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TV and Radio questions

Welcome to BBC Sport Interactive's TV and Radio feedback page. If you have a question, comment or complaint, then the Sport Interactive team would like to help you out.

How can I find out when a programme will be broadcast?
To find out when a programme is on in Britain, try searching the BBC What's On listings site.

There is also our seven-day BBC Sport TV&Radio programme guide

And this page gives details of forthcoming live video and audio coverage on our website.

Other broadcasters outside the UK also show BBC programmes. Please contact them directly about their schedules.

How do I get in touch with an individual in BBC Sport?
We cannot provide contact information for celebrities or members of production teams. We do pass on messages, but we cannot guarantee a response.

How do I get into touch with a programme such as Match of the Day?

How do I ask a question about other sports on TV?

How do I find out about music used in a BBC Sport programme?
We can't answer all your queries as we get hundreds every week but we will do our best.

For Question of Sport

For BBC Radio Five Live

Can you answer questions about other programmes?
Unfortunately we cannot answer questions and answers about other programmes. You can try emailing the programmes directly.

I have another question
Although our main priority is to deal with web-related queries, we will answer questions to do with other areas of BBC Sport if we can.

E-mail us by filling in the feedback form.

Our journalists and other users will be pleased to comment and answer your general sport question on our 606 site.


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