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Switzerland 0-0 Ukraine (aet)
Monday, 26 June 2006

Ukraine won 3-0 on penalties




T Barnetta 59yellow card



51% 49%

Shots on target

5 2

Shots off target

7 13


5 6


22 19


  • 01 P Zuberbuhler
  • 02 J Djourou (33 S Grichting )
  • 03 L Magnin
  • 20 P Muller
  • 23 P Degen
  • 06 J Vogel
  • 07 R Cabanas
  • 08 R Wicky
  • 16 T Barnetta yellow card
  • 22 H Yakin (64 M Streller )
  • 09 A Frei (116 M Lustrinelli )


  • 12 D Benaglio,
  • 05 X Margairaz,
  • 19 V Behrami,
  • 21 F Coltorti,
  • 14 D Degen,
  • 15 B Dzemaili,
  • 13 S Grichting,
  • 10 D Gygax,
  • 18 M Lustrinelli,
  • 04 P Senderos,
  • 17 C Spycher,
  • 11 M Streller


  • 01 O Shovkovskiy
  • 17 V Vashchuk
  • 02 A Nesmachniy
  • 04 A Tymoschuk
  • 08 O Shelayev
  • 09 O Gusev
  • 14 A Gusin
  • 19 M Kalinichenko (75 R Rotan )
  • 10 A Voronin (110 A Milevskiy )
  • 16 A Vorobey (93 S Rebrov )
  • 07 A Shevchenko


  • 12 A Pyatov,
  • 03 O Yatsenko,
  • 05 V Yezerskiy,
  • 11 S Rebrov,
  • 15 A Milevskiy,
  • 18 S Nazarenko,
  • 20 O Byelik,
  • 21 R Rotan,
  • 23 B Shust

Ref: Benito Archundia Tellez
Att: 45000


"You have to feel sorry for Switzerland, but on the balance of the game and the two hours of football Ukraine showed slightly more ambition and if there was a side that deserved to win it was Ukraine, but it was a poor game."
Matt Holland, BBC Five Live Sport

The Ukraine squad swarm forward from the halfway line to engulf Oleg Gusev. They will face the Italians in Hamburg on Friday. Switzerland are the first group winners to go out and are eliminated despite not conceding a goal.

Switzerland 0-3 Ukraine
A long run-up and Oleg Gusev strokes in the ball and scores the penalty that sends Ukraine through to a quarter-final against Italy on their World Cup debut.

Switzerland 0-2 Ukraine
Ricardo Cabanas has to score but he does not. Olexandr Shovkovskiy saved another poor penalty.

Switzerland 0-2 Ukraine
Serhiy Rebrov sends the keeper the wrong wayand scores to give Ukraine a big advantage.

Switzerland 0-1 Ukraine
Tranquillo Barnetta misses and slams his effort on to the crossbar.

Switzerland 0-1 Ukraine
Another sub. Artem Milevskiy dinks it down the middle and scores before giving the crowd the shush sign. A confident chap.

Switzerland 0-0 Ukraine
Substitute Marco Streller strikes an equally poor penalty and this one is also saved.

Switzerland 0-0 Ukraine
Ukraine take the first penalty. The last time Andriy Shevchenko was in a shoot-out it was the Champions League final for AC Milan against Liverpool. It's another nightmare for the skipper as his effort is saved.

2230 BST: So then. Penalties it is and there always seemed an inevitability that it would end this way. It is the first World Cup shoot-out for both teams.

"Thank God that's finished - I feel like I've been here for 10 years."
Alan Shearer BBC Sport

FULL-TIME: That is the end and for once the crowd cheer Benny's whistle. They deserve the excitement of penalties. "Que Sera Sera" rings out of the loudspeakers in the stadium. Whatever will be indeed.

120 mins: We're into the final minute and there will be just one more minute before penalties.

118 mins: Switzerland are pushing and maintaining possession well, but there is no way through this Ukraine defence.

116 mins: A strange substitution with penalties looming. Switzerland's top goalscorer Alexander Frei is replaced by Mauro Lustrinelli.

115 mins: Rare excitement at the other end. Marco Streller collects the ball on the edge of the area and steps inside Andriy Gusin but just as he pulls his leg back to shoot on goal the Ukrainian recovers to tackle.

