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Portugal 0-0 Brazil

By Chris Bevan & Sam Lyon & Jonathan Stevenson
  1. 10:02 Commentary  

    Hello all, I'm Chris Bevan and welcome back to Cape Town for day 15 of the World Cup. Plenty more to look forward to today, unless you are Italian of course...

  2. 10:11 Commentary  

    Yes, the defending champions crashed out on Thursday, with a defeat by Slovakia capping a dismal group campaign. The Azzurri were pelted with rotten tomatoes at Rome airport in 1966 when they returned home after a disastrous tournament... so I would be a bit nervous about being the first man off the plane when they get back home from South Africa in the next couple of days.

  3. 10:16 Commentary  

    Lots of chat from the England camp today too of course... Their last 16 clash with Germany is only two days away after all. Guess what the theme of yesterday's press conference in Rustenburg was? Yes, penalties. Striker Jermain Defoe says: "We have been practicing pretty intensely. We're not doing the walk from halfway but there is still pressure because all the lads are standing there. If you miss you are going to get a little bit of banter."

  4. 10:19 Commentary  

    I need your help today of course - it's a team game, isn't it? Whether you are mourning Italy's exit or working yourself into a frenzy at the thought of England beating Germany, get in touch. Text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide), I'm on Twitter @chrisbevan_bbc or join the chat on 606.

  5. 10:25 Commentary  

    So what's going on in the next few hours then? Lots and lots, as it happens. We wrap up the group stages with the last of the action in Groups G and H. It's quite tasty-looking action too by the way, with Portugal taking on Brazil and Ivory Coast against North Korea in Group G, and Chile versus Spain and Switzerland-Honduras in Group H.

  6. 606  

    From Hypernovae: "Chile vs Spain could be the party-piece game of the World Cup thus far. The guile and probing of Spain's passing game against the sheer pace and trickery of Chile... bring it on!"

  7. 10:41 Commentary  

    There's a discussion going on about penalties on BBC Radio 5 live at the moment, with renowned spot-kick expert Matt Le Tissier talking a lot of sense. "For all the preparation you do, there is no guarantee those five players are going to be on the pitch at the end of the game,"  he says. Le Tissier scored 47 out of 48 penalties during his playing days... wouldn't it be nice to be able to draft in someone like that just for the shoot-out, should it come to that on Sunday... ?

  8. SMS  

    From Alex in London: "Is it just me or does anyone else see Spain leaving the tournament today? I just don't see them beating Chile and I do see the Swiss beating Honduras with the ir stuborn defence.... World Cup upset no.2 on the way? I think so!"

  9. 10:57 Commentary  

    I went to see the Netherlands beat Cameroon here in Cape Town last night and I don't think there was a happier man in this city than Arjen Robben. The Dutch winger, who has been sidelined by a hamstring injury, came off the bench to make his first appearance of the tournament and played his part in his side's winner too, with his rasping shot hitting the post and rebounding for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to bury the loose ball. Robben said: "I think you know how hard I worked for this, so to be out there was very special for me. It was a great experience and a big pleasure to be part of the World Cup."

  10. 11:03 Commentary  

    England goalkeeper David James is holding a press conference in Rustenburg, right now. I'll bring you the best bits. He's just been asked if he has been practising penalties? "Me taking them, no. The intention is for us to win the game in 90 minutes."

  11. 11:05 Commentary  

    Er, lots of questions about penalties. They all are actually. James is laughing now (but probably crying inside) and says: "The homework will be done with regards to penalties but, without sounding like Groundhog Day, we will be trying to beat Germany in normal time."

  12. 11:07 Commentary  

    No more questions about penalties! Good.

  13. Commentary England goalkeeper David James  

    "If you look at our potential road to the final, the idea of beating Germany is romantic but we are not sitting here as underdogs - it's achievable and we're confident we can do. It then possibly brings on another match (Argentina in the quarter-finals) which has it's own unique historical value."

  14. 11:16 Commentary  

    So, England look forward - but Italy can only look back. BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher was at Ellis Park yesterday to see Slovakia beat the Azzurri in a thrilling match, and send Marcello Lippi's side home early. He writes: "The sad truth for the Azzurri is that in 2010 they were simply not good enough. Italy drew with Paraguay and New Zealand and lost to Slovakia. They did not deserve to qualify."

  15. SMS  

    From Paul in Birmingham: "I think we are definitely a better team than Germany, with a better player in pretty much every position. But German teams are always stronger than us mentally, so I don't know wheither we can handle the pressure???"

  16. SMS  

    From Chris in Bournemouth: "I think Spain are in real trouble today and Chile will hold out for a draw. Sending them out, as the Swiss will win. I think we might be seeing a new world order in football after this World Cup."

  17. Commentary Ivory Coast and former England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson  

    "I think England can beat Germany, it will be a huge game. I am going to look at that on TV."

  18. 11:45 Commentary  

    Let's put England v Germany to one side just for a moment and concentrate on today's games. It cannot just be me looking forward to seeing Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo (and Tiago too) taking on Brazil? Can it?

  19. 11:52 Commentary  

    Nope, it's not just me. World Cup Motty is looking forward to Portugal-Brazil as much as me. He thinks Brazil will win it, but not by much - meaning both of them go through to the last 16. Motty also thinks Chile and Spain will get through from Group H, by the way, but that is a lot more complicated.

