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England 2-0 Trinidad and Tobago
Thursday, 15 June 2006

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1859: unionadam on 606
It's frustrating being an England supporter - at the moment we seem to only do just enough to beat our opposition.

1856: PointofBlue on 606
WELL DONE GERRARD. I said that he should be pushed forward with Lampard but maybe it's time to swap Gerrard and Lampard around, using Lampard as the holding midfielder.

1855: OZinJapan on 606
Credit to England although you were thoroughly underwhelming to watch and totally outplayed by T & T. Crouch was a real workhorse and really earned his goal! Hope T & T can sneak in and their keeper is fabulous for his age. England, good luck in the rest of the tournament!

1840: Federer Nadal 606
Crouch scores, all sins forgiven?

1840: Madflava on 606
Looks like this group is going down to the wire, England are going to end up with a draw from this game. Damn, England have not scored a "real" goal yet in the World Cup. It's going to be a tough Sweden game to determine if England get out of the group.

1833: Zimbo Geordie on 606
Ericksson is a madman, ruining the best England squad we've seen in years. Things like this give people like me hope that we could one day manage England.

1824: Spanish gent by text
At last Rooney is on! The end of the six-week saga. Will he be the inspiration?

1823: Chi Michael on 606
No excuses now. Rooney is on so it cannot be said England were without their best player. They must win.

1817: Wayne's betting slip on 606
More magic from Crouch - not! Hallelujah, here comes Wayne!

1815: Badgerman on 606
The thing is, I suppose it MUST be instructions to boot it up to Crouch, but don't these professional players realise that it's simply not working? Can they change it themselves? Will they get sacked for doing so? I'm stumped by the player's inability to improvise, nevermind what the instructions are.

1805: Mike by text
Have England been paid to lose this game - i cant believe they are playing so badly?

1804: Notts Spud on 606
We need to stop the long, over the top ball and bring on one of the fast youngsters to strike fear into their defence. With their left side defenders on yellow cards, Lennon would scare them pantless.

Here's a selection of our users' comments about the action:

1758: St Albans only fan on 606
England are always the same. They play to the level of the opposition - thus, the good side of this element is that England never get thrashed to get knocked out of a tournament, but lose in close games to quality sides (Germany, Argentina, Brazil), but the flip side is that they play Northern Ireland, Paraguay, and Trinidad & Tobago close.

Worse than that, we have a manager who is so into 'not underestimating opponents', that he is found hiding behind his couch during games against Kazakstan and Botswana. How about we stopped being so careful about underestimating opponents, and simply beat them? I am sick of the spin that Sven, Becks & co put on each succeeding lame result:

1744: Ronaldo Out on 606
The system isn't working - the movement of the players is too static. The expectations on Rooney are too much, we have got it in to our heads we need him and we should be able to beat most if not all sides without him.

1740: Asamoah on 606
England has had 11 shots - T&T one. Not to mention 65% of possession. It's only a matter of time before one goes in. Keep the faith.

1732: Nadal Federer on 606
Can England really win the World Cup with this pathetic football? No creativity, nothing at all. The goal may come by chance but this performance is totally pathetic. Is it also the heat today?

1712: Andy by text
Promising start by England. If we keep this up we should win comfortably.

1712: TH14TheMan on 606
Whats with all the long balls? Counted 8 or 10 already. Surely they can come up with other ideas.

1658: Lord Summerisle on 606
Nice national anthem the T&T's have there, steel drums and quite cheerful. Beats the living daylights out of our dirge.

1658: Astrologer on 606
Astrology for England Vs T&T. Get ready for a party, Jupiter's influence suggests a brilliant first half is in prospect with some great play and luck benefiting those with harmony and coolness. The moon favors those who play as if they were at home and produce imaginative play. Venus offers a key to winning the game via partnership like1/2s; close contact and short passes etc, those who have the deeper love will prevail.

1645: Cutty on 606
It will be a huge risk if Sven brings on Rooney. The T&T defenders will be so wreckless with the challanges on him - not worth the risk.

1624: Taff on the top on 606
I think England will play for the draw. They dont have the fire power and the draw will suit them better. T & T are slightly more dangerous going forward but I think Robinson will get England the point.

1615: Taffczech on 606
Walcott must play today, if he doesn't then why is he there? I think England are way to reliant on the if and when Rooney can come back. This game might not be as easy as expected but England must be able to win these sorts of games against "minnows" without the likes of Rooney, or else they don't have the brightest of outlooks (bit like the weather!).

1608: Lord Summerisle on 606
If England win, Sweden win and Ecuador get a draw or better against Germany will be see Sweden and England trying to lose to each other to avoid Germany in round two? Or have Ecuador done enough to suggest they've not come to be beaten either?

1527: Texas_Toon_Army on 606
I am stuck watching this in the West Texas desert, luckily my boss is one of the only true fans for a thousand miles and is letting me watch the game in the conference room. Very nice gesture but sitting all alone with a soda pop for company just won't have the same impact as getting jostled by the lager fuelled hordes down the local boozer.

1501: valefan16 on 606
England to win 3-1, but I hope that our Chrissy Birchall gets a goal, his value will soar at Vale Park and it would be a great fairy tale. Hopefully us and Trinidad will both go through!

