work and a couple of nights of over-exuberant drinking, I've missed all the golf so far. Looking purely at the leaderboard, I think Woods has too much to do."
Grant, Dundee via text on 81111

1913: Woods' approach to the first green is short and right and the ball settles on the fringe. The world number one is not happy with that and our lip-reading expert says that he muttered "the wind switched on me" after the shot. The wind is definitely going to play a part today.

1911: "I agree with most. Casey has a good chance, and you get a feeling that Immelman is going to bottle it with, for example, a bogey at the first."
800yrdswithaputter on 606

1909: Poulter's run comes to an end. He bogeys the 3rd and is back to three under. Woods fires off his drive at the first and although it is slightly left, the ball just stays on the edge of the fairway.

1905: "Mark, I keep losing my wap connection on this train and the dude with the trolley has run out of beer. With two hours journey left, what can I do now?
Ian, via text on 81111

Ian, that sounds like a desperate situation to me friend. Just keep with it - you'll be home soon.

1904: "I think he's too far back, but the worse the weather gets, the more it suits Tiger. He is the best, not because he makes birdies, but because he pars when others would bogey, e.g. the 18th on day two.
Adam, Wirral via text on 81111

1856: What a start from Poults. He goes to four under, one behind Woods, after picking up another birdie at the 2nd. Woods is currently on the putting green and is looking pretty relaxed with a chocolate biscuit in his hand. Mickelson opens up with three pars while Westwood drops a shot at the 4th to slip back to one under.

1854: "I really think Casey could win this, he looked very good yesterday and I think that Immelman could falter, so who knows?"
mickybobmanutd on 606

1850:"Not only did I suffer at some Jimmy Carr stand up last night, I'm now on the train home, it is a four-hour trip from Aberystwyth so I'll be missing plenty more action. I've money on Casey at 105/1 - please don't bottle it now lad! He can take away the hurt of this weekend by carding a 70, no pressure!"
Anon, via text 81111

1844: Poulter starts well and that approach to the first earns him a birdie. He is now eight off the lead. Westwood claims a shot at the 2nd and is a stroke further back on two under.

1842: After I completely grassed him up earlier, Hodgo has gone on the attack and has stated, quite emphatically, that "Immelman will card a 72 and lose the Masters". So there you have it, you heard it here first.

1836: "Quick question - what is Woods' best round at Augusta and what's his best final day round? Any ideas?"
humphreys86 on 606

Wood's best round at the Masters is a 65, recorded on the third day in 1997 and 2005. He has only had three sub-70s in 12 final-day rounds. His best was a 68 when he won it in 2001.

1832: "No pressure Mark, but you should now be expecting an avalanche of over angry football fans at the end of the weekend to cope with reading your updates, good luck!"
jamesYNWA on 606

Thanks fella, I'm going to need it.

1829: Lyle is on a roll - he birdies the 15th. At the first, Poulter pings in a nice approach to the green.

1825: Ian Poulter, in a dazzling white outfit, tees off at the first. However, the feed that we had for a full two minutes goes again and I am back to the leaderboard. Phil Mickelson, on two under, pars the first - as does Lee Westwood - while Rose bogeys the 10th to return to five over.

1823: "Looking at the coverage of Amen Corner, the greens look much firmer today and the winds are swirling. If Immelman shoots 72 I reckon he's a certainty. I just can't see it though, I reckon someone is going to shoot a decent score of four or five under and will take the title. I hope it's Casey, but I keep having images of Tiger pumping the air with his fist at the 18th and the Yanks going mad around the green!"
kinghenke01 on 606

1819: "Mark, name names. Which plonker said no? A 72 for Immelman will win the Masters for him. Just depends on the weather later on and whether he can handle the pressure."
Carra_XI on 606

I couldn't possibly reveal that could I? Alright go on then, as you are twisting my arm, it was actually the BBC Sport website golf editor Robin 'Hodgo' Hodgetts. What does he know anyway?

1815: Lyle pars the 12th and the 13th before claiming the fourth birdie of the day at the 14th. Dougherty is chuntering along nicely with three straight pars while Bubba Watson joins him on level par with a birdie at seven.

1812: From the feed we are getting from Augusta, we can see that the weather at the moment is sunny but very windy. The flags are a fluttering. "It's going to be a train crash out there," says a colleague to my left.

1811: "I hope Casey has as much luck as Man Utd! Eight under will be the winning score."
markovanb on 606

1808: Quick flash poll on the golf desk. When asked: "If you were Immelman, would you take a final-round 72 now?", three of us said yes with one saying no.

1800: Woosnam bogeys nine and 10 to go 10 over while Rose, after a run of three pars, birdies the 8th. Miguel Angel Jimenez has an eagle at the 7th to move to plus two.

