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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 April 2006, 11:13 GMT 12:13 UK
Send in your World Cup songs
By Chris Charles

Danny McNamara from Embrace and England's Wayne Rooney
Embrace? You're having a laugh!

With less than 10 weeks to go to the World Cup, the race is hotting up to find the song England fans will be singing from the terraces in Germany.

Housewives' favourites Embrace are the official choice of the FA, and while the public has yet to hear World At Your Feet, there are already suspicions it will be more lightweight than a Michael Owen metatarsal.

The younger members of the England squad apparently favoured a hip hop anthem. The Sun newspaper quoted a 'source' saying: "The players were gutted when they found out the FA wanted to stay British and Kanye West had been snubbed."

Kanye West rapping for England? There's more chance of John Barnes resurrecting his musical career. Oh, hang on a minute...

So what are the alternatives? For 'official' song read 'officially rubbish' - the appalling efforts of Ant 'n' Dec and the Spice Girls should have earned them instant red cards and a lifetime ban from having anything to to with football.

A bit tough on Posh Spice, admittedly, but it would have sent out a clear message to the rest of the World Cup wannabes.

New Order's World In Motion was the exception to the rule, but on the whole the more memorable efforts have come from the unofficial avenues - your Three Lions', your Vindaloos and your Sven Sven Svens.

Skinner and Baddiel sang Three Lions
Three Lions is a hard act to follow

A few underground anthems are already beginning to surface, but we want to have a look at YOUR efforts.

There's no need to book yourself a day's studio time at Abbey Road, just send in your England World Cup 2006 lyrics using the form on the right and we'll publish our favourites over the next few weeks. And if you want to record your song and send us the mp3, so much the better!

The writer of the wittiest, sharpest, most poignant lyrics will receive a tasty prize!



We know that there's been some good times
Whenever we've been through bad times
We never came close to giving up

We qualified without Wembley
And forget the Denmark friendly
And Northern Ireland was just a bluff

When we're on paper
We'll take them one and all
With the right formation
The nation's ready for more

Let's show them who's in charge
Just like St George and the dragon
You're our superstars
And 4-4-2's good enough
For so long we've been dreaming
But now's the time for believing
That we're gonna write our name on the cup

Remember when we last won it
We beat the it
Boy have they made us pay since then
Let's go get the cup from Berlin
And maybe the tide is turning
But don't give us penalties...again

With Owen and Rooney
Who needs a back four?
We'll bend it like Beckham
And lift it like Bobby Moore


Give us some Gazza magic
Another Geoff Hurst hat-trick
When we roll into town
With goals we'll take 'em all down


Let's show them who's in charge
Just like St. George and the dragon
You're our superstars
And 4-4-2's good enough
For so long we've been dreaming
But you're the boys we believe in
And you're gonna write our name on
I think we've got a game on
So come on write our name on the cup!
(The Trophy Boyz) See internet link on right.


Wayne and Frank are on their way,
Owen and Gerrard too.
With Ferdinand and Terry at the back,
It's gonna be 4-2! (again!)

So Mr Klinsmann, who do you think you are? Jurgen, has only got one Ballack!

Mr Klinsmann, who do you think you are?
We won't forget the Jurgen dive.
We still have nightmares over Rudi Voller's perm,
Your players singing "It's coming home!" - it made our stomachs churn.

So Mr Klinsmann, who do you think you are?
Jurgen, has only got one Ballack!

With our David's matador skills
It's always a killer pass.
When little Michael slots it home
You'll be screaming: "Was ist das!"

So Mr Klinsmann, who do you think you are?

Look! There's little Sven doing his thing!
Mr Klinsmann - we're gonna meet you in Berlin.
Sven and the boys will say: "Danke Deutschland!"
Arise Sir David Beckham with that World Cup in your hand!

So Mr Klinsmann, who do you think you are?
(The Svenga Boys). See internet link on right.


