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Tuesday, 3 December, 2002, 14:51 GMT
Who IS Terence Brown?
West Ham chairman Terry Brown prefers to live i the shadows
Terence Brown does not have the higest of profiles

The banners and the angry chants leave no doubts as to who West Ham fans hold responsible for their club's plight.

"Brown out!" is the battle cry reverberating down the Barking Road as Hammers fans direct their venom towards chairman Terence Brown.

But who is Terence Brown? What does he look like? What makes him tick?

These days, the almost showbiz like profile of the Premiership means many club chairmen are as well-known as their players.

Martin Edwards, of Manchester United, Aston Villa's Doug Ellis, Peter Ridsdale, of Leeds, and Arsenal's vice-chairman David Dein all have faces that appear regularly in newspapers - and not necessarily in the sports pages alone.

Since taking over at West Ham, Brown has kept himself firmly in the shadows, pulling off the juggling act of a being a figurehead of a high profile organisation while having a personal profile as high as the Dutch Alps.

Like Howard Hughes when he retired to the penthouse of the Acapulco Hilton, Terence Brown rarely gives interviews and few pictures exist of him.

So what is known about Terence Brown?

West Ham fans protest against chairman Terence Brown
Do West Ham fans just want Terence Brown to show his face?

Is Terence Brown the man who took control of West Ham from long-standing owners the Cearns family?

Or is he the Terence Brown who is professor of Anglo-Irish literature at Trinity College Dublin and a biographer of WB Yeats.

Are West Ham fans looking for the resignation of a Barking-born man who owns the Sussex Village holiday near star-gazer Patrick Moore's home in Selsey?

Or are they venting their spleens at the founder of The Terence Brown Tree Trail at Northern State university, South Dakota?

Is Terence Brown the former Ramsey player who scored a goal in a charity match in the Isle of Man?

What is known is that a Terence Brown dispensed with Harry Redknapp's servces in July 2000.

Arsenal chairman David Dein
David Dein is no shrinking violet

On current form, Redknapp's Portsmouth team look set to replace West Ham in the top flight.

And the former Hammers' boss insists he was asked to leave following an article he did in a West Ham fanzine.

In a dynastic club like West Ham, there have been Brown and Cearns representatives on the board for years.

A Terence Brown was a member of the West Ham board that failed to park the Bond scheme on to fans in the early 1990s.

He took control of the club when Martin Cearns resigned, and his initial outlay of less than 2m is now reckoned to be worth in the region of 40m at current marker prices for a Premiership club.

Terence Brown is a qualified chartered accountant, who met the Queen when she opened West Ham's new stand.

Although West Ham fans accuse Terence Brown of under-investment in the team, he has overseen the 25m re-development of the Boleyn Ground into one of the country's finest.

BBC Five Live's Simon Brotherton
"Roeder was composed and defiant"
West Ham manager Glenn Roeder
"I'm here for the course"
Who will go first?

Glenn Roeder

Terry Venables

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