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Caption Competition 363

This week's competition features Bruce Forsyth at Wimbledon.

Brucie is pictured with wife Wilnelia in Centre Court's royal box.

Unfortunately the weather didn't play ball so they only managed to see one match.

The television legend seems to be attracting attention from a section of the crowd, who seem to think it's nice to see him, to see him nice!

You managed to serve up some smashing captions but there can only be one winner.

Congratulations to Drew Thomas from the UK who came up with this superb suggestion.

Brucie explained to Scary Spice that the other four girls would really have to shape up before going back out on tour

Congratulations Drew, the BBC Sport goody bag is on its way.


CATEGORY WINNER: "Look, that's where the batteries go"
Rikky, England

RUNNER-UP: Brucie tries to keep calm whilst his PA desperately attempts to re-inflate his 'blow-up wife'
Robert Dunckley, UK


CATEGORY WINNER: "Look it's Brucie, I bet he didn't have toupee to get in"
Tom, Bedford

RUNNER-UP: First girl: "I can't see the join"
Second girl: "Yes, didn't he glue well!"
Ian Chatham, England


CATEGORY WINNER: Tennis fans call for a Hawkeye replay on a disputed hairline call
Brian Hughes, Wales

RUNNER-UP: Isn't he supposed to put the rug over his knees?
Nick, Wimbledon


CATEGORY WINNER: Unconcerned by the celebrity sitting in front of her, the lady with the tea bag pinned to her jacket tries to stuff her ice cream cornet into her mouth in one go
Derek Watson, England

RUNNER-UP: Whilst many were impressed by the balancing hamster, one woman's boredom meant she turned her attention to the juggling elephant just out of shot
Ben P, UK


CATEGORY WINNER: Brucie explained to Scary Spice that the other four girls would really have to shape up before going back out on tour
Drew Thomas, UK

RUNNER-UP: The reunited Spice Girls introduce their new member, Old Spice
Alan Carroll, Ireland


CATEGORY WINNER: Sven and Nancy's disguises had fooled no one
Alex, UK

RUNNER-UP: After years of living in Spain, the sun hadn't been kind to Posh and Becks
Jason Parker, UK


CATEGORY WINNER: As Brucie's toupee slips, some adoring fans point out that for once someone could benefit from the superglue prankster!
Laurence Cosnett, UK

RUNNER-UP: Pat Butcher's diamond-shaped earrings double up as Centre Court passes
Alan Carroll, Ireland

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