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England 0-0 Algeria

By Caroline Cheese & Jonathan Stevenson
  1. 16:30 Commentary  

    Mexico beat France; Serbia beat Germany; Slovenia leading USA. All of a sudden, it's the 2010 World Cupset. Can Algeria continue the trend?

  2. 16:36 Commentary  

    I'm Caroline Cheese and I'll be taking you through the build-up to this crucial match for England's - and indeed Algeria's - World Cup hopes. Jonathan Stevenson, currently overseeing a tense end to the Slovenia-USA game, will be along in a little bit to steer you through the game in Cape Town. How are the nerves then?

  3. 16:42 Commentary  

    Traditionally, at this stage before an England game, I'd have butterflies, but Germany's shock defeat has just left me confused. If England now top their group, they could face the Germans - and we all know how that one ends. But maybe England would be better off facing Germany? I mean, Serbia looked dangerous...  One thing is clear though: England HAVE TO WIN TONIGHT.

  4. 16:48 Commentary  

    The word, if you somehow managed to miss it (and very well done, by the way, if you did), is that David James will replace Rob Green in England's goal tonight. Gareth Barry will definitely start, almost certainly in place of James Milner, meaning Steven Gerrard moves back out to the left-ish of midfield. Don Fabio is also considering putting Jermain Defoe up front with Wayne Rooney. Your thoughts are welcome as always on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide), on 606 or on Twitter.

  5. 16:53 Commentary  

    All over in Ellis Park and USA battle back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 with Slovenia, with the Americans unlucky to have a late goal ruled out. It means Slovenia are top of Group C with four points, but a convincing win for England over Algeria would send Capello's men top, and leave them probably needing only a point from their final game against Slovenia. That sound about right?

  6. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    Via Twitter: "So much for the dull World Cup. Superb effort by the United States to come back there. And should have won it."

  7. 606  

    From deez08: "If England win today, but somehow contrive to lose to Slovenia, they would be KNOCKED OUT by a USA win against Algeria in the final game!"
    Permutations... Love 'em

  8. 17:06 Commentary  

    Algeria boss Rabah Saadane has promised to keep faith with his calamity keeper Faouzi Chaouchi - providing he recovers from a knee injury. If not, 24-year-old Rais M'Bolhi is set to come in and would win only his second cap. The other option is former first-choice keeper Lounes Gaouaoui, but he has been out of favour.

  9. Twitter  

    From burwellian: "Re 1642: Never mind the Germans, we need to win the group otherwise Maradona awaits us in the quarters."

  10. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "I'd stick with Rob Green in goal. He's made one mistake, he's never let Capello down in any other game, he was in good form before the tournament and he made great save in the second half against USA. I still think players would like to know earlier than two hours before the game if they're going to play, but I'm sure they must have an idea. I think England will go on and win this game very well."

  11. Contributor USA midfielder Landon Donovan  

    After the 2-2 draw with Slovenia: “I’m proud of our guys. I’m not sure there’s many other teams who could come back from 2-0 down. I just don’t know how they stole that third goal from us. It was a good finish and a good goal. He [the referee] wouldn’t tell us what the call was. It was the guy’s first World Cup game so maybe he got a little carried away.”

  12. 17:19 Commentary  

    Lucky England fans out in South Africa have not only been able to take in the stunning city of Cape Town today, they've also lapped up a shock defeat for Germany. Only an England win would make their day better. BBC Sport's James Pearce mingled with the England and Algeria fans on the waterfront earlier today and managed to find the biggest England flag I've ever seen.

  13. 17:23 Commentary  

    Emile Heskey has got the nod up front, report Sky Sports. Capello was considering playing Jermain Defoe - because of the Tottenham striker's pace and because of his concerns over the Jabulani ball. The thinking was that Defoe's presence might encourage England to play more short passes, with the ball particularly difficult to control in the air. But clearly, if the Heskey news proves correct, he's not that concerned.

  14. 17:32 Commentary  

    Just watching England's coach crawling through some heavy traffic on its way to the Cape Town Stadium. It's Fabio Capello's 64th birthday today, and daring BBC reporter Gaby Logan sang a bit of the famous Beatles song for the Italian, who looked completely baffled until Gaby presented him with a bottle of red wine. "Oh thank you, " says a smiling Don Fab. "It's a long time that I don't drink wine!" You can have some tonight, Fabio... But only if England win by three goals.

  15. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    Via Twitter: "David James in goal for England v Algeria. Heskey and Carragher start. Barry returns."

  16. 606  

    From AJ_2094: "I don't think Gerrard should play on the left. It's not best for the team, it's not the best for Rooney, Gerrard or Cole. Ashley that is. And a waste for Joe too. I'd rather see a 5th man in midfield than a Heskey, no matter how well he plays."

  17. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    "Fabio Capello has made the big call and David James is recalled to face Algeria. England's coach has effectively killed off Robert Green's World Cup by dropping the West Ham keeper. Now the pressure switches to James as England's lack of an undisputed first choice is exposed again.

    "Emile Heskey gets another chance alongside Wayne Rooney despite Capello's talk of a recall for Jermain Defoe. He did well in every department except the business end, actually scoring goals, against the United States. How long can he survive without hitting the target?"

