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   Monday, 16 December, 2002, 10:38 GMT
Mum's the word
Mummy's boy: Ronnie Corbett in 'Sorry!'
Family members rarely say 'Sorry!' for their gaffes
Birmingham City striker Clinton Morrison is seemingly incapable of fighting his own battles. Well, at least his mother Angela thinks so.

Morrison clashed with Fulham's Rufus Brevett during his side's 1-0 win over the Cottagers at the weekend.

And after the match, the Republic of Ireland forward's mother continued the spat with Brevett in the players' lounge.

With Mrs Morrison fighting her son's corner, we give you the lowdown on sport's top 10 embarrassing family members...

  • 1. Angela Morrison
    According to post-match reports, Mrs Morrison got caught up in a heated discussion with Rufus Brevett in defence of her son Clinton.

    Stewards reportedly had to be called to the players' lounge after Sunday's match to halt the unlikely verbal bust-up.

    Brevett allegedly told Morrison's mother Angela: "Your son's got a big mouth."

    And she replied: "I know, he gets it from me."

  • 2. Ulla Eriksson
    The 76-year-old hit the headlines in the summer with her claim that her son and Man Utd boss Ferguson enjoy a less than cordial relationship.

    England manager Sven Goran Eriksson
    Ulla Eriksson is happy to embarrass son Sven

    "Alex Ferguson is a threat to my son," she blasted.

    "Sven once told me that it is pointless having national team games in April or May because Ferguson always makes sure that his players aren't fit."

    Mrs Eriksson went on to reveal that she is a huge football fan with her own thoughts on the way the beautiful game should be played - ideas she is not afraid to share with former Lazio boss Sven.

    "We don't always have the same opinions on football and, when I think a player hasn't done his job properly on the pitch, I tell Sven so."

  • 3. Mrs Wilson
    In 1993, Tony Wilson was embroiled in a British light heavyweight title fight against Steve McCarthy when his mum leapt into the ring and started beating her son's opponent with her stiletto shoe.

    When McCarthy left the ring with blood seeping from a head wound and refused to return to the ring, Wilson was awarded the victory.

  • 4. Mrs Ambrose
    Whenever West Indies bowler Curtly Ambrose took a Test wicket his mother rushed onto the balcony of her home in Antigua to triumphantly ring a special bell.

    It must have been irritating for her neighbours when Curtly was playing on the other side of the world in what, to them, was the middle of the night.

  • 5. Annie Underwood
    Rory and Tony's mum shot to fame in the early '90s thanks to her enthusiastic celebrations at Twickenham every time either of her son's got the ball.

    Rory Underwood of England celebrates an England victory
    Over here mum!

    A recent BBC television study found that the average member of the public is more familiar with Mrs Underwood than the majority of the current England rugby union squad.

  • 6. Mrs Collymore
    When Liverpool paid Nottingham Forest 8.5m for Stan Collymore in 1995, they failed to persuade the striker to move from Cannock in the West Midlands where his mother lived.

    Collymore lasted two seasons at Liverpool before moving to Aston Villa to be closer to his mum.

    That may explain why his stint at Oviedo in Spain was so brief.

  • 7. Mrs O'Sullivan
    Ronnie O'Sullivan has no plans to employ his mother as his public relations officer.

    Speaking in the Sunday Times, he revealed he has a difficult relationship with her.

    He said: "My mum will go to a restaurant and they'll start making a fuss of her, saying 'Oh, you're Ronnie's mum, what's he like?'

    "She hates that. 'He's filthy, he's messy, he's a nightmare,' she'll say."

  • 8. Barbara Southgate
    If missing the most important penalty kick in six years for England was not enough, Gareth Southgate also had to face his mum.

    Gareth Southgate
    Mother's going to kill me

    "Why didn't he just belt it," asked mum Barbara after Southgate's weak penalty was easily saved in the Euro 96 semi-final shootout between England and Germany.

  • 9. Berit Riise
    Riise was unceremoniously sacked by her Liverpool-playing son John Arne in August last year after the player was labelled a 'cry baby'.

    The Norwegian international's mother, as his agent, had earlier been blamed for the breakdown of a planned move to Leeds and Fulham before he finally moved to Anfield.

    The 22-year-old broke off working ties with her in a bid to harden up his image.

    He explained: "I prefer her in the role as mum only, not as agent-mum."


  • 10. Melanie Molitor
    Better known as Mummy Hingis, Molitor was actually axed as her daughter's coach during the 2001 season.

    One of the pushy parent set on the WTA Tour, Molitor famously forced Hingis back on to court after the player stormed off at the end of the French Open final.

    The Swiss star had earlier charged off court following a 4-6 7-5 6-2 defeat to Germany's Steffi Graf.

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