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Spain 2-0 Honduras

By Pranav Soneji & Chris Bevan
  1. 17:46 Commentary  

    Hola mis amigos y bienviendos. Soy Pranav Soneji y ahora vamos a ver to game number 32 - or defending European champions and red-hot pre-tournament favourites Spain against Honduras as some people are calling it. This is huge. In fact it's bigger than that - it's large.

  2. 17:51 Commentary  

    This from Infostrada: "Since Spain played their first World Cup group phase in 1950, they have lost their opening match on six occasions. On the five previous to this year, they only progressed to the second phase on one occasion (1986). On the other four (1962, 1966, 1978 and 1998), the Spanish went home after three group matches." Ouch, not fun reading if you are from anywhere near the Iberian peninsula.

  3. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    From Twitter: "Fans are starting to swirl around in real numbers, with a healthy contingent of white-and-blue bedecked Hondurans most certainly in the mood to party. The Spaniards, meanwhile, are a touch more circumspect - they know that after defeat at the hands of the Swiss, nothing but a resounding win will do tonight."

  4. 18:02 Commentary  

    A quick recap on how both teams have fared so far - errr, not very well. Both Honduras and Spain opened up their World Cup campaigns with 1-0 defeats, although it was the European champion's sensational 1-0 defeat by Switzerland that not just grabbed headlines but dominated every watercooler conversation across the country. How can a team with Torres, Villa, Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas and Alonso play dream-like football but fail to apply the killer touch to dissect a obdurate Swiss defence? Maybe you can help solve the case. Contribute via text message on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide); 606, or Twitter via the BBC World Cup group.

  5. 18:10 Commentary  

    Spain have concerns about Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta, who has been hampered with a thigh injury over the past few months.  Spain are likely to leave the decision right up until the final whistle, but with Cesc Fabregas eager to impress, it's hardly as if there's a paucity of world-class midfielders in Vicente del Bosque's squad.  With goals very much on the agenda, the former Real boss unlikely to start with Fernando Torres on the bench, as he did against Switzerland last week.  Expect the Liverpool striker to start up front alongside David Villa. 

  6. SMS  

    From Rob: "Spain were unlucky last week, expect a revitalised Spanish team to beat Honduras comfortably today."

  7. 18:15 Commentary  

    Honduras manager Reinaldo Rueda: "We are not like the Swiss at all. But the vital factors in that game - determination, conviction, good order and the Swiss will to fight on - we should take into account to counteract Spain's enormous ability on the pitch. What we want to do is improve on our performance against Chile and counteract Spain's strengths."

  8. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    From Twitter: "Ellis Park is buzzing - great atmosphere outside the ground already. Inside the media centre, there are a few concerned Spanish faces."

  9. 18:22 Commentary  

    Anyone been out and about and randomly bumped into a Honduran footballer that isn't Wilson Palacios or Maynor Figueroa and had a photo taken with them? We want your stalking/smiling snaps for our World Cup album. It's filling up nicely although some teams could do with a little push - ie Honduras. Email your photos to, or via Flickr and keep an eye out for our page on Twitter throughout the tournament.

  10. 18:27 Commentary  

    Meawnwhile Spain boss Vicente del Bosque has waded into the France split camp row. "I don't think it's a very edifying episode when a player rebels against his own coach. Players and coaches are representing the football family and are obliged to represent it in the best possible way. I am sorry this has happened to Anelka. When we worked together at Real Madrid he was exemplary except for one difference of opinion at one point." So there.

  11. 18:30 Commentary  

    My time is done, it's time to head over to South Africa where Chris Bevan will take you through until the end of what is set to be an enthralling Group H encounter. Adios and happy summer solstice.

  12. 18:34 Commentary  

    Hello, I'm Chris Bevan - I've just about dried out after watching Portugal demolish North Korea in the rain in Cape Town earlier. Unless you are North Korean - and I'm guessing you probably aren't - you probably enjoyed it. I did. Hopefully Spain v Honduras will be just as good...

  13. Commentary Spain v Honduras line-ups  

    Spain: 1-Iker Casillas; 15-Sergio Ramos, 3-Gerard Pique, 5-Carles Puyol, 11-Joan Capdevila; 22-Jesus Navas, 14-Xabi Alonso, 8-Xavi, 16-Sergio Busquets; 9-Fernando Torres, 7-David Villa.

