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Honduras 0-1 Chile

By Chris Bevan
  1. 09:01 Commentary  

    Morning all, I'm Chris Bevan in Cape Town and welcome back to the World Cup... not that it's ever gone away, right? It's another big day in South Africa today, where it is a public holiday to mark the anniversary of the Soweto uprising in 1976, with three more games, coming right up.

  2. 09:05 Commentary  

    The hosts are are back in action later, against Uruguay at 19:30 BST... but, before then, the last four teams waiting to start the tournament begin their campaigns. We kick off with Honduras v Chile at 12:30 BST, followed by European champions Spain against Switzerland at 15:00 and you can watch both of those games on BBC One and right here on this website (in the UK).

  3. 09:09 Commentary  

    By the way, if you are looking forward to a nice and quiet World Cup Wednesday, then think again. South Africa captain Aaron Mokoena has told the Cape Times that he wants his side's fans to make MORE noise with those you-know-whats to get behind their team. Is that actually possible?

  4. 09:18 Commentary  

    Plenty to reflect on from yesterday too, especially that impressive display in defeat by North Korea against Brazil. who eventually won 2-1. First things first - do you think Maicon actually meant that first goal? He claims he did, and I believe him, although I admit if someone non-Brazilian had done the same I would be a bit more sceptical.

  5. 09:30 Commentary  

    We also saw New Zealand grab a dramatic last-gasp draw with Slovakia - a result that Slovakia coach Vlad Weiss called a 'minor sporting tragedy' - while Cristiano Ronaldo made his entrance in Portugal's disappointing draw with the Ivory Coast. BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher was at that game and wasn't impressed by Portugal's lack of creativity or, from speaking to some of their players afterwards, convinced they think they are major contenders at this tournament either. Still, if Ronaldo finds form, anything is possible.

  6. SMS  

    From James in Manchester: "If you watch Maicon's eyes he looks across the box and not once at the net or keeper and it completely skews off his boot. of course he said he meant it, there needed to be some magic in the performance."

    It's not unknown for players to look one way to sell an opponent and do something different - even I've done that. I think the way Maicon shapes to attack the ball means he wasn't trying to pull it back, although he might have been trying to just slam it across the face of goal, not perfectly between the keeper and the post. Anyway, this entire World Cup needs some magic - not just the Brazilians!

  7. Commentary Brazil coach Dunga on Maicon's goal  

    "We have training drills and I can tell you it's not the first goal that Maicon has scored in this fashion, so it's not so much an error by the goalkeeper but creativity on the part of Maicon. Yes, the goalkeeper could have stayed in but he anticipated that the ball was going to be crossed."

  8. SMS  

    From Raws in Stockport: "If Maicon meant that, then Emile Heskey will score a hat-trick against Algeria on Friday!"

  9. 09:53 Commentary  

    Any New Zealand fans out there? Do you think the Kiwis can get out of Group F after that opening draw with Slovakia or are you lot just enjoying being at a World Cup? Sunday's game with Italy should be interesting - fancy your chances against the world champions?

  10. SMS  

    From Sarah, a Kiwi in Sarawak, Borneo: "I don’t have a clue about soccer, but suddenly find myself swept up in the World Cup fever! Come on NZ!"

  11. Twitter  

    From robbietresham: "Maicon meant it, he has done it before for Brazil against Portugal and for Inter a couple of times... "

  12. Commentary New Zealand coach Ricki Herbert on their hopes against Italy and Paraguauy  

    "We're in the group, we've got a chance, we're on the same points after round one. Who would have ever thought that? I can say we have got two big hurdles to go and if they are too big, then they're too big but they will certainly know that they have been in a football match."

  13. 10:11 Commentary  

    Let's not forget about England today, either - their second game in Group C against Algeria here in Cape Town is just two days away. Defender Matthew Upson says goalkeeper Robert Green has recovered from his costly mistake against the United States and is is in the right mindset to play if selected. "Robert is 100% ready to play on Friday, Upson said. "He is a big boy and has handled it really well."

  14. World Cup Have Your Say  
    Migliore Joseph on WCHYS: "Once we get to the second round, that will be when the real World Cup will begin! Let's focus on Uruguay v South Africa. SA is hosting the event, and it will be interesting to see a match, where either team must win."
  15. 10:26 Commentary  

    Before we move on and start to take a proper look at today's matches, have a look at Garth Crooks' team of the day for yesterday. More North Koreans and New Zealanders in there (two apiece) than Brazilians (one), which kind of reflects how the tournament has gone so far.