  18. 17:42 Commentary  

    Former England defender Lee Dixon says Gareth Barry's return to the team is a big plus for England. “Barry's presence is a boost on two levels because it means there is cover for the attacking runs of another midfield player, and he also covers the slight weakness that we have got at the back, namely the lack of pace among the two centre-backs if Jamie Carragher starts [which he does].”

  19. SMS  

    From Craig in London: "Well this system worked in the qualifiers against mainly second-rate teams so let's hope it stays that way tonight! Can't see how wasting Gerrard on the left and not using Joe Cole's invention will see us through against top sides though to be honest."

  20. Twitter  

    From strictlyMUFC: "Trying to decide whether or not to watch the match tonight. The stress is beginning to give me ulcers! I'm gonna be sick!"

  21. Contributor England captain Steven Gerrard  

    “The dangerous thing is to underestimate Algeria and think it’s an automatic three points, which it’s not going to be. We’ve prepared really well for this game and I feel we're ready to put in a sharp performance.”

  22. 17:53 Commentary  

    It would be very easy to underestimate Algeria: they were pretty poor in their opening defeat against Slovenia; they warmed up for the World Cup with 3-0 defeats by Republic of Ireland and Serbia and a scrappy win over the United Arab Emirates; they haven't scored a World Cup goal since 1986, a drought of five hours and one minute.

  23. 17:57 Commentary  

    FourFourTwo magazine also reveal Algeria's entire squad has scored 48 goals – fewer than England's midfielders combined (54). Only striker Rafik Saifi has reached double figures (with 18). A real Desert Fox in the box then... (I do apologise)

  24. 18:01 Commentary  

    Still, the Algerians remain in bullish mood. Stung by Wayne Rooney's remark that England "can not be at our best and win the game", Rangers defender Madjid Bougherra responded: “Rooney can say what he wants. It’s his problem. We will play to win this game. Algeria always react when we are under pressure. You saw that in the play-off against Egypt.”

  25. 18:05 Commentary  

    And there's more... Sochaux midfielder Ryad Boudebouz, at 20 one of Algeria's most promising players, said: "England are the team under pressure. They are the ones who claimed that they came here to win the World Cup." And Portsmouth defender Nadir Belhadj says his team will use pace to threaten the England defence: "The defence is one of England's weak points, it's easy to create chances against them."

  26. SMS  

    From Karim in Colchester: "I think we should leave it to Capello. He knows what he's doing, he's with them every day. Just kick back and relax... Unless we lose."

  27. Contributor BBC Sport's Sean Fletcher  

    Via Twitter: "Look out for Ryad Boudebouz for Algeria tonight. The youngest player in their squad, but could cause England problems."

  28. 18:15 Commentary  

    Jonathan Stevenson will be along with his (not so) famous predo soon. But here's some special guest predos, first from Prince William: "Obviously 10-0 would be quite nice but I’m not sure that’s realistic. 3-0 or something like that. A message for the team? Win, win, win." And now, Prince Harry: "A win would be fantastic - but I don’t think we should put a number on it. 1-0 would be enough. A win's a win."

  29. Twitter  

    From castrolfootball: "Algeria’s threat most likely to come aerially - 75% of goals they scored at the African Nations Cup were headers."

  30. Twitter  

    From 2010misterchip: "David James will become the second oldest England player in World Cup history at 39."

  31. 606  

    From Tnky_Impy: "I hope the FA were watching the Jovanovic celebration when he scored v Germany, ran over the barriers straight to his OWN fans showing true emotion without getting punished with a yellow card."

  32. 18:22 Commentary  

    I'll bring you full teams as soon as I can, but I'm hearing Algeria have the inexperienced Rais M'Bolhi in goal instead of Faouzi Chaouchi, who presumably failed to recover from that knee injury. M'Bolhi, 24, will win only his second cap tonight.

  33. Twitter  

    Injured England defender Rio Ferdinand: "Got a really good feeling about tonights game, go on da three lioooooooooons!"

  34. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Jacqui Oatley  

    Via Twitter: "Intrigued to see Johnson v ex team-mate Belhadj. Both love to fly forward, also to see how Carragher copes with Algeria pace."

  35. SMS  

    From Patrick in Melbourne: "Doing graveyard shift here: 4.30am kick-off! No disrespect to Algeria but if we can’t win against these teams, we might as well pack up and go home!"

  36. 606  

    From Moon: "People and the press so over reacted after the 1-1 draw with the USA. NEVER lose your first game, and other good sides have started far worse. However, if we don't get three points tonight... well, kinda deserve all the stick there is."