    Honduras: 18-Noel Valladares; 23-Sergio Mendoza, 2-Osman Chavez, 3-Maynor Figueroa, 21-Emilio Izaguirre; 19-Danilo Turcios, 8-Wilson Palacios, 20-Amado Guevara, 13-Roger Espinoza; 15-Walter Martinez; 11-David Suazo.

    Referee: Yuichi Nishimura (Japan)

  14. 18:39 Commentary  

    I for one am pleased to see Cristiano Ronaldo playing with a smile on his face, and in great form too. If he's woken up, then this tournament could get very lively indeed. Who reckons Fernando Torres might catch fire (you know what I mean) in similar fashion tonight?

  15. 18:44 Commentary  

    Speaking of lively, I need you lot to be exactly that. We are about 50 minutes away from kick-off at Ellis Park in Johannesburg and I need you to keep the World Cup chat coming in. Text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide), I'm on Twitter @chrisbevan_bbc or you can always get involved on 606.

  16. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "Maybe I'm getting overly emotional about this World Cup, but there are few more beautiful sights than watching a football ground fill up, full of the hopes and dreams of thousands of people - people who, in this case, have travelled many, many miles to watch their teams. I just asked a Spain fan for a prediction: she told me 8-0."

  17. SMS  

    From Jamie in Hampshire: "What does Cesc have to do to get a game?!"

  18. Commentary Spain v Honduras team news  

    Spain have named Fernando Torres up front alongside David Villa but Andres Iniesta starts on the bench after failing to fully recover from a knock sustained in the 1-0 defeat by Switzerland. Winger Jesus Navas is promoted from the bench, at the expense of David Silva, and takes his place in midfield alongside Xavi, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Busquets.
    Honduras welcome back striker David Suazo after he recovered from a leg injury.

  19. 18:52 Commentary  

    Did you know it is 46 years to the day since Spain were crowned European champions for the first time? Well, you do now. The winners of Euro 2008 are in a spot of bother in this World Cup, though, because their defeat by Switzerland means they have to beat Honduras now, and Chile on Friday, to have any chance of making the last 16.

  20. 606  

    From redandblackT: "So no Iniesta and no Fabregas for Spain. Odd."

  21. 18:57 Commentary  

    Oh, and if Spain lose tonight, they are OUT. But that's not going to happen is it? IS IT? (er, It's unlikely but it could happen)

  22. SMS  

    From Bolaji in Nigeria: "Spain will win nothing until they know how to use an efficient midfielder like Fabregas. Xavi and Barcelona's philosophy has been de-mystified by Mourinho."

  23. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "There is a strong feeling that Vicente del Bosque's team selection could have been a touch bolder, especially as goal difference could play a decisive factor in this group. Two strikers gets the thumbs up, but the midfield has a defensive look about it with Sergio Busquets and Xabi Alonso - what doe Cesc Fabregas have to do to get into this team? Great for Honduras that they get livewire striker David Suazo back - fancy him to cause a problem or two to the Spain defence tonight."

  24. 19:05 Commentary  

    Blimey. I've just heard Fabio Capellpo say on ITV that John Terry made "a big mistake" with some of what he said at yesterday's press conference.

  25. 19:11 HANDBAGS  

    More news of unrest - (probably to your relief) it's France again. French coach Raymond Domenech says it is a possibility that some of his players will not want to play in their final World Cup game against South Africa tomorrow. Do you think I can get away with a handbags graphic here?

  26. SMS  

    From Sam in Oxford: "To Jamie in Hampshire - What does Cesc have to do to get an international game? Claim English nationality!"

    It's a bit late for that, sadly...

  27. 19:20 Commentary  

    Spain are limbering up in the tunnel, with their mascots looking at them in the same way I would if I was aged nine - transfixed and in complete awe. Mind you, I'd probably be the same now... no sign of Honduas yet.

  28. SMS  

    From Paul, in Doncaster: "Does anybody else have an inkling that this match may not be as one-sided as it seems?! Especially now I've seen Spain's line up! Intriguing game in prospect."

  29. 606  

    From Mark Fletcher: "Don't understand why people are asking what Fabregas has to do to get in the Spain side when the obvious answer is... he has to be better than Xavi and Iniesta. He is not."

  30. 19:27 Commentary  

    The good news is that Honduras have turned up - that's a relief. It's currently anthem-time, followed, in a moment or two, by kick-off. Ready? I should hope so...

  31. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "There are pockets of Honduras fans dotted around this famous old ground, but red-and-yellow dominates the stands as Spain's fans wait in expectation of their World Cup campaign to get back on track. In this tournament of surprises they have already been on the end of one shock - but defeat today would just about surpass anything this competition has produced."

