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banner Tuesday, 10 July, 2001, 15:28 GMT 16:28 UK
Quixall hopes for star turn

An astrologer has been drafted in to help Britain's least successful racehorse, Quixall Crossett, prepare to win his first race in 100 outings. BBC Sport Online's Chris Charles explains.

Britain's worst racehorse is looking to the heavens in a bid to avoid a century of disasters.

Quixall Crossett has achieved cult status after losing all 99 of the races he has been entered in.

Now an astrologer has been brought in to help Britain's favourite four-legged flop prepare for his 100th trip.

Jayne Headon is plotting Quixall's horoscope in the run-up to the historic occasion at Southwell in Lincolnshire on 22 July.

Quixall has a tendency to be impulsive and a touch accident prone
  Astrologer Jayne Headon
"It's not about trying to predict if he will win. We are using astrology to understand more about Quixall, his behaviour and his abilities," she explains.

"Looking at Quixall's chart, I can see that at the time of his race, his moon forms an angle with Uranus that will help to bring out his more unique and unusual qualities."

Like the ability to win a race, perhaps?

Jayne suggests Quixall has several "planetary transits" which could cause nervous tension and lead to him being hyped up.

"His chart shows he can have problems channelling his energies in the right area, and also a tendency to be impulsive and a touch accident prone.


"Thankfully, Mars is due to start moving in the right direction two days before Quixall's race...and he will be less likely to get hurt."

Which is all well and good - but what chance does he have of actually winning?

"Astrology doesn't predict the future," insists Jayne, sitting snugly on the fence.

"It acts as a sign-post and suggests potential which hopefully helps individuals to make the best choices for given situations.

"For this reason, I couldn't tell you if Quixall was going to win, but I would tentatively suggest not."

Now we're getting somewhere.

Quixall Crossett
Every one a loser - Quixall Crossett
"However, his chart shows that he is physically and mentally in good shape, and will be prepared to do his best."

In other words, she expects him to trundle home a gallant last.

Quixall's trainer Geoff Sanderson is not bothered whether the 16-year-old gelding wins or not (why start worrying now, after all), as long as he gets home safely.

On the horse's official website, he says: "The old boy is exceptionally well, and just bursting to meet his public again."

And no doubt his adoring public will be turning out in their thousands to cheer him on - as long as he doesn't win.

It just wouldn't be the same, would it?

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