  37. Commentary TEAMS England v Algeria  

    England: James, Johnson, Carragher, Terry, Ashley Cole, Lennon, Barry, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, Heskey.
    Subs: Green, Dawson, Crouch, Joe Cole, Warnock, Upson, Milner, Wright-Phillips, Defoe, King, Carrick, Hart.
    Algeria: M'Bohli, Bougherra, Belhadj, Yahia, Kadir, Yebda, Lacen, Halliche, Boudebouz, Ziani, Matmour.
    Subs: Gaouaoui, Mansouri, Ghezzal, Saifi, Djebbour, Bellaid, Laifaoui, Guedioura, Medjani, Mesbah, Abdoun, Chaouchi.
    Referee: Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan)

  38. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Jacqui Oatley  

    Via Twitter: "When I saw Algeria play Slovenia, their best players were their full-backs, Belhadj and Bougherra. Otherwise didn't show much."

  39. 18:38 Commentary  

    According to Times journalist Oliver Kay, Algeria keeper Rais M'Bohli was invited for a trial with Manchester United last month. The 24-year-old currently plays for Bulgarian side Slavia Sofia. As M'Bohli wins his second cap tonight, David James wins his 51st. The Portsmouth keeper has kept 19 clean sheets.

  40. Twitter  

    From 2010MisterChip: "England will field their oldest starting line-up at the World Cup since 1954, with an average age of 29 years and 322 days."

  41. 18:42 Commentary  

    Over to you Jonathan Stevenson in South Africa, but just be aware you're up against the Princes William and Harry in the prediction stakes (see 1815). Good luck...

  42. 18:44 Commentary  

    I really like the bit when the referee walks out of the tunnel and picks up the match ball from the plin- oh, hello there, was miles away. I actually am miles away in all probability, so welcome back to Johannesburg with me, Jonathan Stevenson, for the Group C contest between England and Algeria. A pretty big evening awaits.

  43. 18:46 Commentary  

    I know, what a horribly contrived opening. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest though, isn’t it? OK, fair point, it’ll never happen again. I think I’m feeling the same as you – a little nervous, a little sick, a little excited, a little of everything. Whoever you support, England or Algeria, an enormous game of football is taking place in Cape Town tonight.

  44. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Graham Taylor  

    "This stadium is packed, it's a fantastic atmosphere and the England players have just come out to a huge ovation."

  45. 18:49 Commentary  

    English, Algerian or from the moon: I want to know what’s going on in your mind right now. Don’t make me bleed it out of you, just drop me a line and then we can all get on with our lives. If you know how to text (81111 for UK and +44 7786200666 for worldwide), tweet (@Stevo_football) or have your say on 606, there are no excuses for not doing so. And if you don’t know, how was being born yesterday, incidentally?

  46. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty at Cape Town Stadium:  

    "England's flags are draped everywhere around this magnificent stadium. The big screens focused straight in on dropped goalkeeper Robert Green as Fabio Capello's players came out to warm up.

    "Coach Ray Clemence has been deep in conversation with Green. Not quite sure how that conversation would go."

  47. Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "I'm inside Cape Town stadium. It's fantastic! Here's some video especially for you."

  48. SMS  

    Andy in Loughborough: "I think Fab has it spot on. Heskey was very good against the States apart from missing that one-on-one. Barry has to prove today he has the influence everyone thinks he does. Rooney's goal is a matter of time. I wait in anticipation."

  49. SMS  

    Tom, London: "Ridiculous - not only does Heskey playing cost us another more potent striker, it also means that arguably our best player, Gerrard, becomes ineffective as he is pushed out to the left."

  50. 19:00 Commentary Stevo’s Predo:  

    England 3-0 Algeria

    Blame the future King of England (see 18:15) if it’s wrong, not me. Though I’m delighted to have at least one thing in common with the tall, handsome, well-off second-in-line-to-the-throne.

  51. 606  

    From lucasbenni: "I just cannot get my head around why he doesn't play Gerrard just off Rooney with Joe Cole on the left. Isn't this what we all want to see?"

  52. 19:06 Commentary England v Algeria team news:  

    England coach Fabio Capello makes three changes to the side that started against the USA, preferring David James to the dropped Robert Green in goal, bringing Jamie Carragher in for injured centre-back Ledley King and replacing midfielder James Milner with the fit-against Gareth Barry. Algeria also drop their goalkeeper as Faouzi Chaouchi makes way for Rais M'Bolhi and their only other change sees Ryad Boudebouz start ahead of Rafik Djebbour.

  53. Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "Here's a treat for you. Video from inside the stadium while players warm up. I love this stadium."

  54. Contributor BBC Sport's Alan Shearer  

    "It's a gamble playing David James in goal but it would've been a gamble playing any of the three goalkeepers. Fabio Capello's gone for the most experienced one and I feel really sorry for Rob Green, but I would have gone with David James too. Fabio always said he would pick the players in form and Joe Hart was the best of the three goalkeepers last season, but that would have represented a big risk."

  55. Twitter  

    From acmilandrew: "Let's not forget to wish Nadir Belhadj a happy birthday as well."

  56. Stat o'clock: Commentary  

    1. England are unbeaten in all 15 previous matches against African opposition.
    2. Algeria have lost all three games against Euro teams in 2010, agg score 0-7.
    3. England’s only previous WC game on 18 June came in 1986, with 3-0 win over Paraguay (Lineker 2, Beardsley).
    4. Fourteen years ago today, England spanked Netherlands 4-1 at Euro 96, the performance of a generation.
    5. Wayne Rooney has failed to score in his last six England games.
    6. Algeria have lost their last three WC games without scoring. It’s 301 minutes of WC footy since they scored – Djamel Zidane netting vs Northern Ireland in 1986.
    7. Sixteen members of Algeria’s squad were born in France.

