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BBC News' Tony Morris
"It's been confirmed - Motty is the best"
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Friday, 5 October, 2001, 07:28 GMT 08:28 UK
Motty's perfect pitch
John Motson
BBC Sport Online columnist John Motson celebrates his 30 years behind the microphone by being voted the perfect voice for football.

It is a big week for the man beneath football's most famous sheepskin coat.

Not only will BBC football reporter John Motson celebrate 30 years behind the microphone this weekend - he has also been voted the king of the commentary box.

Scientists have revealed the formula for the perfect voice in football and found that Motty scored the best results.

We are now in discussions with John to undertake an analysis of his sheepskin coat
The Barclaycard Premiership's Nic Gault

Motty, who is currently working on Match of the Day and Five Live, was delighted to be given the accolade.

He told BBC Sport Online: "I don't know much about the science behind the research.

"However, I am delighted both on behalf of the BBC and myself to have been voted the nation's favourite commentator.

"It's even better in that it has come in the same week as England's game with Greece and my 30th anniversary with Match of the Day.

"I just hope the people who took part will be watching BBC One on Saturday."

The result was backed by the fans as 32% voted him their favourite football commentator in a corresponding survey.

Speech therapist Jane Comins used voice profile analysis to study the patterns of eight top television and radio commentators.

Pitch, volume, rhythm and tone were among the components used to distinguish the best voice in football.

Barry Davies
Barry Davies: Popular

A clinical psychologist, Colin Gill, then analysed audience reaction to the different commentators to determine the opinions of the fans.

Motson was established as the true sound of Britain's national sport as his lilting tones matched the first ever blueprint for commentary.

Motty's Match of the Day colleague Barry Davies also proved very popular in the study.

Scientists concluded his high rhythm and tone projected a great deal of excitement in his commentating.

BBC Five Live's Alan Green was labelled the romeo of the commentary world, with an intimate quality to his voice, according to the speech therapist.

Jon Champion, who moved from Match of the Day to ITV's The Premiership was said to use rhythmic patterns instead of rising volume to build drama.

Sky's Martin Tyler and Alan Parry, ITV's Clive Tyldesley and Channel 5's Jonathan Pearce were also studied.

Nic Gault, Barclaycard Premiership Sponsorship Director, said: "It's official - John Motson is scientifically proven to be king of the commentators.

"We are now in discussions with John to undertake an analysis of his coat."

So, next time you walk past a science laboratory do not be surprised to see the men ditching their white coats for the new sheepskin look.

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