It's 2006 and we have a squad that will rip you to bits.
Rooney gets goals, Owen gets loads, so this our year we will all cheer because we are up for the cup.
We are the best, simply better than the rest.
We are the england boys - nah, nah, na nah ENGLAND!!!!


Go for it boys, go for the gold, give it your all, so the country can stand tall.
We will support you all through the down and up, please will you bring us back that cup!
(Robert Sidor).


Score a goal, in the hole, Stevie G's got ball control.
You've got to hold and give? Whats that all about?
You've got to play like a loon. That's what we all shout.
Football is a passion, it isn't chemistry,
So lets all shout are heads off. And win in Germany.

Two minutes left, one nil down.
Up pops Crouchy in Berlin town
Owen's got a sore foot, Rooney's eating pie.
Is he bringing on Jame-o? That'll make us cry.

So play up En-ger-land, remember Bobby Moore
He had the Kaiser in his pocket when En-ger-and got four.
(Dave Almighty).


That day. The final game.
The defining moment finally came. Forty years had passed It was worth the wait, at last. To complete the impossible task "Where were you?" They'll ask.

On top of the world, we'll say,
England conquered the world that day.
Back where we belong, on top of the world,
Singing our song. The three lions march on.
It's Eng-er-land.

That night, the score in lights for the world to see,
We were right.
Forty years had passed,
It was worth the wait, at last.
To complete the impossible task,
"Where were you?" they'll ask.


Where were you when Rooney scored? England danced, the Lions roared. Owen, Beckham, Frank and Steve led us all to victory.

A heroes' welcome for our men, who did us proud, except for sven, who took a flight back to his home, and drew some tactics in the snow.

Joe and Ashley tore them apart, Terry fought with a lion's heart. Robinson, Ferdinand and the rest of the team, did us proud, secured the dream.

Where were you when it crossed the line? The whistle blew, it was time. Now raise your glass, they'll raise the cup. Eng-er-land are back on top.


England, oh England, the question remains - can we finally get past the quarter-final stage? To play in attack, or to play 4-5-1? Only one man can know this, and that's Eriksson.
But one thing I do know that's better yet still - let's do all we can to avoid Brazil!
(Gary Dagger).


We all follow the England over land and sea (land and sea).
We all follow the England on to Germany.
(Paddy McReddie).

WORLD CUP VISION (To the song of One Vision, by Queen).

Eleven men, one goal, one mission,
Three Lions, one soul, just one solution,
One flash of light, yeah one World Cup vision.

One Beckham, one Owen, one football nation,
One Neville, one Frank, one real solution,
Wo-wo-wo-wo gimme Wayne Rooney.

Berlin, Munich, I'm gonna tell you there's no place we┐ll get beat,
No fouls, no penalties, All we need is one world cup vision.

One Terry, one Sol, one football nation,
One Gerrard, two Coles, one real decision,

We had a dream, when we were young,
A dream of sweet illusion,
A glimpse of hope and victory,
And visions of one sweet union,
But 40 years has gone,
And no trophies been won,
And in our hearts it shows,
Look what the Three Lions has done.

Vision, give me more shots, give me more goals, I'm ready,
There's only one direction, One world and one nation,
Yeah Three Lions.

No tears, no shame, just excitation, All through the game, it's a celebration wo-wo-wo-wo yeah.

Sven, Sven, Sven.

One cup, one goal, one football nation,
One voice one hope, one real decision.

Gimme one night, gimme one hope,
Just gimme, one man one man,
One pitch one night, one day hey hey,
Just gimme gimme gimme Three Lions!
(Neil Finch).


And did those men in sixty six
Race upon Wembley's turf so pure
And was the holy Cup of Gold
Aloft in Captain's hands so sure.

And will the eternal quest go on
Shine forth upon our men so proud
And is England deemed to win, my son
Among the dark Germanic crowd.

Bring me my boots (my boots) of burning gold
Bring me my shirt so shining white
Bring me the goals that were foretold Bring me three lions so great a sight.