  16. 10:32 Commentary  

    If you get a chance, and you are in the UK, I recommend you check out the clip that the BBC will be using at the beginning of our coverage of the South Africa v Uruguay match later. It features Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo and the children of the Rosebank Primary School performing a  version of the Curtis Mayfield classic Move On Up - stirring stuff, as well as being much easier on the ears than those darn vuvuzelas.

  17. 10:44 Commentary  

    Our first game today is Honduras v Chile at 12:30 BST. Without kicking a ball, the Hondurans are already World Cup record-breakers following their late call-up of Jerry Palacios to replace the injured Julio Cesar de Leon. Jerry joins brothers Wilson (of Tottenham) and Johnny in the Central Americans' squad, the first time any country has had three brothers in their World Cup squad. It sort of reminds me of Danny, Rod and Ray Wallace at Southampton in the late 1980s but is especially poignant for the Palacios family as younger brother Edwin was kidnapped three years ago and was found dead in 2009.

  18. SMS  

    From Charlie in London: "This Chile team has me more excited then any other side in the tournament! Forget the workman-like Brazil team and, instead, feast your eyes on a Chile side that don't understand the concept of defence under the most attack-minded coach in the tournament... watch the fireworks go off!"

    I hope Charlie's right... I think we all do!

  19. Commentary Honduras coach Reinaldo Rueda  

    "The team is not at its best right now but we will kick off he tournament with everything we've got. You will see a team that is serious, dedicated and concentrating. We just hope we can live up to what we have planned and prepared and we can start this dream with a victory."

  20. 11:02 Commentary  

    Charlie in London (below) is looking forward to seeing Chile but I'm sure a few of you are relishing the first appearance of Spain at these finals too. Midfielder Andres Iniesta is fit for the European champions' opener against Switzerland after shaking off a leg injury so Vicente del Bosque has a full squad to choose from. An extremely talented full squad to choose from, no?

  21. Commentary Phillippe Senderos - whose father is Spanish - ahead of the Switzerland-Spain match  

    "We have to be optimistic. We must hope that Spain haven’t yet got into the swing of the competition, and that we can put pressure on them. We will attack and defend like a block, as a team. It is really important that we do not allow Spain any space, and that we do not let them play too much. When they have the ball they can hurt us, so we will try to counter them. We will play with courage."

  22. Twitter  

    Injured England captain Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "Right, off to get da knee looked at then it's daddy time with da boys! Nice day up here today twitfam. Hope everyones havin a good day."

  23. 11:14 Commentary  

    Here's a bit of non-World Cup news for you - although admittedly it still invoves a cup. Portsmouth, who were relegated from the Premier League last season, have been drawn away against Stevenage, who were promoted from the Blue Square Premier, in the first round of the Carling Cup. I wonder if anyone has told Pompey's South African captain Aaron Mokoena the news?

  24. SMS  

    From Crispy in Scarborough: "Just want to wish Howard Webb and his team all the best for today as England's 'other team' make their World Cup debut."

    For those of you who didn't know - Webb, and his assistants Darren Cann and Michael Mullarkey will take charge of Spain v Switzerland.

  25. 11:24 Commentary  

    Just over an hour to go until kick-off in Nelspruit, so keep the World Cup chat coming please folks. Text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide), I'm on Twitter @chrisbevan_bbc or you can always get involved on 606.

  26. 11:32 Commentary  

    England's Wayne Rooney is giving a press conference in Rustenburg, er, now. He's just said that he is getting used to the ball after three weeks of using it but thinks it is a nightmare for keepers - I'll bring you a full rundown of his thoughts very shortly.

  27. Commentary Honduras v Chile line-ups  

    Honduras: 18-Noel Valladares; 2-Osman Chavez, 3-Maynor Figueroa, 7-Ramon Nunez, 21-Emilio Izaguirre, 8-Wilson Palacios, 20-Amado Guevara, 23-Sergio Mendoza, 13-Roger Espinoza, 17-Edgard Alvarez, 9-Carlos Pavon.
    Chile: 1-Claudio Bravo; 4-Mauricio Isla, 17-Gary Medel, 3-Waldo Ponce, 8-Arturo Vidal, 6-Carlos Carmona, 20-Rodrigo Millar, 14-Matias Fernandez, 10-Jorge Valdivia, 15-Jean Beausejour, 7-Alexis Sanchez.
    Referee: Eddy Maillet (Seychelles)

  28. SMS  

    From Adam in Stockport: "After watching pretty much every game of this World Cup so far I'm still waiting for it to kick off. Hopefully Spain will show us what we've been waiting to see. Plus hope Howard Webb keeps up the quality of the officials so far."

