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  Friday, 14 February, 2003, 00:05 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Steve Bruce to Brett Lee in six steps.

And the romantics amongs you can have a stab at our Valentine's Special: Danny MILLS to David BOON?

Remember, the best effort wins a mystery prize!

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Steve Bruce
Was one of the best centre-backs of his era but never made the England squad, something already achieved by the 23-year-old he recently signed for Birmingham...

Matthew Upson
Whose 3m move from Arsenal was one of the few money deals of the January transfer window.

Most transfers were loan deals, such as the one which saw Saudi Arabian outfit Al Ahli sign West Ham's...

Titi Camara
Who bounded into Upton Park in December 2000 and brashly promised the fans: "goals, goals, goals".

Two years on his goal tally for the Hammers stands at...

Titi Camara
What a Titi

Which is also the number of West Ham supporters who were disappointed to see Camara leave.

There would have been a similar lack of fan unrest if the the east Londoners had managed to offload any of their defenders, such as Tomas Repka, Christian Dailly, Scott Minto or...

Gary Breen
Who, between them, have made the Happy Hammers very miserable indeed.

But it could all have been so different if they had hung on to a local centre-back who was on their books as a youngster, by the name of...

John Terry
Who, along with Chelsea team-mate Jody Morris and Wimbledon superstar Des Byrne, was recently involved in a court case over an alleged nightclub fracas with some alleged...

Hostile bouncers
Which are a potent weapon of Australian Cricket World Cup paceman...

Brett Lee.

Congratulations to Ed for his link from Bruce to Lee (see below).

A mystery prize is on its way!

Steve Bruce
Is the manager of the second-best team in a city, as is...

Gerard Houllier
Who started his managership at Liverpool in partnership with...

Roy Evans
Whose wife Pat had an affair with Frank Butcher, aka...

Mike Reid
Whose catchphrase of "Ranaraaahnd ... NAH!" is a vivid childhood TV memory for folk of a certain age, as is...

Captain Pugwash
Which has long been the subject of urban myths about its character names.

Another well-known myth is that if you put a seashell to you ear you can hear the...

Sound of the sea
Which is thought to be the original Aboriginal meaning of the town of...

Birthplace of...

Brett Lee.

Thanks for all your Bruce-Lee alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Mark Birley & Mark Forrest, England

Steve Bruce
Is a football manager, who was managed himself by...

Sir Alex Ferguson
Who owns a racehorse called Rock of Gibraltar, meaning he also knows a lot of jockeys, but not necessarily...

John Parrott
Comedian John Parrott

Jockey Wilson
Who plays darts, which is a game you play in pubs, as is snooker, as played by ex-world champion...

John Parrott
A parrot is a bird as are eagles and albatrosses, which are both terms for being under par in golf. The most famous golfer of the moment is...

Tiger Woods
Who is not really an animal, and neither is...

Crocodile Dundee
Who was a fictional character created and played by...

Paul Hogan
Who is a blonde-haired Australian. Another blonde-haired Australian is...

Brett Lee.

Orion Lee, Australia:

Steve Bruce
Former Manchester United player and current manager of Birmingham City, who has a neglected but talented player in his squad by the name of...

Stan Lazaridis
Who, despite being an Australian, suffers the ignominy of seeing his manager (Bruce), have a stereotypical Australian name, something he cannot boast of himself.

However, on the subject of Australian stereotypes, one of the greatest icons in this catergory must be...

Steve Irwin
The Crocodile Hunter, who travels around bravely meddling with dangerous Australian fauna. Dangerous creatures that can be found in Australia include crocodiles, funnel-webs and...

The name of the South Australian cricket team who play in the Pura and ING Cups. Recently they signed a promising all-rounder by the name of...

Mark Higgs
A player who is handy with the bat and can bowl some useful spin.

Earlier this season in the Pura Cup, Higgs produced a match-winning performance against his former employers...

New South Wales
Who sometimes struggle in the domestic competitions, and quite often the fans decide to blame this on the fact that their star players are always off playing for Australia.

However, slowly the stars are returning to domestic cricket as they are dropped one by one from the national team. One of those NSW players who was dropped from a national team was...

Steve Waugh
The inspirational Australian Test captain who was unceremoniously dumped from the one-day side, and has responded by hitting a century against Tasmania in the ING Cup and a double century in the Pura Cup match against Victoria.

Another player who responded well after (temporarily) being dumped from the Australian side was none other than Waugh's Australian and NSW team mate...

Brett Lee.

Andy H, England:

Steve Bruce
Is often seen pulling his hair out on the touchline, which is more than can be said of his namesake...

Bruce Forsyth
Who sits in a nice comfortable studio playing gameshows such as 'The Price is Right' surrounded by delightful helpers such as...

Emma Noble
A Major result

Emma Noble
Who is fortunate to have married an intellectual equivalent in the ex-Prime Minister John Major's son....

James Major
Who almost has the same surname as...

Lee Majors
A talented American actor who played the stuntman Colt Seavers in the 80s show the Fall Guy. Lee plyed his trade in....

A location where you would find...

Christopher Lee
Who has appeared in many horror shows over the years, scaring the viewers as Dracula by sinking his teeth into pathetic victims.

This must be a similar sinking feeling faced by the English batsmen who succumbed to the frightening approach this winter of the actor's namesake....

Brett Lee.

Remember, next week's Valentine's Special is from MILLS to BOON.

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