We will not cease until we have won, nor shall we lose sight our will to reign
'Til we hold high above the Cup For England's roar will shake the world
'Til we hold high above the Cup For England's roar will shake the world.


These other teams, they think they're Grand. But they're forgetting Eng-er-land!
We've got the boys to do us proud, sing this song when in the crowd.
Rooney and Becks, they're like Gods, Raul and Ronaldo, get new jobs.
Eng-er-land Eng-er-land, champions of the planet.
Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, My girlfriend's called Janet.


We had the World in Motion, and I can't believe it's true,
It's now been 40 years since our dream last came true.
England boys, remember that, our wonderful football story,
And be determined in Germany to win us back our glory.

We've got Gerrard, Lampard, Rio too,
Owen, Rooney we love you.
Sven's time is almost up,
Let's say goodbye by winning the cup.

Go and face the Germans, give them another stuffing,
Brazil, France, don't worry lads, compared to us they're nothing.
Because we are Eng-er-land, we're representing Britain,
We've got three Lions on our shirts; three Lions, not three kittens.


Remember 1966, Geoff Hurst and Bobby Moore,
They knew that they would win the cup, they would never be unsure.
So Beckham lead them out the tunnel, we've always come so near,
But this summer in Germany, it's going to be our year. (Tim Kitching).


Ooooooooo, Ooooooooo, Oooooooo.
England are the boys to win the cup.
They gunna beat the rest.
They'll beat Ronaldinhos goofy teeth
And Ronaldo's big fat chest. (Luke Handley).


Last time out you took a nap,
Beckham missed twice, the ref was so cack.

Let's not stand around waiting for penalties to strike,
We don't want to be crying all day and all night.

So Owen get fit and Rooney play out of your socks,
And let's not be seeing you pick up any silly knocks.

So here we come to the World Cup Please dear old England, don't **** it all up! (Nathan).


From the clubs across our country come the men
Who will make all England rise up once again.
In defence or in attack,
At the front or at the back,
We will cheer them from the mountain and the fen.

So come on, you boys who have the lions on your heart.
The whistle's gone, the game is on, so let the battle start!

At home we say our own club is the best,
But when those boys pull on the England vest,
We'll cheer them all as one,
Till the game is lost or won,
For they're playing for the country that is blessed.


Ninety minutes, maybe more, they'll run and run,
And we don't care if they win by ten or one,
They will know they are the best,
With their lions on their chest, So come on England's boys, the game is on!
(Hedley Russell).


We are England and we have a chance to win.
Especially if you believe all the spin.
But the English press will do all they can.
To ruin who is clearly our best man.
Come on newspapers, don't be a loony.
And leave alone our superstar Rooney.
But we know that whilst we've got our Sven
We will no doubt get knocked out on pens.
(Sean C).


Cumon England,
Do us all proud,
Your a top footy nation,
With a top footy crowd.
Go and beat the Germans,
Win it for Sven,
He's been a great manager,
I'd give him nine out of ten.
Better than Big Phil,
Better than Jurgen,
Come England,
Beat those Germans!
We got Becks and we got Cole,
We got Rooney to stick it in the goal.
We got Gerrard and his 40yarders
Terry in defence, who's gonna get past us?
From Robinson to Owen,
We got plenty of class,
So lets go to Germany and kick sum....butt!
(Aaron "Bizkit" Beschizza).


Take the Monty Python Spam song, replace 'Spam' with 'Sven' - instant classic. The sketch even had Vikings in it!
(Steve Bingham).


You're going home, you're going home, you're going home after the group games.

Your team is over-rated, and in the media they will be slated. Sven will take you home, will take you home, will take you home after the group games.
(Graeme Duncan).

At Five we started playing football just for recreation,
But now we're being spurred on by the chants of the whole nation,
You'd think it wouldn't matter that it's only just a game,
But tell that to the fans, who are screaming out our name.

Jules Rimet, you fill us with dismay,
You've eluded us from '66 until the present day,
Jules Rimet, we need you as a friend,
We'll shout and sing, we'll play and win, our World Cup drought will end!

