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Portugal 7-0 North Korea

By Pranav Soneji & Jonathan Stevenson
  1. 09:35 Commentary  

    Ahhh, the World Cup - glorious sunshine (outside of my London-based window), glorious samba football as Brazil turn on the style against Ivory Coast and a glorious red card for not doing very much at all for Kaka. So what does day 11 hold in store? Come and join the party with me, Pranav Soneji, for the next few hours as we prepare for North Korea v Portugal.

  2. 09:43 Commentary  

    Over in Rustenburg, David James, his unruly locks reined in by a thick hairband, leaps athletically to his right as assistant goalkeeping coach Ray Clemence smashes a rather useful right-footed shot towards the bottom corner in England's training session in Rustenburg. Neither Ledley King (groin) or Michael Carrick (ankle) are taking part, but more intriguingly Joe Cole is wearing a bright fluorescent yellow bib, along with Wayne Rooney. Does that mean he will start against Slovenia? I have no idea.

  3. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    On Twitter: "Capello giving animated pep talk to England players. No sign of mutiny so far!"

  4. 09:54 Commentary  

    I had the pleasure of watching Brazil in a venue full of jubilant Brazilians on Sunday evening - do they know how to celebrate a slightly dodgy handball goal. As a consequence, I now can't stop singing "sou Brasileiro, com muito orgulho". However, the Kaka dismissal slightly disturbed me, the World Cup had so far been simulation-free, but Kader Keita's antics at Soccer City have angered plenty, including Brazil coach Dunga. "The player who commits the foul escapes the yellow card, I have to congratulate him for that," he said after the 3-1 win.

  5. SMS  

    From Sion, Cardiff: "Regarding Kaka's red card. Obvious simulation by the Ivorian, and action needs to be taken against that, but if Kaka hadn't had gotten a yellow a few minutes previously for a petulant push he probably wouldn't have been targeted in such a manner. If you show your frustration you are going to be targeted (see Rooney, Beckham etc) Players need to keep their cool, especially at this level."

  6. 10:10 Commentary  

    "The most shameful episode in the history of our football" is how French football journalist Phillipe Auclair described the astonishing scenes played out at France's training session on Sunday in Knysna. Manager Raymond Domenech had to separate captain Patrice Evra and fitness coach Robert Duverne during a particularly heated argument, with the latter throwing what looked like his accreditation with abject disdain because a huge split in the camp following Nicolas Anelka was sent home for insulting Domenech. The French press, never backward when it comes to rubbing huge amounts of salt into the wounds, have been savage. "The Football Federation has created a farce; its froth is is just a stink bomb that keeps on exploding," said L'Equipe, while Le Parisien pulled no punches: "To have the worst soccer team at the World Cup was already unbearable. To also have the most stupid is intolerable." Ouch.

  7. SMS  

    From Oli, London: "In regards to Rooney and Joe Cole wearing flourescent yellow bibs, I know of past examples (especially in rugby) where players carrying slight knocks but who are still able to train wear these high-vis vests so that the other players know not to go 100% into contact with them in order to avoid further injury. That's just a theory of what it could be anyway..."

  8. 10:22 Commentary  

    Over in Cape Town, North Korea, who impressed plenty in their 2-1 defeat by Brazil last week, are preparing to face Portugal for the second time in the competition's history. The first time was a little bit before my era but by all accounts, it was an absolute belter. If you have no idea what I'm on about, the two teams met in the 1966 World Cup (yeah, that one) quarter-finals when North Korea took a 3-0 lead, only for a Euesbio-inspired fightback which saw Portugal win the game 5-3 and book a semi-final place against England. The sight of goalkeepers without gloves has made me all giddy...

  9. Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Bevan  

    On Twitter: "Absolutely tipping it down here in Cape Town. Should make things even more interesting during North Korea v Portugal later..."

  10. 10:27 Commentary  

    We're hearing reports that France have returned to training following the extraordinary scenes in Knysna on Sunday.  Makes England's internal situation look like a toddler's tantrum.

  11. 10:32 Commentary  

    While Chris Bevan frantically searches a brolly in Cape Town, he grabbed BBC pundit and Fulham manager Roy Hodgson for a chat about the World Cup and all things Jabulani. Turns out Lionel Messi is at the top of the shopping list...