  57. 19:15 Commentary England coach Fabio Capello on his 64th birthday:  

    “I respect Algeria. They have scored a lot from counter-attacks and set-pieces and I have learned a lot about them. It would be a big mistake to think this game will be easy. I hope we score goals and take our chances.”

  58. 19:17 Commentary Algeria coach Rabah Saadane:  

    “I think it will be an important match for both teams. I think we'll see a good match, it's the World Cup so undoubtedly it will be a fine spectacle and that's in the interests of the tournament. I have a lot of respect for Mr Capello and the England team, we don’t have any questions to ask.”

  59. 19:19 Commentary  

    Our friends at Infostrada Sports tell us that goalkeeper David James at 39 years and 321 days old becomes the seventh-oldest player in the World Cup - and the oldest debutant in the competition. Also, Fabio Capello is the fourth coach to have a birthday on the day of a World Cup match. The other three are Rudolf Kock (SWE) in 1950, Tomislav Ivic (YUG) in 1974 and Antonio Oliveira (POR) in 2002.

  60. SMS  

    From YTS: "Englishman at work in Algeria here with a great atmosphere! The lads and lasses here reckon that we are out of the Cup tonight!"

  61. 19:23 Commentary  

    The players are out, so shhhh for the anthems.

  62. 19:25 Commentary  

    If I could be anywhere in the world right now... Magical atmosphere in Cape Town, this is why we watch football, isn't it? Not long now folks.

  63. 606  

    From sevenseaman: "Winning against Algeria is not down to team selection, any balanced combination would do. It is down to self belief and the confidence with which the team expresses itself."

  64. 19:27 Commentary  

    Captains of their countries Steven Gerrard and Anther Yahia exchange pennants in the centre-circle and toss the coin with Uzbek referee Ravshan Irmatov and we are very close to getting under way.

  65. 19:29 KICK-OFF  

    A fraction early and we are under way in the Motherland between England and Algeria. Fasten your seatbelts...

  66. 2 mins Commentary  

    England give the ball back to Algeria, Algeria give it straight back to England and then England let Algeria have another go. Summary: scrappy, wasteful start.

  67. 4 mins Commentary  

    Ryad Boudebouz goes in hard on Gareth Barry, sending the Man City midfielder flying into the air, but he did get some of the ball too.

  68. 5 mins Commentary  

    Rais M Bolhi has had a very shaky start in the Algeria goal and his attempted clearance finds Wayne Rooney 30 yards out. But Rooney doesn't shoot and neither does Steven Gerrard and England miss their chance.

  69. Twitter  

    From jgooderson: "Gerrard has spent all week talking about his advanced role, he must be gutted to be on the left. Bad choice."

  70. 10 mins Commentary  

    Quiet start, relatively speaking in terms of the day's events. Bubbling under nicely might be another way of putting it.

  71. 11 mins Commentary  

    First camera shot of David Beckham, sitting on the England bench. Come on, who had 11 minutes?

  72. 12 mins Commentary  

    High ball pumped into the England box sees David James punch unconvincingly into the air and then Glen Johnson lazily volley a clearance about 10 yards, but England survive.

  73. SMS  

    Jonny, Hampshire: "On a delayed train, very frustrated and missing World Cup action! Tellys on trains law in emergency budget, please."

  74. 16 mins Commentary  

    Aaron Lennon collects the ball on the inside right channel 30 yards out and quickly feeds Steven Gerrard, but the midfielder's first-time shot balloons high over the crossbar. England are having most of the ball at the moment.

  75. 17 mins Commentary  

    Both teams conceded howlers in their first games and you can see signs that they are both nervy at the back. Karim Ziani crosses from the left and Jamie Carragher slices an attempted clearance into the arms of David James. Hmm.

  76. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    "England are not finding any early rhythm here in Cape Town. They need a period of possession, preferably with Wayne Rooney on the ball. Goalkeeper David James has already has one unconvincing moment while his opposite number Rais M Bolhi has looked very nervy. Early sparring."

  77. Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Lawrenson  

    "On the ball, Algeria are more cultured than England at the moment."

  78. 20 mins Commentary  

    Really good spell of pressure for Algeria, but it ends with David James catching Karim Ziani's cross inside his six-yard box. England are giving it away too easily, and we've said that before.

  79. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Graham Taylor  

    "I like the formation Algeria play in, three at the back with one striker and midfielders who push up in support. If they had a greater threat at centre-forward they would cause England even more problems than they already are. They've certainly done their homework on England and Capello's men are struggling."

  80. 22 mins Commentary  

    Nice exchange of passes down the Algerian right but this time it ends with Ryad Boudebouz hitting a first-time left-foot shot that doesn't trouble David James. In fact, it goes out for a throw. But England are on the back foot in Cape Town.