We're England, we're going to win the cup,
We're England, with lots of skill and luck,
We're England, we'll bring that trophy home,
We're England, you'll never walk alone.
(Chris Lane).

Our manager, who's from a foreign country, Has tried 4-4-2, 4-5-1 and 4-3-3,

He's played Beattie, Johnson and even Heskey, He's our super swede!

Took him years to find a good goalie,
And he s****** the F.A secretary,
But he'll win us the Jules Rimet trophy!
He's our super Swede!
(Mat Harper).


England, England you da men
Bring back home da World Cup again
Big Shout out to da England Team
We got da best squad that we've ever seen

England, England do us proud
Get out there and wow da crowd
England, England bang 'em in
Show da world that we will win

England, England you can do it
Focus yo minds y'all, then get to it
England, England turn on ya style
Get da England fans roaring wild

England, England - ready get set
Unleash da ball right at that net
England, England shoot, shoot, score
Go and win da World Cup once more

England, England we livin' in hope
Prayin' da opposition just can't cope
Wid da strength an might of da England team
So go, go, go and complete our dream.

BECK-A-DOO (to the tune of Agadoo)

Beckham's hair do-do-do,
First it's curtains then it's shaved,
Beckham's hair do-do-do,
Then he ties it back in braids,
Whether down, whether up,
Or in a Seaman pony-tail,
He'll be holding the cup,
Coz there's no way we can fail.

On the ninth of July, we'll be flying so high,
Singing "No more years of hurt", with an English lion's pride.

Owen's through-through-through
Just the keeper left to beat,
Owen's through, through, through,
Got the whole world at his feet,
Knock it left, knock it right,
Chip it over, take it round,
There's a touch, only slight
But you know he's going down.

On our way to Berlin,
We believe we can win,
Singing songs of '66
And by the way, that ball WAS in!

Stevie G-G-G
In the middle of the park
Stevie G-G-G's
Gonna score from 30 yards
Tackle back, win the ball,
Stick a pass on Crouchy's head,
You can't miss, he's so tall,
That his feet stick out the bed.

From Lands End to Leeds,
We will dance in the streets,
Singing 'Come on England',
Go and make our dreams complete


We'll be chanting for England, chanting all night long,
With Rio and Terry at the back we surely can't go wrong
When we step out on the pitch, hear our Lions roar,
Cos it's Gerrard to Rooney and Owen makes it four.

It's England, it's England, it's En-ger-land
Here comes England, no-one holding our hand
We are from the promised land.

Our history we'll relish, our future will shine,
Just remember when we lifted that golden shrine
We ain't lifted it for ages - approximately 40 years, But when we go to Germany, we'd better hear no sneers.

Cause Sven and his posse are out for revenge If you see the En-ger-land, stop and cheer and get another beer,
And when then the tournament is over and we have won the cup, put it in a cabinet and lock it up.

It might as well stay there for the rest of time,
Cause who's gonna win it back, with an England team like mine? England, England, England, England - La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La.


We the nation with hearts on our sleeves
We the nation that wants to believe
We the nation will sing out as one
Bring home the world cup to where it belongs

So come on the lads, remember we're here
As always to shout and to cheer
Our hopes and our dreams, our pain and our fears
England the brave will someday be there
At the top of the world, where we belong. England our England. (Mike Okeefe)


C'mon England
I'm World cup mad
We need that trophy here
Or...well, I'd just be sad!!!!


Everybody keeps on telling me that Brazil are the best team
They have the golden key - but I don't think anyone told that to Stevie G, or Joe cole and the skill that is Wayne Rooney.

England boyz are coming for you
We got pies in the oven and beers on the side
Come on ref, that ball was well wide.

To the north to the south, hold your head up high - England has the passion the world has never seen.

England boyz are coming for you
We got pies in the oven and beers on the side
Come on ref, that ball was well wide.

As the days get closer
I think back to 66
We need a hero, don't let it be a draw
Let's do it for the great Bobby Moore.
(Mr Andrew Joseph Illston).


