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banner Friday, 29 June, 2001, 12:23 GMT 13:23 UK
Prior feeling sheepish!

Spencer Prior has been ordered to eat sheep's testicles after signing for Cardiff City!

The 30-year-old defender joined the Bluebirds from Manchester City in a deal worth 700,000, but was not prepared for some of the clauses in his contract.

Another condition stipulates that he must have a "physical liaison" with a sheep during his time at Ninian Park!

The crazy terms were dreamt up by Cardiff supremo Sam Hammam.

The former Wimbledon chairman is no stranger to madcap behaviour after witnessing ritual soakings, burnings and beatings during his time at Plough Lane and Selhurst Park.

Hammam once told his players - dubbed the 'Crazy Gang' - he would take them to the opera and make them eat camel brains if they let in too many goals.


He also kissed striker Dean Holdsworth's bottom in front of the rest of the team!

We'll serve them in a lemon and parsley sauce
  Sam Hammam
Prior didn't seem too concerned with the prospect of fulfilling the culinary part of the clause.

He said: "It must be the strangest contract in the history of football. But I'll try anything once."

Hammam, who comes from the Lebanon where sheep's testicles are considered a delicacy, admitted: "Spencer refused to eat them raw, but has agreed to eat them cooked.

"We'll serve them in a lemon and parsley sauce."

The FA have amazingly agreed to the first clause, although Prior was quick to confirm the second was just a joke.

"I assured my wife it's not for real - she was worried I might catch foot and mouth," he added.

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