  81. 24 mins Commentary  

    Nadir Belhadj issues a challenge to his Portsmouth team-mate David James by whipping an inswinging corner under the England bar, but James claims it impressively under pressure from two Algerians.

  82. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "Algeria didn't look great coming into this tournament but tonight they look great. They're the team who are passing the ball around, they look bright."

  83. 606  

    From Galaxy-man: "Hmmmm, England need to up their game. So far, well played Algeria."

  84. 28 mins Commentary  

    Fabio Capello is annoyed because he thinks Emile Heskey should have won a free-kick for England after being fouled 25 yards from the Algerian goal. He's probably right, too. At the other end John Terrry gets a bang on the head and he needs a bit of treatment.

  85. 30 mins Commentary  

    England are having a little bit more of the ball here and Steven Gerrard shoots low from just outside the box, it's a comfortable save for Rais M Bolhi.

  86. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "England are having the same problems they had against the USA in Rustenburg - they're not getting on the ball, they're not picking up second balls and they're letting the opposition dictate. This is all Algeria. They are so compact, they work hard and technically they are far superior."

  87. 32 mins Commentary  

    Algeria are getting some joy down their left, but Nadir Belhadj's cross bounces into the arms of David James. England are still giving the ball away far too cheaply.

  88. 33 mins Commentary  

    Good save Rais M Bolhi. Aaron Lennon fires in a cross from the right and after an Algerian defender half-heads it away it falls for Frank Lampard, who sees his left-foot shot from 12 yards stopped well.

  89. SMS  

    Chris, Durham: "Beckenbauer was too kind to England. They aren't even rushing tonight."

  90. 35 mins Commentary  

    Gareth Barry is caught in possession too easily in the Algeria half and the African side break with pace. Karim Ziani cuts inside Jamie Carragher on the edge of the England box and fires a shot a couple of yards wide of David James's right-hand post.

  91. 37 mins Commentary  

    Glen Johnson sends over a low cross from the right and the ball balloons up into the air on the edge of the Algeria box - when it lands, Steven Gerrard spanks a volley miles over.

  92. 39 mins Commentary  

    England are having a slightly better spell now and they work the ball from the right to Gareth Barry 20 yards out where he shoots at Rais M Bolhi.

  93. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    "England at last applying a small measure of pressure on Algeria, but no real zip about their play yet. Fabio Capello's furious touchline gesturing suggests he is unhappy that the Algerians are being allowed far too much comfort in possession."

  94. 42 mins Commentary  

    You can hear sporadic screams from the England bench, with Fabio Capello and coach Stuart Pearce both lambasting their players at times. It's uncomfortable watching from that technical area, but I reckon Rabah Saadane and his staff will be sitting pretty in the other one.

  95. 43 mins Commentary  

    Wayne Rooney fashions a yard of space 30 yards out but the striker cannot get enough on the shot and it dips into the clutches of Algeria's 24-year-old goalkeeper Rais M Bolhi.

  96. 45 mins INJURY TIME  

    Just a minute of injury time at the end of the first half at the Cape Town Stadium.

  97. 20:15 HALF-TIME England 0-0 Algeria  

    Stick the kettle on, will ya?

  98. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "England are very slow, they're running out of ideas and there's no movement. What's the point playing wide men unless you feed the ball to them quickly? Capello has started Lennon but England aren't using him."

  99. Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Pougatch  

    "England look tired after a long season, don't they? Frank Lampard just then was really blowing. It looks like there is a problem with their fitness."

  100. 20:21 Commentary  

    Seen anything so far that makes you want to vent your spleen? Is the old blood boiling? Think of me as an anger outlet: Tweet me @Stevo_football; type away on the 606 page; and thumb a text to 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide). I think it’s what I’m here for.

  101. Twitter  

    From Luke_Laws: "Has anybody noted the Algerians cunning tactic of having a kit that camouflages rather nicely with the field?"

  102. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    "If Fabio Capello is a fan of the Sir Alex Ferguson-patented hairdryer, then it is to be hoped it is on full blast in England's dressing room. Time for a few home truths for his players after that mediocre 45 minutes.

    "Dull, lifeless and lacking in spark. If England think they can get past Algeria by strolling around and going through the motions, they are sadly mistaken."

  103. 606  

    From djpailo: "It's embarrassing being an England fan. There is no passion, hunger or desire out there. Woeful performance."

    I could have picked any from hundreds for that message.

  104. SMS  

    From Red dog, Nottingham: "England look fearful. Scared of losing sums it up for me."

  105. 20:30 Commentary  

    Ladies and gentlemen, we're back under way in Cape Town.

  106. 47 mins Commentary  

    Karim Matmour's heels are clipped by Jamie Carragher and Algeria have a free-kick about 35 yards from the England goal. Anther Yahia is going to shoot, you know...

  107. 48 mins Commentary  

    Anther Yahia's shot hits the wall but Karim Ziani gets past Glen Johnson down the left moments later, only for Johnson to make a fine recovery challenge.

  108. 49 mins Commentary  

    Those scrabbling around for a slither of good news might like this nugget from our friends at Infostrada Sports: apparently England are unbeaten in their last four World Cup matches when the half time score was 0-0. Their last defeat was 12 years ago against Romania (1-2).

