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St Johnstone v Aberdeen as it happened


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By Keir Murray

2145: I'll sign off for the evening now. It has been a pleasure. Thanks for your company, contributions and friendly abuse as always. All the best.

2142: At midnight we'll be posting the highlights of the game - look out for what turned out to be the winner by Aberdeen's Ryan Jack - a shot from a fraction inside the St Johnstone half.

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2141: An anonymous text: "Hmmm. Did Aberdeen not donate anything to the SPL referee Christmas raffle or are they just that unlucky."

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2140: Bill from Stoke: "Considering the weather conditions I think the quality of the game has been good."

2139: In the south side of Glasgow, Queen's Park have beaten Clyde 3-0 in the Scottish Third Division.

2138: It turns out Marcus Haber's goal was no more than a consolation but it was enough to give the Dons a late fright. Not a bad game all in all. I've seen worse, certainly in conditions like that.

Full time
FULL-TIME: St Johnstone 1-2 Aberdeen

2135: They couldn't, could they?! St Johnstone score deep into injury time through the impressive Canadian striker Marcus Haber - an excellent header back across the keeper and into the net. Sixty seconds to go.

2135: GOAL! St Johnstone 1-2 Aberdeen (Haber)

2134: The 350-odd Aberdeen fans are about to celebrate their first away win in the SPL this season.

2131: Saints' Willie Gibson tries his best to break through the Aberdeen defence in the final moments but the Reds are standing strong. Must say, I thought that was a soft second booking for Considine.

Chee5eMonk3y on Twitter: "After a great goal, then you get soft second yellow. It's hard being a Don. #bbcsportsound"

2129: Four minutes to go in Perth. Saints send on Carl Finnigan for David McCracken to try to snatch two late goals for a point.

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2128: An anonymous text: "With the standard of football I'm watching with the St Johnstone game, it is no wonder that so few people have turned up, it has very little to do with the weather."

2127: Well, just when you think Aberdeen are out of sight in this match, Andy Considine picks up a second booking, this time for a late sliding challenge on striker Sam Parkin, and is sent packing.

Red card
2126: RED CARD Andy Considine (Aberdeen)

2124: It would be rich of me to slag anyone off for mistakes...but Peter Enckelman makes a stinker of an error. He was 30 yards out of his goal, out on the left, to clear the ball into the Dons half. But he doesn't get enough distance on the ball and it lands at the feet of the alert Ryan Jack, who knocks the ball two yards over the halfway line and sends a long-range shot into the empty net.

2122: GOAL! St Johnstone 0-2 Aberdeen (Jack)

2120: Mohamed Chalali is wrongly ruled offside in his first involvement in the game. He was through one on one with the keeper. That could have sealed the win for the Dons. He was at least a yard onside!

2117: We'll have highlights of this match on the website at midnight.

2116: Craig Brown makes a switch for the Dons. Rory Fallon comes off, to be replaced by Mohamed Chalali.

2115: Ha! I'm blushing. Dear oh dear.

2113: Twenty minutes to go, folks. You've got to hand it to the players for making a game of it.

Someone has struck the woodwork
2112: And to underline that I now have a grip on proceedings (!) Aberdeen's Kari Arnason hits a belter of shot from 30 yards that clips Peter Enckelman's post... So Aberdeen stay one goal ahead. St Johnstone haven't scored any goals tonight, you know.

2109: To those who texted to point out my error with Saints going for a second - thanks. Please hit refresh! Apologies! Yes, Aberdeen are leading this match. Slip of the fingers.

2106: Some lovely play by St Johnstone as Marcus Haber jumps and acrobatically chests the ball down for Sam Parkin on the edge of the box. However, the big fella hesitates then leans back when he strikes the ball and his shot sails into the wall of sleet falling behind the goal.

2105: Ah, dear. Jason Brown's monstrous kick-out from his penalty box takes one bounce in the St Johnstone half and lands in the relative safety of Peter Enckelman's arms.

2102: They don't call keeper Peter Enckelman "the cat" for nothing - he has just given his defence kittens! (Got that in a Christmas cracker in 1981.) This time the Finnish goalie has plenty of time to gather a long ball into the box but somehow the ball bounces off his body and he has to make a feline pounce to smother the ball to prevent a Dons goal.

2100: Youl Mawene sprints off when substituted and Craig Brown introduces Rory McArdle, surely for the attributes he can bring to the game, but just possibly to stave off the early signs of hypothermia on the touchlines.

2058: St Johnstone blow the chance to level. Liam Craig wins a header to set Murray Davidson racing towards goal. With the ball bouncing in front of him and with Jason Brown off his goal-line, the Saints midfielder attempts a lob but sends the ball wide of the target. Team-mate Marcus Haber holds his head in disbelief.

2057: Chris Millar's lofted free-kick is headed clear and the ball comes back to Callum Davidson, who is forced to knock the ball back to the Saints goalie.

2055: Aberdeen's Isaac Osbourne gets on the end of a cross from the right but heads it high - very high - over the bar from 12 yards.

