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Uruguay 2-1 South Korea

By Jonathan Stevenson
  1. 11:15 Commentary  

    Now it starts to get really interesting. Time-wise, we’re halfway through the World Cup, game-wise we’re three-quarters done. But drama-wise, I reckon we’re on about 10%. I’m Jonathan Stevenson and you’re back in Johannesburg, the footballing city of dreams. We’re all dreamers now.

  2. 11:21 Commentary  

    We’ve shedded 16 of the 32 teams, and today sees the start of the round of the last 16, to give it its grand title. Here’s the deal: 90 minutes of action, then 30 minutes of extra-time (no silver/golden goals, thank goodness), then a penalty shootout. If those last two words don’t send a shiver down your spine and terrify you to your very soul, you’re in the wrong place.

  3. 11:26 Commentary  

    Our first contest today takes place in Port Elizabeth as 1930 and 1950 winners Uruguay take on 2002 semi-finalists South Korea at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. Our kick-off is 1500 BST, so there’s plenty of time for some World Cup chat before we properly get going.

  4. 11:31 Commentary  

    ban-ter n. Good-humoured, playful conversation.
    Life's too short not to, eh? Your ‘Playground of Banter’ can be found here: via Tweeting me @Stevo_football; via sending texts to 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide); and via the 606 page I’ve started in your honour this very morning.

  5. 11:35 Commentary  

    Did anyone catch last night's action? So Spain made it through, but they've not sparked into life like they did at Euro 2008 yet. Stunning finish from David Villa, but what on earth was Claudio Bravo doing? I can imagine Alan Hansen screaming 'ROW Z!' as he raced off his line. And poor Switzerland - has a World Cup campaign ever started so brilliantly yet finished so dismally?

  6. Twitter  

    From nanaloa2001: "It's the USA v USA today. United States of America v United States of Africa. USA 1-2 Ghana."

  7. 11:45 Commentary  

    The latest news on the small matter of Germany v England on Sunday is this: Ledley King trained on Saturday, so he's in the reckoning for Fabio Capello's starting line-up. The Germans are in disarray (they aren't really), with Cacau ruled out and Bastian Schweinsteiger a major doubt.

  8. 606  

    From Joey J: "Reckon this first game will produce goals. Luiz Suarez and Diego Forlan are too deadly for it not to!"

  9. 11:54 Commentary  

    Be still my beating heart. Chile legend Ivan Zamorano has had this to say on his country's last-16 clash with Brazil: "I think Marcelo Bielsa's boys are ready for anything. You can always dream of going as far as possible." In France 1998, this man sang his country's national anthem like he really meant it, I'll never forget. What a hero.

  10. 12:00 Commentary  

    BBC Sport's Alan Hansen reckons we can "expect the unexpected as we move into the second round". Sounds like happy days to me. I wonder what the great man makes of England? "In terms of the squad they have got, England should reach the semi-finals at least now." Even happier days.

  11. Twitter  

    From LandanMacBoi_91: "I truly believe both South Korea and Japan have proven the rise of football in Asia - can see both progressing to last eight!"

  12. 12:10 Commentary  

    There is some furious internet reaction to Fernando Torres this morning after the Spanish striker's role in the sending off of Chile's Marco Estrada in Pretoria on Friday. It appears as though the Liverpool man clipped his own heel as he went down just before Spain's second goal, before Estrada was shown a second yellow and a red. What was almost as bad was Gerard Pique running to the ref brandishing an imaginary card and when he saw the red come out, he went off to celebrate his team's goal. Totally unsavoury.

  13. 12:12 Commentary  

    I'm hoping that might get you talking. I've been here an hour, and you've been eerily quiet. IT'S THE WORLD CUP, come on!!

  14. Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "Arrived in Bloemfontein and look what's first thing to greet me in hotel reception."

  15. 12:20 Commentary  

    There's some nice chat from your friend and mine Jurgen Klinsmann in The Guardian this morning, saying that he tried to design the German team, when he was in charge, in the same style as the Premier League. "Our philsophy was always to play a fast-paced, attacking style of football. That is what we introduced to the German national team."

  16. 606  

    From Sinhealer: "I really do not see why everyone is getting on Spain's back. Chile were putting in some horrid challenges last night and should have had two or three players sent off. Alonso almost needed two stretchers on, one for him and one for his foot."

  17. 12:27 Commentary  

    So, the question on your mind this weekend is this: Can England beat Germany? Our chief football writer Phil McNulty ponders the factors that will help determine the outcome of Sunday's Bloemfontein showdown. "If it all comes together, then England can claw back some of the historical supremacy Germany have established over the years."

