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Caption Competition 357

This week's cap comp featured Chelsea mascot Stamford the Lion and players Wayne Bridge, Frank Lampard and John Terry.

The group took time out before the inaugural FA Cup final at the new Wembley Stadium to soak up the pre-match atmosphere.

Chelsea went on to beat Manchester United in extra time to lift the FA Cup, but what were Stamford and pals discussing as kick-off approached?

This week's winner from nearly a thousand top-quality captions was from Donny McWhinnie of the UK, who pitched in with:

The lion is a master of matching its surroundings, thus making it seem almost invisible to its unsuspecting prey.

Well done Donny! A goody bag is on its way to you.


CATEGORY WINNER: Little did Frank Lampard know, but he was about to become the second victim of Wayne Bridge's "Lion Juice" prank.
Alex Roper, UK

RUNNER-UP: The lion wonders why he wasn't told about the dress code for the final.
Matt, USA


CATEGORY WINNER: Paws and fast forwards.
Adrian Wade, Canada

RUNNER-UP: Is that Ro-Mane Aslan-ovich?
Jon Ball, England

HONORARY MENTION: He's the Drog's ballack.
Willian Hall, UK


CATEGORY WINNER: The lion is a master of matching its surroundings, thus making it seem almost invisible to its unsuspecting prey.
Donny McWhinnie, United Kingdom

RUNNER-UP: OK lads, just remember the plan! Wait until the 116 minute. Bridge to Kalou, Kalou to Mikel then Mikel you pass to Drogba, Didier to Frank and then back to Drogba and over Van Der Sar, trust me boys a certain goal.
Tyler Shelmerdine, England

HONORARY MENTION: Stamford the lion showed not only more enthusiasm but better skills then Shevchenko.
Benjamin, Wales


CATEGORY WINNER: The Lion's orange fetish stepped up a notch when he saw Frank Lampard
Dazza, UK

RUNNER-UP: And with a quick 'toot' on his magic whistle Frank and the rest of the lads were in Narnia!
Carlo Marson, Manchester


CATEGORY WINNER: Terry: Play it cool Wayne, Jose's giving another secret team talk.
Mark Scott, UK

RUNNER-UP: As the new Apprentice candidates approached the boardroom, Alan Sugar thought one might not be totally suited for the job.
Ben Bateson, UK


CATEGORY WINNER: Not now Mr Glazer, Abramo is staring right at us.
Sean O Suilleabhain, Wicklow, Ireland

RUNNER-UP: Injuries at Chelsea were so bad they had an aged Carlos Valderrama on the bench
Nick Miller, UK


CATEGORY WINNER: Surreptitiously, Frank Lampard asks John Terry if he too can hear the muffled dog yelps coming from the mascot's tummy.
Si Bowen, UK

RUNNER-UP: The world-wide search for Jose's dog ends after testing positive for anabolic steriods after the cup final.
Eliott, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Jon Ball, Adrian Wade and Alan Carroll are informed by Stamford that they have the Lions share of caption comp wins.
Dave Devine, uk

RUNNER-UP: The new member of G4 wasn't warmly welcomed into the group
Kiran Wylie, England (and Stephen Whieldon, England with similar)

HONORARY MENTION: Lampard tries to stay calm as he relaises that the Superglue Prankster has struck again.
Derek Grange, England

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