  109. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "Ziani has the beating of Johnson every time he picks the ball up. Matmour is also a nuisance - he's seeing a lot of the ball and giving John Terry a very tough time."

  110. 52 mins Commentary  

    Emile Heskey collects the ball down the England right, almost falls over trying to do a step-over and sends a cross behind for a goalkick. I'm honestly not making it up.

  111. 54 mins Commentary  

    Gareth Barry gives the ball away for the umpteenth time today and England are only spared an Algerian counter-attack when Karim Matmour plays the wrong pass and gives it away.

  112. 55 mins Commentary  

    What's wrong with these players tonight? Steven Gerrard, in acres of space on the right of the area, has three England players to pass to and finds the only covering Algerian. It's hard to believe such good players can do such bad things sometimes.

  113. Twitter  

    From jamiebrooker: "Everyone's playing badly, but at least with some of them you feel like they might do something. Not Heskey. Get J Cole on."

  114. 58 mins YELLOW CARD  

    Jamie Carragher is booked for a foul on Hassan Yebda and he will miss the game against Slovenia on Wednesday. Free-kick to Algeria, 20 yards out on the left of the penalty area...

  115. 59 mins Commentary  

    Karim Ziani tees up Anther Yahia and he drags it badly wide of David James's right-hand post. There's an astonishing lack of quality on show to say this is a World Cup game.

  116. 61 mins Commentary  

    Rais M Bolhi comes for a Steven Gerrard corner and claims at the second attempt. He's had a decent evening the young keeper, after a shaky start in Cape Town.

  117. 62 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Better from England - more patient and better end product. Aaron Lennon swings over a right-footed cross from the left and Rafik Halliche gets a very important flick to send the ball behind. That's Lennon done as Shaun Wright-Phillips comes on.

  118. 64 mins Commentary  

    John Terry sells David James short and the keeper does well to be alert enough to race off his line and clear the danger. That's what fear does.

  119. SMS  

    Kieran in Trowbridge: "I defended England after the last game but this is dreadful. If they won now it would be unfair to a vastly superior Algeria."

  120. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    "No huge improvement from England, but Fabio Capello has tried to change things with the introduction of Shaun Wright-Phillips for Aaron Lennon. Wayne Rooney has had a desperate night so far - but he at least possesses the ability to make amends in an instant."

  121. 66 mins Commentary  

    Shaun Wright-Phillips does well to get past Nadir Belhadj and the left-back brings England's sub down. Good position for a free-kick as John Terry jogs forward, but nothing comes of it.

  122. 67 mins Commentary  

    Karim Matmour races Jamie Carragher to a ball over the top of the England defence and with David James static, Carragher does well to boot the ball out for a throw. It's pretty desperate stuff, this.

  123. 606  

    From Robdg: "This is shockingly bad."

  124. 70 mins Commentary  

    Steven Gerrard plays a lovely pass in for Emile Heskey on the right of the area and his shot is deflected over by Rafik Halliche. From the corner, Steven Gerrard heads at Rais M Bolhi.

  125. 73 mins Commentary  

    The onus is on England to go and win this game, but it isn't an onus they seem particularly comfortable with. Steven Gerrard has stepped it up in the last few moments, but is anyone with him? Wayne Rooney fires way off target from outside the box.

  126. 74 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    A change a piece as Jermain Defoe comes on for Emile Heskey for England and Algeria send on Djamal Abdoun for Ryad Boudabouz.

  127. 75 mins Commentary  

    Better exchange of passes between Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard and Jermain Defoe is only prevented from shooting by a last-ditch challenge inside the Algeria penalty area.

  128. 76 mins Commentary  

    Infostrada Sports tell us that only once has a team gone on to win the World Cup after drawing its first two matches: Italy in 1982. Hmmm.

  129. 76 mins Commentary  

    Gareth Barry slams a shot in from the edge of the area but it hits Fouad Kadir and Algeria clear their lines. They are concentrating heavily on defending now, the African side.

  130. Twitter  

    From maddghost: "WHERE IS JOE COLE???"

  131. 80 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Algeria make a change with 10 minutes to go, Karim Ziani coming off for Wolves midfielder Adlane Guediora.

  132. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    "Time running short for England now - and even a late winner, should it arrive, must not be allowed to disguise the shortcomings of this wretched display. It is a struggle to recall the last time Wayne Rooney played as badly as this and England looked so jaded."

  133. 82 mins Commentary  

    Wayne Rooney cuts a dejected figure at Cape Town Stadium after being dispossessed by Adlane Guedioura. Fabio gets off the bench again, and sits down again. He's been up and down more times than West Brom in the Premier League tonight (yep, I'd gladly swap places with them, before you say).

  134. 84 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    The giant Peter Crouch comes on for England for the last few minutes in place of Gareth Barry.

  135. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "That's Capello's last throw of the dice."

  136. 85 mins YELLOW CARD  

    Medhi Lacen is in the book for Algeria for a foul on Shaun Wright-Phillips.

  137. SMS  

    From Omar: "One of the worst English teams of recent times is what the Argentinean commentary think here in Buenos Aires."