  18. SMS  

    Calum, Nigeria: "I’ll be supporting Germany on Sunday. Is it strange that I feel less nervous now that Paul the Octopus is on my side?"

  19. 12:34 Commentary  

    Hang on a sec, a Mexican journalist has just asked me for my last 16 predos, be with you in a moment. Clearly he doesn't know my history with these things.

  20. 12:40 Commentary  

    Well that's that, then. I reckon our eight quarter-finalists will be Uruguay, Ghana, England, Argentina, Netherlands, Brazil, Paraguay and Spain. I make it two shootouts, but there won't be one needed in Bloemfontein on Sunday.

  21. Twitter  

    From MuseLuver: "Gonna have to use a famous American football saying: "Any Given Sunday, anything can happen". Sums up England's chances."

  22. 12:49 Commentary  

    This just in: Fifa has contacted the French sports ministry to remind them not to interfere in the workings of the French Football Federation as the country deals with the fall-out from a disastrous World Cup campaign. Will it ever end? Mon dieu.

  23. 12:52 Commentary  

    Anyone want to hear the latest musings of a certain Diego Armando Maradona? Oh go on, then...

  24. 12:55 Commentary Argentina coach Diego Maradona:  

    "People said we were a disaster, the worst team they'd ever seen, now they're saying we're an excellent team. We have the same players so you shouldn't believe everything you hear. I keep saying the others are favourites and we're here to fight but now this is a fight for history because when the roads become short and narrow, this is where history really begins."

  25. 13:00 Commentary Stevo's Predo:  

    Uruguay 2-1 South Korea

  26. SMS  

    James, Kent: "Hey Stevo, my psychic squid predicts a Uruguay win and a Ghana win. The squid also reckons one of the games will be decided on penalties, but it's hard to tell with psycho-squid."

    Famously hard to read, those psycho squids.

  27. 13:09 Commentary  

    OK, confession time: I've got a soft spot for Uruguay. I holidayed briefly in the country earlier this year with the current Mrs Stevo, our time there coinciding neatly with the inauguration of president Jose Mujica in Montevideo. It was a fabulous night of partying for the locals, who seemed to love their new leader. Why? Possibly because he said this: "What is important in life is to work as little as possible so we can enjoy it more." Legend.

  28. 13:11 Commentary  

    In a shocking twist, it turns out the journalist I did the predos for between 12:34 and 12:40 was Russian, not Mexican. It seems I owe Artur Petrosyan an apology. Let's hope I have more success with the scores, unlikely though that is.

  29. 606  

    From SaffaSpur: "Good luck to Ghana and Germany. This has been a good World Cup so far and is now going to get very interesting."

  30. 13:17 Commentary England coach Fabio Capello:  

    "Matthew Upson has played well, Jamie Carragher has played well and Ledley King has played well - that's more or less the only decision I need to make, who partners John Terry."

  31. 13:22 Commentary  

    I think Zinedine Zidane is probably rooting for Uruguay today too. Zidane fell in love with the great Uruguayan Enzo Francescoli when he played for Marseille from 1989-90, and even named his son Enzo. Francescoli played in four games at the 1990 World Cup as Uruguay reached the last 16 - until now, the last time they had got to this stage.

  32. Twitter  

    From Uruguay striker Diego Forlan on Twitter: "Saliendo al Estadio!!! On our way to the Stadium!!!"

  33. 13:29 Commentary  

    Want some tournament stats? Go on then:
    - We've had 101 goals, ave 2.1.
    - Ave. attendance: 47,600.
    - Ave. yellow cards: 3.7.
    - Ave. red cards: 0.27.
    PS Happy 27th birthday Felipe Melo!

  34. SMS  

    James, Wales: "Diego is sounding more and more like David Brent everytime I hear him."

  35. 13:36 Commentary  

    I know there's a little bit of tennis and a little bit of F1 going on right now, but come on, you can do better than this. It's URUGUAY v SOUTH KOREA and it's socially acceptable to get massively involved in it! Get the texts coming in to 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide); get the tweets in @Stevo_football and get typing away on 606. I can only lead you to the well.

  36. 13:39 Commentary  

    By the way, our second potential humdinger of the day takes place in Rustenburg, where 1930 semi-finalists USA (it could have been England) take on Ghana, who reached this stage four years ago, at 1930 BST. The Americans (it could have been the English) won Group C, famously - the last time they topped their group was indeed 80 years ago. Uh-oh, the omens have started already.