  32. 19:30 KICK-OFF Spain v Honduras  

    Give this page a manual refresh and you will see who I really am. Done it? Right let's put that behind us - there's a game on you know. Spain have just got us started...

  33. 2 mins Commentary  

    Our friends at Infostrada Sports tell me that, as at the 1966 World Cup, Spain are competing as European Champions and have lost their opening match. The Spanish failed to qualify for the knockout phase in England.

  34. 4 mins Commentary  

    A fairly blatant handball (he almost caught it) by David Suazo sees the Hondurans' first attack break down on the edge of the area. Spain? In possession, and patient - so far.

  35. 6 mins Commentary  

    A big shout for a penalty from Fernando Torres after he tries to dink the ball over a defender in the box - Emilio Izaguirre did handle it but he ref is having none of it. Torres is soon involved again, meeting a cross from the left but firing into the ground. Chance gone, but Spain have started brightly.

  36. 7 mins HITS THE WOODWORK  

    Wow. David Villa slams in a drive from 25 yards out and Noel Valladares is beaten... and probably relieved to see the ball cannon back off his crossbar. Spain are still looking very dangerous.

  37. 10 mins YELLOW CARD  

    Danilo Turcios refuses to retreat at a free-kick and is the first player to go into referee Yuichi Nishimura's book. From the resulting set-piece, the ball comes over to Sergio Ramos at the back post but he goes down in a crowd of players and Honduras survive again.

  38. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "Spain's love affair with South African crossbars continues, but the Euro champs have started this game in business-like fashion. With Jesus Navas their only winger, much of the Spanish play is already going down the right flank, which means Honduras left-back Emilio Izaguirre is in for a busy night - especially if his team-mates keep giving the ball away so cheaply."

  39. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "The referee has got to look closer at these situations. The push on Ramos is a clear penalty and so was the handball."

  40. 13 mins Commentary  

    Another chance for Spain with Sergio Ramos, who replays show should probably have just had a penalty, heading over after a clever short-corner routine ends with the ball pumped into the box. It's not going to be another one of THOSE nights for the European Champions is it?

  41. 15 mins Commentary  

    Spain come forward yet again. The ball is spread to David Villa on the left and he cuts in before going for goal... but his shot swerves away, rather than towards, goal.

  42. 16 mins Commentary  

    Honduras come forward for the first time and Iker Casillas makes a bit of a hash of a simple enough cross before the ball is eventually cleared. Nervy.

  43. 17 mins GOAL Spain 1-0 Honduras  

    Seconds after another Honduras attack sees Iker Casillas get to the ball just ahead of David Suazo, Spain are ahead with their first goal of this World Cup. It's a cracking strike too - David Villa cuts in from the left (again) and finds the top corner of the net from the edge of the box.

  44. 22 mins Commentary  

    Spain threaten again. A free-kick is swung over from the right but Sergio Ramos flings Maynor Figueroa to the ground before heading goalwards. Foul, but the keeper saved it anyway. By the way, that David Villa goal gets better every time I look at it - a mazy old dribble took him into the box before he let fly.

  45. 25 mins Commentary  

    It really should be 2-0. Jesus Navas crosses from the right but Xavi cannot quite reach it and it flicks off the top of his head. A fraction lower and he would have buried that.

  46. 27 mins Commentary  

    Honduras are going to have their work cut out now, clearly. Every time they do manage to get the ball into Spain's half they are quickly closed down. They are not out of this World Cup if they lose tonight, but their hopes will be hanging by a thread.

  47. 31 mins Commentary  

    Spain are still dominating possession and are happy to flick it about with apparent ease. When they do launch an attack, only some poor control stops Fernando Torres from running clear, before Xabi Alonso tries to release his former Liverpool team-mate again but gets slightly too much on his through-ball. They are well on top.

  48. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "Spain could and probably should be out of sight by now, but they have done enough in the first half-hour or so to suggest the defeat by Switzerland might just be a mere blip. Chile will offer a much sterner test, but the Spanish are in total control here. If Portugal had started as well as Spain earlier, who knows how many they might have scored?"

  49. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "Honduras are technically good, can play nice little triangles and can get the ball wide but like a lot of teams in this tournament they have got no cutting edge."

  50. 35 mins Commentary  

    Two more Spanish chances goes begging. First, Sergio Ramos beats his man down the right and finds Fernando Torres in front of goal, only for him to get his header all wrong. Then Torres (again) runs across goal and creates space for a shot, only to blaze it wildly over. I'm really not sure how this is still only 1-0.