  29. Commentary England striker Wayne Rooney  

    "So far in the other games I thought Germany looked good, and I was impressed with the Ivory Coast discipline against Portugal. But I don't think there has been any stand-out team so far, with the exception of Germany maybe. We're confident we can do well. I'm sure we'll progress from the group and go a long way in this tournament. We don’t fear anyone."

  30. SMS  

    From John in Middlesbrough: "I think the Chile game might just liven the day up today, lots of goals and a thumping Chile win I am thinking!"

  31. 11:44 Commentary  

    BREAKING NEWS: Our Chief Football Correspondent, Mike Ingham, has just been told by Fabio Capello that Gareth Barry will START this Friday's match against Algeria.

  32. Commentary More from Wayne Rooney  

    "We started well and overall deserved to win against the US. Unfortunately we didn't but we look forward to Friday and I'm sure we'll win. A draw against the US wasn't the worst result in the world. I was happy with my partnership with Emile Heskey - we caused the US defence problems, created chances, and that was important. I'm sure we can do the same against Algeria, if selected."

  33. 11:52 Commentary  

    Part of the reason so many of you are looking forward to seeing Spain (and Chile!) in action today is because this World Cup is yet to really spark into life. BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson was one of those at Ellis Park last night who were hoping to see Brazil do just that but as he explains in his latest blog, under Dunga, the Brazilians were always going to be more efficient than entertaining. Will that matter if they win the World Cup though?

  34. 12:07 Commentary Honduras v Chile team news  

    So, Chile coach Marcelo Bielsa springs a major surprise by fielding both his creative playmakers - Matias Fernandez and Jorge Valdivia - in the absence of leading striker Humberto Suazo. Fernandez and Valdivia, who usually play the same role behind the strikers, have featured together just five times in the Bielsa era, with Chile losing all five matches. Honduras coach Reinaldo Rueda, meanwhile, leaves injured striker David Suazo on the bench, while Ramon Nunez starts in midfield as replacement for Julio Cesar de Leon, who was injured in training on Monday.

  35. 12:09 Commentary  

    Don't forget you can listen to commentary on the Honduras v Chile game on the BBC Radio 5 Live website (or in this page), and you can also watch live TV coverage on STV's website and ITV's website if you are in the UK.

  36. 606  

    From SuperSamirNasri8: "Everyone should keep an eye on Alexis Sanchez in this match. I have no doubt that this kid will be one of the best in the world in a few years."

  37. SMS  

    From Lee in Lancs: "Gutted that Humberto Suazo is on the bench, the boy is dynamite!"

  38. 12:23 Commentary  

    It probably won't surprise you if I tell you that the Mbombela Stadium is far from full but there is still a big turn-out of Chile and Honduras fans, who are dancing around as I write. And the sun is out in Nelspruit so they are not just doing it to keep warm, honest.

  39. 12:26 Commentary  

    Here come the teams... and it's anthem time - wonder if we will get any tears like we did with the North Koreans last night?

  40. 12:29 Commentary  

    Nope, no tears this time. Goals are more important to me, though.

  41. 12:31 KICK-OFF Honduras v Chile  

    Honduras get us under way.

  42. 2 mins Commentary  

    Decent start by Chile and they have got a free-kick about 25 yards out... It's a decent one too - Matias Fernandez bends the ball over the wall and it dips on to the roof of the net. I think Noel Valladares had it covered mind.

  43. 4 mins YELLOW CARD  

    The first yellow card of the day goes to Carlos Carmona, who brings down Honduras' Gary Medel as he breaks clear. It's all Chile at the moment, and my computer is exceptionally slow.

  44. 10 mins Commentary  

    And as this game gets into its stride, another quick reminder that you can watch live TV coverage on STV's website and ITV's website if you are in the UK.

  45. 14 mins Commentary  

    The Hondurans still haven't settled yet. They haven't seen much of the ball, either. Chile continue to probe and almost have an opening when Jorge Valdivia tries to slide Jean Beausejour clear but over-hits his pass.

  46. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "I don't want to be biased, but I do like Chile!"

