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Czech Republic v Scotland - as it happened


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By Keir Murray

2130: Fellow sufferers, there are hundreds more texts but it's becoming too painful to publish them. Wherever you are in the world, thank you for joining me here on the BBC Sport website this evening. Let's hope Scotland can pull off a major shock against Spain, the world champions. Argh... Good night.

2129: Duncan in Hamilton: "As it now looks as though Scotland will miss yet another international tournament, I really think the SFA should shut up shop at the senior level for the foreseeable future and invest ALL resources into youth football."

2128: Graeme in Edinburgh by text: "If Burley had played that team and formation he would have been crucified. That was a joke, not even a shot on target and bringing in a rookie striker and playing him out wide! What an embarrassment."

2126: The highlights of the game will be available later this evening on the BBC Sport website.

2124: Ryan in Dundee, by text: "Levein says the object was not to lose a goal! That statement should be a sackable offence for any football manager."

2123: Mind you, wouldn't it be just like Scotland to go out and beat Spain at Hampden? ..Someone has called for security!!!

2122: It's quite a thought when your national team sets out like, say, Liechtenstein or San Marino.

2121: Davy in East Kilbride by text: "What a disgrace, compounded by the realistic prospect of a good result if we had taken the game to a poor Czech side. This is the lowest point in Scottish football's history. We will now be regarded as chicken-hearted easy touches on the international stage."

2119: Scotland's Steven Naismith feels the team can beat the Czech Republic at Hampden with the crowd behind them. He says there is a great spirit in the team.

2118:Craig in Grangemouth: "A nonsense from Levein. We will lose both games against Spain, and to play a rookie in a negative set-up? We got what we deserved, the 9,000 fans deserve better than that."

2115: Craig Levein tells BBC Scotland's Chick Young that he has no regrets about his ultra-defensive formation. He said: "I am extremely disappointed for the supporters. I hope that they appreciated the effort that the players put in tonight."

2112: Anonymous text: "It that what we have become as a nation? Anti-football, need a goal and Scotland's one class player - Shaun Maloney - still can't get a look-in."

2109: Louise in Glasgow by text: "How do we know if the Czechs are a good team or not? We never tested them."

2108: Uh-oh, here come the texts... "I hope Levein holds his hands up again and says he got it wrong. Rudderless boat comes to mind."

Full time
Full-time Czech Republic 1-0 Scotland

2105: The Czechs have a corner. Scotland cannot get hold of the ball. It's agony for the travelling Tartan Army.

2104: Polak stabs a shot over Allan McGregor's bar. One minute left!

2103: Scotland are getting desperate. It's high balls into the Czech box. Chris Iwelumo will become a Scotland hero if he can find a goal.

2102: There are four minutes of injury-time. Can Scotland rescue a point?

2101: Into the final minute of normal time. The game has slowed to a crawl.

2100: A text by Andrew in Dundee: "What an embarrassment. We were like a boxer not throwing any punches, waiting to see how many punches we could take before getting knocked out. I'd rather be beaten having a go than watch that rubbish."

2059: Chris Iwelumo just fails to get on the end of a ball into the box. That could not even be called a half chance.

2058: Barry Robson will miss the match against Spain - he has been booked, rather harshly, for an aerial challenge that left a Czech player nursing a sore head.

My Sport
Caludrup on My Sport: "I guess there is no more motivated bloke in international football than Iwelumo (I'm taking the positives here...)"

2055: James Morrison is the man to make way for Middlesbrough midfielder Robson.

2054: Barry Robson is coming on for Scotland. For whom, I know not.

2052: Scotland's attempt at attacking football is not producing any results yet. Alan Hutton has moved into a far more aggressive position on the right but Scotland cannot retain possession.

2051: Iain Colthart in Edinburgh by text: "Scotland are getting what they deserve. No ambition. Craig Levein is no tactical genius. Woeful stuff."

My Sport
53andCounting on My Sport: "No more than we've deserved. It was only a matter of time."

2048: Kenny Miller wins his 50th cap. He and Chris Iwelumo go into attack in place of Jamie Mackie and Gary Caldwell.

2046: Sixteen minutes left for Scotland to salvage something. The problem is, with Scotland having defended so deeply, the players are in danger of getting the bends if they move up the pitch.

2045: Chris Iwelumo and Kenny Miller could be coming on for James Morrison and Jamie Mackie.

2044: Let's see what Craig Levein opts to do now. We're hearing of a double substitution...

The Czech Republic take a deserved lead, Roman Hubnik getting on the end of a flick-on from Tomas Rosicky's corner to head his country into the lead from three yards. Allan McGregor had no chance.

