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If you have a web-enabled mobile phone, simply text 'My Club' followed by your club name (see below) to 81010.

For example, text: 'my club derbyshire ccc' to 81010.

You will receive a message containing a link. Click on the link to be taken to our mobile site. You can then save the link as a bookmark or favourite.

Please note that text messages to the BBC cost 10-15p. You may receive two different messages to ensure you have the best format for your handset, but there will be no extra cost.

County Cricket

My Club Derbyshire CCC
My Club Durham CCC
My Club Essex CCC
My Club Glamorgan CCC
My Club Gloucestershire CCC
My Club Hampshire CCC
My Club Kent CCC
My Club Lancashire CCC
My Club Leicestershire CCC
My Club Middlesex CCC
My Club Northants CCC
My Club Nottinghamshire CCC
My Club Somerset CCC
My Club Surrey CCC
My Club Sussex CCC
My Club Warwickshire CCC
My Club Worcestershire CCC
My Club Yorkshire CCC
My Club Scotland cricket
My Club Ireland cricket

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