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  Friday, 26 April, 2002, 12:11 GMT 13:11 UK
Let's play: Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing
BBC Sport Online reviewer Stefan Walters says Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing is the best game of its genre - ever.

There is a similarity between boxing games of late and the recent career of Mike Tyson.

Both should have amazed and delighted fans, but instead only managed to frustrate.

In both cases, this was mainly due to a mixture of poor decision-making and simple errors of judgement.

Tyson himself has a career in digital entertainment that dates back to the glory days of 1987 and has been the star of five games in total.

Paolo Vidoz
Paolo Vidoz receives some treatment

Boxing fans have been eagerly anticipating a game to cleanse the sour taste left by the last big-name game of its genre, Prince Naseem Boxing - a title so badly made it beggared belief.

With this new, high-profile, high-budget Tyson release from Codemasters, the legendary developers behind the TOCA and Colin McRae series, they have got their wish.

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing has mastered the synergy between technology, and an understanding of the sport, resulting in a game of unprecedented realism.

Codemasters has managed to sign some of the biggest names from the world of heavyweight boxing, boasting a line-up that includes Larry Holmes,Tim Witherspoon, Paolo Vidoz, David Tua and Audley Harrison.

The game also features intelligent commentary from ringside legends Bobby Czyz and Ian Darke.

One of the most original and impressive features on show in this incredible PlayStation 2 brawler is the real-time facial damage endured by your digital combatant.


As you reign jabs on your opponent, you will see his face start to redden and scuff.

As the punishment continues, blood, sweat, tears and bruising will all come into play.

You will witness an incredibly realistic fight progression that really is the closest thing you can get to watching a real boxing match.

Another reason the action appears so realistic is down to the attention to detail employed in its development.

The boxer models were created using motion-capture techniques pioneered for the film industry.

David Tua
Hair-raiser: David Tua

Each of the featured fighters has his own signature punches, counter punches, hooks and jabs, as well as a full range of blocks, dodges and pushes.

Sadly, a button was not assigned for a 'bite' function.

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing for PlayStation 2 is without doubt the greatest boxing game ever created.

It is intuitive, innovative, incredibly realistic and will change the standards expected from the genre forever.

Score: 96%

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