  12. 10:47 Commentary  

    Over in Rustenburg, BBC Sports News Correspondent James Pearce has made a little video during England's training session this morning with John Terry "looking very relaxed indeed". The Chelsea captain had a very candid meeting with the press on Sunday, where he suggested the players were going to have an equally open chat with manager Fabio Capello about the issues which have reportedly caused a rift in the squad. This, according to who you believe and what you read, has resulted in Terry himself becoming isolated among team-mates unhappy with his comments to the media. Top cloak-and-dagger stuff this.

  13. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    "For all the talk of mutiny in the ranks, it was a relatively tranquil scene at England's training session in Rustenburg this morning. England's players listened attentively to a short, sharp pep talk from Fabio Capello - with no sign of dissent. And John Terry was not acting like a man whose speech yesterday had caused him to be ostracised by his England team-mates. He was laughing and joking with several colleagues before getting down to business in training. It is fair to say Terry's media appearance has caused a real stir - but Capello's squad can put much of this furore behind them by beating Slovenia and reaching the last 16."

  14. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson  

    On Twitter: Anyone want to find out what it's like to sit with Brazil supporters at the World Cup? Course you do!"

  15. SMS  

    From Anon: "Terry's conference has actually put Capello in a really awkward position. If he plays Joe Cole next game, then it will appear that Terry has bullied Capello into decision. Somehow I think Capello's ego might have issue with this!"

  16. Contributor BBC Sports Editor David Bond in Rustenburg  

    "Capello is said to have agreed to listen more to the players and to have agreed to relax the tight constraints on their free time but the message was clear - he will not back down to player power."

  17. 11:11 Commentary  

    One man under the strain is Portugal manager Carlos Queiroz, whose team endured a 0-0 draw with Ivory Coast in their first match of Group G.  Playmaker Deco has been ruled out with a twisted hip (sounds like a 90s indie band to me) in training, so Tiago is likely to take his place while Simao looks likely to start ahead of Danny, who didn't exactly set the world alight in Portugal's first match. As for the North Koreans, looks like they are likely to start with the team that lost 2-1 to Brazil.  Meanwhile, their compatriots will watch the match live abroad for the first time in the country's history.

  18. 11:14 Commentary  

    Over in Rustenburg, Frank Lampard is currently in situ with her Majesty's finest scribes, although the Chelsea midfielder is playing Chatham House rules by not revealing what was discussed in Sunday evening's "clear-the-air" meeting with Fabio Capello.  More to follow shortly...

  19. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    On Twitter: "Lampard on the mutinous England meeting: 'The manager just spoke himself and then we watched the Algeria game.' Oh, ok then."

  20. 606  

    From sdfiske on 606: "Have to say, I was really impressed by Terry yesterday. He was brutally honest, and that's a good thing. I'm glad the team had a talk yesterday, much better than murmuring frustrations to the media - why not just co-operate? Much better than the tactics used by the French squad anyway."

  21. 11:25 Commentary  

    Great reaction from Lampard when asked whether he was part of a rebel group of nine players. He laughed before responding: "I'm not a rebel, I've had my moments."  Hardly Night of the Long Knives stuff.

  22. Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "Yesterday John Terry lit the fire, today Frank Lampard poured water on it."

  23. 606  

    From LukaBrazi on 606: "After watching the Frank Lampard press conference, it looks like Terry never said a word in their meeting with Fabio last night. Really impressed with the way Frank spoke and with the way he played everything down."

  24. 11:37 Commentary  

    If Frank's diplomacy has left you thirsty for more mutinous prose, you're in for a treat now. World Cup winner and greatest footballer of the modern generation Zinedine Zidane has denied reports he advised France before their 2-0 defeat by Mexico."To think that I could call the players and tell them how to play - I mean, you have to be kidding me," he said. Baffling. I would hate to be the journalist that asked that question - imagine those green eyes staring back at you attempting to bore a hole the size of an orange through your head. Brrrrrrr...

  25. 11:40 Commentary  

    Breaking news - Fabio Capello has told the BBC that Matthew Upson will start alongside John Terry at centre-back in place of the suspended Jamie Carragher against Slovenia on Wednesday. 