  138. 88 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    You know how Frank Lampard hits the ball from distance for Chelsea? Think the exact opposite, as he lashes miles wide from 25 yards. Algeria make a change, with Hassan Yebda limping off and Djamel Mesbah on.

  139. 90 mins Commentary  

    David James catches a free-kick well under pressure from lots of Algerian players and we are into the last minute of normal time in Cape Town.

  140. 90 mins INJURY TIME  

    The fourth official raises the electronic board and we are going to have three added minutes.

  141. 90 mins Commentary  

    England work their way well through midfield and the ball bounces for Jermain Defoe 25 yards out, but he volleys well over Rais M Bolhi's crossbar.

  142. 90 mins Commentary  

    Wayne Rooney is adjudged to have fouled Foued Kadir and Fabio Capello rushes off the England bench to protest in disgust. We're almost done in this one.

  143. 21:19 FULL-TIME England 0-0 Algeria  

    Boos ring around Cape Town Stadium as the England fans register their dismay at what they have just seen. I doubt Fabio Capello has endured many worse birthdays than that.

  144. 21:21 Commentary  

    Stay with us, because there is plenty of reaction to come from Cape Town Stadium as this World Cup of surprises just keeps on rolling.

  145. 21:23 Commentary  

    Entertainment fans, look away now. Infostrada Sports tell us that was England's 10th goalless draw at the World Cup. No other team has more than seven: Italy, Uruguay, Brazil and (West) Germany.

  146. 21:24 Commentary  

    "Nice to see your home fans booing you," said England striker Wayne Rooney to the television camera as he left the pitch in Cape Town.

  147. 21:26 Commentary England captain Steven Gerrard:  

    "We're not happy, we need to improve. We weren't good enough in the final third to get the breakthrough. We're not making excuses - as a player at this level you've got to handle pressure. We weren't good enough, I don't know why."

  148. Contributor BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty  

    "Why scratch around for fine words when these will do. Utter rubbish from England.

    "From first to last they were desperately poor. Fabio Capello's players departed to a chorus of jeering from their furious fans - and every note was fully deserved.

    "If Capello can extract one positive from that (it might just be that they got a point) then he is surely only feeling benevolent on his 64th birthday."

  149. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Mike Ingham MBE  

    "I found myself almost raging with anger in the second half. First and foremost great respect to Algeria - but being outplayed by them is unacceptable from an England point of view. They have the best paid manager in the world. The bottom line is they're not a team. But what can you expect when the team is not announced until you leave for the bus? England can still qualify - but on this form, what's the point?"

  150. 606  

    From PanasonicVieira: "Let's give Algeria some credit here too, a point well deserved."

  151. Commentary England manager Fabio Capello:  

    "We still have to play another game and we hope that will be happier. I don't know if it's pressure or we're not in a good moment. We lost too many balls, it's not the same team I know."

  152. Commentary England manager Fabio Capello:  

    "I don't like to speak about individual players. When you don't play well it's because of the team. I can change the tactics, I will try to do something different. It won't be difficult to lift them before Slovenia. They know what they have to do."

  153. Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Pougatch  

    "Apparently, Wayne Rooney said to the TV cameras as he walked off: 'Nice to see your own fans booing you.' I'm not sure what else he expects."

  154. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Chris Waddle  

    "We've been exposed again: a lack of first touch, awareness. Algeria have lost seven out of the last eight games I think. There's something wrong when we can't break a team down like that. The tempo is poor, the quality is poor, the confidence has just gone."

  155. 21:37 Commentary  

    Maybe I'm speaking out of turn here, but Wayne Rooney saying in the week England could beat Algeria by not playing at their best, and Steven Gerrard just now saying "that was Algeria's World Cup final" - don't both of those statements smack of arrogance? England's World Cup final might take place against Slovenia in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday at 1500 BST.

  156. 21:39 Commentary What this result means in Group C:  

    "So, England know that if they beat Slovenia next Wednesday, they will qualify for sure. A draw is unlikely to be enough, although a very high-scoring draw would see them overtake the USA on goals scored if Bob Bradley's men draw with Algeria in a low-scoring game. Defeat means that Fabio Capello's side can start booking a late June holiday."

  157. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Graham Taylor  

    "I do now believe there's a real danger of England going out. They're something not right behind the scenes. I don't know what it is. I have an idea: I don't believe the proper preparatory work is being done. Look at the body language: something is wrong."

  158. Commentary England manager Fabio Capello:  

    "We played a good team, but we played too slowly. We are not in a good moment. It's probably the pressure, perhaps, I think so. The players play well during the training. I don't know why it is. I want to see the spirit of the team and I didn't see it this evening. I said to the players it wasn't a good performance, but we are really lucky because we can play another game. I'm always confident in my team."

  159. Twitter  

    From jaw3ston: "What else does Rooney expect other than angry fans? I certainly can see nothing to cheer for."

  160. SMS  

    Jon from Derby: "Shocking comment from Rooney, obviously can't see he has had a shocker. Gone massively down in my estimation. Show us your pride and not your sulkiness."