  47. 18 mins Commentary  

    A first effort on goal for Honduras. Carlos Pavon has space to have a go from the edge of the area but doesn't really get hold of his low shot and it rolls wide in any case.

  48. 21 mins YELLOW CARD  

    Another booking for Chile. Matias Fernandez is one of two players to slide in on Sergio Mendoza - who was the meat in a Chile sandwich - but is the one who gets shown the yellow card.

  49. 23 mins Commentary  

    Chile break forward quickly from a Honduras corner and Jorge Valdivia fires in a shot that is deflected wide. From the resulting corner, the ball comes out to Alexis Sanches on the edge of the box but he slices his effort over. No goals yet, but it's been a lively enough start.

  50. 26 mins Commentary  

    More Chile pressure and Arturo Vidal has a free header from a corner. He can't keep it down, however, and the ball flies high over the bar. His coach Marcelo Bielsa does not exactly look delighted by that miss.

  51. SMS  

    From Rich: "Chile look like they just want to attack from the moment they get the ball, at last the World Cup might have come alive. Need to work on their shooting though, but isn't the World Cup about teams trying to score loads of goals? Well it should be."

  52. 33 mins Commentary  

    A surging run forward by Chile's Alexis Sanchez, who knocks the ball past Maynor Figueroa on the edge of the area but is sent flying by the full-back. Free-kick? You would assume so, but referee Eddy Maillet gives a goal-kick. Strange.

  53. 34 mins YELLOW CARD  

    Mind you, Eddy Maillet isn't shy dishing out the bookings. Wilson Palacios is the latest man to be shown yellow, and the first Honduras player.

  54. 34 mins GOAL Honduras 0-1 Chile  

    It's been coming. Alexis Sanchez slips Mauricio Isla clear down the right and he drives the ball across the face of goal. Jean Beausejour gets there at the same time as a defender but the final touch definitely comes off the Chile forward - and the South Americans fully deserve their lead.

  55. 39 mins Commentary  

    Will going behind bring Honduras out of their shells? I'm not sure they are capable of a response to be honest - although Ramon Nunez has just lifted a shot over the bar - and if they do commit more men forward, then this impressive Chile side are going to become even more dangerous on the break.

  56. 44 mins Commentary  

    Chile open Honduras up again. Alexis Sanchez sees his shot come back off Maynor Figueroa and goalkeeper Noel Valladares just about does enough to put off Jean Beausejour. Honduras are living very dangerously but still in this game -at the other end, Ramon Nunez has a free-kick tipped over by Claudio Bravo.

  57. HALF-TIME Honduras 0-1 Chile  
  58. SMS  

    From Darren: "Finally a team with a desire "to win" rather than "not to lose" which we have become accustomed to so far in the World Cup. Well done Chile!"

  59. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    “The standard of passing has been fantastic from Chile. I’ll tell you what… they can have a good run in this tournament if they continue to play like that.”

  60. 13:25 Commentary  

    A bit more England news for you. Coach Fabio Capello says "Barry will play, and I will decide on two other positions. The goalkeeper is one, yes, and also the second striker - Emile Heskey or Jermain Defoe."

  61. Twitter  

    From vschaper: "Chile looking dangerous, Honduras struggling to contain them, excellent 1st 45."

  62. 13:30 Commentary  

    Yep, Chile have looked pretty clever so far, and star striker Humberto Suazo hasn't even made his entrance yet. Suazo isn't fully fit but might feature later on in this one.

  63. 13:35 Commentary  

    Chile get the second half started. More of the same please boys

  64. 46 mins Commentary  

    An early opening for Honduras at the start of the second half but here is a decision that referee Eddy Maillet gets spot on. Edgard Alvarez bursts through but his opposite number Gary Medel gets across to slide in and nick the ball away. Replays show he definitely got ball, not man.

  65. 50 mins Commentary  

    Alexis Sanchez is still running the show for Chile, creating more danger from a short corner but Honduras have enough men back to clear - although Carlos Pavon actually injures himself when he boots the ball away. He's back on his feet now though.

  66. 53 mins Commentary  

    Another shooting chance for Chile, after aother neat build-up. The ball breaks to Jean Beausejour on the right-hand side of the area but he is offside and Noel Valladares saves his low shot in any case.

  67. 606  

    From Colonol Charisma: "Chile, team of the tournament so far, how refreshing is it to see a team that can pass the ball! Puts the superstars of Portugal and England to shame."