  37. 13:43 Commentary Michel D'Hooghe, head of Fifa's medical committee:  

    "We've seen less injuries than at other World Cups so far, so our prevention campaigns have worked. And I have also seen an improvement of fair play on the pitch. Overall, the refereeing is good, but it could be improved. The World Cup stands as an example for the next four years."

  38. Twitter  

    From Andy2806: "Can safely say I'm rooting for all the "away" teams. Go S Korea, Ghana, England, Mexico, Slovakia, Chile, Japan and Portugal!"

  39. 13:50 Commentary  

    Line-ups and team news on the way shortly from the first last-16 clash of the round, Uruguay v South Korea at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth. If you're there, do drop us a line, we'd be ever so grateful.

  40. 606  

    From Lelinho: "I think players showing the ref he needs to give a card need to get a yellow card. I disagree with Fifa, the reffing has been sub-standard. Of all the red cards seen, maybe one was justifiable."

  41. 13:56 Commentary England coach Fabio Capello:  

    "I respect Franz Beckenbauer, he's a friend of mine. The pressure is really big here in the World Cup, all the teams want to finish first but sometimes you can't. I'm happy now because we have found the spirit and physically the situation is really, really good. All the players are fit. All 23 trained today."

  42. 13:59 Commentary  

    It's happy days for Asian football, with two of their teams making it to the last 16 (South Korea and Japan) - the first time the continent has had two countries reaching the knockout stage in a World Cup it did not host. But can the Koreans repeat their semi-final showing from 2002?

  43. SMS  

    Mark in Berlin: "Having just moved to Germany, must tell you that the mood for the match tomorrow is one of quiet confidence. They all respect the English and know that if England start brightly their young team will suffer."

  44. 14:04 Commentary Uruguay v South Korea line-ups:  

    Uruguay: 1-Fernando Muslera; 2-Diego Lugano, 3-Diego Godin, 4-Jorge Fucile, 16-Maximiliano Pereira, 15-Diego Perez, 17-Egidio Arevalo, 7-Edinson Cavani, 11-Alvaro Pereira, 9-Luis Suarez, 10-Diego Forlan.
    South Korea: 18-Jung Sung-ryong; 22-Cha Du-ri, 12-Lee Young-pyo, 4-Cho Yong-hyung, 14-Lee Jung-soo, 8-Kim Jung-woo, 16-Ki Sung-yong, 13-Kim Jae-sung, 7-Park Ji-sung, 17-Lee Chung-yong, 10-Park Chu-young.
    Referee: Wolfgang Stark (Germany)

  45. Twitter  

    From redmanlfc2005: "I fancy Japan or South Korea to make the semi-finals."

  46. 14:10 Commentary  

    I regret to announce that, along with a colleague, I lost a game of table football to our German equivalents this very morning in Joburg. We went down 5-3, with a brace of unfortunate own goals doing for us in the end. Typically, they’d been practising, although there was no sign of any towels on the table when we arrived. Only game those Germans will be winning this weekend. Isn't it?

  47. 14:13 Commentary England's James Milner:  

    "I think the last few days have brought everyone closer together. When things aren't going well, that's when you have to pull together and when it's make-or-break time."

  48. 14:17 Commentary Uruguay v South Korea team news:  

    Uruguay bring defender Diego Godin back into the starting line-up after he recovered from a hamstring strain. Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez will lead the attack for the South American side. South Korea also make only one change with midfielder Yeom Ki-Hun replacing Kim Jae-Sung.

  49. Contributor BBC World Service's Vladimir Hernandez  

    From Twitter - Uruguay's Alvaro Pereira says: "it doesn't matter if it's Brazil or South Korea, the rivals at this stage are all good."

    Er, I'll get back to you on that, Alvaro.

  50. 606  

    From Robsoninho: "I'm really looking forward to this game, even if neither of these teams are classed in the 'world elite'. Both teams looked bright in the group stages, both showed attacking intent, and both played football in the right way. I can see goals in this, especially with Uruguay playing three strikers again."

  51. 14:26 Commentary More from Argentina coach Diego Maradona:  

    "South America will never be more of a power than Europe. The best prize South America has is to know that we give all the clubs in the world great players. And we ask that when those players get to the national teams, the clubs return them to us with the time and care with which we hand them over to them."

  52. SMS  

    From Nicki: "I’m in Seoul at the moment and everyone is going wild. My mother-in-law is South Korean and says she doesn’t really care what happens tonight, she’s just happy the North Koreans didn’t win a game!"