Forty years ago, we won the cup
Families cried as we lifted the trophy up
Forty years on, old glory remains
To win it again we must play our game.

This is the anthem, a match winning song
For millions and millions to sing along
Owen and Rooney, Lamapard and Gerrard
The spirit we have will make it less hard.

We know of the great times and all the sad
And the stroies told by our mum and our dad
We play at the park and wish we were there
We play like we can, We know we all care

Pass it and link up to get the top
World champions in the making, they'll play till they drop.


It's hard to say what the day will bring
The red stands up as he nears in,
He sees the crowd chanting and clapping, chanting and clapping, chanting and clapping,
It's all on him, he's about to take his shot.


They dream away of that day when they're singing that World Cup song,
They tried to write the lyrics all right, to cheer those reds on,
But what they forgot was that it's the song that's gonna make it go wrong.

He sees the goal, its all on him,
The nation's joy rests on his shoulders and if he don┐t make it will be like Indiana Jones and the boulders,
Coming to knock him down
He blinks his eyes and he cries, and takes that monumental shot.


He belts it in the air as it flies towards the posts,
And all he can think of is that damn World Cup song, humming away in his head,
And just like Southgate, the world and its millions are dependent on this goal.


And he dreams away of that day when he was singing that world cup song,
To cheer them on and make them winners
And realises it was the song that made it all go wrong,
Humming away in Rooney┐s head as he was about to take his shot.


The crowd go wild, it's so nearly in, when all of a sudden there's an almighty wind,
It'[s the crowd singing that mind boggling song,
'And they dream away of that day when they're singing that World Cup song'

And it's just enough, that almighty push, for the ball to hit the net,
So come on peopl,e sing away to bring that World Cup home to stay.


Forty years, it's been too long
Always singing the same old song
About how we are going to win the Cup
As long as we have a bit of luck.

One man's talent - no doubt there's plenty
But let's not forget he's only twenty
Rooney's our guy - that is so true
But can his talent come shining through?

Of course there are another 10
No that is surely up to Sven
Will he pick the team that is right?
Or is Beckham staying on the right?

Gerrard and Lampard both in the middle
Why is this one such a riddle? Is it again because of Beck
Whose love for Sven will save his neck.

Keep the formation 4-4-2
And choose the players who know what to do
The ones who always play with pride
The ones without injuries trying to hide.

But here's the message to our Sven,
Please oh please avoid the pens!


After this tournament, Sven's gonna get the sack,
We won the cup in '66 and now we want it back
We lost out in Athens, we bottled it in Rome, but now we're off to Germany to bring the trophy home.


Engerland, la la la
Engerland, la la la
Engerland, la la la
Engerland, la la la

Now we're getting Beckham to gather up his men,
They couldn't do it in Japan, but there gonna try again.
So do it for the country, let's do it for the Queen
And put in the best preformance the nation's ever seen.


This is the best chance ever for Rooney and the boys, Let's crowd the streets of Germany and make a load of noise,
Coz this is what we live for, a matter of life or death,
This is what ill be singing when i take my final breath.

CHORUS (To fade)

(George Cornwell).


Up the England boys in white,
Stevie G and Crew,
Up the England boys in white,
Stevie G and Crew,
We'll raise a glass- they'll kiss our a***,
Those Argentines in white and blue.

Up Sven's men to win the Cup,
No this ain't no joke,
40 years - we're ready now,
To bring the Cup back home.

Germany is waiting,
For the lions' roar,
From Liverpool to Norwich,
We'll lift the cup once more.
(Amy McGuire).

ENGLAND NUMBER 5! (To the tune of Mambo Number 5)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The boys are in Berlin so come on lets ride,
To the Olympic stadium round the corner,
The whole squad's here and its time for us to do what we wanna.