GOAL Czech Republic 1-0 Scotland (Hubnik)

2040: Former Hearts striker Roman Bednar is on for the home side.

2038: The Czech player cannot believe it. McGregor's save was almost like that famous one by Gordon Banks from a Pele header. Not quite as good, but a vital one all the same.

2037: Allan McGregor makes an astonishing save to his right to deny Jan Polak's header from eight yards. Incredible!

2035: Tomas Necid is beginning to find more space in the final third of the pitch. My stomach is churning!

2034: Scotland, like wardrobes in a furniture store, have their backs to the wall.

2032: Some support, by text from Ricky, for Levein's tactics: "OK, we are playing defensive, away from home against a team that is 10 places above us in world rankings and have achieved a hell of a lot more than us in the last ten years. But, my fellow Scotsmen, criticise the manager's tactics with a 0-0 score so far? OK, Craig, let's show the world our dominance by attacking! Come on guys, back the Boss and his tactics and keep it real!"

2030: A series of quick passing by the Czechs results in Necid racing into the box but is blocked by Davie Weir. The resultant Czech corner causes a few flutters in the Scots' chests but McGregor's goal is intact.

2029: If Robbo is right, that means the Czechs are playing a 2-6-2 and Scotland have a 4-6-0. Ma heid hurts.

2027: "The Czechs have changed their system and their two full-backs are bombing forward and they are effectively playing two at the back. That may open a few opportunities for Scotland." BBC Radio Scotland pundit John Robertson

2026: Stephen McManus makes a timely intervention to cut out a low cross into the six-yard box from the right.

2025: Graham Dorrans knocks the ball into the net but Steven Naismith had already been flagged offside. Pah.

2025: OK, some football action. Darren Fletcher has a free-kick...

My Sport
The Squiggler on My Sport: "If we can't get a sniff of the ball against a very ordinary Czech side, what chance do we have against Spain?"

2023: "I don't like watching it. But there is no point in gambling with 0-0." BBC Radio Scotland pundit Billy Dodds

2022: Allan McGregor tips a Michal Kadlec header over the bar. That was a close call.

2018: This formation reminds me of my old primary school team's. We were the mighty Budhill and the tactical genius behind our rise to Glasgow east end stardom was P5 teacher Miss Hamilton. She would scream at the defenders if we crossed the halfway line. Levein has taken it a stage further - he and Peter Houston are holding either end of a trip wire to catch their own players if they enter the Czech half.

2017: No substitutions, and the second half begins.

2016: "If you're going to sit back for 90 minutes, you are asking for trouble." Sportscene pundit John Collins

2014: Dave, by text to 80295: "It's OK to defend that performance when you don't have to pay to watch football. The game is entertainment and I expect more for my money. The fans who spend their cash to follow the national team are being cheated."

2012: We'll have online highlights of tonight's match in Prague as soon as possible after the game ends. (It could be a short edit at this rate.) Come on, Scotland!

My Sport
HoopedJim on My Sport: "Scotland break slower than a 30-year-old Ford Escort with worn discs."

2009: The, er football purists in Caledonia aren't happy about this display. What about this text from Iain in Kilmarnock? "Embarrassing! No forwards, a 40-year-old centre back, another who has no skill and hasn't played for six months and a team that constantly punts 40-yard long balls to no-one. A pub team if ever there was one. Levein is starting to make Burley look good. Anti football!"

2006: An anonymous texter: "Levein moaned about Lithuanian tactics - have a look at your own team who keep breaking up play. You should take Whittaker off or you could be down to 10 men. He has a booking and has given away at least three more fouls. The ref could get fed up with persistent fouling."

2004: "One thing Craig Levein won't have to say to his players at half-time is 'let's sit a bit deeper in the second half'." BBC Scotland's Sportscene host Rob Maclean

Half time
Half-time Czech Republic 0-0 Scotland

My Sport
caludrup on My Sport: "Talk about inverting the pyramid? I'm glad Jan Koller is long gone. Mind you, he's probably younger than David Weir."

2000: Only one minute of stoppage time to be played. I suspect Scotland are about to be booed off the park by the Czech fans.

1959: Allan McGregor and Stephen McManus throw themselves at Necid's goalbound shot from eight yards. The Czech striker cannot believe he hasn't scored.

1957: So far, so good for Scotland. They are managing to frustrate the hosts, but it's fairly turgid viewing for the Tartan Army.

1954: Hubnik should have scored for the Czechs. He got on the end of a flick-on into the box and, from four yards, knocks the ball towards goal, but Allan McGregor is alert to the danger.