114 mins: Ukraine break through Artem Milevskiy. The ball is worked to Serhiy Rebrov but Andriy Shevchenko delayed his pass a moment to long and instead of getting the ball in space, after just one touch Rebrov finds himself tackled by Ludovic Magnin.

111 mins: The new arrival makes an immediate impact breaking to the byeline, but his low cross is cleared.

110 mins: A final Ukraine change. Artem Milevskiy replaces Andriy Voronin. Long, dark hair replaces long, blond hair. Milevskiy is one of the four players in the Ukraine squad who were on duty at the Under-21 European Championship earlier in the summer.

108 mins: Marco Streller wins a corner and from it there is confusion in the Ukraine defence. Philipp Degen has a free header but directs it wide.

107 mins: Ruslan Rotan floats a free-kick in from the right but Pascal Zuberbuhler punches clear.

2212 BST: We're going again and are just 15 minutes from a penalty shoot-out. Remember, there are no silver or golden goal rules at this tournament.

"It has been an extremely poor game. The fans let their feelings known and it has not been a spectacle of any sorts for them. A very poor game."
Matt Holland, BBC Five Live Sport

EXTRA-TIME HALF-TIME: Benny puts the whistle to his lips. The crowd jeer their disapproval again.

105 mins: It's like 10-pin bowling on ice out there as four players fall to the ground at the same time. Two Ukrainians take each other out. The Swiss seem to go down in sympathy.

102 mins: A first offside of the night with Andriy Shevchenko straying the wrong side of the Swiss defence. It draws Oleg Blokhin from his seat, neck veins bulging, arm pointing. Hopefully he got his point across.

100 mins: The ball breaks to Johann Vogel on the edge of the area. He angles his body nicely, shoots across the ball and keeps it down but keeper Olexandr Shovkovskiy is behind it all the way.

99 mins: Andriy Shevchenko is the only Ukrainian in the Swiss half but takes on the challenge of getting past the six red shirts between him and the goal. There's no way through. Ludovic Magnin slides in to dispossess the Chelsea man.

97 mins: Switzerland are looking more adventurous and loop a ball into the box but nobody is there to get on the end of it.

95 mins: Tranquillo Barnetta plays in Alexander Frei in the box and excitement as Benny looks to have pointed to the spot but in fact Swiss calls for a penalty off a handball have fallen on deaf ears. Benny was just stretching his arms.

93 mins: Ukraine call for fresh legs and Serhiy Rebrov comes on for Andriy Vorobey. Similar hairstyles and similar players. A like-for-like swap.

2155 BST: It may not have been the best game but one man is still smiling. You guessed it, referee Benny's showing his pearly whites before signalling for the action to resume.

"Both teams are content to sit back, sit deep and get everyone behind the ball. Ukraine tried a little bit but Switzerland will kill football if they play like this."
Alan Shearer, BBC Sport TV

RATER POLL: 76% of you must wish you had sorted something else out for your Monday night. You rank this the worst game of the World Cup so far.

"Going into the last 16 this was the least glamourous tie on paper and it has lived up to it. Ukraine maybe deserve to lead but neither side has created enough."
Matt Holland, BBC Five Live Sport

END OF NORMAL TIME: Referee Benny blows the whistle on the 90 minutes. The crowd whistle after enduring a lacklustre 90 minutes.

90 + 2 mins: Switzerland respond to the jeers with some rare urgency but Alexander Frei is unable to get to Silent Hair's low cross from the right.

90 + 1 min: The Swiss are happy to play keep ball. Their fans are not happy to see them play keep ball. Jeers ring round the stadium at their lack of attacking intent.

90 mins: Three minutes until extra-time.

89 mins: A late chance for Ukraine? Andriy Nesmachniy races forward and earns a corner. Pascal Zubebuhler's punched clearance is far from convincing but he gets enough on the ball to clear the danger.

88 mins: Tranquillo Barnetta - or Silent Hair to his friends - collects the ball in the centre circle but is unable to release Alexander Frei as he is immediately surrounded by four yellow shirts.

87 mins: Ludovic Magnin returns to the fray. Good news for coach Kobi Kuhn who would not want his hand forced with only one more substitution available to him.

85 mins: The ball's played over the top of the Swiss defence and after bring it down Andriy Voronin and substitute Stephane Grichting wrestle on the edge of the area before Ludovic Magnin clears with a sliding tackle. Magnin stays down.