  20. SMS  

    From Dave in Carlisle: "So many permutations for the rest of the tournament based on how things go today, it's going to be a huge day. Imagine Brazil and Spain together in round two, that was meant to be the final! How happy would Holland be with a Portugal win!"

  21. SMS  

    Dan in Leeds: "So let me get this right. If Switzerland win by two goals, Spain are out? Suddenly a couple of draws and 1-0 doesn't look so bad, does it?"

  22. 12:15 Commentary  

    If we are looking at this World Cup from a continent v continent point of view then there is only one winner so far, and it is not Antartica. Yep, the South American countries competing in South Africa are enjoying themselves so far - Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile are yet to lose a game in South Africa, and only Chile are still fighting to make it to the last 16... even they have won both their games so far too. Impressive stuff, but will any of them win the thing?

  23. 12:25 Commentary  

    I spoke to Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp yesterday about his players in the England squad at the World Cup. Why isn't Aaron Lennon having a better tournament? "Aaron played the last few games of the Premier League season but was not 100% fit and was really just finding his feet. He did not come back with all guns blazing and do what we know he can do," Redknapp told me. "but he knows he can still have a big part to play in this World Cup. This is a squad game and, if he gets called upon with 10 minutes to go, then his pace can still win us a game."

  24. Twitter  

    From Maverick22222: "A real challenge for Spain today - Chile have looked impressive so far and Spain could well be on their way home! Strange World Cup this."

  25. Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    via Twitter: "I've filmed some video for you. Behind the scenes at England's media base in Rustenburg."

  26. 12:44 Commentary  

    A bit of news for you: The officials have been announced for England's last-16 game against Germany - Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda will take charge of the match.

  27. World Cup Have Your Say  

    From yanks4champs on WCHYS: Some teams just think they can just show up and someone is going to hand them a trophy. That's not how the World Cup works. Italy, France, (and England, quite frankly) have all learned that the hard way.

  28. 12:48 Commentary  

    Right, time to hand you over to Sam Lyon for the rest of the build-up to today's games. Thanks for keeping me company and see you all very soon.

  29. 12:52 Commentary  

    Y'alright folks. I'm Sam Lyon and I'll be with you for the next hour or so as we start to focus on this afternoon's bumper ties. Portugal-Brazil clearly takes the biscuit, but don't go thinking North Korea-Ivory Coast won't have it's fair share of spills - remember, a big (OK monster) win for Sven-Goran Eriksson's men in that one and they are right back in contention for a last-16 place. I forsee goals people, goals...

  30. 13:00 Commentary GROUP G - AS IT STANDS  

    Let us remind ourselves, then, of the state of play in Group G. Brazil are already into the last 16 and will win the group if they avoid defeat against Portugal. The Portuguese are likely to join them, even if they lose, after their 7-0 mauling of North Korea - that means Ivory Coast must hope Carlos Queiroz's men lose and they win heavily enough to overturn a nine-goal deficit on goal difference. Simples.

  31. SMS  

    From Jez, Hartlepool: "It's shaping up to be an exciting afternoon ahead. Sven will be the toast of Abidjan if Les Elephants get a Drogba-led goalfest to go through."

  32. Twitter  

    From Jinxsshah: "Isn't it a bit ironic that in 2006, Italy met France in the World Cup Finals, and in 2010, Italy meet France at the airport."

  33. 13:10 Commentary  

    As Jez points out below, the Ivory Coast's hopes of banging in a hatful today could rely on Chelsea frontman Didier Drogba. The trouble is, despite scoring last time out against Brazil, it was quite clear he is about as fit as I am out there following an elbow injury. In total, the 32-year-old touched the ball a mere 17(!) times against the Samba Boys. A repeat of that today, and I calculate he has to score once every two touches. Easy.

  34. Twitter  

    From KezK2010: "I might watch North Korea-Ivory Coast (instead of Portugal-Brazil) today to be honest, Ivory Coast need to score loads to get through, so fingers crossed!"

  35. 13:17 Commentary  

    The Ivory Coast are also relying on Brazil sticking a few past Portugal, too, of course. Dunga's boys will have to do it without Kaka, though, who was sent off against the Ivory Coast for blatantly - and dare I say viciously - breathing on Kader Keita. The Ivorian may have earned a 9.7 on the judges' scorecards for diving (course, you'd never catch a Brazilian doing that), but he will be kicking himself if Brazil, uninspired without their Real Madrid playmaker, fail to fire against Portugal today. That said, the form Kaka's been in, it might be a blessing in disguise for Brazil...?

  36. SMS  

    From Spencer and Dan in Bristol: "Cant wait till Brazil v Portugal - come on!"

  37. 13:25 Commentary  

    "What of Portugal's record against Brazil then, Sam?" Well, in answer to that made up question from an unattributable source, I can tell you that the two teams have face each other 18 times with Portugal winning just four and losing 12. They have only met once in a World Cup, though, in - wait for it - 1966. Portugal won 3-1 that year before going on to lose to England - the eventual winners, as if we'd forget - in the semis. Omen! It's an omen! Ahem.

  38. Twitter  

    From sljuk: "Brazil v Portugal is almost a dead rubber so maybe even Dunga will turn the Samba boya loose (wishful)?? Spain v Chile = delicious tie."