  26. 11:48 Commentary  

    The teams have just come in for Portugal v North Korea, kicking off in 45 minutes. Portugal make four changes to the side that drew 0-0 with Ivory Coast. Tiago comes in for the injured Deco, while Danny, Liedson and Paulo Ferreira are dropped for Simao, Hugo Almeida and Miguel. North Korea are unchanged from the team that gave the Brazilians a fright in their opener.

  27. 606  

    From LukaBrazi on 606: "Regarding the breaking news of Upson starting against Slovenia...Is it two hours before kick-off? What's going on Fabio?"

  28. 11:57 Commentary  

    Portugal: Eduardo, Bruno Alves, Miguel Brito, Ricardo Carvalho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pedro Mendes, Hugo Almeida, Simao Sabrosa, Raul Meireles, Tiago, Fabio Coentrao.

    North Korea: Ri Myong-guk, Cha Jong-hyok, Pak Nam-chol, Ri Kwang-chon, Ji Yun-nam, Hong Yong-jo, Mun In-guk, Pak Chol-jin, Ri Jun-il, An Yong-hak, Jong Tae-se

  29. 12:02 Commentary  

    Right, time to hand over to Jonathan Stevenson in Soccer City, but I'll be back in the live text chair when the three-man attack force of Chile attempt to smash down the obdurate defensive doors of Switzerland at 15:00. See you on t'internet soon.

  30. 12:04 Commentary  

    It’s certainly not a dull World Cup, is it? Welcome back to Johannesburg with Jonathan Stevenson - surely in this summer of shocks, North Korea can’t beat Portugal? Can they?

  31. Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Cape Town Stadium  

    "Cristiano Ronaldo gets by far the biggest cheer when the teams are read out - a lot is expected of the Portugal captain today. Still lots of empty seats inside the ground but big groups of schoolchildren are taking up certain areas so at least Fifa has got something right. I’m still looking for the pocket of North Korean fans but no sign of them yet. Oh, and it's still raining.

  32. 12:10 IT'S SUNNY  

    Whatever happens at Cape Town Stadium, be sure to let me know what’s coursing through your veins on this glorious Monday (in Joburg, anyway). The sun’s shining brightly over Soccer City, but it’s not weather chat I want to hear from you, we haven’t reached that stage yet: get the texts in to 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide); hit me with a Tweet @Stevo_football; and please do enter the wonderful world of 606 and our daily debating chamber. It's easier than getting Kaka sent off...

  33. Twitter  

    From julien_1992: "Why do you do this to us? We need to work!"

  34. 12:15 Commentary  

    You don’t need a footballing history lesson from me to tell you these two have got World Cup history: and what history. On 23 July 1966, an astonishing quarter-final took place at Goodison Park between North Korea and Portugal. The Asian side raced into an incredible 3-0 lead, before Eusebio wrote his name in the history books with a foul-goal blast to send the Iberians into the semis, where they lost to England.

  35. SMS  

    Stuart, Birmingham: "Hoping for a repeat of 1966's 5-3 today in the Portugal v North Korea match... only with the scores reversed please!"

  36. 12:19 Commentary North Korea coach Kim Jong-Hun:  

    "Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is a world renowned player who receives a lot of attention but in our case, in our game, we're not going to focus especially on one person. I'm not going to say I will have man-to-man defence. It might be needed... it will depend on how the game flows.”

  37. Contributor BBC Sport's Alan Shearer  

    "Jong Tae-Se is the guy who did so well against Brazil in the first game. He was the one who got emotional in the anthems, but he had the unenviable task of leading the line and holding the ball up and he did it exceptionally well."

  38. 12:23 Commentary Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz:  

    “It is an extremely important game for us. It's all or nothing. The players know this and we all have the responsibility of knowing it is decisive for the final placings in our group. We are looking forward though with a great deal of ambition. We are only interested in winning."

  39. 12:24 Commentary  

    The teams are out, so let's listen to A Portuguesa and Aegukka, the national anthems of Portugal and North Korea.

  40. Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Cape Town Stadium:  

    "It’s going to be interesting to see if North Korea are any more adventurous than they were against Brazil. Early on, at least, I doubt they will be. Portugal? Only a win is enough but they might have a frustrating time as they look for it. On that note, remember Cristiano Ronaldo is on a booking - another one, and he will miss the Brazil game... and nobody wants that."

