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banner Tuesday, 15 May, 2001, 11:33 GMT 12:33 UK
Alaves' Uefa Cup run
Javi Moreno
BBC Sport Online looks at Alaves' route to the Uefa Cup final in Dortmund


Alaves 9-2 Kaiserslautern

Alaves 5
Contra 2 (pens), Cruyff, Alonso (pen), Mocelin
Kaiserslautern 1

Kaiserslautern 1
Alaves 4
Vucko 2, Alonso, Ganan

Alaves totally demolished Germany's Kaislerslautern in the semi-final.

They made it almost impossible to lose the tie when they won the home match 5-1, scoring from three penalties. Kaislerslautern's only goal was also a penalty.

But they rubbed salt in Kaiserslautern's wounds in Germany, with another demolition job, despite French midfielder Youri Djorkaeff opening the scoring for the home side


Alaves 4-2 Rayo Vallecano

Alaves 3
Eggen, Vucko, Azkoita
Rayo Vallecano 0

Rayo Vallecano 2
Alaves 1

Jordi Cruyff
Cruyff has impressed at Alaves since leaving Manchester United
Alaves took a comfortable win against fellow Spaniards Rayo Vallecano, scoring twice while controlling the second half after taking a one-goal lead in the first.

That was enough to carry them through a 2-1 defeat in the second leg. Jordi Cruyff made the tie safe for Alaves - they suffered a few anxious moments after going 2-0 down.

Fourth round

Alaves 5-3 Inter Milan

Alaves 3
Moreno, Tellez, Alonso
Inter Milan 3

Inter Milan 0
Alaves 2
Cruyff, Tomic

Inter Milan fans rioted after their team lost 2-0 to Alaves at the San Siro to pitch the Italian giants out of the Uefa Cup.

Late goals from Jordi Cruyff and Ivan Tomic gave Alaves a shock win.

That result came after Alaves had come from two goals down with 20 minutes to go to force a thrilling six-goal draw with Inter in Spain.

Third round

Alaves 4-2 Rosenborg

Alaves 1
Rosenborg 1

Rosenborg 1
Alaves 3

Victor, Moreno, own goal

Javi Moreno
Javi Moreno is Spain's leading goalscorer
Alaves made the most of their excellent away form to defeat Rosenborg in Norway after they had been held 1-1 at home.

Bent Inge Johnsen's 18th-minute own goal began a woeful night for the Norwegians, who trailed 3-0 to goals from Jurica Vucko and Javier Moreno before Bent Skammelsrud's late reply.

Alaves 5-3 Lillestrom

Lillestrom 1
Alaves 3
Begona, Tellez, Contra

Alaves 2
Magno, Epitie
Lillestrom 2

In what was to become something of a habit, Alaves allowed themselves to be held at home by another Norwegian outfit, Lillestrom - before going on to thrash their opponents away.

First round

Alaves 4-3 Gaziantenspor

Alaves 0
Gaziantensporl 0

Gaziantensporl 3
Alaves 4

Alonso, Moreno, Tomic 2

Unnoticed on their first foray into Europe, Alaves began as they meant to go on.

They tested the water in tentative style at home against the Turkish side before prevailing in a thrilling seven-goal away leg.

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