  39. SMS  

    From Sunil: "Do you think Deco will have a chance to play against the nation he could originally have played for?"

  40. 13:31 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    No, Sunil (below), Deco is again ruled out today because of a hip injury - and Ruben Amorim is also unavailable for Portugal. Brazil's Elano misses out after injuring his shin in against Ivory Coast, so Julio Baptista and Dani Alves are expected to be drafted in by Dunga.

  41. 13:35 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    The team news is a bit simpler for North Korea-Ivory Coast, with the former likely revert to an even more defensive system as they look to salvage pride after their 7-0 thrashing against Portugal. The Ivory Coast, in need of goals, are likely to restore Gervinho in attack. Confirmed line-ups when we get them, people.

  42. Facebook  

    From Tyrone Tellis: "What makes the WC exciting is seeing new stars emerge. Torres was an unknown before 06 now he's well known. There have been some good players on show - Sneijder, Donovan, Dos Santos, Cacau, some goalies doing good work too - Kingston of Ghana, Benaglio who come to mind."

  43. SMS  

    From Al, London: "I'm temporarily Portuguese for the afternoon! My housemates are Brazilian and the abuse they've given me for England's poor performance(s) will hopefully be cancelled out with a Portuguese victory! So - afternoon off work, jug of Pimm's and my Sporting scarf out = cracking afternoon of summer football!"

  44. Twitter  

    From yogal: "Portugal team just announced... and we're all worried Queiroz is out to defend - no striker, just Ronaldo up front!"

  45. 13:40 Commentary BREAKING NON-WORLD CUP NEWS  

    Bayer Leverkusen have completed the signing of Michael Ballack on a two-year
    contract, the club have confirmed.

  46. Twitter  

    From Frozenjaguar: "IF....Brazil beat Portugal 7 - 0 and Ivory Coast beat N.Korea 6 - 4 ... will Fifa have to draw lots?"
    Maths isn't my strong point, but... yes?

  47. Facebook  

    From Java Vamcas Kambala: "The stars aren't yet out but remember 'fortune favours the brave but not those that used to be brave'. So, the stars must prove their class or else it will be another joy for the so-called underdogs."

  48. 13:47 Commentary  

    And while we're having a brief moment of Germany news, according to Times Deputy Football Correspondent Matt Hughes, national coach Joachim Loew has just confirmed that midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger is struggling for Sunday's second round match against England. What a boost for Don Fabio's boys that would be, huh?

  49. SMS  

    From Anon: "In reply to Tyrone tellis on Facebook (below), surely you can't forget the impact Honda and Gyan have made on this World Cup!"

  50. 13:58 Commentary  

    Right then, time for me to hand you over to Jonathan Stevenson in Johannesburg for all the team news and action as it happens from North Korea-Ivory Coast and Portugal-Brazil. I'll be back in situ for this evening's ties involving Chile, Spain, Switzerland and Honduras - but until then, kick back and enjoy. It's going to be an absolute belter.

  51. 14:04 Commentary  

    Time to get the old swingometer out again, isn’t it? Ivory Coast need to win by a landslide and hope Portugal lose their marginal against Brazil. For this World Cup party footballing broadcast, starting with arguably the worst analogy of all time, welcome back to Johannesburg. Can you refresh your page so Sam Lyon isn't lumbered with it? Ta.

  52. 14:07 Commentary  

    Yep, I'm Jonathan Stevenson and this is the climax to Group G. Portugal take on Brazil in Durban, while North Korea and Ivory Coast face off for the first time in history in Neslpruit. I wonder what the drama gods have in store for us today?

  53. 14:10 Commentary Portugal v Brazil line-ups:  

    Portugal: 1-Eduardo; 2-Bruno Alves, 6-Ricardo Carvalho, 15-Pepe, 23-Fabio Coentrao, 21-Ricardo Costa, 16-Raul Meireles, 19-Tiago, 7-Cristiano Ronaldo, 5-Duda, 10-Danny.
    Brazil: 1-Julio Cesar; 2-Maicon, 3-Lucio, 4-Juan, 6-Michel Bastos, 5-Felipe Melo, 8-Gilberto Silva, 13-Dani Alves, 21-Nilmar, 19-Julio Baptista, 9-Luis Fabiano.
    Referee: Benito Archundia (Mexico)

  54. 14:14 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast line-ups:  

    North Korea: 1-Ri Myong-guk; 5-Ri Kwang-chon, 2-Cha Jong-hyok, 13-Pak Chol-jin, 3-Ri Jun-il, 8-Ji Yun-nam, 11-Mun In-guk, 17-An Yong-hak, 4-Pak Nam-chol, 10-Hong Yong-jo, 9-Jong Tae-se.
    Ivory Coast: 1-Boubacar Barry; 3-Arthur Boka, 4-Kolo Toure, 5-Didier Zokora, 21-Emmanuel Eboue; 13-Ndri Romaric, 19-Yaya Toure, 9-Cheik Tiote; 10-Gervais Kouassi, 11-Didier Drogba, 18-Abdelkader Keita.
    Referee: Alberto Undiano (Spain)

  55. 14:16 Commentary  

    Yep, by tonight we will have shedded half the 32 countries who started this potentially great tournament with hopes and dreams of success and be standing on the precipice of what has already been dubbed ‘the round of the last 16’. But, gentleman and fair maidens, who are going to be the lucky four who join the 12 already confirmed?