  41. 12:27 Commentary  

    Jong Tae-Se closed his eyes and looked downwards, but there was a telling flicker of the eyelids. There is a man who simply cannot control the emotion he feels when he plays for his country. We're on the brink.

  42. 12:30 KICK-OFF Portugal v North Korea  

    So, 44 years after Portugal and North Korea played out a thriller at the 1966 World Cup, referee Pablo Pozo of Chile gets them under way in the 2010 version at the stunning Cape Town Stadium. What's not to love about this?

  43. 606  

    From SuperSamirNasri8: "Man this Portugal side are bad. Apart from the two CB's and Ronaldo the rest of the side are just bang average. But the LB does have potential. I thought he was top-class against the Ivory Coast. One to watch I guess."

  44. 3 mins Commentary  

    First sighter for Cristiano Ronaldo, who we can expect to shoot on sight today, especially in the wet conditions. He slams a hopeful left-foot shot in from 25 yards that takes a deflection on its way into the arms of Ri Myong-Guk.

  45. 5 mins Commentary  

    Great chance this as the ball falls to Ricardo Carvalho inside the North Korea box, but on the turn he can only fire well over the bar.

  46. Contributor BBC Sport's Mick McCarthy  

    "North Korea are attacking more than Portugal probably expected them to, so it is leaving a few more gaps in their defence than there was against Brazil."

  47. 7 mins HITS THE WOODWORK  

    Woeful goalkeeping. A corner is swung into the North Korea box and Ri Myong-Guk completely misses it, allowing Ricardo Carvalho to head against his right-hand post. A let-off for the underdogs.

  48. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Graham Taylor  

    "It seems Ricardo Carvalho has got licence to get forward and has done so on three or four occasions already."

  49. 11 mins Commentary  

    Lovely stuff from North Korea as Jong Tae-Se helps the ball on from the left and right-back Cha Jong-hyok fizzes a 25-yard right-footer just wide of Eduardo's left--hand post.

  50. Twitter  

    From jackhyom: "Bright start to the game, both teams looking to go forward. What are the odds on 5-3?!"

  51. 15 mins Commentary  

    North Korea have really come into this game in the last few minutes - in fact, they are the better side. Jong Tae-Se tries to control a pass inside the Portugal area, but just cannot reel the ball in. It's fascinating.

  52. Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Cape Town Stadium:  

    "I think Portugal have managed more meaningful attacks in the first 15 minutes or so here than they did in their entire opening game against Ivory Coast, and it’s great to see Ricardo Carvalho joining their attacks. Still, North Korea are not exactly defending in numbers either - and Cha Jong-Hyok’s rasping shot wide just now brought a few anxious looks from the Portuguese fans sitting next me. More of the same from both teams, please."

  53. 18 mins Commentary  

    They could be leading, you know. Hong Yong-Jo smashes in a right-foot shot from an angle inside the Portugal area and after Eduardo parries it away, Mun In-Guk can only head the rebound over.

  54. 20 mins Commentary  

    I think the Fifa world rankings committee should have an emergency meeting - there is no way North Korea are only the 105th best team on earth. Portugal are struggling as first Cristiano Ronaldo mis-controls the ball and then the heavily tattooed Raul Meireles can only run it out of play.

  55. 22 mins Commentary  

    An Yong-Hak hits a left-foot daisy-cutter from just outside the Portugal box and it flashes a couple of yards wide of Eduardo's right-hand post, skipping off the sodden turf as it goes.

  56. SMS  

    Maggie from Lisbon: "OK, other teams have started to pick up the pace, surely Portugal can restore some pride to a woefully underperforming continent?"

  57. 25 mins Commentary  

    Raul Meireles has had a couple of pot-shots for Portugal from outside the box, but one flies wide and the next effort is deflected behind. They are struggling to break the North Korea defence down in Cape Town.

  58. 27 mins IT'S RAINING  

    It's chucking it down in Cape Town, which just reminds me, I haven't seen a single drop of rain since arriving in Johannesburg two weeks ago... Anyway, back to the football and it's very even at the moment.