1756: The Amen Corner coverage is about to start on the website folks. Have a click and have a look. I'm just going to take five minutes out to compose myself after Arsenal's season goes up in smoke with the defeat at Old Trafford. Rubbish.

1753: "Wondering why everyone is ignoring Steve Flesch? Third on the leaderboard, a solid and consistent campaigner on the USPGA Tour and played well yesterday, one or two errors aside. Casey hasn't shown too much killer instinct in the past and is four back, and Snedeker and Immelman, although fantastic players, are green. Surely it's folly to write off Flesch at three back."
njbh86 on 606

1748: Gee whizz, Lyle's card is beginning to look a bit like mine, only without the birdies. At the 11th, Lyle collects his third straight double bogey and he is now on 16 over. Ouch.

1745: "My bets from yesterday (Poulter and Romero) look dead in the water so today I shall just be reading your coverage to find out if Tiger Woods really is the best golfer of all time. I believe he is!"
Zlatan6 on 606

1742: "Here in Mersin, Turkey, 440 Km away from the nearest golf course, and I don't think they are showing any on the TV, have not yet, and when it is scheduled to be on, have suffered replacement sports!"
RichardWaterhouse on 606

1739: A lot of you have been very concerned about my mealtimes over the last three nights and I can exclusively reveal that tonight, I have treated myself to a Marks&Spencer ready meal. How posh is that? You can tell I live in Surrey can't you. Not a pie in sight.

1736: "If Immelman goes round in par he'll win."
tykesmillers on 606

1734: Oh dear, Lyle is having a stinker. He follows up his double bogey at the 9th with another at the 10th. It's falling apart for him now.

1728: Liverpool's Nick Dougherty is now on level par thanks to a birdie at the first.

1724: Bubba bogeys the third while Hamilton moves back to seven over with a four at the par-three 6th.

1718: "Aiming to go around the Masters in the final round at par is a very dangerous tactic. And won't work."
BlackburnR_MGP on 606

I think Immelman agrees with you BlackburnR_MGP. Here's what he said yesterday:

"If I rest on a two-shot lead, I'm not going to do very well. I've just got to have positive thoughts and give it my best shot."

1712: Rose's poor run continues as he slips to five over with bogeys at the 3rd and 4th while Bubba Watson goes on the charge with birdies in his opening two holes. He is on even par and is the leader on the course. Todd Hamilton birdies three and four and is back on six over. Lyle goes three over for the day, 12 over for the tournament, with a double bogey six at the 9th. He has had one par in the opening nine holes.

1708: Lyle is having the very definition of a rollercoaster round. He goes bogey-birdie at seven and eight.

1705: "Psychology or mental strength is everything. Had Tiger been six shots clear of Immelman, no-one would have given the South African a hope. Because it is the reverse many people think Tiger can turn it around, despite the evidence of the first three days. It could be nail-biting."
KingArthuronice on 606

1703: "It is cooler at Augusta but we expect the wind to strengthen as the day goes on and that will make the course more difficult."
BBC Radio 5 Live golf correspondent Iain Carter

1655: Lots of chat on the golf desk here at BBC Towers about how the final day will pan out and what the mindset of the leading players will be. Does Immelman play it safe, plodding around and maybe thinking that a 71/72 will be enough? Or will that lack of aggression lead to dropped shots? Do the chasing pack of Brandt Snedeker, Paul Casey and Tiger Woods go for broke or do they let the leading score come towards them? Questions, questions.

1648: "Re: 1629, that's a good possibility Mark. I seem to recall a major a few years back where an unknown, Jason Gore I think, was playing with Retief Goosen and he was absolutely rank, he shot around the 80 mark and Goosen was not far behind. It usually happens in golf - if your playing partner is putting everything stiff, so are you, but why are we worrying? Snedeker and Immelman will surprise everyone and have a tremendous shootout, with Woods not far behind."
onlycowdenfanhere on 606

1646: Just a quick reminder that we will have live coverage of Amen Corner on the BBC Sport website a bit later. It is due to start at 1800 BST. If that time changes, I'll let you know.

1640: Todd Hamilton, the 2004 Open winner, bogeys the opening two holes to slip to eight over. There have been a few dropped shots so far today. As we do not have any pictures, it is hard to tell whether or not the conditions are playing havoc with the scoring. Justin Rose, the joint first-round leader, starts the final day with a par to remain on three over.

1638: "Don't rule anyone out within eight strokes, just remember Paul Lawrie won from 10 behind at Carnoustie in 1999. My money is on Tiger and the leaders will start to fall away. Tiger is the only player in the last three pairings to have won a major and will shoot a 65, 66 or 67 and win. Come on Tiger, you are the greatest of all time."
ComonRafa on 606

1637: Sorry PipMillington, he has done just that. Finally he gets a plain old three at the 6th.

