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Your Game matches community groups working with 16-25 year-olds to funding, training and employment opportunities. It does this through community festivals and year round support.

Bournemouth 09 All Star

Lee Park, 20, Bournemouth

Nominated by Dom Weir - Nacro Bournemouth

Lee is currently working as a chef and coaching football part time.

"I'm looking forward to representing Bournemouth by being an All Star serves it with honour; I massively want to be a role model to other people. Some people get lost on the path.

"The biggest problem we have in my area in particular Boscombe is drug use. It's getting a bad name for its self and there are not enough role models around for the younger kids to look up.

"I'm hoping that Your Game will help make new contacted and to help m to get there and more than anything getting things going in the community it needs a kick up the backside. Want to set up a sustainable project and have links with local football clubs.

"In my spare time I enjoy training boxing running and swimming. My dream is to become a full football coach and mentor."

Grimsby 09 All Star

Damian Tominey, 21, Grimsby

Nominated by Fay Whall - North East Lincolnshire Positive Futures

Even though Damian's only 21 he's had a quite eventful life. Having found himself on the wrong side of the law on several occasions he's managed to turn his life around.

"My auntie died when I was younger and from about when I was 13 I went off the rails. I'm really looking forward to being an All Star and seeing what the rest of the All Stars do in their own cities.

"At the moment I'm doing an apprenticeship in business administration and I'm coaching 5-16 year olds in multi sports basically football, curling netball and swimming.

"My ambition is to set up a project specifically for young offenders. I was given a second chance and want to do the same back. People like Fay Whall, she's my Sports Development Manager and the one who nominated me for the All Star's and Paul Caswell and Mark Cullen my line manager, they're people who I look up to and have believed in me. I want to be able to do that for other people.

"A lot of people were happy for me that I've been given this opportunity to be a Your Game All Star, some people will think that I don't deserve it and why has he got that when he's done bad stuff in the past everyone deserves a second chance.

"In my spare time I play football for my Sunday league team Grange Oak as a striker. I support Manchester United and my favourite footballers are Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney.

Swindon 09 All Star

Aaron Cardozo, 18, Swindon

Nominated by Doug Imrie - Swindon Borough Council

Aaron is currently studying a National Award in sports and is working part time as a multi sports coach.

"My current boss Doug Imrie use to come into school and coach various sessions. I did a work placement with him and then started helping out doing voluntary work and eventually got offered a part time job. Doug's been the biggest influence on me, he's the one who's nominated me to become an All Star.

"I feel so privileged to be an All Star and everyone at home are very happy for me. I'm looking forward to making new mates and to learning about how to get funding so I can set up my own project. My dream is to become a full time coach."

Merseyside 09 All Star

Chole Tolman, 18, Merseyside

Nominated by Colin Hunt - Wirral Positive Futures

Chloe is no stranger to judging panels, last year she auditioned for X Factor as a bet with her mom. Belting out Shania Twain's "Man I Feel Like a Woman" Chloe unfortunately didn't get to perform for Simon Cowell and Co but she did win £50 from her Mom.

"At the moment I'm working part time as Positive Futures with Colin Hunt as a Football Coach and eventually I'd like to run my own soccer school for both boys and girls.

"There has been a rise in girls playing football id say between the ages of 7-12. When they get to 14 there are hardly any girls at all. There's a massive problem with drugs and underage pregnancies by me. I'd also like to maybe set up dance, drama and music workshops too.

"I'm really looking forward to having new experiences and new people; there's been a lot to take in. I was overwhelmed to be an All Star and my mom and dad are over the moon, they've told the world."

Hull 09 All Star

Liam Willis, 17, Hull

Nominated by Jennifer Longden - Goodwin Development Trust

You won't find Liam on social networking sites as he hates conforming and following trends.

"At the moment I'm a voluntary youth worker. My goal is to become a youth worker and progress further up the career ladder. I want to make a change to other people especially people my own age.

"Everyone ahs been over the moon and really chuffed that I've become a YG All Star and I think it's going to be a really good experience. I've only been out of the country twice and that was to Spain so going to Switzerland will be ace."

Belfast 09 All Star

Louise Irvine, 23, Belfast

Nominated by Billy Boyd - Belfast Community Sports Development Network

Louise has represented Northern Ireland playing for the Ladies Football team. She won a scholarship to Minnesota and stayed out there for six months and then moved onto Vancouver before returning to Belfast where she was recently working as a Sports Development Assistant.

"At the moment I'm looking for a new job but I'm doing voluntary work with the IFA as a football coach. We're looking to raise the participation of young people.

There is a lot of antisocial behaviour but there is a real model. They need guidance someone to pick them up from where they've dropped out of school and signpost them into further education, training etc.

"When I was younger it was my mom who kept me going especially with my football. A lot of opportunities I've had she made happen. I haven't really thought about having my own company but I would love it.

"When I started playing I was really the only girl playing but now it's very common it has a real glamour hip hop vibe to it. It's a lot more attractive game to play than when I was starting out.

"Everyone's really proud of me becoming an All Star I'm looking forward to meeting new people and networking and learning new skills."

Liverpool 09 All Star

Darren Viney, 17, Liverpool

Nominated by Dave Verburg - Liverpool Positive Future

Darren Viney has already had a dream come true when he met his hero and role model Steven Gerrard when he was presented his Young Person of the Year award in

"At the moment I'm working with Positive Future working with young people teaching them how to play football and how to fish etc. I work with young people 14-18 year olds, I think the younger ones look up to me.

"Knife and gun crime is a big problem in my area so I'm hoping that by being a Your Game All Star I'll learn new skills that I can take back to my community and provide them more opportunities.

"It's boss being an All Star getting the chance to meet new people from different backgrounds and from different generations. I've never been to Switzerland in my life so I'm looking forward to it."

Glasgow 09 All Star

Adil Naseem, 20, Glasgow

Nominated by Sunny Sanghera - Unpredictables

Adil is currently training to be a police officer and is also a part time football coach.

" I applied to become a Your Game All Star because I have seen the opportunities that the programme can offer and I wanted to be involved with an organisation that focuses on the youth of today. I'm hoping to meet new people, to gain more experience in everything and to become more confident.

"I also help put on charity events with my local community group 'The Unpredictables' for my area which is something I really enjoy."

Your Game is a BBC social inclusion project supported by Sport Relief.

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