My Sport
saintj_316 on My Sport: "So here's an idea, it's crazy mind, super daft actually. How about we play football, not chess, and have a go? What's the point of scrapping a point in the hope we qualify for a tournament only to be humped by far superior nations anyway?"

1950: Confidence is beginning to spread through the Scotland ranks.

1946: Scotland almost go ahead thanks to a panicky clearance by Suchy, which he slices off Petr Cech's face.

1942: A half-header, half-shoulder by Tomas Necid goes harmlessly by Allan McGregor's goal.

1940: "A racehorse doesn't like to be tied to the railings. He's champing at the bit." BBC Scotland football pundit Kevin Gallagher suggests Alan Hutton wants to stretch his legs down the right flank.

My Sport
Scotbot on My Sport reflects on the latest phrase in football: "The thing about parking the bus is that you need a good driver to do it well. Craig Levein is not that man."

1937: Tomas Rosicky springs into life and weaves his way through the Scotland defence before being halted.

1936: They're all at it now, the Scots... "Whittaker is a lucky lad. If he had not already had a yellow card, that should have been one." BBC Radio Scotland pundit John Robertson

1935: "Dorrans was a wee bit naughty there. We have got to be impartial and say that merited at least a yellow card, but he got away with it." BBC Radio Scotland pundit John Robertson frowns upon a challenge by the West Brom midfielder

1933: Scotland have only beaten the Czech Republic once - in March at Hampden when Scott Brown got Craig Levein's managerial reign off to a promising start.

1931: But what's this? The lad Necid is shown a yellow card for diving under a challenge by Stephen McManus. Outside the box this time.

1929: Tomas Necid makes a truly comical dive in the box and wins neither a penalty...or the hearts of the travelling fans.

1928: "Defensively we look very strong, we should do given the formation, and we have nearly nicked through on a couple of occasions." BBC Radio Scotland pundit John Robertson

1927: Decky in Glasgow's Merchant City, by text to 80295, has concerns: "What is our out ball? We're just handing it back to them and inviting them on. Playing a game alien to us only helping them."

1925: Almost 10 minutes gone and Scotland have yet to threaten Petr Cech's goal. There is an expanse of grass - called the opposition half - without a Scotland player in it.

1922: Magera's free-kick is hit weakly at the Scotland wall and the danger is cleared.

1921: Allan McGregor has a bit of work to do organising a defensive wall. The Czechs have a free-kick 25 yards out.

1920: It has been a quiet start to the match so far. Scotland are playing in their yellow away strip, while the hosts are in red.

1918: This, you will have realised, is the live text commentary of the Scotland game. If you prefer a wider look at the Euro qualifiers being played this evening, then make sure you follow the estimable Chris Bevan's live text.

1917: "The atmosphere created by the Scottish fans is incredible and I am really looking forward to this." BBC Radio Scotland pundit John Robertson

1915: OK, we're off and running.

1915: Czech Republic coach Michal Bilek goes with: Cech, Suchy, Michal Kadlec, Hubnik, Hubschman, Pospech, Plasil, Polak, Rosicky, Magera, Necid. Subs: Lastuvka, Holek, Rajnoch, Pudil, Bednar, Vaclav Kadlec, Stajner.

1914: The Scotland subs are Gordon, Miller, Robson, Maloney, Bardsley, Iwelumo and Berra.

1913: An anonymous text to 80295: "Since when has Kenny Miller had the right to a starting place for Scotland. Judge Levein after the game."

1911: The Tartan Army are giving Flower of Scotland big licks. The players either don't know the words or are too focused to be sing.

1910: The players are making their way on to the pitch at the Synot Tip Arena.

1908: So, there is no starting place for Kenny Miller, who was set to win his 50th cap, playing the lone striker role. However, Craig Levein has pressed the gamble button and will be hailed as a tactical genius if his decision to play without a striker produces a result.

1906: Norrie has texted 80295 to say: "If it works it will be because the Czechs are rotten and no other reason."

1904: I guess the important thing is the players. If they play well, we could take something from this match. The starting 11 are: McGregor, Hutton, Whittaker, McManus, Weir, Caldwell, Darren Fletcher, Morrison, Dorrans, Mackie, Naismith.

1901: If anyone understands Craig Levein's formation (6-4-0 or 4-6-0 - do we need the zero?), then you are a genius and you should be employed by the Scottish Football Association. My limited brainpower is being tested to the full.

1900: Welcome to the live text commentary covering Scotland's match against Czech Republic in Prague.

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