  53. 14:34 Commentary Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez:  

    "Apparently, our matches are being watched in schools and in shopping malls, and children and young people are following us back home. There seems to be a link between this team and the people of Uruguay. They feel represented by these players. We don't want to build castles in the sky, but we are certainly not going to give up on anything."

  54. 14:36 Commentary Korea Republic coach Huh Jung-Moo:  

    “We have let in lots of goals, but we can make up for that by scoring twice every time we lose a goal. We are doing our best to work on that. There are possibilities open to everyone. The ball is always round. Italy and France, teams like that, can always lose, and unexpected teams can win."

  55. Twitter  

    From footy_fever: "Diego Forlan has been one of the best players in this tournament so far - expecting him to be key for Uruguay today."

  56. 14:41 Commentary  

    The players are going through their warm-up paces in Port Elizabeth - the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium looks half empty at the moment, but there are plenty of groups of red (South Korea) and blue (Uruguay) dotted around.

  57. 14:43 Commentary Uruguay captain Diego Lugano:  

    "We'll keep dreaming of a huge performance in this championship. We've shown a maturity which gives us a lot of confidence. We have to play in an optimistic mood."

  58. 14:46 Commentary South Korea captain Park Ji-Sung:  

    "We don't have a clear conviction of how far we can go. But in 2002, we made it to the semi-finals and I don't think that was just because it was on home ground. We will do our best to prove that was not the case. I can't compare this team to the 2002 team. That was the best team in our history."

  59. 606  

    From deez08: "The favourites don't always win. That's why the game is fantastic, you just never know what will happen. An injury here, a red card there and everything changes."

  60. 14:50 Commentary  

    Unless an awful lot of people turn up very, very quickly, the first last-16 game at the 2010 World Cup will be played in front of nothing more than a half-full stadium. In no way, shape or form is that good enough.

  61. 14:52 Commentary  

    The teams are on their way out, so I might try calm down (for a minute). You want a brilliant stat? Our friends at Infostrada Sports tell us that the last time Uruguay and South Korea won in the last 16 at the World Cup, they did so thanks to 117th-minute winners. Have some of that.

  62. 14:54 Commentary Start of Uruguay national anthem, Himno Nacional (in Spanish):  

    "Orientales, la Patria o la Tumba!!
    Libertad o con gloria morir!
    Es el voto que el alma pronuncia,
    Y que heroicos sabremos cumplir!"

  63. 14:56 Commentary Start of South Korean national anthem, Aegukga (in English, clearly):  

    "Until that day when
    the waters of East Sea run dry
    and Mt. Baekdu is worn away,
    God protect and preserve our nation."

  64. 14:58 Commentary  

    Last 16, World Cup, it's a knockout? Marvellous, let's get going. Rubbish crowd still, though.

  65. 15:00 KICK-OFF Uruguay v South Korea  

    German referee Wolfgang Stark gets the knockout stages of the 2010 World Cup under way in Port Elizabeth.

  66. 2 mins Commentary  

    By the way, if you've got a question for legendary commentator John Motson, he's indulging you in another Twitter Q&A right now.

  67. 3 mins Commentary  

    South Korea have made a lively start, but no chances as of yet. I just cannot believe it's nothing like full for one of the biggest games of these players' careers.

  68. 5 mins HITS THE WOODWORK  

    Fabulous. Park Chu-Young takes an age over a free-kick from 25 yards, left of centre, but it's worth the wait as he whips it up and over the wall only for the ball to strike the outside of Fernando Muslera's right-hand post. Closest Uruguay have come to conceding in the tournament.

  69. 6 mins Commentary  

    Half an opening at the other end, but Diego Forlan doesn't quite catch a left-foot volley from 20 yards cleanly and it's an easy pick up for Jung Sung-Ryong.

  70. 8 mins GOAL Uruguay 1-0 South Korea  

    Crazy goalkeeping and South Korea have paid the price. Diego Forlan crosses from the left along the six-yard box and for some inexplicable reason Jung Sung-Ryong comes for it, leaves it, and then looks on aghast as Luis Suarez has the simple task of slotting into an empty net at the back post. Surreal.

  71. 11 mins Commentary  

    I've watched it 10 times already, but there is nothing about that goal I understand. You know, I'm not sure I ever will.

  72. 606  

    From IonicJohn: "Awful, awful goalkeeping. You simply cannot afford these kind of childish mistakes. Still early in the game and Korea have no choice now but to open up and attack."