  68. 57 mins Commentary  

    Chile's main-man Alexis Sanchez goes down on the edge of the area under a challenge by Wilson Palacios. The referee is having none of it but there was actually some contact there - I think Sanchez made the most of it though, and Palacios wants him booked. The ref isn't having any of that either.

  69. 59 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    Can I give a big Georgie Welcome to Georgie Welcome? Honduras have made a change and he is coming on for veteran frontman Carlos Pavon.

  70. 61 mins Commentary  

    Chile continue to probe and Maynor Figueroa and the rest of the Honduras defence have got their work cut out at the moment. This time, Figueroa gets across just in time to bundle Jean Beausejour off the ball inside the area.

  71. 63 mins Commentary  

    Jorge Valdiva releases Alexis Sanchez, who goes for the bottom corner with his shot but finds the wrong side of the post. On the touchline, Chile coach Marcelo Bielsa has his head in his hands - his side should be home and dry by now.

  72. 65 mins Commentary  

    Another great chance goes begging for Chile. Matias Fernandez bends in a wicked free-kick from the left and it is turned back across goal. Waldo Ponce is completely unmarked has a seemingly easy task of nodding the ball in from close range but Noel Valladreas gets across to push it away. I'm not sure Ponce had to head that, either - he had to stoop very low to reach it.

  73. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    "Chile have had chance after chance and it's still only 1-0. That will actually lift Honduras, who will get a chance at some stage."

  74. SMS  

    From Charlie in London: "Is it too soon to say 'I told you so' about Chile? Great to see Chile sticking to their attacking principles. Looking forward to second half!"

  75. 75 mins Commentary  

    Jean Beausejour crosses for Mauricio Isla but he can only meet the ball with a glancing header and it drifts wide. Honduras are still hanging on,

  76. 77 mins Commentary  

    Referee Eddy Maillet is having an, um,  interesting game. Alexis Sanchez is first to the rebound when Noel Valladares spills a shot but the Chile forward clearly uses his hand to control the ball before tucking it away. Maillet disallows the goal, but only because Sanchez is offside - I think he would have booked him if he saw him handle it.

  77. SMS  

    Daniel in Florence: "Everybody is getting a bit carried away: Chile are only playing Honduras, one of the worst teams in the tournament, if they play with this kind of intent against a side like the US then they deserve to be applauded."

  78. 80 mins Commentary  

    Honduras have got 10 minutes to find an equaliser. They've got to have a shot on goal first, mind. Alexis Sanchez is having plenty of those for Chile but he just cannot find the target, well not without using his hand first... he drags his latest effort from distance well wide.

  79. 86 mins Commentary  

    Fair play, Chile are still coming forward, looking for a second goal rather than trying to protect their 1-0 lead. Honduras haven't exactly forced them to do much defending though.

  80. 90 mins Commentary  

    We've not seen much of Georgie Welcome for Honduras since he came on but he has just had a pop from the edge of the area - lifting it high and wide. That is as good as it has got for the Central Americans, Chile keeper Claudio Bravo has not been very busy this afternoon.

  81. 92 mins INJURY TIME  

    We're in the second of three minutes of injury time. Still time for an equaliser... and Honduras have a corner.

  82. 93 mins Commentary  

    The corner is taken quickly but easily cleared and, when another cross comes to nothing, Chile break with ease. They have men over and Alexis Sanchez is unmarked in the middle but Mark Gonzalez chooses to shoot and curls his shot over the bar.

  83. 14:24 FULL-TIME Honduras 0-1 Chile  

    Only a 1-0 win for Chile in the end but they could have had a lot more goals that that. Credit to Honduras for defending well, and goalkeeper Noel Valladares in particular for one cracking save, but let's also recognise the enterprise Chile showed going forward, we haven't seen much of that before now in this World Cup.

  84. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Pat Nevin  

    “A joy to behold. The best and most enjoyable game I’ve seen in this World Cup. The way Chile play, if they don’t get injuries then this is a very good team. Great attitude, great fitness levels – really enjoyed watching them.”

  85. SMS  

    From Reg in Manchester: "Am i the only one not suprised by Chile, given that they had their best qualifying campaign ever and won more games than any other South American team!"

  86. 14:33 Commentary  

    Right, Chile are off to a winning start in Group H - can Spain match them? I think it's fair to say most people are expecting them to beat Switzerland... Join Jonathan Stevenson to find out whether they can live up to expectations.

By Sam Lyon

Jean Beausejour's strike earned Chile a first World Cup victory for 48 years as Marcelo Bielsa's side got their 2010 campaign off to a winning start.

