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  Tuesday, 29 October, 2002, 10:18 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Tim Sherwood to Craig Forrest in six steps.

But what about suggestions for next week's link: Allan DONALD - Randy DUCK?

Get your thinking caps on, because the best effort wins a mystery prize!



Tim Sherwood
Won all three of his England caps under manager...

Kevin Keegan
Who, as well as being one of the most tactically astute bosses in the game, is also great value when it comes to providing silly quotes, such as: "There's no one bigger or smaller than..."

Diego Maradona
Who is good with his hands, like the pre-Japan version of...

David Seaman talks business with Gareth Southgate
Have much did you get for those Pizza Hut adverts?

David Seaman
Who, despite a glittering career as England's number one goalkeeper, is now best known for making the odd...

Who was a character in the children's TV series, Rainbow, where he walked and talked like a man but claimed (unconvincingly) to be a...

Brown Bear
Which is in fact a rather ferocious species of bear, most commonly found living in woods in...

Some say there's a lot of dead wood in West Ham's squad, but none of it's Canadian. At least not since they released their goalkeeper...

Craig Forrest.

Thanks for all your Sherwood-Forrest alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

David Winson, UK:

Tim Sherwood
Started his career at Watford, whose chairman is...

Elton John
Who is famous for wearing a duck costume on stage. He wasn't the first musician to try to look like a duck, though. The 'duck-walk' was invented by...

Chuck Berry
One of Chuck Berry's greatest hits was called Roll Over...

Beethoven was also the name of a 1992 film about a giant dog. One of the largest breeds of dog is the...

Great Dane
Someone who might be considered a Great Dane is their international goalkeeper...

Thomas Sorensen
Who was the unfortunate Sunderland 'keeper on the receiving end of the biggest ever Premiership win for...

Ipswich Town
...when they beat the Black Cats 5-0. Ipswich's biggest ever Premiership defeat, however, was 0-9 to Man Utd, and their unfortunate 'keeper that day was...

Craig Forrest.

Andrew Little, England:

Tim Sherwood
Was part of Blackburn's championship winning team alongside...

Alan Shearer
Who is enjoying a profitable partnership with the young Welsh star...

Craig Bellamy
Although not quite in the same way as...

Michael Douglas, movie star
Come on Mike, tell us your secret

Michael Douglas
Enjoys a profitable partnership with the young Welsh star...

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Who is rumoured to be buying a castle in...

Britain - a small island that shares its name with former Ready, Steady Cook host...

Fern Britton
Who has quite a botanic-sounding name, like former West Ham goalkeeper...

Craig Forrest.

Stuart Whittingham, Germany:

Tim Sherwood
Plays in white, like...

Tim Henman
Whose wife has just had a baby, like...

Davina McCall
Who's been inside the Big Brother house, like...

Dean O'Loughlin
Who plays the guitar, like...

Bryan Adams

Who is Canadian, like...

Craig Forrest.

David Dalglish, Scotland:

Tim Sherwood
Erstwhile of Blackburn Rovers, who were not founded by...

Tony Blackburn
Erstwhile of Radio One, which at the time also played host to fellow DJ...

Dave Lee Travis
Who, at one time, was thought to be the inspiration behind the name of the band...

Who in fact took their name from the character Travis in the film Taxi Driver, portrayed by...

Robert de Niro
Who is also famous for beefing up for his role in Raging Bull as is...

Tom Hanks
For or beefing up for his role in Castaway, a role vastly removed from his ham performance in...

Forrest Gump
Unlike the performances of ex-Hammer...

Craig Forrest.

Remember, next week's link is from DONALD to DUCK.

(For the non-basketball fans among you, Randy DUCK plays for the Brighton Bears.)

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