82 mins: A surging run by Ludovic Magnin ends in a corner for the Swiss. The full-back waves his arms urging on the fans to give his side more vocal support. Olexandr Shovkovskiy punches the ball clear from the corner.

78 mins: Vladislav Vashchuk is caught by a late challenge from Tranquillo Barnetta. No yellow card but some treatment from the physio.

76 mins: A first change by former Ukrainian MP Oleg Blokhin. Ruslan Rotan is on for Maxim Kalinichenko, who has attracted reported interest from Manchester United.

74 mins: Andriy Gusin meets the corner in a melee of players at the near post and flashes an effort just wide with goalkeeper Pascal Zuberbuhler in no-man's land. His glancing header shaves the post.

73 mins: Poor communication at the back and Philipp Degen heads the ball out for a corner when not under pressure.

70 mins: Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin has the chance to change things with three substitutions up his sleeve. That sleeve is short, blue and yellow. He and his staff on the bench are wearing matching, brightly-coloured kits akin to the sort of thing old Eastern Bloc baddies would have worn in their underground lairs in a Bond film. He looks relaxed and there's no sign of an imminent change.

67 mins: Andriy Shevchenko fires in a shot wide of goal from outside the area. The Swiss defence think there was a hint of handball as he controlled the ball on his chest before cracking the shot away.

RATER POLL: 60% of you think this is going to penalties.

65 mins: Andriy Nesmachniy comes back on after treatment on the touchline. He and his fellow defenders will have to be on their guard as Marco Streller's arrival means the Swiss are playing a more rigid 4-4-2.

64 mins: We are about an hour's action away from possible penalties but Hakan Yakin will not be taking one. A second Swiss change and Marco Streller comes on for Yakin. The striker's another FC Koln man so should know where the net is at this ground.

62 mins: Andriy Nesmachniy's in the wars. Ricardo Cabanas jumps into a challenge with the defender and would have definitely got a yellow off a less forgiving ref than Benny.

60 mins: There's a lot of to-ing and fro-ing before Andriy Shevchenko's free-kick which deflects off the wall for a corner. A lot of excitement over nothing in all honesty.

58 mins: Ref Benny goes for his top pocket for Tranquillo Barnetta's challenge from behind on Andriy Nesmachniy. A first yellow card.

57 mins: Philipp Degen lifts off on the perpendicular like a helicopter to get a vital touch to prevent Oleg Gusev's cross reaching Andriy Shevchenko.

53 mins: Fifa president and Swiss fan Sepp Blatter is sitting in the posh seats next to Franz Beckenbauer. The Kaiser is going to a reported 48 World Cup games and totting up the air miles in his helicopter. Igor Sikorsky, the man who designed the first helicopter, is Ukrainian.

49 mins: Ricardo Cabanas, who plays his club football here at the RheinEnergieStadion with FC Koln, plays a neat backheel on the edge of the area to Hakan Yakin but his shot is blocked.

46 mins: Ukraine come out of the blocks with a bang but Andriy Voronin cannot head Oleg Gusev's cross from the right on goal.

2102 BST: Refere Benito Archundia Tellez gives the thumbs up and the action resumes. Benny's still smiling. Which team will be all smiles in 45 minutes... or 75 minutes... or...?

RATER POLL: There's good news for Switzerland with 69% of you thinking they are more likely to make the initial breakthrough. The bad news is 79% of you think the winners of this match will lose to Italy in their next outing.

"This has probably been one of the poorest first 45 minutes at the World Cup. Both sides have been very defensive and not pushed too many men forward."
Matt Holland, BBC Five Live Sport

HALF-TIME: Not too much to write home about there so no need for the fans to nip out and get a postcard of Cologne cathedral and jot a few lines for the relatives back in either Ukraine or Switzerland.

45 mins: Ukraine push late on in the half. Andriy Voronin looks to fashion a chance on the edge of the area but the ball does not come down in time.

44 mins: Both teams are working hard at closing down their rivals, none more so than Anatoliy Tyoschuk in the holding, central midfield role. He's one of the long blondes and is sporting a yellow and blue hairband. Nice touch.

41 mins: A great tackle by Andriy Nesmachniy on Philipp Degen. It opens space at right back for Ukraine to attack but that soon closes up. Degen takes umbrage at the initial challenge and clatters into Nesmachniy at the next opportunity.

39 mins: Ukraine keeper Olexander Shovkovskiy shows good command of his area coming out to punch clear Hakan Yakin's corner.

