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banner Wednesday, 16 May, 2001, 22:34 GMT 23:34 UK
Hansen: 'Best game ever'
Liverpool have a taste for European success now
Liverpool rediscovered their taste for European success
BBC Sport's Alan Hansen says Liverpool's dramatic Uefa Cup win was the best final ever.

This was a game that will be unsurpassed in modern times.

You wouldn't believe it was possible to have so many twists to one game.

As a former defender I suppose I'm not meant to enjoy this sort of contest - nine goals in one match.

But I loved it. It was the best game you are ever likely to see (and a 14.2 million of you did so on BBC One).

It was just unfortunate there had to be a loser, but I am glad it wasn't Liverpool.

All credit to Alaves who just wouldn't give up but Liverpool deserved their victory.

Gary McAllister
McAllister: "Sensational"
The best player on the pitch was also the oldest.

Gary McAllister was outstanding. At 36, to keep going the way he did, keep taking those freekicks and producing it when it counted, was sensational.

He fully deserved his man of the match award.

He will wake up in the morning with the greatest feeling he will ever have.

McAllister says he may not be the future of Liverpool, but Steven Gerrard is.

And Gerrard had absolutely everything. He moved from central midfield to right midfield to right back and just kept going and going.

He is a fantastic player and will only get better.

Steven Gerrard battles Javi Moreno
Gerrard: "Fantastic"
I singled those two out but, as Bob Paisley used to say, this triumph was down to "every man jack of them".

I never knew what he meant back then, except it was something to do with team spirit.

But that exactly what this competition has been about for Liverpool.

I am very pleased for everyone connected to the club, the players, the supporters, the management but especially the chairman, David Moores.

He has backed a succession of Liverpool managers right to the hilt.

He's given this one money to spend and Gerard Houllier has responded by bringing in quality players.

The club are reaping their rewards now - three cups tell their own story.

Gerard Houllier triumphant in Dortmund
Houllier: Triumphant in Dortmund
But it doesn't end here. Now the players have to pick themselves up for the Premiership game against Charlton.

They need victory to finish third and secure that all important Champions League place.

So these guys will have litttle time to celebrate.

When we won Liverpool's last European trophy in 1984 you couldn't find some of the players for three days.

I think Gerard Houllier is imposing an alcohol ban so they will probably just go for a light meal, enjoy it and wake up ready to go to The Valley on Saturday.

I am sure they won't mind. They know what's at stake. They have a taste for European success now.

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