  56. 14:18 Commentary  

    That’s what I want to know from you - as well as every World Cup-related thing going on in your World Cup life right now. I’m a sponge - saturate me with chat: I’m on Twitter @Stevo_football; I’m on text on 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide); and I’m hearing rumours that opinions are already being voiced on our daily 606 page. Miss it, Mesut (miss out. I’m trying. Sorry).

  57. 14:21 Commentary  

    Correct, those of you who neatly remind me that Brazil are already through and so there are only three places up for grabs in the last 16 still (thanks Sam). But who will they be? Here's a Matchday 15 talking point: will Spain be one of them?

  58. SMS  

    Ross from Brighton: "A question for everyone: would you prefer a wonderful display of footballing genius from both Portugal and Brazil or a scrapy card-fest, kick-a-thon that would limit both teams selection come the quarters and semis?"

  59. 606  

    From Jewell_of_East: "Come on Ivory Coast, but Portugal will qualify. They actually have a good team. Their defence has Carvalho, Ferreira, Miguel, Pepe etc and in Tiago and Deco, creative midfielders. Add Danny and Ronaldo's magic and you have a great team there."

  60. 14:30 Commentary  

    I'm afraid I'm still buzzing. Italy's stunning exit and Japan's assured display were fabulous highlights from Matchday 14, we've got these two games coming up and a potential exit for the Spanish tonight. Throw in Germany v England on Sunday, and there's action everywhere you look. I've even been invited to take part in a table football penalty shootout by some German broadcasters on Saturday. I'll let you know.

  61. Twitter  

    From grigsy: "Really feel for Spain cos they have to do what nobody has done yet at this World Cup - beat someone from South America."

  62. 14:36 Commentary  

    So, where are we in Group G? Well Brazil are through and a point will seal top spot. Portugal progress with a draw or if Ivory Coast fail to beat North Korea. Ivory Coast need to win and hope Portugal lose to Brazil, and in the process make up an enormous goal deficit. North Korea are already out.

  63. Contributor BBC Sport's Alan Hansen  

    "In the second half the other day, Cristiano Ronaldo came to life and he showed us the great player he is. You would not ever, ever want to play against him."

  64. 14:41 Commentary Brazil coach Dunga:  

    "We know that football is always something of a Pandora's box. All the teams that are here are very good sides. We are talking about globalised football and we have to be prepared for unexpected surprises."

  65. 14:42 Commentary Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz:  

    "We are playing against the highest-ranked team in the world. They have tremendous organisation, they are a very solid team, full of outstanding players. I think it's going to be a very difficult game for both sides. Any victory against Brazil is always an excellent result for any team. But even a draw for that matter."

  66. 14:45 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast team news:  

    Didier Drogba spearheads an attack-minded Ivory Coast side that must score many times against North Korea. Salomon Kalou, Aruna Dindane, Guy Demel and Siaka Tiene drop to the bench, with Romaric, Gervais Kouassi, Abdelkader Keita and Arthur Boka coming in. North Korea coach Kim Jong-hun keeps faith with the side that was thrashed 7-0 by Portugal, so striker Jong Tae-Se will continue to look for his first World Cup goal alongside Hong Yong-Jo in attack.

  67. 14:47 Commentary Ivory Coast coach Sven-Goran Eriksson:  

    "I think they were extremely well-organised against Brazil and for 45 minutes against Portugal. Then I really don't know what happened in the second half, it looked too easy for Portugal. I don't know if they were tired, changed tactics, I don't know."

  68. 14:48 Commentary North Korea coach Kim Jong-Hun:  

    "My staff and players did not meet the expectations of our countrymen. Nevertheless our people, even though we didn't play too well, will welcome us with open arms. For the young children in North Korea who are football fans, I think they will be more motivated and more interested in football."

  69. 14:49 Commentary Portugal v Brazil team news:  

    Portugal are without injured Brazil-born playmaker Deco for the second consecutive match, but Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo starts. Carlos Queiroz makes four changes to the team which routed North Korea 7-0 in the previous match, with Duda, Danny, Pepe and Ricardo Costa all starting. Brazil bring in Julio Baptista and Daniel Alves for the suspended Kaka and injured Elano. Manchester City's Robinho drops to the bench, with coach Dunga drafting in Nilmar.

  70. SMS  

    Elvis, hiding in London: "It’s a conspiracy! All the European teams have been set against each other in the next round. Therefore Portugal will finish second in their group and Spain will top theirs. Or vice-versa."

  71. 14:54 Commentary  

    The teams are out, so it's time for us to listen to Hino Nacional Brasileiro, A Portuguesa, L'Abidjanaise and Aegukka. Yeah I know, you love it when I give you the anthem names. Love it.

  72. 14:57 Commentary  

    Portugal's is one of those great anthems, isn't it? So's is Brazil, in all fairness. No tears for the North Korean hitman Jong Tae-Se this time, and we're on the cusp of a couple of kick-offs.

  73. 15:00 KICK-OFF North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Seems like everyone thinks Group G is already all wrapped up - has this World Cup taught you nothing? Our first kick-off the day comes in Nelspruit.

  74. 15:00 KICK-OFF Portugal v Brazil  

    And about seven seconds later, we're under way in Durban to boot.