  59. Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Cape Town Stadium:  

    "After 24 minutes at Goodison Park in 1966, North Korea were 3-0 up. It's not quite been as sensational a start in Cape Town, but Portugal are not having things their own way by a long shot. Cristiano Ronaldo? The screams from the crowd reach a crescendo whene he is on the ball but apart from some neat touches, we haven’t seen a lot from the £80m Real Madrid star... not yet anyway."

  60. 29 mins GOAL Portugal 1-0 North Korea  

    It looks so easy, but that's a gorgeous goal and the Portuguese lead. Faced with a packed North Korea defence, Tiago plays a stunning pass perfectly weighted into the path of Raul Meireles racing into the area and he wastes no time in rifling a low shot past Ri Myong-Guk. Top, top goal.

  61. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Graham Taylor  

    "There wasn't much North Korea could do about that goal as there was some excellent Portugal movement and passing in the build-up. It will be interesting to see how North Korea will react to that goal."

  62. 33 mins YELLOW CARD  

    Pak Chol-Jin picks up the first booking of the game for North Korea, no idea what that was for though. They look a little shaken by the goal.

  63. 35 mins Commentary  

    North Korea coach Kim Jong-Hun towels himself down in his technical area. I don't think it's quite got to half-time hairdryer stage yet...

  64. 35 mins Commentary  

    Poor defending from An Yong-Hak as his scuffed clearance only finds Raul Meireles 15 yards out, but he screws this shot wide.

  65. 606  

    From DeadRevel: "OK... anyone have the odds on North Korea to come back from 3-0 down to win with four goals from Jong Tae-Se sealing a 5-3 win? Believe, fellow adopted-North Koreans!"

  66. 38 mins YELLOW CARD  

    Pedro Mendes is booked for a foul on the edge of the Portugal box and this is a good chance for North Korea...

  67. 39 mins Commentary  

    Hong Yong-Jo launches it goalwards and it smacks a jumping Ricardo Carvalho straight in the face. He's a bit groggy, but he'll be OK.

  68. 42 mins Commentary  

    Portugal are doing most of the pressing right now, I think North Korea would be pretty happy to get in at half-time only 1-0 down at this stage. But they are far from out of it based on what we've seen so far. Cristiano Ronaldo shoots wide from an improbable angle on the left.

  69. 44 mins Commentary  

    France trained today, in case you were wondering. Nearly half-time in Cape Town.

  70. 45 mins INJURY TIME  

    They look dangerous at the moment, Portugal. Simao escapes down the right, but his cross is just a fraction too high for Hugo Almeida. Into two added minutes at the end of the half.

  71. 13:17 HALF-TIME Portugal 1-0 North Korea  

    It really is absolutely hammering it down in Cape Town, but Portugal won't be too bothered as they lead at the break. North Korea have offered plenty, but have they got enough to get back into the game?

  72. Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Cape Town Stadium:  

    "An excellent first 45 minutes - stacks of chances for both sides and a well-taken goal for Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo is looking quite lively too. More to come from him and from North Korea in the second half... but they will have to be careful not to lose their shape when they come forward - Portugal look extremely dangerous on the break."

  73. Contributor BBC Sport's Alan Hansen  

    "The organisation that we saw against Brazil, the number of men getting back to defend, hasn't been there for North Korea today. It's great for the game because it's wide open, but Portugal could have a few more."

  74. SMS  

    From Rachel in Sussex: "I'd better start this message by saying I know next to nothing about football and am therefore happy to be shot down, but could the England players be suffering from - what I think is called - paradise syndrome? I imagine that players are cosseted and protected for much of their working lives by agents and others from being totally immersed in poverty, but in SA, what with some WAGS taking part in documentaries on poverty and the word being spread by the BBC's coverage, combined with hours to sit and think about the disparities between nations, maybe players have begun to wonder how important it all is? I certainly have at times during the competition. Paraphrasing Leonardo Da Vinci, 'inaction saps the vigour of the mind' - maybe the camp could organise something that got the players more involved on a practical level and give the players something to feel proud of and satisfied by?"

  75. 13:26 Commentary  

    What a text. Thanks, Rachel. Any thoughts, anyone?

  76. Twitter  

    From samuelbiss: "What's happened to Joao Moutinho? Surely he would be ideal to bring a bit of guile to this very limited Portuguese midfield."