  73. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "The keeper should have got that cross - it was along the ground, maybe he thought it was going out for a goal kick, handing Luis Suarez the opportunity to score. That goal was all down to brilliant build-up work from Diego Forlan."

  74. 15 mins Commentary  

    Uruguay are enjoying the better of it right now, the South Koreans look a little shell-shocked at that goal. They're not the only ones, but there is plenty of time for them to fight back.

  75. 18 mins Commentary  

    Better from South Korea, but Lee Chung-Yong cannot keep the ball in down their left. They are at least having a spell of possession, though.

  76. SMS  

    From Vietnam: "Big party for Korean people here since the afternoon. Korea seems very naive against an experienced South American team and conceded an easy goal. Anyway, Korean people here still singing and cheering loud."

  77. 21 mins Commentary  

    They do play some good stuff, Uruguay. Jorge Fucile plays a lovely one-two down the left and goes to cross, but Cha Du-Ri gets across to cover quickly and prevent the ball getting into the South Korean box.

  78. 24 mins Commentary  

    Park Chu-Young turns well on the edge of the Uruguay box, but his attempted left-foot volley never materialises as a defender nicks the ball away from his. Uruguay break with pace and sjkill and Maxi Pereira's left-foot effort is booted away by a South Korea defender.

  79. 27 mins Commentary  

    South Korea are probing away, but this Uruguay defence looks very comfortable indeed. Remember they didn't concede a goal in the group stage - and the last team to do that and win the tournament was England in 1966.

  80. 28 mins OFFSIDE  

    Uruguay striker Luis Suarez is flagged offside as he races through unmarked - it was tight, and he looks a serious threat today.

  81. Twitter  

    From Tosinomoyeni: "Would love to see Uruguay go all the way, maybe Arsene would consider giving Luis Suarez a look?"

  82. 32 mins Commentary  

    Great stuff from Park Chu-Young as he drifts in from the South Korea right and unleashes a terrific 25-yard drive that flies narrowly past Fernando Muslera's right-hand post.

  83. 34 mins Commentary  

    We're in a proper game here - South Korea are continuing their patient build-up play, while Uruguay look quick and dangerous when they hit them on the break. Next goal's pretty important, as pundits say when they're trying to fill air time.

  84. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "The ball is bobbling about on this pitch, but it doesn't seem to be affecting the players so far. However, potential rain may change things in the second half."

  85. 38 mins YELLOW CARD  

    A South Korean cross from the left threatens to cause trouble briefly, but Fernando Muslera gathers comfortably in the end. Soon after we have our first booking, for a naughty two-footed challenge from Kim Jung-Woo.

  86. 606  

    From CescVanClichy: "The South Koreans look really good. Think they deserve a goal. I'm enjoying this game. Also does the pitch look like as if someone was digging for truffles."

  87. 41 mins Commentary  

    Cha Du-Ri marauds forward from right-back for South Korea and lets fly with a vicious dipper from 30 yards, but with Fernando Muslera furiously backpeddaling the ball sails over his bar.

  88. 43 mins Commentary  

    South Korea are easily the better side here, you know. Uruguay have offered precious little since their goal - he says, as Luis Suarez fires goalwards from just inside the South Korea area and it seems to hit a hand before the trailing team clear.

  89. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "We've not seen that much dip with this Jabulani ball so far - but Cha Du-Ri got plenty on that shot."

  90. 45 mins INJURY TIME  

    We're into a minute of added time, just after Cha Du-Ri smashes another shot over the Uruguay bar. Meanwhile, after a replay of that penalty shout, it looks like Uruguay may have had a case.

  91. 15:46 HALF-TIME Uruguay 1-0 South Korea  

    Well, Uruguay lead, but they have been second best for much of that half - only a howler from South Korea keeper Jung Sung-Ryong allows them to take a slender advantage into the dressing-room.

  92. SMS  

    From Dave: "Hi from the Fifa fan fest in Sydney, 12:30am here, go Korea!! Supporting our Asian neighbours."

  93. 15:51 Commentary  

    Does anyone speak Russian? Because I've done these predos for a Russian website, but I'll be honest, I don't really understand much of it. Ah well - as long as I beat the Italian's predictions, that'll do nicely.

  94. Contributor BBC Brasilia's Daniel Gallas:  

    On Twitter: "Kaka, Elano and Robinho are back in training today. No sign of injuries. But Brazilian doctor is worried with Julio Baptista and Felipe Melo. Both might be out of business on Monday."