  75. 15:01 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    The Ivorians are going all-out attack already and Yaya Toure plays Kader Keita in on the right of the box, but his goalbound shot draws a fine low save from Ri Myong-Guk.

  76. Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Bright North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    "North Korea look very nervous already."

  77. 15:04 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    There's an unmistakeable buzz of excitement when Cristiano Ronaldo gets the ball - it really is intriguingly set up in Durban. Incredible, too, that Brazil have the world's two best right-backs in their team, with Dani Alves playing in midfield today.

  78. 15:05 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    Lovely turn into space by Julio Baptista and he lays it off for Dani Alves - the Barca man never needs a second invitation to shoot and he lashes narrowly wide from about 25 yards.

  79. 606  

    From florinda: "My scoreline predictions this World Cup have been dreadful - however I can see this being 3-2 to Brazil."

  80. 15:10 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    North Korea have improved a little after a shaky start, but they haven't got close to the final third yet. Gervinho gets to the byeline down the left for Ivory Coast, but his cross rolls along the goalline and there's no-one to touch it in.

  81. 15:10 OFFSIDE North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Didier Drogba is furiously wagging his finger at the assistant after his header from Kader Keita's cross is ruled out, but replays show that was a fantastic decision from the official.

  82. 15:12 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    It's all Ivory Coast. Gervinho collects a Didier Drogba pass, turns inside a defender and from 16 yards forces Ri-Myong-Guk to save low down to his right.

  83. 15:13 GOAL North Korea 0-1 Ivory Coast  

    It was either going to be an afternoon of frustration for Ivory Coast or a goalfest - might be the latter, now. Yaya Toure collects a ball on the edge of the North Korea box and rolls a right-foot shot into the far corner past Ri Myong-Guk. They deserve it, fair to say.

  84. 15:15 YELLOW CARD Portugal v Brazil  

    Luis Fabiano goes in late on Pepe and the Brazilian striker picks up a yellow card. It's pretty even in Durban, with Brazil enjoying more possession but Portugal looking dangerous.

  85. 15:16 HITS THE WOODWORK North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    North Korea have gone, and we've barely even started yet. Romaric sends over a cross from the right and it goes all the way through to the far post, which it clips the outside of.

  86. 15:17 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    Nice move from the Portuguese, Raul Meireles sending over a cross from the left only for Tiago to get his volley all wrong and slice wide from the edge of the box.

  87. 15:19 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    First effort on goal from North Korea in Nelspruit as Hong Yong-Jo smashes a free-kick just wide from about 40 yards. Decent hit from there, son.

  88. 15:19 GOAL North Korea 0-2 Ivory Coast  

    Sorry, but this is just pathetic. Ivory Coast are creating chances at will and after Didier Drogba turns and slams a ferocious volley against the underside of the bar, Romaric is on hand to head into an unguarded net. They could end up with 8, 9, 10, 11 - Portugal, beware.

  89. 15:23 YELLOW CARD Portugal v Brazil  

    Relatively speaking, it's pretty quiet in Durban at the magnificent Moses Mabhida Stadium. Brazil are having the better of it now, but they haven't created a clear chance yet. Juan is booked for a deliberate handball, and the furiously protesting Duda is also cautioned for banging on about it. Silly boy.

  90. 15:24 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Hong Yong-Jo goes agonisingly close for North Korea, curling a 20-yard free-kick inches wide.

  91. Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Bright  

    "This is so easy for Ivory Coast it's like a training exercise."

  92. 15:27 Commentary Group G as it stands:  

    A good start from the Ivory Coast. But they're going to need a lot more to pull off one of the more extraordinary qualifications in World Cup history. They'll be wanting plenty more goals - ooh, probably at least five more - and also need Brazil to take the lead against Portugal, before it even starts to get interesting...

  93. Twitter  

    From ShaunForster: "Shots from distance emphasise the lack of creativity in Brazil's midfield, three strikers, two defensive mids & a right-back."

  94. 15:31 HITS THE WOODWORK Portugal v Brazil  

    Portugal's defence goes to sleep and Nilmer nips in down the left, drilling a shot from an angle against the right-hand post. Portugal counter with pace and Tiago goes down inside the Brazil area - it looks like he may have been slightly touched, but it was a bit theatrical and he's booked for simulation.

  95. 15:34 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Ivory Coast have had 64% possession in Nelspruit, but they haven't created a clear-cut chance for a few minutes. Remember, they need a goal glut and for Brazil to beat Portugal to have a chance of going through.

  96. SMS  

    From Olivia in Sao Paulo: "I'm watching the match in a bar, amazing atmosphere. City has come to a halt. Everyone watching the big game! Go Brazil!"

  97. 15:37 HITS THE WOODWORK North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Stunning piece of skill from Didier Drogba - trapped against the byeline, he flicks the ball between two defenders and comes out the other side, magical. Moments later, Gervinho drills a right-foot shot that clips the outside of the post from 10 yards. Should have scored.

  98. 15:38 YELLOW CARD Portugal v Brazil  

    Maicon the magnificent, they should call him. Somehow he sends over a superb cross from the touchline on the Brazil right, but having got there first at the back stick Luis Fabiano can only head into the ground and over the bar. Pepe is booked for a foul soon after.

