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Last Updated: Monday, 24 January 2005, 18:15 GMT
What are the hot topics in sport?
Here are some of your suggestions on how to solve the big issues facing sport in the UK.

Your contributions will be fed into a national Sport Summit to be held in London on 16 March.

How can we get big business to invest in grass roots sport?
How can ensure more balanced coverage of sport in the media?
How can we break down the sexist culture of sport?
What's really needed to get people active?
How can we increase the numbers of volunteers in sport?
How can we make participating in sport fun for all?
How can we make offices healthier places?
How can we build safer/better communities through sport?

School sport

Why is it that the government wants us to have 30 minutes of exercise a day but my school in Scotland only gives us 50 minutes??
Paul Campbell, Scotland

I am currently at uni, and am doing far more sport than I did at school, mostly because I have more choice and can do sports like rowing and badminton. Schools need to offer a more varied curriculum.
Adam Dyer,

Why do schools continue to encourage a non-competitive agenda in sport? Then everyone is up in arms when we fail in major events, if people are not taught to push themselves and be competitive from a young age then what else can we expect?
Matthew Lockyer, UK

Why is it that the government says that the population should take at least 30 mins exercise per day but only allow for two hours per week in schools?
shashi ramdewar, England

Should there be more compulsory Physical Education within Secondary schools and if so, will this help in reducing attrition rates in sport of children post 16?
Jonny Horsley, England

When will PE in secondary schools be as organised and progressive as in some Grammar school. I first went a secondary school, then Grammar for my A-levels and they had 5 hockey teams, 5 rugby teams and a football team. Sport at Secondary school was almost completely unstructured and a lot of potential was lost.
Robin Spalding, England

Why can't we introduce a system into school and college level sport like in America where extremely large crowds gather to watch sport such as football and baseball. this would increase popularity with the sport, encourage teenagers to stick with their sport and help fund schools (by tickets etc). I think this is a viable solution to many of sports problems and will benefit the nations representatives in sport.
Richard Finneyr, Wales


In my sport, diving, Londoners have lost over 90% of the facilities that were available to them 20 years ago. With few new facilities planned and the current ones all well over 30 years old, how are people going to gain access to this sport or get to try it locally? The same goes for the Midlands and East Anglia.
John Whitby, England

The costs of playing sport are too high. There is clear evidence that sport is good for health and indeed people's happiness - and government plus health authorities wish to promote it for these reasons. However they need to do their sums because if they drastically lowered the cost of sports facilities (not leisure swimming pools but real sports) then people would use them. Private gyms are outside most people's financial reach - so why not prescribe sports instead of drugs?
Nic Marks, UK

We are a company proposing to build an ice rink and sports hall in Somerset but are unable to any help or advice no wonder big businesses do not want to get involved. It would be interesting to hear the panels views as well as people who read this

Why is it that with the lack of facilities in the Southwest we cannot get any help to provide a Multi Purpose Ice Arena in Somerset
Charles Hall, U.K

If you use a tennis court or an astro-turf football pitch in this country you are charged a fortune. If you try and sneak on a rainy day for free you are chucked off by an angry park keeper. Yet when i go to Spain people are free to walk on and off as they please. Its more relaxed and thats why they are fitter, healthier and better at many sports.
Daniel Keel, England

If participation is driven by the access to facilities why can we not make more facilities mobile? Bring gyms and health club facilities to the people and not the other way round would promotoe the benefits of an active lifestyle. I believe that this is being researched and done at a local level in certain local authorities. Cost effective and targetted facilities have to be the way to go - for all members of society not just the young.
Leena Keyworth, England

I think we should look to play more sports indoor. I feel as though some girls and boys find it hard playing in the cold weather of the UK. We should look to having food clubs also where you can look into the aspects of a healthy diet and keeping fit.
Arjun, UK

The costs of playing sport are too high. There is clear evidence that sport is good for health and indeed people's happiness - and government plus health authorities wish to promote it for these reasons. However they need to do their sums because if they drastically lowered the cost of sports facilities (not leisure swimming pools but real sports) then people would use them. Private gyms are outside most people's financial reach - so why not prescribe sports instead of drugs?
Nic Marks, UK