Despite having last tasted a win in a World Cup match on this day in 1962, against the former Yugoslavia, Chile came into the match well tipped to emerge from Group H alongside favourites Spain.

And Bielsa's men ended a 13-match winless streak in far more comfortable fashion than the scoreline suggests, with Honduras grateful to goalkeeper Noel Valladares for keeping the score down.

Following, too, a start to the tournament best described as uninspired, Chile's ambitious approach - full of one-touch passing, movement and pace - provided a refreshing change.

It was a performance in keeping with Bielsa's attacking philosophy, and one that saw Chile - playing a unique 3-3-1-3 formation - pick up from where they left off in qualifying, during which they scored 32 goals, just one fewer than Conmebol group winners Brazil.

Reported Real Madrid target Alexis Sanchez, given the freedom of Nelspruit by a Honduras team lacking in cohesion or discipline, was at the heart of all Chile's good play.

Predominantly a right winger but happy to drift inside and beyond his attackers, Sanchez was a bagful of tricks, teasing the Honduran defence at every turn and the focal point of the vast majority of the Chilean attacks.

The 21-year-old earned the free-kick from which Chile forced the first save of the match, Valladares equal to Matias Fernandez's whipped effort from 25 yards, while the Honduras keeper also had to be alert to beat away a swerving long-range effort from Arturo Vidal that underlined just why keepers are said to be so wary of the Jabulani balls in South Africa.

Such was Chile's dominance against a poor Honduras side, that the only surprise was that it took until the 34th minute for them to break the deadlock.

There was an element of fortune about it, Beausejour's finish coming courtesy of a ricochet off a Honduras defender, but some fine build-up play between Sanchez and Mauricio Isla deserved its reward.

Chile thought they might have had a penalty before half-time when Sanchez's goalbound shot hit Osman Chavez's hand, but nothing was given by referee Eddy Maillet - one of a number of debatable decisions from the Seychelles official.

Just before the break, Honduras forced their first half-decent effort on goal, Claudio Bravo comfortably tipping Ramon Nunez's free-kick over the bar.

But it was not enough to rouse a response from Honduras in the second-half, which if anything saw Chile's dominance increase.

Just after the hour mark, Bielsa's men twice created golden chances to extend their lead, Sanchez firing the first wide from inside the box and then Waldo Ponce - with the goal gaping - seeing his header from six yards out saved by a sprawling Valladares.

Any hopes of a late Honduras rally failed to materialise as Chile controlled possession inside their opponents' half, and in the end an entertaining encounter petered out towards the final whistle.

Not that Chile were complaining, and they will hope now that a good result against Switzerland in their next group game on 21 June in Port Elizabeth will be enough to see them through to the last 16.

Honduras Honduras Flag 0-1 Chile Flag Chile FT

(HT 0-1)

 Beausejour, 34





  • Venue: Mbombela Stadium
  • Referee: E Maillet
  • Attendance: 32,664
Honduras     Chile
  • Possession 43%
  • Attempts on target 3
  • Attempts off target 4
  • Corners 4
  • Fouls 15

Projected table based on current scores

Group A

Group A teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Uruguay 3 2 1 0 4 0 4 7
Mexico 3 1 1 1 3 2 1 4
South Africa 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
France 3 0 1 2 1 4 -3 1

Group B

Group B teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Argentina 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
South Korea 3 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4
Greece 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3
Nigeria 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1

Group C

Group C teams P W D L F A GD PTS
USA 3 1 2 0 4 3 1 5
England 3 1 2 0 2 1 1 5
Slovenia 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
Algeria 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 1

Group D

Group D teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Germany 3 2 0 1 5 1 4 6
Ghana 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
Australia 3 1 1 1 3 6 -3 4
Serbia 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1 3

Group E

Group E teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Netherlands 3 3 0 0 5 1 4 9
Japan 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Denmark 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 3
Cameroon 3 0 0 3 2 5 -3 0

Group F

Group F teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Paraguay 3 1 2 0 3 1 2 5
Slovakia 3 1 1 1 4 5 -1 4
New Zealand 3 0 3 0 2 2 0 3
Italy 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2

Group G

Group G teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Brazil 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
Portugal 3 1 2 0 7 0 7 5
Ivory Coast 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
North Korea 3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0

Group H

Group H teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Spain 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Chile 3 2 0 1 3 2 1 6
Switzerland 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4
Honduras 3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

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