  51. 37 mins OFFSIDE  

    It's just not Fernando Torres' night so far. The Spanish striker is clean through again, only to be flagged offside... Replays show he was nothing of the sort.

  52. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "Big miss. Fernando Torres should have hit the back of the net with the header, he only had to let the ball hit his head and it would have gone in but he headed it down. With the second, he’s just got to get his head over the ball when he hits it. That’s two chances in 20 seconds he has missed but one thing you can say is he’s been in the right place for both chances."

  53. 40 mins YELLOW CARD  

    Another Honduran goes into the book, this time it is Emilio Uzaguirre who is shown yellow after bringing down Jesus Navas. Spain take the resulting free-kick short and it is Navas who sends in a deflected cross that Noel Valladares boots straight down the field to a Spanish player. Not the first time he's done that either - probably not the best idea really.

  54. 42 mins Commentary  

    Honduras fail to clear, again, and concede a free-kick in the right-hand corner near their area. While we are waiting for it to be taken, Honduran defender Emilio Izaguirre goes down in the box - claiming an elbow. Replays show it was actually a slap - and David Villa is very lucky that referee Yuichi Nishimura didn't see that.

  55. 44 mins Commentary  

    As we approach the break, this is one of the most one-sided 1-0s I think I've ever seen. Honduras have barely gotten out of their own half so far, but are still in this game.

  56. 45 mins INJURY TIME  

    Honduras are probably quite relieved that we will only have one added minute at the end of the half. As I write, Fernando Torres has another shot blocked after a quick break. Just how has he not scored already?

  57. 20:16 HALF-TIME Spain 1-0 Honduras  

    Spain should be winning by a mile - poor finishing means they are not. Honduras still have hope at the break.

  58. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "You want a cliche? If this was a boxing match, the referee would have stopped the fight by now. Chance after chance after chance - how on earth are Spain only 1-0 up here? They will probably get away with it tonight, but against far better teams they might just pay for such wastefulness."

  59. 606  

    From Psycho-Gooner: "Villa, the red card that should have happened."

  60. Twitter  

    From Mohsiur: "Torres needs a few more games to get his finishing touch, unless he gets injured again..."

  61. 20:25 Commentary  

    Our friends at Infostrada Sports tell me Honduras have only come back from a goal down in one World Cup match, the 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland on this day 28 years ago, 21 June 1982.

  62. 20:32 Commentary  

    Right. Time to see if Spain can put this one to bed. First, let's give a big Georgie Welcome to Honduras sub (biggish) striker Georgie Welcome. He is on for Roger Espinoza, and his side have just got the second half started.

  63. 46 mins Commentary  

    Straight from kick-off, Maynor Figueroa tries to catch Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas out with one of his trademark long-range shots... not this time, Maynor.

  64. 49 mins Commentary  

    Honduras have definitely come out with a bit more attacking intent since the break but they must know that will leave Spain more gaps to attack at the other end. Still, it's a gamble they have to take.

  65. 50 mins GOAL Spain 2-0 Honduras  

    Er, that's exactly what happens. Spain counter quickly and have men over - Fernando Torres takes one defender away with an intelligent run, leaving space for Xavi to tee up David Villa, 25 yards out. Villa's shot takes a slight deflection and loops in. Game over? I think so.

  66. 55 mins Commentary  

    Spain have a concern over Gerard Pique who was caught in the mouth by a trailing Honduran foot and he will need treatment before he comes back on. Still, they keep on attacking - I've got a feeling Noel Valladares' night is not going to get any quieter.

  67. 59 mins Commentary  

    Some decent possession by Honduras and for the first time in a long time, Spain have some defending to do - Carles Puyol has to hoof clear. The Central Americans are not exactly piling on the pressure though.

  68. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "That second David Villa goal should settle any Spanish nerves - now can they go on and score a few more, because goal difference could just be crucial come the final sums in Group H."

  69. 61 mins PENALTY to Spain  

    Oh dear. Emilio Izaguirre brings down Jesus Navas in the area - clear penalty. David Villa steps up - to complete his hat-trick - but puts his spot-kick the wrong side of the post.

  70. 66 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    David Suazo shoots wide for Honduras and it's substitute o'clock. Cesc Fabregas is on for Xavi for Spain and Danilo Turcios has just been replaced by Ramon Nunez for Honduras.

