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Sport quotes of the week

By Chris Charles

John Terry with 'Daddy of the Year award
Who's the Daddy?

"It's a great honour to be voted Dad of the Year. I have won many trophies in my career but I'm proud to say that this is up there with all of them."
Super-dad John Terry on the award that made up for missing out on the Premier League, the Champions League, Euro 2008....

"When I was keeping goal, I felt like I was defending the gateway to my motherland."
North Korea keeper Ri Myong Guk after the draw with Saudi Arabia that clinched their first World Cup qualification since the memorable campaign of 1966.

"There was one particularly uncomfortable scrum on nine minutes when we got lifted off the floor. If I was their scrum coach watching that I would have retired to Panama by now with a cigar."
Lions coach Graham Rowntree on South Africa's frightening scrummage.

"I think it's fantastic business. It was £40m, it was £50m, it was 60, now it's 80 and I think they should cut their hands off and run and don't even consider it at all.''
Former Manchester United boss Tommy Docherty stops making sense on the Ronaldo deal.

"They were more interested in kicking lumps out of us than scoring or keeping the score down.''
Lions fly-half Ronan O'Gara is a little peeved with the Southern Kings.

"We would send text messages to each other about the clean sheets. I told him I would swap all my clean sheets for his league titles."
Pepe Reina on his text banter with Chelsea's Petr Cech.

"Do I talk to Dad about winning The Ashes? Well, he certainly speaks to me about it!"
Stuart Broad never tires of hearing about Dad Chris's Ashes triumph in 1987. Well, almost never.


"It felt like he pulled his pants down there."
John McEnroe after Andy Murray bamboozles Robby Kendrick at the beginning of their first-round clash.

"Maybe I'll wear the Superman outfit on court! I wear a kid's outfit - it's pretty tight."
Kendrick kept everyone entertained against Murray, but at least he spared us that dubious pleasure.

Supermarket shelf-stacker
Professional tennis players have a short shelf-life

"I might not be a tennis player soon, I might be stacking shelves... Tesco are advertising."
Britain's Dan Evans after crashing 6-2 6-3 6-3 to Nikolay Davydenko in the first round at Wimbledon.

"It's not on par with Wedding Crashers, but it's a good laugh."
Andy Roddick on preparing for his first round match by watching the film Hangover.

"The wry smile to the commentary box was because I saw him earlier and promised to buy him dinner if he hit a volley winner."
Tim Henman during Roddick's win over Chardy.

"He's buying me dinner after this!"
Henman again after Roddick missed a simple smash.

"If the matches get tougher, I'm going to start grunting. I'm not here to be quiet for anyone. If people don't like it, they can leave. If my body needs to grunt more, it grunts."
Michelle Larcher De Brito - loud and proud.


"If he didn't have a helmet he'd be scratching his head."
Commentary on the British Grand Prix. (Sam Brownsword, England).

World Twenty20 commentator: "Kallis has been preparing a lot in the gym for this tournament."
Ronnie Irani: "He's been preparing in Jim's cafe!"
Banter about a slightly-overweight Jacques Kallis. (Jer, UK).

"After Chris Gayle, the rest of the West Indies' scorecard looks like an international phone number!"
BBC commentator after West Indies v Sri Lanka T20 semi-final. (Sean, UK).

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Whaddya mean it's a Mickey Mouse tournament?

"Forget Huckleberry Finn, Moby Dick, Last of the Mohicans, Mickey Mouse and Sleeping Beauty…"
BBC commentator puts the United States' qualification for the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup into historical context. (Thabo, London).

"If the USA qualify, I'll eat my hat."
BBC commentator Steve Wilson. I look forward to seeing photos of this now! (Pete Stanley, UK).

"One of the world's best defenders trying to play offside there...oh no, it's Dossena."
Lee Dixon in the Confederations Cup coverage of Brazil v Italy. (Rob, Manchester).