2054: seanbhoy87 on Twitter: "1,607 people turn up to a Premier League game but no, we most definitely don't need summer football. That's silly. #WhatAJoke."

2052: Jason Brown makes a good block with his left arm to prevent Dave MacKay's low shot from close range from sneaking in at his front post.

2051: Aberdeen centre-half Youl Mawene has just headed the ball, wind assisted, further than I could kick it.

2049: Good defending by Aberdeen's Andy Considine, showing an admirable burst of pace to cut out a ball long ball intended for the rampaging Marcus Haber.

2048: St Johnstone take the kick-off for the second 45.

2046: Mightytalisker on Twitter: "Surely this dross of a game is the ideal advert of why a winter break in this country should be considered, but hey."

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2045: Great text from Kev in Aberdeen: "Why is Chick Young blowing on his pie? All that hot air will just warm it up!"

2043: Dons fan Paul Lawrie - so close to winning the Dubai World Championship last week - describes the conditions in Perth as "hellish" but, he tells BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound, he is enjoying the match.

2042: OK, the attendance in Perth tonight is 1,607. Summer football, anyone?

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2039: Well, while we have a Saintee in New Zealand following the text, there's an anonymous Don in Africa joining us...with an, er, humorous turn of phrase: "Currently in Kenya, 12 at night watchin text. Lovely and warm! Hope the Dons do the jobby on Saints tonight. Come on you Reds!" Um...I'm sure our texter means that in a nice way. No offence. He or she could be in Buckie, you know, and having a laugh at my expense...

2035: Over at Hampden, Queen's Park are leading Clyde 1-0 at half-time.

Half time
HALF-TIME: St Johnstone 0-1 Aberdeen

2032: Liam Craig is getting in to some great positions but his attempts at goal have been honking. He was played in, with the ball on to his left foot 12 yards from goal, but instead of trying his luck he wasted the chance by meekly crossing into no-man's land.

2031: The Dons finish the first half strongly, keeping possession in the middle of the pitch. They will be mindful, though, that they were two goals up against St Mirren on Saturday and were pegged back.

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2030: A special "hello" to Ghostcat: "Ah, sittin here at 9 in morning readin the txt commentary in New Zealand and yep u guessed it.... Slashing it down! Come on u Saints."

2029: Please forgive my resorting to cliche - why is a left foot always "educated"? Can you get an educated right foot?

2027: Marcus Haber lays the ball off nicely for Liam Craig to try his luck from 22 yards but the Saints man, with as "educated" a left foot as you will see in Scotland, hoofs his shot into the night sky.

2025: We just got a shot of Craig Brown looking utterly frozen in the Dons dugout. Every kit man should have a tartan blanket in his hamper! I thought they were standard SPL issue!

2023: Callum Davidson races through the Dons' last line of defence, steams in on goal...and smacks a shot beyond the far post. The former Scotland defender did not hear the ref blowing for offside. It's another thing to blame on the wind.

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2021: Tim from Carlisle has endured similar encounters to me with hard footballs on cold days: "Ah the memory of a Mitre 4 mouldmaster leaving the manufacturer's name and many dimples on my frozen limbs. Only hurt when back in the warm!" Tim sounds tougher than me - I was in agony straight away, desperate to get some hot diluting orange from the team flask to cheer me up.

2019: Callum Davidson heads Rob Milsom's free-kick straight back to the Dons midfielder. The delivery from free-kicks has been poor.

2016: Liam Craig places his free-kick on the white line marking the penalty box - as if to make a point to the ref? - but his left-footed effort is diverted out for a goal-kick.

2014: Ricky Foster barges Marcus Haber in the back and sends him flying JUST outside the box on the right wing. There were a few Dons defenders racing back to help Foster - no red card.

2012: Irish defender Alan Maybury shows some nice touches out on the right wing, controlling the ball and encouraging his Saints team-mates to keep possession.

2011: The Saints fans will be wishing they had Francisco Sandaza and Cillian Sheridan available, even as subs, to get them an equaliser. Mind you, a night like this should suit a powerful striker like Marcus Haber.

2009: Norwegian midfielder Thomas Bendiksen, we hear, has started negotiations with Rangers about extending his contract.

2007: It's football and panto rolled in to one! Saints goalie Peter Enckelman tries to gather a long, hopeful ball into the box but either takes his eye off it or is deceived by a sudden gust of wind. The ball drops between his arms, bounces off his boot and rolls towards an incredulous Rory Fallon, who just could not reach it in time before the keeper recovered, grinning sheepishly.

2005: If Aberdeen can win this match, they will have gone from being bottom of the table prior to the kick-offs on Saturday, to ninth tonight.

2003: The rain is coming down in stair rods now. That won't bother Scott Vernon, though, after scoring his seventh goal of the season. He's the Dons' top scorer.

2001: Ryan Jack rushes on to a loose ball from a poor clearance by David McCracken and takes a shot at goal from the edge of the box. Peter Enckelman can only parry it and Scott Vernon nips in from an onside position to stroke the ball home.