  71. 69 mins Commentary  

    Just 16 seconds after coming on, Cesc Fabregas springs the offside trap and is clean through. He rounds the keeper and rolls the goalwards but a defender gets back to clear. Spain keep playing a short corner, and catching Honduras out with a man over but they just cannot force a third goal - Sergio Ramos sees his header deflected before being collected by Noel Valladares. Unbelievable pressure... no more goals.

  72. 70 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Another change for Spain. Fernando Torres, who really should have at scored at least once tonight, is replaced by Juan Manuel Mata.

  73. 72 mins Commentary  

    Spain are still camped outside the Honduran box and Juan Mata tries his luck from distance - his shot spins over the bar - could have been a deflection there, but referee says goal-kick.

  74. SMS  

    From Dave R: "I’m in Northern Spain with work and all the Cantabrians I’m with are concerned about the need to improve their goal difference. Not happy despite leading!"

  75. 77 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Alvaro Arbeloa comes on as Spain make their final change. Sergio Ramos is off - like Fernando Torres, he could have had a couple of goals tonight (actually, make that 'should have').

  76. SMS  

    From Seb in Ipswich: "Spain remind me of Arsenal, just trying to walk the ball into the net."

  77. 82 mins Commentary  

    The pattern of the game at the moment is Spain come forward, Honduras clear, then give the ball right back to Spain - who launch another attack. David Villa still wants his hat-trick too - but he has a fierce effort blocked on the edge of the box.

  78. 83 mins Commentary  

    Spain keeper Iker Casillas has had just one shot to save tonight, and that effort - which he kept out with his knees - seems an awfully long time ago. At the other end, David Villa is poised to turn in a dipping cross but Maynor Figueroa gets a vital touch to put it behind.

  79. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "It's like a training game now as Spain try to find a different way to score - but I can't help keep thinking that they might regret not getting more goals in this one. Portugal sent a clear signal of their intentions earlier today, but the Spanish seem very content with their 2-0 scoreline."

  80. 85 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Another change for Honduras - David Suazo is off, and Wilson Palacios's brother Jerry is on instead. I think the game is already up for them now though. Spain can look forward to that vital last game with Chile.

  81. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "At times Spain have looked great going forward but I think Chile can exploit the gaps they have left in midfield. At times Honduras have passed around them very easily."

  82. 88 mins Commentary  

    Still the hat-trick won't come for David Villa - he is all alone to meet a low ball from the right after Xabi Alonso wins back possession - but Sergio Mendoza gets back across as Villa takes a heavy first touch rather than shooting first time. I kid you not - Villa has had enough chances in this game to make sure of the tournament's Golden Boot.

  83. SMS  

    From Owen: "Spain don’t actually need more do they? A win against Chile should put them above Chile. Chile will rue only winning 1-0 in their games so far."

  84. 90 mins INJURY TIME  

    We will have three minutes of added time - time for another Spain goal?

  85. FULL-TIME Spain 2-0 Honduras  

    No, just two goals for Spain tonight - not sure how - but it matters not how many they missed - the European champions are up and running in the 2010 World Cup.

  86. 606  

    From Spamburger: Hmm, nice little pass-&-moves from Spain but a lot of waste too. They still have to reach their Euro '08 form."

  87. 21: 25 Commentary  

    So, after today, Chile are top of Group H with two wins out of two, while Spain move above Switzerland on goal difference - they are both on three points. Honduras? I think they are heading home very soon... they are bottom with a round zero.

  88. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "The local newspaper in Johannesburg read 'Spain - the Armada is coming' this morning, and they weren't far wrong as they dominated from first whistle until last in Johannesburg. Tougher battles await the Euro champs, but they showed the defeat by Switzerland is well and truly out of their system tonight. I bet Iker Casillas is pleased to see his missus on the pitch this time, too."

  89. Contributor Spanish journalist Guillem Balague on BBC Radio 5 live  

    "The last 40 minutes was embarrassing, Spain were so wasteful. This team is not physically well. They have not adapted to high altitude, there was no crisp passing and no one is running off the ball. It feels like Spain have got the same problems as England."

  90. 21:35 Commentary  

    I imagine England might quite enjoy having the same problems as Spain (see below). Still, we've now seen every team play twice at this World Cup and there's still an awful lot to play for. The next four days will confirm who the last 16 teams are at the 2010 World Cup and I reckon there'll be plenty of frankly unspeakable drama during them. Join us again tomorrow, you won't want to miss a kick.

