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banner Friday, 19 October, 2001, 10:06 GMT 11:06 UK
Stare of the dog
A greyhound owner was shocked to discover why her prize dog kept losing - he needed glasses!

Time after time she watched as the animal trailed in second, not realising he needed a 'guide dog' to lead him home.

Finally, the owner took him to see Pip Boydell, Britain's leading animal eye specialist, who prescribed a pair of contact lenses.

We tried glasses, but we didn't think they suited him!
Animal eye specialist Pip Boydell

And it seemed to do the trick - the dog won its next race!

Mr Boydell, who is based at the Animal Medical Centre in Manchester, told BBC Sport Online: "It was a real surprise when I discovered he was short-sighted.

"Although common in humans, it is very rare to find a dog with this condition.

"He was always coming second because he could see the dogs in front, but not the hare."

Mr Boydell explained that many sportsmen and women compete wearing contact lenses and it was no different for greyhounds.

"We tried glasses, but we didn't think they suited him!" he added.

The dog, whose owner does not want his identity revealed, has since gone from strength to strength, although he's still having difficulty taking his lenses out.

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