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  Thursday, 5 December, 2002, 16:20 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Fred Funk to David Sole in six steps.

But what about suggestions for next week's link: Gareth BARRY - Greg NORMAN?

Remember, the best effort wins a mystery prize!

Have your say


Fred Funk
Heads a long list of American golfers with silly names, where he is joined by the likes of Kirk Triplett and...

Duffy Waldorf III
Who is better known for his flamboyant dress sense than for his talent, a bit like...

Nancy Dell'Olio
Glamorous girlfriend of Sven-Goran Eriksson and arch nemesis (allegedly) of...

Ulrika Jonsson
Glamorous ex-girlfriend of all sorts of people, a fact she was extremely keen to point out when publicising her 'controversial' autobiography...

Which is also the title of a film starring All Saints sisters...

Nicola and Natalie Appleton
Who have tried, with limited success, to combine a music career with an acting career.

They could do worse than to take pointers from...

David Soul

Who, as well as being one half of 1970s TV cop duo Starsky and Hutch, was also a highly successful middle-of-the-road recording artist.

Contrary to what you may have heard, however, he never captained the Scotland rugby union team.

That was...

David Sole.

Congratulations to David Regan for his link from Funk to Sole (see below).

An exclusive mystery prize is on its way!

Fred Funk
Known throughout the sporting world as a golfer. Golfers use a putter, woods and...

Name of Oscar winner Jeremy, who in the early days of his career appeared in...

A children's TV programme from starring Bungle, Zippy, and...

Michael, multi-millionaire popstar who became famous in the group...

One of the words used, as pop-up displays, to describe the fighting scenes in...

One of many US TV programmes that sees a two-man team clear up all the crime in a particular area. Other examples are Miami Vice, Dukes of Hazzard, and...

Starsky and Hutch
Starring Paul Michael Glaser and another actor with a similar name to, but not to be confused with, rugby player...

David Sole.

Thanks for all your Funk-Sole alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

James Bridgeman, UK

Fred Funk
That wonderfully-named Ryder Cup golfer, who shares his surname with a brand of music championed by...

James Brown
Who shot to fame in the US with the track...

Please, Please, Please
A song which shares the first two words of its title with the Beatles' second hit...

Please Please Me
Written of course by Lennnon and McCartney, but featuring the rhythmic guitars of the late...

George Harrison
Whose namesake Audley has been somewhat unfairly compared with...

Lennox Lewis
Who knocked over Mike Tyson, although you shouldn't knock Dover, the town in Kent which produced its very own brand of...


The name of that fish also happens to be the surname of the Scot who captained the side that knocked England over in 1990 to take the Grand Slam...

David Sole.

Paul Markwick, UK:

Fred Funk
Would be delighted to get an...

As featured in the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. A famous ancient mariner is...

Captain Birdseye
A cheerful old man with a beard, not unlike...

Father Chistmas
Who is famous for going up and down chimneys, but not sweeping them like...

Dick Van Dyke
Who played a chimney sweep in Mary Poppins. Unfortunately his cockney accent was so awful he will almost certainly never appear in...

Ian Lavender has appeared in Eastenders, but is most famous his role in Dad's Army, where he played...

Private Pike
Whose surname is also a fish, like...

David Sole.

Remember, next week's link is from BARRY to NORMAN.

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