We're playing Paraguay in the opening game, Last time we beat them 4-0, can we do it again?
There's Rio, Crouchy and Gerrard too,
But still there is lots of work to do,
So many things to sort, formations to choose, 4-5-1 or 4-4-2?
Beckham, Lampard and Terry,
And we can always send in Wayne Rooney!


A little bit of Beckham up the wing,
A little bit of Crouchy makes us sing,
A little bit of Terry and the gang,
A little bit of Rio Ferdinand,
A little bit of Owen scoring goals,
A little bit of Joe and Ashley Cole,
A bit less of Drogba's magic hand,
A bit more Sven the Swedish man.

Jump up and down,
Flick the ball around,
Kick it up to the sound,
Play it short on the ground,
Knock the ball left,
Knock the ball right,
Chip the ball in front,
Kick it back behind,
Step over once,
Step over twice,
And if it looks like this then you're doing it right.


Football, soccer, don't care, whatever,
The England boys they all come together.
They're all working together as a team,
Trying to forfill a life-long dream.
(Amy and Mary).


Sir Ramsey was the kid.
Sir Bobby nearly did.
We've had the Turnip, now we've got the Swede.
Well we all got different Teams.
Football hopes and Dreams,
But there's one thing we're all agreed......


Hansen's eyebrows they go up and down, They go Uuuuup, they go Down..... Hansen's eyebrows they go up and down They go Uuuuup, they go Down Down Down.

We're the Pompey and the Magpies
The Latics and the Spurs
With the Riversiders right beside us
You will come off worse
We're the Toffees and the Trotters
The Villains and the Blues
We've been waiting 40 years
So let the other beggars lose.


We've had unlucky years,
The tragedy, the tears
But now we`ve got to get it right
We've got to keep it up
Go out and win the Cup!
God save Our Gracious TEAM !!!


From the Cottage and the Kop
To the Stadium of Light
From the Hawthorns to White Hart Lane
And round the Riverside
So Fratton, Upton, Ewood Park
St James Park and Villa Park
Let's give the divers yellow cards
As we deliver the killer spark.

No matter if you're Stamford Bridge or JJB
Whether Goodison Park, Reebok or Highbury
From the Valley, Old Trafford or Man City
About Hansen's eyebrows we ALL agree!


(James Halliday).


Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
We're England, England, England.


Rooney's running with the ball
Come on England one and all
You'll hear those mighty lions roar
We're England, England, England.

Hold your flags up high and proud
The red cross sails above the crowd
A sea of people sing out loud
We're England, England ,England.

The world's a stage where we belong
In times like these we must stand strong
We'll seize the day and bring it home
To England.

'66 still lingers on
Nine World Cups have come and gone
But this time round we're just too strong
We're England.


Hold your flags up high and proud
The red cross sails above the crowd
A sea of people sing out loud
We're England, England, England.

So beat those drums we're on our way
Olympic stadium, judgement day
No need to hope, no need to pray
We're England.

We'll walk onto that field of green
Hand on heart, God Save the Queen
One chance, One cup, one team, one dream
We're England.


Hold your flags up high and proud
The red cross sails above the crowd
A sea of people sing out loud
We're England, England ,England.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na.

We're England, England, England
We're England, England, England
We're England, England, England.
(Barry Sullivan and Andy Mudd).


Forty years ago when England ruled the show
We wore those England shirts with pride - I'm glad that spirit's still alive.

But that's too long ago, for me to really know
What winning's really all about. We'll bring on home more than sauerkraut.


What's the Bobby Moore? England's gonna score
What's the Bobby Moore? England's gonna score
(Crowd): And We're All Singing En-ger-land....Yes We're All Singing En-ger-land....
It's gonna be one-nil, two-nil, three-nil, four
Yes we're all singing En-ger-land, that's the Bobby Moore!

When Robson was the boss, we almost pulled it off
My Dad and me we couldn't believe when Waddle missed that penalty
But now has come the time for our England boys to shine
We'll show the world we're movin' up, when we place our hands around the Cup.

CHORUS (to fade).
(Ben Rowley).

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The BBC may edit your comments and not all emails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide.

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