  95. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "The first 20 minutes or so, Uruguay were the better team but I wonder if the goal changed the game because the Koreans have come back well. I don't know whether it's because most of these Uruguay players have had long seasons in Europe, but there are a couple of South Americans with heavy legs at the moment. If you had a bet on which team is fitter, then the South Koreans would win every time."

  96. Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "England and Germany fans, I've filmed a video for you inside the stadium in Bloemfontein."

  97. Twitter  

    From EmJayLambert: "Translating your predo back to English gives 'Korea is already live far enough away, demonstrating a very exciting football'."

    Ah. Pretty sure that's not what I said.

  98. 16:01 IT'S RAINING Uruguay 1-0 South Korea  

    Back under way in Port Elizabeth where it is raining quite heavily at the moment. The South Koreans have a pre-second half huddle, while Uruguay take off Diego Godin and send on Mauricio Victorino.

  99. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Conor McNamara  

    "It is teeming down with rain here in Port Elizabeth - and that's bound to affect this already cut-up pitch."

  100. 48 mins Commentary  

    Luis Suarez tries to shoot from 25 yards, but he scuffs it a bit, takes a bit of the pitch with him and the ball bobbles through to Jung Sung-Ryong in the South Korea goal.

  101. 50 mins Commentary  

    Brilliant run down the left for South Korea by Lee Young-Pyo, but as Park Chu-Young tries to latch on to his cross inside the six-yard box, Jorge Fucile is in the right place at the right time to clear.

  102. 51 mins Commentary  

    That's a fabulous chance. A cross pumped into the Uruguay box is headed into the air by Diego Lugano and it falls perfectly for Park Chu-Young - but he can only volley well over frm 12 yards, much to coach Huh Jung-Moo's frustration.

  103. 606  

    From Alexandereski: "(See 15:51) According to that site, you're a nice young man who has a steady job, and is looking for a nice lady with all her own teeth."

    Aren't we all, son, aren't we all.

  104. 55 mins Commentary  

    Uruguay are playing a very dangerous game here. They are sitting back and inviting South Korea on to them, as Park Chu-Young has yet another shot, this one from 18 yards blocked by a defender.

  105. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "You can talk about light balls, bobbles on the pitch or whatever, but you have to get a chance like Park's volley on target. The shot was two yards over the bar - if that was on target it would have taken the goalkeeper's head off."

  106. 58 mins Commentary  

    Rare break for Uruguay as Luis Suarez darts in-between two defenders down the right, but Jung Sung-Ryong rushes from his line to gather. Bet he wishes he'd done that in the eighth minute.

  107. 58 mins Commentary  

    A cross from the South Korea right is met by the head of Park Ji-Sung, but his effort is well saved by Fernando Muslera. It's all South Korea right now.

  108. 60 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    South Korea make a change, with Kim Jae-Sung taken off and Lee Dong-Gook going on in his place. Can they catch a break?

  109. 606  

    From barrymanulow: "If South Korea go out of this World Cup today they cannot say it's from a lack of chances. They create loads and finish nothing."

  110. 64 mins Commentary  

    Still South Korea knock on the door, but still Uruguay will not let them in. Oscar Tabarez's side are getting perilously close to a fourth successive clean sheet at the World Cup, unless South Korea can find a goal from somewhere.

  111. 67 mins Commentary  

    Halfway through the half, a period so far in which Uruguay have offered precious little. They are just lumping the ball forward and hoping one of Diego Forlan or Luis Suarez will do something special.

  112. 68 mins GOAL Uruguay 1-1 South Korea  

    You'll never convince me they don't deserve that. A free-kick floated into the Uruguay box is headed up in the air by Maurico Victorino and it lands about six yards out - where Bolton's Lee Chung-Yong is on hand to get there before Fernando Muslera and nod into the net, with Jorge Fucile failing to hack it off the line.

  113. 70 mins Commentary  

    Now Uruguay are having some pressure, but Diego Forlan's free-kick cross from 45 yards is easily gathered by Jung Sung-Ryong. Up the other end and Lee Chung-Yong has a chance inside the Uruguay area, but his low shot is straight at Fernando Muslera.

  114. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "South Korea have thoroughly deserved that goal, they have completely controlled the second half."

  115. 73 mins Commentary  

    Chance for Uruguay as Luis Suarez gets away down the right but he cannot hook his foot around the ball enough to pull it back for Diego Forlan and his cross-shot is tipped over the bar.

  116. 74 mins Commentary  

    Oh, Luis Suarez. Uruguay look a decent team all of a sudden and after a corner is cleared they pump it back into the South Korea area - it falls for Suarez six yards out and he's on his own, totally unmarked, but he heads into the floor and wide.