  77. 13:34 Commentary  

    Haha. Rachel's text, below, has caused quite a stir. "Rachel for president" screams one punter, while lots more simply say "nah, England are just rubbish." A lot of people are asking for your number, Rachel, which I cannot condone. Portugal and North Korea are back under way in Cape Town.

  78. 46 mins Commentary  

    Lively start as Portugal's Tiago hammers in a fine right-foot shot from 25 yards that Ri Myong-Guk has to be alert to tip over.

  79. 47 mins Commentary  

    Up the other end and Hong Yong-Jo skims in a left-footer from just outside the Portugal box, but Eduardo gets down comfortably to make the save.

  80. 49 mins Commentary  

    Cristiano Ronaldo hits an ambitious first-time right-foot shot from 25 yards, but it's plenty over the bar. Moments later his weak left-foot effort is fumbled by Ri Myong-Guk, whose defence helps him out.

  81. 51 mins Commentary  

    Noth Korea work a free-kick quite nicely from the left-hand egde of the Portugal penalty area and Jong Tae-Se's low drive forces Eduardo to save low down to his right.

  82. 606  

    From adam_slayer: "Bit off subject, but related to England. Fifa has announced that German referee Wolfgang Stark will be in charge of the England game - surely the fact that one of these teams could end up playing Germany could constitute as a conflict of interest?"

  83. Commentary Crisis-free Italy coach Marcello Lippi:  

    "There's no crisis right here, there's no crisis in the team and there's no need for a crisis."

  84. 53 mins GOAL Portugal 2-0 North Korea  

    Another beautifully worked goal and that might just be that. A long ball finds Raul Meireles on the edge of the North Korea box and after a smart one-two with Hugo Almeida he plays a pass in for Simao, who make no mistake in firing home from 12 yards on the right. Lovely stuff.

  85. 56 mins GOAL Portugal 3-0 North Korea  

    You know, they've scored three cracking goals today. Portugal attack with pace once more and a super ball down the left finds Fabio Coentrao, who sends over a wonderful cross for Hugo Almeida - as the striker seem to hang in the air - to head past Ri Myong-Guk.

  86. 58 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    North Korea make two changes, bringing on Kim Kum-Il and Kim Yong-Jun for Pak Nam-Chol and Mun In-Guk.

  87. 60 mins GOAL Portugal 4-0 North Korea  

    Portugal are rampant. Another ball down their left catches North Korea out as Cristiano Ronaldo bursts forward in acres of space. The £80m man takes his time before picking out a super pass for Tiago on the edge of the box and his clinically side-foots home. It's brutal in Cape Town.

  88. Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Cape Town Stadium:  

    "The Portugal fans in the adjoining section are going absolutely nuts and, rather more worryingly, so is the security guard behind me - he jumped up and down with such vigour in celebration of Portugal’s third goal that I thought the temporary press area was going to collapse. I hope we don’t see any more tears from the North Koreans, but they might have to make this a damage limitation exercise."

  89. 64 mins Commentary  

    This could end up as anything. Cristiano Ronaldo sends over another stunning low cross from the right and somehow at the back post Raul Meireles can only direct it wide with his left foot.

  90. SMS  

    Paul in Doncaster: "I think I've just watched the new dark horses for this year's World Cup, Stevo! Flair, swift passing, clinical finishing... Portugal the team to watch!"

  91. 67 mins Commentary  

    Cristiano Ronaldo keeps playing his team-mates in, but I wonder how desperate he is for a goal himself. It's 11 games since he scored for his country, in February 2009.

  92. 69 mins Commentary  

    Fabulous. For team of the tournament left-back so far, you could do a lot worse than the terrific Fabio Coentrao. He surges down the flank, plays a smart one-two with his captain Cristiano Ronaldo and clips a shot just wide of the far post. At the other end, the still hard-working Jong Tae-Se heads over.

  93. 70 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    First change for the Portuguese, with Raul Meireles making way for Miguel Veloso.

  94. 71 mins HITS THE WOODWORK  

    That's absolutely sensational. Cristiano Ronaldo is just a joy to watch in this mood and he hits a screaming right-foot drive from fully 30 yards that dips just enough to crash against the top of the crossbar with Ri Myong-Guk barely in the same postcode.

  95. 74 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Carlos Queiroz makes another change, sending on Duda for Simao, surely the substitution with the least characters so far this World Cup?

