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Thursday, 2 August, 2001, 19:44 GMT 20:44 UK
Keen for a new scene?
BBC Sport Online takes a look at what is on offer for Wimbledon's long suffering supporters in Milton Keynes, football's newest city
BBC Sport Online takes a look at what is on offer for Wimbledon's long-suffering supporters in Milton Keynes.

Wimbledon fans have had to put up with the journey to and from Crystal Palace for a decade.

Now a new destination awaits the long-suffering homeless supporters - for Croydon read Milton Keynes.

No change there then. Another concrete jungle with little atmosphere or tradition.

Maybe that's a slightly prejudiced view following a stereotype that has blighted the city since its development.

Orinoco would struggle to fill his bag with litter
So what is on offer?

The city likes to portray itself as modern, forward thinking and clean - so no wombling free opportunities for picking up litter on one of the city's numerous roundabouts that are far-removed from Wimbledon Common.

The roundabouts and grid-iron street system are there to help with access to the star attractions - there is no truth in the rumour that they only serve to bamboozle motorists making them stay longer than intended.

The star attractions?

It does not get much better than the Xscape - a true "centre-tainment" venue just north of H6 - that's the easy to navigate road system again.

Ten-pin bowling with 24 lanes - no roundabouts - climbing walls, 16 cinemas, shops and restaurants not to mention three indoor ski slopes.

If you canot escape from Milton Keynes head to the Xscape.

If you do stay in the city there is on thing you cannot escape - the endemic Americanisation.

Lisa, Marge, Maggie, Homer and Bart Simpson
Springfield MK would be a home from home for Homer et al
From the street layout to the need to advertise the size and brilliance of aspects of the city there's a certain doffing of the cap to all things American.

The ski slope is Europe's largest indoor "real snow" slope - the snow comes from cannons, not the heavens - and is an apt tribute to one of the city's greatest sons, Konrad Bartelski.

Next door to the Xscape is Europe's longest shopping centre - not the biggest or the best, but at half-a-mile the centre:mk is the longest.

In order to succeed at their new home Wimbledon will have to put this stateside "biggest is best" mentality in the shade, not least because their main competitors as the city's highest profile team stem from Uncle Sam.

The Milton Keynes Kings and Lions play basketball and ice hockey respectiviely, but more relaxed British sporting pursuits can also be found in the city.

The National Badminton Association is based in Milton Keynes which also hosts the annual National Angling Championships.

Uncle Bulgaria
Wimbledon's new home may not be up Uncle Bulgaria's street
There is a foreign field that is forever British.

And that's what MK, as they like to call it, will be to those from London's leafy south west suburb of Wimbledon.

For leaf read road, for green read grey, for The Wombles read The Simpsons.

South of H6 and east of V8 is the suburb of Springfield, the home of America's first family.

Milton Keynes is no place to send Uncle Bulgaria, Madame Cholet, Tomsk and Orinoco.

Attendences suggest that Wimbledon's long-suffering fans do not fancy the eight mile trip to Croydon and Selhurst Park.

Only time will tell whether they can be bothered to travel two hours north to Milton Keynes.

Their new home might be bigger, but it is not necessarily better.

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