36 mins: Philipp Degen catches Andriy Nesmachniy and a couple of Ukrainians wave imaginary cards in the air. Our Mexican ref won't fall for such underhand dealings. Still no cards. The 40-year-old's an economist. Not in terms of being economical with his cards, it's his job, as well as being a lawyer. What with being a referee he's a busy chap as well as a friendly fella.

33 mins: Arsenal have three teenagers in the World Cup and while Johan Djourou has done better than England's Theo Walcott in getting on the pitch, he won't last the 90 minutes. The Ivorian-born defender trots off with Stephane Grichting coming on. The third young gun in Germany is Cesc Fabregas.

31 mins: Defender Patrick Muller fires in a tame shot before getting back to the day job at the other end of the pitch and stepping in to tackle the sprightly Oleg Gusev.

30 mins: Time for Switzerland to show something after a good spell by Ukraine.

29 mins: Ukraine break and Andriy Shevchenko releases Andriy Vorobey. His pull back reaches Oleg Shelayev but he cannot get a shot away on target.

27 mins: Maxim Kalinichenko curls a right-footed shot wide after more good work by Oleg Gusev on the right-hand side.

26 mins: Things are certainly picking up after a slow start. Oleg Gusev races down the right but his low cross is a few feet in front of the on-rushing Andriy Shevchenko and Pascal Zuberbuhler gathers low.

24 mins: After a slight delay Alexander Frei's right-footed free-kick curls on to the crossbar. It cannons back to Tranquillo Barnetta but he snatches at his shot and shins it well wide.

23 mins: A free-kick at the other end after Oleg Shelayev clips Tranquillo Barnetta's heels.

20 mins: Ukraine hit the bar. From the resultant free-kick Maxim Kalinichenko flights a free-kick in from the left and Andriy Shevchenko gets in front of Johan Djourou and meets his inswinging delivery with a low header that bounces up and off the woodwork.

19 mins: It seems that there are two types of haircut in Ukraine. A nice, clean crop or luxuriant, long blond locks. The crew cut boys edge it in the XI out on the park at the moment. Andriy Voronin sports a ponytail and goes down under a challenge from Johan Djourou.

14 mins: Philipp Deggen barges into Andriy Voronin and we see why Referee Benito Archundia Tellez is at the bottom of the disciplinary list. The Russian in charge of Portugal and Holland would have gone for his pocket there. The Mexican lawyer is far more lenient.

13 mins: It is cagey stuff but then Anatoliy Tymoschuk gives the ball away and Raphael Wicky fires a shot in that is turned around the post for a corner. Nothing comes from the corner.

10 mins: A first corner of the game but Andriy Voronin's delivery is snaffled by goalkeeper Pascal Zuberbuhler.

8 mins: Hard to say who has had the better start. Neither team have enjoyed a sustained passage of play or put real pressure on their rivals.

6 mins: It is easy to see why teams have struggled to break down the Swiss. They are playing a compact, organised 4-4-2 with Hakan Yakin given licence to roam and drop into a midfield five.

4 mins: Hakan Yakin ghosts into the box on the right and that will be a wake-up call to the new-look Ukraine defence.

2 min: Swiss defender Johan Djourou stands firm in the centre of the defence as Andriy Voronin charges forward. A good early show by the Arsenal man.

2000 BST: Ukraine start.


1958 BST: Captains Johann Vogel and Andriy Shevchenko forsake the usual pre-match handshake and go for a kiss on the cheek instead. They were team-mates at AC Milan last season if you wondered.

1956 BST: The Swiss players clasp hands during the anthem and Ludovic Magnin gives a cheeky wink to the camera. For Andriy Shevchenko and his boys it is a case of right hand firmly placed over the heart.

1954 BST: The players emerge at the RheinEnergieStadion and it is a colourful sight with red and yellow everywhere, although there is more red than yellow. Referee Benito Archundia Tellez looks a friendly chap.

1951 BST: Women of Switzerland prepare. The players are in the tunnel.

1948 BST: Back to those stereotypes you think of the Swiss as pretty cool (like Alpine snow) and calm (like Lake Geneva). Well not so accordiing to Swiss paper Blick which reports the ladies of the nation as getting pretty hot under the collar. With sales of football hotpants going through the roof they describe football as "the new lust of Swiss women". Blick's sex expert Eliane Schweitzer explained: "Everything that touches a woman's heart is involved: Men, sweat and emotions."