  96. 75 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    North Korea make their final change, with Nam Song-Chol coming on for Cha Jong-Hyok.

  97. Twitter  

    From WorldCupDickie: "This Portuguese performance is making me look forward to their next match v Brazil even more!"

  98. 78 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Portugal make their last change, with Liedson on for Hugo Almeida. Meanwhile, four yards to my left, BBC commentator Steve Wilson is doing an interview with French television. IN FRENCH. Sacre bleu.

  99. 81 mins GOAL Portugal 5-0 North Korea  

    You can't help but feel sorry for them, but that's a howler. Duda's low left-foot cross from the left should be cleared, but Ri Kwang-Chon makes a total mess of it and it falls for a gleeful Liedson to thump home on the volley from eight yards.

  100. 606  

    From GoonerBeALongSummer: "Still time for 5-3. Come on North Korea."

  101. 85 mins Commentary  

    Portugal's appetite for goals is insatiable and they are still pouring forward at every opportunity in Cape Town. North Korea simply have no answer to their pace in attack, and on this evidence it looks like better teams might struggle against the Portuguese too.

  102. 88 mins GOAL Portugal 6-0 North KoreA  

    If you get the chance to watch this goal, please take it. Liedson nicks the ball off a sleeping North Korean defender and suddenly both he and Cristiano Ronaldo are through. Ronaldo tries to slip it past Ri Myong-Guk, it bounces into the air, hits Ronaldo on the back of his neck, bobbles on to his head and he keeps his cool to volley in when the ball lands from 10 yards. Incredible.

  103. 89 mins GOAL Portugal 7-0 North Korea  

    Wow. The Portuguese bring up their magnificent seven as another cross from the left - this time from Miguel Veloso - is expertly guided into the far corner of the North Korea net via the head of Tiago. This is a frightening performance.

  104. Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Cape Town Stadium:  

    "Isn’t it great to see Cristiano Ronaldo in top form - bring on the Brazilians is what I expect he will be saying... I know I can’t wait for that one. Portugal ruthlessly exposed North Korea’s limitations and the hatful of goals they have scored must make them favourites to join Brazil in qualifying out of Group G. Today they have been superb to watch."

  105. 14:21 FULL-TIME Portugal 7-0 North Korea  

    Chilean referee Pablo Pozo blows the whistle and puts North Korea out of their misery. A performance of sheer brilliance that, from Portugal.

  106. Contributor BBC Sport's Alan Hansen  

    "In the second half we saw the real Ronaldo and he was absolutely exceptional. North Korea just kept giving the ball away and they were thoroughly thumped in the end."

  107. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Graham Taylor  

    "This has been a thoroughly naive and inept performance from North Korea."

  108. SMS  

    Jibola, Lagos: "Solid performance from Portugal, seven goals from six different players. Their game against Brazil will be worth watching..."

  109. 14:30 Commentary  

    No rest for the whizz-kid... Pranav Soneji has already started the build-up to Chile v Switzerland which kicks off in Port Elizabeth at 1500 BST. Why would we want any respite from what is becoming a terrific World Cup?

  110. Twitter  

    From pieniupieva: "My dear God! My heart started pounding every time the Portuguese got the ball. The best day in the World Cup so far for me!"

  111. 14:35 Commentary  

    Seven-up Portugal have got us off to a stunning start to the day, so what can Chile v Switzerland and Spain v Honduras bring us? With a bit of luck I'll be in situ at Ellis Park to tell you what's going on tonight, so enjoy the rest of your day. Obrigado.

By Chris Bevan, Cape Town

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo ended his two-year wait for an international goal as his side ripped North Korea apart to secure their first win of this World Cup in style.

The two sides were only separated by Raul Meireles' goal at half-time, but Portugal produced a scintillating attacking display after the break to score six goals and spark their tournament into life, while ending North Korea's hopes of progressing.

Simao, Hugo Almeida and Tiago found the net in the space of seven minutes to end any hopes of a North Korean comeback, before Liedson, Ronaldo and a second from Tiago completed a similar quick-fire salvo at the end of the game.

This was a re-run of one of the most famous matches in World Cup history, 44 years on from the memorable day when North Korea led 3-0 before being overhauled by a four-goal Eusebio blast.

