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BBC pundits on England

Downcast England players

Highlights - Germany 4-1 England

Alan Hansen
Alan Hansen
BBC pundit on Match of the Day

The debate will rage on about the Frank Lampard goal but I cannot believe how bad England were. Against Algeria they were abysmal but today they were four levels below that.

The Germans are average but they made England look very bad and they could have lost seven or eight easily. Every aspect of the England performance was rock bottom. They were lucky to concede four.

The back four looked as though they'd never seen each other. When the defence play so badly usually the goalkeeper is just as culpable but on the whole David James was England's best player. It was just shambolic.

England had a 10-minute spell before half time and five minutes after half time when Lampard hit the bar, but apart from that it was all Germany, Germany, Germany.

If Lampard's "goal" is given it puts a different complexion. How they can't see it is beyond belief. You don't even need technology it's so clear.

We said all through the tournament that when you play the good sides you can't afford to be over-run in the middle and that's what we saw. Wayne Rooney up top and Steven Gerrard behind gives you that flexibility. But it doesn't matter about the system today, they got outclassed.

It puts the manager under real pressure. They came to the World Cup with real optimism but over the four performances they were average. I think he'll go.

Alan Shearer
Alan Shearer
Former England striker on Match of the Day

We said they improved in the last game and needed to improve again to go through but they didn't get anywhere near it. They were hopeless from start to finish.

We said before that man-for-man we're better than Germany but the Germans must think we're mugs. We never saw the best from Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney.

Whether the big players don't like the system or the manager they just didn't perform. Rooney's being so poor in this tournament. We all feared the more people shouted for Gerrard behind Rooney the more the manager would go against that.

The FA sit on their backsides and do nothing tournament after tournament after tournament. Why don't they listen? Why don't they look at other countries and ask 'how do they keep producing talent?'

Former England winger Chris Waddle

It summed it up that we need three goals in 15 minutes and he brings on Emile Heskey, who is struggling for goals.

You can look at every goal we concede and scratch your head wondering why we defended so badly. Both centre-halves are half a yard short of pace.

We were looking for a positive response in the second half after we got into the game with a goal but it never came.

The manager has to take the flack when it goes wrong, but the players have to look at themselves as none of them have performed to the level we see it week in week out in the Premier League. I think the manager will go.

Lee Dixon
Lee Dixon
Former England defender on Match of the Day

You have to put a performance on at this stage in the tournament but it was probably the worst defensive team performance I've seen. Quite frankly we were awful and we got ripped to pieces.

Fair play to the Germans because they look a decent side and had ideas we couldn't cope with.

I've never seen England defenders so far apart. You get away with that against Slovenia, who aren't as good but against a decent side that's when you get stretched.

You wouldn't expect England to defend for the four gaols like that over a whole season but they have done it all in one game.

Don't let the disallowed goal paper over the cracks. We went backwards. We were worse today than against Algeria. The manager is under real pressure and I think he will go.

Harry Redknapp
Harry Redknapp
Tottenham Hotspur manager on Match of the Day

It was a massive disappointment. Germany were a much, much better side.

We couldn't make contact with their key players. Over the whole game they were much better, they played modern football, between the lines.

Lukas Podolski makes it 2-0 to Germany

Podolski scores Germany's second

Their system was better than ours, it worked, they passed the ball and we got outnumbered in the middle of the park, they were a different class.

We were stretched playing the system we played. There was no lack of effort from our players but they were much much better.

Capello is good, we have got to look at the whole thing. I don't think it's time to chop and change but we have got to have a look at how we do play.

Graham Taylor
Graham Taylor
Former England manager on BBC Radio 5 live

Lampard's was a goal, it would have made it 2-2 and who knows how the game would have transpired but that is not the point. We have lost 4-1 and been easily beaten.

We won the World Cup in 1966 but since then we have learned nothing from victory. All of the other countries we see them coming on and see how they play and they are miles ahead of us at international level.

I look at the centre at Burton and the things we should put in place to ensure the international team is a priority and to develop players and these are so, so important. I would say we have lost our way, but it's not as though we have ever had it.

Frank Lampard's shot against Germany

Lampard effort not given

The authority of the Football Association has almost totally gone and it is a club situation we are looking at now. I learned from the failure I had as England manager that if we keep trying to play 4-4-2 we are never going to win the World Cup.

You need the FA to reassert its authority because they are in charge of the international team. As we have gone on since the formation of the Premier League the power of the FA has gone away more and more. The club power within our game is much higher. [FA Director of Football Development] Trevor Brooking has come up with some good ideas but he has no chance.

Chris Waddle
Chris Waddle
Former England winger on BBC Radio 5 live

The FA sit on their backsides and do nothing tournament after tournament after tournament. Why don't they listen? Why don't they look at other countries and ask 'how do they keep producing talent?'

We coach talent out of players. We're looking to Gerrard and Rooney to turn up at this tournament but they haven't. So where do we go, where is plan B? We haven't got one. We say we've got pacey wingers, we haven't.

The back four can't control it, can't pass it. We lack so many ideas and it is so frustrating. The amount of money in our league is frightening and all we do is waste it on rubbish ideas.

Premier League football is a hundred miles an hour, its like basketball. When you play in the Premier League you can go: you attack, we attack, you attack, we attack.

Thomas Mueller celebrates his second goal against England

Mueller tucks away Germany's fourth

Germany play exactly like Bayern Munich, or Shalke or Werder Bremen so they take the football from club level onto the international pitch. We try to take the Premier League onto the pitch and were not technically good enough.

We come up against a team that can play little triangles around us. Germany, Spain, all the good sides play around it and we can't adapt to any other system.

We kid ourselves thinking we have a chance if we keep the tempo up. We can only play one way and it is poor. You can't go on playing football and hoping to win trophies playing a hundred miles an hour and putting teams under pressure for 90 minutes. You've got to be able to play slow, slow, quick and we can't do it.

We should have played 4-5-1 in this tournament. We want Gerrard on the ball more. Gerrard plays in 4-5-1 for Liverpool off Torres and Lampard plays further forward for Chelsea. Rooney's played up front alone all season and scored 30 goals so stick him up front on his own.

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