  99. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Robbie Savage  

    "There's nothing really happening at the moment. It's like a pre-season friendly, there's no energy, no desire. It's like a week before the season when nobody wants to get injured. Ivory Coast should at least try to make a spectacle of it. They've got nothing to lose. There's not one person running now, everyone is walking."

  100. 15:40 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    Cristiano Ronaldo lets fly from outside the Brazil area, but it's routine for Julio Cesar - it would take a hell of a hit to beat him from there.

  101. 15:42 YELLOW CARD Portugal v Brazil  

    This is the fixture in 1966 that Pele got kicked out of and there is some thuggish behaviour in Durban too, unfortunately. Felipe Melo takes Pepe out completely and accepts the punishment of a yellow card. Ridiculous.

  102. 15:44 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Romaric heads goalwards after a cross from the Ivorian left, but it's a comfortable catch for Ri Myong-Guk.

  103. 15:44 YELLOW CARD Portugal v Brazil  

    Fabio Coentrao is the latest to be cautioned in Durban, this time for going through the back of Dani Alves.

  104. 15:45 HALF-TIME North Korea 0-2 Ivory Coast  

    Ivory Coast have dominated most of the game, but somehow they only have two goals to show for their efforts. They need plenty more, but as Portugal showed on Monday, there's still plenty of time.

  105. 15:46 HALF-TIME Portugal 0-0 Brazil  

    Goalless - but if it's niggly fouls and bookings you're after, you've come to the right place.

  106. Contributor BBC Sport's Alan Shearer Portugal v Brazil  

    "Both defences are very, very good and you can see why neither of them concedes many goals."

  107. Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Bright North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    "North Korea are the politest team I have ever seen. They are not aggressive and they don't tackle. They need to come out with a lot more bite in the second half but I can't really see them improving."

  108. SMS  

    Paul in Maidstone: "Maybe one of Sven's legendary half-time teamtalks will inspire Ivory Coast to score nine."

  109. 15:56 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    This just in from Marcelo, at Brazil's TV Globo: "Are you watching Felipe Melo? Now you probably understand why we worry so much about him. He’s mad! Took a yellow card motivated by revenge. He’s a good player, but sometimes very “hot”, so to speak."

  110. 606  

    From Britain's most objective man: "Brasil are cruising. Portugal offer little threat other than Ronaldo, and he is isolated. A lot of childish behaviour from the players, bit embarrassing really."

  111. 16:01 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Back under way in Nelspruit at the Mbombela Stadium. Now, how many goals can Ivory Coast get in these 45 minutes? Can they make it really interesting?

  112. 16:02 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    And we're off at the Durban Stadium as well.

  113. 16:03 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    North Korea's goalkeeper Ri Myong-Guk takes a heavy knock as Ivory Coast attack and he's a bit winded, needs a little bit of treatment. Should be fine to carry on, though.

  114. 16:04 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    Cristiano Ronaldo escapes down the Portugal left and heads towards the area, but when he gets to the byeline to cross for Tiago, a sliding Lucio makes a crucial intervention and the danger is averted for Brazil.

  115. Twitter  

    From dprayudi: "Ronaldo or no Ronaldo, against Brazil you have to park the bus."

  116. 16:08 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Brilliant stuff from Emmanuel Eboue as he drifts in from the right for Ivory Coast, but his whacked ball across the six-yard box is not met by a team-mate. Up the other end and the always confident Jong Tae-Se shoots right-footed from 25 yards, forcing Boubacar Barry to make his first save of the day.

  117. 16:09 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    Cristiano Ronaldo, another man who doesn't have to have his arm twisted to have a pop from range, launches a 35-yard free-kick goalwards - it takes a deflection off team-mate Pepe and loops over Julio Cesar's crossbar.

  118. 16:11 SUBSTITUTION Portugal v Brazil  

    Portugal take Duda off and send on Simao.

  119. 16:11 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Some pinball inside the North Korea box ends with a horizontal Didier Drogba heading just past the angle of post and bar. They need goals, and quickly, Ivory Coast.

  120. World Cup Have Your Say  

    From Pugalenthii Ramakrishnana in Singapore on WCHYS: "The beautiful game is being slaughtered by Brazil and Portugal with seven yellow cards in just the first half. So sad."

  121. 16:17 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    Julio Cesar is the best goalkeeper in the world, and that's why. Cristiano Ronaldo breaks down the right and after he is tackled well by Lucio inside the Brazil area, the ball breaks for Raul Meireles six yards out - he pokes towards goal, but Cesar sticks out his right hand to get a crucial deflection. Brilliant.

  122. 16:18 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Ivory Coast should have a third when Arthur Boka sends over a cross from the right, but Didier Drogba doesn't get the timing of his jump right and he can only glance wide.

  123. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Robbie Savage North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    "What a dreadful game. If I was at home listening to this I don't know what I would do. The Koreans are playing five at the back - it's as if they don't want to get embarrassed like they did against Portugal but it's making for a horrible spectacle."

  124. 16:21 Commentary  

    The games aren't world-class, but how about this for breaking news chat: Germany legend Franz Beckenbauer has just told BBC Sport he thinks England will go out ON PENALTIES in Sunday's last-16 clash in Bloemfontein. Fabio - pin it up in the dressing-room, job done. Video of the interview with you shortly.

