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banner Wednesday, 28 November, 2001, 13:49 GMT
Can we play you every week?
The pre-match anthem has become commonplace in football over the years, but BBC Sport Online's Chris Charles discovers fans are not receptive to change.

When Southampton finally ended their St Mary's hoodoo last weekend, the team went off to the strains of Lou Reed's Perfect Day.

Visiting striker Fabrizio Ravanelli must have wished he'd skipped a few of those English lessons.

Saints fans will just be hoping they get to hear the song again this season.

Theme tunes have become part and parcel of the game in recent years, with nearly every team running out to their own particular favourite.

Sunderland's rousing classical anthem Dance Of The Knights is said to be worth a goal start at the Stadium of Light.

Z Cars
Z Cars: Rooting for the boys in blue

One can only presume Manchester United and Tottenham were issued with ear plugs before they left the away dressing room this season.

Spurs themselves incurred the fans' wrath when they experimented with cheesy tribal house tune Inspurations last year, before reverting back to old favourite Glory Glory - it seems to have done the trick.

And the Everton faithful were none too impressed when the traditional theme from 60s police series Z Cars was replaced by Bad Moon Rising - with adapted lyrics from two Swedish fans.

"The words used to be put up on the scoreboard and everyone laughed," one fan recalled.

Thankfully the club came to its senses and Z Cars was duly restored - pretty apt given some of the criminal performances they've seen at Goodison Park over the years.

The recent decline of QPR has been a painful experience for the residents of Shepherd's Bush, but not as painful as listening to Chumbawamba's Tubthumper before every game.


"I get down, but I get up again!" was regularly heard blasting out of the PA as the players emerged.

When it became clear QPR were not going to get up again, they opted for the equally catchy but less patronising Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag.

There was also a massive outcry at Plymouth when Sousa's popular march Semper Fidelis gave way to Tina Turner's Simply The Best.

The Liquidator used to scare the living daylights out of the opposition
Wolves fan Oscar Harris

No sooner was Neil Warnock out of the door than Sousa came marching back - all the way to the top of Division Three.

Wolves are also looking down on the rest in Division One, but one wag has described the atmosphere as "22 men kicking a ball around and disturbing people's conversations".

The reason for this is the removal of Harry J Allstars' ska classic The Liquidator from the pre-match play list.

The police were unhappy with the abusive anti-West Brom lyrics that accompanied it and the club finally plumped for Jeff Beck's Hi Ho Silver Lining, via Who Let The Dogs Out and Song 2.

Lifelong fan and sports journalist Oscar Harris told BBC Sport Online: "The Liquidator was one of the most intimidating intro pieces in the country.

"You used to be able to hear it from a mile away when you were legging it to the game from the pub.

"It used to scare the living daylights out of the opposition when they ran out."

Harris continued: "The funny thing is West Brom adopted it too and their fans used to sing exactly the same about Wolves.

"A lot of people want it back, but the Chief Executive has refused, so it looks like we're stuck with Hi Ho Silver Lining."

Selhurst Park
"We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place"

Whatever they decide on, surely it can't be as inspired as the choice by Kiss FM DJ Chris Phillips, the former music supremo at Wimbledon.

To register his disapproval at the Don's long-term residency at Selhurst Park, he'd stick on the Animals' We Gotta Get Out Of This Place before every home game.

But the award for the daftest opening song has got to go to Scottish Division One high flyers Partick Thistle.

After deciding to do away with the music from TV's Superstars, they settled instead for the theme from the Banana Splits.

Who said football was becoming too serious?

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