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banner Monday, 9 October, 2000, 13:03 GMT 14:03 UK
BBC experts take their pick
Kevin Keegan
Who will replace Kevin Keegan is the question?
BBC Sport's football experts cut through the speculation to give their verdict on who should take over from Kevin Keegan.

John Motson

"My personal opinion is England should bide their time before appointing anyone.

"After Wednesday's game, they've got five months before the next qualifier which is at home to Finland, and it's vital that they look at all the options available before appointing anyone whether they be English or from the continent.

"Too often, England have been left with a short term manager - Venables, Hoddle and Keegan all ended up out of the job before they had time to establish themselves and that's why we should leave the short term job in the very capable hands of Howard Wilkinson, Stuart Pearce and Brian Kidd for the minute.

"The next man must be given time to turn England into a world force whether it be a high profile name like Arsene Wenger or a young upcoming manager such as Peter Reid."

Jon Champion

"We need to broaden our horizons and take ideas from abroad. The days have gone when the England manager has to be English. This is the time to make that move.

Jon Champion
Jon Champion says it's time to broaden horizons

"The only qualified English coach is Terry Venables but because of his business dealings the FA are not going to take him back.

"The next generation of England coaches includes people like Peter Taylor but I think he needs a bit longer at his current job.

"When you look abroad there are people like Lippi or Trappatoni but the man I would go for is former French coach Aime Jacquet.

"Arsene Wenger and Gerard Houllier have made a very good impression in this country, but I can't see Arsenal releasing Wenger so Jacquet is the man."

Mark Lawrenson

"There are obviously problems with Venables because there are still people at the FA who were in charge when he was there but I honestly believe that of the people who are available, Venables is the only person who could do it.

"He did well as England coach before and is tactically very very sound. I think the majority of the England players would like to work under Venables and would understand the way he'd want the team to play."

Ian Payne

"Terry Venables seems the obvious choice but for whatever reason, and we're never told the full truth, it doesn't look likely that the FA will go for him.

Ian Payne
Ian Payne expects the search to go abroad

"So it's probably time to start looking abroad.

"Whoever gets the job will hopefully start blooding the youngsters, but the candidates I would be considering would be the likes of Lippi, Jacquet and Wenger.

"The new manager has got to be experienced in international football. We should be thinking about more than just 4-4-2."

Ray Stubbs

"It's so difficult to pick someone. They have to fit in with the FA's structure for the future.

"In the immediate aftermath of Glenn Hoddle's departure said his primary task was to make sure England never find themselves in the same situation where they were wondering where the next England manager was going to come from.

"The issue of succession is still very uncertain. With that in mind I don't think you can pin down one candidate and say they should get the job and this is the reason why.

"Here's a mad suggestion you shouldn't rule out. What price Kevin Keegan to be back in charge next March? It's as mad as that?

"He's an emotional character and having only just lost his mother he may have a change of heart."

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