  117. 74 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Uruguay take off Alvaro Pereira and send on Nicolas Lodeiro.

  118. Twitter  

    From dprayudi: "With that goal Uruguay have to move the bus and the game will be more lively."

  119. 78 mins IT'S RAINING  

    In our first knockout match of the World Cup, we stand a matter of a few minutes away from extra-time. It's absolutely smashing down with rain in Port Elizabeth now, too.

  120. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "We've got a game on. Uruguay need to come out and play now. The rain makes a big difference, it makes things harder under foot for players, but there are a few twist and turns left in this game."

  121. 80 mins Commentary  

    The stadium is nothing like full and the pitch is an absolute disgrace to the World Cup. But the game is on tenterhooks.

  122. 80 mins GOAL Uruguay 2-1 South Korea  

    Someone is going to spend a lot of money on the boy this summer, and on this basis he's worth it. A Uruguay corner from the right falls for Nicolas Lodeiro on the left-hand edge of the area and he flicks it to Luis Suarez - from then on it's all about the prolific Ajax striker as he creates a yard to shoot and from the edge of the box hits a curling screamer that sizzles in via the left-hand post. Stunning finish on a bog of a pitch.

  123. 606  

    From IAMsterdam: "Just what Suarez has been doing for us all season. Not having a great game but being able to just take his chances. In the penalty area he can be lethal."

  124. 84 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    After six shots, five on target and two goals, Luis Suarez is taken off and replaced by Alvaro Fernandez. Brilliant hand from the Ajax hitman.

  125. 86 mins Commentary  

    South Korea have a few minutes left to save their World Cup campaign. Can they find a second leveller at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium?

  126. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "What an absolutely fabulous goal. Luis Saurez was out by the corner of the penalty area but there was so much curl on the ball. Memories of Cristiano Ronaldo."

  127. 87 mins Commentary  

    What a chance for South Korea, will they live to regret that? Park Chu-Young finds Lee Dong-Gook with a stunning pass and he's inside the Uruguay area - but the sub's shot lacks power and after Fernando Muslera's half-save, captain Diego Lugano completes the mopping up job a yard away from his own goalline.

  128. 90 mins INJURY TIME Uruguay 2-1 South Korea  

    We're into stoppage time in Port Elizabeth and as the rain continues to fall out of the sky, South Korea have three minutes to try and find a goal that will keep them in the World Cup.

  129. 90 mins Commentary  

    South Korea are putting pressure on, but they are running out of time quickly. Can they fashion a last-gasp chance?

  130. 16:49 FULL-TIME Uruguay 2-1 South Korea  

    Nope, they couldn't. Uruguay are the first team from South America apart from Argentina and Brazil to reach the World Cup quarter-finals since Peru in 1978. Top achievement.

  131. 16:51 Commentary  

    Jubilant scenes for the boys in blue in Port Elizabeth, but there are tears before bedtime for some of the South Koreans. Their dream is over for another four years, while Uruguay will now face USA or Ghana on Friday at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

  132. SMS  

    From Xavier: "South Korea can go out with their heads held high, they entertained us in all their games."

  133. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "For me the Koreans have a big weakness - the lack of an out-and-out goalscorer. Uruguay have a couple in Forlan and Suarez, whose winner was worthy of getting through to the quarter-finals."

  134. 16:59 Commentary  

    So Luis Suarez has now scored 55 goals in 61 games for club and country this campaign, an astonishing return. Perhaps more importantly, in the race for the Golden Shoe he has joined Gonzalo Higuain, David Villa and Robert Vittek on three goals.

  135. 606  

    From BaldyBlueBrosNoMore: "South Korea were the better team overall and it's not having a proven goalscorer that has been their undoing here. Uruguay have a very suspect defence and look like they will be breached easily by a quality attacking team."

  136. 17:06 Commentary  

    Uruguay have reached the last eight of the World Cup for the first time since 1970, when they finished fourth in Mexico. Meanwhile in Bloemfontein, apparently Joachim Loew has refused to turn up for Germany's pre-match news conference because Fifa refused to let them play on the pitch today.

  137. Contributor BBC Sport's Dan Roan  

    On Twitter: "The scene inside the press conference room now at the Free State Stadium. Capello expected soon to speak to us."

  138. SMS  

    Rob, Londonderry: "Now that's this tournament's biggest Cupset - Stevo got a prediction right!"

