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banner Tuesday, 29 January, 2002, 16:27 GMT
Pele in line for a rise
Brazilian legend Pele is reportedly in talks to advertise anti-impotency drug Viagra. BBC Sport Online's Chris Charles wonders what advertising slogans they will use.

Pele is in talks to advertise love drug Viagra, according to reports.

The Brazilian legend is seen as the ideal man to promote the anti-impotency product during World Cup year.

Still revered around the world, he is in excellent physical shape at 61 and very much in the public eye.

You'll never miss with Viagra
Potential advertising slogan

News agency Reuters said Pele was talking to representatives from Pfizer Inc, the world's biggest drug maker.

It quoted anonymous sources from both parties and suggested a deal would be announced next month - shortly after Brazil's famous Rio carnival.

If the deal is confirmed, it would prove to be a real coup - and you can imagine the fun to be had with the advertising campaign.


The company could use a picture of Pele doing a spot of ball juggling, with the catchline "Now you can keep it up this long!"

Pele was always good at keeping it up.

Then there's the famous shot from the half-way line which just went wide.

It's surely crying out for the inscription: "You'll never miss with Viagra."

You could use a shot of any one of Pele's 1,283 goals, with the slogan: "You'll never have problems scoring again."

And finally, how about referring to the gap between Pele's three World Cup successes?

You can see it now - "What took him 12 years could take you 12 seconds."

That's if he gets the job, of course. It's thought to be nailed on - although he's likely to face some stiff competition.

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