  125. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle Portugal v Brazil  

    "That's what Cristiano Ronaldo's good at, that's what people have paid to see, him taking the ball on and running at people. But I think that's the first good run he's had."

  126. 16:23 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Ivory Coast are getting desperate now as Romaric drills one in from 30 yards and Ri Myong-Guk pushes it away, diving to his right. Looks like North Korea might have spared themselves a second successive humiliation in Nelspruit.

  127. SMS  

    From 'Unimpressed': "Portugal vs Brazil? More like Hull vs Wigan. Terrible match so far."

  128. 16:27 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    It's woeful. Players are just booting the ball out of play - these are very, very good players, too. Portugal are probably the better team right now as well, presumably relieved that the Ivorians haven't scored a hatful in the other game. They are both going through in the most unthrilling fashion imaginable.

  129. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle Portugal v Brazil  

    "I'm totally disappointed in both teams. You look at the names on the team sheet and you think you will see craft and cleverness. But it's just basic things - I can't believe how they can't pass a ball, even 10 yards."

  130. 16:30 Commentary Group G as it stands:  

    With 20 minutes to go, just a reminder about the standings - it's not rocket science. Brazil, already qualified, will top the group with Portugal safely through in second place. Worth remembering though, that a winner for the Portuguese puts them top.

  131. Twitter  

    From peterwsouth: "Why aren't Portugal going for it with Spain likely opponents in the next round?"

    They are, but Brazil have parked the bus. Imagine?

  132. 16:35 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Ivory Coast know they are exiting the World Cup and they are just going through the motions in front of 34,000-odd in Nelspruit. North Korea have even had a couple of shots at goal as this one meanders to its conclusion.

  133. 16:36 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    We are witnessing history (of sorts) in Durban. Our friends at Infostrada Sports tell us that the last time Brazil failed to score in a World Cup group match was 32 years ago in 1978 - a 0-0 draw against Spain.

  134. 16:37 GOAL North Korea 0-3 Ivory Coast  

    Jong Tae-Se has gone close to a goal twice, but Ivory Coast make the game safe with a third goal. Arthur Boka sends over a cross from the left and Salomon Kalou gets there before Ri Myong-Guk to volley in from close-range. Kalou does a dance with Gervinho, Sven smiles and Ri needs some treatment.

  135. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Robbie Savage North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    "The disappointing thing is, the way Ivory Coast started, they really could have scored seven or eight goals today."

  136. 16:41 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    I hope this is the last time we see a game at this World Cup with several top-class players on the pitch giving us absolutely no entertainment whatsoever. Ah well, Spain are on tonight...

  137. 16:41 OFFSIDE North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Aruna Dindane converts a Didier Drogba free-kick, but he is adjudged to be offside. Not sure he was, might have been one of his team-mates. It's largely insignificant.

  138. 606  

    From wildsnooker: "I'm telling you Brazil will steal this."

  139. 16:44 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    A chance for Brazil! Lucio heads goalwards, but it's an easy save for Eduardo in the Portuguese goal. Dead rubber for them or not, the 1958/70/82 vintage this team ain't.

  140. 16:46 INJURY TIME North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Into five minutes of stoppage time at Nelspruit.

  141. 16:47 INJURY TIME Portugal v Brazil  

    There are five added minutes in Durban, too. Way to punish us, officials.

  142. 16:48 Commentary Portugal v Brazil  

    I nearly had to eat those words big time. Ramires fires goalwards from 25 yards and it takes a horrible deflection - the ball looks like it is looping in, but Eduardo bends his back and fingertips it away. Great save.

  143. 16:49 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Ivory Coast have had 27 shots this afternoon. To be fair, they could have won 27-0 and it wouldn't have mattered as things stand.

  144. 16:51 FULL-TIME North Korea 0-3 Ivory Coast  

    That's it, all over. Ivory Coast are out of the World Cup. Africa's hopes lie with Ghana, and Ghana alone. No quarters for Sven-Goran Eriksson this time.

  145. 16:52 FULL-TIME Portugal 0-0 Brazil  

    Don't buy the DVD, would be my advice to you. Shocker.

  146. Contributor BBC Sport's Mick McCarthy  

    "Portugal v Brazil was one of the worst games of the tournament, between two very good teams. It was just dreadful."

  147. 16:56 Commentary North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    Didier Drogba, 32, waves goodbye to the World Cup for probably the last time - as a player, anyway. He does a lap of honour around the outer rim of the stadium in Nelspruit, taking his shirt and boots off and giving them to fans in the crowd. Lovely touch from arguably Africa's best footballer.

  148. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle Portugal v Brazil  

    "They've just basically played the game out. It's been like a practice game. It's a shame because people paid good money to watch this."

  149. SMS  

    Rob, Newbury: "Brazil do not appear to have anyone who can go past a defender. The most unskilful Brazil team I have ever seen."

  150. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Robbie Savage North Korea v Ivory Coast  

    "That was my last game at this World Cup. It's been a wonderful experience but in 48 hours I'll be in a pub back home watching England beat the Germans."

  151. Twitter  

    From footy_fever: "I am disgusted at both teams' performance... they have shown no spirit, no hunger to win. A real shame."

  152. 17:08 Commentary  

    What this means is that Brazil, having topped Group G, will play the runners-up in Group H at Ellis Park in Johannesburg on Monday at 1930 BST. As for Portugal - they will face the winners of Group H in Cape Town on Tuesday at 1930 BST.