1959: GOAL! St Johnstone 0-1 Aberdeen (Vernon)

1958: Chris Clark's corner kick is headed for another corner by Saints' Callum Davidson.

1957: I have a fondness for McDiarmid Park. I remember my pal taking me in to the hospitality suite there for an SPL game against Dundee United years ago. There was a right stooshie when a punter discovered the chicken satay was no longer on offer in the feeding troughs: the controversy stemmed from it being served when the Saintees were in the First Division. No logic there, eh?

1955: St Johnstone have made the brighter start but the Dons are now daring to cross the halfway line.

1954: Rule number one this evening if you want to retain possession - play the ball on the deck.

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1952: An anonymous text: "Pawlett benched yet again, no doubt he'll get the entire last 5 minutes again to impress."

1951: Agony for the Saints fans there. Big Sam Parkin almost controlled the ball at the edge of the box but then could not get a shot away - it looked like he was scared of booting a diving Dons player's head. Fair enough, I reckon.

1950: Chris Millar receives the corner short, cuts inside and belts a right-footed shot at goal that Dons keeper Jason Brown punches clear. Decent effort.

1949: St Johnstone have a corner...

1947: The freezing wind brings back terrible memories of playing for boys' teams in Easterhouse in Glasgow. I can remember my legs turned blue in one match - the only thing I had to keep me warm was a Mitre 4 Mouldmaster smacked against my thighs.

1946: Aberdeen kick off the match.

1945: "It's calmed down to a gale-force wind at McDiarmid Park." Commentator Rob Maclean's opening words on Sportsound

1944: The players emerge from the tunnel. They could be forgiven for wearing Santa suits to stay warm.

1942: And for the Dons, well, they are off the bottom of the table...but only on goal difference. They are in 10th place, on the same points as Hibernian and Dunfermline.

1940: It's an important match for both teams. St Johnstone were humbled 3-0 by Motherwell on Saturday and will want to get back on winning ways to preserve their fourth place in the SPL and keep Hearts at a distance.

1939: "It's going to be a very, very low crowd but it's not a night you could blame anyone for not coming along." BBC Radio Scotland football anchor Richard Gordon

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1937: An anonymous text: "Steven McLean must be the most sensible referee I've heard, pity that ref on Saturday at Dunfermline couldn't use his common sense."

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1935: Neil in Aberdeen: "Osbourne played right back in our pre season game away to Forfar and did just fine."

1934: The game is live on TV. I am seeing re-runs of the referee's inspection of the conditions - the ball was being blown off its spot when it had been placed for a goal-kick. The corner flags looked were being blown to a 45 degree angle!

1931: We are hearing Isaac Osbourne is at right-back for the Dons instead of in midfield, and Ryan Jack (a "hardy boy", according to BBC Scotland pundit Billy Dodds) is in the middle of the park.

1930: If you are at the game and messing about on your mobile phone, send us a text to 80295 with your thoughts on the conditions. If you are somewhere warmer, then by all means do likewise or send us a tweet using the hashtag #bbcsportsound .

1927: And the ABERDEEN TEAM is as follows: Brown, Foster, Osbourne, Mawene, Considine, Clark, Jack, Arnason, Milsom, Vernon, Fallon. Subs: Gonzalez, Magennis, McArdle, Mackie, Chalali, Megginson, Pawlett.

1925: The kick-off is in 20 minutes' time. Here is the ST JOHNSTONE TEAM: Enckelman, MacKay, Callum Davidson, Anderson, McCracken, Millar, Murray Davidson, Maybury, Craig, Parkin, Haber. Subs: Mannus, Finnigan, Gibson, Robertson, Durnan, McIntosh, Gray.

1923: Aberdeen manager Craig Brown tells BBC Scotland's Sportsound: "It would have been very disappointing if the game was postponed again. We have a very loyal travelling support and they are here, not in great numbers, but the diehards are here and want a game of football. It is the same for both sides. There are lots of big guys in both sides and the temptation might be to play the ball high, but I am going to encourage them to play the ball down as much as possible."

1920: Here's what ref Steven McLean had to say: "Fortunately, the pitch is fantastic and there are no concerns about the surrounding area. The only concern would be the overhead conditions, but it is not a constant and the players seem happy and comfortable with it. I have spoken to the managers, the chairman and the groundstaff and everybody involved seems prepared to give the game a chance."

1918: The weather in Perth is foul and very changeable. It goes from foul to really stinking. In any case, the referee Steven McLean has decided that the wind is tolerable, so it's game on.

1917: The big news is...that St Johnstone v Aberdeen goes ahead.

1915: Good evening and welcome to the page where we bring you the highs and lows of a game of football - all the drama and sorrow too.

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1 Rangers 18 26 45
2 Celtic 18 22 41
3 Motherwell 17 5 33
4 St Johnstone 18 3 26
5 Hearts 18 2 22
6 Kilmarnock 17 -2 22
7 Dundee Utd 18 -5 21
8 St Mirren 18 -6 21
9 Aberdeen 18 -5 17
10 Inverness CT 18 -12 15
11 Hibernian 17 -12 14
12 Dunfermline 17 -16 14

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