  139. 17:15 Commentary  

    And then there were 15... South Korea's World Cup is over, but Uruguay await the winners of USA v Ghana this evening. Pranav Soneji will be your genial host for the build-up to that game, and I'll see you in just over an hour or so. Nice one.

By Saj Chowdhury

Striker Luis Suarez scored a spectacular winner to earn Uruguay a place in the World Cup quarters-finals at the expense of South Korea.

It will be the first time since 1970 the two-time winners have reached the last eight, although they will feel fortunate to have ended their barren run having spent long periods of the game defending at the rain-drenched Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

The South Koreans, who reached the semi-finals in 2002, were effervescent in their attacking third but flaky in defence, and that was exposed as early as the eighth minute.

Atletico Madrid's Diego Forlan was fed on the left and played a low ball across the six-yard area which was misjudged by keeper Jung Sung-Ryong and his statuesque defence but not by Suarez at the far post, who calmly slotted in for his second goal of the competition.

But apart from a penalty appeal when Alvaro Pereira's shot appeared to be blocked by the arm of Ki Sung-Yueng, it was the South Koreans who looked most likely to score for the remainder of the match as Uruguay set up camp in their own half.

Many of South Korea's good chances fell to star striker Park Chu-Young who was feverishly looking to add to his goal against Nigeria in the group stages.

And it could have been Uruguay chasing the game as early as the fifth minute had his free-kick curled three inches to the left rather than rattle Fernando Muslera's right-hand post.

The Monaco forward also went close with a fizzing 25-yard effort that swerved two yards wide before smashing a half-volley over the bar from inside the area after the break, when he should have made the Uruguay number one at least flinch.

But the South Koreans' luck finally changed for the better on 68 minutes when, from a free-kick, Bolton's Lee Chung-Yong pounced on Mauricio Victorino's attempted headed clearance, to nod in from eight yards.

It was the first goal Uruguay had conceded in the tournament and they came close to conceding a second when Lee Chung-Yong failed to put any venom into his shot inside the area after he was beautifully played in by captain Park Ji-Sung.

With the rain now teeming down inside the Port Elizabeth venue, it appeared that a mistake rather than a piece of skill would win the game - but the quality of 23-year-old Suarez ensured that the match would be remembered for something out of the top drawer.

With 10 minutes remaining, the potent Ajax forward lurked on the fringes of the 18-yard area as a corner was swung in from the right. He cut in from the left before curling in as sweet-a-strike as any in the tournament so far to leave keeper Jung Sung-Ryong rooted as the ball clipped the post on its way in.

The South Koreans pressed and should have taken the game into extra-time, but substitute Lee Dong-Gook's weak shot squirmed under the wet jersey of Muslera before it was comfortably cleared.

Uruguay will now play Ghana in the last eight after the Black Stars beat second round opponents the United States 2-1 after extra-time.

Uruguay Uruguay Flag 2-1 South Korea Flag South Korea FT

(HT 1-0)

Suarez, 8, 80
Lee Chung-Yong, 68

  • Venue: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
  • Referee: Stark
  • Attendance: 30,597
Uruguay     South Korea
  • Possession 48%
  • Attempts on target 10
  • Attempts off target 3
  • Corners 3
  • Fouls 10

Projected table based on current scores

Group A

Group A teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Uruguay 3 2 1 0 4 0 4 7
Mexico 3 1 1 1 3 2 1 4
South Africa 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
France 3 0 1 2 1 4 -3 1

Group B

Group B teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Argentina 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
South Korea 3 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4
Greece 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3
Nigeria 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1

Group C

Group C teams P W D L F A GD PTS
USA 3 1 2 0 4 3 1 5
England 3 1 2 0 2 1 1 5
Slovenia 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
Algeria 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 1

Group D

Group D teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Germany 3 2 0 1 5 1 4 6
Ghana 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
Australia 3 1 1 1 3 6 -3 4
Serbia 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1 3

Group E

Group E teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Netherlands 3 3 0 0 5 1 4 9
Japan 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Denmark 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 3
Cameroon 3 0 0 3 2 5 -3 0

Group F

Group F teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Paraguay 3 1 2 0 3 1 2 5
Slovakia 3 1 1 1 4 5 -1 4
New Zealand 3 0 3 0 2 2 0 3
Italy 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2

Group G

Group G teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Brazil 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
Portugal 3 1 2 0 7 0 7 5
Ivory Coast 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
North Korea 3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0

Group H

Group H teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Spain 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Chile 3 2 0 1 3 2 1 6
Switzerland 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4
Honduras 3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

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