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Caption Competition 364

This week's competition features David Beckham and wife Victoria at the British Grand Prix.

Posh and Becks were at Silverstone as guests of Honda and had a pre-race chat with drivers Jenson Button and Ruebens Barrichello.

Button finished the race in 10th place, just behind team-mate Barrichello while Kimi Raikkonen won the race for Ferrari with McLaren duo Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton second and third.

But what do you think the Beckhams and the Honda drivers were talking about?

After hours of deliberation, the judges decided that Ollie Studdert's effort should take the honours:

Becks: What time's Big Brother on tonight? That Chanelle's well fit.

Posh: I really don't get what he sees in her.

Well done Ollie, a BBC Sport goody bag is on its way to you.


CATEGORY WINNER: Posh does her bit to fight global warming by attaching two solar panels to her face.
James Atkinson, Sheffield, UK

RUNNER-UP: David and Ruebens can't watch as Jenson explains to Victoria she'll have to leave for failing to abide by the jeans only rule.
Andrew Chesshire, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Becks: She's been talking non-stop for hours. Can't you get someone to Button her up before she Ruebens the race for me?
Chris Anthony, England

RUNNER-UP: What time is it? I can't hang around, LA's Beckham-ing!
Helen Hudson, United Kingdom


CATEGORY WINNER: "Yeah David, it's a watch. Unfortunately the pit crew don't use these to measure our lap times any more, they use a calendar."
Robert Dunckley, UK

RUNNER-UP: David's just working out how much he earns in the time it takes you to make a pit stop.
Simon, Hitchin


CATEGORY WINNER: Ruebens Barrichello wonders how much longer Honda's 'bring a celebrity to work' initiative will last.
James Clare, UK

RUNNER-UP: The new line-up for the Spice Girls tour: Ginger, Posh, Sporty and Punctual.
Nigel Milner, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Becks: What time's Big Brother on tonight? That Chanelle's well fit.
Posh: I really don't get what he sees in her...
Ollie Studdert, UK

RUNNER-UP: "Can we borrow some of your leathers please? David and I are doing a photo shoot later."
Jon Ball, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Posh explains that Becks couldn't make it, so Ravanelli was quite happy to fill in.
Chris Lewis, England

RUNNER-UP: Bruce Willis tries to disguise himself with a wig and a Honda t-shirt but the Beckhams know a Hollywood star when they see one!
Jon Ball, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Four major celebrities hold a discussion as to what exactly it takes to get a boarding pass onto Si's yacht.
Ben Bateson, UK

RUNNER-UP: Alan Carroll and Jon Ball have a great day at Silverstone with Posh and Becks.
Jon Ball, England

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