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Caption Competition 355

This week's cap comp features Valentino Rossi on the starting grid at the China Grand Prix .

The MotoGP ace finished up in second place behind Casey Stoner, but not before being captured in this curious photo on the track in Shanghai.

We wanted to know what witty words best fit the picture - and we weren't disappointed with this week's bumper batch of entries.

And the winner is... Craig from somewhere in England, who gets a 'big hand' from the cap comp judges for this comedic corker:

Valentino almost lets slip the trick up his sleeve when the street-mime he was hiding makes a late bid for freedom.

Well done Craig! You'll soon be the proud owner of a BBC Sport goody bag.


CATEGORY WINNER: With the Grand Prix starting in just a few minutes, it was touch and go as to whether the impromptu conga-line would make round the track in time...
Steve Waites, England

RUNNER-UP: The three-handed world champion umbrella salesman gives a final double wave goodbye to the Shanghai suicide group on top of the building.
Liam Bradley, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Rossi likes to keep something up his sleeve for the second right hander.
Tom Millership

RUNNER-UP: Rossi demonstrates his new hands-three kit.
Malcolm Carrott, UK

HONORARY MENTION: Rossi acknowledges the crowd with a Shang haigh Five
Keith Sippitt, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Role reversal as Rossi gives the crowd a big hand...
Les Linyard, UK

RUNNER-UP: Japan's leading exponent of Bunraku shows off her latest creation to a stunned audience.
RobO, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Valentino almost lets slip the trick up his sleeve when the street-mime he was hiding makes a late bid for freedom.
Craig , England

RUNNER-UP: Rossi's secret parasitic twin shows how he cheats at cards.
Paddy Larkin, England

HONORARY MENTION: Rossi stays cool as a black and yellow 'tiger' helmet nibbles his left elbow.
Stuart Mansfield, England


CATEGORY WINNER: A little known back bench Labour MP tentatively volunteers to stand against Gordon Brown.
Jon Ball, England

RUNNER-UP: Lost and confused London Marathon runner turns up in Shanghai.
Alan Carroll, Ireland


CATEGORY WINNER: No wonder Rossi is winning all the time with Roman Abramovich behind him.
Andrew McFarlan, Scotland

RUNNER-UP: Jonny Depp appears for the premiere of his latest film, 'Drivers of the Carribean.'
Alex Hill, UK

HONORARY MENTION: Whilst shooting his video for his new song 'Ton up on my bike' Micheal Jackson waved to his good friend David Gest!
Carlo Marson, Manchester


CATEGORY WINNER: MotoGP organisers regret double booking Shanghai with the Superglue Pankster Convention while pranksters have a field day with Rossi and team.
Michael Anderton, UK

RUNNER-UP: It's Si's yacht and it's all hands on deck
Dave Devine, uk

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