  153. 606  

    From paranoid: "Portugal v Brazil - no-one needed to win, no-one wanted to win, no-one tried to win. Is this sport? Give the fans their hard earned money back, they have been cheated."

  154. 17:15 Commentary  

    On that total lack of anything resembling a bombshell, it's time for me to leave you. Thanks for sticking around, and please come back in a little while when Sam Lyon takes you through a hopefully much better conclusion to Group H. I'm off to practice table football ahead of a battle with the Germans on Saturday. Have a good one.

By Phil Dawkes

Brazil and Portugal played out an extremely uneventful goalless draw which ensured both sides qualified for the last 16.

What was perceived as arguably the potential standout game of the group stages failed to deliver on its promise as Portugal's desire to secure the point that would definitely seal what was already likely qualification from Group G limited any free-flowing football from either side.

Unsurprisingly, the already qualified Brazil were the more positive of the two sides but were only able to fashion a handful of chances, the best of which fell to striker Nilmar but was superbly saved by goalkeeper Eduardo.

The draw means the South Americans finish top of the group and will look forward to the second phase with confidence, even though this could present them with an earlier-than-expected clash with the closest rivals for their world number one status, Spain.

Portugal's 7-0 thrashing of North Korea in their previous match ensured that despite this defeat, and the Ivory Coast's 3-0 victory over the North Koreans in the group's other game, they progressed to the knockout stages in South Africa as runners-up.

Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz made four changes to the team from Monday with Pepe and Ricardo Costa coming into defence, and Danny and Duda in midfield.

Having overwhelmed their opponents four days ago, Queiroz's men reverted to a more conservative style designed to stifle their opponents and its efficiency resulted in an anti-climactic and fractious game where the number of bookings outweighed clear-cut chances.

Portugal defender Pepe and Brazil midfielder Felipe Melo were both booked during a running battle, which resulted in the latter being substituted just before half-time.

Brazil defender Juan was one of five other players booked but it could have been worse when he handled 40 yards from goal from a long ball seeking to release Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo clear down the right.

Ronaldo, operating in a lone attacking role was Portugal's chief threat but this primarily constituted a series of long-range efforts from 40 yards-plus which even for a player of Ronaldo's quality were wildly optimistic.

When the Real Madrid man was allowed to run at goal he twice met with strong challenges from Lucio, the first of which was a superb block from a shot on the left, but the second, from a similarly aggressive run on the right, inadvertently deflected the ball across goal to Raul Meireles only for the midfielder to shoot wide.

Ironically, the last time Portugal had been beaten prior to this match was a 6-2 thumping by Brazil in November 2008 but a repeat of that scoreline was never on the cards between two sides with one eye already on the next round.

To this end, Brazil rested Robinho, bringing in Nilmar up front to partner Luis Fabiano, who scored a hat-trick in that 6-2 win and bagged a brace in their previous group game against the Ivory Coast.

The attacking duo were central to all of Brazil's best attacking play.

They combined on the half hour with Fabiano crossing for Nilmar at the back post, who looked certain to score only for Eduardo to produce a superb point blank save to push the ball on to the post and deny him.

Shortly after, Fabiano found space at the back post by headed wide from a deep right-wing cross from the marauding Maicon.

With the game seemingly petering out to provide a satisfactory share of the spoils for each side, Brazil substitute Ramires broke from the script and struck a shot from 25 yards in injury-time which took a deflection and was goalbound until Eduardo intervened with a good one-handed save to preserve Portugal's 100% clean-sheet record in the tournament.

Portugal Portugal Flag 0-0 Brazil Flag Brazil FT

(HT 0-0)







  • Venue: Moses Mabhida Stadium
  • Referee: B Archundia
  • Attendance: 62,712
Portugal     Brazil
  • Possession 37%
  • Attempts on target 3
  • Attempts off target 10
  • Corners 4
  • Fouls 10

Projected table based on current scores

Group A

Group A teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Uruguay 3 2 1 0 4 0 4 7
Mexico 3 1 1 1 3 2 1 4
South Africa 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
France 3 0 1 2 1 4 -3 1

Group B

Group B teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Argentina 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
South Korea 3 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4
Greece 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3
Nigeria 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1

Group C

Group C teams P W D L F A GD PTS
USA 3 1 2 0 4 3 1 5
England 3 1 2 0 2 1 1 5
Slovenia 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
Algeria 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 1

Group D

Group D teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Germany 3 2 0 1 5 1 4 6
Ghana 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
Australia 3 1 1 1 3 6 -3 4
Serbia 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1 3

Group E

Group E teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Netherlands 3 3 0 0 5 1 4 9
Japan 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Denmark 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 3
Cameroon 3 0 0 3 2 5 -3 0

Group F

Group F teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Paraguay 3 1 2 0 3 1 2 5
Slovakia 3 1 1 1 4 5 -1 4
New Zealand 3 0 3 0 2 2 0 3
Italy 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2

Group G

Group G teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Brazil 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
Portugal 3 1 2 0 7 0 7 5
Ivory Coast 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
North Korea 3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0

Group H

Group H teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Spain 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Chile 3 2 0 1 3 2 1 6
Switzerland 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4
Honduras 3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

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