1631: "What odds can I get on Sandy Lyle going the whole course today without shooting par on a single hole?"
PipMillington on 606

1629: Just a quick thought about Trevor Immelman, who has led from the opening day and who leads the Masters by two shots. My initial thought is that he will benefit from not having the added pressure of playing with someone like Tiger Woods today. Bigger names than Immelman have crumbled when playing alongside Woods as a tournament comes to the boil. However, if Brandt Snedeker plays like a drain, and I am not saying he will, does that mean Immelman will follow him? What do you reckon?

1626: The early starters are certainly having an interesting time of things at the moment. Lyle goes bogey-birdie-bogey-birdie-bogey in his first five holes. Bananas. Ian Woosnam, the 1991 champion, starts bogey-birdie to remain on six over.

1625: "Come on! Let's get behind Paul Casey. Casey to shoot a 70 and win!!! Immelman and Snedeker will start to feel the pressure on the back nine! I can still see Tiger snatching it though."
greatCraig on 606

1623: "Let's face it, things will only reach boiling point when Woods enters the fray. Then the question will be 'can the leaders hold their nerve?' Personally I think Tiger is too far behind this time."
Mikehuey on 606

1620: "Hi, loving the great coverage so far. Great job. Can you please give a shout out to Richard Hassall who had a hole in one today on the 236-yard par three at Meon Valley in Southampton in the Dunne and Batt Cup. Only four people in the bar after who didn't want a drink so we need to celebrate! Thanks."
Via text on 81111

Consider it done. Good work.

1614: A few of you have been asking what the weather in Augusta will do today, so here we go. Sunny skies in the morning will give way to partly cloudy skies this afternoon, winds 15-25 mph, with a high of 66F (19C).

1611: "Mark, Cheesy just complimented you saying how nice you are. Everyone say awww."
one juande ramos on 606

She is very lovely you know but she is not a good judge of character. I'm horrible really, just ask my wife.

1610: "I expect Trevor Immelman to win comfortably. He's been easily the most consistent all week, in control of his game and most importantly has six shots on Tiger Woods and nine on Mickelson going into the final round."
VeniceBeach on 606

1607: "Previously, I had not been an avid golf fan. Wow did that change with just 3, yes 3, on Paul Casey. Combined with an astonishingly beautiful course, it has has utterly mesmerized me! My eyes are physically glued open so that I do not miss a shot. COME ON PAUL!!
Sam, Norwich via text on 81111

1606: Lyle birdies the 2nd but then bogeys the third for the second time this week.

1601: "Woods to beat Immelman in a play-off. Brandt Snedeker will have an almighty blow out around the 7th! You heard it here first.
Ben, Norwich via text on 81111

1557: As I was riding by motorbike home across London after work last night, I was stunned at how many people are still awake at half three in the morning. Unbelievable. By the time I reached my hometown of Kingston, it felt like I was riding through a scene from a documentary on binge drinking. Absolute carnage. I have to admit though that the reason I am sounding like my Dad is that I have three kids under five and staying awake after ten o'clock is quite an achievement.

1556: "Even though I'm a bit biased, I cannot see the top two or maybe three collapsing like a pack of cards. Snedeker will be this year's Zach Johnson or Clever Trevor will win."
I-did-not-Zee-ACole's5k on 606

1549: There is plenty happening on the website today. Over on the football channel, the wonderful Caroline Cheese is taking you through the Premier League action, which is about to reach a climax with the clash between Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford. Have a look, but don't you leave me for too long now.

1543: Sandy Lyle, champion at Augusta in 1988, starts the fourth round but cards a bogey at the first. As he closed with three yesterday, I make that four bogeys in a row for the Scot. He is on 10 over.

1537: Right, you know the drill. I can't do this all by myself and I need as much chat from you as possible to save me from boring you all. How are you spending the final day? Have you made a ridiculous excuse to get of an important family function? Who are you tipping for victory? And finally, as we begin this nervy day, what are your tales from the course about shots/matches where the pressure has been on? Were you a hero or a complete numpty?

Get involved on 606 or via text 81111 and I will try and use as many comments as possible.

1530: Afternoon troops. Are we all present and correct for what is bound to be a thrilling final day at Augusta? It's good to have you on board.

Can leader Trevor Immelman hold his nerve to become the first start-to-finish winner since 1976? Can Paul Casey become the first British champion here since Nick Faldo's victory over Greg Norman in 1996? And can Tiger Woods for the first time win a major after not leading going into the final day? So many questions and we will find out the answers over the next nine hours or so.

Hold on to your hats, it's going to be a blast.

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