Despite a lively start by North Korea, Portugal did not have to mount any sort of comeback to win this time, but they will savour the victory just the same, especially as their much-improved goal difference makes them favourites to follow Brazil in qualifying from Group G.

With Brazil to play in their final group game, Carlos Queiroz's side badly needed all three points and, from the start, they came forward with far more intent than during their opening draw with Ivory Coast.

Ricardo Carvalho came closest to making an early breakthrough when Korean goalkeeper Ri Myong-Guk got nowhere near a corner and the Portugal defender headed against the frame of the unguarded goal.

But North Korea were also looking far more adventurous than they had in their first match and, while they were a lot less secure at the back, they gave Portugal a few scares at the other end too.

Cha Jong-Hyok saw his powerful shot swerve wide after a neat build-up, while Mun In-Guk headed the follow-up over after Eduardo parried Hong Yong-Jo's cross-shot from the right.

To their credit, Portugal kept their composure and although at this stage Ronaldo was only an occasional menace down the left flank rather than the unstoppable force he would later become, they continued to look the more dangerous side, especially on the break.

Their first goal, when it arrived after 29 minutes, was one of beauty - with Tiago slipping a precise through ball into the path of Meireles, who tucked a low shot past Ri Myong-Guk.

While North Korea did not crumble instantly, their defensive disorganisation meant they were lucky not to concede further goals before the break, only to completely collapse after it.

Simao opened the floodgates when he finished off a neat move between Meireles and Hugo Almeida, and Almeida quickly made it 3-0 when he headed home Fabio Coentrao's cross.

By now Ronaldo had woken up too, and he set up Tiago to slot home his first goal from the edge of the area before almost making number five with a perfectly weighted cross that Almeida could not quite convert.

The £80m Real Madrid winger seemed determined to get on the scoresheet himself and smashed a rasping shot against the bar before Liedson did make it 5-0 with a thumping finish after Ri Kwang-Chon's mistake.

Then came the moment most of the Portuguese fans in Cape Town had been waiting for, when Ronaldo capitalised on a defensive mistake, skipped past Ri Myong-Guk and, after bringing the ball down using his neck, turned it home.

Tiago's late header from Miguel Veloso's cross added a seventh goal and gave the final score an even more emphatic appearance, and one that reflected Portugal's total dominance.

Portugal will top the group by beating Brazil and even if they were to lose and Ivory Coast win it is likely Queiroz's side would go through, owing to a much better goal difference.

Portugal Portugal Flag 7-0 North Korea Flag North Korea FT

(HT 1-0)

Raul Meireles, 29
Simao, 53
Almeida, 56
Tiago, 60, 89
Liedson, 81
Ronaldo, 87


  • Venue: Green Point Stadium
  • Referee: P Pozo
  • Attendance: 63,644
Portugal     North Korea
  • Possession 57%
  • Attempts on target 13
  • Attempts off target 11
  • Corners 5
  • Fouls 14

Projected table based on current scores

Group A

Group A teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Uruguay 3 2 1 0 4 0 4 7
Mexico 3 1 1 1 3 2 1 4
South Africa 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
France 3 0 1 2 1 4 -3 1

Group B

Group B teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Argentina 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
South Korea 3 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4
Greece 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3
Nigeria 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1

Group C

Group C teams P W D L F A GD PTS
USA 3 1 2 0 4 3 1 5
England 3 1 2 0 2 1 1 5
Slovenia 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
Algeria 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 1

Group D

Group D teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Germany 3 2 0 1 5 1 4 6
Ghana 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
Australia 3 1 1 1 3 6 -3 4
Serbia 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1 3

Group E

Group E teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Netherlands 3 3 0 0 5 1 4 9
Japan 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Denmark 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 3
Cameroon 3 0 0 3 2 5 -3 0

Group F

Group F teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Paraguay 3 1 2 0 3 1 2 5
Slovakia 3 1 1 1 4 5 -1 4
New Zealand 3 0 3 0 2 2 0 3
Italy 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2

Group G

Group G teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Brazil 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
Portugal 3 1 2 0 7 0 7 5
Ivory Coast 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
North Korea 3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0

Group H

Group H teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Spain 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Chile 3 2 0 1 3 2 1 6
Switzerland 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4
Honduras 3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

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