1439: Uncle Slippy on 606
There is no way T&T should pose England many problems tonight and if they do then we need to re-assess England's likely success at this World Cup.

1415: Northern Ireland fan by text
I'm from Northern Ireland fan and I believe Trinidad and Tobago can do just as we did and beat England!

1408: rocco75
I think we should drop Lampard and bring in Carrick instead. Our bench looks pretty weak at the moment and it would be good strengthen it so we can make positive changes if need be.

1350: ellimleeuk
I'd actually prefer Hargreaves to Carragher at right-back. He's probably quicker, and Carragher's preferred position is centre-half, and he lacks a bit of pace. Trinidad aren't the most frightening team, but they do have pace and could exploit Carragher's weaknesses.

1342: swindonabroad
Really missing all the excitement that usually comes with the build up to England games out here in Bangkok. Thought that deflated feeling that comes after a lacklustre performance still travels thousands of miles. Here's to a 4-0 win (yes I have been drinking!). The game kicks off here at 11pm so whatever happens 100% guaranteed headache tomorrow.

1315: T&T fan by text
I wish the Soca Warriors all the best, they deserve it & I hope for a clean match too.

1304: cassieno1
I predict a 3-2 win with England 3-0 up at half-time and then flagging worryingly in the heat! When has this team ever given us a comfort zone in a game!! Rooney will come on after 70 mins and be ineffective. Owen will be subbed again and the goals will come from a Beckham free-kick, a Gerrard shot from outside the area and Terry from a corner.

1239: BrightonEagle
We need to drop either Gerrard or Lampard to be successful in this tournament and play Hargreaves or Carrick in the holding role. The dynamic of the team needs to be put ahead of picking name players based on their reputations with their clubs. It's very, very difficult, but needs to be done.

1224: Aircool_212
If England stick to what they do best we should be okay. Hopefully Crouch was watching Toni in the Italy match and picked up a few ideas. If we nick an early goal, hopefully (although unlikely) Sven will decide to kill off the match in the Spanish fashion, by keeping up the pressure and scoring more goals. Did I say Spanish fashion? Surely that's the English way?

1200: the Original Glenny
At the end of the day, a win is a win, and we need to keep focused on the overall goal, which is to win the group. So far, so good.

1152: There are 2 Stevie Wonders!
This game isn't going to be as easy as people are making out. T & T have got the wind in their sails from their impressive 0-0 against Sweden. England will need to score before half-time as this will mean T & T will need to push up looking for the equaliser, if we get Walcott on then we could bang in a few more. The problem is, the longer we go without scoring the more frustrating the team/fans will get and we'll probably be subjected to some more strange tactical decisions from Sven. My prediction, well if we score before half time, 3-0, if not 0-0.

1143: Lord Summerisle
Comfortable win for England tonight. 2-0 or 3-1. Trinidad and Tobago simply don't have enough to beat us and I think they used up all their luck against Sweden.

1127: KaptainKop
Its hard to get excited about the best bunch of England players in a long time ruined by the negativity of the Swedish version of Gerrard Houllier. England will be dull and grind out a narrow win.

1119: factsnotfiction
I predict T&T 1 England 0. T&T's game plan is a very defensive one (a bit like Greece in 2004) and if England don't break down their five-man midfield and four in defence, then it could even finish 0-0. But I think the heat will suit T&T that bit more and I feel they could sneak it.

1103: snidey
I think this game could end in a draw if England are complacent. I also don't want to see Sven's golden boy Hargreaves take to the pitch. Get some attacking flair on if we are comfortably dominating.

Unless England win by a minimum of two clear goals then it's yet another poor performance. What will the excuses be this time - will it be the weather, the long season, fatigue or Trinidad's refusal to cave in?

1043: mourtitles
I don't know what all the fuss is about T&T aren't as good as Gillingham and if we cant beat them, we should not enter any more World Cups, let's get real.

1035: unclefredo
I hope England lose as it would spark a massive media outcry and maybe jolt Sven into pulling his finger out. I would also like the underdogs to do well as quite frankly it would be hilarious. No doubt Sven would blame the heat, not his inability to organise a team., far less some drinks in a brewery!

1028: Choosy
I really hope we play well and get a convincing win, but I reckon we'll make it hard for ourselves as usual. I'm expecting T&T to score in the first five minutes and then we'll come back and win 3-1. Thinking about it, when we concede early we quite often play really well to make a comeback, so maybe conceding one early would be a good thing!

1021: apple02
There's too much hype surrounding England. At the end of the day the team is good but there are a few teams in this competition who are a lot better than them. I have no doubt England will beat T&T but they won't win the World Cup.

1016: squeakiegal
England will have to do better than their debut with Paraguay if they want to overcome T & T who showed that they had everything it took to make it to the second round.

1011: Milky Joe (AKA Trifon Ivanov)
My company has reserved the VIP area at a pub down the road for everyone to go and watch it! They are letting us go early and having a load of food put out for us!

1007: Sydney_Toon_Army
While you all bunk out of work early spare a thought for me - I have to get out of bed at 2am to watch it...and I have a client meeting at 8am!!


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