1943 BST: Switzerland and summer sporting success is all about Roger Federer, but it literally rained on his parade on the opening day at Wimbledon today. Of greater significance is what happened on Court Two today. A Swiss v a Ukrainian. Advantage Switzerland. Martina Hingis led Olga Savchuk 6-2 before play was suspended by rain.

1940 BST: One of those card-happy refs could improve the chances of a goal-fest by pointing a few defenders in the direction of an early bath but we haven't even got one of them. Mexican Benito Archundia Tellez has overseen three games (Italy v Czech Republic; France v South Korea; Brazil v Croatia) and shown 10 yellows and one red. That's an average of 3.67 cards-per-game, fewer than any of the other 20 officials on duty in Germany.

"Switzerland will be tested tonight with the world-class Andriy Shevchenko up against them but they'll have high hopes of getting through."
Alan Shearer, BBC Sport TV

1935 BST: Not many goals conceded. A fair number of draws. We don't advocate betting here but it may be worth checking the odds. Yes, not much in it with Switzerland slight favourites. Could be a long night. Anyone for penalties?

1931 BST: Since the start of qualifying for the World Cup, Ukraine have drawn seven of their 23 matches, including one against Italy in a friendly. The Swiss have amassed nine draws from 21 matches, including one against Italy in a friendly.

1925 BST: That match against Albania had nothing riding on it as Ukraine were the first team to secure their berth in Germany through European qualifying. Their campaign included six more clean sheets and 636 minutes without conceding. This is getting ever-more impressive.

1921 BST: Ukraine have also got the second leakist defence of any team that progressed, but digging deeper that's more than a bit misleading. Like their opponents these guys are miserly at the back. Those were the first goals they had conceded since a meaningless qualifying match against Albania in October. That's nine matches and eight clean sheets.

1917 BST: What do we know about Ukraine? World Cup debut, Andriy Shevchenko going to Chelsea blah, blah, blah - yeah, that's all old hat. They've got the worst passing accuracy of any team that has reached the second round. Maybe they are that spotty, little kid after all.

1913 BST: Switzerland. Famously neutral, good timekeepers and they like chocolate. What about football? They are the only team at the tournament who have yet to concede a goal. The last team to do that? Argentina in 1998. The last team to do that and win? England in 1966.

1909 BST: Form suggests these two should be among the first picks for the playground kickabout. Switzerland have lost just once in 22 matches and Ukraine only twice in 23.

1904 BST: Switzerland bring in one Arsenal defender for another, with Johan Djourou replacing the injured Philippe Senderos. Also in defence Ludovic Magnin comes in for Christoph Spycher.

1902 BST: Ukraine have problems at the back with Andiy Rusol and Viacheslav Sviderskiy suspended. Vladislav Vashchuk returns after a red card against Spain and steps into the back three along with Andriy Gusin. Further forward Serhiy Rebrov is dropped for Andriy Vorobey.

1900 BST: If divvying up matches to televise is like choosing teams in the school playground, this was the spotty, little nerd left as the last pick. But this is the last 16 of the World Cup and, while these teams may be unfashionable, they have a brilliant opportunity to gate-crash the more-established footballing names in the quarter-finals. The prize to the victor is a game against Italy in Hamburg on Friday.

"Switzerland knocked Republic of Ireland out so I know a bit about them and I fancy they'll nick it tonight."
Matt Holland, BBC Five Live Sport

"I'm ever so disappointed I have to work during the game but we'll win, I'm 100% confident of that." Yakup, a Swiss barman at Zurich airport with BBC Sport's Chris Charles.


Switzerland: Zuberbuhler, Djourou, Magnin, Muller, Philipp Degen, Vogel, Cabanas, Wicky, Barnetta, Yakin, Frei.
Subs: Benaglio, Margairaz, Behrami, Coltorti, David Degen, Dzemaili, Grichting, Gygax, Lustrinelli, Senderos, Spycher, Streller.

Ukraine: Shovkovskiy, Vashchuk, Nesmachniy, Tymoschuk, Shelayev, Gusev, Gusin, Kalinichenko, Voronin, Vorobey, Shevchenko.
Subs: Pyatov, Yatsenko, Yezerskiy, Rebrov, Milevskiy, Nazarenko, Byelik, Rotan, Shust.

Referee: Benito Archundia Tellez (Mexico).

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