  161. 21:55 Commentary  

    My mum always tried to tell me to win properly and lose properly, but she never said anything about draws that feel like defeats... Anyway, in the spirit of sport, I want to end on a massive, massive congratulations to Algeria for a truly fabulous performance. Join Chris Bevan on Saturday for the start of Day Nine. Night night.

By Phil McNulty, Cape Town

England's World Cup hopes hang in the balance as they were held to a disappointing draw by Algeria after a wretched display in Cape Town.

Fabio Capello's side now need to beat Slovenia on Wednesday to ensure qualification to the knockout stages.

England felt the full force of the fury of the thousands of fans who flooded Cape Town in the vain hope of seeing a performance that improved on their first draw against the United States in Rustenburg.

Instead, they were rewarded with a performance that was the worst of Capello's reign, with Algeria fully deserving the point they celebrated with such elation at the final whistle.

England looked jaded and lacking inspiration, with Algeria goalkeeper Rais M'Bolhi barely troubled apart from one sharp first-half save from Frank Lampard.

And another major worry for Capello was the desperately poor showing from the player who carries so much of England's World Cup hopes, Wayne Rooney. The Manchester United star has rarely looked so out of sorts for club or country, even struggling to keep the ball under control and wasting possession on a consistent basis.

Rooney also appeared to be struggling with a knock in the closing stages, inflicting more anxiety on Capello as he endured a nightmare on his 64th birthday.

The 24-year-old Rooney was also captured on camera responding angrily to the reaction of the England supporters as he left the field, saying "Nice to see your own fans booing you."

But Rooney could hardly have expected them to deliver resounding applause after being subjected to such torture from their team for 90 minutes.

England will be grateful to at least still have the opportunity to progress into the knockout stage, but after the thrilling meeting between Slovenia and the United States illuminated Group C only hours earlier, Capello's players succeeded only in throwing a wet blanket over this encounter.

If they do not improve against Slovenia, and there is ample room on this grim evidence, then England will be making a premature departure from the World Cup.

And as if life was not difficult enough Capello will also be forced into yet another change at the back with centre-back Jamie Carragher - in the side after injuries ruled out Rio Ferdinand and Ledley King - picking up a booking which will keep him out of Wednesday's crucial game.

As expected, Capello recalled David James in goal and dropped Robert Green, excluded after his error against the United States in England's opening game and a nervous performance in training on the eve of this meeting with Algeria.

The return of Gareth Barry was designed to give England shape and a midfield foundation - but the first half ranked with the worst served up during Capello's tenure.

Algeria, for long periods, were more comfortable in possession than England, who looked heavy-legged and lacking any spark or inspiration.

It took 29 minutes for England to test Algeria keeper Bolhi, when he fell low to clutch Steven Gerrard's shot, and he was to distinguish himself further three minutes later when he denied Frank Lampard from close range.

Capello was reduced to a frustrated, gesticulating figure in his technical area and his businesslike march to the dressing room at the interval was surely a signal that some brutal truths were about to aimed in the direction of his players.

England's efforts after the break showed no marked improvement, and Capello waited until just after the hour before he could no longer resist the temptation to make a change, sending on Shaun Wright-Phillips for the disappointing Aaron Lennon.

And with 16 minutes left and England lacking ideas, Capello removed Emile Heskey - by no means England's worst performer in this dismal show - and giving Jermain Defoe the opportunity to make an impact.

It was to no avail, and the angry reaction of England's fans at the final whistle delivered the telling verdict on this shambolic showing.

England England Flag 0-0 Algeria Flag Algeria FT

(HT 0-0)







  • Venue: Green Point Stadium
  • Referee: R Irmatov
  • Attendance: 64,100
England     Algeria
  • Possession 53%
  • Attempts on target 8
  • Attempts off target 6
  • Corners 10
  • Fouls 13

Projected table based on current scores

Group A

Group A teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Uruguay 3 2 1 0 4 0 4 7
Mexico 3 1 1 1 3 2 1 4
South Africa 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
France 3 0 1 2 1 4 -3 1

Group B

Group B teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Argentina 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
South Korea 3 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4
Greece 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3
Nigeria 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1

Group C

Group C teams P W D L F A GD PTS
USA 3 1 2 0 4 3 1 5
England 3 1 2 0 2 1 1 5
Slovenia 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
Algeria 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 1

Group D

Group D teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Germany 3 2 0 1 5 1 4 6
Ghana 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
Australia 3 1 1 1 3 6 -3 4
Serbia 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1 3

Group E

Group E teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Netherlands 3 3 0 0 5 1 4 9
Japan 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Denmark 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 3
Cameroon 3 0 0 3 2 5 -3 0

Group F

Group F teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Paraguay 3 1 2 0 3 1 2 5
Slovakia 3 1 1 1 4 5 -1 4
New Zealand 3 0 3 0 2 2 0 3
Italy 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2

Group G

Group G teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Brazil 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
Portugal 3 1 2 0 7 0 7 5
Ivory Coast 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
North Korea 3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0

Group H

Group H teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Spain 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Chile 3 2 0 1 3 2 1 6
Switzerland 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4
Honduras 3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

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