Most local sport is run by volunteers. Despite having a say in how their own club is run, they have little influence in the big picture. How can someone who wants to have some input have their views heard, especially if they are involved in a minority sport.
Paul Gent, England

I've recently become a volunteer to coach badminton, and the problem at the moment is the amount of red tape and organisation. It should be made easier for people to become volunteers within their chosen sport. As it stands it takes several hours worth of coaching to become a volunteer, and there several meetings must be attended. It should be publised more - i didn't know anything about it, and it was on a friends recommendation that i looked into it.
Stephen, England

I live in the US and coach basketball in a North Carolina High school. Having spent many weekends volunteering as a coach back in the UK I never minded giving my time up for the children (like most other coaches), the thing I most resented was having to fill forms, sit in meetings etc. I understand the need for a clear plan, qualified coaches, child protection, good facilities etc. etc. But why make everything so difficult? In my experiance the hardest thing to do is get a bunch of children together, in a gym or on a feild, where there is someone that will coach them? But yet this oppourtunity happens in every borough, everyday, most weeks in schools. Why not write into every P.E teacher contract that from now on they must develop after school teams?
Jonathan, England/US

I moved from England to California and one of the biggest things I noticed was that parents set up organizations so that kids could play, football, baseball, rugby etc. Every Saturday over here every field is taken up with kids playing sports, all run by volunteers. Altough I have to admit the weather makes a big difference also.
Roger Pintches, usa


When will golf get funding in schools? We run Acadamies in Bucks, Berks and Kent and are hoping to run them across the UK. But we need help from all bodies the kids love it at all levels. Help us and the Golf Foundation bring golf to all schools
vaughan passey, Golf At Home, Bucks UK

There is also too much money just going to the major sports, with little help going to the smaller sports. How are they too bridge the ever increasing gap?
Paul Gent, England

Bringing in a higher number of price money competitions at a lower level can increase the number of people taking to a sport.
Charu, India


I am 21 and I row for my university. It strikes me as a disgrace that the local club has less than 60 active members yet the lottery gave them over 240k for a new boat house, new boats and so on. There are probably over 200 members of the two universities in the city I live yet we have constant problems of funding for things like repairs, coaching, transport and the like when there is a club who does next to nothing in helping us out yet they have nearly 1 boat for every 2 members of their club. When are arrogance and elitism going to be eradicated from sport?
Andrew Hall, England (Leicester)


As coaches, educators and programme managers how can we strike the balance between sport for success ie: the elite and sport for enjoyment and good health ie: participation?
Tricia Heberle, UK


What can sport, large governing bodies and organisations do to iradicate racism in sport?
Matthew Jordan, England

Will racism and sport ever be seperated?
Suk, UK


Why are female sports largely ignored outside the Olympic Games?

And similarly, why are sports which have a majority of female fans, eg. ice hockey, ignored by the British media?
Jennifer James, Wales

Poor organisation

I feel that English sport is poorly governed partly because of its history. In my opinion we need to take a deep breath and make radical changes as suggested in a recent report on Athletics. Voluntary groups also need to update their constitutions to fit with today's thinking and to some extent we need to 'retire' old ways to fit with modern practice.
Andy Mitchell, England

Why are Football Teams allowed to have massive debts and I'm not!!
Big Kev, Norn Iron


I think that the real problem in sport today is lack of ethics!

It has become the norm in modern sports that rules are something that it is perfectly fine to break if you or your team gain something by it. a good example of this it the so-called "professional foul", where one player breaks the rules on purpose in order to gain an advantage.

Why is there so much emphasis on the rights of those who cheat? what about the rights of all those who dont cheat?

Sports need to refocus and find out why people are staying away. and I do, as a parent, understand why parents would like their kids to stay away from sports because what you learn is that cheating is fine! and that is something you take with you throughout your life!
Heri Ziska, Faroe Islands

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