"He's gone down easily there for a big man."
Commentator on Spain v SA after Puyol clearly stayed on his feet! (Nicky, London).

Terry O'Connor : "There's gonna be some points scored."
Barrie McDermott: "That's a bold prediction that, Terry. No wonder Sky Sports employ you for your expert insight into the game."
During the Northern Rail Cup semi-final between Barrow Raiders and Featherstone Rovers. (Alison, UK).

"There's no guarantees in football. But none at all in South African football."
Steve Wilson. Not really much difference, then! (Danny, Manchester).

"And there we can see that Emily Freeman not only won, but also had the fastest time."
BBC commentator Steve Cram gets to grips with the principles of women's sprinting at the European Team Championships. (Bob, Bury).

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger
Some guys have all the luck

"He might have a dog of a car, but he's got a Pussycat Doll for a girlfriend!"
David Coulthard discussing Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix. (Julie, UK).

"Yes, well I haven't heard the C word yet, so that's good news - the C word being concussion."
Sky reporter on an injured rugby player - thanks for clearing that up! (OJ, England).

"Never say never. It's never easy."
Anthony Davidson during second practice for the British Grand Prix, talking about whether or not the championship is over. (Philip Craig, Scotland).

"Andy Powell goes into the tackle there and he's just not strong enough, he's stripped like a baby."
Stuart Barnes on Sky commentary for the Lions v Southern Kings game. Stripped like a baby? (Callum, Wales).

"Once again Real Madrid are putting the roof on the house before the foundations are being put in. They are buying some wonderfully gifted players. However, you can only play with one ball."
Ray Wilkins on Real's spending-spree. (Altan Mehmet, Australia).

"These Italian players will be a year older in a year's time."
Martin Keown co-commentating on Italy's Confederations Cup game against Egypt. (Wallsie, Scotland).

"And it's Egypt 1, USA nil."
Derek Rae 83 minutes into the Egypt-ITALY game. You know, Italy, the US, they're basically the same, right? (Matilda, US).

"This is do-it-yourself stuff from Maicon, with a little help from his friends."
Commentator during Brazil v USA game in South Africa. (Gharib Murbe, Kenya).

Stuart Pearce and Fabio Capello
Happy birthday to you

"Even though it's his birthday today, Fabio Capello phoned me straight after and wanted me to pass on his congratulations to the players."
Capello interrupts his birthday celebrations to give Stuart Pearce a bell. (Bill, Sydney).

"He (Maicon) is giving credit for the goal to his lucky beard, or paying homage to Jimmy Hill."
BBC commentator during Brazil's 3-0 victory. (Phil, England).

"You're the tosser, MS Dhoni."
Ian Chappell to Mahendra Singh Dhoni at the toss in a World Twenty20 game. (Tubes, Manchester).

"He's not trying hard enough."
Tennis commentator during the Murray-Blake Queen's final after Blake had flung himself across the court trying to reach a Murray shot. (Anon).

"There's an enormous gulf between the United States and Brazil, and I don't just mean the Gulf of Mexico!"
Steve Wilson during USA v Brazil in the Confederations Cup. (Mark Spivey, England).

Dan Temple: "Now, I'm not the biggest rugby fan..."
Cal Purdon: "I dunno, mate, you are pretty big."
Siren FM's YourSport presenters discussing the Lions tour.(Anon, Lincolnshire).

"To get £80m, it's an offer you just can't refuse to turn down."
Paul Ince on the sale of Ronaldo, on Sportsweek. CAN say no?

"If they're not happy, they throw their prams out and wanna leave straight away."
Ince again on Sportsweek - apparently the modern footballers don't just just throw toys anymore. (Ben, England).

"Riding that bike will be like sitting on a broken toilet seat for half an hour!"
BBC commentary heard on the Catalunya 500cc race, regarding Capirossi's Suzuki. (Spud, UK).


"Don't film us, our wives think we're fishing in North Wales."
Banner at the Lions' first Test with South Africa.(Sam, Bahrain).

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