By Jonathan Stevenson, Johannesburg

David Villa struck twice as Spain got their World Cup campaign back on track with a comfortable victory over Honduras, but with more clinical finishing the Euro 2008 champions could have scored a hatful.

Villa opened the scoring in the first half with a stunning finish into the top corner and doubled the lead with a deflected drive from distance, before he missed a chance to complete his hat-trick by firing a penalty wide.

After the much-fancied Spanish had slipped to a shock defeat in their opening game against Switzerland on Wednesday, they needed to produce a performance in front of a large contingent of their expectant fans at Ellis Park.

After Chile's 1-0 win over the Swiss earlier in the day they knew defeat would end their interest in the tournament, but that was never a realistic proposition as they dominated proceedings from the outset.

Playing with an intensity that was badly lacking against Switzerland they swarmed all over Honduras and could have been 3-0 up by the time Villa eventually scored, as Fernando Torres mis-kicked, Sergio Ramos headed over from point-blank range and Villa's 25-yard screamer cannoned off the crossbar.

When Villa did break the deadlock in the 25th minute, he showed why Barcelona have just spent £35m to acquire his services.

Trapped against the left touchline he showed a devastating turn of pace to speed in-between two defenders and slam a shot into the top corner from inside the box.

The Hondurans simply were not good enough to quell the onslaught and Spain flooded forward at will as Xavi missed Jesus Navas's cross by inches and then Torres headed a golden chance into the ground before the Liverpool star ballooned another chance haplessly over from inside the box.

Villa was perhaps lucky to stay on the pitch after he aimed a slap in the direction of Emilipo Izaguirre, but soon after the break he wrapped it up when Xavi fed him just outside the Honduras area and his right-foot shot flew in via the outstretched leg of defender Osman Chavez.

After Ramos fired inches wide from the edge of the box Villa was presented with a glorious opportunity to score a World Cup hat-trick when Izaguirre brought Navas down in the area, only for the striker to step up and slot his spot-kick past the post.

Honduras could barely get into Spain's half let alone create a chance of their own, though on one occasion David Suazo did send a left-foot shot wide from outside the box - but that was as close as Iker Casillas came to being put under pressure on a comfortable night for the Spanish goalkeeper.

With the game won Vicente del Bosque made changes and the introduction of Cesc Fabregas almost lifted the roof off Ellis Park when, 16 seconds after being introduced, he beat the offside trap and rounded the keeper only to see his shot hacked off the line by Chavez.

Villa saw another hat-trick opportunity go begging when Sergio Mendoza's brilliant last-ditch block prevented him from tapping in, but Spain probably already had one eye on Friday's crunch tie against Chile in Pretoria.

If Switzerland beat Honduras in their final game, it is a match Del Bosque's team probably have to win against the Group H leaders if Spain are to qualify for the knock-out stages.

Spain Spain Flag 2-0 Honduras Flag Honduras FT

(HT 1-0)

Villa, 17, 51





  • Venue: Ellis Park
  • Referee: Y Nishimura
  • Attendance: 54,386
Spain     Honduras
  • Possession 66%
  • Attempts on target 10
  • Attempts off target 9
  • Corners 12
  • Fouls 7

Projected table based on current scores

Group A

Group A teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Uruguay 3 2 1 0 4 0 4 7
Mexico 3 1 1 1 3 2 1 4
South Africa 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
France 3 0 1 2 1 4 -3 1

Group B

Group B teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Argentina 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
South Korea 3 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4
Greece 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3
Nigeria 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1

Group C

Group C teams P W D L F A GD PTS
USA 3 1 2 0 4 3 1 5
England 3 1 2 0 2 1 1 5
Slovenia 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
Algeria 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 1

Group D

Group D teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Germany 3 2 0 1 5 1 4 6
Ghana 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
Australia 3 1 1 1 3 6 -3 4
Serbia 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1 3

Group E

Group E teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Netherlands 3 3 0 0 5 1 4 9
Japan 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Denmark 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 3
Cameroon 3 0 0 3 2 5 -3 0

Group F

Group F teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Paraguay 3 1 2 0 3 1 2 5
Slovakia 3 1 1 1 4 5 -1 4
New Zealand 3 0 3 0 2 2 0 3
Italy 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2

Group G

Group G teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Brazil 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
Portugal 3 1 2 0 7 0 7 5
Ivory Coast 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
North Korea 3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0

Group H

Group H teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Spain 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Chile 3 2 0 1 3 2 1 6
Switzerland 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4
Honduras 3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

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